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Geneva advertiser. (Geneva, N.Y.) 1841-1842, December 22, 1841, Image 3

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mm jMgwggiwi'iiwiiiiwyi -A Nisw UAWKOT Hmm^U\: seems from Htutemeuts jr* Whig pape^/ tfp}tji'esidept Tyler • «? w B ;C ¥ r,, , wt W^Pjted; a phm of relief tor the ytates; bji -wftiftfr w&Mers areto be at once par farmed in their behalf, Tbe plan conteifl- I)lat«j8 the i purchase of Jtoilroad Stocks plap „whichis desigued indirectly to assume the State debts by throwing on the General Government the mad project* which have characterized so many of the States in the \way of improvements. Cwious developments niaj* be expected at the federal City before Ipri$, the details pf this Hchehie being among them, if it is, what we fear f lau ,^.^ latw) n of its features will disclose it to be. fill such disclosure is made it Wottld be up» i ttst to say more on the subjW^i&efc. Rep. WW bopahj by .' • '. ' ' ' %. &• &*&&%••;., H AL Dpsxs.--We regret torecord two more vfctm at .the. shrine of the insatiable Moloch of dueling, Yesterday, encounters toPk place he* t weep four gentietperi of this city—all of them highlyrespectablewidhonorable, febothinstan- cea the result was fatal. The weapons used were, we understand, small swords. Two of the com- batants were well known members of the mer- cantile community. Can neitherireason nor law arrest those miscalled \affairs of honourV'WiV. 0, Bcc, Nov. 19. • _„.... -Great Britain has beep com- pared to. a ship: at sea*, short of: jprovisiousj and pot allowed to touch at any port where previs- ions may be had. But her case is even worse than this j for, though her crew arpkept on short allowance, her wardroom' officers are faring sumptuously every day, while those very officers are they who will not let herMich at any port where provisions may be h^becauiHhe ma- jority are pursers and have themselves the selling, of the short allowance to the crew, all the dear- er for being short. * • ** Rtytidiatioti}'-- -the Senate of South Caro- lina has repudiated the share of that state of the public land moneys,, tinder Mr. Clay?s bribery clisftibutmri bill, by an ajmpst~ unanimous vote. Judge ETuger's repudiation bill has passed the upper branch with but one dissenting voice.— Jirmis. MORALS or AN ENGLISH TOWN.~0P the first day of this month, thirty-five cases of felony and one hundred and forty-two cases of drunkenness and disorderly conduct dame before thepofi.ee magistrates of Manchester, England!' Nasty TroUooe, Capfc Swamp Hall or Silly Bfar-fyatt never found any thing to equal that ih thertf. S. Two sons of Hibernia being a ducking, Pat discovered as large bed Of ducks close py the shore. After having his piece levelled for about five minutes, his companion asked him why he did not fire ? Pat replied, ' By zounds, I can niver get an aim at onejbut there's another bugr- gerfswims right between him and me!' CANADA.—The Canadians are again agitating the measure pflayipglt duty upon American pro- duct Meetings have been held,- and pefitiOnw are in circulation to that effect. Let those of you Who consider yourselves the most miserable on earth,, look around you, and see if you do not perceive some one of your fel- low beings more unhappy than yourself. An ounce of content is worth a dozen lbs. of riches. Carrying Freight.-^tite Ontario Repository says \ We are glad to b>ar; that the Auburn and Rochester Rail*tfad Company pre momotin|*thPir own<interest* tfy accommodating the public; In tMr trip last week, they received §225 for (V ^1__. •'.•.• —^~-^— -H lN6'S ^iiRBONA CREAMi..,S i TA«PS -CONSPIC^ Ji&Pons aVatriitioaceljed Sh'rtvlPfcebnipoPiia, aftdls-for safe at the«ign of the Golden Eagles, by. . Atfgust25. 2tf . to RELIiSfAsCOv AY BE Of TA&EI) BY TEE ftSE OF V the. splendid fiiaphanic Window £hade», ornamented with landscapes, to be seen in jrelti and beautiful variety, (and sold cheap) at the, Store of wmm W&X &$*>** , ISign of the Lion and Mortar, Geneva, Oct, 6, 1841. • ..,;;,, \ jgtf. WaterfStmf-,'.tymw*. LL QPERATIO^S FERtORM) IN A workmanlike manner. \ Sept. 29,1841. ' \\ , •. 7tf \ 0v& noumt\ SIGN OF THE MAMMOTHHOOTS Two doors North of K 8, 8kaats'j Water st-Geneva. * A man who is.always sneering at woman, is generally a coarse profligate, or. a .coarse bigot. Hfe who can take advice is afpmetimes superior to Kim who can give it. GftfeAf.—^Some of,the Canadians have been celebrating the masacre of Windmill Point! An old lady boasted of two very talented sons. One of them had an extraordinary gift for mak- ing poetry, fnd the other had a Wonderful talent at sucking eggs. • The violence of the expansion of water when freezing, is sufficient to cleav¥a glolje pf copper of Mclfthickness as~to repjrire a forcerof ^8,600 pounds to produce the same result, • Arthur-.P*. Bagby, late Governor of Alabama, has been Phosen y. S. Senator in the pjaci of €• C. Clay, resigned. Baghj is the most eloquent speaker in that States * Spec&.~The Messaie'was brought from Wash- ington to New-j^ork in 8 hours and 53 minutes. From Hackei!ffl|ik bridge to Jersey City, the locomotive rah three miles in two minutes and a-half. . , ,.._ L , ', , •, Gale on Lake. Michigm-^ 'The Ghipago Amer- ican of the 2d iPstaPt, says:' \ A mosi^ severe gaie was Vxperiepced on ILake\ MfchigaP,.<pn Thursday and Friday of last w^ek, A great numbelr' o%vesseli are ashore^ between, lililwap^ kie and Chicago. The only alternative for those Which were on the lee shore in thisl gale, was td run on some sand beach, or take the j-isk of per- ishing on the bold shore^thereheing neither ^Prt nor ifarbor between tlie Mapitoes and Chicago,\ The amount of business pow done on this Lake renders it imperative on Congress to fWhish har- bors for its saf \*\ T HE SUBSCRIBERB HATE ENTERED into co-partnership undpr the firm of Mo- SHIEB & CoMBS,'for the purpose ot maPufactur- Ing BOOTS and SHOES, where a constant supply of first rate articles wilt he kept on hand, and sold on the ipOst.reasonable terms. The public are respectfully solicited to favor them - with th$ir custpm. c - They liaye now Op hand a fittestoclcof Gentle- raen's Boots and 'Shoes, manufactured'by the best workmen, , ' Aisp, Ladies' best^HpperiB, &c. Id'Their assortment is now more complete than ever. . \ . N. B.'—AH orders punctually attended to • ST REPAIRING done on the shortest notice. 53=* India Rubbers repaired, and -warranted'as good as new. WM. MOSHIER> WM; COMBS. Geneva, August 15,184T. ^ tfl DOFOtJ MAT OYSTERSV TF SCK CALL AT THE HEW AND SPLEN- I did. Eating Rooms^ fitted and furnished to sup- ply the public with REFRESHMENTS. Warn Meals served up with neatness and to order* at short notice. No pains Will be sparfed io obtain the best of fresh SHELL-FISH, FOW£S, and other MEATS, FRUIT, &c. fdbh tet at aU hours, ready for use! We shall keep on* liapd, at all timesj'a good quality of Family GROCE- RIES, Toys, Nuts, Confectionary, and various other articles. Please call afthe ^FRANKLIN RECESS,\ third door north of, ftp Franklin House, and see for yourselves* - STOWELL & LYMAN. Geneva, October 6, l8W., 8tf Brass and Composition Cttgtiilgis. A LB ORDERS THANkFULLY RECEIV- ED, and executed with neatness and de*s- patch. Sept. 29, 184L ' -ftf Draper attd Ttffor, ($o. 33, Sensed Spriei^: .\ I S nowjpeady to furnish; hif customers;ivith neat and fashionable CLOTHING, si low piices, for ready pay. *'.!. BROADCLOTHS; - : Black, 6 Blue, Invisible Green, Bottle do* - . Invisible Green DiaPaond Beaver. Do. Blue^ F%ncy Paris Ca*ssim'ere, f , A good assortment; of YESTINGS* -. CRA- Y J. B. HORRIS, OP|>0SITU SfEAM* boat Landiingj Water-sti0et OYSTERS, alvs^ays onJiand, andJSpryed u|||n tjje Best style. .'', ••..-'••'.•' *< ' Warm ot Cold Meajs served up at all hoursr\ Pics, Cakes, Fruits,* Melons, &c. , Strong Beer, Millo-Punch, kc. ^Travellers, and people from the country will find good fare, wi$t Reasonable charges. Also, Boarding. . , ^ families «u»plted wXi& jHegj Tart's, Cakes, fcc. On leaving orders* Aug. 38 . 3m^ •pmST DOOR SO^H OF YAH JRUNT JD & Son's Boo^-^tpre. .-, 83* Books pQPnci fd order on,^^Kort«stno- tice. ALSO, Blank Books Rtf&ED*o anypiuV tern. Aug. 18. - » . « ' . ^M^iiii rr$* ThfHubwmer having .•a^-«^m^mmm- has f Ottie jo: flje dmminuMMoMMe MMtfGvaili to lnrjy Invite the vmm to caffaud eXimilfle pi* as«^rp%eftt ^?fol'e|mreha8iPgcf»Whel'e; v • ' r ' • - • T >'/', ?%' w, B, Ail per*onfin4ej)iM*o'ttieiSute}b«n^tM!'y i win be left«i.rwiiwtfoo; •* / -rh &mMm$k .'•? Qenevn,Oet2? > 184-1, , J '•- . ./,' • ^ •' 4 .\ •• . pitf ...A ; NEW,AND yA%mMm:-Jdriimwmck&k -TJ. 8ub«cr«rert mr fp tlie Public a»J ta^i^wm to keep ihetr feetdry, is manufr •'— J *-**-'- -2.....-^ w?U be gold miOLteAhti oi %})} b f »P' d WKOLESALE or mVAll', ii ttjeji';8Udfl- Store in Water street. < : < •>-«-'•. % applying it to the Leather !*FOprj{hre©4iro^4|fbjB- come# water proof. Wm *BH &^COtiM' Geneva, Nov.2*, 1841. '•.^•::'^kt WP, ttte Miiclereigned have u«ed and jiipiMiW &#lje tooursatisfactiyri, ;•-•:\>;> Wm. Wallace, .T. Pricej B-Kfehardgoft, i.G.I)radt, IraMerrjij. it i* J»- RA^Ef, GitATifDL toii PAS* fmom JU»mpcmm ittforrtj»ih«? Public ihnt U still feopllili' uea the busiDBSH of BI^ACVLSiWttimG,, i$,mMk< bv V£ h f' u * h« mm h WATER STMfi^ fewmd*- mih.of the Frdraklin Hou»«, and direcWdppb#fe.ft/O. Hose's Carriage shop. .,..;,*•'•'* Particular atterittah will at aflltipres bfpat4wl|«r»* BlLoeinR. v .- v :\; :'j All work entrusted to his Care, Will bei donei in ^ait^ \*—manner. ' V\ T :' % ft.-rrhesublcriber wishes tppurchnee fpO Cords of rood BBAQH4 MAPLE WOPPj irt'exchaiifee tom&ifc Bmitlnng. Novwl7,1841. .;• •• \.-*-—•- T HE Public are cattfiqned against purcMsin^ WAti- . DOW BASH and I3L1N DS, made' at f*ftcforie8 by -4 Steam and water power, as the subscriber is niafeine ^r superior articie of Dlirids and Saih, by hand, atiKesShie price. Please call and exaorirte thein AJso> Paifttfe Glazing, and Paper Hanging. E. P. SARI., Iyi3 South side ^eriega-gtreets, Geifevir. >.'W.',&IJF'TO,. r< ..''\:.--.-:'\. •g^ASBIOifABLE HAIR BBESSER, NO. 11 JE? Seneca streets !,, m%£m< . Oh! Jpvely voices of the to A , ^ /m^h wppd the $&$M$*;: ;Aie yeuot m$ag JrtiH;P».hi^;.'.:: ' • •' - ;*e 'lat sa i|,. # Feape faWJjfflf?. • • - • :i T^:^y<ts^^th^str^:;^:^',:y ,' •.' 'Wheifewith^ m (iihe',^ori^ : ||>v,;v / Oh f clear, and shiping light, -*fttfll^P*j^ ' : Th$%wHeaven>£^^^ »* !\;•«';: , Ar'bpni'the:$a|ftiB»arid : tf.et .faffl&dg fin erd ? srhe)KE^ ifes '-'• r Oi'hop, an*;joy^ and^aith»i v 'v •'. Ohlclearind slapipgli^r; ,/: < OJkV itet m<ih led to Hiip,1d£6sW Ipve ,. ; - •'. /.sBlay »we jstill- gfcze on, thde'2- ' - -.••;;'.., ** In-Ifeaf e^t thpp art PPt setj T>y tays ea^rn^hPt^ini, WOM mpre* splendid JSmheHfthmerj^ffim mtbM to' PW J^gai t^iff Pfeiai i: no pienddiPalcafi' boa^sf of lyrele^d tp rlvaK7? |ne VPltntP #ill ! hp'opened witJi a\rie% api 5 tekumut RICIII-Y vaiiQ&Mfo '$A*W$-$$*u / • fix cpm^fi^W With the almost unaJftitappis^isrjL of ou» f lady subspribeis, vpe.shall furMsh* them apd Play always- he depended f »pp»: afithe ®mmg mi Siata mm Iwr A BOW* 100 AO^AtliCLEAR- ^d, in the extern ^artolF the ibWu of MAL¥, in the tidiinfy of iSates, well wa- tered from living gprings, and admirably adaptiBd to turn s*h^ep on %6, during ihe , Bummer months; haying a high aridheaf thy sltttatiotf, and well adapted io ttiawiid ofstO(?k; ; yet with tNru itable TjropoiliQii'Ot JKP0OW and Ploiifh ft*outfd% with an Grctiaird <jf front 5P W CO yoijng 1'reesy pt gJt'afted^Hlfe pies, i'luinbBr&c. It shoujd be owned by a farmer of Ooiario or Seneca tioUhty, ati<i used,: as lias beleh the ca'sei to turn Stock oft tOjrM the Siimtner, frora a more vHlnabl^\ fjlrm. It fias upon'''it a comfortable DWiauLTlS\G Stahle, for tpe use Ota tenant; catpe sortie off in fin*; condition in the Falj. Haviiig been slocked down for \%. or 14years, it is nowiufin^ 6i ? derf.irgrairi. yVMerand Spring Wheat raised aponii, has probably heeh CafColled for jduriiiyiess by nortein ihcOonnry.i Notwithsfanding iill this, and the recent crpsade against Lawyerr, the young prnctitioher can dp better ih hi* Office trjan to be diibbltng in Stock and Farms. So her'eit goes. Tertos' liberal; For particnUrSyaddresl ,. r . ^ rnc , n „^ - VV. Gi EARBONS, . 3 W I2 PENN-?AK, Yates Gouuty, NY. 133^ALSO, Tp RENT, a Ftinnr one inile^ north of Pt>n«-¥anj cpaWinirig 140 Acres, fcoittphe;to three years. ' \\ ^Bft-ii^ ';;'.\_v-;. : O00P MERG|LANtAfii.E BR^ICK for sale cheap. ' Ap- ply to fc ' C.*E; SJCtSBE/ October 6j. 1841; f pf] \ ^aifl^t. however^ shall in ho W^SP interfere wj.J lar and/ choice ehgravipgs an^ inpsic^ , i^|ic , |t. : |cs. cpmpapy each nupiber pit the j^agazipe^,as ^e shaft not suffer ourselves to ^e sinpassed iii fvm- ber or bemtyoi jlfuslrafiops^y\anw„i^er$orJe, but shall maiptap the •=--''-*— —'•*-*- --^••-^-'--- 0. &C. &C Also, a general assortment of Trimmings. , eUTTlNO done on short notice. - ,'>,, The subscriber invites his old friends to call and exapiine his Stock, and respectfully solicits a share of their patronage. Geneva, Nov, Iff, 1841^, B ARBf-R- & -FA StttpWAb^ : MAFR Vrte, BRf Room 3a.dpor softth ef theGebftyairotPl 8m4 \1 FIRST RATE N^fFbviJ, %* a le C ^a^abth.s il Office. It is caldulnted for burning, ell her coal or weed, Novetober 1Q; 1841> '' ' ' ' -' iStf. muiPLJE STEAM- R-EFmtit) L^F;^GAR-FOfi* ^-'sale by Aug. 25. 2tf '&&$&$&•&& T l6isM AOT PLLCIT^ O^EIl COATS,. JJ from $S to $12! , ..;-:....;/\' Fine BrOwn, Invisible Green, and Mi^Broad- cloth Dress»and Frock Bo. $10 to $12 5011 Fine Fancy and Plain coPd and Black Cassimere \Pphty $f o0 to $8 Miff 1 - -••_'•- - - VPsts of every description, from $i 2Sfo $3!!!! IiHien& Woolen Shirts, Bosoms^ Coilars, Stocks, Cravats, Gloves, ComforterSj.apd'evfiry thing in their line of bUsinesSj at the - Cheap Clbthing & Ttf orihg Istab. .._.__ _. ^ iipp,which w^' assumed, of leading aU; Ptheis ^.fh^enchpess, beauty, excellepce^ arid! VarxefepF-^gazinpeia- bellishipent. . , ' I The reputatipai of the %M agazine thus farjwpuld be a suhlciept parSfitee Tor the fufuHjf ISpt^th^t it maybe seen pat nothing has been left updpiie to maintain every department of the warl^.and to elevate the literary, as-Wfell as the pictoral de- partment, we beg leave to ahnopnee tbiat a host of talented and elegant Amencan writers 7 have been;Pngaged toavrite for this wori-. The lowest Ternw.—$3 per annum; itta^anbfe, for a single copy j or two copies yearly ib)P : $5, invariably in advaficey G.\Rv S^miy^gmt, 3wl6 atthePost-Oince;©^^ NO 25 A. A. MUND'Y & CQi 1 at 1*e 0|d Stand of MrjrNpy fe MURRAY, iatend'*¥eiepiHg ponsfahtly onhand ' V\ ' \ * ' - '.\'••' Of every description. f ,' \- BE AVER & PILOT Otbths fdx over coats, MOADCL0t&% \ GASSIMERES/and. ^ • VESTINGS, of.the. latest styles and colors, which they will *e?|.p^ the yard) and make to order at short notice, ^afrapted equal ip every respect to work-made gfse^liere, a*t' prices more favorable than can Be h^d; it* any other Estab- lishmePt this side; df ^ew-^qrk.!' AliSQ^-Oords, Bindings, Tape M'PasprPsj and Trimmings* of eVei'y kiridy mi the Trade. |tr They respectfuliy %|vitfetlH&Me l whb are in the habit of h'uyip^^h&ir'garMeHfe rtaa)/tfittde, and all who wish ainy teig;in f their lirie^pf^oPsi-; ness, tocallapdexan^p^Beif'Btodkt. •« i CIJTTI^O dotte^ to 4aW(MMU hi; Gene^ Oetv20,T^ HE SIJBSCRlBERj^«'S&TOFJ? ^BEMEJf- CED the manufactuife Pf * WoMr^ype^ at Whitphall, % Y.,-respeQtMly : ^ ters of the IJnited States -and Sanapla^t^t'he is prepared to cut Wood Type, of eVery^si^and stylej fromSlinesPicaUJ**,• > . . £ v ;<, ••'. Printers wishing fonts-of 4p^;|artijillaar^etter, can have them made to order without additional charge, by sending a patteinjetteri' '.-. •':. - • -, The subscriber^hasmadeatfapgemen^ltoman- ufacture type so IdWJJ^iat it puts iifein. the^pnds r of every PriiUer to ihrPishrhiPpffip^ : copi|lete with wood typeyat hdf^ theiu^paj n^e^hl&ged by other manufacturers;; • . V - • «. v Country newspapers iPse^ipg thi^ahoye^&tinjes and sending a paper to \the. sphsenbepj shall re- ceive the value of $3 in Jw'ood'ttpe.; ; ]nt- WOOm ENGRA^I^S^I^tea^e^lg!' and expeditiously' at the? ahtfve^staoil|s]Sm^Pt.';. WhitehallySept^^ j$&* ;.;', -,-, : ;, ;. v \' \ mnqtwrng application sooty at Gdneva > ,0ct v 27,1S41 'TfiiS'Ot'FICB^ -t-' 1 /-v$'$/V .\\•• ;\ '.:•, .-'*,l'ittf good Ea'rm' of Wbto em tp?tw?6 »BaWre4' Acr^.i\ wanted on sliMrf s;f6r^a t^r^teyejjfijf Mr afi .e^ejjieiieed. and practical farmer. ^e'*^!*tT#r'l!J*a|fc-l^#ce*8ry farming utensilsi ^c;'dp'b^n^^it^^lljle ! niad¥ K r<>-^ < <>A < \ v.«*hW ?«min<* iihri t»o.- PMS($ phWViiri- nt \f'ruiittffiee'df this by thW comjng 1 Spriti\ paper f<h partJclilats, Mepfei eh'q'di^ttTi^ffice'dfahis .Si lltf ONE¥^'C©UfTflH•B^^;•'MlD%'»*^TGAGBS^ I of every, ^s^iptitol^W^k^eVe^y^scrip^ tion, printedlh a^dpeVioVnfahhlg^ at this office, a\t fife lowest piiB^s pifioes. Lawyers Wilt havfe partidtfiar..at|6hti0fl!paid4!Bit!huiror4ers» October?7yl8il.' ' . ' : '--...,.-' •• . 11 ,f%. tnr A c few dtlzien; GaosKsaiojit^ ABPSESS ™? t f*'%t ANOE for^ale. A-better^tfiipg<>rfte:kin1dfcann»rbefm Si Temperance ?x)Ciftties, or individuals, are r^ue#te». \ ' ' liSQ&ch: Pritfei# pWUundrlflh- makfe applioolionj^tlfi STri|fee^y#l^lhS Mi 1 .- -«* / u ** it. ; $ si *: r -v «. • V*,'i- * * \7NF ^ /\ T. % *• s •^**Jr is- , k

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