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ALTAMOXT, Is. 1. I>EC. 8, 1888. CLARKSVILUE- Xo ssrvi,'^ ia the Ii?i..>r:n.id church now on account of repairing. Mr. Alex H. CrouLLi? of tMs placs has re- coivetl tho appointment of clsi-k to sheriff elect Eooney. The M. E. clinroh Snn.lny school will Lave a Christinas tree, aacl other -exercises on Christinas evcu iug. The Reformed people cleared Sft40 at their Chicken Supper on liust Tliursdny evening, Nov. 20th. The New Sdtlani T.r.va San lay School Convention will hoLl IU m mthly session in in the M. E. church of tins place on Tues- day evening, Dec. ISth 1SS3. SOXJXH Mr. and Mrs Lines', of 'Wnterbury, Conn,, lave been visiting friends here. A Christmas tree is talked of to be held at the M. E. church on Christmas eve. Mr. Pete;- H. Vanclerzee and his two sons, Dow and Henry, are visiting friends in New York. The South Bethlehem Cornet Band have commenced their private reiiersals for the Grand Concert to be given butwoen the Hol- idays. A village camp meeting is being held in the 3<i. E. church this week. Services every afternoon and evening. Mr. Henry Herber, of Feurabr.sh, and Hiss Minnie Weitzel, of Callanan's Curs., were married last Sunday evening by Rev. A. E. Lord. BSKlfS. A Basket Party was held at I. V. SbxJtc-s' on the 6th inst. Eunis Wright has bargained for the Peter Hoehsfcrasser place, Edward Johnson is being treated by a cloetorin Middleburgh for his lameness. Alva M. \Wright has purchased Lester Xiuckey's farm, and Mr. Luekey has bought a place in Schoharie. Union Thanksgiving services were held jn the Lntheran church. Sermon by Eev. \Win. Wurte. The collection raised for the poor amounted to $6.17, Services in the Reformed church have been changed to the afternoon. The ladies pray- er meeting was held on Thursday evening at Dr. W. E. Deitz's. Childrens prayer meet- ing at Mrs. N. H. Dayton's on Sunday even- ing. E. C. Shultes and family of Coeyinans and Dr. A. E. \Witter of Chestervillg, were in town and partook of a Thanksgiving dinner at Mr. Ira \Witter's. The doctor expects soon to remove to Coeymans Jonciaon. Is ivndoubtedly caused by lactic acid in the blood. This acid attacks the fibrous tissues, and causes the pains and aches in the back, shoulders, knees, ankles, hips, and wrists. Thousands of people have found in Hood's Sarsaparilla a positive cure for rheumatism. This medicine, by its purifying action neu- tralizes the acidity of the blood, and also builds up and strengthens the whole body. VOORHEESVXLIS. E. E. 'Wornier is doing quite a business in his meat market. Mrs. Annie Swift Isft here last Saturday to spend the winter with her daughter at Philadelphia. It is reported that Mr. Mattice, the station agent at this place, will move in the house of Mrs. Gorostock, lately vacated by Mr. Gor- Ifun. A colt belonging to \Win. P. Young, one day last week, being scared by another horse, swung his head suddenly, striking Mr. Young, who was close to him, knocking him senseless and giving Mm a serious black eye. Jjasfc Monday night in Wathias' store Thos. Tygert lost a dollar and Henry Frederick earned one as quick as'a person could lick a straw. Ask the parties if you wish to know how it was doae. Several of the boys from this place intend visiting the G-. A. It. Bazaar on Saturday evening to witness the drawing of prizes. The County Convention of the W. C. T. If. will be held in the Presbyterian church at this place on Friday and Saturday of this •week. Children's exercises on Friday even- ing. H. Peter Martin, of Hamilton Co., a flag stone contractor, is boarding at E. K. Warmer's. \Sour correspondent wishes to make a cor- rection to a statement which was innocently made in. the last issue. It was David M. Bradt who painted the parsonage and not Flockton & Eadley, Mr. \Win. Beebe, who has worked through the season for F. B. Lagrange, has returned to his old home to spend the winter. \Walter \Wood of this place -was married to Si-iss Jennie Hendricks of Albanvlast Thurs- day, Nov. 29th, Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Tnttle, from East Berne, are spending the winter near this place. J. P. Joslin had a sheep killed and partly devoured by a dog some time ago. A trap was set the next night and the dog was caught, but escaped before it could be cap- tured. Would it not be well for the people in New Scotland, who keep Scotch terriers, to kill their dogs before they kill any more ?beep. ''MT WIFE IS ATEKROB\! said a mild-tempered man in our hearing. \She snaps and snarls, spanks her children and finds fault confexually. I can't bear it any longer,\ Don't be too severe on her, my friend; you little realize her sufferings. She Jxas lost her former sweet disposition, and ill Jiealth is the cause. Dr, Pieree's Favorite Prescription will make her well. For female diseases, 'functional derangements, bearing- iOowa. pains, and the long list of ills that sender women miserable, no medicine can compare with this. It is the only medicine for woman's peculiar weaknesses and ail- ments, sold by druggists, under a positive guarantee from the manufacturers, to give satisfaction in every case or moneyrefunded. gee guarantee printed on bottle wrapper. For $31 derangements of the stomach, liver »nd bow.ela joke J>r, Pieree's Pellets, or Anti bilious Grannies* SKCX. T rs. M. A. Jones luis returned from an cstaniled visit in the west. Our district school began Monday under :he supervision of M. Ball, of Berne. Mrs. Ezra Stevens diud very suddenly List week Thursday Heart disease being the causa. Quarterly meeting will take place in the north M. E. church next Sabbath, at half- t ton. The presiding elder will be present. Miss Alta Hallenbcck is visiting friends in this vicinity. I. H. Reamer of Altaiaont gave us a call one day this week. Mr. Ezra Sc.hoolsraft took a hog to Albany on AVednesdisy that weighed S'di pounds. . H. Gnr^nr-r rot:-.rnod from New York on \Wednesday having spent several days there. J. H. Gar.lnsr shipped two cars of apples from this station on Tuesday to W. H. Ev- exiit, Newark, Jf. J. GALLUP VIIXE. I School began at the new school house Monday, .Miss Lizzie Hotaling spent Thanksgiving at Albany. Chas. Fisher, of Central Bridge, spent Sunday in town. A congregational meeting was held at the. .Lutheran church Saturday. Born, on Saturday evening, to Mr. and Mrs. John Briggs, a daughter. A series of meetings, continuing for days, will commence Tuesday at the M. E. church. Commissioner Alverson wishes to see all the teachers of the town of \Wright on Sat- urday, at one p. in., at the new school build- ing, for the purpose of organizing a Town Teachers Association. CATARRH, CATARRHAL DEAFNESS AND HAY FEVER, A NEW HOME TREATMENt : Sufferers are uot generally awafa that these diseases are contagions, or that they are cua to the presence of living pa-iiir.ites in the lining mcmhr<tne of the iiosa and eus f ;icuian ubes. iliscroscopic research, liowovar, has proved this to be a fact and the resuh is that a simple- re- nieriy has baeu formu'ated whereby ca- tarrh, catarrh deaf ness and hay fever arc permanent]; cured ia from one to three simplo apr.liciti ions made at home by the patirnt once in two weeks. N. B.—For fsacaiTual discbaraes peculiar to families (whites) tbia reraarfy is a specific. A paaiphles explaining this new treat- meut is sent ou receipt of ten cents by \, E, D son & Son, 304 West King St. Toronto. Ojiuada.-^A'c/ejiJi^c American* CHRISTMAS PRESENTS DUWJJSVIil.E, Mrs. Maria Walker is quite, ill. W iss Emma Fairlee is under the doctors care. Mrs. Carrie Eaton is suffering with a se-' ere cold. John and Freddie Jooshave started a meat market in Schenectady. Porter Belden has routed the farm of John YKnderjiool and will take possession April 1. Wro. Wagoner expects to give up farming in the spring. It is reported he thinks of taking up the hotel business. Oar blacksmiths have plenty of work to do. To hsar the ring of the anvil at the old comer again, brings to memory scenes and incidents of bygone days to man)' of our older residents. QUAKER STREET. Our district school is closed this week, the teachers being away in attendance at the In- stitute. A shooting \match was held at the Ameri* merican Hotel on Thanksgiving day which drew together a number of local sports. An Apron Social was given by I. 0. of G-. T. at their rooms on Thursday evening. It proved to be a very enjoyable occasion. The advisability of changing the location of the postoffice to the Depot is being dis^ cussed. The feelings of the patrons of the office is being considerable wrought over the matter, for while the people at the depot find it very inconvenient to go to the old village after their mail, it has been so long estab- lished at the present location that they will not relinquish it withoiit a struggle, jt ap- pears to us that if the people- of the depot •were to change the name of the place they would increase their chances for its capture. Quaker Street is certainly an unwieldlyname and one that should belong to the past ages but -when you come to Quaker Street Depot, —oh, fathers! The town is certainly deserv- ing of something better. Eailroad rates reduced to ail parts of the United States, Canada and Mexico. Bound trip and one way tickets at Lowest Rates. Murray's Ticket Office, 512 Broadway, Albany, N. Y. NEW SALEM. Nicholas Fowler is very ill with typhoid pneumonia, Isage Albright is visiting relatives and friends in the vicinity of Syracuse. James jVinne has his chimneys embellish- ed with a new coat of paint, causing them to present an. appearance at once unique and at- tractive. The Harvest Home Supper at the Kef. church, was a success in spite of the bad weather. About f 50 was realized from the proceeds. Miss Foreman spent Thanksgiving at her home at Cold Spring, and the youth of New Salem enjoy a rest from study until Tuesday in consequence. D. \W. Bennet, McMillen, Young and Hen^ ry Moak loaded the last of their apples for Edwards & Co., at Voorheesville on Monday. Aleck and Ike. will now get a rest, which they will no doubt appreciate. The minds of our local politicians do not seem to be quite clear yet as to whether Har- rison and Hill were eleeted by the prohibit tionists or the saloonists. Evidently there are complications in New York politics which are somewhat puzzling to the rural expo- nents of the scienee of government. Since the cahnity which befell friend La- Grange last week, it is to behoped that Coon will bury his self-operating sausage machine beneath the placid -waters of Voorheesville lake, or in some other appropriate place, where it will not be a constant menace to the lives and limbs of the residents and visitors to the metropolis of our town. The third monthly meeting of the W. C. T. TJ. was held in the Eef ormed church on Tuesday evening. The organization now numbers 16 active and 3 honorary members. Some who have been solicited to join decline on the ground that \there's prohibition in it'' Well friends, if you favor temperance why not oppose the liquor traffic whence ninety-nine one-mmdredihs of the intemper- ance in our land proceeds. It would seem as though favor of the temperance cause and opposition to the liquor traffic ought to har- monize. THE HOLIDAYS And the colder -winter weather are now rapidly approaching. The joyful geasonis ea- gerly anticipated by young folks in thousands of homes; but in nearly all there are one or more older ones to whom the cold waves and storms mean renewed suffering from rheumatic back or limbs. It is not claimed that Hood's Sarsaparilla is a positive specific for rheumatism; we doubt if there is or can be such a remedy. But the remarkable sneess Hood's Sarsaparilla has had in curing this affection sufficient reason for how those are suffering to try this peculiar medicine. CUMBERLAND. Freddie Vosburg is on ths sick list. The New England Supper a£ Air. S. Kel- ly's netted nearly f 1G. There will be a Christmas tree and concert at the Presbyterian church Christmas night. Eobert Magiil, with the aid of a dog cap- tured .a racoon on Tuesday last weighing 22 pounds. Mr. James N. Cromme and -family spen t Thanksgiving with friends in Schenectady, and Mr. Geo. A. Chapman and family • with friends near Hudson,- N. Y. Among the visitors in town over Thanks- giving were Jerome Carey, and Mrs. Weaver of Amsterdam, Mrs. Wm. Gaffer and Miss Josie Passmore, of Watervliet, Mr. Henry Yoorhees and cousin of Hoosac Falls, and the Misses Eosetta and Mary Davis of Patterson^ ville. A frightful accident occurred near Mc- KownsviUe on Monday last. While James Kelly's team was coming from Albany heav- ily loaded with grain, a little son of Elias Sager attempted to climb on the wagon, un- beknown, to the driver. He fell beneath the wagon and the hind wheel passed over his head, crushing in his skull Death was in- stantaneous. His funeral took place on Wed. nesday and his remains were interred in Pros- pect Hill cemetery. A Great Misfortune. The heavy rains this fall have totally ruined crops ia some localities, and its efo rects is now being seen in diseases among farm annimnls. Almost every day cases of croup, swelled head and a distemper very disastrous among poultry are report d A pait of this is also due to improper feeding. Many persons think as soon as cold weather comes on, they must begin to feed heating food to their hens, like corn iueal, &e. The result of this course, is if they do not break down from the disease prevalent, they soon get very fat, look fine and people wonder why they do not lay. You cannot make a hen lay when everything you give her is being transformed into fat, and leaviug the foundation of disease same as with an over fed child or person. Alfred T. Johnson, Hampton, N. H., says, \last fall I had 80 fine looking hens, which began, to droop and die; I changed their food and began using Sheridan's Powder, hi three weeks they were asarly well, and had increased the eggs six- teen a day. I have just bought six cans of it, as a preventive of disease the corning win- ter. It can't be beat, for that large can saved me $40 last year.\ Mrs. E. B. Cai-lin, Conklin Centre, N. Y., says, \I have used Sheridan's Powder to make hens lay for three years. I know it also keeps them healthy for I rarely lose one now. toy neighbors are getting interested in Sheridan's Powder; but they do not use half enough; one or two small packs is not a fair test. I shall send soon for six c;ihs, as I get it^cheaper. During an eight Weeks trial using Sheridans Powder, I got fcomjforfy hens, 1707 eggs.\ I S. Johnson & Co., 22 Custom House St., Boston, Mass., (the only makers of Sheri- dan's Condition. Powder to make hens lay) will send, postpaid to any person, two 25 cent packs of powder, and a new Poultry Raising Guide, for 60 cents. The book alone costs 25 cents. For $1.00 five packs of powder and a book; for $1.20 a large 2J pound can and book; six cans for $5.00, ex» press prepaid. Send stamps or cash. In- teresting testimonials sent free. ers iroiu ca-ariua. uvuotea hould read the above carefully. For Sale—One registered yearling Hol- stein IS all, good size and gentle. Will bo sold cheap. For particulars call on or a dress ISAAO IIEAMEE, Altamout, N. Y. —A good steel, four-tined, manure fork for 35 cents at Bewgher's Yoorheesville, Burns and Felons Cured Without Pain. THE IRVING AMBER OINTMENT SALVE is a very soft, clean, neat preparation tc cap bespread with a koife without .vanning and without soiling the fiingers ; , [t is prepared from the best vegetable substances and upon purely scientific principles. It sooths sad destroys pain. It draws corruption from sores, after the cwrnp'ion is removed it beals and leaves the skin smooth and healthy. If. cures Felons, O d Sores, Cuts, Barns, Bruises, Serjfula Sores, Fever Sorea, Uisefs, Can- cers, Ring Worms, efo. Price 88 and 50 eant.s a box, sent by mail post-paid. THE VB^CSLIUS HEALING BALM: cures a'i skis disease, piaipleS, etdi Directions. For a lame back, rub a little of tbe Heal- ing I3.Jm oa tilt; hands, then rub the back up acd down nights before retiring. For Pimples on the face^ and eruptions on the body, apply the Balm at nigbt, with the fingers* For pneumonia, Icfl.unma- tion of tbe LUDJ-8 and Sore Throat rub the Healing Balm on tne parts effected, cover with cotton; let the cotton remain oa over night; in tbe morning remove the cotton, wash the chest and throat with warm salt and water. The following are some of tbe diseases that yield to the ciifitive properties of Healing Balm.' Pimplea, Salt Rheum, JEciejna, Cliil* jins, Bunions, Tetter, Itcb, Itching sensation oh the skin, Barbers Itch, Cba- >Z, Scald Head, Lame Back, etc. Price 25 and 35 cents a box Va-OELfErs' VEGETABLE LIVER, STOM- ACH, KIDNEY AND BLOOD PILLS.—They are readily digested, and cannot injure any one. They produce no griping pains, and do not leave the patient constipated. They purify the blood. They cure Sick Headacbe. They tone up the whole sys- em. They aid dinesnon. PriceSScents for one box, or Oae Dollar for five boxes Al! of the above for Sale by Dr. W. I. Vescelitis, 78 North Pearl Sr.. b 0, Hods- Kins, Di-iifigis',78 N. Paar! Sfc.,__C. L. ShuffiiJbotbam, 3 Clinton 4 v e., D. H. Foada & Go., Wholesale Druggists, 70 & 73 State ft., A McOlure & Co., Whole- sale Druggists. 74 & 76State St., Albany, N. Y., and by Druggists geueralyl To IfcsxT—Desirable rooms in a double house on Main street, Altamont. Apply to Mrs. tTames Ogsbuiy. FOE SALS^A good work horse about 16 hands high, gentle and a good roader. For particulars enquire of Mrs. J. Stafford, Alta- mont, IT. T. NEW SCOTLAND Who won the turkeys at the raffle Thanksgiving Eve ? $12, a ton. is the price ieceived for rye straw at this station. H. Hotaling, our West End sportsman, has killed another fox. Between two and three thousand bushels of rye purchased here at 68 cents per Dtishel were shipped from this depot the past week. Mr. Frank Iteid and family of Montana territory, have been at his mother's, Mrs. Hannah Eeid, of this place. They are now visiting in New York city and on returning will leave for their home in the far West. A very enjoyable praise service was held at the church Thanksgiving evening. The exercises, consisting of readings, recitations and singing, were given by the children of the Sabbath, school. The primary class, under the direction of their most efficient teaeher, deserve special mention for the very creditable manner in which they ren- dered their parts. Able and pleasing j marks befitting the occasion were made by the pastor, Bev. Dunlap. The members of the congregation brought their bountiful Harvest offerings, which at the close of the exercises were presented to their pastor. The committee having the exercises i n eMtage are to be congratulated, on the suc- cess that attended their efforts. Two sportsmem brave, left their home one day, A fox for to shoot, if it came in their way; Look! my friend, that is no trifle, And a loud report was heard from the rifle. \The fox! run! quick! he's in the wood- pile,—\ A long anxious search, but the hounds lost the trail \Never more, never more,\ sighed the winds -with a wail. Is Consumption Incurable? , Read the following: Mr_C» H.Morris Newark, Ark., says: \Was down wit.h Abscess of Longs, and friends and physi- cians pronounced me an Incurable Con- sumptive. Began taking Dr, King's Hew Discovery for Consumption, am now on my third bottle, and able to oversee the work on my farm. It is the finest medicine ever made.'' Jesse Middlewart, Decatnr, Ohio, says; \Had it not been for Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption I would bave died of Lung troubles. Was given up-by doctors. -Am now in best of health.\ Try it. Sample bottles free at Daven- port & Frederick's Drug Store. IHPOETAXT AssoUNOBMEOT.-^Auyone de- siring to procure a piano or an organ will have the privilege of trying the Crown in their own home before purchasing, This is a rare opportunity. To be sure you get a good one, we shall expect your order. JOHN SISTEKLT. Don't fail to inspect our immense stoc of Fancy Embroidered Slippers. They are cheap and handsome. We sell Slips for 50 cents and 75 cents that can't be bougiit for twice that amount in any olher store. Our price3 oa Shoes and Rubbers are a gen- uine surprise to every one, being lower than most dealers can buy for. gjFDon'S Forget the Plase. 85 North Pearl Street, Albany, (Opposite the Kemnore House) iitfjlp 4 (mk WILL OFFER THIS M0NT3 A SPLENDID ASSORTMENT OF Dry Goods, Hosiery, Underwear, Notions, Ladies' and Men's FURNISHING 600DS, CHILDREN'S WEAR Meu's Scarlet, all wool, Shirts and Drawers, Men's White and Grey Under- wear, (scarlet and white knit goods by the piece Over Shirts, Dress Shirts, Scarfs, Bows, Ties, Collars and Cuffs, Canton Flan- nels, Stockinet, Toweling, Yarns, Hamburg Edging, Corsets, Jewelry, Handkerchiefs, Gloves, Umbrellas, Etc., at Prices foi* Cash ! T. F. Mills, Maple Avenue Altamont. ^—^DEALER IN—• Groceries, Hardware, Flour, Feed, Tobacco, Cigars, Paints, Oils, Glass, etc. -—SPECIALTIES COFFEE, TEA, CBOTJHSE'S BAKING PQWDEK AND ^»iip erl ative JAMES H. WILLSEY AUCTIONEER Of Several Tears Experience. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. Post OrBue Address, Alcamonti .N. T. A. It. Miller. Cor. Prospect Street & Helderberg avenue. COLDS —BY USING- ALTAM3NT Market, Dec. 8, '88, BuiTfiK—32 cents per*ponnd, EGGS—27 cents per dot. BUCKWHEAT Ftotm^$2.<J0 perewfc. STRAW—$12 per ton $13 per toa. VALUABLE FOR SALE! — —: ~- To close an estate the Executors of- fer for sale* regardless of value, a farm of about One Hundred aiid Fifty Acres in the town of New Scotland, known as the McCullock Farm. Soil very pro- ductive. Said farm is well stocked with choice plums, pears and apples, (being well adapted for the same,) *ith good substantial buildings. Said farm also contains an inexhaustible stone quarry of first quality stone, atjd is easy of access. Said farm- lies about, one and a half miles from New Scotland station, on the West Shore R. E. For further particulars call on or address James A. Fryer, Guilderland Centre or Conrad Fryer, Voorheesville, Albany Go, ._ Also a farm lying in the town of Bethlehem'. Albany Co., within } mile of city iifie, containing about Thirty one Acres of very productive land. Soil strong clay loam. Said farm is now in the milfe and truck business, be- ing very remunerative. Buildings in fair condition. Also a farm adjoining tbe above of about Seventy-four Acres of land lying on the banks of the Norm an skill creek, being also a strong clay and sand loam, well adapted to gardening and milk* trade, which is now. being carried on the farm. Said farm contains a fair amount of fruit. Buildings, ordinary. Also a farm in the town of Bethle- hem, Albany Co., of about Seventy Acres, on the west bank of the Nofin- anskill creek, and within 1 tnila of city line and 1 mile of Hurstville. Soil of said farm consists in part of black air leuvial soil and part strong clay and sand loam. Said farm is used as a milk and crop farm, and is also well adapted for gardening, laid farm contains a fine apple-orchard. Buildings in fair condition. Also a plot of ground of about Twenty-seven Acres lying along the Whitehall road within j-pf a mile of Albany pity line and i mile of Hurst* ville, said land being well located for a countryseat, having natural advant- ages. The soil consists in part of clay and sand loam mixed, being capable of producing large crops of vegetables. For further particulars in relation to the foregoing farms in the town of Bethlehem call on or address James A Fryer, Guilderland Centre, Albany Co\ or JBichard Fryer, Giffoid's Senenec- tadyOo., N. T.j Executors in said es- tate, „«.« S CQTJQK SYRUP, THE BEST COUGH REMEDY IN THE WORLD. 2Uc.' for a Large Bottle at JJXUJAJU 1 d JJJ.V/U w diLwJiwi£i, 55 and 57 Washington Ave. Albany, K. Y. STEINWAf CHIGKEEING PIANOS. WEBEB PIANOS. c itfBTT SOFS 4-9 State St., Albany, Intite you to see the finest line of Pianos, including a large number of splendid tJp- iights. $10 down aad $5 per month, will buy a piano. <S>5 down imi $2 per month mil Buy an organ. Secure a first chance. FISCSlB PIANOS. GABLES PIANOS. ESTEY ORGANS. 0. E TABEE Boofing, Gutters, —DEALER IN— BfOVMS, SANG S3, PIPS, TIN- WABS, ETO. Satisfaction Guaranteed. MAPLE AYS., - . ALTAMONT. DENTAL ANNOUNCE- MENT ! Of interest to all who wish First Class work at one-half the usual prices. Teeth made in four hours to accom modate persons living at a distance. Our chief aim will be to give to all our patrons complete satisfaction and wet shall rely upon skilful conscien- i oas efforts and the employment of choice dental materials to accomplish thsi end. No charges for examination and advice. Dr. B. F. Carmichael, 201 Union St., Cor. Ferry, Scheneetady, N. Y. A Having recently opened a Tin Shop in the tillage of Altamont, we would re- spectfully ask the public patronage. It will pay you to give us a call and learn prices before placing your orders for Tin or Slate Roofing, GatteriBg, or or anything in the line of General Job\ bing. \We are willing to work at \let live\ prices, and will guarantee satisfaction in every instance. Secor & Manchester, Altamont, N. Y. 39 Washington Avenue Albany, N, Y —USE— Millers's improved Coedition Powder RBADTMIXED FAINTS a specialty.' —ALSO— Paints, Olla, Glass, Brushes, ct« A. R. MILLER, ALBANY, N. Y . 46 6m. \WHOI.E8AL AND RETAIL DEALER IN CL0THIN8 MSN'S YOUTHS' AND BOYS', 18, 20, 22 and 24 JAMES STEEET, Coruer Maiden Lane, ALBANY, IM. Y. \VTOTICE TO CREDITORS —By order -^ of Franois H. Woods, surrogate of the county of Albany. No'ice ia hereby given, according to law, to all persona having claims or demands against IMM Albright late of the f.owu of New Scot- land in said County, deceased, that they are required to exhibit tbe same, with tbe vouchers in support thereof, to th» subscriber, the Executor, Peter 8. Al- bright, of said deceased, at his place of transacting business as such Exeouior at the office of James A. McKowu, No 114 State street, Albany, on or before tbe S(tk day of March next. Dated .Albany this 12th day of Septem- ber, A. D. 1888. Pete»S. Albright, Executor Ao. XTOTICE TO CREDITORS.—By order - 1 -' oi Francis H. Woods, surrogate of the county of ^Ibany. Notice is atreby given, according to law, to all psrsooa having claims or demands against John. athan B Gray, late of the town of Guil- derland in said county, deceased, that they are required to exhibit tbe tame, with the vouchers in support thereof, to the subscriber, the Administrator of the goods, chattels and credits of said deceased at his place of transacting business aa such Administrator at his residence in th» town of Guilder land, Albany Co. N. Y., on or before tbe 2nd day of April next. Dated this 17th <Jay of September A. D. 1888. Walter Gray, Administrator. OTICB TO CREDITORS.—By order • . J of Francis H. Woods, surrogate of the County of Albany. Notice is hereby given, according to law, to all persons having claims or demands against Wil- liam Siver late of the Town of Goil- deiland in said County, deceased, that they are required to exhibit the lame, with the vouchers in support thereof, ta the subscriber, the Executrix of th» last will and testament of aaid deceased, at her place of transacting busi- ness as each Executrix a* her residetioe in the town of Guilderlund, Albany Co- N. Y., on or before the Fourth day of March nexc. Dated this 27fch day of August A. D. 18 8. EMMA SITEB, Executrix. OTICE TO CREDITORS—By order „ of Francis H. Woods, surrogate o* the county of Albany, Notice is hereby given, according to law, to all persona having claims or demands againut Josepk I. Sbnl tea, late of tba town of Berae, in aaid county, deceased, that they are required to exhibit tbe same, with tbe voucher* ia support thereof, to the snbsoriber, the executor-of the goods, chattels and ortdita of said deceased, at his plave of transact- ing business as such executor, at tke law- office of John D. White in Berne, Albany Co._, N. Y., on or before tbe 15th day of January next- Dated Borne, this 10th day of July. A. D., 1888. ' ABTHUB W. SHDXTW, Exeoutor. LBANY CIT SAVINGS INSTITUTION ESTABLISHED 1850. B*ffKDfG HOUSE 47 STATE STBKT At the City National Bank Building. Deposits and Surplus 12,300,000 Which are Securely Invested according to the Laws of the State. Money loaned on bond and mortgage and on securities allowed by law. In terest paid on deposits 3£ per cent. Com\ menoing first of each month. Depoiita may be made by mail in post-offloe orderi bank checks, or oash ia registered letter* ' or by express, and bank books will be re turned, by mai!, to each depo*Itor« is registered packages. 0FFICE&8. EDGAR COTRELL PRESIDES*. JOHN G^WHITE, \ YlCE-P*BSI»EirTS TKBASTTKBB SKCEMABT, ABST-SECRMABT. ! E. DEL. PALMER, AMOS P. PALMER' RUSSELL C. CASE P. M. MURPHY EDWJ!RDJ.GALLIEN ACCOUSTAKT. TBU3TEE8. I JOHN Q. WHITE, EDGAK COTEBLI, f A. P. PALMER E. BE L. PALMBB, I P. M, MURPHY JAS. W. COX JB. ~~\ ———— ' } J. M. BATTBRMAN HBNRT MATBL&, I GBO. I. AMSDEM, RODNET VOSB, rtAlgfRflW BfJDTISRE RELIE* & ! SELDENE. MARVIN (JEO. H. THACHKR, nMinHU ff flUFI Ont CURE. I ISBAN HESS. FRAKCIS H. WOOM Simple, »afe, reliable and a perfect retainer. It ! • , _ not a Truss. Worn Day and Night ana It! ALBERT HBSSBERO. prerenoe- forgotten. Send for circular withteetl. prereno mpniaU \ J this paper.or obtain «t<lrr»M« on advertising space when in Chicago, wiU find it on iilaM 45 to 49 Randolph St., | M|||| A VilAIM* t LUllll« llHHRS*

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