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-tv#\ H*?t.i&~2 t Jfi* CUBlft* lilftvIJu.' m?fa Go©. gpffiUorax, »-'of'the. W «>4e •. to .Mr Burns safest TftPBorw pi ft SWfc'toi.- \I •£\P jpgpfcfc* I ffi&H* '1 fh-Bell-. 1^#land ge|Br»% Fe«ep~. 8&e*fc, jf&ftft- IWff if, mil' 4 §l§f' : f~*d. imne is, • «$%ear t Salts p? D- Book Mce 86' it.-.. »» t 1 ^-.^ma*^.- ;^fi5J^j^\^K^i^ ON W$$S^ »\* miuUft ota&e 7v WEDNESDAY, KEBRUA^f; e, it siBfmiBsanssHcaBa .J2S28K58S5KK •aw—• \[wi\i 'jitjVA < fK\: • -v- *' •IP mi •-CONDITIONS / « • . OJ THE PALLADIUM. ring are tjie TEHMB ©U ils^jfeper '-Wilt be published, Cam jut no instance be departed J£p;,.Ullage Subscribers,, Two Pol lars^^ Filt^ Cents per anauqi, pay-^ • (ftli^bal^ye^rJ y. . . v\. - • *'.' _ .'' -.' \, %p thpse ]tivj»g* out °^ $*** vilMgfe who call a* the office, Two Boilars, , ^»i^.^penWs-,.. *Tvva Bolters, .KMseBS^Two^ Dollars and Fii> ••• ^oifefert-by Post-Riders, fc*06, ' ^ayPle^ftUiirterly.. ' %^d^efwimps'. #1-3 or-iipward's ^i§||%^d^ai\nee *ih)e»B$Uar- and v^^%^l:^b©r^is^, -Two^o'llar^. ; iap|6llRea%.v'^' \ - •• ' / ' ^M«^%^liN^Bv%kQ f ix months; ;W»^#l^lll^^5 r '^ Advance. .No, . p^r4%P^i«-a«d %itttont payment' :»&i%fl'o|r^r^%e^; •. ;. ', . Hates o| • Sd^Ttising. ; ;/\«^|fei?»»'»»tl w>t exceeding a gf^^l^i-beinseritid three weeks for %4j||li44l#4 Cof every subsequent |riiserl|i^jTMettty-ftve.Cerit6. A deduc- -..^ip.B\qflif^ty-feye per, eeat'-made- U tb9^ ^hja-adverfise by the year. adVer^sffiienta' dlscontinued v» i . orifert^nlti a%ttteinent. '; ''\.'.'•; ^^^-^Ife^lfeftters a^d' eommua.ieii-; ,BiJdec,«T>D WITH SKkT3N:E$Sj AOC-U ^• ; iiM% f 'kmi-:-$xmvtT;tQm.. AT .TK-B •;• No 1>ANGIN6- SCHOOL, XT rN* it '/j ^* OST respectfully ioforms the I^abitaiits of %ne$a, that he inter.ds to open his Schpollbr anoth- er ^uar^ter this seasot), oil Taesday the -:'-28$ inst», at Efce ? s Asserably Tftooro. . *^he days ; ^f %ttetidance \wili'be 'fues'days aiid : Wecloesdays— h%rs of tuition, from 2at»til S, p, M, fo$ liadies, and from--tT until 9, for ^entleaien. ODhe '^rnjs \5?ill b^ $5 per Scholar. ° Mr. ^. retiiriis his sin- cere thanks for the liberal encourage^ meat given him last Quarter, and begs leave to mention, that he hopes still to merit and receive the patronage of the; liberal arid enlightened citizens of this place. \ Geneva, Jan. 16, 4822. '15s3 . '>.:N..IJAHI) ; his thanks to the citkens of this village for the lib- eral support' he has received , from them, and informs thetti that iiis third quarter will commence, on Monday, the '\7th Inst. He further solicitsa share of the public patronage, and hopes, by unremitted exertiotiSj to satisfy those who employ him. Terms, ft,SO;|>er quarter.—$t Faid m ad vance.' ;•-?•\. • •• \ M\ •Eoenvng $iho$ will be taogh for two months. , NewspapersV|*said not h% proper vehicles, for\ diss^minatin^^li^ious truths, t)^t Vith all due defeV|rice n we are, of a contrjir^ opinion, an# when ever we find a comnihni cation, like the following, #Veh from the Charles- ton Courier, ^e shall be proWd to give it place j there is a moral and religious beauty in it which we can- not but admire. auraing \t®1&, t|e^bfettej| ttceommodatiou ^ ':,1fer|Ip5l3^C»the«sy^he stfi scr1|«?;'^^^^i^en : 0fr'|«i n»iog-, '•_ Jts ! ittbri;a8''th&ria¥^atl6'lJ '^penS: - t ^0^^i» WM umi> 'West iei»eista0 W #rf e-^ft from TJtiei st efteoih thevsame pljw *fd?%iiJB^-fia;ch.weefe .'..-..- v >' •; jLi&rgelEeanis are 4«gaged ,t0 eo ..^»-i%g»ds ; #pan>06ne'v,a to aoy part, ^|^^n-\«Q^i , y» ; \1|y thisarran^ ^ ^l|tt| %lswei|ab;^4 and wilt enga' •^^a,«»ttK»J %*Ml Iroft?' Albany to:Qe>ni T4#G&\& to ^ to Koehesier frtt 'Ol^r^:^' ' ' '\'#eft'8trajv \are in eo ^Xperiene • at-iTtar : 4il^f eut^p'iPaf^s .i,'lJ^|t|ia.^EC^ v&v--? 'ITv-jthlg^S^nd vfr^j^-'\- w'ljri* ;'occw. furnished hii«^e#^ « ; largs ^H^iitf'^f t hem ^ate^l^is^'and ^jfa^ured a tnimberW tht$rst*ite worknie^, ha will; endeavour to- |«eep*^n hatt4 ageijeral ;^s)ortttiefttaf r V'.'; ~'\ • ,•• THIS DO IN ttRM-EMB-K^TO^^^Igj, These were the rlararkable words of Ouf Saviour, at Jfene ciose of the most golemn ordinafe ever instituted in the christian church. It was on the dismal night in which he wasbe- trayedi that he asspbled his disci- ples together, to cfemmetnorate his dying love. The twelve bad been constantly with hlrd during his pub- lie ministry, and-flfe'subjects of his private admoniti^nlittdjnstructions, —he loved them Srilife; and in death wasatixious WleaW'them a legacy that should be as Idling as time it- self. The behest wafs the sacred eni- blems.of his ow^^o^ and bl6od ; and was not otdy ^fe^tathed to his apostles, but to ^U who should be- lieve on him in; every^ age of the world: guarding it at Ihe\ same time, by the most terrible thunders of the; Alrnighty,4hat the unworthy might not dare to a|tptoaeh'it--for it was holy, arid hoffo 'be polluted' by un- sahctified hands, without iiskltig con- riatioa. f tc This do/' §aid the heavenly m*. ittttor ? ct in r^membrahce of me^'* !e$,,it is to be 4'one iii remembrahce him, whose memory should tie erished wMle gratitude vVarins the ar^t o( man. Thfe sufierinjgs he was o^t^feficountfer w^rVot noordin^ g: hand. He had ^l^eady received |host e^er^ cohtum^y ifhm tMise *% lrS°? *:&**& »<$*} assiduousav of amictiou was not yet full. lie betrayed by one of bis professed ids, deriied by aftother, and Ibrr en by all-r—to he mocked by his eniies, and suffer the agonizing of the cross, that man might re* ;n his^ forfeited allegiance to his ,er. Airth|sh6WeHknew,1)uth'e Pause then, ami return to ;hi^ : youwill dHnk wme'new With him Pai^adise* *. -;'--'-':' '••• . : '\ Are you.fist going the way of all \ K , and hSve yo« in patience pos- your souls, looking beyond temporaryafflictionsas but the means of weaning your aj0fections from earth? Sou d o indeed remember him, and he does not forget ydu,~-- He will acknowledge you before as* sembled aitgels, when your gray hairs ,^o_|owBU.:to m& gr-aye*'' ..F^rseyere> ; anq'as your head blossoms for the tomb,,your heart ripens for an eterni- ty of happiness. Are you in the morning of life, and have yOu placed ypnr hope on that Saviour I Fear no evil—-he will iiev- ejr leave you nor forsake you, hut will guide you securely through all the dark mazes of this howling wilder- ness—the fiercest dragons.of the pit may assail, but they cannot injure you, for his. omnipotent power will be, exerted for your redemjption.-^ Trials, afflictions, poverty and dis- tress, will only ( be momentary^your bliss will be endless* iieraember you.r. bleediag SayioUr, aad wll will- go well. In the last agonies of expi- ring nature, and when the dark mists ofdeath obscure your earthly vision^ your soul will'look up to him with a hope as cheering as the meridian sun to the beclouded mariner. In death, he shines upon all who have remem- Your humble Bible essayist too, in taking hi$ reluetant farewell, hopes that you will someftimes* remember him b^%re that Throne» where the petitions of the.high and low imngle, togethep—•where rank, title and dis- tinctions are nothingi-and wbere fer'*; \*our of devotion is alone preremihet»t. If he has alhsvisitecf but : one woe of the Kear^^^^^tapy^awa^ed, aad^ it * 'iC¥ < » y \ it : *;Whith^h'too^rfilSF djerfce:—\Tbe^att^pmt a jtist about to leave^theuhr-^iholo^air ascend to heaven; and shairife a^*^ cend and not bear with him tbe&ew's; of one sinner among all the multitpdej ' *' reclaimed from the error pt h** 'si\ To give the greater ^fi%ct to this exclamation^ he stamp^4 with his foot, lifted up his hand$ v aitjd\fe;y«& 'V$$teg&sa, a}>d crie^a40ftd,^/^||r, s OaSfjel! stop Gabriel \ stopfiere $&$\ enter-the sacred portals^ and yet Car-* i ry with\ you the new p s of o»p sinhc* converted toGcTd^!\ Humevadded, that this address was acchmp&med* with such animated, yet \natural^*\ ? tion, that it surpassed any thihg he ever saw or heard in auy s other; , preacher. It is;reported of the sje&fe eloquent and powerful, but eocehtric, preachei*^ George Whitfield, that^iV a sermon, exhorting his heWersJ,\n> read their Bibles more than they^dijfy he added? \ I love to see theWoM of God well thumbed, as If ^U Md been read till the inside is dit J ty;4- Bat tber£-are Some wbpse^Bibles, t grieve tefsaf' it, lie iu^a copierj sr» oittwardly covered^ with M dtjst, Uikt'- damiiatidn ni*y:be traceo\ on it with, •the, finger in legible characters,.'\— Whert WhitfieM wats at Abejrdeen t .he' was invited to preach ht 'the 1 pulpit of the church^ of which the^e were co-pastofs. Otte of them ^ow,eyev, T was hostile,and \n the afte^foon when it was his turflj began his prayers* as„ usual^but in the midst of tbem f ? na1(ned ' Whitfield by name, whom-he Itnew to he then present, and entreated the Lord to fiirgive t«e dishonor that hald/ been put upon him, whea'thal'maji was suffered to preach in that pulpit — Souths i\£f!$ >F«sky. fir. '^anJciin. —^Tlie late !prv ot shrink frohi this accumura'? •:ijf|\ woes>% ;Be left his apostles sacred ordinance of his supper, 0|}r pros yed t8p9ug« this iccts as theyjour- yale of tears, remain unwoved, p0rusii:g the ^^red pages, as they •^••i?vv-\- • #^ : '5' %' : • k ^*ft*ttf nritlufiita^to say will JIKf^r 1J^ sa^'qaaiity. His |tW%e t reque*tecI to Utt and judge a^^llieatioh will be made tt^ir^, at the next session a : Hew County, to be ,..,.,' the county of Ontario, J^g*^ ^^wasof Phelps^lSen- '\ J ~\*btt Blilo, Jerusalem, Gor* east t0^i?,ship in esex,-fe.'l#,liai. eca m '4* '-BhM WKV<: t^HiE sabscriber lias bfen appnmt- __ edan AgeiSt of « The New- Mgtmid/Tract 0ociettfJ> for the sale 'Jjf Keligious Traets in this part of the cftttutry. He has lately reeeived a large number of TraetS. whreh he of- ters. for sale at the rate of owe milljtet ^ ^feREZ HASTINGS. 6meva,Qct. 31. tS21, '*• NIB. Printers friendly to (he cause, are requested tp give the above a few msert'ioos. . - •. • . SUBSCItlPTIONS Remvedat the Geneva'Bo6k-StoreJ'or BLACKWdto'S ReptijHshe^ mpntbly m View- Yrt, at S8 ''per j^^fAm THE itTEHARY & SClti^TlflG • -;.' : AKB';CRii < ttrAi>:':.SEt'^w, ; •' pHblislied Quarterly is Kew-f ork, at glikperyeaiv ' \ ( '.-.•' ^ •'.•-•. . . \i July ts, .-' •;•• -.v ,- m .earaethis affeclhg solemnity? r the lasC \time'iie. ^teinr-^f^| rid with His humb% foliower^;|% -nded; the bomely ; y board. His sties were no more% his human racier to hear his waging voice, was shortly to be torn 1 from them iscrifelpersecutors--tlie land w?is 'died with his blood^-and they to be left destitute of earthly snp- , ¥ ort. Hej who for a long time had been their companion and adviserj was about to resign his charge—and to pi'epare them for this trying hour, he now called them tegether-^-for he was no more to drink wine with them until 5 he drank itanew in his fethers kingdom. ^ \ Thisdoln remembrance of me,\ is applkable \to you, kind reader.-~ Are you a hoary headed transgressor ? Remember the eleventh hour is not too late to prepare, for death-^-and during 3?ou\r remaining days recollect your dying Saviour, his agony in the trying hour, when he sweat drops of blood, so intense was his struggle for you. Then in mercytofourselfre* member your Saviour, andjdeVote the remnant of your life to his service. Are you in possesion of yputhand strength, and doeSJ hea|h and hilari- ty animate yourcountenance? These are ra|4dly passing aw%: the eve- ^yft^?grave! art thou not asl vfils^a^ as he pursues his ..;£ ^- *wnfcun.-~i.w jate 4/rv .'ocation. ' |Frahklin concludes a letter /& bis friend, O* Whaley, Esq.- /(written Pious J*iberties.r~&y this term we may be supposed to meanj that fa- miliarity of Writing and spealiing with respect to sacred things, of Which na- tions and individuals havebeen alike guilty, hut which not.--unfreq6en.tly . border upon blasphemy* That indi- viduals have socommitted themselves, thefoJlowing instances will shew. In a funeral sermon found in a large foiio yolame,^entitled the \ last a.ctioh of the Portuguese Puke of Dadaval,\ there is an extraordinary: burst of {>i6us eloquence. iPhe preaher thus apo^trppbiseslhe grave: It^thou not blush, O grave, to de- vour so noble a personage \ n AniOng the French devotional pie- ces, burlesque has ever reigned in the titles of their books of piety; as \The Snutfers Of Divine Love j**; \The Spiritual Mustard Pot, io make the sot?! Sneeze w.ith deYQtion. M; -- \TheCapuchin bootedaf«dspurred for Paradise.\ 'I Scott, in Ins Christian Life, speak- ing of sinners going to heaven, said, \They would find themselves like pigs in z. drawing room!\ That an oddity ofexpression should he occasionally iritroduced in the six- teenthanl seventeenth centuries is no Way surprising, but would one ex- pect such a passage as the following ? Mr, Tavernies, in %B'S.S\ begins a sermon thus:—\ Arriving at the Mount of %. Mary% in the sjage where I now stand, I hatye hrought you some fipe biscuits, baked in the oven of charity, Carefully conserved for the chickens of the churchy, the sparrows of the Spirit, and the sweet Swallows of salvation.'* , ; \The elder Wesley had a cl#% 4 who was a whig, like his mast^ and a npef ? also r of a very o*»#nal k|nd. e Sunday, immedtateiy after ser JVjfay -^8j '.WT1$ in tj*e foUowmg wordst '.';.::' ' f ^ \ iTbu are nhw 78, and I am S&— you tread fast ripdn my heels; 1>ot < though yoijhdve more strength and spirit, yori cannot come up with me till I stop,-Which must be sbOn; for I have groWn so old as to have buri- edmost of the friends of my ywth ; and I now often hear persons whom I knew when/children, called old Mr* Such-a^one, to distinguish them from their sons, novr'men grown and in business ; so that living twelve years beyond B^vid's period, I seem* to have intruded myself into the compa- ny of posterity^ when I ought £0 be abed and^asleep.\ Yet, had I gone at 70, it woidd have cut off twelve of the most active years of my life,'employ- ed too, in raittters of the greatest im- portance j b6t whether I have been doing f good or mischief, it is for time to disAover^ si only know that I in- tended well, and hope all will end I:.JJ- are rapidly passing aWay: the eve- j Q m g un d a y, immedtateiy after s* ning vespers may be |haunted oyer; mn9 u ^ wit ^ a 3^ ^^ yourlifeless mtm^m the morning « ]Let ug sirt t0 £ ^,^sl aa A fflo - , «-v** ^ t is --—ws sirtg to the pr^e and glory sun ma^ght #o« to » charnel ^ 0 dd , a ^ ^ of f ^ c( ^ house,' Renieniber jb^mg lovei giBg .» h was Bhort and sweet, &d of yourAtityured Redeehieryj he was-.? m ^thus : fond of youth, and counselled them j *i. ^ : w ' t .. '•:, V_. for their good; OneMteno^^fcS^S^ edvarid w^ptover himwtthbfotherW .ffW W«f/mifteis co»ne, auction, ^eweeps^eryou* wberi INwM^%«fer*% : he looksIrom his abode and sees you : 7B hym #fi*is called ft Bnm^ hOTryitrgtoVeur own destruction.— ;' OtfeotWhit&ld'sfllghtfeol BMbkeepingby double entryj—Mr. Niintns* in his history of Sti rUngshire/ to Scotland, informs us, that when Writing waf a rare ac§omi^i$hm£nt;, thfcold treasurer of the town <»f ^<lr« ke^i 4iis account* tn CM fol- sm^Biaf meibod, He hun§. tip two bdbtSj ione on eftejh-' *ida oC t%e chimftey: itt one o^ieu>he t pat ak;tfie , rfi9il4y' , 1^ : ^dYedf MM* ih the* , Hither all reieiipts or vouehers for4trt? money hi&|iaid;' at'the end of the year, oir>hi^v€r^e\TOiide tip hi* a^coujttis,< he eragtietf the ooot*, a«d by counting their ^Weraf and respective *Hmt&rt» he wa^Vfttiled to make a bhlauee p«r- hafs; with^ hioeh regularity < awd as little trottble as any b*«k'k*ej)er i$ ^eki»g4oiH* * ' • ' #^e|;,ii^Why fy % 1 ^h>wV chaniller the^;^oost «nfortt]»a% *<tf men ? Be^lp \\\ his; deeds', ar^ Wicfe-edi a«^;# his, wi'4-e r d A ^e^s:atfe

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