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*• *»\\<f r-» * * 4 **»>\ws r t»+v XX r I ^T a - SECTION. TWO — f*^,^ THE ENTERPRlSE^Ai,^^ m J^ .... . _ ) ! ,| | J i n i| 1l fill i.* i .i.liii |J> .Iiin v> ••- \ * - jj; Berne-KuM Central Schools Kindergarten — Mrs, Saddlemire , Wei had a very exciting day at the Community fair. It was very nice, to have our mothers and fathers come to our room so We could show then? how 1 we' have fun at school. Our seed exhibit is getting so big. This week Roger Quay, Susan Ken- dall, Jill Coulter and Dawn Mackey brought different interesting seeds. We. \yaxed .the'pretty leaves Marilyn Quay; bought us arid put them arpijiiu OH*'; room. Weiare'going on a trip to an apple orchard to find out if apple trees grow -from an apple seed. WeS enjoyed Nbreen McManama's records and also the pretty flowers she brought iis. Grade 1 — Mrs. Sholtes We' have had several interesting objects brought in. William Scraf- ford had a praying mantis and Kath- leen Vincent a frog. Gerald Willsey has been absent mis week because of a cold. Tommy Filkins, Albert Tedeschi, Howard Palmatier, William Scraf- ford and Daniel Drumm were among the winners at the fair. One reading group has finished their first book, \We Look and See.\ Now they are reading \We Work: and Play.\ Grade 2 — Mrs. Horl The Community Fair was fun. We enjoyed the horse show and all the extiibits. Marie Stapleton, Peter Yarmchuk, Linda Panting and Jane Benseh won ribbons. Jean Rocker was awarded'a yellow ribbon.in fee hula-Hoop contest. More than half of our parents visited our room dur- ing the evening. Cortland . Leuch. celebrated his birthday this week. Grade Z — Mrs. Brenneman Many pupils in our grade won ribbons at the Community Fair. Among them were Daniel Shafer, Sylvia Fisher, Donna Miller, John | Mc- ( Kiridercartei> -r- flfr*< Cudirey i '.Wet are spijry, Mary Ann Keiizie js mQyjngraway. Thigr tyas Fire - Prevention Week arid \ve have' talked about fire- safety arid 1 We' Werje given' some' firemen! hats'. Mr. Pollard and Mr-. Diehl from, the Altamont Fire department conducted a fire drill at school. We have had many interesting things brought for our science cor- ner. Grade 1 — Mrs. Swanson There are 31 boys and girls in our room. Right now we are learning about Fall. Our bulletin .boards and science table show signs of Fall. Susan Dunham and Scott Vree- land have had birthdays. They are now six years old. Grade 2 — Miss Buckley This was Fire Prevention Week. The men from Altamont Fire de- partment came to school and gave 'us a fire drill. Edward Fusia brought fire trucks and an ambu- lance to show us.- Kathy Ford brought a stuffed tiger and Andrea Mosley a stuffed crocodile for show and tell time. Keith Barbagelott brought a plaque his brother Bob sent from North Carolina. • Tom Fries brought his book \Clem Clanr\ to school for Miss Buckley to read. Many of us are gathering colored leaves. In art we finished our' .eireus and put it in our display window. In music class we- have learned a song about a fox. Grade 1 — Mrs. Barker We have 33 children in our grade this year. There are 17 boys and 16 girls. We are happy to have both music and physical education this year, as well as art. This week we collected leaves Newr Scotland PRESBYteftfAN. CHUFKJW Rev.' Homer B, Silyernail, pastor. Sunday,. October I2ffi: 1(3:30' a. m. Service of worship with- sermon- by the pastor, the first in a series dealing with the subject, \Of the World's Need of Christ, at the Time of Hi's Averit and Now. 11:45 a. m. Sunday school. 'Monday: 7:30 p. rri. Senior choir rehearsal. Wednesday: gf p. m. Meeting of the Presby- terian' Men's Council in the yellow room. FiHa'l preparations will be made for Laymen's Sunday program, Oct. 19. ',q.^^w**** i &™*& ** '<<W^#. ; ''nty *>^v^Ml•wiV|.iW^^U^TW^*1^V-*V*»'^*^^* 1, •• .,*-*.» v\ >y-*f ]^jB^« : 1^i**rf^V^^?**^ *• * * f\'t \S-f- ^^-TI';\ 1 .*\.^**;* +^'**'; Notes IVliilllll!^ (From the Guidance PepajntM^jifeill Guilderland Centra* ttf&»$fflgM •'* y^y •••'^.'•'•••• ; v;-pv-:v-.-'i*; Guilderland Central SSjjfomtja Receive Scholarship ^pHoMdnj.^ With the increased) .cq^|&$|ySj&f er education and- wi.^th^^c^tiiV ed number of &w^^^-'M^^i all honors scholftrsbip>wi%,;iK;^; dition to good schojasti^ ; sfariqW will prove* exceedingly'.'^ftMfeitft any high school M?&&m$$$§m addition to the financial affSfiS^ /REFORMER CgURCH lr; Moger: Jifimm ' l#tbr; fiMi ffl. WWship •&&!& : mWa\ m. Sunday; s'ahppj! 4l0e Rev 4 . &$£$& '&&($ pastor: ••'• ~$$^#*®&$$i>W!t*^ he . WM,MMmk W#% Sep-' li^iadtef Aid iMl iriMM tft# iijj^bf-Mrs. Rut» Barbe*; F«day ^lfe''arwlual ; turkey suppee •-•?@et. 18 hr the, chursh> .... I 1 ' •' •• 1 ' .' ' HM.'U'UI'I'JU\ .'.'I.I- JtM l ALASKA'S NOT SO »»G! Conklin, and others. We liked the and used them in our art class. #~i.r horse show and the hula-hoop con- test. Kenneth Bliss had a birthday on Ovt. 2. He was seven. We sang \Happy Birthday\ to him. We are reading a book that Peggy Haverly brought us. It is \Patsy of the Pine Woods.\ Grade 3 — Mrs. Lockwood We all enjoyed! the Community Fair on Tuesday. People in our room who' won 'ribbons, are Warren Willsey, Charles Roeker, Charles Tedeschi, Bobby Chauvot, Bobby Schoonmaker, Patty Chase, Barney Driimm, Janice tmverhau, Pamela Stalker, Judy Van Buren and Berna- dette Settle. • We are happy to be starting our flutophone .'lessons with Mr. Haas. Almost everyone in our room is par- ticipating. Mr. Cohen has chosen people for the grade choir. They meet with him on Monday and Thursday each week*' Grade 3 Hr Mrs; Sherman CynthiaiQjuay and Patricia Gilbert each brougli|; a; sea shell. We lis- tened ariA;imagjned; we ,heard the ocean_ wa'fes! Paula - brought; We printed with them using paint. Grade 1 — Mrs. Sanderson This week we talked about Fall. We made pretty pictures of Fall trees. We found lots of colored leaves and some chestnuts. In art class we painted pictures of the things we do after school. We used water colors. We made a color dictionary using all the colors we have learn- ed in the first grade. Freddy Flower had a birthday last week. Grade 2 — Mrs. Secor Last week we talked to the people who work in the school, ome of us talked to Mr. Alland; some talked to Mrs. Anthony; others talked to the ladies in the cafeteria, to the custodians and to the bus driver,, and to many other workers. We'told the class about the workers, then we wrote stories about them. We. are also going to make pictures of them. Joan Spiak, Janet Burt Reporters Grade 3 — Mrs. Spadaro , This^;. tfteiek we,have; been study- change ^^ r - T . . r ._ ,„. Kristine Efu|hiii* s Bf!bugnt one volume of an eneyilp^fedl^ and* we looked up, pictures tirat7.shewed us .the life story of a| (jaterpMaii We made jgrape jelly hi our room one^ day. TJhere ^ere.four, glasses of 'jelly. /We- entered; one in the Cornmunity'.; Fair .»' and received a \Very Godd\ rihbpn. While watch- ing, the horse showi we ate bread and jelly. .\\\ It. tasted good For English we-, wrote a stoif telling how we; prepared the grapes and made thei jeEy. '• Betsey Coulter was the winner in the-hula-hoop.Contests: for grades K- 3. J Others ;-wS6: Won tibbons were: Elhier Earlj; KrisJto'e'Brunim, Steven Hetzog, John Behseiij and Paula Sissoh. iSany parents' eafh^ to Our room' on jfair night. They looked at the work we have been doing and talked to Pur teacher. Everyone liked the funliy clowns we had - made from paper bags and construction paper- Grade 4 — Mrs. KeJcnaVff It doesn't • seenTpossible that we are in the .fifth week of school. In our lively class of 20 boys and 8 girls we have been studying about forests, saw mills, paper mills and different leaves of treeS. We went to Mr. ,Haverly*s saw mill hi West Bethe,and we watched him. saw a log into*'fioaVcfe. Many parents came to see our room on Community Fair day. We enjoyed all the affairs of the day very much. Grade 4 — Mrs. Gage All of us enjoyed the horse show and Community Fair. Many people in our room had exhibits at the fair. Marcia Hardick won a blue ribbon for her cow, Karen Bunzey for her cat, Christine Williamson for her potatoes, Clifford Barber for buck- wheat, Donald Ketcham for cabbage, Charles Miller for hay, Allan Scrat- ford for^ chickens, Herbert Gbtf for swiss chard and his rabbit, Bobby Fisher for his bantams and rabbit. Karen Bunzey won second prize in the hula-hoop contest. In our social studies this week we-have been learning about the rubber forests in the Amazon Valley. It was interesting to com- pare this forest with, our owri north- west rain forest. In science\ we have done experiments to show how water dissolves and carries food for plants. We Jiave learned many sources of water. , { Grade 5 — Mrs. Halfenbeck We ally enjoyed the Community Fair. A lot of. our parents came tq see the exhibits. They also visited with-our teacher, Mrs. Hallenbecfe. Quite a few of f us\ entered things- and won prizes. ' We are especially proud of Tom- my Wagner, who Won the hula-hoop contest. H^fcwfcW- hi* hgm .with- out stopping for I hour and 57 min- utes. * v J(n' social studies we are leaijMrtg about the colony of JamestownhW* all think it is very interesting, .arithmetic, we are studying our : tfpiication fact*. We have Jiad re view tests and speed tests about the jnulliplfctttion facts,- W« are «\ - Einda Spadaro is our class lead- er. ijThe leaders of the lines are (Stephen Hall and Leslye Herchen- roder: We are now just completing our unit pn homes. Barbara. Spiak has, brought some large beautiful pictures for,.pur; bulletin board. We: have all made booklets about homes showing -blueprints,: the rooms in a home and, the types of ShomeSi ,-..,' Mr. Krauss helped us ^in' our art with anijmal drawings.X We are working ?on our bulletin board for next week; The topic is \Forest Animals'*; In ariffimetic,. we have finished a. lesson, on the calendar; ' Every- one- has aT Booklet of the months |o| the year called .a. \date book.\ Next we will start subtraction. Grade 4 — Mrs. Burke We have just finished filling our aquarium. We had to look up in otm encyclopedias and science jboks along wil^ interviewing our studying to increase our speed and accuracy. Grade 6 — Mrs. Kane ' •There, are 24 pupils in our class. We-have 1 a* new student in our class\. :His:rtame is Charles BonsteeL ,,The night of the Community Fair 11 members of 1 oijr~cla~ss won rib- 'bons In science we have pressed' some vwia t flowers and „ put them in shadow boxes. In English class w& drew pictures about books we ob- tained from our library. SeWdmor* Ciastf The sophomore class has chosen the movie, \Gun for a Coward,\ starring Fred MacMurray and Jeff Kunter. K will be seen' in color and cinemascope pn Thursday,- Oct; 16, at 8 p. m. Luella G$iay is chair- man of the movie committee, Carole CbnRWis fit charge of *etreshmenf§, and Nancy Pitcher, advertising. Sppcer and Cross-Country i Teams — Mr. Shau! The fall athletic program of tiie Berne-Knox Central schools' is- well under way. The soccer schedule; with games starting at 4 pv -tit, is as follows: ' Tuesday,, Oct, 14—Bernev&nd* at AliddlebufcgW. Thursday, Oct. 16 -*> Sharbzi at' Berne-Knox. x 'Tuesday, Oct. 21-^-Bei?neVKtio>t it Cdblesftill. ^ Friday*, OCtr 24—Duattesburgh; ikt Peme-Kflox 'The soccer team is coached By SBerriard Jacobs and RoTteri: David- son 6t the Bernet-KnOx High school faculty; '...'- The cross-country ieSiti, <*baehe\d by Ernest Ecker of the elementary faculty, has the following schedule jursday-Oct. 1& -*. Invitatkmal., at N: T. SI Agricultural fiisfi- !& 'ThurSda; meet' tute, 1 Cobleskill, 2:30 p. m. ; Thorsflay, Oct. 23^-Gwihty: cross- country nfeet at/DUaneshurght 3:30 m. Nc* 1 •& Pibk^M/tify Secnonate- fat Schenectady, Nov. 8 -« Cross-country '_ inter- sectionals-at-Hamjltoa friends who have aquariums to find out what makes an aquarium good. Then we had contributions to it. Harold McKenney brought four guppies, Ruth Marion a guppie and snails. Roy McNiven brought the gravel, and Diane Patnode brought the plants and snails. We are learning about maps and globes. Most of us have learned to read maps and have learned where most of the places that we spent our vacations are on the map.- We played a game and found that we have nine \map champs\ in our room so' far. We have not been able to stump them when asking them to show us places on the map. Grade 5 — Miss Bopp The two 5th grades have been having intramurals.- The teams for the boys are the Lions and the Wildcats- and the girls' teams are the Eagles and the Hawks. We put up. bulletin, boards about Alaska and wrote to the 49' United State for information. We put up more bulletin boards about explorers. We brought in microscopes and studied insects, cells and had an insect corner. We caught flies, bees and a dragonfly. The class is studying about the satellites and spaceships that are being shot into space. Jim Moshier, Richard White and Eddie Tymchyn, reporters. Grade 5 — Mr. Cleary Leaders for this week are Kathy McKenny and Richard Tauzel. We sent letters to the 48 United States and some have come back. On our front bulletin board we have drawn pictures of famous explor- ers. The girls have intramurals Tuesdays and Thursdays and the boys Mondays and Wednesdays. Last week we had Iowa Tests of Basic Skills. On one bulletin board we have \Helps and Harms of Man:\ Dick Spadaro brought a puzzle of the United tates. Nora Kelly is champion, in 2 minutes and 55 seconds. Grade 6 — Mrs. Grogan We are very happy to welcome Bill Rapp to our room. He trans- ferred here from School 16 in Al- bany. In science, we are studying- ayihit on:,, .vsreather alia what-- -.makes>,alr< ;c$EffigeU5£LTThex -*cIa!sW i;iiai,: *'' : -- i ' a * V^jlps?^a*-u1otig1ifSrp /ffi'eyfffiftew thaf make aianges in the weather. In art class, we brought in all the different kinds of leaves that we could find and then printed with the leaves dipped in paint- We made floral designs on paper. Many of them came out very well. We are working on our French newspaper. We are also making a French map. Many of us have brought in various souvenirs from France. This vveelf being \Fire Preven- tion Week,\ we have discussed many things that cause fire and how to prevent fires from start- ing. Tuesday we had a fire drill. JSdward .Pollard and Howard Diehl of <the Altamont Fire department were4n charge of the drill/ Mr. Diehl checked the building and Mr. Pollard checked all. the groups in' the\ playground area to. see that all children were out of the build- ing and accounted for- Grade 6 — Mr. Saiilpaugh We have foup new pupils this year: Mary Heacock. Joyce Rein- hart, Charles- Gill and David Spen- cer. Since this is Fire Prevention Week, everyone in our class has made posters on this subject. We are studying about the Ro- mans aiitf the Greeks^ and their\ way of life in ancient. times. . We haVe .been watching the World Series o*fl television during jour reces&„,period. We fcave also made posters about the Yankees and the- Braves. The boys and giills of our grade have» organized ' into intramural ifeams. • We have -been watching fflms that' are associated with science and social' studies. On our classroom bulletin board we are showing posters we have ntSde y about Greece. ' Carol- Ann BandPlin) Janis Crounse, Reporters. ' Special Cla^s - ^ IHrs/ Ranta We made titles for hot dishes, hey are very colorful and look uite pretty. We worked hard on them, They are made of colored plagfefi We used sand paper to fniake then* jsihooth and then gave '.them a ; .he§vy coat of wax. The #a)3 protects them and makes them ;aiin& •\' ;•-.-. Wi celebrated John,Devine's 9th ^birthday recently.. Martha Kirker ;wdl. celebrate her lOtli birthday •thig' Week.- '.'--• !6'RMfe 3*'— Mrs; Lawyer . There axe 33 in our class this 'year, -. 'We ace>-divided- info fdin 4 readiijg^grbUjps.,. ... i ..Iri aMfhmetic: we' learriedlto- tell itifrie;. We dreAv pieties; and; cblc#- fed them to. snow that; Mapjes have Rainess •We'.ha^ learned\abotit halves; thirds-?'- attd fburtBsi . In social studies', we are learn- ing about the building of housesi rWe has?? learned about wofkenr and materials. We all went ori a field trip t6 Mr. AckSmiari's \vSftehouse M.. se\^ materials!. Wei f $Pe% surprised. fefe see* s'o many?'. Mm of fiairs^an^^o,.gee*. Ig flui! ftfaf is usedMffitclahlig^. ffidfty\ pine was interesting, too. Mrs* Johnson arid Mrs*- wilber Whit© wem wffh\a& • m$& will be served at 5, 6,aijdj mMeii. The' mem* consist* of ^ member JIJ&Hhe exclamation \I wish that ,W give more!\ i^^^-^^l/Zn^Z Ifjfe <VWm*B his- servfe e --i»T-t^ a student receives as- a„ st^cJaiiHifi- winner, he also receives•th^fKoi^' and prestige of teih&^pn&;8$$mi : recipients of any give^j^lgE Since colleges' realize. • w4i--i>ii$^, awards are on a cpmpe t titi^.:Bipgi : this adds a little more, assjitancfe of a student's acceptanceipiolsi^p.; ties. . :'''.;:, ->t?w -: Too many students and: i>£rents. are of the belief {hat a? ,|ti?d^4t : who has worked diligently.; and'.coH. scientiously for three years shpijtd: be allowed, te the senior .year, jtpi possibly \coast or \relax!'g#i|ifjh: is the word most often> use'd^.ThCTe.: is no question that this is;prpbal^;~ ly the most unwise counselmg-dth1n> could be given to parents^pr' ,stiei- ; dents in school. To mpSe>:stui, : defits who have been acaderhicaljy good or superior in their V<hieje> years of high school, the?, fourth year is looked upon as p yeaSri. jh^ which the admissions offices . f^K they must do as well or.,|jetter, The fourth year effort is cojiiisider- ed by many colleges- as* aii indica- tion of maturity and interest for; success in higher educa'tidnl This year the senior' clJSss; wall be faced with the proMenfej-offcoliss lege entrance and college selet||pri.1 A word of caution—some' (foljefesf are over-populated, 'howeVer^.tngrjel are colleges that will have'Jooffi for students. A later ariSa& r -will| be devoted to explaining the' ,dttlt| lege dilemma for incoming tfdjSsiSesf' Guilderland students, this/;.'y#ar>; will have the following eXatfiai£-1 tions offered for scholarshigj pur4 poses, which in turn will v ' Be : :f^Uy explained each week, sa'>thi£t parents and the public may -seei the' qualifications necessary and ..the, materials covered. The Nevv-,1?dr& State Regents Scholarship--ei3lihin*i ation will be given Oct. 15 a)nd iSi^ The second examination --is ; ;:ifte|: scholarship qualifying test wlnpr' will be- administered Tuesday fjcti; 21. In addition to this js.,th& U. S. Coast Guard examina^Hpii' which will be given Feb. Si - \ grid 25, 1959. Also the Naval.'<^ef. examination which is giver*-iffidgr 1 the NROTC program tp the'-'reSi^- ients of any colleges '.ipc|fte<t throughout the U. S., vSlff'.'Jtijigf NROTC plan, on Dec. 13,19^|Pp Thorn McAn award is aljiol^- scholarship, with deadline\' tiKarlnv 15, 1959, Also, the Nationaj'lg^ Scholarship examinations'; -will^^i' administered this year. Tfiq'.I^ffp examinations are am;etogjyt&6$^KsB to arrive,; for pro^es^nigS\!^-'.'.'\ffi3 i senior class. ... It.'SsusenbSnessf'o'l \I'm npf at 4ffvWyiripd that' Alask* is bigger tliani Texas, Sur- veyors- do rriaiic9' .^iiita^e*^!ypu( kritt^ W#a=.--6itte\f -'haYe mW. Texgs: re-'sfurveyeof' -r*. 1ty?<k; fWM 'surveyor.\ -^ Editor - Coluinnfsf Jahtes H Russeli *\^- \ iT - mmt. '•, •» -•'«-•• - • % F^te'rgrlse' ads Sie'dressing, mashed potatoes* Wmg. Harvard beets, turmps», Irry sauce, cahbag^ salad, •Svand butter, pie- and; coffee. S^ervations call East Berne liamrSwin^: £ex$'.word,) \Mieif '4. MORE •'fm* almost every pledge^ dur- ini&art evei-v membe ?. canvass, POLITICS A SCIENCE \Politics i's no; a Bad word. Pol- itics is the science of government. ;A, polllicten' i s om< experienced in, and well vfersed. in government. Be' ingi intere-sted and active in poli- tics is st. good and hea^by thing. , for the community.\ — The Pros- ;f seB,-, Wash., Bulletin. Advertise in tiid Ehterprfee. $a^&m#-$m': , v ... 9;30s. a«. m, ( P!reacfiB)g' servicer A senior from- New}. Brunswick. Sem* ^y will hrarigthe message; .IQ:45 ai m. ^Sunday school ses- sions for all. classes 1 . ,, The. XouthL.Fejllbwshi^ will\ hold a paper, drive, Satuip^^ Ocfc. £L COMMUMITV NOTESj .Robert L^iis< has.returjied? home WELL DRILLING AND POMPS- RUSSELL OGSBURY No 'Jroiir- means M£~ Perhaps we have allowed SresponsibiLtties to the- Giver of *$*#' become obscured by our SflSial desires. \gS* »yen if we cannot contribute ii^-irioney. most of us ean give lS)Sig more than we do in the ivP-Qf service. And without v n^pnal service on the part Of its Sijjgrs, no amount of money can S|& the church effective as a •-\••••-•• force. to fdfi 1 - may do his.best; :in the a aminations and isUcceidi Next week Notes carry a full description, purpoe and otiher information concemug the New York State Regents Scfy>» larship examinations Each we?lc Hereafter a Jorbon of Notes to ?You will explain and describe- % various scholarship opportunit»s< which will be presented to «r senior class, with the accompainr-- ing necessary quahflcatiom Throughout the year, if there jjje any questions concerning xtu articles or any sections of the»e articles, please do not hesitate to make inquiry at the guidance, <£ fice. We will gladly clarify ftp section or article written undw Notes to You. U, S-. Anpy, Miss- Virginia ShoJtes andT- son-; Friends Mark* were» Sunday .guests of Mr. and Mr& Donald; Bbyden'. Mr,- and Mrs; John»Rile# and soi Jbhn, Jr.i.andb Joey, and ianda Mat- were Friday night dinner guests of. Mrs. -Jesse! SHolfes. . v Altott BecMr has returned BoinW from the hospital. Miss Patriciai Zimmer of Ndrth- ville spent the' week end with' her parents,. Mr. anid: Mrs*, Howard Zim- mer. Mrs. Barbara Lee of Utica visited John Pickins and Wayne Le!g» oh Monday. Mrs. Clara Mann entertained the' following guests on Sunday in honor' of the 18th birthday, of her daughter, Linda. Mr. and Mrs. John Riley and. sons of Clarksville and Mrs. Jesse Sholtes. Willsey Sherwun has been, spend- ing a few days on a business trip to New York. ife\ Scholarship Qualifying Testl M f uss ? lt 6 *r«' of Springfield, She held in the high school on Mass ^» spendmg some tune with mSbetZL Honor Society mem- ^? b ^ oth « «g f^^Mr. and Parker's CfditfeW 'fivi'lTeftrsf Experieflce ^ Estimates or Information fDArOf* EVENING) SOHENEGTADY ELgin 5-2460 %, D. 1 - Altamont : ! • • **•:***• *«*fM*** *;• *• M • • • • ••• • • • • • • • •• • • • •« • • • S on'-'activities and suggestions to Basjf.cjr college-bound seniors. The folWH&S information has been 'inailiravailable to the senior stu- g|n§r'iri our. Cwrt publication, | og(oft,Higluights, which is prepar- ed-in- the guidance office and dis- •i0j$$& to all seniors through their gprooms. •-pii Regents Scholarship exami- gafipii will be held on Oct. 15 and WM 9 a. m. in the high school. ALTAMONT r-^,A-.4-bedropm home with full cellar, new hot wa* ter. oif fie-atfhi^ftj^arifd puBlfo water, on lot 63x366 ft. the bath .aqdMf,i$pm§^ #%&• \ A Wa> shcfoSed porch 12x^0, new V&rS 32> d - \iw^ejiltrance pprch v The price was $7,400 but MY NEW pUjlBI if fg.|W wi%ajl- offers submitted. JUST RE0il^,:p^^^r|j^T ro NS'on 37 modern homes on nice lots, - Npv^the tiftpfto look these special safes over. OFFICE OPEN EVERY DAY AND SUNDAYS -- 9 to 6 October . . ijggs must take this examination to qualify for financial assistance. *Ebis year we will; pnde again be •visited by representatives from •#lfege admissions personnel. Sen- rjbrl.and their parents are cordially fitted to come to the guidance op* and meet these college repre- '^tatives with us. Here are :^e important dates for college Hsitors in the near future: -Slarpur College, Oct. 26, 11 a. Jbf Alfred University, Oct. 23, 11 Km.; Drew University, Oct. 24, |p) a. nx; New Palt£ State, Oct. 2g^8:30 a. m. . ' ilgenior girls are invited to \Col- j|i Day\ at the College- of Saint Rose, on Westerri Ave., in Albany, IM^§unday> Oct 19. Interested Iseniorj girls 1 should register with ''^^•lMl0t' ilit the guidance of- IllWe } !0&;^snf to : p6wt out the Mrs. Darwin Gibbs. Pvt. Morris Morrow spent the week end with friends and. relatives. Mrs. Archie Willsey,. Mrs, Fred N. Deitz, Miss Margaret Hoeh- strasser, Mrs.- Earl Williamson, MFSV Kenneth Wagner- and Mrs, Clyde Lv Ball a'cdompanied Mrs. Walter Schoenborn to- R-o-xbury on- Tuesday and attended the missionary con- ference. The guidance department j* pleased to fake this opportunity's share our activities with the mem- ers of our communities Thiji g the time of year when we all ate especially concerned with our «>£ ior class who- will be leaving us a. a few short months In «the- future, Notes to You will disc\*- various opportunities for post-hirfi school study and/or work Tha week we will focus our attent* ^w^^Mlent!iisoffexang , --scho- ijtqjsjWdeh^^pilmeet their Of parents connected with education; United States Coast Guard has an- nounced examination .dates for competitive appointments to the Coast Guard Academy, a Liberal Art* scholarship is offered by the CoDege of Mount Saint Vincent, and i there' are Knights of Colum- bus scholarships available, for the sons and daughters of the' Catholic faith. We have also recently re- ceived information on scholarship opportunities for students who are Presbyterians In- addition, the Betty Crocker Homemaker pf»To^ morrow Scholarship Test will be given on Dec 2 The guidance department is al- ways available for information , about <!olleges, scholarship oppor- tunities and college requirements which are of interest to our stu- dents, their parents, and our school (wniiminity. Please contact us for further information by calling Mr Bruno, m the guidance depart- ment, on UN 1-8594 or EL 5-1810.' s Subscribe to the Altamont Enter- prise — $3.00 per year. Enterprise ads pay — try them. BILL LANG kAYS: NEW For All Of Us! Located with my aother, Mrs. Helen Lang, Real Estate'BroW, at 306 DELAWARE A/vOTJE, DELMAR End of Yea/gavings <m 1958 CHRYSLERS ~ PLYt^THS--1 IMPERIAL i will be happy to aeiW*^ Vj& wW\ '#* iv * prompt, pleasant, courteous serVJ^t „kjfry tkt GUARANTEED fdi* your protection. «4^^ Ywfit 6e GLAD you did! FACTORY TRArMEJJ, W C H N |CIANS TO SERVICE Y«4^ . SMALL EMGfNE AND UAW^F MOWER SALES and REPAIR SERVICE J. SIMONS TO Larfe Street Altamont Phone UMioir 1^-64(9' - - OUR FALL CROP IS NOW READY FOR YOUR FREEZER -* You Can Order a — Front Quarter « Hind Quarter or a Half CUT, WRAPPED, FROZEN, AND DELIVERED JUST AS YOU WOULbl LIKE IT . . . OR — you can come to our Retail Store at the farm and choose your roast, steak or hamburg from our freezers. Anyway y<Hi buy it — it is the same fine quality, tender, juicy beef that keeps our customers coming back year after year. The GAGE STOCK FARMS On the Afeamok-DelansonRd. — DELANSON, N. Y. PrjpNE^ DELANSON TWilight 5-2345 1 ****f'****^ i M \*\nrV^rvlrinnnfinnniuuuuui WHY PAY MORE? SENSATIONAL INfRO|>tJCTORY OFFER! — Factory Otftjet -for •— SlPECJAL- :h ALL SIZES. m N|f *|5ripletisert. . ^1^^Trad«Tilt AB Ex#tjfd^ mmmsx Oombfaation Storm' fttt WiMows UWRMV SOLD FOR $22.90 COME IN AND SEE - BRING YOUR SI OONV^NCEi TSAf'ii^ /: •:i \\ .\%i 1. << ' •>

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