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iw*ftKl& ; 4*4t mm m •A '4.-,.-'* . •; •• v '.f.' 4- 3Jttetf***#**«*• •y ••LftW 1. FABUR, tM»l ttdlte*. **fl' '•W5S '*TT *r V, **** aasaasjai WRDKISDAY, - Aumfrr S3. iSW fMhMlAlVt 0«n»#mewr, V* . ( OOIBX) SOW*, IMMMO norm. . %f\ AWM tOll « roi 5.4'Jp m. 10lHp Wl 4 Trains an the ICdarerd* llraneh leave Oouv tr a^ tonu A M MMI 6 4% r. M. Madrid Renrdelas \yftot* . Beards a sreee: nl Stopwbtteaa <Jansas, if' it' iv H*l '</\ **' IIM. mi -• Wr* A* H, *.i V i esSsetlesj ilvl* 1*4** lafU Best 8^M*»** iXmaty ileeweftloa STU Mi 44 O*a4oe7i«sms4 Slet; end for the • sasn nfcea af snob yihW business •• may prop W^ICrtf!^^ TOWM oottirrtiH Taa (If SB fan to** thalr annual esroratofi fcoTtoemadlalana Park tod*?* Up. ft. D. Tafttt, «*? Taltt * Aon, Is In rfew York suiifcsalan; A saucer of new 0.11 goods. Miss Pklrah Iteardslse shafts part <»f last week IttUii I Afrreno* River end with friends at Wales sown 1-4 AM wry , '* Mr. lane* Stock has fohi to Hvracues to If ROtoa* Of parties. Mr*. W Aalrlob •ml Mr. Rutherford started, Monday to of lha great esposftlou. David H, Malralle, «*%, ml family ire ID %rrtv« la tow« ihU wwk from tef ftway bnni# la !»• IUU of Wwh Ti«(if*»-iT-odg#of r o. a. T , of thb (*^> H llllkr Ml Moodaj, • to Ik* Grand 1 Lodft. Taa ladlM of Ibt Riadlng Rooal AmhcU ikm wlU aava a rWraAm-ml booth on laa fair itoaaqa aad aarra loa craam* c«aa t Naaaaa, alo. t arary day of laa fair. I^alaart adrarito»tl ara Mr. Jamai Otirii*, Wr. Jaa H. HaiWi, JaflMM I*. Upaam, K*i, Ifba Moaa aVigari, Mra. May Kaaay, Mlai liaaHaOaalcai. ForaMpa-Mr. Rfcbard Tyka. Mra. Atfrad Oardaar and Mra. rrad Far- rlar lafl Monday for Haa IKmilafitia and Muntraal lo alland taa BMurlnaa of Ibalr Mil Pabialfni Oanlaar. Tbay will aaajnbarof waakm, ^ aX^JaaaajtooMy aarabaiimUia #orlr of a aonool b^tm ad>ololmi Inalr for laa aoflomatodallon of Inair I, waAab for aararal yaara paal baa baan In Mia baaanaai of laa ohareh. Mr. Cam »ari, of Haw York City, wni In |»wa <»+ Mnnday nablag a brlaf rial I lo bto wife wnobaaaadlnglna Mnunar aara. Mr. Hart waaon bk ratarn lo lfaw York' attar bnalnaai iHp In taa WaaW • aVbman laaraa a>mornnr for Ina Watnta fair. Al (mioago ha win ba Jolnad by bb broihar MorrW, of Mall tnka <H%f, Ulan, and aflar rlaHIng Ilia KipaallAon MofTh) wftl raiurn with him for a rbll la apan^lnf of, Attar C Oaa. Raddlclr, of I^pafiUr, baa poTcaaaod KAXw»IUnghott»i\jo Proapart fllll of B, <* I Tarhar and lntamlt al amna lima during: tba oociUnf y«ar lo taaa op hU raaldanoa bara. i/A taUl gama whUh brmifbl loRalhar a ptarg* crowd of apactatorJ waf playatt mi tba fair groand yaftar*day aftarnoon. The Paa- llmat of Ofdatiabttrf atnl tba W* tar to win of \VaUrtown wara lha oootandtnic rlubs aod ihm pMtlinaa won tba gam4 t>y a tcora of IS to ?. Tba gala rattlpal wa^ra |»> Tba obi danca ball on lha Fair Orotmd .wb^rli baa baan looaad upon with daridatl Uftfavor by Iboaa of our t)lllsan« who bail ra- gardfor Ina jrpputatlon of *tha fair ami $m town, ban bacoma a Vlitng of lhapaat Tbara will ba no danra hall on lha groatid thli yaar. Tha Imlkllng^ will Ub rapairad an4 iWroWd l o a rafraahmani booth, Qulla a nntnbar of (Jotrraroanr paopia daaira lo aUand Ina fH. Uwranca County Vataran*i Itooampaianl al Tarraca Park nait waak ( and It I* prohabla thai aoma arranga- manla can ba mada wharahy thay can laava hara In lha morning ami apandlha ailarnobn al lha Park, raturnlng In lha araning. D0S- nlla nawa from lha railroad officials ragajrd- Ing lha mnllar U nromlaatl by lha laat of Uda waak« v *. A tary plaanml galharldg wan h#ki at tba Soma of Mra. Bddy on iMrk tlraat laat waak Tuaaday whan about forty ladiai, frlamls of Mra. lAmatrom, amamblad al bar molhar* raaldanoa lo anjoy a social TIMII with bar ba- fora iha raturnad to bar wartnrn homa. Tha ladlaa brought pnokagaa Wllh tham which paaaad Into lha hanoaotf alablt commiUaa and an skfaot and varlad tpraail loadad tha Utblaa at Ian lima. Tha affair waa gotlan up by soma of Mra. LamstrouVi f ormar Sunday n^hool cUunwaatai and prorad an atoaadingly plaaamfit gatharlng. Mra. Lamntrom laft Monday for bar noma In Pratt, Kaa. A clam of fifty will ba confirmed by HI rUr. Binhop Onbrialtnt St Mary*! church at Canton na*t Sunday. ^ Cards ara^out anoounclng tha marrtaga of Miss Lucia Jamas, daughter of Col. E. C. J*w*m. and Dr. Grant C. Madill. of Ogd«n« burg, Hapl. 6U1. Tbras shlnglara, 6abrfa Harpar, Frad 6il>- son and Rd. Hamilton, wara at work last Friday on tha hip-roof of Kraaman HarvarM big naw tkirn. out beyond Crarv's Mills, whan tlia staging gara .way ami thsr fell, togsther wi^h twalvo bunches of shingle*, thirty fV* fast to tha ground. The onW one seriously hurt was Oaorga Harper, who is injured internally. On Friday arming* Aug tith, MrslioAria Ysrdao, of Chippewa Bay» was engaged in sawing on bar maohina. Hha laanad back in \l* chair ami fell over daad. Hha rosldad with bar son, who was temporarily absent from homa, which laft the mother alone. Her remains were not found until Saturday morning. Coroner Brown viewed tha body, but did not thjuk a formal imiuest necessary. Mrs. Yerden was 77 years old. I>r. Brown stated that tha cattss of death was heart dis- Swasnay* brother of John > waa killed at Hammond, by da daatta al iija TymU Honsa, Klahfins, on Thursday Jaat was a rary am> saaafal alTair, eighty-ait eouplsa balnf praa> an^ saawal of them from (lonramaur- An party will i ba bald In about two Frank Oass, of linoom, 1U1»., Is In town. lHn>mg his four yaara' residence In linoom, Mr. Cote haa baooaaa much attached to lha Waal, bat owing to lha troubled condition of aifnlra lhara Jnat now his return is not dafl Tha short pU*4 o/tloubk Iraok whieh lha H,, W ss O. is abbot lo lay from laa OaroV nar Nip M01 lo ana Katural Dam lumbar yard hranah will ad<l to the safety of In that YMsily, as tha shifting an- wlU not hara to work on lha * / '/* ThelehanlKaellag. Tha aimoal school maatlng for thi election of three members of tha Board of RduoaUon was bahl In Union Hall last evening. Tha trusts ss whose time eiplred wara Messrs. A. S. Whimsy, C. W. Hewitt, and John Mo- Carty, and thay Wara all candidates for re- election. Mesara. A. C. Oalas ami W. H. Dodge wara also candklatas and with Mr. Haw!U*s name added thay made up tha second In tha field. Tha flrat ticket naturally I lha seameat In sympathy with pNsant admmlstra^on of school aiTalrs, soma people had an idea that Messrs. OaW and Dodga wara opposed lo progressiva work la the * boost and voted for tham for that reason, though Mr. Hewitt, who run on ticket, belongs to tha progressive it, 1 Jnat what tha point at issue was II was (tqtjmlt t o aaoartaln, tail both tioketa had a sTurga compaay of earnest workers out, and oarriagas wara going In all dlraetlona all tha avanlng. A large number of ladles at- tended and thay swelled lha vote on both sides. Al lha close of lha balloting It was an- nounced that Messrs. Hewitt, Galea and Dodge bad been elected. • Tha vote stoodi t Hewitt. ......«<...<• Hf Whttnay.»«» »«'*»*• Wj (latas ... fit M«Cwrty •» Dodga Kl Blaafc • Mr. J. L Sweeney, who Mrs. Nicollette. was In OgdensbuntTuesday, having coma t&ara from South Hammond, where ha had baan investigating the tragedy. Ha is certain that the shot which killed his brother waa not given iii solf-defense, and will do all In his power to ihow that Mm. Nicollette is guilty of murder, pure and »im- S le Mr. Sweeney In a clothiiufmerchont, of irockport, near Roohestar. lie Is, of course. deeply grieved ovW bis brother's death and feels that it was uncalled for. ' Supervisor John B. Willsonof Louisvill* died August 1*tb, aflar a painful illness of three mootbs» aged 40 years. The funeral was one of tha largest aver held In that tha Methodist church being entirely Hsv. 1 ^' offlclatln of ig clergyman was the the Hnlversalist church of Inade- The r. Pay- Canton. quate to hold the fieople attemli ^ ting clergyman f the Hniveraf Mr. Willson leaves a widowed mother, a wife and four children amply provided for. lie- sides bis farm, store ami factory Interests, he had life Inaunmoa policies to tba amount of leu thousand dollars, Mr. Wilson served tha town several terms as supervisor, lielng alected by tha democrats until the last town maatlng, whan ha waa elected by the repub » The (laughter of itrl. Hayatof Raymond- villa, mat with a dreadful accident hurt, week, from which It Is feared she may loss bar Ufa. Tha day being warm, bar mother want In bathii tha young lady and ting under the flume; n boy went on tha flume, which was old^and e t%«*t*•••< Ma Lata Mra. J*ldlew. Tha bWkvllle Daily Ttmasof Art. 1Mb, saysconcarnlag a former resldant ofOouv- Death TamoVed from cmf midst early Ulu^w. who dle<lsur years ago. Mrs, Laid- law, had tha lived untft tha Ath Inst., woukt havs eicaaded by four years tha allotted tann of Ufa, baing In bar 71th yaar. Since bar rotten, his weight and his trying to displace a board upon which ha wanted to float caused tha timbers of the old flume to settle down, inning Miss Nulty down, with her face ried In tha sawdust, until tha timber had lo ba chopped loose to extricate her. Three of bar ribs wara broken, her spine hurt and internal injuria* received. Her mother also sustatnad severe injury. Miss Nulty had but recently returned from the west, where the had been attending school, to spend her vaca- tion with bar mother. South Pterpont experienced a great sensa- tion recently and a correspondent tells about It as follows [ A great panic was scarcely a varied upon our streets throthar day, when •mast Bancroft, of Cham plain, arrived on his bicycle to vhut bit mothor and sister. He mada tha entire distance of 110 miles In less than two days. His la tha first bicycle aver •sen hara ana whan tha natives observed him climbing thasa stony-crestad hills and shoot- ing, phantom Ilka through tba valleys, tha greatest consternation prevailed. Old sol* diers took down their muskets that had lain In tha dusty attic since tha vrar, and wiping laa cobwebs from their glasses, rushed madly In pursuit ofTtha flyina^whaalman, firmly be- lieving It to M Holm Smith and soma of his recent pension dacistons. Others, mora philo- sophical, thought it might be Governor Waits, of Colorado, on his way t o Buasard's Bay, and a little strayedlrom his course, but SJTDO blood conld ba found on his shield, this Idea waa soon exploded. Coming as he did in tha, midst of ja great democratic panic when people are trarythiog except prosper- ity, he was fortunate indeed to escape mar- tyrdom. After their first fright had sub- skied, tha veterans, with characteristic civil- ity, listened to explanations and after proper apologies, raturnad to tha peaceful pursuits oflifaV . w FRANKLIN COUNTY. Itta« ,\>* Onaaphmai of ^fongnl af* beard front all par*, of lha oouotry, »wjny plaoss reporting no showara of any account for lh# paal twa monlaa, Ooaveraaar has had plenty of rain ail sasamsr and daring tha past fortnight tha hara liaan rather mora uUtnaroue aaalrabss. , r. sMtaar Fnllar, of Ogdan, tflah, W via hsjaUer, Mra. U M. Spencer, and r+ af aoquaintaaos wSh his old lima ^e assisted Rav Jamas F. Brodla In aha Services a| lha Presbyterian church laanday moralng, and preached In iha Math> odUslmrehmiaojay evaaiag. Horn, and Mra. V P Almoll and ion Worth ' aatnrnssj Saturday avanlng from lha World's 'I Ifhlr. Worth had not been feeling well for a r ^ few days, and tha night of their return ha ; y ssifltahansamnch worsa thai a physician f J/wif sammoniil 11 waa found thai ha waa ^VaomlagaVrwa with scarlet fever. Mra. Mslrsjarat A. Hoard, widow of tha lata Mr. U*H* D. noasd, of Ogdenaburg. waa paid §0,000 a faw daygamca by lha Mu tnai BSSSSTS Fund Ufa AssocUUon of Naw YWk In wh»h company Mr. Hoard held a 110,000 policy, Tha wtdow % was pakl IftOO within a faw days aflar asr^stand's death Pvuf. J. 0. Buna has returned from his ancnalon trip and wlU devoi 1 his attenUon so having avarylhing In ordar lor tha opening af tha fail term of mbornV Tha professor's eeotaer will arrive hara Ihb waak sfcd thay wUl a^um thair home on Rock IsUalMlraal Is) lha house formerly Decupled bf Prof hoabanda death aha had baan a n Invalid ra- oaivlnc tender nursing from her daunhters with whom aha mada bar homa. For tha last two yaara of bar Ufa aha suffered greatly With rhaumatiam and n complication of dls- aassa, but always bora tha pain without any complain! and quietly passed lo rest at fl o'clock yesterday morning surrounded by sorrowing chlslran and kind friends who have lha phrasing assurance of knowing that her aairlt Mnunibarad with lha redeemed. Tbelipsassrlwaa born In Ox Bow, St. I^aW- ranee county, X Y t bar mai^sn nanie balng Man Agaes KllioU. iha ssapnd daugbtar p| a family of three children. At an early aga aha married Mr. Laidla* and tha young couple removed to Oouvtroeur, N. Y., where they rssldid fo/a period of thirty yaara. AXlarwards thay settled on a faym near Malsland and have lived In this vicinity aver since. 0 Of a family of ulna chikireo, ssven survive, vU.: Mra. Faiohnev, Brock villa; Mra. Penaock and Mrs, l^na, XngusU; Mra. MilS OonvarBatsa, H. Y.I ^Mr. VrHf w « Popa\MUb,N. Y ; and the MheWUldlaw of this town. Mrs. Laidlaw waa a communl cant of tha Presbyterian church for flfly-three nd possesssd many excellent uualHlas, i favorlta with sfl who had tha plsasr ara of her acquaintance. Tha funeral takes place to-morrow at 10 o'clock from bar lata restdsnoc, Jamas straat, to tha Augusta cam ' '* Net lee to tsachev^ *-*~- ragumtlona lit effect rw^lamlier A tramp Is seryin* « ^«»* motHhs* santenoa In the Franklin county Jail for threatening bodily harm to a man who ordered him to leave his premises. , Robert, tha asvtll-Yemr-old son of W. C. Skinner, who, with his parents is at Maacham, is probably tha happiest and dronojsat boy in tha Adlroudacks, having on Tuesday, tha first day or tha open season, brought down a namisome deer with his own rifle, alooe and unaided. Tha young sporte- man hi now. receiving tha congratulations of frlamls on Jbls success.—Malone Uaasttc. 1 ffc\naW 1st give two da>s t e the escond | Inatloo. Thay also do away with bar examinatlona. The tUtea au m . iJch position, Orajnmar, Physlblogy c« / f » Tha r. F. S. 0. H of the M. 1*^ church hava asanrad tha Rock Baml Ckatcart Co. which ara spending lha snmmar In tha A<1 Irondacks, to give one of their musical sn tartaiamants In Unkai Hall In tha near future. This cntnpany has a work! wide refHitatmn of Iteing «ma of tha finest mneiral comtmnlas avar before an sadleaoe, . v Next Sunday tba pulpit of thd Presbysarian church will ba oconpiedby Rav. Dr. Rlijah Norr.of nwaton, Mass. Raw. Dr. If orr was f««Tnerly from (Wthaga, N. Y, and back In tha Ws Whan ^lonvarnaur Seminary Waa lha leading school of Northern Naw Vork ha was one of lU studenax. He hi a Coagrega thsjudlal, ami occupies an eminent poaitlou In his ejenomiaatiou and stale. ' (lothas Una thfsifss ara a species of de pravail humanity with which many oianmnn- itisa ara more car lew afflicted, but one or more of tha specimens of that class which Infsats thai phsne haa adileil the stealing of deor mats ami hammocks t o his <lepredatloue In that Una. A person who will commit petty larceny for the sake of balng able to wlna tha duet from hsj ahoas before entering hie house sausa peace a higher value upon his amies than upon his character. Tha milting down of lha lima of tha a**- Hon hands and laliorers employed by the It W. 4k O, railroad from ten hours a day to nlna hours and tha cooeequen^ reduction of wages from tllOtoW cents a <kxy has the subject fur conahtevahle talk akmg tha Htm. Now there Is a rumor that another Is t o be dropped off, cutting down tha and wages again. Tha railroad now employs nearly one thousand men that come tha above description, ami If thay hava rh enough for all ami prefer to give turn eight hours work rather than ilhwhaigi two hundred of tham ami give the ten hoars work thay are evkleutly course which thay consider tha hiaiflrlnl lo all otsanarnad, grade exam- ine Novem ami places for examination ara as follows: feoood Qrada. Flna. Sept. 1st ami fcl. Daialb Junction, OcT«Hh ami 7th. L> PwOORAM Or UXAMINATIOiraV First day, A «.- Civil Government, Draw- r! M,-Amarioan History, Currant Topics, Methods and School Economy. •acond way, a. n.-Arithmetic, (laography, Orihoawphy. r.M-Composition, KiaminatK** forlthlnl grnds psrilflcalas wUI ba hakl as folloWsi ^„ ^ , Flna, Saptamiier ' *t, Destalb Junotiou, October 7th. For tha first tblnl grade certi- ficate tha stamHngs remain tha same, 00 per cant, for tha second third grade 05 i*r cent wlllba raqnlrad. mtKiMki o* turnti omAtm. . * A. If.—Arithmetic, Ueography, t>rihog f r •'.-Composition. Oram mar, Itiyslology an4 Hyglana, Reading. v yanroiuaT Urtgaia. In addition to tha thraa grades of csrU fi- calas, tha State Superintendent,of Public Instructkm will. In his discretion, issue tarn purary licenses for a lima not exceeding six weeks, but only In cases in which public con- venience abaolutaly requires It, and then only upon tha rwxjmu&eudatlou of tha school commissioner having Jurisdiction. No temporary license will ba granted un- less satisfactory evidence Is furnished that tha candidate b qualified, and sufficient rea- sona ara given why tha candidate Is not tha bolder of a regular certificate B. MACKIT, School-Com. \•# Tha following flam comes from Malone: Edward Hackett, a farmer, came luto town and drank to excess. While intoxicated 1400 waa stolen from him. Tha thie/ proved tb ha Bdward Kennedy, a young barber, lis committed the robbery . while shaving Hackett. Ha confessed the crime, giving as a reason for It that a short time ago he was fotced to marry a wife ha did not want, and, that, being defected in crime, he would lie •eat to prison, In that way getting rUl of his wife. JEFFERSON COUNTY/, Dr. Chas. Parkeh has bean appointed post- master at Three Mtte Bay, Mrs. PhlUp Flath, residing w(Ui her bos- band In Squire Huntington^ bouse near the depot, at Theresa, committed suicide on Sat- urday, by taking parts green. She had been 111 for soma time, and It is supposed that she took tha fatal does while temporarily de- ranged. Her husband is a section hand on the railroad. They have no children'. . George Otis, Jr., of Pamelia, was in Water- town laat Saturday evening and was taken with a faifltlug spell on the street After- wards he went to tha American HOUDC and tailing tha clerk be was 1)1, asked for a room. The clerk stimtnoned the proprietor and they assisted the man to a room, lie soon rfrew unconscious and tha Jiotel people sent for a physician and triad to revive him but he died In a few minutes, before the physician arrived. Ha was subject lo heart disoase, but had apparently been in as good health as usual up to within au hour of nis death. ftrowned In the 8t, tiawrcn^a. A distressing drowning accident wcurred hi the main channel about iWft feet from the Fine View 4ook at 4100 r. If. Sunday, Will}* Miles, of llartwelk a suburb of Cincinnati, O., was sailing in a skiff wh«m the Canadian lake ateamef North King, bound for Charlotte, came op the river. He wus deaf, ami it Is supposed that he did not hear the danger signals blown on the steamers whistle. The wind was blowing in puffs and he may have miscalculated her speed. At any rkte he sailed directly across the liner's bow a Just before the -skiff was struck ha lumped into the water and disap- red. The steamer went on a couplo-of The only danjage' t o ireaking of the mast. Miles was ljtf yaara old ami unmarried. He had been at Thousand Island rerk sine* Aug. I. stopping with his mother and sitter at the cottage of his aunt, Mrs. Decamp, on the corner or Home and Oak avenues. He was associated In business w!th his brother, Frank, manufacturing emery wheals and bicycles. He was ragarded as a? young man of estima- ble character, and his death was a sad blow to the family at tha park. The ^ody has not been recovered. BENMlfcASB FALL*. i- RcirmLASft FALL*, An*. 21, 1*10. The sad news reached us last Monday afternoon ol tha death of Daniel Powell, jr , of Orinnell, Iowa. Mr. Powell was formally a resident of this place. His young and happy life and boyhood days were mostly spent near this village where his parents re- side. Ho was the oldest of the family of ?ine children of Daniel and Elixa Powell. le waa bom in the town of Hcrmon 40 yean* ago the 35th of January last.. After hi* common school education at this plaoe be attended the academy at Canton and left a brilliant record at that place. He wa« a teacher for a number of years in Surroun lh districts near this place and was alway** w« liked as ha was a kind and- gentlemanly young man making for himself a h«*t of friends wherever he went, la let4 he went to California and became en|aged in the mercantile business ami was pfnperod, and after remaining there nine year* cauie to Iowa ami again resumed the mercantile busi- ness and built up a large store. 2 He married Miss Ella Smith, of Canton, and thev have made their homa a t OrinneH since. He was highly respected by all who knew him at that place. He was taken sick last Mav and grew gradually worse until his death ouo week ago. Ha bad the beat of medical treat- ment from Iowa and Chicago but the disease was of such a nature that there was no help. His father visited him three weeks befoTe his death and spent over two weeks with him; he seemed resigned to his fate awl*bore up with strong nerve. He leaves a wife, a father and mother, four brothers and four sistdrs to mourn as only so united a family can mourn. The sympathy of all is extended to his wife and his parents. _ ... _ 1 KDWAEDI. EDWARDS, Aug. 31, TB9S. Dr. Taylor and Ellsworth Carter returned Saturday night from Chicago, where they have been* the peat ten days taking in the sights of the WorkTs Fair. K. A. Barrett and wife, of Norwood, are in town canvassing tbe place for a needle for doing fancy work, also Taney work <and pat- >fpet lt| on Is beinf circulated along the route t o have the mails carried ou the II. II., thereby giving us our New York mails one day ahead of ihe present arrangaments. While passing through tha garden of C. K. • Raymond a few days ago our attention was called to a new variety of sweet corn, the stalks of which by actual measurement were ten feet high and over. Who can beat that! Auction sale of N. A. Vanornum at his store on Main street is in full blast this weak. Good bargains are being had. The store Is packed with people every evening. The sale will continue until all the goods are sold. _,_,... %r Mrs. Fred Beach and children ara spending a week In Fine visiting friends. Miss Mary Winslow Is spending a .week rusticating at Trout L*ke. Jibe is stopping with Mrs/Henry Webb at her cottage. The Ladies' Mite Society of the M. E. church will meet with Mrs, Gideon I* Free- man August »kh. Hopper will be served in tbe Grove. , \ Sanford Kellsey and wife, of Harmon, and Mr. Wltharell, of Nebraska, were calling on friends in town last week. Judge G. S. Conger, of Gottvermmr, spent last Sunday in town. ^ _ m . % W. II. RaymouU and son Tracy, of Rich- vllle, are ia town!calling %>u friends. QUARRY NOTES. About thirty of the little friends of Miss Mamie Canfield tendered her a surprise Frl- j day, the occasion being bar fifth birthday. The presents were numerous and beautiful j and tha little folks enjoyed themselves in every sense of the word. , ._ ' Thursday tbe railroad company distributed the ties for the construction of a parallel line of track extending from tha Natural Dam branch to the Gardner pulp M1H. This is a much needed improvement as it will allow them to do their shifting without interfering with tha mam line, • John Rivers new dwelling on Prospect street Is well under way and he hopes to have it completed in three weeks. Amos Yanoer and family returned Wednes- day from Canada where they spent a weak visiting relatives and friends. .,,_•• \Deacon' 1 Wood, who had tha misfortune about two weeks ago to get two of the toes of his right foot broken while assisting in the work of loading gangs at tha M Gouverneur\ is again able to resume work. Onastar Allan U the naw tWfT In the Oouvemeur mill, taking^oe place of Alvin Phelps resigned. - , John Mashaw Is the new teamster at the ^T^Tifetcalf. of Oswago, Isthe guest of his sister, Mrs, S. H. Davidson *P«I '*m|ly, BUftSKLt RUMKIA, It. Y., Aug. 21, 1*8. ; Flower stopped In town twice last on a trip to Cranberry Lake, and was tically received by our oiUwns, of jrties. The Governor is evidently a favorite of tha people in Northern New and he has made himself deservedly so many nets of kindness and charity to y objects. _ , . A open season for deer has caused a great of hunters to the woods but so far report very poor success although trout remains good. _ i u Pelton, of High Falls, with his brother attended service at the M. E. church yesterday. Mr. Pelton was a former nupor- Intendent of the S. S. and is greatly mlased by l>oth teachers and fecholanr. R. A. Guyjrtt has made anenrngement for the remainder of the season In the cheese factory of Mr. Coon at Plerpont. , Willis Gibbons and son Fred, who were id the woods guiding Dr. A<lami were sunv monad home Friday on account of th© serious illness of Mrs. Gibbons and-daughter Mary. H. S. Derby is at borne from Tuppei 1 *ke. FINW. • • * ___ OawKOATcniE, Aug. 1&, 1SHS. Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Marsh ara on the sick *Mrs. Ocorgo Goodleon. who has !>een ill with typhoid fever, is able to be out nga,i\. Messrs. Howard Conroy, Walter Tldd, and Marrow wi SSMSk W >~k >+*/ MACOMB, route from here to Heuvelton and return and gives tbe best of satisfaction. v Fred Sterling, our aocommo<iatlng posl- tnahter and general mercliant. is always on hand for duty and soils .good goods cheap. Call iu and see him. Ix»e Fishback and wife are jubilant over their first boy. Weight, 104 lbs; born Aug. 17th. The Cold Spring factory, E \•proprietor and inaker, it meet in; Lent of KticcetM this year, nq come A. llurtt g with the eoacks and [best price. . Youngs them a Mary wish MAC<IX$, Atlg. HI, 1808. A. B. Marsalas, of Goutarneur, visited friends In town Mondsy. ^ - - , ,. —e r thos. Hammer <?<\ lt { Due ?_V > _ , ! ,ln _^T # ^ ita ?? 1 tnat Sibera is an asylum for moral imbeciles. Five per ce«t of tbe exiles are political of- fenders, who tried to secure the triuiniji of their political principles by throwing dyna- mite bombs, by undermining railroad*, by murdering governors and generals, by de- molishing public buildings, by assa»«inatiug traitors to ••the cause.\ The other ninety- five are common criminals, who have l>ecn guilty of murder, rape, burglary, robbery and atrocious cruelty. In any other country these criminals would have been hanged or executed. In Russia the law forbids capital punishment except in cases of political of- fetiHfrs of the gravest character. The Rus- sian peasant is a type of a very low order of humanity. He throttles his wife, lynche* a suspected thief, buries old women as witches, beats a Jew to death with a wagon spoke, exhibits all the traits of tiarbarous brutality which marked the amient Muscovite. He is incapable of learning obedience to law. When, at the instigation of Ignatleff, in 18H), the last Jew halting raid broke out the gov- ernment was compelled to shoot down or exile ten thousand rioters before the raid was checked. Trantiferred to Siberia these savage law breakers are controlled by force and cruelty. If a thousand of, them were confined in one of our penitentiaries they would break out in revolt, would lose a cer- tain portion of their numlier in the fight and the rest would massacre the keepers and their families with unheard of brutality. Accord- ing to Russian theory it is only fiossible to keep them In subjection by methods as sav- RmiUng Morris- always commanding the higu Arthur Itartlett and Miss were married last week. AU pleasant journey. Mr. and Mrs. IiSvi Hftchmah are over the advent of a bouncing girl. Isaac Heardsiee vinited frlemitt in town to-day. Oh! The roads are horrid to flouveraeur. Will Armor, our flrnt class blacksmith, is doing an extent!vo business and gives the best of satisfaction, lioth on work and prices. Joe Sterling has returned from Cranberry and reports having had the pleasure of meet- ing Gov. Flower and Chief Pond, game pro- tector; George Conger, of Roesie. was also with him. Deer there are quite plenty. whenj 1 trhjj DKFKYSTKIl* \ -^ DsrETBTiR, Aug. 30 f \m Harvesting is the order of the day, It don't rain. . A number of our tewnspeople took a tri up tbe river to-day. . . „ Work has been commenced In the M. E. church, which bids fair to be greatly im- proving to tbe interior of the edifice. Miss Lucy Conklin went to Maasena Springs last week. Miss Anna Bell spent last week with friends in Potsdam. _ Mrs. Wallace Wilson, of Kew York and Mrs. J. Wilson, of Macomb, spent Sunday wfth friends in town. The Honey social given by tha young peo- ple of the Congrega|ional church last week, was well attended aiid enjoyed by all |>resent. Mrs. Huntington, of Ogdensburg, who has been wending a few days with f 1 lands in town, has returned to her home. A. R. Thornton aod Fred Petrle went to •'the woods\ on a berrying expedition last week Mrs. Goo. Hilt and children are visiting friends In town at present. Miss Lela Day, of Rochester, is visiting at Jaims Hodge's. Rev. W. II. Way and wife hava returned from their vacation. exc Tha Tmth About alberta. Tha Russian Government a side of the Siberia story has lust been presented with soma force by a German—Max Behrmac— who tersely sums up tbe case in th phrase as themselves, lions more people than the United States ageas The empire of Russia contains man/ mil WEOATCHIE. WfjOATcmn, Aujg. 21,1«W. Mrs. 6. A'. Farther visited friends at Hailes- boro last'Sunday. J. O.' Reed is offering great inducements as usual in the mercantile business; drop in and see to make certain. Harvesting is well uuder war and thrash- ers have commenced work. Tlie Greenfield boys threshed for Mr. Kennedy Storie last week and the grain was as good as expected for tbe season. Mr. Buckley Is making preparations for a harvest dance at the Riverside House Thurs- day. Aug. iMth. Willie Htorie If recorerlMr from typhoid fever and his twin brother Walter has come down with the same disease. TAIXVILLH. TALCVILLB, Aug. 22,1803. School commenced Monday with Miss Delia Cole teacher. Quite a number of our people attended the cursion to the Thousand Islands; they report a good time. Mrs. Henry Thompson Is slowly recovering. Dur merchant H. H. Ryan is doing a rushing business, Among tha guests that visited at Mrs. Elbert Corey's last Monday were Mr, and Mrs. Barrett and Miss Oaks, of Norwood, Mr. and Mrs. George Rosback and son Floyd, of Hermon, Miss Emma Cary, of Gouverneur, Miss Carrie Ormlnston, of Roasie.and Ger- trude Cousins and Lillian Dulack, of Edwards. \ Mascot's Last Race. . It is announced that the racing days of tho great pacer Mascot are probably over. In the fraa for all at the Buffalo meeting he appeared to be ailing, and at Port Wayne, Saturday, he was drawn after tha fourth heat,' W. J. Andrews, his driver, discovering that the gelding was totally unfit to finish. An examination by a thoroughly competent Veterinary surgeon made plain the fact that Mascot had foundered, and tbe intelligence was telegraphed * Saturday night to bis owner, W. P. Taylor of Buffalo. It is sel- dom that a horse ever recovers from this ail- ment if it ia an aggravated form, and it is feared that Mascot has gone hit last race. Mascot is a fine looking, medium sited bay S iding, foaled In 18& Ha was bred by ichael Kenna of Wilna, Jefferson county, who lived ten or twelve miles from Copen- hagen, Lewis county, where Mascot's sire, Deceive, was finally owned. Mascot was •oil as a colt to H. C. Thompson of West Carthage, and by hiin to W. P. Taylor of Buffalo, by whom he Is still owned. Some solid silver tableware is now whole- saling as low as 11.00 per ounce, and there are manufacturers of silver who expect, as an outcome of the present silver situation, that forks and spoons and other simple uten- sils will yet seU at a much lower rate. Some prophesy that plated ware in small articles wilfvgive place to starling in tha homes of persons moderately we)l tp do. a&4 that with cheapening of stiver will oome a much *J of Ufa metal in tha arte. This, of couive, w the view of those who hope and ex j, *' Hat the financial world will come Of these people the great bulk are ignorant, and little effort is being made to educate them. Only two per cent of tbe aggregate population are at school, and of the recruits for the army only 20 per cent can read or write. It is easy to conceive what must be- come of a passionate, lawless race when it is allowed to ripen in such ignorance. Si- bera seems to be the only alternative to a Draconian code. It is a place of infamy, of course, but is U not in a measure a necessity I There are in Siliaria all told about 4,HOO T - 000 people, original settlers, convicts aud their descendants. There are no statistics to show how those several classes compare in numbers, but the annual supply of convicts appears to bo at present about 12,000. From the fact that the death rate is only 19 par cent, and the birth rate 38, it may be In- ferred that the country is healthy, and that the jailers, brutal as they are. do not depop- ulate the jails. The country is said to be full of natural resources, but tha inhabitants have done little or nothing t o develope them. Under parallel conditions the convicts of Botany llay and Tasmania developed a coun- try which attained a high degree of pros- perity. Tha Russian convicts seem content with leading a life little above that of ani- mals. Now and then a man of culture, and high attributes ia carried away by his pas- sions or by political theories and is sentenced to a Siberian prison. Those who see him herding with brutes and exposed to the lash qf a brutal sergeant deplore his sad fate. It is deplorable Indeed. But tbe remedy for Siberian wrongs must l>e applied at tbe other end. The chief fault lies not in the province of Tobolsk or Irkutsk, but in the rural population of European Russia.—r^an Francisco Call. FOWWt* FOWIJT.K, July 21,1808. On Wednesday, the 16th, a few neighbors gathered at the residence of R. B. Hutchlns to witness the marriage of Win. L. Jenne and Ethel M. Koowlton. The bride is for- merly from Kents Hill, Me., and Is a gradu- ate from the coileco at that place. Mr. Jenne is familiarly known among social and religious circles of this place and many friends join in the congratulations. On Fri<lay evening we were favored with a musical entertainment by local talent at the church with some choice recitations be- tween the wnigs. The people showed their appreciation by contributing f 11 toward pay- ing for a church earjxd. Mrs. K. H. Knowlton, one of the managers of the State Industrial School for girls at ]^ancaKti*r, Mass., is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Win. Jenne. Ueuvernear marttet< We/lnesdav. August ?*. f*tt Nora.—fhbj tearket Is for wholesale prices paid by dealers, except for feed for which retail prices are given. BUTTBB.—New mflch butter l8Q!9o. BsASS-BeetHaudiacked tt.uo «j bu. D*juMEi> MXATB -Pork *Q>tfo.; fieef 5gTb. | Eoo«v-Market f1utk; oioe fresh ens 18c. Fsso—We quote core s*d eats |1» f 100 lbs, |$fl V ton; Braa, II 05 a? lOOma* $19 V toa; Bran, |l 10 p»r 100, f»O0 per ton; aiiddhnaa, 11.15 tt 100 lbs., t** V ton; dorn meal, oabolted, 11 16 s) 100 lbe.. f*3 Vtoo; OU na«*.l, fl 75 fj 100 lbs., $80 V too; wheat screeehias fi.h y 100 frm, tUv.-Baled hay retails for eOc. • 100 las; $14 W ton. Baled straw retails for 40c. V HO. HIDES.-Trimmed «e*V%c Sbeepsklos ;&cf# UOV«Y.--10Q1SUC. per lb. LARD.'—Ho rue rendered, lie. a) lb. OATS. -Retail 48c.; 8 C40c paid to fermera VIAL- HweM milk vesl»<V06u ;•>*>.: sour milk veals 4Q5o. */ lb. POULTSV.^Obiokans, live 7©8<s., dressed 100 lac. BSTAIL MAWTtT. ClBSAOB.*-86}10c per brad. Osiovs.—Ooions. V bunch, ftc. MArut gcoAB. -Sugar SftlOo BfrupTSc. New PoTATOBfi.—TOu. per bushel. BI.CCH*B*!BS. — 10c. pei quart. COBS — IOC. per dozen. LATE DAIRY MARKETS. J-#« '.& A Matter of HeaW .31\^ ** Watertowa Produce Eschansre. WATSBTOWB, AUK. If, 11 Board ftsturaav Sales at the Waesrtown as follows: Le/s. 1 colored... . 1 . - 18 white. 44 \ . 11 lag on colled, lug on white.. Box**. 145.. 100 . 1,000.. 8,080.. 800 . MM Prtoi. ac M above ruliag. gfc .......... ... CT^V p.t. St sno These prices as compared with these of a week ago show a good gala of one-eighth of a cent per pound. the 81,11 board to-day city than i n any other densest parts contain th* wider u lope ill 0 itiM ct.ide by a single gold standard. to * A Connecticut felt hat mariufacturer, who Vnipl-. * iW> hands, *vas forced td reduce alaffdrs. A. I). Fie and He tdid to a ing at ad lengths and sitopped, t|# skiff was tha habrei Far Clteeee and Butler Makers. Frad O. Hchraub, of UwvllU, State 00m iiisssiinir of agriculture, has iasuad iha fol lowing sufjsatlons lo cheese and miliar makers who contemplate making sxhlbit* In CThlcago> during lha months of September Oraat care ahonVI ha used tn airsmgiog the Issmlaga at both ends of the cheese, so that It wlU agland over tha edga about one inch. Tha chaeas should ba turned over In tha hoop and pressed el lease Mg hours longer than b the usual practice, Tha press ring if any Is oasd, should be vary carefully ajfrangsd on tha chease tolvold a ring being pressed up between It sjHlthw side oTlhe hoop. Sy tak- ing a lilsia extra pains at that time ft will save from one lo thraa points on tha soore of flnkux When kiWshlppsd. use a plam strong box; select one that haa a light fitting cover, and drive no nails or tacks In tha cover to ho«lltott, t Put tha label on tha outside of the box with pasta lastead of using nails, Tha nalia baiag driven through the.Box, cut bandage ae 11 W taken V tha •Manures lha appsarancafof the much and U sure tecosithae] which one or and la aura to 00* potato whan t* k ranaway and seiiaakvlip lively on ftw k Island straat Halurtlay avan- lng al about * HO o'clock. A team driven by» Thua, Hlchardeon banaina frightened front Bumsihfcng wrong abtajt the hamesa, and inn away. Mr. Hftohard*<»ji was thrown out and the team turned f nan Main straat to Hock lasstul, That* ran idto a tree at A. CorbinNi |daaa and frded thataaelvea from tbe^oggy Near tha reeklenoe of Mrs. Ftka thay ran lato a rig drsvea by a ytatng man by tha name of Feirtmaks who kuut a young lady out rtsjusg. Both wara thrown fnan the nuggy nasi ka an Inalant the buggy waa smashed trl hindltaan, one of Richardson's aorsea was an. tn It and the other two horses hail la tha darkness. Tha young lady received severe bruises and soma cuts about tha faea and lha young man also waa hart. Tha aeighborhood waa by tha enttnno^ftott, and tha runaway broaghl back, one fi me f ran Hock It aria a vary narrow escape for way *.J sandy the rules sx>venlna; the di/Tarent sjad isake a wall pronorflonad cl elsjav Class t, cheddar. should 11x15 exhibitor Carefully {he Fair lo Oeod glyle for 8330. Tha K. W. it (>. World's Fair excursion Aug. wth |a the cheapest and only systemat- Wr'afraigad exdurslon yet advertised to be run. .This trip can ha toade in a conv, fortehla manner, as follows: Railroad fare $18.00; 6 days Dfaurd, |^om and two meals per day at $1.80 tier day, fo.00; meals or lum^h im route, 4 meals, at > centa, $5aiMi; 6 mid ilay meals on Fair (Irounds, W> cents each, $8.00; Oadmanipns t4 the Fair at Ml cents each, $8.00 making a total of $35.00. The ex curajonlsta will ba located near the Fair Grounds, and will not hava to hire convey- ances to go t o and from tha Fair. This sum may pe still further reduced by going to cheaper hotels or'hoarding houses. food In each biohsa, 10t<sl6 Inches or Uxl5 W inches, Tha otMr OBBseas must ha measured and weighed to ha sure that a Ana cheese will not ba _ out beoauee It does not eomply with tha rulaa, tlaa a heavy cotton cap cloth. U> etaad of a thin muslin one, as it makes a baV tsr rind and pravanH any dlscclormg by the cheese standing on a shaft, that haa been In uwsforalofaxllma. If tie cheese shows a dUsxdoring. If not mora than MO of an Inch from the surface, caused by a thin cap and an old shelf, H will coat one point on soore finish. lieave lha cap cloth on cheese whan it ai sent t o Oiicngo. Tha package particu- larly tha butter, should ha wrapped In oar- laps or caa>ae before shipping. > CBABTg xfllutJa. CaAmTs Mitxa, Aug. Si, 180B. Iflas Dr. Church, who hi home for a few weeks' visit has baan at Rlchvilie for several Mre^Wlfltem BroWn and ihi^ sorts, Carl Harold, and baby, hava raturnad home. . Mr. Knaasll Rbnar Is going lo Chicago to attend tha fair. Ha starts soma time Tha nvwj panic daaa not sfTect this sec- tion aa yet tery seriously.. board, In homes, $l.$p per day. v_ There Is no hotel echeme about this a^tmir- aion. If you do not like tha hotels or boaruV Ing bouses we select for you, you can make your own selection, and will have ample time, Sunday, to be comfortably located, as tha train arrives in Chicago at 11:20 A. * There ara upwards of 9H,000 hotels and boarding houses in Chicago, for tha accom- modation of Worlds Fair visitors. Two special tourist agents will accompany the excursion through to Chicago, ana ren- der all assistance t o passengers. Prof. Root. Simpson, Jr., of Fulton, Oswego ooUnty, will also accompany tha excursion as tourist agent, In charge of the party. He is famil- iar with lha city of CMoago. and will sea that tha paopia ara comfortably located In the hotels or boarding houses. I Adles without escorts ara assured of polite and careful attention on tha train, and dur- ing tha stay tn Chicago. A sjreat many per- sons will take this excursion who have been deterred from visiting tha Oreat White tf ty fearing the expense, and tha dlftVulty of ob- taining accommodations. The train leaves tbAlma of R. W. 6 U. H. H. Saturday after- noon and evening, Aug. sxHhi arrives Chi- cago, via Michlcan Central R. R. t 11:90 A. *., •topping at 00th straat. Worlds Fair Grounds also MWway Fkxlsance station; 58d street, tha canter of tha World's Fair hotel district, and 19th street. ; For tickets and lnformatioa and Htattratbd circular, apply to nearest R. W. A O. deriot ticket agent, or correspond with Tbeo. Bilt- terfleld, General Psasenger Agent, Syracuse, N. Y. t 1 i . 1 »I I —• I m • • 11 • -~ / C. C« Cunnlnffligro, r^iotoftrfipher, ia giving ihe beat of aaUgfactiou with bis naw enamel ftnlah, which give* the highfjai polish of any known pro- of**, and it made only by Cunning- ham. All work gujsranteed. 23wl Harvey Marrow, and Misses Ma ami Anna Newman ..... Mrs. Myron Beamus, spent a portion of last week in the •• big wooda\ They report a good time and plenty of fish. Mr. Ueorge FarUowa new house is nearly completed} he expects to inove^lnto \t tl|c Ustpf next week. . ' *- Mr. Charles Colby and aon Emerson Are enjoying a few days in the woods. Rumors are afloat that we are to have a Good Templars Ixxlge in the near future. Miss Iiena Marsh, who has been ill with ty- phoid fever, is on the gain. Mrs. A. D. Fie has engaged Mary Marrow to assist her iu dressmaking and millinery. Mr. John Irvin has put a now pUmp in his aaw mill and bas purchased hose enough to tfjrow water over any house j n the village, and we are now well protected agalnct Are. HKUYI*T/rON. * ..', IIEUVEITTOW, Aug. 21, 1898. Mrs. W. IV Hutchinson and daughter Avis, visited friends in Dekalb last week. Mrs. (1. A. Tann and little daughter Kdna, spent a portion of last week w ith friends in Hermon. Mr. J . Snyder and S* Banford returned from a three weeks 1 sojourn in camp at Slack I^ake Monday. Many of our villagers made them pleasant calls and enjoyed their g0 j* MlUard and I amjly art guests at Dr E. W Setree's. , Mr. Alox.Mayne, of Penfl., 18 visiting his numerous relatives aod friends here. Miss Myra Mayne spent last week with friends in Ogdensburg. , Mrs. Aleck Smithem and Miss Vloja have returned from their outing at Star I*ke. I*rof. Royce is in town. Miss Lena Banford Is visiting her sister, Mrs. Dan McLellan, of Tuppor Lake, Frank- W\ Co - ... . , , Mrs. Margaret Olffin li visiting her sister, Jennie Klilot . - . ' I I 1 II . •• Ml I I imAaiiru. ,\ • '-,- FUKT*8 CORNERft, Aug. 21, 1HS8. Miss Josephine LeVair and brother Thomas, who have been spending the sum- nier at Masaena, are making their parents a visit. Mrs. Daniel Daly, of the Bush, was the g uest of her father, Chas. McCarthy, on unday. -•-,-„. Mrs. Jamas McCuin is seriously ill. Henry Oremo, of Chicago, formerly of this place who has been absent the past seven years, has spent the past twp weeks at his uncle's, Henry McCuin*. He has been repairing iha bam on hie mother's farm. Uulte a number from this plaoe have beep attending camp meeting, at Brushton the past week, while others attended the picnic at North Lawrence on Saturday. Wedding bells will soon ha rung. n0<u*sm?R0. HOOAHSBURO, Aug. 21, 1*63. Enos Montroas and family went on U>e ex- cursion t o Tupper Lake Tuaaday. Miss Aggie Deetfen was the guest of Tim- othy Sullivan tha past week. Jaj Sullivan toaV in the picnic at Brasher Falls and reports a good time. Miss Alice Sheene and Miss B. E. Burns visited friends at Bombay tba past week. John Word and Miss Haggle Scully were down the river Sunday. Peter Durant and Miss Victoria Blair were married at Bombay on Saturday. Charles Covanaugh got badly hurt by be- ing hit on the bead by an Indian with a bot- tle Friday avanlng. . There ia a young aon at J. O, Bero's. w«; s c. .Oiierceut. last weekl reiK«iter 1 \Tho factory is really runnin a loss. I am selling uothing and have a des- perate struggle to borrow money for the monthly payrolls. . 1 secretly hoped the em- ployes would strike against the reduction. I should be letter nit if I could close the factory. But they accepted the reduction and 1 shall go on at a lot*.\ .Nothing could better Illustrate the present situation of many manufacturers tlm!i \h\p ippld>qt, Cvclonfc lnnir\prfr«v J. V. 0AKYR, t Union Hall Mttsla Store will be open again next u/eek. 23w I Fott BALK.—A flno lot on Prospect Hill. Enquire of QoOger & Orvis. 3 The Horseman atpi the FR1CK PRKSB, both for tho price p| THe Horseman, $4 a year, . A GOOD ttfVESTMKTrr.— do tb Hilton A: Uary'g and save $ pef cent by buy- ing goods for cash., t ; ^ 22 Cash prices will prevail for coal and our dealers announce tfial cash must be paid on delivery thia> Season, lw GrehcllHousdto rent,.- Possession ive Sept. 1st, Inquire by addressing red J. Bolton, upuverneur, postoffice box 287. »aw? Mr. Frank Coffin, of the 8ylva Lake House, has arranged for a trout dinner on Sundav next and invites all lovers of good Mings to be on hand. An auction of household goods will be held at the residence of Mrs. Prin- gle. at Elmdal*, W*dpe«<^y, Aufcust 5oth, beginnjnir tnt,M» o'clock in the forenoon* House and lot for sale. Hotfke neTs/. modern improvements. It not sol<| by September J5th will be to rent. InuuiiiatNo. U, Wall street 23 w4 C. B. AUSTIN. Cheese Factory, flaw Mill and Dwel- ling for sale on long time. Small payment down. AlsoChas. H. Bart- let t's place on Somerville St 18tf v J. V. BAXRR. Union Hall Music Sk*e, U, as usual, closed through August* In the meantime tae ^proprietor may be addressed at 4I Windecot, 1 ' Chippewa Bay, STY 20w4 W. F. Suupg, You—Tbat eontehiplate roofing J ill do well to hee or correspond with ilas A. Ackermap, the toractioal roofer of Goti>ertyeuft Bte$i tooiUig and siding qonstatalywm n&nd. 15m8 ^ SlLA8 A. ACKKRMAtf. Fanner Bros, have just received their fall cloths fcmd request all who desire the latest style clothing liefore fair time to lea?e thatr orders pow. The prices are warranted to be right and the well known reputation of the house is a sufficient guarantee that all work entrusted lo them will be made up in the most workmanlike tnati- ner. tlyft. Conditions of City Idfa Mora people to tha square mile dwell to- gether in Hew York city in the world. Its 2UO,00Oper square mile, against 175.815 per square mile in East London, which is its foremost rival in this respect. Five years ago (in 1888) out of the entire population of 1^520,081 persons, two-thirds, or 1,003,701 persons, dwelt in 32,890 houses, an average of more than thirty-three persons to a build- ing. Contrary to the usual assumption, the death rate in these compactly filled houses is lower than in the balance of the city. The Registrar of Vital Htatistics reported for the same year (1888) that in a tenement houso population of 1.117,257 persons, there were &M72 deaths, thus maginga death rate of 25.11 per 1,00(1 living, as against a general death rate for tha city of 26.33, or more than 3 per cent, higher. This disparity may be partly due to the fact that a part of the dwellings of the poor are worse in their sani- tary conditions than the tenement houses, but it also raises the question whether the poor may not average better health and longer J(re than the rich. There are many other reasons for believing a life of physical labor to t» a better sanitary condition on the whole than one of exemption from phys- ical labor. It is claimed that mat profress has been made in New York since In&Mn making our tenement house system more healthy. A part of tha figures quoted to show this may be due to the extensive erection of flats and apartment houses, which In such enumera- tions appear as * 'tenement houses.\ Iu 180© there were comparatively few apartment houses and flat houses—l. a., houses in which upward of three families would hire inde- pendent cooking and housekeeping rooms under the same roof at rents ranging from $800 to $10,000 per year for each tenant. In the common parlance of the real estate busi- ness and of ISew York social life these are not \tenement houses/' but apartment and flat houses. Tenement houses are those built or fitted for more than three families, but In which the rent is below about $900 a J ear to each tenant. In fact, rents of from ft to $20 per month are the prevailing rates in buildings which are currently styled In New York city \tenement bouse*.\ Yet for statistlpal purposes apartment houses and (Utjiouses are afl classed as tone* ment houses, The fact that the \tonoment death rate\ was returned at '4135 per 1,000 persons In 1860, and at only 22.71 persons in 1888, will not be aooepted. therefore, as prov lug that the kind of buildings known as v ten- ement houses\ in IHrtO are any healthier now than they were then. It may only Indicate that A vastly greater uumter of flats and apartment houses now exist in which rooms for residence, ranging at from $30 per month to $5,000 per year, have sprung Into exis- tence in tho twenty years past. Though classed by the Bureau of Vital Statistics as \tenement hotises,'lsome of these are palaces^ In which the health conditions are the very best known In private residency Dtica Board of Trade. Unci. N. Y„ Aug Although the attendance at was larger than usual, the moderate, aod this Is owing to the shrinkage of the make, everybody Is short of his usual stock at thl| time of the year, la addttloa to dried up pastures, the com crop Is wofully short. The * ' '^' M \id la a the Is sl- ot corn that stalks are burned u p next to the ground very many cases there wlU be •talks. Rain oaa do no good to ready dried and burned up, and this feed will hsquite as short as the grass crop this fall, na'ssmeu were offering stock from July SS to Aug. 4, tbe average about Aug. S. Soma ware hack to July tt and oae as far hack as July It. It to believed that the fall make will be S6 per cent short of last yaar. It Is also known that the stock la cold storage Is very much less than It was last rear at this Ume, both of cheese and butter. It looks as If prices must advance as sooa s s the home trade begins to pick up were: * Loff, ,. S U .17 .. S . & .. 1 .. S I T costs more to make Royal Baking 'Pfaffoi than any other, because its ingtedients Jy are more highly refined and expensive.\ Bat^ the Royal is correspondingly purer audlj higher 111 leavening strength, and of 'greater.• V money value to the consumer* The difference - 1 : in cost of Royal over the best of tbe others^ • does not equal the difference in leave/ding'^ strength, nor make good the inferior work if of the cheaper powders, nor remove the /\ impurities which such powders Teave itr^ the food. r ' ;\.-..•• \ \, ;/ r ^>;^ ; Where the finest food is;required f iti^f Royal Baking Powder Only can Be used* x^ X Where the question qf health is considefCu^ tto^baking powder but Royal can be nifed^i with safety. All others are shown by official^ analyses to contain lime, ammonia oralutA^; Jh*1 * *v a. w V*'*, #3$ ^ BORN. McAIXASTER.- Is thU village, Wsdaasday morolag, Aug. Ssd. 1SSS. to Mr. and Mra A F McA Ussier, a daughter. Aug *!. lW.to Mr. BRODIC-Io Kansas Cltj, and Mrs. Arthur Brodic, a so ft*rTH.*-lB Natural Dam, Aug. tt. list, to Mr. aod Mrs. Frank O. smith, a daughter. BARBKR.—Ia Oouvernaur, Aug. S0 V ins. to Mr. and Mra. Walter Barber, a son. -Ia this vftsge, Aug. fl, ISM Nelsoa Pearson, a soct* Charles . to Ed* PEARSON. Mr. and Mrs. wt*. PATTON.-Io this village, Aug. SO, iSst, to Mr. and Mrs. John F. PaUoa, a sou. to Mr. and Mrs. Horace A. Baggs, Aug. II. a daugh tar. MARRIKD. KOKKIO-r6x.- At tha boms of the bride's parssrta. la the town of Hammoad, Aug. IS, ISM, by Rev. F. R. Uoffman. Mr Oeorga Peter Koeatg, of the tuwa of Alexandria, and Miss Jana A. Fox of the town of 11 am mood. EINO^HOLMB.-Atths house of woods, Depeyster, Aug. 17, ISIS, by the Sharpe, Uuaoaa King, of Ushoa,to Mrs. Mary Jaae Holmes, of OjcdesBfeuitTN. Y FstarOraeav ikeftev Oeb, HAYto-RIBINO ISM. by Rav. B. J Mermoa,aadMssi -la O^verneur, Aug. UL Qreeanaht Wm Mayas, of Etna Rlslag. of HsUosboro, Sasfi, Doors; Window^ and Door Frit Mouniln K 8~allldmii; * Interior FmlsH^^ rn Hard or 6bft Woodii tho latest 1 designs. «£ •iifc 'W&Z An ordefs vn laoarfa is •?&5£M : &. :, te DIED. Tjsrge colored.•*.•. I jarge oolorsd Lers^ colored. Largs colored Large white targe white.. Small white Small white Small colored Small colored. Small colored ... Small colored Total . 1 . I .17 . t . 1 »l 11 1<» T.4S8 Every thlag Is ouoted this week. Transmoilons 6,571 boxes, ru W4 boxes, ruling pn<prlo ago buyers did not all quote their pure ISO one year ago 6,571 boxes, rultag price IHo. t> 16 years sgo 16 5*4 boxes, ruling pries ago there were two buyers aegtected which made a difference of 800 Co 1. week quote boxes la the transact loos. butter were at pkga at SSc. 16 do. Two 8**c. A yaar tfcaasea One to 000 of ereamery at»l4c . THAYER.-ls this vlnage, Ana;, at. ISM. Sari Ueory, Infaaft son of Alfred and Alios Thayer, agad 1 yaar, 10 months and t days, BEACH.-In Mssasws, Aug. 17, 1SSS, Eaos Beach, Esq., for nearly forty years a Jastiee of the peace, agad 10 years, BBOWN.-In Cotton. Aug. 16th, iati, Mrs. J. B Brown, aged 7J years. ROUGHaiiDRESSED aiMWite.Ciiiiirti,' is WtUa Falls Board of Trade. LtTTLB Faixa, Aug. fl, ISst. Cheese—this market shows a positive aad sub- stantial Improvement over that of last weak, and It Is shared by both the home and export trade. The buyers of small sizes are getting considers ble orders and some were unable to cheese thay desired today, activity of the export t obtain all the Because of the trade, many fao greater activity or m e exoort iraoe, many rec- tories changed from making tbe small slsrs, aad It now kjpfcf as though too many had done this •ra tittle later there may be Coo few small to supply the demand from the home There seems no question, but that the fhrinkagethus far In the uuike 1**0 percent from hush. Copious raUtf of the past we*k will check UK however, as soon as ' tbow the tgects. and It cheese trade UK however, as soon a the grass begins to probabst that more cheese will be made In Sep* ember now In August. JvOff 8..,, 40.... *l ... 6 ... 18... 1.... 11.... Tbe \- Forty Dollars' Saved the Hank, Old'tlmem tell tbs story how T. J. Kelley. a contractor of this city and now manager of the horse market In Grand avenue, between Fifth street and Missouri avenue, by a very olevor ruse stopped a run on a bank and nre» vented Its going to the wall way back lo vfc\. At that time the Kansas City sayings ajaochv tion, now the National bauk o| Cowmen*, was located «,t the wutQWeet corner of Fourth and Delaware streets. Mr. Kellev was theu secretary ami cashier of the Corn- gan street railway oompanv, and the com- IMtny's aocouot was kept at this bank. The muchHtesplsed penny was not then In general use here as now. People were ashamed t o |»y for any article with pennies, except, perhaps, postage stamps, and the old- fashioned ** fare-box\ in the cars l>ocame a dumping ground for them. From S3 to $5 lu pennies would be found in the boxes by Mr, Kellev every day. He usually dumped them In sacks and Siored them away lu, the pom* I*ny's vault- . During the crisis, of *>l the people became very mqoh excited aud 0ockeu to the bauks in droves to withdraw their deposits. Huns were made on nearly all the banks in the city and several were forced to suspend. One made upon the Kanaf 115 FfUih dairies. Total ..... were: tho xr t. 319.. MN.. u.cgo . 860 . 1.1M . 115 6M . 7,10i . . 815 Attentio V 0 *-»i ses±m * To people who do not understand the valtie ok^x^^^k are not judges as to prices, I would say that the beet way m them to save themselves from imposition is to do their trading MAX TUMPOWSKY'S day a run was savings bank, and the people were lined up Jh City \ up the tellers, who waiting their turns to reao were paying out money by the basketful, when a happy thought struck Mr. Kelley. He wet*t to tbe police station, secured three policemen to guard his treasure, loaded eight sacks Of coppers upon a wheelbarrow and took them down to the t*nk. The sacks had originally contained gold and* were labeled on tha oWde ir tf,0OP m great big black letters- Arriving at tha bank,.one old colored Woman, who had oome to withdraw her small savings; called out: \ Why, Mistah Kelley, wba* To' yo' put all that money in here when we'se a drawuV our money out \ \ Kelley replied: \That's all right. This bank Isn't going to bust, 1 can put more money In here in one day thari all you peo> pie can draw out in six months,\ as he trudged into the bank with theaast sack. This display of eonfldence on tbe part of the street railway company had a quieting effect upon the crowd and they rapidly dwlnd>d away.—Kansas City Journal. Farm ds!rles-~Tbep« were calf 818 boxes dairy cheese sold, prices balng »tt<»*Kc • moat at SHo Butter—Batter has made another advance, full three orals above last trees *s prices. There were SO packages creamery butter sold at 16c. aad St packages at Sl<fr*3c. OUR OLUm LIST. We have made sjTaagemeate with the publish ers of the following named periodicals, so that those who subscribe through us will receive laa paper at reduced rates. Those who desire to avail thamseWes of this Opportunity oaa call at this office or send the amount by P. O. order or postal note, aad they will receive tfrosspt atten- tion. Tbe first column of figures gives the regular subscription rate of Che periodical and the other the price of the two papers. We urntsh any publication at tbe lowest rates. BAWB or rcsiJCATio*. Hew York Weekly Tribune..* New York Semi Weekly Tribune... New York Weekly World New York Semi-Weekly World Utiea Iterant Troy Weekly TUaes Cultivator aad Country Gentleman TbeOentury St.NlehoW Demorest's Monthly Magaslne Oodey's Lady*s Book Peterson's iTagaxlne The Independent .. Harper's Magaxlne Harper's Weekly Harper's Baser Uppinoott's Magaslne American Agriculturist New York Weekly Post Rural New Yorker The Orange County 8'armor, Cosmopolitaa , New York Dally Peeaa Wwekly Prues •• Sunday Press Toledo Blade.. Cottage Hearth Wide Awake gcriboer's Magaslne Golden Rule. t Albany Journal Family Herald and Weekly Star... Kansas City Weekly Star Christian Herald New York Witness On Clinton Street, because he sells STRICTLY 0KB ALL, everyone is used alike, and there is no change far the prec? tice Of humbuggery. Pay no attention to the prices and BalpiMf^ of goods in the newspapers A merchant can call satinet c&mt* mere, and he has the privilege of putting any price he chobees * them t but people who are goo4 judges as to quality atod —* always come to ;» .^ One Price Clothingr Store on Clinton Stre w CC •; 4t'J —rates—^ $1 0U $1 S5 »50 100 SOD 100 100 850 400 300 COO too WOO 800 400 400 400 K00 l«0 too DOS 1 w too 800 100 800 100 800 , 800 100 , 100 100 . 1M . 100 Sat) ISO 200 ISO 17p sn 450 850 850 250 250 850 400 420 420 sm 17a 800 2 00 800 8^0 1 50 2 25 im 150 250 350 200 160 11* 125 200 1T0 A 25c. Columbian Sontenir iilior--^ u With ra^h dozen of FRUIT JAR8 purchased ai my atori, in addJUott to tl*^ FOU.OWINO LOW PRICICS: Maaon's Improvrd 2 Quart Jart.. Maacm's Imjiroved 1 Quart Jara.. Masou's Improved 1 Pint Jara... Lightning 2 Quart Jara. Lightning 1 Quart Jara Lightning 1 Pint Jars **««••»•••**••••• •»••••• .1* A10 per cent Reduction on all Crockery It Bargains in the Shoe special Talue in a line of Ladies' and MiaW Shotaat JAMES D. fMTt* 9BH WU t W. a; O. Ratlraaa Ttaae Table* Oa aad after June 25, IKS. aad until forth*? aotioe. passetuter trains wlU run as follows: CASH •>: JiU£. 15, 1893. SHOE AND CROCKERY STORE! ^ *A Hold Soattere4 Irani a Wreck. Wnrnifo, Ind„ Aug. 90-A VortWi ayne mall and express train carrying $«*%«*> In f oM coin, consigned to Chicago, and two MUIS of immigrants, was wreoaed here Friday uight. The third oar, w|iich con- tallied the coin, was burst open and the treasure partly thrown out and scattered in tho middle of the highway. k The wreck caught Are from the engine, but the Are department extinguished the flames. A force of men was procured to guard tha money, ami Haturday morning it was taken to Chicago by another train.- li i mi '.-• • •» 1 HRIBR HILU ^1,1«^. Depeyster vacation at tha Baini HILL, Aug, Ravi W. M. Way and wife of are spending a few weeks 1 home of Mrs. Davis. If. U Btaphanson and wife. Miss Fhik Maxson and E. ;. Mcintosh left Monday for a week's camp at Cedar Island. C C. Btrough has returned from Chicago and tha World's Fair. • «* *_ Everybody expects to go to Terrace Park OAK. fcocampment the last week la ife^esOiigisTiearlyfliiis^ Dlllard TTllke*. Ready M one* *©**, Son of the Great Red Wilkea% dam. Moonbeam aam of Wtek ?:26 tl Oil- lard Alexander 9:30, will make the season of 1898 at & Lu McCrea « stablea in Gouverneur, af the common sense stud fee of $10. Although a trotting stallion he is If hands and weighs 1,400, being' an ideal hone. Home Rule, 8:S1 ia tab wall known to de- scribe. He wilt make the season at Potadam, N. %. m ohaive pt Dick Woody ant) will stand at the same price, tltf OasW Money refunded if mare baa to be returned, or will be bred again on same terms if so desired *tf A. L. MCCRKA. J A Onai Many ChUdrm —have baan cured of scrofula and other akin 6Ussaess~-as wall as thousands of grown people, by taking Dr. Ptsrce'e Golden Medical DisooVWy. Every disorder that can] be reached through the blood, yields to its purifying qualities. Bo- des, it builds up whUrtonu Jtea* Ymd atrangth; not merely /ot like l Ood Uvar otla A spraf ulooa oondl- ttoo of tha blood [Invites Catarrm, Bronchitis and' Consumption. Ware all axpdaad to tha germs; ^craaflurs Gauffer. When vouVe weajk, f Ured out, and dttOttatod, or whan tamrAss and blotches STATION*. WatertoWa Baaforda Cora. Evans HUts PhUadelpala.... Antwerp f Keens* GOUVERNEUR. Rtchvllle Dekalb Junction. Canton Potsdam Norwood Maasena flprlags Dekalb Junctioo. Rensselaer Falls. Heuvelton Ogdensburg — STITIOSS aUsaens Springs Norwood Potsdam Canton Dekalb Junction. Rlchvilie OaUVERNEUaV Keene's A. H. 885 Antwerp lelphl Evans MUls Philadelphia Banford* Cof*rs Wat^rtowa.,,,.. <5gdeosburg SteoTelton Itcinssnlsnr Tslls Dekalb Junction. 4 81 i'H 5 08 5.87 ft 40 (J06_ 6 00 8 17 H ») 8 45 A. M. TOO 7 14 7 87 7 55 800 8.84 8 87 8 80 8 81 0 41 9.55 \7 10 7.85 7 86 7 00 A. a. 8 45 *.56< 9 as 9.47 9.57 10 11 10 86 10.50 11 09 11 85 11.50 18 SO \io.5o' 11 07 II 80 11 85 & A. 11 11 50 18 04 18 « 105 1 80 1 85 1 49 8 00 8.18 985 9 85 8.55 10 «r 10 IS 10 85 10 40 r- a. 4 10 4.19 4 88 8.00 5 15 6.87 5 49 6 00 6.16 6 80 6 58 705 6.17 6 88 6 46 7 00_ r. a. 8 00 8 SO 8 45 4 09 4 85 4 88 4.58 5 05 6 15 6 45 6 59 6.10 6.50 T's.to* 8 .19 4.08 4 80 r. a. 9 00 9 10 9 18 9.86 9 48 10.00 10 15 10.80 10.45 11 08 11.85 11 40 00 17 SO 45 -: YOUR FAVORITE HOME NEWSPAPER !•» \ AND The LeadiDn Kepublican Family Paper if the Uiited Stair / / ONE YEAR FOR ONLY $1,252 -a>«ai \ $«* r. a. 10.80 11.10 11 85 11 aa 11 6/ 18 90 18 49 101 1 40 )8 10 18 85 It 85 19.50 The Gouverneur FreaJSt^* Gives all the news of Town, County and State, and as S. National news as any other piper of its class. t ^ •• \ YOUR HOME WOULD BE INCOMPLETE WITHOUT THE NEW YORMEEKLY TRIBUNE waao ptopsss and bloacbas appear bead Ustwaraiiif IQ 3msT Taa \Diewvary\ aata ail UkS organs Into healthj at> tioo-Htspociailr tha Uvar, for that's tba point of entrance for these eannaYthen If tha blood is pore, they'll ba thrxtwntpiL There'sno flak. If H faAto beoefit or ears ia all oassk of blood or Inactive tfNr f jour moaay is returned. O. A O t DIVISION. ABBlVr,. car A BT, r. w. 6.00 4 50 4 80 9 00 955 810 900 A. a. T8: 7.89 79i. 7 18. 709. 700. ,. Gotr Uouveraeur Jua . .Hallesboro... .. JLmmrj vllle... ...Dod|r«TUIe... . . Talcrllle .. Kd wards... A. a. .10.90 .10 85 .10.45 11 80 .11 M> .19 10 .18.89 • M. 5.45 550 604 691 6*7 686 645 ns oar bet tbs from Ogdensburg Uutmgb to Hew York, without chaajre, can be seeured bj tearing orders with egeeta. For information and UckeU to ail principai points east aad west, also berths aad aeettoas la sleeping oars for Kew Tork, Boston, Detroit aad ChTca<d, apply to staUoa ageat, at depot. Paasengerslare required to purchaas Uokeu before enteriAs; the cars, Aa e«osan charge of TBK CRNT8 will be collected If fares ara paid on the trains. AJ THIO. BUTTERTIKU) Oaan Pses'sr •**•% • IsaHATBOnAi. sTAIstliY 9 k Psjsl f and gives airths> afaeval news of U» tTssted m the world ItBlT«*iheev*nisof f^Hs^TaiMs lb a apartSBtl. It has Brpara^d^artaynia for bewa. editorials and ao ID the country It* *»WairlfH MfPoru\ are reoogawra mumnij » «« eertS lu \I I forcicsrls Faanlly 4ir^le, w and **Osr YosTng 8*0Ike,\ mand the admiratloa of w|»«* a«4-daughters. Its g« ra, brilliant aa«>xheus!i\> lu \agnti lu \innrsret Mr porta\ are recognised authority A 8r*cial Contract enables us to otTor this Splendid journal and th« ltsgeatvml political bewa. editorials anl are coBiprehenslre. ^I«laatjfca^>xr5u»ii^ lu J2£*^^{2^y^ ^JJ P1UE88' for one year v N For Only $L2& t Cash in Aclraiiafe. N. Y. Weekl f Tribune rvyularprkse per year. Gouverneur trw l*r<*a, rt-KttlAf P^ioe per year. / , Total »•**•#••.•..'•• 4. fP»1 %Vo furnlHli both Papers one year fol §g»H5ubiicrij»lioh/nin,v Win HI any t»ttie> Addr«« all orfon ttfp, FREE PRESS, Gouverieu>, - V ; * v . 4 *\ *•**. s**^; *K v$* % r * 3 7-t? ,rt «.*» ftiV > x :w**\> n v«Wja>>V ^&^fL^t^ •*: *»^ •.^'•v

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