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The Massena observer. (Massena, St. Lawrence County, N.Y.) 1897-1989, August 20, 1974, Image 17

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'{ ..Comty Planiiit tart Approves Badget hi New Plawr Posltfon POTSDAM—The St. Lawrence County Planning Board approved the 1975 budget at last week's meeting, with the estimated total expenditures at $99,965 and the anticipated outsideTevenues at 174,006. The county's portion of the budget is set at $25,959, which represents-a net reduction from the 1974 budget, despite expansion in some parts of the planning program. Final approval of the budget must •come from the County Legislature'. \N The budget allows for a new position of principal planner at a salary of $14,124. County Planner Richard Grover said the . position will involve a high level of professional and technical competence, with responsibilities primarily in the areas of continuing - established programs under the ' Federal Com- prehensive Planning and Management Program, the new Federal Coastal Zone Management Program, and supervising expanding local planning assistance projects. As with the associate planner position created in 1974, it is recommended that' this position be created for only as long as funds from outside sources remain available, Grover said Also allowed for in the budget is the position of draftsman at a' salary of $7,394. The draftsman position has been provided in the past through the federal Emergency Employment Act, Public Employment Program. This program is scheduled to terminate at the end of 1974. The draftsman's duties will continue to be principally in the area of mapping, graphics and other work needed in support of various projects. Any exclusive Environmental Management Council expenditures were divorced, from the Planning Board, budget. However, the Planning Board budget does include some costs which should not be separated such as telephone service, postage, secretary, etc. EMC-related expenditures in the budget total approximately $6,000. s County Planner Richard Grover explained that the two features con- tributing to the reduction in the net cost of the budget are the fact that the EMC expenditures have been extracted from the budget and that there, has been a large increase in local revenues. The 1974 anticipated local revenues totaled ¥18,336, while the anticipated local revenues for 1975 total $33,278. In other business, Grover introduced Fred Stern, who will replace John Krol as associate planner beginning Sept. 23. Grover also announced that the board is now able to fill a Federal Manpower position under the Comprehensive Employment Act. He explained that this would be a supplemental staff member and that the person hired would review projects such as agricultural districts, local zoning reviews, special studies requested by the County Legislature and local planning projects. Grover said the position would probably be for one year and the approximate $7,700 salary is not reflected in the adopted budget for 1975. The Planning Board agreed' that' Grover should proceed to interview and. hire the person immediately: Massena, N.Y. Observer, Tuesday, August 20,1974 Page 17 Planning Board, Environmental Council Budgets Summarized CANTON—The proposed budgets of the County Planning Board and Environmental Management Council were reviewed Thursday by the County Legislature's Planning and Con- servation Committee. County Planner Richard Grover outlined the tentative budget prepared by the finance committee of the Plan- ning Board, which calls for a budget increase from$90,600 this year to $99,965 in 1975. ' Despite the increase, Grover said, the -net cost to the cpunty would decrease. Revenues provided other than through Grade 'A Eggs Heinz Ketchup Medium Size DOZEN Limit Two .Macaroni Shells Chef Boy-Ar-Dee \ • 7 Flavors 0 Farmdate Drinks : . Frozen • \ ,0 PopsWes 15 Oz. Can 46 Oz. .Can 24PaK Pkoi 3/*1 95* 32 oz. nil With Coupon Viva Italian Seven Seas Dressing A&W Root Beer 0 Majestic Pea* 16 Oz. Btl. 69* 89' 4CM€ You're^goJogto like it here! SUPER SAVER g) We reserve the right to limit quantities. Six120z, Cans m Mcintosh Ver-Rne Applesauce Crushed Empress Pineapple Beef-Egg < Purine Dog Chow Old Milwaukee Beer 12 Oz. Less It's The Real Thing Coca Cola 16 oz. No Return __ Luncheon Meat. W Armour Treet ,—• Whole Peeled E Weal Apricots 0 Weal Peach Harves __ White Chinook 0 Icy Point Salmon 12 Oz. Can 30 Oz. Can. 29 Oz. Can 3tf 79' 59* 48V $ 1*V Ideal Chicken Noodle Soup 3 Flavors 0 0 BrudSpreafe > . 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This year the program totaled $18,000, but is expected to increase to $33,000 in 1975, much of which comes from sources outside the comity. A second reason for the 'decreased county share, Grover explained, is that the Environmental Management Council, which had previously been included in the budget, had decided this year to put in a separate budget of its own. \There is a tremendous amount of outside aid,' in some cases 100 per cent jfor some programs, \ he told toe committee. But he also expressed concern that while some programs might be totally funded through outside aid, they might not be approved by the Legislature. Included in the budget is a new position of principal planner at a salary of $14,134, which would exist only as long - as aid is received to pay for it, he said. Legislator Frederick Cook, chairman of the Personnel Committee, expressed concern about the salary, pointing out that it was on the same grade level as the deputy director of social services and psychiatric social wokers-\pretty skilled people.\ - \There will be a great deal of discussion about this,\ Cook predicted'. The budget calls for a raise for Grover - from $18,000 to $20,295 or 12.75 per cent. —Environmental Management Council : Dr. Alan SchwarU, the former executive secretary of ttie Environental Management Council, outlined the council's proposed $18,521 budget. With anticipated outside revenues at $12,240, the cost \ to the county is estimated at, $6,281. The main change proposed in the budget is the creation of a full time position of executive secretary at a salary of $12,371. The present part time position pays-$4,806. Schwartz argued the need for a full time position, and said the. proposed salary was near the lower end of the spectrum as compared with others' around the state. 3 =- The new executive secretary of the council, Larry Sterling, also attended the meeting. Cook, again questioned the grading of the position, and pointed out that It had to go through the county personnel[of- fice. \'\• \\ \\\\. - •; --T; Legislator Augustus' Marseher, a —member^—of^-the—Environmental- 22 oz. Btl. Chef Pierre Frozen ^l Strawberry Shortcake Frozen M Gorton's FWi *N Chips 3202. Jf|ze 16 Oz. Pkg. •HP.. 69' Super Savings on Frozen Foods! Frozen BWi Eye Tiny Titers ___ • Frozen, Peeled & Deveined El Sea Braid Shrimp 28 oz. Btl. OFFER EXPIRES AUG 25. 1174 ONE COUPON PER SHOPPING FAMILY. 16 Oz. 12 OZ. Pkg. __„ __ Frozen 5 Flavors jJK. 0 Seneca Wnkti^ «^ •» ,-r—Ideal Frozen $ 1. 7 * @ Macaroni*Cheese Farmland Entrees Veal Parm. or Meatloaf in Tom. 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Mr. Robinson is a member of Phi Delta Chi fraternity. . He resides at Terrace West, Apart- ment 51, Plattsburgh,.with his wife, the former Jill Peterson. ' '. Mr. Robinson will continue training as a pharmacy apprentice in the prescription department of Kinney's- Plattsburgh store under the super- vision of registered pharmacists as he prepares for New York State Phar- macy examinations. 8- VALUABLE COUPON ^phick2d02 Twin Blades Of4 69' VALUABLE COUPON ll Pre! Liquid Shampoo 16 OZ. Btl. OFFER EXPIRES AUG 25. 1*74 ONE COUPON PER SHOPPING FAMH.Y. MFG VALUABLE COUPON I Pre! Concentrate^ Shampoo 7 oz. Tuba I • OFFER EXPIRES AUG 25, ISM ONE COUPON PER JHOPPWO FAMMX MFG ._.. VALUABLE COUPON WOFF YourPiifOHaasofOna StMek left* I CarMJtr Debate Invitation Willard Smith, Norwood, a leading candidate for St. Lawrence County Treasurer in the September 10th Republican Primary, has accepted an * invitation to a radio debate with his two primary opponents. The invitation came from WSLB Radio in Ogdensburg. The debate will be broadcast August 23rd at 12:20. BARBS By PHIL PASTORET When the boss blows his cork, he says he's merely ex- ercising his freedom of screech. To keep money in your sock - first, you have to be able to afford an extra pair. A seersucker Is Any fellow who goes to • fortu Wejnttcasti - into the wi cause It's te i wmmmmrnHmf**** NeWMwRRl t it

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