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-5 .. 4 t 41 3*, | COUNTY 1,4,. 1912.; ijT Ȳ৮flE4 W ll:;li1j:,l| ‘WIT.HOUTiA}*RI:YAL *INs1Ts%?PIELn W ; 'I'HE%A€LfA<BGESfl‘:. yeHnA1=ss1rAND BEST : NHWsPAPEH.vPuBLIsHsn AT 3 am 11I;,nv1:11¥ 'ENGLBH4SP§ vcqumv. The Tribune Faimgr. !BA:B1ES IS NOT nfELu‘sroNi ’LuN;cH ‘AND DESSERT ;NATURALlSTi‘ you» THE SLUMS :l’he%N.gw»Yor1: Tribune Farmer is‘ 8 farm;,;pa,pm-‘ which greatly interests and bene ‘every VpérSon~‘enB’3vg6d. in stock raising 0i'.=rgricu1mr'a;I pursuits; Isgiives informalsionion horses. cattle,. sheep; ‘s.v1ine~,« ..horLicu1tut7é... dairy, s¢i.et.ice «.3nd«’mech=_inics.~~. w.o1rIah.’s. pa2'fe, jshbrt; ‘stories, ;et;c, Its‘ pg-ice; AisT$,,1,;00:p,fe1\' yew Th..67G.hroniclé Offers it ix1.'.<-.fon.+ nenbion.w,i_th this paper fpz-_$1-50 peri 5'68-IZ1..I?¥iQ..in advance» Take. advantage of E.-yiés offer. ' . ~ *'l.'hr_ee.' Hundr'ed. Dié, Each Year From ' D‘re=.d D.Is¢:ase+—.E.xp;¢rt_s Answer I ‘ V ’ the\ Dq_ubt‘er.I'.' - ' Dr. Hornaday Glvfgs some sound A’d.*. vice; to Young Women Tourists ' From thy; West. . lighting a) Social Career “ jefqob THINGS’ -rHj,».;rr_ .1T_AKE LIT- [ Tl,-E TIME IN PREPARA‘i'lON.. ‘Is there ,sqch..a -disease as rabies? ,'.11h1s. ¢1uest1on.«pro1npted_;by dpahts is -to 1tsj'existencejiexpressed by‘ \days ’hr,eeders,_-..~in, the New York Times re- s —c'.:en1:l;x. . .841 emphatic. at ! ! answer in Circular 129 of the Bureau 01«.-Aninisl Industry‘ 91‘ the United, States‘. Departnientot Agriculture. It con‘sists_,p£ ‘fa’: report’. by George H. Hart, V. M,tD,, assistant In pathology and‘ bacteriology of the pathological. division ‘of ‘the bureau, entitled “Rabies .and«_ Its Increasing Prefval-. ence;’’ and declares‘ that from one‘ hundred to three hundred persons die .01\ it‘,e‘a:chs‘year‘in*thisfciountryT*“\\\“ The idiviéioir at pathology began in: vestigating rabies; in 1895, following the death or a woman in, the District of Colsumbia. 8-1.14 sinceithat ti_me'1t‘ has investigated nearly 850 cases in dogs, twenty- in cows, six in cats and. a dozen or more among sheep, hogs, horses, wolves, foxes, dingoes and several inhuman beings. At least 75 per cent, of the cases have been in the city 01! Washington, the others having. been torwarded to. the division Iron; such widely ‘separated states as the Caro‘iin*a‘s, ’Ma1nie;‘{Wis¢onsin, New. Jersey and Virginia and Indian Terri- tory. ‘‘The disease,’?‘ says Doctor Hart, “is constantly spreading, and there is’ abundant evidence to warrant the statement that not a. single state is ‘free from7it.” A - Discussing the doubt as to the exis-s -tence of the disease in human beings, Doctor ‘Hart writes: A. short time ago\ a.party oi! young ;w.omen tourists 'tro‘m‘t-he west visited Ethel/New York zoologicar ’p“9.rk and 5ca1l_ed on Dr. Hornaday. to wirom they .had a letter oif introduction. The di- rector personally _condu_cted their in- -‘epection or the park‘, answ.erecl' their .ra.tt1ing fire or questions and «placed [at their disposal so tar as possible his vast fund or information on topicsiln his line. As they were about to leave ;he surprised them by giving them -some advice in a. di direction and of a. ‘nature that visitors to New York do 1'1ot.*u‘s'ua.lly receive. chicken cream. and Women's Club ,S__a}]§w_Igh9_a App Two-Delicacies -—WIth‘ the-Afternoon cocoa Serve‘ Fairy Puffs, ~ « I.t'h.as i‘nvariab1y.bee1.1 ._11ie .'gf<‘-€.i’¢l\¢'?:’ff'dri *5 j6f‘fhé‘VT17hriCe*a+Week .e.diti0.If1 of‘ .th.,e New \ York W0r1f(1~to'pub1ish £119 1.1ews',,i1)I1P8.r.— .. tialliy in ~01-dag that it inéyébe am 'acp‘uratje:. : reporter o.Hv'ha‘t\~has happemd; 1_t~te.11s ] t1‘1eLtr11_‘tl_1, irrespective. of party, and ‘fog- ’ ,th_a.t,‘ibeason_hit4 has achieved; .a position ; with;tt_1e public unique ‘among papers of mcxass. : ’ 1 A’ % - Learningémakes a. man compan-y—- for him§”e1f'.—'-—Yionng. _ _ _ Mrs. Trumbu11’s social“a.spira.tio1_1§. were, as a rule, the source 01'. much, joy to her husband‘. ‘It waist gonly when Trumbull himself was« gcalled upon to shine at dinner parties _or disport in drawing rooms that he‘ ‘ceased to considerdn the light of a.- ;joke- his wife's desire to set her small? my upon the nex§_~high_er rung. Chicken Cream Sa,ndw1ches——-Chop a cup of white meat and 9. cup or cel- ery, add a cup of rich milk, bring to the boiling point and thicken w1tI_1 ‘cornstarch. When thick, add ‘the C.h'l;'l,-d n;-.9n_ cry AF0;R_ FLETG:lijE_R’«S ~ C O I .,'1‘.11,er' 1s.11bs‘crfiption _s’easoi1; i's\1‘1ov at ha ! that will »\ :1:n‘a,de’ to“-yQ: u‘. “ _ ‘ I beaten whites of two eggs, two\ table- __§pqons of ‘butter, \salt pepper and elemon juice. to taste. Turn into a. 7ii'6Td and place on ice twelve hours. Slice t-h1;1,and serve Between thin slices or ; buttered bread. ' Women’s Club Sandwiches--Crush The 11i'g’hfe:sc\1i'bei’ with the highest. laws.-E-Gi1e,.s. j ' “Now, ‘gir1s;’-’*he~sa~idr\ot-‘course-you- Wish to see everything in New York. but do not visit the slums. ‘It will not add one thing to‘ your education. 1 have lived in New Yorlgeleven years, and it there are any slums here I do not know where they are nor do 1 wish to know unless I could do some good there. The casual visitor can- not. 0nly‘a morbid and unwholesome curiosity would prompt anyone to see}: such places for the purpose of looking at degradation, and you can use your time to better advantage. There are so many important and attractive things to be seen in New York that you cannot afford to waste your time ~_on unworthy sights. Try to see the ‘pleasant and valuable things and [leave New York clean its own slums --hoping that may be soon.” It has been reported since that sev- eral mothers and fathers are grateful to. the director for his unexpected ad: vice. .32 . I If you wan; tlgenews as.itrez_111yr is, sub- ‘vsiéribe ’tf.°“.the,.'1‘:hri¢e.-at-W¢ek_ .ed.iti911: of X ‘t11”e.NeWY91jk'VS{or1d, which comes\ ;o “you every’ 6th'e‘r‘_day*except Sunday, and, ~ is,t1i_us.practica113z=*21 dai1y':at -the ‘price of‘ 1:1 w.e:e1s1y.‘ k L . T THE: -TI-,IRICE'-A-WEEK. WORLD'S ‘ gggulai: ._ subscription ‘price is only $1.00 i. - -‘and th,is_..pa_y’s' (for 156 papers.’ ._ We; g this unequalled newspaper‘ and 5 ‘thy; SCHUYLER Counry CHRONICLE to- ~\'\g\\€t’h_er for .o_ne,y.'e,ar for $1.50. ‘ T:he‘re'g\_11ar‘ subscription price» of {he ;twv:a1.papers.is—$2.oo.per;¢year.»— ' . \ ladder. The cream of the joke looked to him ,pai‘ticu1ariy pale and *blue the evening ‘she announced triumphantly that Mrs. .’Fulton. the -one wealthy woman of {their acquaintance, had -igi1\“1i'4*_;e(_3.‘.._ §Trumbulls to sit in her box at the ‘opera tlie-fo1l0wing+E;‘hursda,y evening. “I’m perfectly willing for you to .spend your nights and Sundays pursu- ling the aristocracy to its lair,” pro- jtested Trumbull, “but you know I'm ;not a parlor pet. I'm all right as a »means_ of support, but I'm sure to -make a donkey of myself if I try to do .the society act. Can't you go alone?” Mrs. Trumbull set her lips. “That would be impossible,” she said. “But, ‘of course, if you don't want to go -I ‘can tell Mrs. Fulton that you have ‘a. jbusiness engagement that will prevent jour gouig.\ - It was not until her lips began to gquiver that Trumbull ‘realized how gmuch it meant to her. He promised -to go. The “C1_,1i‘ld?s‘ Welfare.’?. movement; has challenged bh'e.:a.t.t;en tion of thought- f‘1i'l._ people everywhe1;e‘.. M ophers fa‘:-e natural supporters, and Will in EoLe‘y\s Hoiney ‘and, Tar Compound a mo_st..va1uable aid‘. - Coughs and colds that unchecked lead to croup, bronchitis and\pn.eutnonia. yield. quickly to the heaolingg and soothing .qua.liLies of ,Fol§y_’s’ Honey and 'L‘1n‘ Com pound. For‘ sale: by W, S. Waugh. cream chees and mq1st,enA.'W.1tl1‘!resb. 'iti_ch cream until the right consist- ‘ency to spread. Add one-fourth the quantity of chopped olives, sea- son with salt and paprika. Spread on sandwich bread, cover with dress, then. With another slice of bread. _ Celery Stuffed W-‘ith Cheese (to be served with sa.n_dwicI1“es)—Se1ect ten- deny, Well-balanced’ stalks, cut into neat lengths of about three inches, 1eaving.on the small blanched leaves. ‘Work three tablespoons of butter to a; cream, and add a. tablespoon and a half of highly cne'ese——. Roquetort is excellent. Season with salt and a. sprinkling of cayenne and paprika. Spread- the mixture on the. inside of the celery stalks- Serve on a bed of crushed ice.‘ Afternoon ,Cocoa——Scald a quart of milk ‘in a double boiler. Mi_x_ three ta- blespoons of cocoa. with one-fourth. \cup sugar, add enough boiling water to make it smooth, add another cup or hot Water, and let boil one minute” be- fore adding to the milk. Beat briskly ‘with a whisk when all is in the boiler, .f\Sout.he_r-‘n ‘California has; g.,_ Ja..pa.'ne'sé, ;p6nu1a,uo':;.ro’r more. man 2o,qoo,.. «and Los Aqgelés is tap .ha.\ie‘ a. ‘Japanese vice consu1_’ate.. ‘ ‘ -The wholesale removal of cues in China has rjesulned- in a.'.grea.b demand fqr fdreign ényle hats» émd caps. In ‘is reported that the factories in Osaka, Japan”: are working at great pressure so as to supply o_:_-ders fqjr such head- gear from C ’ I A L F913 .- 'ThivKlnd You Ellavje vAIv:a!s Bought 1- But ope class of Hindus emigrate- bhe Sikhs. There, are 2,000,000 of these people. in: the ‘Punjab, and many of them aré Christians. MWhi1e they are loyal Britsish subjects and \more than 4,000 --have ~se1:tJed in British Columbia and Alberta} they are npts allowed to bring“ their wives int.o't.he Canadian provinces. “Many edu'ca.ted- men, includin Iscme physicians, clalim that all case ot._hydrophobla. in the human family are. the result of wrought up, nervous iexciteme_nt,- due to fearlon the part at the patient. While at times these -sy'mptom's, termed lyasophbbia, do oc- cur ‘in neurotic individuals who have been‘ bitten by healthy dogs, they are always hystericalin‘. nature, cause no organic lesions, and universally ter- minate in recovery. Thus, lyssopho-' biaris entirely distinct from the real disease, ‘which ‘is’ universally fatal, when not treated, to‘ the human be-' ing,\ 'Be’£2;rsv£1;za-\ . 1,“ GLASS. PAVING A FAILURE Experiments In France Show the Ma- terial wm Not Stand the Traf-' fit: in streets. ‘ . The night of the theater party the fweather turned cold. Trumbull, in iblissful forgetfulness of the tgastivity, ;entered the house in a. whirl oz‘. snow and icy wind. ' = \Is that you, dear?” cried Mrs. {Trumbull from upstairs, wher_e she ‘was about getting Trum- 'buIl's evening regalia. ready for him to put on. - The‘ Eig'hwa5\C0\1nm_-ission has..-de- cided 9n the ‘old telegraphv road route ;for- the State Road between ‘here and Penn Yan. It is asserted that this ‘route.7is shorter than the Ch'uBb- Hollow roa.d~by”about‘ha,1’f a mile. Old‘ team- sters, Jiverythen and others ha_.v_e“a.1- Ways. -contended, the Chubb Hollow ?r‘oute»s'hot-test’, but by‘ actual‘ measure- ‘m’e‘nt‘it is said the Telegraph road is really the nearest route.——Dundee Ob- server. ' ’ ' to prevent unsightly scum from rising. Seven or eight years ago a plant was established at La. Dem! Lune, a suburb about four miles from Lyon, France, for maklngiglass paving ma- terial under the name of “pierre de verre Garchey.” After many experi- ments carried out at the factory the manufacturer apxilied to the Lyon mn- nicipality for the right to make a. trial on one of the chief thoroughfares. The necessary authorization was granted, provided that-the inventor would hear the entire expense of the _under_taking.~ The place chosen for laying the 1§=1§s§-’*1iEirTe §é<Tti61Y'6f7 \the~7 .Place de la. Republique, where traffic or cabs, automobiles and wagons of all kinds is very heavy. The glass bricks remained in place for less than two years and were then taken out as they were in_. very poor condition, the edges were all broken, and in many. cases the blocks were split through and through. The opinion of o here at that time was to the eirect. that this glass pavement could be used un- der magma circumstances for side- walks, but ’not__ior the middle of streets.-Consulainsand Trade Reports. >1 '1 . n.‘ . 'I-‘‘~~~’=' \‘ ~ 'PARKER’S ,£~‘\ ‘ ~‘ ‘ 7:. 2..., . HAIR BA_LsAM. »§‘:€ Cleuuel, -and \_bea.r_1t1 t.11q'. hair. '$-I-.~“ \ ‘Promote: I lngurxant growth. ’q\\ . Never 1E'e.i1s.to Restore Gray, .-at 1 2’ -‘ - , -331: to its Youthful. Colpr. ‘Q53. -, 5 ’ .. , ~. Cures scuip diseases _& umrnlhng. :.-1, '~:. - : j 3 .-60c,1md81.00at Drugglsta §,Wh_en ready to pour add a teazipoon Jbr vanma or almond extract. It it is for a.‘ company‘ affair a teaspoon or beaten egg white may be placed on each cup of the cocoa. T - Epicurean Dressing [for Any Sort bf Salad—M1x these dry ingredients ' “Yep,\ responded Trumbull, follow- ing the sound of her voice up the stairs. ' - - . 3 His face tell when he saw the »clothes lying on the bed. “Oh!” he ejaculated in a voice from which all joy had “I’d- forgotten this was the evening of the blowout.” He shiv- ,ered audibly. \It's an awful night.\ Mrs. Trumbull tripped over_to the ;‘d‘i-é7s\s‘ef and began a. search for his tle. “I ordered a taxi,\ she said, cheerlly. “It's to be here promptly, .at a quarter to eight-.\ . _ In the taxicab \ Mrs. Trumbull. looked at her hueband in undisgulsed. ‘satisfaction. , V The population of Russia on January 1, 1910, was 160,748,400, an increaée in about thirteen years of 33,190,000. And that “in spite of war. cholera and fa'mine.” ‘ One-half teaspoon salt; one-- sgfourth teaspoon of pepper, one table- spoon of chopped sweet red pepper, one tablespoon minced pars- ley, Now add two tablespoons tar- ragon or malt vinegar, four -table-‘ -.§11Q9P§_$a.1§9 9.? _9_11.Y9_.9,iL §11d.J_1§:,n.g Hélplng with Home Lessons. Parental interest in the educational progress of a child could not go -much, farther than in the case of Mr.’ Jones, whose method of solving mathematical problems would have been appreciated at Dothebo§.t&.I_-I'all.. . The. Miami New}. t’e1ls;fhe}fé’Ie; \*1; \ \ ‘ - T ' ‘ \ Thisnwaso the note iziihich jvas hand- .ed \to one of the grade teaéhers_%the_ ,other day‘: ~ — L “‘\~ ' ,‘R. GT C(’i1I’i‘n_s1~Poét;mast.e!f..eJ38-1‘¥198'9'bs N, J—., was troubled with a.~ se.vere”I’a grippe cough. He says; \I' wouldbe completely ex_hausft:ed__afL‘e__2; each, oi. -v,io1entrcoug‘hin-g;*_ *Ij~bQ11,«zhb?\‘ 3' bot.t.le_ of rFo1ey’s Honey and Tar,$3dmpQgnd apd_ before I had taken it ‘aI_l._t,,he‘ eoughing spells had‘ entirely ceased.‘ It can’b be beat.” Forsale by W. S. Waugh. ;_;__-_C:,I;:J.l_<:_lJr;9..n’_T. T.C_r;y _ 1 CAST OR .|.A Fairy putts are nice to serve with hot cocoa or coifee. They must _be .used the day they are tried. Put Htlntee tablespoons of butter into Va. nig§,\or*\ho£ water. When boiling, quickly stir ‘in\.h\ half pint ‘oi’ pastry Take irom.‘_the\ and break in one egg. beat well,-‘then add an- other egg, and so continue untlldoiir eggs have been used. Drop the 'paB= try into boiling fat from the point of a spoon. They mu .p111'£__w0_nder- fully and turn a golden brown. Drain and sprinkle with cinnamon and now- dered sugar. This same recipe makes the most delicious cream putts, but they must be baked on oiled paper in a slow oven instead of being trfed. “Dear Mum--Please lrcuse Johnny‘ today. He will not be at ‘school. He is acting ajs timekeepeif for his father. Last night‘-you. gavedhim this ixlmple. it a. field is, 4\1'nil‘es square how long ,will it take a man walking 3‘ miles an hour to v‘va11: 2% times around 1:: Johnny ain't no man, so we had to send his daddy. .'1‘hey-1ett—~earlyv~this morning, and my husband aaidvthey ought to be back late tonight, though it would be hard going. Dear Mu_m. ‘please make. the nlxt problem about ladies, as my husband” can’t afford to lose the day’s work. I don't.have'na time\ to loaf, but I can spare a. day on occasionally better than my husband _can. Resp'y yrs. Mrs. Jo.nea.;'——Youth’s Companion. South African gold mining companies paid Out. £8,058,319 in _divjdends last. year and dfamdnd mines £2.753,140. The ‘Transvaal. gold mi'ne;s have now disbribu'l;ed' £85;213;559. in dividends. 4 Who overcomes by force had: over- come but half his foe.—Mi1t.on..s~,, “You’ll be the best looking man thexje,” she purred. “I don't care it Mr. Fulton's‘ ancestors did come over‘ with the pilgrim fathers and if they do have a. butler and maids and. a governess, he's nothing but a little,‘ dried-up ,shxfimp. Anybody..see1ng you two together won’t hesitate 9. minute about ‘selecting you as the‘ one with the money.\ L Him‘ fO’oTg1\Caus'es: KIqne.\L2l§Qa§e._ Partly by driving b1ood._from the surtace and congesting‘ the kidneys, and.pa_.r_t.1y by throwing too much. work. upon them. ‘Foley ‘Kidnéy Pills strengthen the kidneys, give tone to. the_uzjinary' oz-gans and -restore the nor'ma.1‘actIon of the. bladder. They —are' tonic in action,- quick in results. Try them. For sale by W. S. Waugh. Backaclze Almost Unbearable Is an almost: certain re'suIts..of ‘kidney ‘trouble. D. Toomey. 803E. Olive St;-.. Bloomingmon. 111.. says‘: “I bsuifet.-ed ‘with backache and pains in. my kidneys. which were almost un-bearable. I gave Foley Kidney Pills? a. good trial. and they done wonders for me; To-day I can do a. hard day’s work and not feel the effects.” For sale by W. S. Waugh. Bible: in Persia. \\ . >~\ The American Bible society h:§.s* been atwork in northern Persia for 70 years. For 17 years prior to 1896 it had its own agent, but since that time has worked\ through the mission- aries of the Presbyterian church in Uramia, Tabriz, Teheran, I-Iamadan and Resht. The political disturbances there have of course interfered with the progress of the work, and, still further, the importation of Persian and Turkish Scriptures has at times been prohibited. Yet the circulation of the Scriptures has been continued, and the‘ last annual report shows 773 copies distributed at Resht and Tehe- ran. This report contained a._ letter from the Rev. Mr. Doomboorajian, re- porting that. during the last. ten years; he has been able to sell 5,400 copies of the Scriptures in 17 different Ian- guages, the greater part in Persian, traveling more than 2,500 miles, and meeting in each year one thousand different persons with whom he‘ has had.‘ religious conversations. The spontaneity of this wifely trib- ttte. pleased Trumbull. He even grew lesswsleepy under the enlivening in ence of her honeyed words. How ever, this didn't prevent his having a. wish as he. seated himself in the chair just behind his hostess that he had had another strong cup of cof- fee. Of course he wasn't really sleepy, but a. cold -Wind always gave him a queer feeling. . Mrs. Trumbull, glancing at his big, well-groomed and his clever, good-natured face, and now and then catching the low, well-bred tones of his, voice, felt that it would take very little more to make her sinfully proud of him. Every interested glance cast up from the seats below them sent a. separate thrill of delight through her. She was fairly radiant. \.1‘he. _hea\_7éns are as deep as_ our aspiratlons are. high.——Thoreau._ . Cream of Célen soup. T _Would you count your urine friends? Fall into misfortune.-—Napoleon.. Wash 9. bunch of celery and cut Into inch lengths. If you wish you may use for this the outer stalks of a ~1arge..bunch of celery, keeping the whlfte, crisp pieces for use ‘on the ta- ble, uncooked. Cook the celery slow- ly in enough boiling saltetlwater to cover it for three-quarters’ of an hour, or until it‘ is tender; rub it through a colander. Have ready 3. quart of milk, heated and thickened, and pro-' :eed as directed for cream at spin- ach soup. ' Chi1‘d_re.11 cry‘ ‘ I-jun FLE'l'GHER’S C- A S. R I A A Com, La Grippe Then Pneumqnla‘ Is too often the fatal sequence, a coughs that hang on weaken-the system ‘ and lower the vital resistance. F‘o1ey”s Honey and Tar Qompound is a. reliable medicine thatstops thetcough promptly ‘by -healing the cause; soothes the in- ! air‘ passages, and checks the cold. Keep always on hand. Refuse substitutes. For sale by W. S. Waugh. Seaport Takfng its Old Place. Aden, lately visited by King, George, was a seaport centuries before the Christian era, and con- tinued to thrive under the Roman Em- pire and after the rise of Mohamme- dan power in Asia Minor‘. The adop- _tion of the Cape of Good Hope -route to India, ’hoWéverf deprived it or. its trade, and Aden sank to the squalid, i_n_signi village. Revival _carne in Early Victorian da’ys”'vvhen'th’e ‘over- land route to India was reverted to. The British government saw the im- -portance 01 As'1_encas,sua‘rdin.g_th9 pas- sage to its eastern empire, and a num- _ber of outrages upon Englishmen by the Arabs led to the dispatch of an expedition which took‘ the togvn -in ‘January. 1839. Since then its trade and population have increased until ‘today Aden is a. settlement over 70 square miles in extent and one. not the most imiiorta ‘of io‘1i‘x\“-‘.lTnl:’s‘“6TTe‘i:“:i1 -pirei.”\ ' Dilfgéncé, above all, is the mother of gopd luck.‘--Samuel Smiles. C. A.’ Glossner, 424 Ontario St.., Roch- ester‘, N. Y, has reeovered from a long and severe attack of kidney brguble, his cure being due to Foley Kidney’ e$E’:ielIs.» ,A_f.t.ex- detailing‘ his ease, he says: “I a.m_~ only sorry I did not. learn sooner Df Foley Kidney Pills. In. a few days’ time my backache completely lefbyme arid I felt. greatly improved.‘ My kid- neys became stronger. dizzy spellslefc» me and I_ was no‘ longerennoyed at night... ‘I feel 100 -per cexitvbenber since '‘using- Fpley Kidney Pills.”_ For sale» ‘by W. W. Waugh. . ‘ A trééé t.Ba.tI§ii/es’ _t.hTee siiade. do not order‘ it to be cut‘. down.—At’-a.bi9.n. Add gradually two cups of granu- lated sugar to one cup of butter; dis- solve halfea./teaspoon ‘of: soda in half pint of sweet milk; add one teaspoon of rosewater and a few drops of coch- lneal; then add gradually ‘one quart of sifted‘ pastry Turn large pans upside down, Wipe the bottom clean, brush them over with butter and put. mixture in a moderate oven. WhiI§_§t_i1_l hot cut them into sqgares anflift them otl!‘ the pan carefully.\ Qhu.dr e‘p \pry C_A ST 0 R IA When the .first act was about half over her satisfaction was dispelled by an‘al1 too familiar sound. She cast a. terri glance toward the rear of the box.’What she saw caused her to start wildly to her feet. Too late!’ Dig. but deep‘ ‘enough and under a.‘l earth runs Manet, under all life r~un_s grief.—.—Bulwé‘r., _ ’ ‘ Béshness is the fait_.hf_u1but; unhappy parent of misfortune.-Fuller. No Time to Ride. Twilight had let her curtain fa1'. _ inn '. . : . .I,:,!,.« TrumbuIl’s head had fallen to one side, his eyes were closed, his mouth in the motor car, wrapped and furred against the sharp cold, spun along the country road. At a turn he came up- on a tramp sitting on a sheltered log, asleep or frozen, It was up to him’ not to let the hbmeless’ one freeze to death and he went to his rescue. tlie distant rumbling of a railroad train came from his parted lips. From a‘_. rumble it quickly grew into a very good imitation of an automobile horn. Higher and higher it rose, until the startling crescendo broke in a. choking leviathan of a snore! The host jumped to his feet with the obyious intention of‘ rendering aid?Tf R&§ gave a sharp, quite involuntary shriek. Mrs. Trumbull stonily her unsee- ing eyes upon. the glittering stage. Trumbull\ awakened by the vocifex-a4 tion, but unconscious of the cause of his awakening and considerably free freshed by .his‘1ittle “nap, sat looking about for the cause of the disturbance, with the frank, Innocent, interested eyes of a child. Mrs. Trumbull devotes most of time now to settlement ivork. She re- gards the empty life’ -of the society woman with a scornful pity‘, - Hiding _Tr¢asures Her Manla. _ ‘Prune Pudding; z It melts in your‘ ‘mouth and is a. real novelty. » The extréortiinary story‘ of -a. .weal- thy lady “Magpie,” was t_o1d= 1n_Dub11n ,Chancery.‘court_s the other day; when _1t.was. mentioned that theresidue or t1i_egrea_t fortune; of Miss‘ Megan avail- §a~b'le for charities would be about ‘£20,000. The Master Of the R0113‘! in ;making. orders in the‘ case, ~.s‘aid that some day a. Thackeray or a. ’Dic'kex‘1§ zwould write afinovel around the extras .or(_1ina1*_y [life of the «t”esta,t1f'-ix. ‘The -old lady had Va.-1'nania.‘ for Va.ccuxnu'1'ate-» fing treasure‘and placing it In . the .mos't ‘unexpected eplaces... Searches :'had- been made and treasures found ‘in pots and_vases and. wgzste paper’ baskets, underneath »stai'rS, car- pets and othei‘ places‘. “ One cup cooked prunes, unsweet-_. ened and chopped one cup sugar; one cup chopped. nuts; one—half cup‘. milk; one; tablespoon ';butter; one tea‘-j spoontni .ba.k1ng~=poxxzd4:e1§;-etr1;ree~crack=-‘ era rolled’ one ilnchz salt; one teaspoonfuI___va'ni11a. Bake. in a. but‘- tered pan for about twenty\ minuétes-.:| Have oven «at moderate heat. Serve\ f‘Here!\ ‘he’ said, shaking‘ him; “here! Wake up! Jx'_9LL.’I_l,._£neezeL_ qme alt me!\ The tramp straightenedv up, rubbed his eyes, looked at,the man and the car. waiting in the road and shook his head-. “Aw.” he growled, ‘‘go’ _on and lemme alone! This _is, no kind. or a night to be riding around in an open car.”-William J, Lampton in Judge. A teaspoonful of spirits or turpen- tine added. to two g_al1o;1s or warm wa- ter will réstore the briglgtness to car- pets that are dulled with dust. After sweeping the thoroughly, wring a clqth out .0153 the Water and wipe the sur£aée\ot thfe carpet, first against the‘ grain: and then with it. Thié alao moths 11-om eat- ing away‘ {he ‘nap of woolen carpets’. ‘Brighten: the Carpet. “I-IVeigho‘!” said Bildad, as Jimpson‘-. berry ‘ by‘ in his motor car. “I wish I had\ a. -motor car.” H ‘A ‘ C‘l'csleratfoi1_.- ~ ’_ ‘ 1 - “That man talks‘ a. *g'1_'eat deali,” Are- _marked; the. .im'pa.ti'eI‘1t girl, ‘ \‘Yes _Miss' Cayenne; “but I don't object to hIm',_ He never says Vanyt-hing -‘sti interesting to “take. my.-mind ‘oi! wha£\I was thinke 1ng“about.\ , v ' “Oh, nonsense, Bin,-\ said Slathers. T“What’~s the fuse? ;You cou1dn’t at- ford to keep it.” \No“ said Blldad, ‘fbut I could. at- ford to sen 1&3’-.-—Harper\s Weekly. -Legal Length of‘ H'atplxj:s‘. Any woman that .appegrs=i1'1 public in the Vétate of Michigan wearing *a hatpin. that is more, than 1'0 finches, _1on‘g is guilty Of: a_ felony and maybé $500, imvprijsoned for two years, or both. George Lord, of Detroit-, is the author at this‘. law, introducing it as an__amen.dm_ent to ‘the law’ torbitle ding the carrying of dalfagéfoul wasp-. Tons.’ He thought‘ it ‘would be taken in ;g joke, but it was taken IO aariouil that it passed both _hous;o,s uvlthput. diqséntlnz vote. ;_~ . , ‘Take dry sponge cake‘ or, -better still, some laiy plac¢1'nVdiah,. whip ;- halt-pint ox cream until‘ st'u!.; with. teaspoon (small one) va-’ nilla. and pile on tpe lady nnglm (or. *cake)* in a'.« glass dish. I It you _h’av¢ Iny cu:-rant or sup] Jelly, «drop a; little on each one’: por- tion when ufvbd. I V8lm‘p5‘lo Charlotfo Rune. Too Frivoiouo. 3\! didn't mind. my daughter getting engaged now and them?’ Admonlifrlna Tradition. \Do you think leap year _g1.veq_,, a Woman 11115‘ special prlvlIéj¢'_eh_?\' \No/’ aiadwexfed Mr. Groucher. “1t’1 merely 9. warning to 1 ‘man. to be on h1Ixuard.\'- ‘ - ‘ ' “But she went» and got married. to} somé jobless dub she met at. a. .sum-.( mer reso:-‘t. I call thut, cm-yin; I1-1-1 vonty too tar.\ ‘ > ‘ - ‘ V . M _ , . I . ~ 4 F R o1“ By A‘ nncnnr, ARRANGEHENI wnn: rim rU»nms’HE‘Rs ‘wry Ann N T _ * ABLE fr? orrgg :32 H . _ , 3 N e X _ York Trlbune A _Fa,rn1er ' ' . ' 11~zAn'rM1VIEV . ' I H Schuyler, County A Chromcle * F770R'*‘“o:N~E»~vEAn+r=oTRe%$1 _ A {HE TRIBIEINE FARIIER is p.thoro'ugh1y_p'x-actical,helpfulup-£0-date‘ . iiltiatxated x_1'at_' onai weekly; Special page; fox. Horses; Oattle, She*e_p,etc‘., and most e1§,b.ora_te gnd '1-e‘1,iAab1,e market ‘rgporta. . \ ' ‘ \ L A Dr. C.; D. Smead., the best’ known vgfexinqty surggEonfi11:Ar.i1er{ca,writeg “?€§irtar1:y-ror1rai:1=;~'r.n1nJJ_i§1_1j§ nmnnn. t.1.1m-ou¢h1y‘ covjemg the brgeajng, care and fee/¢,1\ing of gaj1I_d'omea_tic_ anizgzals, and his atticlés’ meet the uegdazof every practical working farmer and in'tertst’ev‘e\‘ry‘ma1: pt'wo_n1au‘in'clty\ot _. town 1,vho‘oyrnai11ors‘e.orc<‘r‘w.~ - ', J ‘ j A _ Th; I1.ibacription.ptice of’1‘I!E TRIBUNE FA-RI‘-En a'1_om‘:i|1$z.oo. ' To iiéi‘rI'ubs.criib¢1‘1'.und :11 old subscribe;-a who yvi11:pn‘y up arreagpgeja ._¢.>z:'e_y_ea:-\12;ndvmcéVr¢11nke£hig.1ii>grg.1o£'er. « ., 1 The T;n-_i%bu.neL Fa%rm%9r,__<?__q§ Veg}; $1.00 ;__'l\*l-n eschuylerco‘. C%hro.nic_Ie.,;O;n e‘ ”E%.B‘o,. % % ‘ B oH~%I=-=eR $150 . %

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