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*f «>r>«<rt *&«-.#, * •*******»i}*~****^ :#i! «e- on» all me ng- ar* toe ne, Jd, on, iim er- DAR Conference Reports ' ',*••• • ~t n. i At the next meeting of Tawa* sentha Chapter, Daughters of the ^imm^n, Jtevplutioh on Oct. 21 at the Ten Broeek Mansion, Albany, nien)pers will hear reports of the re- cent conference of the New York State Organization, DAR, held in §in,ghaniton, Dessert will be served a,t 12i30 and will be followed by a _ w „ „„, ocuclJ „. ...„ „.___„ Mr? mJf^Lfvr ™,° Ver M h?y i^^ Agricultural Stabilization 1Z &° b fhl F»™ terVelt are hostcsses I The vicechairman explained that f0r MlmhijTm v, , u .„!^ this considerable interest on the Members of the chapter who will part of farmers is reflected in formal report on the conference are Mrs. j applications for conservation reserve f?J? n I u r r ' Mrs. Ward G. Ackerman, contracts, the result could be that dfficial delegate, and Mrs. Jerrald B.' applications will exceed funds avail- Potts ot the junior rhembership' able for program payments in Al- tSoromittee. Mrs. Potts also served bany county. Soil Bank Interest Hay Require tf$e prfarties Widespread iiiteifesf in the cpH- if^M ** W% % \niy. soil bank ^ra4 v Jl ?]>M **& indicates that partap-aWn b> farm'ers in Al- bany eouitty #11}' Be mtteh greater than in previous years, Vicechairman Jacob Van Zetten of the Albany As personal page to Mrs. Kenneth G. Maybe, state corresponding secre- tary. . Plans will also be made for a rjummage sale for the benefit of the Chapter's scholarship fund Oct. 30 ^nd 31 at 94 Schuyler St. ne committee in charge Mesdames Acker, Christian A. Ott- Hansen, Joseph A. Murray, Frank W. Sterrett, Jr., and George More- House. \Under conservation reserve regu- lations, applications for contracts have to be\ accepted in accordance with a definite priority plan — on the basis of. the best offer per acre. Therefore, farmers who offer to ac- Albany. 'cept contracts at a rate less than will be the maximum set for their farms Subscribe to the Altamont Enter- prise — $3JO0 per year. TFIK - CHRISTIAN Reading Wbbte family •News •Nets The Chrisliarf Science Monitor One Norway St.> Boifori 15, Mots, Send ybui* newspaper for the time cheeked. Enclosed find jrrty cheefc or •honey o/der. f year $1§ Q, 6 months $9 • 3 months $4.50 0 Nomjr- Address tity Zone jWill increase the possibility of their applications being accepted. Vicechairman Van Zetten explain- ed the required, order of priority in which conservation reserve contracts will be awarded as follows: 1. Farmers who had all of their cropland in the Acreage reserve and the conservation reserve together in 1958 — and are now offering to put: the acreage -which was in the acre- age reserve into the. conservation re- serve. 2. Other applicants offering land at the lowest rate When compared; I on a percentage basis with the ap- plicable maximum rate. •3. Applicants offering land at the lowest applicable maximum rate per Acre: Hi case there are applications at the sartie percentage of the maxi- mum applicable rate, priority Will be given to them in the following order: (a) Applications with 1 ; the WwW maximum payment rate' per a&e. (b) Applications offering all eli- gible land in the farm. . (c) Amplications offering land for the longest period. If applicatidhs Of equal priority under th| above factors remain fc* consideration, the final priority will be determined by public drawing. Your lbcal ASC county office is located at 337 rteiawai-e Ave., Del- mar, and Edward Arnheiter, ASC county officer manager will supply the answers to any of your ques- tions,. .Vicechairman. Van Zetten suited. t , \The entire taxable incfimfe of all ATifericaii Jaifr&ets, wHd eartfed mote than &0,OOQ.iri 1956 Wag ttn- iy slightly-^eP^U billibh, The government delieved them of a lit-, tje mqre thai* $6 billion of this through 'tt& basic ,aM .BrcSrlsslfg tkx r rates\.' Btit riaij' tfriclfc\ Ss&ti confiscated the entire amount, the SM&SM \$5 billidri would, have beeii <oij# • ertdugh ,tb Jbrt, the r gov- ernment ' for about 25 days.\ — Jftfent Morris- .tf, .*., :.En^rp«^. N . Real Estate Finn Moves To Western Avenue Philip E. Roberts Inc., Albany real estate firrti, has moved its of- fices frdm loti state st, w a modern hew office building at 1525 Western Ave., adjacent to the site of the 1 StuyVesarit Plaza Shopping Center, flow under construction, The contemporary post and beatri structure contains 4,000 square feet of office space. The exterior is of native stone, aluminum and glass. The Roberts firim occupies the eastern half of the main floor, Philip E. Roberts, president of the firm, said the western half of the main floor and Wo additional offices on a lower, terrace level, will be leased. All windows in the building are of insulating glass and an unusual fea- ture is that each of the four offices have their own thermostatically con- trolled heating and air conditioning unit. The lobby 'of the new building is paneled in beveled cedar and Mr. Roberts said it will remain lighted until midnight each day. The Roberts firm acquired a lot with a 330-root frontage in Western Ave. early this year. The present building is located in the eastern sectipn of the lot. Mr. Roberts said he plans to erect another office building at the* western ertd of the lot. Work on this 115,006 square foot building will begin within a month and if will be ready for occupancy by next April. Attend Convention ALTAMONT W- Y,) ENTEHPRI8E v ^iANYCo, p 0ST; FR , DAY Auction Sales OCT. 10, 1958 ftSf^lifreezer, ielly»Pu'\H Jan ws Armlin will SKii%pubhc auction SATURDAY .fifv beglnnin g at 10; 30 a m., jftjPAham Road, 2 miles west of oMr! r ? h ( . Rou t e 30) for Mary t \\ieSti ,,, ls mov ing from the p ( ffle following; 30 cubic ft. up- nr teezer, Philco double oven •Stove, 2 refrigerators — 1 ,V Frigidaire; 7 electric '/•U E. wringer washer, 4 pot Ml stove, dressers, pressure fllt'Eii 1 ™ 18 ' loaster , mirrors, old Iff Si 1 paints ' anti-freeze, motor m f!u s and mar> y car accessor- m& i closets ' 2 unities, table, iP^larnps, pictures, rugs, crocks, \»'< Mto* IT,' 2 sewin g machines, COMPLETES AIR FOHCZ,B*®4mM\^™' i ™*y ^er items. TRAINING -, Airman TbW tymWmm&T'tJT c Stano £ r dl Bernard J. Keller, son of M^Mp» snZ ?=; fl s f w> t h °^ hng Mrs. Raymonrf J. KeUer • <^^^0Wt^'J°^ l ^^ ^ Hill Rd., E«t -Berne, m*Mm$$ Wb^ 1 £Z seat, fa?**' his initial course of Air Force )>?§$ ^lySa,S H „ w '\ 1 . se , a , ts { ° r u 9 ' military training at L^kiaft^ilgfee^^ ^ H P d v hgh f Force Base, Teias. He. ft*MM3 S 'Jh. J$„ H ' M f, . EviJirude Terms of sale cash. No before sale. Lunch By order of MARY ng course for airframe repf%ir»rt^ni j^j. at Amarillo AFB. Texas. , A'/ftWiitems removed Keller attended Berne-Kribx Ceilj^&l^iQ jfe servec j Schoof. \ **\— '\'- Evangelism Mission Set October 12| ifcJi Starr ^d N - H - Kee fe. auc- fg\^. ^U sell at public auction, l?S?P AY ' 0CT - U- a ' 12 noon, mm&\\ Holtow Road, Windham, -«w.Pk- •! nead o f Gl > er nsey and Jer- '^Sff^' complete line of farm M™ b !^rP/_*S,,^^.il'^^feM^ Id .I oods - By^rder O/LES- A >^SS?*SEWM5SCr-( ?$fa<&GgS3!8%$e*^^_ ; PHONE FR 4-9002 147 JAY STREET SCBtENECTAUY, Between State and FranMin Streets NOTICE ^ : MpiliriPWi That LICENSE^ 9-SJ.« H^MMm^. ®% undersigned to sell M$&0Sk -WlPfeITOBl:i**»' BEER at retail iii ^.imm^ijM0W^^m4- Beverag© Control La.% M^^M^m^mmm.M Western Turnpike and ;Mi0^mmf9^m.^ Al- bany, New %rk, f^of^ on^i^Mses ^Blpnyrtiffin* HARptiP F^piAv iSdifisf Bilges ^s Mr. and R^rs. Robert W. Lash- el- bf AftamontR. D. 2, twO of the local delegates to the ministerial fenvSntlbn 6f Jehovah's Witnesses in Lake Placid over the week end, returned hbm'e Oct. 5. Attending ihe assembly with the tashers were 50 other r delegates from -the CcUonie congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses. They were among the ll41 who'heard the cli- mactic talk Sunday afternoon by Frank S. Spaeil, substitute for Ed- ward A. Duhliap, on the subject: \Clod's Kingdom Rules — Is the World's End Near?\ Both Mr. and Mrs. Lasher played important parts in the convention. Mr. Lasher assisted in the over- sight of the cafeteria, while his wife was a cafeleria cashier. Be- sides helping in 'the preparation of the more than 3000 meals served, Mr. Lasher organized the cafeterid Workers,-each of 'whom was a vol* uhteer, to do all jobs of cooking and Serving food. Mr. and Mrs. Lasher do full-time missionary work together through the towns of Guilderland and Col- onic \t)ther Cblohie witnesses wlro as-* sisted in convention operation were Charlotte Schnell and Alex? dna Doifon, cafeteria workers, and Maxwell L. Lewis, local presiding minister.. Mr. Lewis, a decorator Snd artist in secular life to support his family, soends evenings and Week 6nds car^'fdf :his.niili&teiv beeh^woiMgr'.^ music for the. convention; In ad- dition to feneai^iiig and directing the orchestra and choir, Whose members came: from 21 congrega- tions, Mr. Lewis personally -raised fhe fcoibrfUl chrysanthemums. that decorated the stage. church, McKownville, together, jpth? seven other area Lutheran cpngrlg|? tions will conduct a five-day evan| gelism mission, Oct 12-16. ., .>*S§ Beginning with a mass rally sej&§ 1AYMAN. i?* ! J> * • Starr and ipctiofieers, will sell a , PUU UL- auu- |0n SATURDAY, OCTOBER 18, at §*£ B? 0 \. South Berne, near the N. H. Keefe, at public auc- services ^Dl be dondQctea^e^iM Kf'^ ff,l^%?f T' J° & o preaching, services, instructiStt Wii e f J^v *«^ ' <**tee mM, sion, fo/lay people and the J^S^^^ ization of a., permanent evangej^^ of o,^^^^ ^- ir a e ^ n ^ d C^ ^£T^^SWM^^^^ ^™arge S of eV Ch^t^tLSf I Sli» *«* JnclS To stimulate the Christian fmthv»§fjs& .\\penes, our own people and to equip s-2- -— r , dining room table, gpen, typewriter, 3 rugs, heater, r^U;^\Vu^\*i«\ A^'Z, hntf^tth&iW* 0 ^ cleaner, drop-leaf table, also inspire them to do a better A)D-tfll tihna =.nH I„™K™ „5^ ™„ . .1 evangelism M their every &%& I'lun^r^ Zt™?^± Guest missioner for the serSto is the Rev. Robert Riedel, pastOjft| St. Peter's Lutheran church,. J§g Brooklyn. The eight Lutheran church bpd|E| f of the Lutheran Evangelism G6unol> have conducted 458 area, niissif\'' among the sbveh million Luthj in the last two years. RAGJE^EySN, glassware, goblets: wine decanter, pressed glass, hand-painted dishes, plates, milk glass bo,wl and glass, celery dishes, coin silver spoons. Ironstone platters, pitcher, gravy boat, compotes, set of dishes, rose T0(X P C1 .suite,metal bowl, odd Willovvware dishes, old nal1 trfie . (like new), electric washer, t Q. E. iron,,? suites, secrftafy ctesk; „„^ „ deik, end tables, .coffee-tablet, gate- leg table\ table, lamps/' $fjev -dining mirrors, drapes, chairs, utih# cabiiMts, albums, pressure cooker,- blankets, CB est of drawers, folding screen. kitchen utensils, ironing board, ; tnrow m &> apartment pisfao, 4 bowls, casseroles, Pyrex, stepladder, (hooked rugs, book*, bookcases, con*- odd chairs, drop-leaf oak Table) fbination record player and radio, round oak table, small garden tools; sewing machine, dressers, Vanity, other articles. Terms cash. Re- wardrobe, twin Hollywood beds, freshments served. No visitors until Seal y box-spring & mattjesfcs^likes day of sale. By order of executrix. new) '• scales, sump pm$p*, Wti&i- v a*-*™ o A AT „ «-., c i t00ls ' carpenter tools, mechanic *»nnrl« Stai T, 1 and , N / H-,.Keefe, 'tools, step ladder, extension gladder,. n^n TF^^r 0 ^' °SF- ^' i 2 ncI es- Terms cash. By order of noon, Jewett N. Y., on Goshen St MATTHEW HENDRICKSON. Rd., turn off Route 296 between 1 \fd -fhe MieticM ^unditionl for ihWpMS. cmm&mmM tsgmi has, resulted eispeeialiy in greater; O&ufreftgfe 6t Sghfle •cataract &nd,. 'coins. - ' .' 4,1$ •li j)f. Vr,;,'-' \ • ti'y* V. filT •fijlfff'. K l ;rii ''(*• •m< 4 ;Bf.. Hensonville and Hunter and proceed west one-half mile, or at Jewett Height turn east, 3 miles, 13 head of registered Holsteins, 1 fresh, 8 winter and spring, 2 bred heifers, 2 heifers 5 months old, all were raised on the farm but 2 — they- have size and condition. Ford Fer- guson tractor, side mpwer, John Deere trailer spreader, John Deere crawler tractor with blade, hay rake, dump wagon, 2 trailers, lime spreader, litter carrier with 100 ft track, John Deere tiller cultivator on rubber, 500 bales of hay, 1949 GMC truck 3-4 ton, rack body; 2 De Laval single milkers, motor and compressor, 4-can milk cooler, pails, strainers and barn tools. By order of ARTHUR STRAUSS. C. G. Brust, auctioneer, will sell at public auction for Matthew Hen- drickson, who is moving to Florida, at his property located on Route 146, 3 miles west of Altamont (next to Grange hall), SATURDAY, OCT. 25, at 10:30 a. m., entire contents of home, including antique grand- father's clock, curly maple chair, cutglass, lamps, walnut picture frames, complete set dishes, Motor- ola 21-inch TV, Westinghouse dryer, G. E. refrigerator, Crosley stove Among the books recorded at the American Foundation for the Blind for distribution to America's 350,^; 000 blind people by the Library of j Congress is Helen Keller's latest, 1 \The Opeh Door.\ ,), s & Insurance tttntfihiiintpUt\tltt . did Line or Mutual Automobile and Fire HiniimtiiiiiintM>t # CLYDE L. BALL BER#E, N. Y. Tef. Wes* Berhe 20pf j»;»:»{»»ii;t:;:i;»i»;ii»:H:;:»»;>»»;»w:»;»»;::im»«««?i FINEST IN STEAKS, CHOPS and SEAFOOD — VISIT OUR NEW COCKTAIL LOUNGE — Featuring At the Organ 1487 STATE ST. SCHENECTADY, N. Y. .«>»u»iii»i»»»i»:»»»»»m»»it;»t!»H»\»»»»»»!;:»»{i:»»;»i»»«t&t»i m Registration Junior College\ Of iUbcii new tWo-year, co-edueatioha ion of Russell Sage College, last ;year, has doubled its i .... tion, it wa$ reported by Atfmbnjtl; Willis, director In its first yi of operation 52 freshmen Were istered On Sept. 17, the pj date of school, 105 were matrii in two business and one liberal associate degree programs. * Sixty-nine men and 36 women an? registered Nineteen are in the sec retanal degree program^ 35\ftl tlfe general business terminal prograhi, and 43 in liberal arts. Eight aws special students. There are 15 full- time and part-time instructors. « NOTICE IS GWEN that LICENSE No. 9-RL*il45n^bee»d^u|!|Jo.ttie undersiped to f&'-tt$^fiW$^t&80fil l mi& BEER at retail in a Restaurakt* #^*hieC^#idlite Beverage Control Law* «$$£&$$tJSfejpiRIOia Majile Ave., Voofneesviile; &*$%M AlPany, »New York, for on-nremises .cdiisiirnji^oni . . Elizabeth Smith, Adfii^ '&&&'ftf t |tn& L. j^niith, NOTICE IS HKREffT 6fVEN That LICENSE No. b$fcl^^^-$W&$ ta the undersigned to sell U^MtW^^IW^ and BEEt^il retail mM-^^-^0^^^M^lr holic leverage Control ^W^-M^W^mlmmlm- t^^fmWiafe % iii County^ iteW Ydrfe |oi? ott* RALPH K. BRADEN - '' ' ....J^iiie;^M;1IS^ That Li^B|t|i^''Wi undlersiglied^'fe 'aett%3iQ„.„ _,,..„,,„ retail iii a Restawrant, iwd#|h#^ Lake lioad, in the•••*dwn d KnoJC, Albany County, N. Y„ for on-pemiSesi consl^»)i|.'_; Sonhie 3. Durfee, AW&mm$ Wm A. JOurfee DllftPS TAVERN Starve, Bwttont, N. Y. • AMfcft» Conald C. fillett, 20, of Bfiddle- burgh,. dj(?d.in a one-car crash ort t»le Hfll Rd., Westerlb, about 10:30 ,p, ni Saturday* ,§W& Pblice said the vehicle was ftbrffibouna When it failed to ne- gbtiite sfc ; curve, left the road, skid- ded ISO feet and dverturned. A passenger; James Lawson, 18, of, 1334 Pglma Ave., Schenectady, was not Mitf. - lEttett was iirbnouncea dead at the seeM Coroner J. Gregory Nealon isstied a verdict of aecldehtal de^th, caused, by,a crushed icnest, *Tfie accident was investigated by T^rodiSeiri KdWard fifetbtt and George Bead bf the Selkirk State Police Substation. It is estimated by the American Foundation for the Blind that there are between 11,000 and 14,000 blind children in schools, half of whom are attending public schools, while the balance are in special residential schools. 9 numerous too mention. By order J. HELENA MASON. LSjjCarl G. Brust, auctioneer, will sell Bfpublic auction, to settle the estate gjthe late Willett Stephens, at the \iadence 31 Central Ave., Ravena, I, Y., SATURDAY, OCT. 18, at Ij30 a. m., 3 antique sewing tables, ijiand-woven bed spreads, antique ~id table, child's antique rocker, 'bie-top stand, walnut frames, :orJah settee, antique mirrors, antique rocker, oil lamps, pine ard, old sheet music, maple •ieaf table, 1 chairs, Hutch cabi- and china cabinet (match), dav- it, Cogswell chair, rocker, silk made ijuilt, pieces of fur, Kei- llor drygri Easy Spindry washer, 'el refrigerator, gas range, por- table, chests of drawers, four-poster mahogany full- (complete}^ wash stand, :r -mahogany -single ied •), odd stands, Windsor small drop-leaf table, end vases, hassocks, 10x12 rug, rug, throw rugs, Detecto sewing machine, vacuum \\ mirrors, wrought-iron vanity bridge and table lamps, over- chair, double bed, single bed, cedar chests, wardrobes, cabinets, braided rugs, jar- raccoon coat hall racks, bed els, scarfs, doilies, books, jg table, smaH toboggan, tennis racket, Flexible Fly- plant stands, electric fan, iron, canvas, pair statues, cle G.L.F. members of the Delanson area will elect two fanners to the G.L.F. melhbgrt-cljnlnlttee, and'hear •reports' ah$ ; |fjp'® 1|£lM£h-;0& the Ai^a1^^'Sliit^iiaiSen^\ ®6fe- 17 at 8 %M-$£®$ ''©range =HaIU DuanfesburgKis ..•^•J9picaKe-.;Si^f.'ll; 6:30 ft m$0ffl^'W.Wm& . Paut QrM^fr-Mm&Mrffi&ti man, mlal^h^. anndBinc)ecl thai ule terms j&'&BM M g5dlg|,and Wal- lace MMrtK ; .bbm •bf-':iiil^iiiii-'..-life'. : expiring. jOffi|fe^nMilite^e^;'air| Glenfl I Eastphj Ig^aMcej Waiiel' M. Liadlg,;. DelaiisdTiiii • Iffia -Jul|)E Fancher, Sloanjsville. Willie PMhShi ii iftdr^ manaiefc Mr,.and MrsjtKenneth Jirijells MS Mr;- m •&&,%&$&$& %Bj&. PHerSbH a*6' ;CO^chmrM|» :i! 6l:',tftg'-'.iSni:' ; niral bazaar 6f St. Paul's Episcopal church to be held in the pariS house of the. church, 79 Jay St., ning at 11:30 with the buffet lunch' eon, and continuing ort through the. evening. A barbecue chicken dinner will be served from 5:30 to 7 p. m Mrs. Eells and Mrs. MacPhenort are asM^^h;«i»\ifh&\P%&^'\''i«^'; Frederick H., Vogel ••£$!;. JMrs,; Hairi' old^Kirclffief aWflalSiif tHe^atenl^ ma b4*'fmcothfry,gtdfe;> > \ gih^. has 4 n%W''fbnlpla>lHg re- cord With a playing time of six hours iiistead, of the usual 54 min- utes. It r^VblVesf. at-fcsbeea;bf'8% revolutions 'Mb. plhute,•.: 11iis\neW development; vmSk^s it ppMbfe to record, ah entire Talking Bbbjc for the Blind on two dbuble^faced 12- inch records instead 61 the usual 12 of 13. NOTICE IS That LICENSE No. 9-RL-1461 undersigned to sell LIQU01 BEER at retail in a Restau 'Beverage Control Law, at Box 51, Guilderland, County for on-premises consumption. ALBANY HOTEL, INC., Doing Business THE SHADOW BOX Guilderland, N. Y IY GIVEN .heen issued to the IE, CIDER and ', under the Alcoholic ^Western Ave., P. 0. Albany. New York, as AJ~ ! - \ I NOTICE IS HERIpY GIVEN That LICENSE No. L-3219 ha^en issued to the un- dersigned to sell LIQUOR, WOT and CIDER at re tail, under the Alcoholic Be*f|kge Control Law, at 181? Western Ave., Town of(gfl4erWd, County of Albany, New York, for off-prefiise* consumption. WILLIAM T. SIVER Jr., thing Business as WESTO1ERE UQUOR STORE -1817 Western Are. Town 'of Guilderland *, O. — Albany, N. Y. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN That LICENSE No. 9 RL-1895 has been issued to the undersigned to sell LIQUOR, WlNJE, CIDER and BEER at retail in a Restauraat, under the Alcoholic Beverage Control Law, at T^t TURNPIKE, Route 20, Guilderland, County of Albiny, New York, for on- premises consumption. HAROLD C. and VIRGINIA L. PITCHER, D. B. A. THE TURNPIKE Route70, failderland, N. Y. NOTICE IS HEI^V OIVEN That LICENSE No. L-3563 hjkWn isstied to the un- dersigned to sell LIQUOR, WSlJ and CIDER at re- tail, under the Alcoholic BeywrWe Control Law, at 3 South Main St., Village g V^p^e^Ue, County of Albany, New York, for off-prtajg^ consumntion. PRANCES S. and BARBARA fe SULLIVAN, D.B.A. SULLIVAN'S 3 SO. MA^N ST. VOORHEESVILLE, N. Y. lugging heavy up and down Dry your •^\^y^\! •« P- * T *^£J'^:' B ^^ W\ f yV * an Damp, drippy clothes can be mightr annoying, especially when you have td lug 'em op and down stairs or outdoors. 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