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I' i* .*•% ¥• l^h fa LI fll^S******* M (^*iw-*»' 4 395 MAKINES SEAWAY BOUND. Another .Glass to be represented in the Navy force in the Inland Seas Task Force armada of ships which will pass through the Seaway on June 27, is this Landing Ship, Tank (LST). It is the 0SS Terrebonne, built in 1952. It is 384 feet long, has a beam of 56 feet and a draft of i7 feet. She will have on board eight officers aid 116 enlisted men plus 395 Marines. —OFFICIAL UNITED STATES NAVAL PHOTOGRAPH. lacrosse Sticks Will be Given ueen Elizabeth Q Cornwall—The world's b&tb la- crosse stick craftsmen, Indians employed at this. Cornwall Island Lacrosse Stick factory, nave been commissioned to make foe oair of lacrosse sticks which PI be presented to Her Majes- ty Queen Elizabeth for Prince Charles during the Royal visit here on June 2,7. , The an or making lacrosse - ' Muk-s'is centuries old and St. Regis Indians have established themselves as master crafts- men, manufacturing sticks that have been marketed all over the world. The factory on Cornwall Is- Ad is the only one in the world, manufacturing 1,700. doz- en sticks last year. Most of these were consigned to dealers ,n the United States and Canada but some were exported as far way as Great Britain and Aus- tralia. Fibre glass has been used to strengthen some sticks during the last two years. The ones be- m: made for Prince Charles, however, will not be fitted with fibre glass. • Fibre glass makes a stronger stick, but, if anything, detracts I'rum the stick's appearance,\ a factory official explained. BOWLING •CHAUFFEURS' PHOTOS SCOTT'S STUDIO 272 E. Orvis RO 9-7441 f You've given J ! i • i I me everything J 1 a mother could, i I I I ...but yourself f when I needed I you most!\ Women's City Bowling League Rosenbaum's increased their Women's City league lead to 4% points as they shut out Massena Wallpaper and Paint in last week's action. In other games Willow Grove split with Stone' sand Lincoln-Mercury won 3-1 over Rose KauffmanShop. Rosenbaum's swept team hon- ors with their 841 single and 2328 triple. Nevada Brady too* both individual honors with her 205 single and 503 triple. Members of the 400 Club in- clude June Perry 477, Rene Mos- er 439, Gladys Brownell 437 Kathleen Greene 436, Freda Cut- rie 430, Marie Badger 429, Mar- Jorie Burke 419, Veronica John- ston 416, Ann Revai 416, Olive Servage 415, Madge Snyder 412, Anita LaVassar 408, Ethel Shar- low 406 and Hazel Sharlow 402. Standings: Rosenbaum's 77-55 Rose Kauffman Shop 72^-59V 2 , Lincoln-Mercury 67/t»-64M» 1 Wil- low Grove. 62-70, Massena Wall- paper and Paint 59-73, 9 and Stone Vs 58-74. Recreation League J.P.S. Contractor's lost no ground in the Recreation bowl- ing league last week as they split their match with second place, W.L- Smiths. In other ac- tion Peet's shut out Carl's Taxi and Sunshine's won 3-1 over Pel- legrino's. J. Beaudlt rolled high single with 183 and N. LaMarehe Wad high triple with 477. Other mem- bers of the 400 Club include J. Gronberg 468 .R.Carney 467. G. Hollander 448, J. Beaudit 440, F. Balinska 438, N. Tracy 430, D. Weegar 422, B. Catanzerite 421, C. Baugh 406. P. Small 405, M Coe 404, and R. Deu?aw 403. Standings: J.P.S, Contractor's 73V2, WL Smith's 69, Peet's Jew- lers 68, Carl's Taxie 62^, Sun- shine's 62 1 *, and Pellegrino's Oil 48 Ms, NYS WOMEN'S TOURNAMENT The B & D Pharmacv bowling team participated in the New York State Annual Women's Tournament on April 24 and 25. The tournament is still in pro- gress. Girls bowling on the team were Captain E&el Boushic, Grace Gale, Marie Chaszar, Farlie Tyo. Cleo Moody and Regina Ellis. There have been many Mas- sena entries in the tourneys throughout the state this year and it is a fine tribute to their spon- sors. Monday Niters League The Monday Niter's bowling league wond up their season on April 27 and then held their ban- quet on the following night. The banquet was held at Friendly Tavern. Pinal standings in the league Showed the following: White's, Canada Dry, Wilson's, Master- craft, Boyces and Sourdough. Marguerite Bronchetti swept all individual honors for the priie money as she had high single, tm, Ugh triple, 580, and high average of 150. She collected $12.00 for her line performances. The other prist money was paid ant is pothfe won # by different girls and teams. A* fiie meeting a new slate of ofilcers were selected for next year. Fortfe ty» was chosen president and Margurite Bron- chfettf w*» elected\ vice-presi- fteef SUSIE MEREDITB,* °ne of the real-life People in the all-time great bestseller! ed secretary and Hazel Treers was chosen treasurer. Etta Tre- vino was elected sergeant at arms. Mechanical League Goodrich Trucking increased their lead (to 12 points in the Mechanical bowling league last week by shutting out L.B. Smith. In other action Wise Potato Chips won 3-1 over Levine's, Snedikers won 3-1 over J&E Edsel, and Red Caps shut Cappiones. R. Stephen- son had high individual single with 225 and Ronnie Charleston had high triple with 581. League standings: Goodrich Trucking 47-13, Wise Potato Chips 35-25, Snedikers 33-27, J&E Ed- sel 31',i-28%, Red Caps 28^-31%,\ Levine's 22-38, L.V. Smith 22-38 and Cappione's 21-39. Sooner or Later League Wright's Motel and Westcott's Stationery remain tied for first place in the Sooner or Later bowling league as they both split in their matches with Friendly Tavern and Ward's Real Estate, respectively. In other action Boy- ce's won 3-1 over B & D Phar- macy and Stone's won 3-1 over Hutching'* Bev Allen took both individual honors with her 232 and 581 single and triple respectively. Stone's and Westcott's Stationery had high team single and Stone's had high triple with 2578. Members of the 400 Club in- clude Lee* Whalen 493, Mina Smith 479, Edith Ratowski 472, Edna Nadeau 466, Mina Frew 461, Edna Doettling 460, Betty Mott 440, Ethel Boushie 437, Ethel Sovine 433, Sue MacFar- lane 425, Evelyn Mopps 421, Martha Wolstenholme 411, Bea- trice Code 405 and Marie Chap- man 403. Standings: Wright's Motel 82M2-45 1 ?, Westcott's Stationery 82^-45^, Ward's Real Estate 70-58, B & D Pharmacy 62-66, Friendly Tavern 60-68, Stone's 53Ms-74»£, Boyce's 52 3 ^-75M!, and and HutcMng's 49-79. Sunday Night Mixed Doubles In the Sunday Night Mixed Doubles bowling league at the Seaway Bowl the Plumbers won the trophy as they beat the D.PJS. in a three game rolloff. Members of the Plumbers in- clude Christine and Bob Smith and Angie and Don Shaw. Team honors for the season went to the Dribblers with their 725 single and 1969 triple. In individual honors MJcky Meg- gesto rolled high men's single with 245 and Eddie LaRouohe had a 620 triple. Ladies single and triple went to Angie Shaw with 213 and 552, respectively. At a banquet, held last week new officers were elected for next season. They are Angie Shaw, president; Fay Mills, vice-pre«ident; and Steve Pod- gurski, secretary-treasurer. Sunday Night Mixed Doubles The Sunday Night Mixed Doub- les Handicap League ended its 1958-59 season with a banquet at the Village Inn, May 2. Many individual prizes were given away. Also the new officers were elected for next season. They are Eugene Bean, president; Jud- son Goolden, vice - president; Sandra Oarlock, secretary; Betty D'Arienzo, treansrer; and Enrico Caruso, sergeant at arms. Burt Junior and Laverne Ma- rose won honors -for the highest, averages. They were 173 and' 146, respectively. 200 games were rolled by several women and they were rewarded. They .are La- verne Marose 220, Kay Bean 220, Sally Goolden 201 and Catherine D'Aoust 210. High single awards went to Kay Bean 247 and Tom's Taxi 1190. High triples went to Matty D'Arienzo 702, Catherine D'Aoust 622, and Wilson's Dairy 3448. final standings for the league were Wilson's. Dairy 82, Helmer Motor Sales 82. Carting's Aces 75, Tom's Taxi 66, Ward's Ho- tel 66, Levine's Store 59, Pratt Shop 50 and Matty's Fuel Oil 48. County Swings Action i Business Women's League The Business Women's bowling league held its annual Spring banquet at the Village Inn, Tues- day evening. May 5. Prizes were given out as fed- lows 1st high average, 165, Bev Allen; 2nd high average, 160. Jane Hazel; 1st high triple, 583, Betty Mott; 2nd high triple, 571, J. Hazel B. Allen; )Jgh single, 231, A. Savoca & J Hazel; high team triple 2329, Levine's; high team single, 886, Friendly Tav- ern. Thelma Faucher received a plakue for bowling 3 identical games ot 168. Vi Rex received th,? achievement award for highest increased in average from 120 to 132 or 12 points. Newberry's re- ceived the Chevrons for league champions. The following officers were elected for the coming season. Rose CrosswMte, president; Thelma Faucher, vicepresident; Bev Allen, Secretary; Isabel Spadafore, treasurer; Madelyn Pruski, Sgt. at Arms. The County League will start regular play tonight with fouri Karnes set. The games on tap' Include J & C Tower at Silver's,' TV Service, noutsville at Billy! Tavern's, Pete's Grill at Jim and Shyne's Grill, and Allie and Ray's Men's Shop at Bakers Service. The league uae a meeting last Monday night at Pete's Grill in Norwood with all teams repre- sented except the Brasher-Win- throp Merchants, who have drop- Tom's 10th In Jenny State Race Tom's Taxi bowling team from Massena placed 10th in the Jenny Contest Finals which were held in Rochester. The team collected $200 for their fine performance. Their score was 2855 compared to the winning team's .3103. A girl's team from Syracuse won the Jenny tourney this year although they were pressed hard by the Crystal Lanes team from Corning. The Massena tenth place fin- ish was the only one in the top twenty finishers to, represent Northern New York except for the 16th place team from Adams, New York. \' High scores for the tournament were Sam DiDomenico's high triple of 647. He was on the Brunswick's team. For the girls Mary Weeks and Gladys Cartini of the winning team had 555 and 548, respectively. In tne special Sweepstakes Winners Owl's Grill of Clinton won first prize of $1,000. Seaway Sports Shop of Watertowh was fourth and Coomb's of Saranac Lake was ninth. All the winners in the Sweepstakes were drawn by \Jenny\ herself. Into Today ped from the league. Any team who is interested in Joining the teague should contact Floyd Hen- ry at 9-6951, before Wednesday, May 13. . Games played Wednesday night are the same a$ Mondays' ex- cept the home fields are switch- ed. Home fields for this season are as follows: Allie and Ray's Men's Shop and Silver's TV Ser- vice at Spring's Park; J & J Tower and Baker's Service at the Kof C Field; Billy's Tav- ern and Jim and Shyne's Grill at the Norfolk ball park; Pete's Grill at Recreation Park, Nor- wood; Louisville at Louisville; and Moose Lodge at Massena Homes Project Park. Official umps will be used: from tne St. Lawrence County Umpire's Association. • C.J. CARVEL AGENCY GENERAL INSURANCE 71 E. Orvfr Dbd RO 9^943 THE MASSENA OBSERVER, MONDAY, MAY 11, 1959 Odgensburg Man I* Fined $70 Louisville Road Program Is Announced Louisvllle—The Town of Louis- 'ille will spend $2,123.09 on gen- eral repairs on 30.40 miles of town highways during the com- ing year. The sum of $8,500 has been set aside for permanent improve- ments on the road commencing at the intersect'on of Route 37-B and Browning Rd. and leading to the intersection of the Martin Rd., u usance of. 1.2 miles. Ethan Compo is highway su- perintendent. BUFFHAM'S upholstering Walace J. Hunter, 40, 2ttS Green St., Ogdensburg, was fined $50 Saturday by Police Justice Edward A. Laranmqp on two counts of disorderly con- duct. He was also fined $10 for leaving .keys in tne ignition of his ear and $10 for public intoxi- cation. He is a former sergeant on the Ogdensburg police force. !!!« FREE ONE SOFTEE ICE CREAM CONE to Person with This Ad This Week Only. BLAIR'S ICE CREAM STORE 20 N. MAIN MASSENA, N. Y. ill!! liiin Hi 2™—=-==--*. SEEF&R ALLIGATOR ALL WOOL GABARDINE TOP COATS $30 to $60 ALSO Alligator Dacron and Cotton Gabardine RAINCOATS 100 Water Proof $12.95 to $25.00 Friedman And Rosenbaum THE NORTH'S BIGCEST SHOE DEFT. PLORSHEIM FOR MEN — AIRSTEP FOR LADIES JUMPING JACKS FOR THE BOYS AND GIRLS \ PRESENTS FOR OUR ANNIVERSARY MONTH ROUTE 37 WEST DOOR MOSIAC ROOM FOR YOUR DINING AND BANQUET PLEASURE MASSENA 9 1 WHILE* «nta*, K. T. Smack Offlea W» Mafa gt. GawMdr FOE PIBMTUA1 Memorials Sari fmc Ipfartnte* Utoratar* •t tka M( Mocutautrts «r Gnurit* — MarM* — Braosa •Tfca Tfaw la Now\ Serrtnf AH Northern New fork Open Saturday TIB 5 p.m. X STORE YOUR W0LENS SPECIAL BULK RATS $M of Only *t .96 All garments expertly cleaned, then hung up in our modem vault whet* cool frith air it circulated. Leave your moth and mildew worrie* with us. Give yourself extra closet space this Summer. Phone RO 94946 for further Information. AMERICAN DRY CLEANERS 54 Willow St. JUufceWaftaVM Personal Items Mrs. William Benson/t>f Esper- ance, N.Y. has been visiting her sister, Mrs. Ina Bancroft, Route 1, Massena, for the past two weeks. Robert Benson and child- ren, Glenda and Melvin, of Ball- ston Lake were also guests of Mrs. Bancroft over the weekend. His mother returned to her home with them. Horace Ben- son of Ithaca visited his aunt. opia, has been called the 'most One 486 mile railroad in Eth- expensive transportation system in the world'. Rates are 3 to 5 times that of New York City to East Africa. OXFORDS SOME THING NEW-TRACTOR-TYPE SHOES >:s •*:• $ •hi a „-«•;:'.-:-:-•::->»,.. NEW SPRING COLORS! Choose Carousel Red—torrid as the noonday sun. -<S^ Or Tropic Turquoise—cool as an ocean breeze. Or linger over the 18 other colors in Chrysler's Spring rainbow. All are Lustre-Bond—the hardest known automotive finish that needs no polishing for up to 3 years! 8r? \*' «r- lion-hearted CHRYSLER CHwsta mmm or cwwsu* ym&ffl*. HELMER MOTORS SALES INC. . 98 CENTER ST. MASSENA (L Y. mmmmmmimtmim mm .

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