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V> *4 f t •t l '^ « .v WEDNESDAY HE'KERAr. BOOK AVt) . • YAL OF THE STEAMSHIP. OOLUMBf% The N. Y, Herald of Dee, 23, JPRtNTilNG OVPICE. jfF3*» ^I'ttW & ,FJBtA-K15|3, at (I* Officer* the GE- in I'xeeiite Uo.ik, Pamplllet and Jpbs gctferiil'y,lii a 'style ,tud at sad*JDW pilco.*,«Btl»'y , doubt, t'jo&Will give pwet mt'isfuiitkm io all who i»i»y f IVOK tlirni with \\mn woilf. TERMS OF THE GENEVA ADVERTISER, .'«%» Bcfsoiis In .the' vlljogo wishing IP bejfiofnc enb; u*? sciibers' to' tlris pnpoi', cnii bo pqrved wiiln it regu- larly,, tit nn early tour Gverv -Wednesday Morning, by Jcavin^UicJr'nam^'at^ur'Offi'c^.QY^illi'ili&iPnrr'JiQi-S! - TERMS.—$ shillings orio year; 8 do slit nfoiUhs* In all ••uses in ftdiVflheo. |^°* No j>«pqr di^QnUnHed Until all iirroftrasjosare paid up. The abpve tei'ins will bo sltktly nilliepod to. From ajl we w gather flop* New York pa*- . pers as to what Congress i&dpingpr intends to do, we are lei to think that but little may be ex- pected from it until the holidays afe overami the electioneering spirit which prevails among its members can have tiroe to cool down, There was a long debate in the Senate on the 22d. Mr, LIKN, agreeably to notice) asked and obtained leave to introduce a> Bill to iRepeal the Distribution sections of the Land Distribution Act of the lasts.essipn, andtp pledge the proceeds of.-the lands to the public defeh.ee . Much effort was made to have thejbill, referred to one of the standing committees, which however failed, when Mr. Linn called out to make it the order of the day three weeks hence. Several voices answered, J ** Agreed, agreed, j?' when the Senate adjourned. It is supposed there will be a serious effort made to repeal the Bankrupt Law, hut we very much doubt the ability of those opposed-to it io be able to do so. Monday, J?cc. 2Q.-^-In the Senate, petitions were presented and referred j among theut one from Mr. Buchanan, from a number of merchants of Philadfelpbia,iaUing fot Some i»»t>oi!tefjt;chii*p- sjes in the bafkruptlaw, and, if this cannot be obtained, for a repeal of the law.' The bill making provision in part for the civil expenses of Government for the year 1842, after a brief conversational debate between- Messrs. Wopdbury, Evans,, King) Buchanan, and Tappan wis ordered to a third reading, and finally passed Wcdiw'day, J3ei:. 2%~^^fr, &nate became in- volved to-dSy Ifuaiiyery'^inpdittlnt debate on our RELATIONS WITH ENGLANpj Mr. Barrow, of Louisiana,,presented the me- morial of the New Orleans Insurance Company, stating that they had insured a number of slaves (38) sbippedvih the Pormosa from Richmond, Which Vessel Was-wrecked-and the slaves set at liberty by British authorities at Nassau; that W«4.ub$c#ih , e-toth'e'foU , 6wihg,-and-^*go'.oUf ; mi^l for the principles iaid%wn: 7 , ! ; • Pjpm ilv Times and.4«»ir,e(tU .-'; ;: . j : *, \ROTATION IN OFFICE,'' early oh the morning of the 22|, says \the ac-< counts from Europe, with the numerous failures,, will be found'among our English news—the shocking fall in State securities, and the'failure of a large house in Wall-sl;, with, the prospect of mofe to-morroWj wiltbe foundin our money article.\ ' The latest dates are Liverpool'to thp 4th and London to the 3d insts.:^ . *.'.*<.<., Mrs*. Victoria has applmteda big b'atch*ofo'f- | Heel's to take rank by brevet, the commipipns to- be dated Nov. 23, imi; fdhono^df the birth of fter royaH bra't' '\ V The christienmg of the young prince it is s^id, will be hiMea ptivate jatfair. and tbe1)ah0et wliieh is to be 'giviti ou'thg oci^Qittb4le no^ bles', iic, ! t it is^aid Will'far exceedih splendor the ehtertainrhent that Was given when th'l prin- cess was christened', Hpw hbrrible is th^e id'ea when we reflect, that thB vast sums' fh^us^pent are ¥ai|ed by taxdtiorr, which faites tfip very sus^ tenancebf ltfeoutdfthe mouths of the milliops of | Wofs'e than beggars in England I There-was no material alleviation of the dis- tressin the manufacturing districts. The failure of the^potatbe c;rop in Ireland ap- peared to be even morb extensive thah it was at tirstreprese'nted) causitig nielaneholy forebodings of distress among the countless poor pj that op- pressed and ill-governed couhfryv There was ;ather the follcjwihg ite^s of f6reigri,h sy the Columhia, which ship arrif ed at Boston dQctrfoe of the Democratic' party, tot years: •-<-'-••--•-< ^-^..-,1 ^ ag ^ however, waarefree toadmit y ithas been vastly more honored; in the breach, vthan in the obsei'Vance. &\\ havebeen willing W$rtneh the dofiftine, but few have had the ,m|gnanimity, oiH the sense of justice, to carry it practical ly mm tefc* f®c% i We say not this as a Terlectiori upon*-the pi^Wwhat is done is done, and we:arehot of the' nunjhjrto call up useless regrets, for that which! is iri'linediable—rbut we .do so' in order ; that it mayl:iye some effect in guiding the councils of |i the'Ipmocraey In the .fttfwre. : 'M$ -.ba^stej^d the-iiipprt of ffie jfeclretary . 'OtMm^-tim&S^ .;.//.\..; •; ....'1..;.'. -•:/ ••: OurArte#^ e ^ < ^»8ts J oi-lQ)6fi^men, ,o| whpm's^^r^^W^^Bedsp^ers jthereft nojir9<)ii|inJssIbM| officers,..musjeiapg ApAlpn-. ^ies. ;TP» cpttH||lte the, organizatioii ofilhe Ar- ayjil^pyecjcuilliare require Intheicpurse of ihejast ,year, $M WSMfca? tecrufted. The nuMer pf 4e.f#fl8 ^ith.i» the last year is less •cannot, and willnrit, sanction, or submit to th^doctrifle, 'once in ojfnce^always inofilce. ^ijVfQrtje, this seenjf to have grbwn into a pro- .ye^bj^nd men have imbibed the opinion that cer- tain, f^an.d lucrative stations, scattered tbrpugh- p.ut we \yhole machinery of°govemmenty were OpesM^ solely and expressly for their. OWJR indiyid- ,mal b#<*6t—- and that.no others have* a right to ,lheHLL This doctrine, pome from whatever sohrce it maf, We hold to be anii^Republican^'and fatal- :iy subversive of the best interests of the' De'tnd- pratii party. He who holds sncha dbfetrineyei- th^r 'by.precept or example, u^holdirp-be^an-en- 1 •eniy to- the true faith, and should; be so treated by every one who has struggled to raalrttain H its purl^j the bright inheritance trang-jttittfed from ^bleeding sire to son,', to the present generation. \VVbfen the Democratic party has : faVors to be- ;, -'3lhfi,h4imM%Br' Wiethe exception of the AborlgtRepriu Fll#a, arg ; very.quiet,attdpeace, , fully dJipgsed^Mthe; n^p,0M'ppmm a confi- dence that, underjpe jnana|erpen;t MQoh Worth, .The ^pprfcafff%es of the? plan reftp^mehdM by the fb0&^i§$IQk irijlSp, :M,|artlycar % riei into. ?i|ct ? ;f#|h:e;pro^e.^^^ frontier, ag#n^fifin|kp^ hpstiliti\e:s-&n:aittely^ % ; eriscfel^p^iini^^iluTi^ •, within the:3pdiaS^^ . of,existingc^s.sio4%^and..'the: other;, apintenbr t like of \posts to: serteas plajcek^f ref^ge'iMmes ,of alaih), and as fa|gazii.nes.of arias aBd^Sieteisk-- riefc - Te^s.e.l|r|^h#v^er>:Mr^Sp^ poses to add ? anop#j, namely;; ; a;:<Jhain ^f ,'ppsts° extending; from t|}| Gouncil;Biiffs„to. .the.tn'6utli pf the Eiver,<)reg$tysp as'to.comjpaaridJthe.ave^ , npgs by which the^diahspMslrqrn^^ thTe^Aprrhf4o i the'south, arid &i'^,s^mK^m^r^M^^ & ^^ i <?olnamuwi?atioh With our^teriitprie^ ^oraeMhg on thePacj^.; • J..T.. • . 'i-^; : '*<*;. : •.;•.' As to .the prpte;ciipn pf oqr ^p.rfh'erpafrjQntier, nui;u v»ic jucuiuuictmi jjaitjr uao /mywa io ( uc- i |]^g RepOrt «eXpfeSSte&T! egret that the ^W$*of the . . stotv ift the way of public officesyle* the door be [ |j 0 afd:'ojf : ^ofiicer%iCtheW; report of Majrj' 4^ wide open for cPmpetition--let the %hole.democ-, 4^ na t induce GojigjresSito make apprppriations j racy hie consulted, andnotthe/eto. Monopolies for a naval'force pjt^fiedajtee^ forenlargingand in office are as odious as monopplfesin any thing;. UTpprovingt%^ia^eiharbors^#6dfor erecting for; else. I^et it be understood, \ and; practically eri-? j tifications tflj(cpm^nd the- rivers and straits by 1 forced^lhat the bestowment of offiGial station is • ^Mcsh^he wkes arf Connected.-' - - : '•'' i., ^.._:i .p „__._ Away With your mere j ^ th e ^fotectiph of our maritime frdntier, : the plan of mrtincafpnsrre^om^ ted in 1840, has afee^tdy been\cpmpleted> in #- ; — J ^-'thevprinc^iiia. *m*ks; of 'defence,. iThe the reward of MERI-T. lilt; XWVlUU, 01 aijsivi^. xiwoy wim >wui uicic | l<>Ot tUe iprotecpojl QL V\)X juiutuiu</ KUUUU, „ n office-seekers, who mak^ its procurement the ; the plan of fortincafpns-reeomtoeniled, atid adpp- agreatmeetirigof deputies from all I ^^S^t^^S^^^ ; ^ja^\ w -*^*- *>««*«**&*» ^ 1,, .,. •, ^ § . ,%, • l , ,_ ,; •• at any moment barter away taeir principles, m \&xr& to 4 } the^nti^eorn-Law Associations, at Manchester, [ or de T tb gratify their overweening desire to be f^ otmmm^^m^^^^^^ NbVeffibor. at wliich \aneeches were : fed at-the * nublic cribi* The fact is net to he | the worl— '-* ^'- u &*****> A«f.*-.A*.*i««ii«w«.Af *9i- „^ >»,., r >„ _. The fact is net to he . the works, which rfniawj,a##xpen.diture pt $%- disguised-^wehaye such menamongstus^ as well 1.000,000 wiil- be r#q#ed>. :Sbr; the: defence ioi to what would have been'considered \treason\ '.:? \**i*& i«t>mttiventy years ago. , Conservatives, and^^ their open and ^shameless r. shouldbe hiiilt. Pn t\ik 2?th November, at wliich \speeches were j fed af-fhe 'public crib made and resolutions passed, verging very near I disguiSfed-^ w ehayesUc . u * y j , t b b J ._' 00 hni» nnnnnATits—rand the sooner we gjet rid of j 1 noerw py jsniisu auuionues ui j.vassa.u, i\^>-1 ting on the wrapper or margmotneWspapersa they had paid the policy of insurance, and now! pam phietse sentby mail, enclosipg memoranda nmv for relief from the srOvernmeht. ! pray for relief from the government. | MrJBarrOW movMMe ^orencejbi\ihe memo- rial to the Committee oh Eoreign ^Relations'; and : ^gviceg We notice the death of CHANTREY, the cele- ' abandonment of the principles of their fathers, re- brated sculptor, which., happened last month in \ Hered us of a mighty load in this particulaf^still London. His works of art are much admired. \ o«^ $£d tolShTs^d taken by ^the ^^rTX^'rr,^ T * nT\ • *• \* Democratic Press, generally, upon this* subject. - . POST-OFFICE LAW. I Itj s oneof vital importance^ and has beenmet Owing to the frequency with which this Law ! by them manfully. That our readers may know lhas been violated, the PostniastPr-General has ^ the current of public feeling torching th^mattto, xi . vw -AT, C it. i. i- A ^.^1 i we eive he OW a few extracts, from the many recently published the same for the benefit of the J^^ come under our observation, haying a I public. ^Weeopy the foHoWing-extTa^ hop^ it, The Smicd Fdis'jDcmb* 1 that those whom it may interest,, may profit by .crafhojds- • . ~' ' , rPidin<rit •'••«• ; \The democratic patty, as it now stands, 0 ' ... ., -. .. . > wants no Reffency—no central State, county, Or \The multiplied-and increasing atternpts to i village cliques; nor. does, it Want to be rode to violate the law ahd defraud the Revenue, by wri- | ^th again by the old ofnce-holdei;s. As We ting on th wrapper or margin of- newspapersand ; sa j,j j as f we ek. now is the time to bring forward Ki„f c » n «tlv mail on „\ na ;™ m « — x. n «A„ 0r : ^ je^^the worldngmen.r-the mechanics,-— •thefarmer—the young—theVpor, atidth&labor- with the view to evade the payment of 1 the Would-be Pleaders,' but the voice of the Whplp ,forro f^r-no, iinnh tw r>^o«.w»„i,*„>.*n^ i .- -., ygfiftcr masses;^ must now be coii- made some excited remarks on the stthifect, .He | h ^ postage, force upph the Pdstmaster^Geh^ I npofije^^f the vot said the question as to, the ng^t£ oTthe British \_Jfo & e : aecesslty Of^directing the_snecial atten- igSX-eJ.- government ffius 1:o^ must be settled.The SOr^ern people of mr duty ifi this particular. ^'^^{^L^lSttct^ ino longer submit^seaggresslohs. tpfliese aggressions. _ | nFAiitransietitfeaPereandDafe'nMets.wbich-4^ \ m ?Ix!r% SL^,rJ*n • Mr, Spencer dwells, at some length, on the expediency pf establishing a national\fofrn'dryv - A military JTOM is? rec^mmended , in the State of Maine, to convey supplfes to Fort Kent and Eort Fairfield, , \ , ; \ Various other recommendations are'inadef in the Report;, among Which is an impifpyenjehf in the course Pf instruction atthe Military* Acad- emy at** West' Point. ' The Secretary' proposes that m Carets shaH he furnistied-with- the rheaiis of acquiring^ ^ractic^knpw^^ of sappef% miners aSd pontoniersP '- ( t > -'* .• Mr. Spencep's Rep N ort«tnke'sUs^i-heih^drSWn up with his usual ability. - \ o fl '*--'!« . THE mm^€^4-^i^^m^M 1 '^] Cwrency'fqne by {the States'y ;«witJo%e Bit-the • General Gdv^rnmt^ • . i' #.. .K'- zens WOllld IIV «-V\fi Mr.\• King also s and Was — 0 - • , -i- - than to h'ef sense of justice Mr. Preston, as ChaJuTnaii of the 1 Foreign aftairsj said ,the Cornh: iteriing advocate, of the pfh^cipleSJ4ays: , ^f^^ 0 faUtransietit^apersandpa^pHets,^hic^^^^ \TP — - J B°* e °V^. e S^P^g aSbitipn | reac hed their destination^ should be removed, ->, a H K P permitted to enioy as their-special pro- haughty arrogance of England* and said; it j and t he papers,examinei Those\ s use& in the iSStl^tWhich is the rewafdof the jionorable high time to resor/t to some other appeal\manner ah^' 0 -*i^\^^ +« *a-*1in™i>'i*A***t~~~ •\-*>. V., ,T_ „^„«f->,«*.¥,«•«#«•. w >r«4,a^ 0 -What I mean- by \ currehcy\ yti and there are but twp^*ay«;tb^e^pte^. way for the States to t^^^;*#j^-.-eaclj^s : to compel every bahfe'withM'iftllml^ tfftesuffie' - specie paympn% aftd on the'first susplhsibhofa hank to forfeit its charter: ; .7 /^.V. • ,/' '^ , The ^aTfor'the geneMr'governmenf;idi|^ late Ms kind of currency isy to*includgjjanfer||i on a .. -. .,. give the subject thejr attention. Compiitt^ „„„.„„ —,-_-_,_ „, ,..„j where 'first mail , ed, and the,, Postmaster .tlierejshouldrinvariably' ambition of the thousands of our party, wbo have foU\-ht our battlesyand brought it m- 'GTi\ • * * * - ' * > is'the language of the \Derhocratip press, ^u,.^..,,--:-.,--^. . 1 e(1 anauiB fustmasiw uipip,, .snouicv.invariaDiy ; ow-tpranv and we doubt notn is the unanimous My. Bprpw insisted upon the pecessity. of, a | c0 ]. rect the i eg at penalty Of F ye DoRars, pf the i SjS&ttS Democracy'bf the State * ***** reportfromthe ConimitteeQn Foreign Relations j person who committed % offence,, Any memo ! P * '—•^ ^™* *^*°M upon this case. If the Government Would not protect the rights of, the Southern States, they • would themselves fit out expeditions and batter down Nassau, &c. The memorial was referred., :-•• RANKKXTIT Aer, MnBientorjPgaYe'notice of his intention to in- troduce a bill to postponetili July next, the ope- ration of the JafiJcMpt Law, and to bring under its provisions InsoWettt Banks. 33=We observe oh, looking dver the list of Committees appointee^ to cpnsidpr the different subjects to be presented to the II, S, Senate : at the present seession, that great Henry Clayy the \ worshipped, is rip where to he foUhd. Has he been dropped ? then good-bye i&h^f fat^ocs.. The ex-Pi M. General, Erankj j,ust*escai the same ignominious dftath; he is ori but ohfe goiitary cdnrBii^jBe^ ah^ lye pftly; Woftdlr |pw W ciine-to he flybMpf $M>, \'.•''\.• ' ; - A ' '\' randum In Writing oh a newspaper or\ parnphJet, subjects it to.letter postage;, and in the^pjiti'oh' of the Departim.ent, g,ny words,,however few, other than the name of the ./person .addressed, constitute a « membrandum\ \vithih ^ the'meahing of the law: r ' 7 - \ A Postmaster may. enclose 'money in a letter to the publisher of a ney?spaper:t,p.paytbeiSub- scription of a third pprsph,, andvftank'th'e letter, if written or signed by hirnself; butlf ^he letter be signed hy^rioth^r'pPrsoh; the iBsMiaster cair- npt frank It,- But this; is^a service; npt reqairid of him^ and hemay perform it as a matter-of. cour,- tesy*or decline it athis option. .Such letters shduld cdntain oiily, and felate/solflyirto^ thV transmission of money frOra? individfial 'subsfeiii- bers to pubHshers:-.of neWSpftpers^. a'hdilnoflthe cpllectipns of, Agerjts J pr ; pt 1 hers fe ap4^gy s^pxild hot cover correspondence pn,apyrQUier .sibiect •Tlhere are\soine7democratic papers, pWssW sft'at leattl Who dare not raise their voiceis For the'true prosperity of its principles. £^ft'sa<!b J*- ««a5i.^lai- bfir^abyth£Woj»g c h«sses7^ '• Kf* It is stated tiat neaiiy 50Q,buildings haye .been puttlpitLBociierf^a'aJj^thiB^atj mafiy of them large and costly; and^that^his is but a foretaste of what will, be done in %&$>' £F Our^Carrier will Wait dponihe good peo- ple Of Geneva^ New Year's day. With' his Ad- dress. We bespeak for him a rejcejptipn worthy occasion. : :• . . ••...' '•-'•• pthers,.anduse such hus|nesg,\ Messrs. SMITH \& Stow, at : the Post Office, Willreceive their £f spleud|LHep Y^g-Presen V' called the \Lpviathan New-%orisl U ? on orbe- .Wibrid, andfiity or abundred i%sjfcr^tions to boot. Pric'e 25 ctsr only. DIED.—In this toWh) 6A ffi^lSlK ih^drft) of bilious'fever, Dfc JOHN Eivti%s^nWtii*; Jason Ellisj4gedl3ye%^a^v#^P^ ¥ '• *^ g-yAypuhg doctor! \• \'$*•\*''* It is well known '.that a new .personage has ta>- ken his place in the Royal -Family of -England, and is cobsM^i«d ; -tW%o1if'itop;'d£taJt of them alj* And though; thousands of 'Operatives are starving •throughout the:' kiHgdom-^-thelr taxes areIpe further increased for the purpose of surrounuiiig this little fellow With'aiegifeetit^ffat, idle^and WeU penkip^ct)^r|#s, ^.c^ ' '\<\.•, -l^r-'' ppmatuni. •r# vS*»«? 1 \< ** 'A t **»„ H« \ t '-\ $• % •ym .m-a jr MiLMk^^Mti^fit^im '.•:'M;4 •* >..-•'.«; .... • !• : ' . ; , ..4' •' 1 ;.M, . . 1,'. mm

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