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%*$t4'. 0h% •5S2SS452S PK.1NTE0 AM) J^BJLlSfikd ON- W ££&fe$tiAV, BY' MMU^jP. #pi£,^T '^ CIMITITOS, Of tp aRNEFA PALLADIUM. Thf following are the EBW'S 01! is paper will be published, in no .iustance be departed which tl and can from. - *\ s IV village subscribers. Two Dol lafS^awd T^ifly Cents per luumm, pay- To'those living out of the village who Call\ jtt the 'uffiee, Two Dollars., payable ai abiive. • ' To mail subscribers, T*vo I)ollarsj jpay&hle.'i'ih ftdvimce^ or if punctrtalitv is -tjto-t tjhs^'V^,T-fff BoHarsami Fif- ty. Cents Kvil:t be charged, _ \wo- .e&iaf'%^?s of 13 or upward* why pay m advance, One Dollar ami fifty 'CenteV^Uiefwise, Two ))'oilars, E .pa|able-!iaIf^oariy.- ._, '^jtibg'eribjers for-less-i-iian six months |., nnist in att cases pay in advance;:' No rj^pers : discontinued without payment ' in Ml of aireraaie s v Hates tf Advertising., AdvcrfisejiieHls not* exceeding a square w ill; be insert edthr-ee weeks for Oae Dollar, and for every sif&sfqueut insertion,Twenty-live Ce)iis., A deduc- tion of fiwettty^nVe per ee.it t. tnade to those who advertise by the year. No adve^tisemeiits discontinued without orders*and a* settlement. * ^„,*«i* All Letters and Cpmtounica- .'iTftTbf^tffi'^iMitst'paid, \ i \..\\'%:- 5i :m*&W£&i CARDS; JiANDBlIXS. /«>.;'. '• ;'• , &e. %e,.-fcc. . • • -\' ^XECUi*^© WITH - NEATNESS. A6CU- * RACY-. AND EXPEDITION, AT THE ., ,JPAti,A.13illJM OFFICE. HAS RECEIVED hi& J&NTlttlS SUPPLY OF FALL k WINTER GffQDS, CONSISTING OF A VERY GENEIUt ASSORTMENT Otf Sl/iple «k Fancy/ »»v. -GOOI^S,- - Suitable tor the present and approaching Seasons.—ALSO, .\ -LIQUORS AKD\ ' AND AND GLASS-WARE;. And most artieles generally, wanted in this part of the country—which will, as usual, be sold at th§ lowest prices for '••CASH IN HAND, OR EXCHANGED FOR WffiEAT, RYE, CORN, POT AKD PEARL ASHES, «r rugs, r. leine, §-mMB CARTER, • eWtlv.received a new sup- If, ,o^ DRUGS and MEDI- are offered for :V •'WHISKEY; • .BUTTER; / BEES-WAX, &c. ' CASft PAID tOU WHEAT,, :Tiim$MF SEED* and PO^-aM PEARL-MBEB. Geneva, Oct. 17,J&21. > sale n\ -in'f '%%?£$&&' p>|ffi^.- ! ^an f-lipy -haveev,- : '•• c^^ii^^j.'l-|H'i^y-part:r.f^i|jj9 f-p«-*/> ir1','Ja'nd'ai si. v'er'y ^,; W»dvH5/be from ihe Nevv^York prices, ior 'Cash.—- I^ysieians cannot obtain genuine med icices at aiiy other place on bettet terai9.^ v ^Isd, a supply of* ; '['*' -PA#$MT\ M-EDICINE'S, . And otfcers jatlerly discovered*' whiel lta#ejipf «*ved to be more erSe&eious ir. .|n^^4^ <e& ^v'thtin\renaedie|:'^Qrin£T-.; ]yinJU5e;' ; - ' - '••'•••..•.\..../OIL SILK, ; ' , Which cures the Gout, Rheumatism. feMWrgeiBteiits and stiffness of the joints *ud jjadiurated glandular turoorsv eeBmioAL ANTI-DYSENTEE ;^y : -; ;;|C;BEDICINE, • • K«r feitto^ia^ the cause of Dysentery * S^sev|»ei^jMiU Cho-iet'a Morfeu|*TChap- Wafe'&^fSgh MixtBreVPsersln's A _ nii. P«Hfl-8fiiiV\'ft- cure for the Ileopittg '©fetigii. -Salft Rhoem Loiioo. Scarpa Bye Water, Cancer Ointrnenty See. &e Pain% Oils and I>ye-Slufls t WHITE LEAD, BED LEAD, . «PTS: TURPENTINE, FEMDIGRIS, ,,;/€»ttMi;:*ELLOW; • •; [}$tJM- \COPAL Js-oELLAiu,: LOGWdOP, '•:'••', -MADDER,:' Wm-MEDWOOD, k June* 6 1821. estcm ft'orwar Liii, FROM ALBANY. , OT> the better accomniodation of Merchants, and others, Use sub- scriber will commenee runpihg - •*• ' A Lane of Beats. Vs soon as the navi^rftiaii opens. : •• f : lirq* - - -B^ts:- w-i-D - •.R.tasl;-. ; ••*•*«* :p\-«:«i Hilietiec<a4y, (bree west from IFfieau an.d three Wst from «hesa;mi© place and Geneva, each week. Large Team's are engaged fo'^ttv vey Goods froifrjiBeneva to any p#t of ihe^western country. By this arrange/ aiept he is enabled, and swill engage. to convey Goods from' AKlinty to Gene- va from 12 to 14, to tiochestet Trom l*4d i64o Bufiiilo fvitw 16 to is daj's, and any other place in th asaiiae tiaie proportioned to the distance, If is Boats arfe in' complfite and careful and eipf rieftced ; will attend at the diff0fent places to forwarding goods in the best possible order. HO^ACfe MEEGH. Geneva* March i .|82I. 70 ' From the Emporium. CONTENTMENTS ' Iftjiereis sueh a thing as genuine happiness in human life, it must be founded oil the basis of cunteuinient, and *deTive<ffom that source fall .it*. sweetest serenity. The mind of man is naturally prone to discontent; eare, pain, ambition and* je*iW*ya! lernately hov;er round the b'oeoilj while fancy, fiafhiitg 'across the scene uu- Veijs, perhaps, at a distance, some qui- PT heaven, some object ui)obtaiuyd,~ijnd the heart whispers Co itself, wer| these but mine 1 should be happy. s»|t is a' dehision. Contentment .depends not »pon\ plaice, or circumstanees, or i*ordiy'prospe!iity, any more' than de- pends fW.jd^iOijd fdf'tit feriiiiane^ upon the soil which encloses it. It is the peculiar frame and temper of the mind, a kind of innate philosophy, that gives it eiistence. When tli,g emperor Dioclesian laid down the daidetn and sceptre, and re» tired to lead a rural, unostectatiaus life, Maximilian was astonished, and endeavoured to change the mind of his friend ; \but said Dioclesian, •' could 1 show Maximilian the ettbha- ^PS 1 have planted w|»b my own hands at\ Stilona, he would no longer per- suade me to relinquish the enjoj nteut of happiness for the,.pursuit of pow- er.\ It was becSilse Dioclesian was content to cultivate his little estate ajt Salona that he found himself happier than when, at\iir^ head of a mighty empire, 'jb(^.f^ifcttea bdlf the fini- •ve^se, ' ':'t\ sJ -. ';•_, . The ideas so comntooly^ eurrent, that wealth, «f»d splendour, and power are the arbilers ©! h&ppiness 5 and that poyiSriy is a1wa|.'9 attended with sor- row, is false, i) iogeness, \y hen ask ed by Alt'X^lildeir the Great, what favour be\shieuld; g^ant him ? replied^ \ that yofcj would stand qui, of «ny sunshine :\ >nill doubtless 'Al^'^aiid'er « as less hap py Than the oyi'tcu The one thougb surrounded ,6y glony and honour) pampered try flatterers and favoured i fortttne,was a prey to jealousy,retoor^e, and passion, and the other, poor, des pised, and deserted as Jte VRas, knew Agents ish snouts in his potaioe hole, and destroyed li&lf his stock f»r the win- ter, he smokes his pipe with all the eomplaiceney imaginable; for .wliy? tie trusts to Providence, But to prove that Jack is ei philoso- pher and a christian, 1 will go a little further. Some time since he had the misfortune to be sued for a debt which he says he paid once or twice before. He received the summons in, my pre- sence, and when the day of hearing came 1 asked hint if he Mt^s going* to the court to make his clel'enee? iVo,- said be, not 1. Then yon will lose the money, said I. Well, said JaekV I'll trust to Providence, and see how they'll.get it. It happened t hat Prov- idence saw fit tbaklie sbomld pay, and he at last borrowed thein'oney to do it. But anotlier more striking* itislance than this was exhibited iti his eorn business. Jack Had been repeatedly told,tbat inapartiealarplace lira fence was too open 10 keep out the caws, but; in the plenitude ut'his faitii he• paitl very little attention to it, and sure e-' uough about a di.zem Wok& throngb one night and did flic business for Uim. 1 happpued to see him shosily after, aiid aceosted Iiiiu with, wetf Jack, what do you intend to do for corn'ihis season to fat your pork. Ah ! said he, I must trust to I'rovidence. To Providenc« he always lias trusted,, and always will trust? hot .still seems, notwithstanding, that whenever Prov-j idenee ruins porridge Jack's diaji is! upside down. , I It was not so with Will Forrest, 1 , tho' he went to meeting and in other' respects behaved even better than Jack, and was accounted by every one; to be a good man. To he sure, t*hen he lost his wife (and a great .loss she | was,indeed!: she was Messrs. Printers)' he talked about resignation to the viti. of Providenee, but when makiftg.umia-; ey or raising a good crop,or kotping tight fences, or taking care of his cash, was in cjuestiori, he trusted, for sfngfet: t could see, to hittiself;--^very liRfly he invoked a blessing on his labouTii frequenllyj foi* Iktiow be was anxious for prayei* mpeling to be lield in the There was not the sjoatjest ae^ideipti thai befel King Charl,cs;JI ? 4oJ^^,%?^ ile, but Cromwelibnew ii.pefiJSfecj(|| well. A gentleman, who Jjad^c^yedl the Uttfortlipase Charles Ir d f es|i!e# leaveof 6.rom\veJl to travel, an;do,tii m tuineil i t on condition that he wd see Charles Stuart* 0n arriv-rEtg; : q$[ Cologne, however, the ge;ntiejE$aJ£ broke his promise, attld senf a n'ifs'sagf^, to the exiled Kiug, requesting that lte> might wait oft, him in tke ijignft^Me'^, was granted, Having disJiqiurs^dJ||^? ly on the atiairs of his mission* fee tet eeived a letter from the &iB^,,whlc)bl he eoiieealed witliin the cf ovfelt of-hi* hat, and then took his leave, Qu his return toTSngla'ndj h£ walte< on OromweJI with conftd>Vee,4tad46 ingasfci'd if Ii^$td''l>«h^t^|^^f%ir- iOi-ed his pi^mise, he'^^w'badi ,-.-j Tiaither the pangs of eo^seiencei nor aeiglilKfcurhood for rain, «ttcfe or Mvie**, <\iue. was never satisfied, the other, was always contented,., . .,..'\•':.• Hothihg is itt^re inimical to happi< oess than that.Spirit which goes a* Gte E$t<Mi& GEOR#E 'HEMiBPi' ' EQ0|S'STS-the; ^Uhlie to recol- lect that lie still car, ries on the CttAm MA- KING business at the old stand, corjrel 4 of Main & Castle^treets. As he has heretofore been unable to ivait ob his cjustomers as pupc- tually as he would wlsli, on account of not f/ie» having sufficient materials, he in- forms his fiends that such arrange- ments are made as will enable hint to finish lifs work in a complete style, wilt soon 823 'W0m^Smma- Book Store for lillCKfrobD'S '' g* tmme* mo 11 i\ew- per year.—Ai!fp TJ8B ttrM^EY & SCIEKTIFIC KiPdSITOR¥, •,;. ^AJ^l'/Ct^TIiG-AL 3aE1|EW, isheiU^iiiirtetly m New-Yprk, at 289 and when promised, fie have on hand a variety of CHAIRS, Which he can and will sell as lo\v as_ they can be purchased in the vilfftge and of as good workmanship. Geneva, March ? f 1821, .270 Stray' SKee^.';,: STflAYEO or stolen from the subscriber, in August last, twelve yearling SHEEP, mostly EWEgJ pmari^ed with the letter S 00 the rump. Also, about the,|riiddle of October, nine 3EWE8, with the like rnarh on the nigh side, and & halfpenny off eaeh ear. A handsome rewai-d will be given for returning themy or gi- ving information where'|hey .are.. JOUKf SCOOK. &eneva i No'ti. 6. in search of evjlj and not can] ^nt with meeting it at the threshold! gives w;ay to the gloomy appreheil sions. There is no ShuatioD in life (the very nature of tjhings declare it) v^hereia the ruind cannot conjure up Some phantasy to w&und its peaee. And no less destrudtivi of felicity is tfce disposition to distrust Providence, ati$ wa^e war against itSdeerees when they coqje v If» aft|r all we can do to aygrt it, misfortuill overtakes lis, it would he a soothing reflection, that .while others ato suffering? disgrace ami wfetenetlness as Jne .paai?hment . pf their own niiseoridof^» ours was a chastisement intended at last to pro- mote our good, by him who can do no yjThave learned,\ said the eto- queint |fau|, .*'• in whatever situation I an^, *here#ith to he cantent.'? This is^the p|a|osftpby of happiness;, and while i|:ii|it jrnee the raosl importa»t -and:.-'4||Li|B!sit ratidnal the human mind can ||<&k after. #OT whatever we do or l,ia#ltliat has n^b tendency to thi« is tl^ie or labour rnisspeat, be- cause it do^s not proniote the great objects for which We live. . '>-'.•. ';\'*;'' -,' .- SENEI. , • :-i > Jfrom f/ee Bwpqrium. } , &. Tftlto TO PBTOBESCJB.'n •• **Kaf* poi vow shoulder to the wheel, said lleHules,ahd then fcallow the: gods faV Assistance/* [fflfiPub'.?* r^-A have just been paymg a mnrntng -visit to my friend Jack Idle, who, you kftow Messrs/Pfintefs, has Jived these hi*ee years on the old 8«nsomfarm, iu ** But' said Oromwfll* \ w|jtd,wat that put out tliye candies m spoke. to CKarles Satiart P> ^JMs^tfe expected question startled hfay^-andl Cromwell proceeding,; asked him what he said to him f To which the gintiie* man answered, \ Nothing a]t t tljrV^ •» But did he not send a letter by yoii i*?f replied the Protector^ The gentle^ then denying this also, Cromwell tak- ing his hat from bim, drew out the Ie|-«-' rer, and had the unfortunate messen-; ger committed to the tower. . illustration of Offerings.—A f^c»; tious quaker, seeiiig a collector of taxes enter his doors, received him iQ£ a very friendly manner, and, as: lie wa^\ just then goin,g to dinner, re%iiestcw, his visitor to partake ofhis honi|l^ fare-. The guest consented, and |$io». ed his liberal friend in his dev.otions at the shrine of Bacchas.-~Pipes wefei called; for, and the collector^ enjoyingf titer greatfui fume, assured his enter- taiuer of his high esteem; but took- the liberty of hinting that it was no«ir time to proceed to busin^sSj which drew forth the ftillowing reaiarjiefromS Ephraini: ^'Friend, I have ireceivedl j thee as a Christian[and as a ipan. , On ; thy entrap gave thee a peace oileriHg, Hor 1 shook hands with thee; at dinner^ 1 gave tbee mtet: offering, and after- wards a drink offering, and n buroi of* •|)lacing h»s ejbow to his visitor's side* at 1 on was withering a«»yi underaparchingsuoknd clondlesS skj„ J'| - ffe t ,, ee a fce<|¥6 ofi r e ring, buti canoot say lie ever exhibited a> : -° - - - ••-'».. hundredth part of the practicable reli- ance on Provideace that Jack exhibit- ?d.. • Well, many things in this life are inexplicable. Will's affairs are in Without further ceremony, pushed hint out of his hospitable dwellinj g^ the full tide Of prosperity, and Jaek; Cross yowrPsJhoughyou spell Wfhn§i Some years ago, Gapt. -—^of fehf/ •!—-while at one of the West Indiir looks as lean as a bmtgpyWolf, while', Islands, received the following 'Opder^ bis garments remind one of some of: among others from his owner: *? I '^ ~- * : -- ' tofn,riven4andient.\ want you1 to get me -too ^jonkey* Jpr^ifc partikelar purpose—Dont fail,'? -V-jfeH- consequence of tllfi wofd '^^\Bliif^ spelled, and the t not heiog WiSlfcm?- the captain pat himself to a greater M 'S Nortliertoh, I do not know whether he is an aeq**ainfanee o# yours, but if he is you have no doubt f«'ruved an o-, : pinion very favourable to his good |setjseandjadgiiient. /frulyhe is the yery piiik of philosophy it philosophy is the art tft being resigned HI ihe midst of adversity | and the pearl of Christianity, if i(is,ehris#anlijkfe im- plicitly and passively to 8.u^mit to the workkigs of Ul pervading f*jrttine; fof though half'hiswiiite^ groin was ruinedf; though the small reiiiuant of corn left _ him by an 0nfavo'oraile sea- f sou was destroy t&ly the eatlle 5 and Ossian'sforests, .*• Sometimes a glimmering of light, however, shines througjli the darkest events, and it may be that Providence will neither go to market for a man, nor make a fence, iior plough, nor j peusc/and considerably prolonged hi* help, jiti any way. him t*ho does not; voyage to accomplish the order in thj* help himself. This idea setms to be • - .. oai./t:^.^- suggestedby the nioUo at the Jiead>- what do you think about ii ? OAJwWOOD. Female Education,—Ihe Bellows Palls paper gives a pleasant descrip-j «• Sixty Monkeys l\ exelaialtt'd tion of the* marriage of art honest far sense he gave it. *• Where haVe ffiU beenso long ?\ said tml °&itoto&ttfti&- i eron his return. \Lookingfervour ^^-^monkeys.'^aid the en raged ijikp* tain, «* and with all my paiijs, % ka*«? been able to get but sixty of the!©tti' f _...... ... » ^ *' W'hV ' i A \'*' '«-•\»**'? .titiiH''9f owner. w met wiih a youhg la«Jy|upt graduated '••**Tier* 1 is your order for them, sir ^ fpoin a female country academy, after; replied the captain, coolly pulling out a residence'-therein of about six months, the I the husbc nd baastipg ef bet learning, says :~ s > She tell*the year and day of the month when: our forefathers Ian-' ded at Plymouth; knows the name of every capital town in tho Union; can tell loan inch how far it is front here, to the Jiniipbde$, I think she calls them. If you shaohl bore a hole fthrough the globe, and chuck a mill • Stone into it) she can tell to a shavi»g what would become bf the inill stone, j She is likewise a ijioiistrous pretty j painter, and can paint a puppy so well that you take it foi* a lion, and a; . !—The venetable Mr. Ht|ttdt#< not lias bequeathed a considerable sun* of motley, and « quantity of laud fof sundry religious purposes pftrpb|es -f one item of which is gSOO to pnrchas* spectacles'-tot- agfed pefsons--ib WfiMt*\ .Jersey,-t s o.fea:d tifte -Bible •*$$ • 'Wtitr twn fallowing items we consider a# itirportatti and valuable: , ; \ ; \To the mayor aiidrjsot*|SQ^t!i»|i( of Philadelphia 13jOOO+fteres of' \$p$, M Centre county, Pennsylvania, for th.ef sheep thariooks as big and ijmndasan ! . purpose of forpm^ | fund for supply- elephant. -She knovvsalla-bonicliein-i \PS | b? P 00 *'^ 0 llty with wo$| otf istry, and say s that water is compo- «M! of twokiitd* of gin; and air .is. made of ox gift nitre p;in, ( what i<$ the same thing in Eiigli«*h)'sati petre gin. |She'\says bunting a stick of wood in tlie tire is nothing but a play of comical (clienlieal) hjinUij, aftd that not a particle of the matter vvhieh be- longed to tbe stick is lost, but only scattered aba ut like eh aft' in a hurl' eauce \ »> mvbdVsT'iglianct. -Oliver Crom- well carried the systeur ofespoinage. to a per^ction whichit never attained j iu this efltrutry, either ketore or since.;] .' \j r ::M the lowest teri|fV^^ttm this tt^i*'^ tnediil Sto , i^ tolh* fi*en to any p^N son who will overtake the purefflM aiid disf jrihsttion of the wood \^*%lf I 1 * tiously. 5? '.,,. .\ \^ ;: - ','«••'•- «*,0OA atfres of lann in thf flip eonatyi to;-tJ5e ; trustees of the coiiS|e^ of Hew-Jersey—from the profit* •$$ which are to be appropriated glOGO |tf the first instance^ for the improiei meat of the CaMnefc ilT3$fttn#at JSifittft-* ry, and the residue for the estahlishf nient of fellowship in satol't!olJege'# so that no incumbent however fehall w, allowed more than. %2$0 per itSs&s^ -MLMv.- '•' ' . .•*.:••-\ \ & \^ •# -1 .- m i3# .. >»

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