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Altamont enterprise and Albany County post. (Altamont, N.Y.) 1958-1983, April 18, 1958, Image 16

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tl •-'\ .'if* ftSr'.;- -\.>!--'»~.S-w»-i«il«5tei*i*jfe»^ , it. ! i s- SECTION TW O — PAGE EIGHT THE ENTERPRISE, ALTAMONTJN.Y* Ff\ DAY - APRIL. 18, 1958 Knox Rev. Roger L. Johnson, pastor. Sunday, April 20: ' 10 a. m. Sunday school. 11 a- m. Church service. Wednesday - Ladies' Aid in the hall. Everyone out to quilt. Choir rehearsals at the usual time. Thursday - Bible study and prayer 11 meeting in the hall at 8 p. m. Saturday - Junior C. S. in the hall at 10 a. m. Thursday, April 24 -- All the ladies of the church are invited to attend the spring conference of the Missionary Un- ion at 4 p. m. The dinner will be at 6:30 p. m. Tickets are available from Mrs. Nicholson for the dinner at $1.50 each April 20. Legal Notices THE PEOPLE OF THE NEW YORK STATE OF By The Grace of God Independent Free ' And To Mellas Pappamihael, J e > u > ope Colitsas, George Himlwtis. Alexandi Tolekus, Nicholas IX Tonias, National Surety Corporation, Fidelity and Deposit Company of -Maryland. „.,„,» And all others interested m the estate of Thomas D. Tonias late ol the tity 01 Albany in the Comity of Albany de- ceased, as creditors, legatees, next 01 kin, or otherwise. SB.VD GH.I0K 1 INirS. YOU AND BACH OK YOl are herel>> required to show cause belore our Mil - Reservations must be made b y rotate of the County of Albany, at tin- (Surrogate's Court In the County tout t i -i ui House in the City of Albany, on the l-tn The registration cards are available \£\% \/ay m$. at ten o'clock in the ' forenoon of that'day. why the Account of Proceed inps of Thomas Colitsas as Executor of the Last Will and testa- ment of said Thomas H. Tonias. de- eeascd, should not be judicially settled and allowed. . , IN TESTLMOXY WHKKEOK V >• have caused th e Seal of Office ol\ our said Surrogate to he hereunto affixed. j (L S.) WITXl-iSS, HON. HAROLD E. - • • - 0 r „ur said Colin - I now for Camp Fowler. All who are interested should get their cards and mail them to the registrar at once. COMMUNITY NOTES Mr. and Mrs. Frank Erwin spent Sunday aflernoon with Mr. and Mrs. Stanton Chile, and attended the dedl cation of the Thompson's Lake church ^f^^^'^Ai^ny, the 3rd day of organ in the evening. Several from here attended the ded- ication service and reception Sunday evening at Thompson's Lake church. Mr. and Mrs. Stanton Clute enter- tained with a birthday party for Mrs. Frank Knvin. Present were Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hochstrasser and daugh- ters Edna and Myrna, Mr. and Mrs. Erwin, and Mr. and Mrs. Clute. Mrs. Quay went to Albany hospital Tuesday morning, taking Mr. and Mrs. Louis Briggs. Mr. Briggs went in for a check-up. April A. D. V.iii. J'ETER I-\ CrXXINttlLUI, Clerk of the Surrogate's Court. Ambrose 1'. Donovan. Jr., Attorney lor Petitioner, -111 firoaduay. Albany. New- York. (Apr. 11-.May 2) PUBLIC NOTICE- TOWN O F GUILDERLAND Proposed Amendment to the Zoning Ordinance. i narcel of land, situate, lying and being on th e Great Western Turn- pike; in the Town of Guilderland, Al- bany County, New York, and bound- ed and described as follows: Be- ginning at a State monument in the ground beside an elm tree on the southwesterly side of the Great Western Turnpike, and in the lands owned by Leo F. and Edwin N. Roehr and the land of Theodore Gould on th e west; thence south about 180 feet; thence east, 180 feet; thence north, about 180 feet; thence west, 180 feet, and containing about 0.75 acres of land. Said premises are the same pren v ises which wer e conveyed by Johan- nes P. V. Jorgensen and Amy B. Jor- gensen his wife, to Dusinius Agaard, by Deed dated July 23, 1951, an d re- corded in the Albany County Clerk's Office July 25, 1951 i n Book 1276 of Deeds at Pag e 281. Being the same premises conveyed 'by Dusinius Agaard to the parties of 'the first part hereto by Deed dated November 24, 1953 an d recorded No- vember 28, 1953 in Book 1383 of Deeds a t Page 104. Subject to any and all covenants, conditions, easements and restrictions of record. That the Zoning Ma p accompany- ing the Zoning Ordinance be amend- ed as required by the foregoing pro- posed change. Dated: April 10th, 1958. TOW N BOARD, TOWN OF GUILDERLAND, MIL O H. CLARK, (April 18) . Town Clerk. visions o f this\ Sestio$ df^ ces °l pllb \ lie amusement or' f<k §* « l ! , ' e,1 , s e shall be Issued,, i n X$nce with the provisions of this - Siance. shall be permitted t o rernainfnoin f° r oiK ' ad ~ ditional hour after 3St Ironi Mon- day night through aid » dil,K s ' ltllr , day nig-ht, and lfXiinir A'l.ws » n< 1 Theatres shall ,be nfciUed to remain open until midnightTon 9 ul,da > \'f' 11, of each week conTmeSs«'\\ \l'' la ?' Sunday of April in fiea' >\\ ] l ' l,d - ing on the last Sattfdw\ of 0, ' 1 \'\' r ' \ each year.» ' v \\\AW- See. 2. This amendment to the said Ordinance shall talc« effect t<-n days after publication an d fccstlng a s i, quired by law. r The foregoing- amendment to the said Ordinance wa s secoXd bv Mi' ''\'\''\ and was duly- adopteg by\ '» e i>'»owiuK' AYE:'(Messrs. Olivel Poller, Gallagher. T »^r d Bur 4 Dated: April n, 1955. C ROBERT pftt'BSTKKVKLT. f To\ n I'li-rk. VOORHEESVILLE CENTRAL SCHOOL Annual SehoopDlstrlct Meeting school District\ v\ ha &\\£ NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARIN G The Zoning Board of Appeals of PLEAS E TAKE NOTICE, that a public hearing upon a proposed Mr. and Mrs. Millard Quay, Robert amendment to the Zoning Ordinance , the Town of Guilderland will hold a Quav and Mrs. Bertha Cook went to adopted on December 17, 1953, as public hearing on May 2, 1958 a t 8:00 Schenedady Tuesday on business. amended, and the Zoning Map ac- ip. m. in the Town Hall, Willow St., The Ladies' Aid is holding a food companying the same, will be held Guilderland, N . Y. sale P! B-irney's Store in Schenecta- a t the Township Offices at Guilder- The case of Ernest R. Chesebro of dv on Saturday, April 19. All those land, New York, on May 6, 1958, at. 1754 Western Ave. will be heard, for who are furnishing food, have it at the 8:00 o'clock, P. M., and an oppor-1 the purpose of a Rear Yard Variance hail Friday evening or 'before 8 a. m. tunity will be given to those opposed Saturday. ! to and those in favor of the proposed Mrs. Pauline Quav and daughter Lu- amendments to be heard. Said pro- ella attended a bridal shower Wednes- P osed , amendments in general terms day evening for Miss'Elaine Summers Provide as follows: and Walter Deay, who will be married . . 1 - Request for a Zoning change in May. annual Cent ral of Xew Mliany il ineet- i Ml till* I'ursday. Kas't'i'ii At , tn , e Westmere Elomontary Sohool on April 34tn, WOK, Worn, four o'olook In the afternoon until te n o'clock , In tho evening; Eastern Standard Time. At tne,*'ort Hunter Elementary School on April 28th, .1958, from nine o'olook in ,the morning: until on e o'olook In the Tiife\ 00 \' East ' em *>uy%ht Saving ami that th e clerk of this district caiiso to be published a t least onco in tho of- lieial newspaper of tnlsNdlstrlcl, an d In such other newspaper s having general oirculutiorPin th e district as ho may de - termine, th e text of (.his resolution.\ i-l KVHEIK TAKUJ NOTlCl!l that In accordance with such resolution,\ tw o ad - ditional sessions of th e Board of Regis- try of this district will be conduotod itl ihe school houses named in the fore- going resolution, on tho day an d within ihe nours fixed by tho same Dated April 14th, 1958. HY OIUJEK OF THE BOARD Ob' EDUCATION, C. G. GILBERT. (April IS) Oistrict Clorlc. -f- SHERIFP'S SALE COUNTY COURT — STATE OF NEW YORK — COUNTY OF ALBANY JOSEPH J. GLICKMAN, Plaintiff, against HARRY BRIDGER, Defendant. STATE OF NEW YORK Lynnwood Reformed Church ifrom Residential t o Local Business. I Owners: Albert Chase and Florence jB. Chase, his wife. Description of property as follows: ;ALL THA T certain lot or parcel of 'land, situated in the Town of Guil- derland, County of Albany and State of New York, and bounded an d de - scribed as follows: Beginning a t a n iron pipe on th e southerly side of th e Rev. Gerard J. Van Heest, minister. Sunday, April 20th: • 9:45 a. m . Worship service. 11 a. m. Sunday school, 6:30 p. m. Youth Fellowship. At 8 p. m., in place of the regular Great Western Turnpike an d in th e Bible study class, th e lay visitation lands formerly of George Roehr ; evangelical training sessions will toe thence running parallel to.the pave- started. Th e program is sponsored ment and 15 feet southerly there - by the classis. Dr . Winfield Burg - from, north 50 degrees west} 50 feet graaf will be the speaker. Monday, April 21st': The evangelical training sessions will be continued, from 6:30 to 7:30 p. m. Wednesday, April 23rd: Communicants' class. Thursday, April 24th: April meeting of th e to a n iron pipe; thence south 40 de- grees west, 200 feet t o an iron pipe; - . • ., - m T ^ , . ,„.,. ,-.. thence south 50 degrees east, 50 feet £• ™z ™ *« J°^ n Hal1 ' WlUow St in a Local Business Zone. FRED R. CUBIT , (April 18) Zoning Officer. NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARIN G Th e Zoning Board of Appeals of the Town of Guilderland will hold a public hearing on May 2, 1958 a t 8:00 p. m . in th e Tow n Hall, Willow St., Guilderland, N . Y. Th e cas e of Russell Butler of 4 Oak Drive will be heard, for th e purpose of Rea r Yard Variance i n a R-15 Zone. ERE D R. CUBIT , (April 18) ? Zoning Officer. NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARIN G The Zoning Board of Appeals of the Town of Guilderland will hold a public hearing on May 2, 1958 at 8:00 to a n iron pipe; thence north 40 de - grees east, 200 feet t o the place of beginning; al l as shown on a Ma p entitled \Property of George Roehr, Town of Guilderland, Albany County, Women' s 'N. Y„ mad e by F. M. Va n Zile, Guilderland, N . Y The case of Franklyn P. Vener, 1 Terry Ave., will be heard, for the purpose of a Side Yard Variance in a R-9 Zone. ' FRED R. CUBIT, (April 18) Zoning Officer. l>.\*' f SUPREME COURT—COUNTY OF '•*-'• ' \.\• i • ALBANY served \tonight (Friday). A f ellx>w- his \wife to\'©^ffli£ , Agaaird.\wlM££ , - ship supper will be served a t 5:45 was recorded in the Albany Countv ARTHUR c - SCHOONMAKER, Plaintiff p. m. and will be sponsored by the Clerk's Office July 25, 1951 in Book f» 9a J= st . N0RMA R - FLESH, De- Sunday school. Guest speaker will 1276 of Deeds a t Page 281 tenaant. be the Rev. Louis Chisman, execu- i AiLSO, ALL that certain piece o r five director of Cam p Fowler, and 'parcel of land, situate in the Town h e wall accompany his address with of Guilderland, County of Altoanv slides, llu -'- -' \ T — • - - - - • \ competitively and to price for Quan- tity, thereby reflecting the railroads' inherent efficiency.\ — BUY NOW! — — EXTRA BONUS DAYS — , Saturday, Monday, Tuesday TOP VALUE CARS Buy on any one of 101 Time Pay- ment Plans with No Money Down. Get Sky-high Allowances - No Pay- ments Till June 1st. Up to 36 Mos. to Pay. Get Best Guarantee and Service in th< CaDit; I Distri X — Tune to WPTR 1540 for Your Bo- nus Key. '57 Ford Pickup. Plymouth Belvedere 4-Door. De Soto Hardtop 4-Door. Ford Victoria. Oldsmobile 4-Door. Mercury Hardtop. De Soto Station Wagon. De Soto 4-Door. Chevrolet 4-Door. '56 Plymouth Station Wagon. '57 Renault 4-Door. '57 Plymouth Hardtop. De Soto 4-Door. Buick Convertible. Buick 4-Door. Pontiac Convertible. Chevrolet Hardtop. 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Cofeiief Golvin , State of Ne w York, and hounded and . ., described as follows: Beginning a t a n A railroad spokesman says this about- ,iron pipe 216 feet southerly from the his industry: \The vicious cycle of loss- pavement of the Grea t Western , of markets higher rates still further (Turnpike an d joining the lot herein loss of markets, still higher rate\S can above described; thence north 50 de - be stopped only by providing the rail- grees. west, 200 feet to an iron pipe- J™*, far greater freedom to price I thence south 40 degrees wes t 568 \\\\\\ \\' \\\ *\ J \\\ \\ feet t o an iron pipe; thence south 50 degrees east, 230 feet to an iron pipe; thence north 40 degrees east, 568 feet t o the. place of beginning, an d containing 3 acres of land; al l a s shown on a map entitled \Propert y of George Roehr, Tow n of Guilder- land, Albany County, N . Y.\ made by F. M. Va n Zile, P.E.L.S. Marc h 28, 1931. EXCEPTING THEREFROM a certain piece of land conveyed b y Maurice Shafer and Mary C. Sharer, his wife, t o the County of Albany, by Deed dated August 6, 1942, an d recorded in th e Alban y Count y Clerk's Office in Book 946 of Deeds, at Page 53, the sarrie being for the proposed reconstruction of the Guil- derland-Duanesburg Part One High- way No . 8084, a s shown on map of the sam e and containing 0.01 acres of land. ALSO, AL L that certain piece o r parcel of land, situate, lying an d toe- ing o n th e southerly side of the Grea t Western Turnpike, in the Tow n of Guilderland, • Alban y County, New York, and bounded and described as follows: Beginning at a n iron pipe set in th e ground on the southerly side of said Great Wester n Turnpike, which point is th e northeasterl y corner of a parce l of land conveyed to J. P . V. Jorgensen, and runnin g thence southerly 488 feet to an iron pipe; thence east, 2 feet t o a n iron pipe; thence north 488 feet to a n iron pipe; thence west, 2 feet„t o a n iron pipe, which is th e place of 'beginning. Being a strip of land 2 feet wide and 488 feet long, a s shown on a map entitled \Propert y of Le o F. an d Ed - win N . Roehr,\ an d made by F. M. VanZile, P.E.L.S., dated October 17, 1947. ALSO, AL L tha t certain piece or NOTICE OF SALE In pursuance or a Judgment of Fore- closure and Sale, duly made and entered in the above entitled action, bearing- date the 11th da y of April. 1958, I. th e undersigned, the Referee in said Judg- ment named, will sell at public auction. at th e Eagle Street entrance to th e Al- bany County Court House, located at th e corner of Eagle Street and Columbia Street in the City of Albany, New York, on th e 20th day of May, 1958. a t 11:00 o'clock in th e forenoon of said dav , the premises directed Ijy said Judgment to be sold herein being described as follows: ALL that certain piece, parcel or lot of land with the buildings thereon, situate, lying and being in the village of West Berne, County of Albany and State of Ne w York and bounded and described generally as follows: On the \\ est by lands of Craig Xasholts. On the NORTH by lands of Ira Shultes, o n the BAST by lands formerly owned by Joseph Garbalfli Corsi (Formerlv owned by Rert Fuller): o n the south' bv tne Public Highway, containing om-half (%) acre of land, be th e same more or less. Excepting and reserving out of the above described premisi-s a strip of land and th e buildings thcrenn, the same is now occupied by Is.w Waklen. being- about twenty-four (211 feet frontage on State Highway and \xtending back along the hotel propei ty i 0 the woods, a dis- tance of about OIK- Hundred Seventy- five (17r>) feet, more or less. A driveway between ihe property deeded and the r'-served property is t o be used in common between the tw o said parties. Being the same premises convoyed to the mortgagor herein by warranty deed of John K. Breekeni-idgc and Helen A . Breckenndge, his wife, dated May 1. l!)o7, and t o be recorded l.n the Albany County Clerk's Office simultaneously herewith. Dated: April 11, l!i58 KENNETH T. McKAY, Rcfsrc© Clarence B Wilcox, Attorney for Plain- tiff, !)o State Street, Albany, N. Y. (April 18-May 23) In Memoriam In loving memory of Stanle y Wood, who died Sept. 9, 1937, an d -William. Wood wh o died Oct. 10, 1957. Time an d good people hel p to tak e Away the heavy burden of grief, In th e loss of both my loved ones Sweet .memories tur n .back ever y leaf. . Life is so empty without you. Mrs. William Woo d Card of Thanks We wish t o extend ou r sincere thanks and appreciation for the acts of kindness, card s an d floral offer- ings received fro m friends, relatives and neighbors during our recent be - reavement in the loss \of our mother, Mrs. Eugenia F. Parry . Mrs. Ina E. Gardner John Jay Henion NOTICE TO BIDDERS Notice is hereby given that the Town Board of th e Town of Ne w Scotland hereby invites sealed bids for th e .sea- son's requirements of bituminous road materials for the year of 1D58 Specifications for the said materials may be obtained b y prospective bidders f r orrl m tne Town Clerk at hi s office in the Town Hall, New Scotland, N 'Y Bids will be received up -to 7:30 p m on th e 2nd day of May, 1058, a t which time said bids will be publicly opened and read at \the Town Hail, New Scot land, N . Y. The Town Board reserves the right t o reject an y o r all ibids. Dated: Ne w Scotland, N . Y., April 7 1958. BY ORDER O F THE TOWN BOARD O'F THE .TOWN OF NEW SCOT- LAND, N . Y. RAYMON© C. RAYNSPORD, (April l-8r25) Town Clerk. a^p At a ^Special Meeting of the Town Board in tne iov»ii or bechiehem, iwew York, held at the Town Hall, Delmar, New York, on the 11th day of April, 1958. Present,: John M. Oliver, Supervisor; Ldgar L. Potter, Councilman; Donald Gallagher, Councilman; Edward C. Tallmadge, 2nd, Councilman; Donald H. Burton, Councilman. Mir. Burton offered the following amendment t o the Town Ordinance re - lating t o Licenses an d Regulations for Place of Pubjic Amusement within the Town of Bethlehem, an d providing closing- hours for such places, and moved its adoption: The-Town of Bethlehem, acting through Its duly constituted Town Board and pursuant to the authority conferred by Article 9 of the Town Law, ordains and enacts a s follows: Sec. 1. Section 3 o f said ordinance Is hereny amended by adding a new sen- Notice is hereby gil.„ thin tb eeting of th e inhabitants <•! , 'booi Distric t No % Towns Scotland, Guilderland land Bern.- County, Qualified to Vote at *ch. inp m said district will ho If\ schoolhouse in said d strict on o ay ,-V 9 <? 8 at T: M o-Viock P. >\• Davlig-ht (Saving Time for the transa.ction °i, su ^ n , business as i s authorized by th e tOducation Law. And .notice is also Riven :1M i a \>!>>' of the Statement of the a m it of money which will |,e reouiied im- tin- ensuing year for school pun>.>sr.-. ex- clusive of public moiifvs, max be ob- tained by any taxpayer in the di.-tnct during- th e seven day\ Immedian l> pre- ceding th e annual meeting, except Sat- urday Sunday or holidav, at tin- lollnw- mg: schoolhouse in which school is main- tained during the hours designated: Voorheesville High School (Schoolhouse) e'-iu -a. m. t o 4:00 p. m. . . i P (Hours) And notice is also riven that petitions nominating- candidates for the oilu-e of member of th e board of education nn-st be filed with the clerk of th - district not lat-er than the nth dav piecediner the school meeting The following vacancies are to be fill- ed on \the board of education: TERM OF OFFICE .,..,_ _ 5 years NAME O F LAST INCUMBENT William C. Senning RESIDENCE voorheesville, Xew York Each petition must be directed to the clerk of th e district, must ne signed i.v at least twenty-.fi ye qualified voters of the district, must .state the name and residence of the -.candidate an d must describe th e specific vacancv for which the candidate is .nominated including- at least the length oft'he term of office and the name of th e last Incumbent. _., .. , „. v .„„„ And for the..pur.pose of votiiiK upon the BE. for a distance of 6( t0 „o^5l«r5S?J. uU< * ! ^ n e of v, y Road ; the PROPOSITION^ No. 1 - Shall Central 13' W. an d running al School District No; 3. of the Towns of ~ New Scotland, Guilderland and Heme, authorize th e trustees to spend for one sixty passenger school bus a su m net to exceed $9000.00 and to issue therefor obligations, of thfcdistrict pursuant t» the provisions of -'the Education Law and the Local FinancejtLaw. One trvrd i- to be paid upon delivery of said \bus from monies on hand, one- third to be paid on September 1, lSoSKand one third to be paid on September/l, 19511, an d 'o le w a ta x t o b e collated r n installments from the paymeSt^f the principal of and th e interest 'Srijsuch obligations. And for th e trasSetion of such other business a s mayijkiperlv come beiore the meeting. '.ptf Da t e d : -March 31;'# s g J. : -,G|pADGLEY, '• : je|erk ot th e Distri. t (April 11-May 2)-\<S NOTICE OF~A s r|*AL..MEETING CeNTHA^-M^Mj^S^^hfik- NO. 1 OF TRrTOVv^tK&^BER'rVE, KNOX, NEW •SC'Cf'f'LAN.QgStitfS WESTERLO, COUNTY O F .ALBANY, AND MID- DLEBURQH ANO^WRIGHT, COUNTY OF SCHOHARIE,''STATE'OF NEW YORK. '.:•;• Notice-is-hereby giv.eV'that th e annual ...eeting of the qualified;.-voters of CEN- TRAL- SCHOOL DISTRICT XO. 1 OK THE TOWN-S OF BERNE, KNOX, XETW SCOTLAND AND WBS35ERLO. rOl.'NTY OF ALBANY, ANiE&'ttMIDDLrajTKOH •YND WRIGHT,' COJOTTY Ol\ SCHO- HARIE,- STATE- OF33JEW YORK, will be held at the Centrala^phool Mouse in said District in th e •'Village of Berne, in the Town of Berne, AlBany Cotiniy, New York, o n Tuesday, May 6, l:i5X. at S o'clock, daylight savinte'time, in th e eve- ning for the election d£ a member of th e Board of Education ot-said School Dis- trict for a full term of^fjve (5) years to succeed Emil Horl, whose term will ex- pire and for th e transaction 'Of such other business a s is authorized, by the Educa- tion Law. : • And notice is alsoThereby given that petitions nominating -candidates for the office of a, member .-of: the Loard of Education must be fileoV with the Clerk of the District not later than April 25, 1958. The only vacancy to be filled on the Board of Education is the vacancy which will occur by-jeason of the, ex- piration of th e term;®-.-said Emil Horl. Each petition shrfll Be\'.directed to tin Clerk of the SehoolrtSstrict, shall be signed b y a t least twenty-five, Qualified voters of th e District? shall state the name, an d residence o'f-fihe candidate and shall describe the specific vacancy on th e Board of Education f6r-'which the candi- date is nominated imhich description shall include a t Ieastf';fh'e length of the term of office and iher'name of th e last incumbent, if any. •,' \ And notice is also Hereby given that n copy of the statement;©! the amount of money which will be'cTfequired for the ensuing year for scHo'ol purposes, ex- clusive fef public moneysiiniay be obtain- ed by any taxpayer lri^tB'e District dur- ing th e seven days inifiiediately preced- ing th e annual meetitfgjr\.except Saturday, Sunday or holiday af.-(fitch of the fol- lowing School Houses-iin which school is maintained during fli&tfollowing- desig- nated hours: •'£*' The Central School Souse in the Vil- lage, of Berne, X y \-jfiOO A. M. t o 12:00 Noon and Loo P Ji''to\4:00 P. M. . The Westerk, School House in t';e Village of WesterS K T-, 9 :0 ° A- M ' to 12:00 Noon. , ,1 And notice i s hereby&iven that, in ad - dition to the business-iereinbefore men- tioned, the following '.proposition will be submitted to the meertril?,- to be voted on by th e qualified votaB \°f said - ' Sch ° o1 District: voters raoposmhiJf NO. 1 RESOLVED, that rhB&oard of Educa- tion of Central Sihool^Wstrie't No . 1 of the. Towns of Berne%nox, Ne w Scot- lan / ^.'] a \'esterlb 'bounty of Albany, and Middleburgh and Wight, County of Schoharie. State of Net™ork, be auth- orized to purchase nn'e \(W school bus at th e es,i m ., t C e n d a ^ a 5?| ura ; cost of Ten Thousand (Slfl,000)!rjollors, of which sum not more than Nin e °Wdusand ($9,000) Dollars shall b e rai s ed% * he lev £ of , 5 tax upon the taxable:-'wdperty of said School District and collected in .annual installments as- Provideo \by Section 416 of th e Kducaiion liRnd in anticipa- tion of such tax hriA#oi said \ Soh001 District shall l,fi as ^ p ffand the balance of said sum not eSfairu? One Thousand (51,000) Dollars shift, *V P aid out of m ?w^^ ppr °P ri ateu\ in » e budfret - *->j\i wo: April 7 mstf\. V\\?LU\Y- 9 P«HERWIN, * n -, , , Clerk oi Tile- t> iBtrict ' (April 11-May 2) T**.-\ . CFNTRAL SCHOOl \ijl'STRICT NO, 2 OF THE TOWNS^hrGUILDERLAND, BETMI ^HEM .•t.9!kvNBV/ SCOT- ALB AI# N %Ol!>NTY, NEW ss* COUNTY OF ALBANY liy virtue of a n execution issued out of th e County Court, Albany County, State of Ne w i'ork, -to m e directed an d delivered, upon a judgment that was ren- dered in the County Court, County of Vlbany, State of Ne w York, in an uction 11 favor of Joseph J . Olickman and against Harry Bridger, said judgment duly docketed in th e County Clerk's Of- fice, Albany County, State of Ne w York on the 21st da y of November, 11)56, I, Patrick 11. Casey, Sheriff of Albany County, State of Ne w York, shall sell a t a public auction a s • the la w directs, on the 12th day of May, 1958, at 10 a. -m., at th e Eagle Street entrance inside of the Albany County Court House Build- ing in th e City of Albany. County of Albany, State of New York, all th e right, title and interest which the said Harry Bridger had on -the 21st day of November, 1956, an d which h e may have since acquired in an d to th e following described premises, to wit : All that parcel of land situate In the Town of Colonie, County of Albany, State of New Y'ork bounded an d described as follows: Beginning at a point in th e West Line of Vly Road at its inter- section with th e south line of the 0.958 acre parcel of land conveyed t o th e parties of th e first part by Edward C. Kirker b y deed dated June 20, 1950 an d recorded on the same date in the Office of the-Clerk of Albany County in Bqpk No. 1220 of Deeds, at page 16\/.; thence on a bearing of N, 48 degrees 00' W . and running along th e south line of said land for a distance of 278.16 feet; thence X. 36 degrees 29' E. and running along ! he lands now o r formerly beloning to D. Torosian for a distance of 70 feet; thence S. 54 degrees 36' E . for a distance of. 238.21 feet; thenc e S. 20 degrees 47' 60 feet to th e west thence S. 49 degrees ong the west line of Vly Road for a distance of 90 feet to the point and place of beginning. All that Piece of Parcel of land with the buildings an d improvements thereon. Dated this 28th da y of March, 1958. PATRICK M. CASEY, Sheriff. By Leland Ryan, Under Sheriff. Alan J . Gould, Attorney fo# Plaintiff, 113 State Street, Albany, Ne w Y'ork. (March 28-May 9) SUPREME COURT' - ' ALBAN Y COUNTY THE MECHANICS AND FARM- ERS SAVINGS BANK OF AL - BANY, , e Plaintiff, <P -against- JAMES E . FISET, Defendant. In pursuance of a judgmen t of foreclosure and sale duly grante d in the above entitled action and entered in the office of th e Clerk of the County of Alban y on the 17th da y of March, \1958 I, the undersisned, Referee in sai d judgment named, will sell at pub - lic auction a t the Easrle Stree t Entrance of th e Albany County Court House in th e City and County of Albany, State of Ne w York, on the 5th day of May , ii»58. at 11:30 o'clock in th e fore- noon 1 Daylight Savin g Time) of that day. the premises directed. by said judgment t o be sold and therein described a s follows: AL L THAT CERTAIN LOT , PIEC E OR PARCEL OF LAND with the buildings and improvements thereon erected, situate, lying, and being in the Town of Colonie, County of Al- bany and State of New YorU, kno.wn and designated as Lo t No. 130, on Ma p No. 4, Lisba . Kill Homes, Propert y of Well- Bilt Realty Corporation, Tow n of Colonie. Albany County, New York, dated Jun e 21, 1954, made by C. T. Male Associates, Kenneth J. Male, L. S., whic h man was filed in the Albany County Clerk's Office o n Octo- ber 19, 1954 as Ma p No. 3283 m Drawer No. 152. INCLUDING as part of th e realty of the above described premises one 30-gallon ga s wa - ter heater\. Dated, March 21st, 1958. RICHMOND MERRILL „ru , Refere e Whalen, McNamee, Creble & Nichols Attorneys for Plaintiff Office and Post Office Address 75 State Street Albany, New York Mar. 21 - Apr . 25 LUMBER & BUILDERS' SUPPLY 'iNCQRPOrtATEp PAINTS HARDWARE PHONE 9-968 MAS0N3' SUPPLIES DELMAR, N. Y. . «L_.^ at ton o'clock In th o forenoon of thai ( 0 ^ o oxiponded therefor, i t being esti- da.v, wh y (ho limlrumont ol'lorod horoln mated thul tho maximum coHt of such should no t bo admit lod to probata ax and Ipurpotm In $700,000, and that a ta x for tho luat Will and Toafunumt of nuld ec)llu l ( 0 auoh additional «um Hhall be deceased. IN T10ST1MONY WHIQKIOOK. Wo have caused tho Soul of tho .SuiToguto's Court of tho said County of Albany, to bo hereunto affixed. (L,. S,) WITNESS. HON . RAHOLD IB. K0KEMAN, Huri'OKiUe of our said Coun- ty, tit tho City or Albany, on tho 7th day of April I n tho your ol' ou r l,i)i-d, one thousand nine hundred an d fil'ty- e i B h t. J. RICHARD WILLIAM'S, Deputy Clork of tho Kurrotfuto's Court. Towner & Krway, Attorneys, 112 .State St., Albany 7, N. V.. (Apr. ,11-May !)) NOTICE O F ANNUAL MEETING Central School District No. 2 of the Towns of Guilderland, Bethlehem and New Scotland, Albany County, New, York. COUNTY OF ALBANY ' SS * STATE OF NEW YORK I, Robf-rt l-\ Westervelt, Town Clerk of the Town of I.iothlehem, d o hereby certify that the foregoing is a true an d correct copy of an amendment to the Town Ordinance relating t o Licenses an d Regulations for Places of Public—Amuse-- ment ,„withln the Town of Bethlehem, duly adopted at a special meeting of the Town Hoard of the Town of Beth- lehem, held on the llth da y ofi April, 1S58. a t th e Town I-ra.ll In th e said Town. IN WITNESS WHKREOF, I have hereunto subscribed my name arid af- fixed the seal of th e Town this 11-th day of April, 1D58. Seal: ROBBKT ]•-. WESTERVELT, (April IS) Town Clerk, 1 HE PEOPLE OF THE NEW YORK LAND, YORK. .To the nmWieS, voter* ol th e above named Central l)S f H?hK TAKE WTIcf-'ig^-'-at a regular - • - wa^v plication of tile adopted on The 2?tti tence'at the end of saTd'secti'on'.'To read fb.T^\ 1 '' Peoria as follows: |\\ voici-s, i lp ,s •.Mol^&rih. 1958, .JJ&r'irtidri of quaH 7 • 1 ™, iip :Ui,v i\>e same 11c, =••,* amended. so V,™ : M .thereto, at the By The Grace of .God Independent STATE O F Free And To William Garrison, whereabouts un- known; John Doe, Mary Doe, Richard Roe and Jane Roe, th e last four names being fictitious and Intended to represent the unknown hehs-at-ltiw an d next-of» kin. If any , of said William,- Garrison, provided said William Garrison be dead, the heirs at law an d next of ki n of Ella Garrison, late of th e County of Albany, deceased, an d th e person named as executor, testamentary trustee, guardian, and each person named as executor, testamentary trustee, guardian or bene- ficiary In any other will of said testator filed In this office, send GREETING: WHEREAS, .Teannette W . Dalns of the City of Detroit In th e County of Wayne, State of Michigan, has made application to our Surrogate's Court of th e County of Albany to have a certain Instrument ih writing, bearing date th e 3rd day of August, 1923, .relating to real an d beiv Sorial estate, duly proved as th e Last Will and Testament of Ella Garrison late of County of Albany, deceased, TKIiSRB-- FORE, you and each of you, are hereby cited to show cause before ou r Biud.Sur-i rogrn-te In the County of Albany, af'the Surrogate's Court of said County, hold In the County Court House IntliQ.City To th e qualified voters 01\ th e above 1 named School District, TAKE NOTICE, 1. That the annual meeting ol' th e said school district will take place on the 6th da y of May, 1958, at seven-thirty o'clock in the evening, Eastern Daylight Saving Time, at the' Guilderland Central Hig-n School in said district. 2. That on the same, day an d a t the same place, th e election of members of the board of education of the said dis- trict, will be held separately. 3. That the said election will take place between the hours of ten-thirty o'clock in the forenoon and 6:30 o'clock in th e afternoon, Eastern Daylight Sav- ing Time. 4. That a t said election successors to the following named memners of th e board of education of th e said district are t o b e elected, for terms beginning July 1st, 1958, and ending on th e dates set forth herein following the name of the respective member of said board whose term is expiring on June 30th, 1958, to wit,— A successor to Kodeiie Thompson, for a term ending on June 30th, 1963. A successor to Gustav Koschorreck, for a term ending June 30th, 19G3. A successor t o Joseoh Graham, for a term ending June 30tlw 1962. 5. That petitions nominating candi- dates for members of said board must be filed with th e undersigned District Clerk not later than th e 25th da y of April, 1958. , 6. That pursuant to a resolution duly adopted by the board of education of th e said district on th e 21th da y of .March, 1958, personal registration of qualified, voters will be required t o enable such voters to participate in said meeting an d in th e election of members of said board of education. 7. That the places, days, and hours at which th e board of registration of said district will meet to prepare th e registry of said district are as follows.— At th e Guilderland Central High School, on Monday, April 7th, 1958, from two o'clock in the afternoon until eight o'clock in th e evening, Eastern Standard Time. At th e Westmere Elementary School, on Saturday, April ,12th, 1958, from tw o o'clock in th e afternoon until six o'clock in the' evening, 'Eastern Standard Time. At th e Kort Hunter Elementary School, on Saturday, April 19th, 1958, from tw o o'clock in th e afternoon until six o'clock in the evening, Eastern Standard Time. At th e Altamont Elementary School, on -Saturday, April 26th, 1958, from Wo o'clock to the afternoon until six o'clock in the evening, Eastern Standard Time. At the Guilderland Village Elementary School, On Thursday, May 1st, 1958, from two o'clock in the afternoon until eight o'clock in th e evening, Eastern Daylight Saving Time. 8. That qualified voters of the district may present themselves for registration at any on e of the places designated in section 7 of this -notice, regardless of their place of residence within th e dis- trict. 9. That th e said board of registration will meet during th e said annual meet- ing, from th e opening thereof at seven- thiry o'clock in the evening, until final adjournment thereof, for the purpose of adding to the register the names of qualified voters of the district wh o were not registered pursuant to th e provisions of section 7 of this notice, so that said voters may be able to vote a t meetings or \elections held more than thirty days subsequent to such annual meeting, bu t no voters so registered during such an- nual meeting shall be entitled to vote thereat, or a t th e election of members of th e board of education held separately on th e same day, pursuant to th e pro- visions of section 2 of this notice. 10.' That an y person shall be entitled t o have his or her name placed upon th e register of voters of the said district provided that ut the meeting of th e said hoard c-f registration at which he o r she levied upon all th e taxable property of the School District In order to raise th e monov required for such purpose, an d that such lux shall be levied In annual Installments which shall be In such amounts un d levied In such years as may bo. determined by the Hoard of Education arid thut bonds or other obli- gations of th e School District of th e ag- gregate amount of $20,000 ar e hereby authorized to be issued in anticipation of thu collection of said tax, and that th e I sum or Jl,082,000 authorized to be ex- panded for th e erection of a new school building by resolution adopted at a >s|)Oclal meeting of voters of th e School District held on November H, 195f), is hereby reduced to $1,027,000. 3. T o receive, consider and vole upon the annual school budget or statement of estimated income an d expenses, exclusive of public money, deemed necessary for school purposes for the school year com- mencing July 1, 1358, and to vote th e necessary taxes to meet such estimated, expenses. (Copies of th e statement of such esti- mated income and expenses, a s prepared by th e Board of Education, with th e advice and assistance of the Citizens' IJudget Advisory Committee of th e Dis- trict ma y be obtained by an y taxpayer of th e district during the seven days immediately preceding th e annua! meet- ing, except Saturdays an d Sunday, be - tween the hours of 9:30 A. JI. an d 2:30 P. M., a t th e offices of an y of the ele- mentary schools an d a t th e offices of th e Senior and Junior High -Schools a t Del - mar.) 4. T o elect one member of th e Board of Education for the full term of five (5) years, commencing July 1, 1958, to fill th e vacancy caused by the expiration of the term of office of Daniel P . Dry - den, th e present incumbent, whose term expires June 30, 1958. (Petitions nominating candidates for the office of member of th e Board of Education must be filed with th e Clerk of th e District a t 700 Delaware Avenue, Delmar, N. Y., not later than April 25, 1958. Each petition must be directed t o the Clerk of th e District and must lie signed by at least twenty-five (25) quali- fied voters of the district, and it shall state th e residence of each signer. ft must state th e name and residence of the candidate nominated an d must de - scribe th e specific vacancy for which the candidate is nominated, including at least th e length of th e term of office and th e name of th e last incumbent.) 5. To receive and consider the annual library budget or statement of antici- pated income an d necessary expenses, exclusive of public money, for the opera- tion of th e Delmar Public Library for the calendar year 1959 and t o levy taxes upon th e taxable property of the school district to meet such expenses. 6. T o elect one Library Trustee for said Delmar Public Library for th e term of five (5) years, commencing January 1, 1959. 7. T o take action on such other mat- ters as may legally come before said meeting. Dated April 8, 1958. LILLIAN S. SKILLMAN. ' District Clerk. (April 11-May 2) NOTICE TO CREDITORS Estate of Nora M. Maroney By order of Hon. Harold E . Koreman, Surrogate of th e County of Albany. NOTICE I S HEREBY GP7EN. accord- ing to la w t o all person's having claims or demands against NORA M. MAR- ONEY, late of the- Village of Menands, in said County, deceased, that they are required t o exhibit the same, with th e vouchers in support thereof, t o yi e sub- scriber, th e attorneys for the—executor, Alyce Maroney, of said deceased, at their place of transacting business, a s such attorneys for the executor a t 112 State' Street, Albany, N, Y., on or be - fore th e first day of August next. Dated Albany, N. Y. this 4th da y of February A. D. , 1958. TOWNER & ERWAY, Attorneys for Executor, Alyce Maroney. (Feb. 7-Aug. 8) THE PEOPLE O F THE STATE OF NEW YORK By The Grace' of God Independent Free And To WIDHBLMIN1A LANGEVIN, c/o Hudson River State Hospital, Poughkeep- sie. Ne w York; JOSEPH E . LANGEVIN, as Committee of the Person an d Estate of Wilhelmina Langevin, a n adjudged incompetent, c/ o Perm. Y.M.C.A., 33rd Street, New York City, New York; GLENS FALLS INSURANCE COMPA- NY, 100 State Street, Albany, New York; nhnl'Fn^Jn^hYml&lf n?hpr«£lf h e o r she SARAH AN N CRAWFORD, 37 Lakeview shall present nimseii or nersen, n e o r sne T, OH J Rnip nnrfp' OUPIIPP r«n«j.. ,. un„«n « - nrovpn ,„ the satisfaction of gglTH B p. e KING,' M^QuSen StV^et: Dartsmouth, Nova Scotia; ELSIE EADLE, 38G Third Avenue, Verdun, Quebec, Canada; HERBERT NOLAN, 915 Henderson Street, Columbia, South Carolina; ALBERT NOLAN, 2659 Ballou Street, Chicago, Illinois; And all others interested in th e estate of LEONARD D. LEADBETTER, late of the Village an d Town of Colonie, in th e County of Albany, deceased, a s creditors, legatees, next-of-kin, o r otherwise, SEND GREETINGS: YOU AND EACH OF YOU are hereby required t o show cause before our Sur- rogate of the County of Albany, a t th e Surrogate's Court in the County Court House in the City of Albany, on th e 24th day of April, 1958, at ten o'clock in the forenoon of that day , wh y the Ac - count of Proceedings of Joseph E . Langevin, a s Administrator of the Goods. Chattels an d Credits of said Leonard D Leadbetter, deceased, should not be judicially settled and allowed, and why this Court should not determine the per- son or persons entitled to receive the property an d estate of said decedent and the interest of each therein IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, W e have !'n l ,!rnL, U ' e t S f n l u 0t ° ffice of ou r ^id Surrogate to be hereunto affixed. KOp:EfiAT? rlT ^ ESS ' ? ON - HAROLD R KOREMAN, Surrogate of our said WttS ofA,bany ' lhel2th PETER F . CUNNINGHAM. Clerk of th e Surrogate's Court A n JTn n n Q Str ? ub ' T, P1 e° r s a \d Manning; Attorneys^for Petitioner. Office an d Is known , o r prove n to th e satisfactio n of such board of registration, to be then or thereafter entitled to vote at th e school meeting or election for which- such register is prepared. 11. Triat th e register so prepared, pur- suant t o th e provisions of section 2014 of th e Education Law, will be filed in the office of the clerk of the district upon being completed, an d such register will -be open for public Inspection by any qualified voter of the district, on each of the five days prior t o th e date se t for th e annual meeting (except Sunday) between th e hours of two o'clock in th e afternoon an d five O'clock in the after- - - noon, an d at the Guilderland High School on th e day of the annual meet- ing an d election, between th e hours 6f eight o'clock in the forenoon and ten - thirty o'clock in the forenoon, all hours in-this section of this notice being East- ern Daylight Saving Time. 12. That a copy of the statement re - quired by section 1716 of the Education Law relative to the amount of money which will be required for the ensuing year for school purposes, exclusive of the public moneys, may be obtained by an y taxpayer in th e district, at each of th e schobl houses described in section 7 of this notice, between twelve o'clock noon and two* o'clock In the afternoon, Eastern Daylight Saving Time, on April 2!)th an d 30th, May 1st, 2nd and 5th. 1958. 13. That at said annual meeting th e following proposition will be submitted and voted upoh,— \RESOLVED that the proceeds of. sale of that -portion of th e site. of the Junior-Senior High School upon which now stands a. dwelling house, th e sale of which wa s duly authorized a t the an - nual meeting of this district held on May 7th, 1957, less the expenses of said sale, be deposited in the general fund of th e district.\ Dated; April 3rd, 1958. BY ORDER OF THE BOARD OF EDUCATION. C. G. GILBERT, District Clerk. (April 4-May 2) f' Lf d l r ?' 90 St f t e Street, Albany ' 7, Now York. (,Mar. 21-April 18) NOTICE OF ANNUAL MEETING Of Central School District No. 6 of the Towns olj Bethlehem und New Scot- land, County of Albany, New York. NOTICE IS HEREOBY GIVEN that the annual meeting of the Inhabitants of 'the CENTRAL SCHOOL DISTRICT NO 2 BET T H H L E P .I 0 ^ NS a ?, F GUILDERLAND, BETHLEHEM AND NE W srOT Y 0 RK: ALBANY COUNTY, S NEW naTned'^lstTlc. 1 '\ 6 3 V °' erS ° f the above nrovl^ 0 ^ TIC1 ?, that „ Pursuant to th e piovislons pf section 2035. subdivision 2 of the Education Law , the follow nc rule ha s been- duly adopted by th e Boa?? or Education or said district ,.„. A r y .WaHiled voter wh o Is duly leglstered as such who desires to su Friri °„ ; ^ annual \^tlner of this dis- auditorium of Bethlehem Central Senior which ma y hel'eaft^r be fl 1 ,n e v tl, n , VS er6o , f High School, 700 Delaware Avenue: Del- \eld. any• question or nrnn n y .ii°£ ,le d . an f mU n r '„ N \ J- on TUM««y.May (5th, 1958 at bo required^ f fe the Fexf thereof w,U 7:30 P. M. a s required by law : the Board of EducJiti™ «V.* ?„i eof ??\\ acV,on T Ur^ lof-.ng T Vso?tffi-: a \ d -° \\« «- f0, -L^XS¥3S P, b y v (t | ™T°?° Ed^nTOWtt?,^ ,o^n°d f r S\Sf ?V S '\ for the erection of a new elomcnln.\\ Propositions which tho ftonJWS?! 0r so 1001 j building; and the purchase of the Hon hM authority l to „™L° ™ucn.- original furnlshlntrs, equipment and ap - \nuiial moetlmr withrmt ILVf para'tus required therorw, an d th e gral- thorn In the notice there™ •' SPeclf '\So other Imurovemoht. of Its site \\ \ '\\lie Tiioioor. lihorlzedyby th e resohillon aclopmd al In, all.nw^.uii, uy uiu resolution aclnplnd n.1 -Notwithstanding th e foregoing pro - o^T^^Vgf ^So^ 6 iV Ai^^'^iiith'a^V'k^W. tjf.A To stl T\^Z&-& ( Ap,„ m 1-, . v v- .*\>tlce thoreor.' Dated Apj-ll 14th, 1958. an specifying thB»e,?!j;. C G. GILBERT, District Clorfcj

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