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Altamont enterprise and Albany County post. (Altamont, N.Y.) 1958-1983, December 26, 1958, Image 12

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, i M . i i.i .11 vvwmwmmmmm ^j^^pwm \ < •••''.<• SECTION' ^TVirO^ — PAQi,» ; V\\ • —*— \i .^r — i- ~r— -\i'-~!••-— --|- Hiawatha Grange —v- Hidwatha Grange is plannifig, to-j redecorate the interior of the • Peri >B-L nt A RA^JoJl&wilSl^iSl:'' ^ ' ul : : i« : fc^^v;^,M~ ast meeting^ . prangersV. let's, nile members. Also Don '$^PW l^^^l^Hi Junior, choir had a pa'rfc 2%!f:fheJ#turer ; 's hour, wS i-n•-;,- w,„^i „o ; *. v*^**,* •3.y:••;,<,.—, r™,;-. ••.-..•' '—^aj- iGSaus made us a'Visit and ssisS^^Sss^Sgassssisft seQ .-the gifts, ,thajt; had. g»^ der the Christmas^p-ee. 1 d w.f g ^ s S^ : h 5 d S ather6d \»- wflj-flnd increased v«$&&t$Mfts cases, he de<flaredr\is' [view proposed school; toil unless such S*0p6^,il^m^sS%^i^T m - i to educational. essen^^-^^SjPfJ. ^7 ?*J ties can afford, a ^ate^e^|i|Ji. ^°°' ,°^ METHOpTs^CHURCH 1^ S?S£^|pBSP 'tffi^ WW %•&&*<#& ~ * \'- ~ Th ^ C ^ ens , Sv^^lMpucaaonfor^ Lft&x IfflMPtt® ilP w it h sound PuUcUnJr prbposall tflra^ri* i£*a' . 58 school year is clear fffilMll^ W& a .of growing taxpayer awaiea^,\sS;' the effect of- school-oi^&|^g' costs upon local school t|&v:j»|f^ Voter resistance to- thtf'MuamS, being iw ^ouu^fiic tuiti oey •\$iat they &ui ^aipinaMr' -a|| \ '\\ ds, \ rawer*•• tnan i i T ,—,„., „,.*»«.,;, re^shouia^&me!SundayMc lOTt minuter. 'ff» i J.X a. J4i. ouiiuay suuuui 6:45 p. m. Junior Youth Fellow ship. Wednesday: 8 p. m. Chapel hour. Thursday: 7 p. m... Youth choir rehearsal loTTlaborate' and coMi?I i p; m. xouRi cnoir renearsaL U1 „„„„»«: <uiu w^uj Z $:M fflW:PpT.^es??ffl; will increase, the Survey;,! ALTAMONT DEFT. STORE ALICE and RAY BRUNK 188 MAIN ST. sential facilitites, high cdhtef«p*d^- a ?y design standards and ^thetic appeal. > •. :. • .v^ ^^^o^x , uro ^u i v ey<e xp ialB a^| i He P°! nted ° ut , ^a* 4 10-*66m as more citizens learn^&Wiw?M eIementa * y s ™ ooJ J v ' aS fionipaeted schools\ going up _ |.munities at costs far state average. i The tax group noted that #««& survey shows 87 out of- 23flbS -Droposals were reiechv* i.'SftsSr. -..-.. - ° '- a \ . wi. ^no} pay for.\. Mr. Shoemaker ,s|da'thljce)' 10 T 45 a m : 'fa.'\ • « is much evidence tp S^d^.^fHlfe service with-& sJl^^P hour caij be done without sacrifidi4g i 1§'. bringing ••$*< IS^SS^ fading and sential facilitites high c#ten%dl- \Whit GoTS=^ ' Sei ™°n\ •jc^i^^^^t'M -proiJosals were rejected the last school year anci, :defeated bond issues Jcepre^entM some $106 million, or 45.;;$»||ait of the total dollar amoujptClp^r posed. • ;• ^;4.-^; Garth A. Shoemaker, ^r*Sijjj|ft of the research organiiapoiij:;^ plained that over the p|fif;ifijfe years the percentage' of boft^isiul 'defeats has sharply increaseei!?;;:^ the 1955-56 school year, 20 #6rc$it of all bond issues proposed!!; $gjj| rejected by the ele^brati; r 4 »fij 1956-57 the percentage of • tjBnd .issues defeated increased'*\tp : *24 percent and then leaped to 37 '$&>. cent in 1957-58. . i? <f' Mr. Shoemaker said ihhnt.*ii».-- in iNew IOIK oiaip. • • TJie Brookfield school,, Mr.~ Shbe-^ maker said, is being h&iled* i a£ a likely prototype f,or smaller cbfn> munities which need new sehbdls' \krt cannot afford to pay for the' more expensive conventional build- ings: Economy was achieved in the Brookfield school,, he explained, by using good, but relatively, in- expensive construction materials ancl great attention to detail i)i an effort to eliminate wastes during I coristruction. \While economy was the -byword in the building of this school,\ he added, \it met the rigid-, specifica- tions of the State School Building Assistance Commission: It is a sturdy steel-frame structure mak- ing liberal use of wood and' glass. The building has two fiveiside'd COMMUNITY NOTES - WELL DRttilNG ASB PIWPS - m — Twenty-five Yeai^Exjperience — No Charge for Estimates or Information (DAY OR EVENING) SCHENECTADY ELgin 5-2460 Parker's Corners E. D. 1 - Altamont kiWmm EMPE'S K># MARKET GUILDERLAND CENTER Mr. Shoemaker said that^the r 1 ^ 01 !,^! & l£? Up ,i f _— ^ _, . ^4^™ five-sided classrooms.' This tm- • ••••••••••••••••>>>^-' usual design eliminated- much of the corridor space that would have been needed if the Sanie\ : size school had been built along rectangular lines.\ The school is not lackihg for facilities, Mr. Shoemaker contin- ued. \It has an auditorium which «ican also be used, as a gyjnnasium •.or dining hall vvith ai^complete J kitchen, adjacent tcrit. Tlie'.paistel ''colored classrooms axe well lighted .with the two outer Walls being 0 almost entirely windowed\ Fluor- • esoent lighting is used throughout. •'The non-windowed walls have built-in bookcases and the 1 floors are coveted with attractive asphalt tile \ The Survey president pointed out that'\economy schools\ are often j illustrated m architectural maga- zines, indicating that they are re- garded as models of good school design, m the Architectural Re- cord book - , \Schools' for the New Needs,\ three low-cost elementary schools in Maine are illustrated, he said The per pupil cost of these schools raiiged from $53a to $680. Another welNtesigned and well- binlfc 800-pupil high school in Man- dan;. North Dakota is described in .the -April 1958 issue of the Ameri- t em ^hooiJBoaxd Journal,! he said. It Cost $971 per pupil ttp buildC W- I,* Neff, superintendent of H^ „. dan schools believes hisr new scbtfol prpves \that withv proper planning; \ good looks, and desirable features do not have to be sacrificed to economize fananciaUy.\ Mr ,. Shoemaker said that one \1-rfiWnji alt«y (\iad\! fcaft, bee«BM your ^tf p h it individual at ycm fin««rprint. &*t m-tuttd on Ibonite% patimd Ebonizer *tf iSayryourovm Eboni»» jball — delivered »l» «sVd*j:...ln. c j l9 } 0 - M elwmplonj sines HOS, V/rite for«Et boetitl; \BoWitriowlrng\ (wUIr Individual scors srwail *o Dept ^ V^ ip*llirfc§ Ban NOVAK BOWLING SUPPLIES »..«».- i A I l i DR,LlEfa WHItt YOU WAIT'^ PHONE 22811 ,8 Y ^ n WWIENCI MEASURING ?S * j SAND'S ESSO SERVICENtiR Tires - Batteries - Parts 1- Towing OFFICIAL N.V. «tAf^lN8 PtW ,o N > TA ^ f , PHONE SCH !D V ELaln 5 . 2?68 7 ^i 6 A|Ly rQ ^ „. I SHARPS 0OHNERS ^ / ^W>*ft * J '>\» ii liiiHin' iiiiiijViiiiiiiiiiini J{ answer to the taxpayeife' demand for eeonomy may be the part-pre- fabncaled school This type of &|school has a wide variety of de- signs and is now being offered by Jthe Truscon Division of Re- public Steel Corporation and the LStrucio Schools Corporation of O iston The latter company will -oof finance^buildings and rent • fliftn to districts which lack the' hewssary debt capacity ; The Survey president noted that one of the Structo schools was erected recently at Tompkins Cove .in Rockland County at a reported kcoRtnof. $822 pep pupil The prin^ T apal of this school, iMrs Ros'e Kenney t reported that alf concern^ ed» are very satisfied with -the school She added that many school officials from Various parts of the 'Northeast are-coming to inspect theaiew structure. :- ^Al1ilough the average cost of- school construction in New Yorfe' Stated is about $1,800 per, pupil, there are cases of schools heme hullt for almost $5,000 per pupif tie said 1 *M''taxpayers- become aware a£ good faeihties going tn> in other ' opmmfimnei at reasonable cost\ i Mr. Shoenjaker declared, \ftey I will contmue to veto elaborate school, proposals on. an increasing 'scale Ta&payers on the whole want good schools, but recognize that there is often quite a atffer'- ehke \between what the- schoori I board wants to spend and whit J they can afford to j»y. ' f\{When a-fechobl board refuses i, i& .eliminate the frills and fancy ' ^^ '&*&* v 9 te **< ob #«t to,\ he t declared, \it is playing, the part ' of the snobbish wife\ who refuses . to let her, husband buy a needed [• neW car unless it is the mdst cost- Hty Cadillac oft tiie market\ j Apostolic Gosprf Grarch I I Located S miles west of Altamorii [o^Hltate 146, West Township. Rev l En»est Doggett^ pastor, {Sunday: t y\ '10 a/ m. Sunday sdioOL Classes [for children and aduljts. f It a. rtJ. -WWrrifag Worship. Come 'and worship God,, with us. * 7-80 tro. m. Kventtg service -* i \\' Siftg^g and <M fashioned pteacfkitft, , iwiriday: erayer meefangt and Bible study ome 0fti bna« your Bible; • .RubUc invited*, You wi}l receive a friendly welcoro*, ^ *tt ete'sddaltft lype of a plan-^ «etf Jftfefopdjent the matter is left r ajjUpted that tinte pMple. kntfv oest—and any opposition is? quick- ly squelched ,, All the ideas are caWfcd out Mtooat any regard or mpect for the Individual This is fnFftihd of «>!*t*n wkd&n't, and tfp«rk .*«»o# (* happeh fienj;'— pgver, Dela, State News. . .,«. mm iwrs.- r.uthei'\ Wilty'\artd daughters were Wednesday ,night •sUppet guests Of-the Arthur Plus's: Walter Jones, Sr*; of 'Albany, Mrs. Olive Murphy and Mrs. Ethel Ziriimer were Sunday dinner guests of Mrs. Lula Shermans. , Mrs. Florence Williamson is spending the holidays with her son Chester Williamson and family at Lacona. s Mr. and Mrs. William Zimiher and children of Frewsburg spent the first of the week\ with His parents, Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Zim mer. Miss Betty Barber of Hudson spent the week-end with her par- ents, Mr. and Mrs. Harold. Barhe'r: Mrs. Bess Harding from Glovers- ville is spending some time with relatives here. Mr. and Mrs. John White have returned from a few weeks vaca- tion in Florida, Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Weidner of West Shokan, spent Wednesday night and Thursday forenoon with Mr. and Mrs. Chester Zimmer. Mrs. T. C. Morehouse and Mrs. Janis Irons spent Sunday with her aunt in Albany. The Home Demonstration unit\ will meet Monday evening, Dec. 29. Mr. and »Mrs. Frank Lloyd and girl boarders called on Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Lloyd and Mr. and Mrs. Osee Thornington at Pine Grove. The Rebekah Lodge delivered Christmas baskets at the Burns Nursing Home last Thursday eve- ning. Friday* evening the Girl Scouts from Schoharie gathered at the nursing home and sarig Christmas carols. The candle-light service that was held in the Methodist church Sun- day evening .was well attended and very well rendered. Mr. and Mrs. William Watson and baby were supper guests at Frank Lloyds, Saturday night. Naomi Zimmer of Oneonta and Warren Thornton of Cortland' are I ,sgending/..-the holidays' .at ,/tiieirj h'omeshere:' 1 '•'•\' ' ' '.'•\ I ' Mr. and Mrs. Luther Wilty and daughter and Mrs. Bess Harding spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs Marcus Zimmer. Anita and Robert Posson have been spending some time with their aunt, Miss Helen Posson. '^t^a^l^g^ ^i^yMky- fire's,'- ari^s^. Kitten; ,suf* feringr in %;world tbda^lJWHAfc IS'TftERE TO BE My replies have beeh , . .»this Is all too true, but we; can b« happy about many things, t I iam. happy because I am still Hying, happy in belief that all childrtn'had a nice Christmas, happy be- cause my business was s» go)oi dbrlng 1958, and especially happy to know that) 400' 4$ m'oW-of ,,our. elderly! citizens bad a flreit Christmas-. If I wtre to nominate \the greatest achievement^ accomplished.in Albany County during 1958, I would put •tee TIMES-UNION\ cfrW^I^A^FUNb first on the list. Over $10,000 was r?iscd *P Belp. tl^ftjbst t orflotten pebble. We can buiidf fancy schools; pdllticiaiis can live high on, big- incomes and prpmtse sa^yirtgs, but when elected soak everyone. Our national government can spend money throughout the world, but what, outside of a measly Social' Security check, have we done for the old folks? • I am happy so many opened both their hearts and their pockethooks for these choice 400; WALT BELL. 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