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Geneva palladium. volume (Geneva, N.Y.) 1816-1828, February 14, 1821, Image 1

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-V: mm fit-: *-*» >. f •mm ||-lNp-i)FFU: EGA bTRKKT, CEJNEVA, {N. Y.) %W&u&^ t'he lo|W^jtfl,^,'.'ftre' the ';T-E;BM-S. on Jch tjfe^^y «v|lj lie 'published, 1 catt ift ,no> itt^Bce be departed Itoj. j^llas^ ptbseribers, Two JDoJlJ, ijj.aiifjMiw anflma It £tat«*t B&n|C«ote» not payable in tliis city. . . . ' dis,, 1-S : NJ&W-yOHS: CITY- 'AND STATU, arsi ip call It '-X\& ofiice^ Two yable as above. :-- . io mail si&iacrihei?s ? f Wo Dollars, itot.«bsM^^^» IMlars and trf* Cet^^fflfee&aTged. .• * :&o#|ws<#%i>£ ?oat« Madera* fca.£6, fjfo ecfi^faui*? of i3 or upwards y jay ia advance,. One Dollar and fftjt 6eji^ i otherwise, Tvvo Dollars, liablehHli'-yeajiy. ^ub&*ibersfbf less than six. months' bst i»ai|- cases pay in advance, No Ipe?« dlscontihaed without payment \full of -ar#:i»gfffe • ^dveet$|etet«.'t»»t exceeding a iu^irg Wiit^ tuSejted three Weeks for ae ,§olfat-, in4 for every subVque# isertion^Wy-five Gent *, Adeduc- [ou of twenty-five per cent wade t<> Ntita' who advertiseby the year N^ dveVfisetnents discontinued wit-hour Ih^o*,'• ||||||<rd Conmimica fans wtiri$&- £«llp§k •, par -par par pa* par New*lfork City^lN'ojte.s Barker's j£xehaug,e iBank • Banks' of Albany/-'\'- . /\ $apks»;of Troy „,4 r .-' T >\- •'. i^v^a^^.3%Jfti;%he.^«ac!y , '^nsinsjf^r^ jtjgn,k'> \ . r,B|fjk;o1 .Jj.ew^jrgif not signed •. wf|h red ink, • • par j>o> %5»|h redink di|. !•# Do. p-a^ahls- in Ithica ^ 1 \Washij^on & Warren B. 60a6# 1*2 (irftngt^ounly Notes . l~2 Gatskillf • . ^ ..\ •, l-2,aS'-4 Hads^h ©Infe . «y &-$«-.90 .Oolambia ,,pa.nk at Hpdson -FROM' Wheftt,:^ JN umber £&ts The WJ-aihfu^e,aipeSt'|>W|p My sw«> »Ma wsistco^t \yutln^|>y breast,. '\'.- ••••.* \t%? •' •. . When' from the east^oth Idui%ii|^d^ m & ?! strict Middle Bank of iviteara filled Jacob BaflkeY? ijotes ujp with redaxik att^tpaya* at rry- •RA«Y.' AN© BXBEDlT.f|b'f ; V ,A'T -.THE. \ . •; PA^I)I^M:«^I;B... . r S of TME second edititm^ raised arid jorr^ted, its'contpieted and wilt short - iy be deUvered to subsetibevs in iht- fest eru part tff this staw, en fchfe Jot, b Bbeet,';-;*/-.- -*~7.'M fade portable in book, 10 ,0C totintel on Rollers and /^sirniskedy- -, H, M i Wfehaveexaittiued aMap <'•$. the Siai •,fiff N«w^r%4ttd^(iing the 'ippei part of the statu of PennBylvauia. jpiablishedhy AMos LAY- and it ay- pears ;t«> us to-b^ aeeurate, and tit contain all the Doutttifs up to this tiflie,>orrie(?try designated, and to he well wq[Ahy of publ^fe patronage \ BE. ,WITT G-LiN3f«H.j-,'tjro^ernof.. ; :>; i •. ^J*s*<A'8,K.jENt. Gha^eeilof. •, ./ JoitiJ T JT&5;LO** : Lieut, Gtovettiori mw . I -;JB'I»MOO*PT,^ Proi'essor ^Mathematics, 'VVe^ Foiut. M. y*N ISuRENj late Attorney ©ewe ;raU ;f • V ••' - •. • ' $*• 't\4^EEN'8SEtAER \• erhor* \i p^o»lr*ir ^FR»V«» Agent of thePulte- ;.;,py. Bst'ftte.\ ..-•', '\. • '•'''- -\ : pmi$ft tyi.:i!fopLW» 9 Ti«e Prep- Vd'ent. .'• '•'''-' f - ; W« ¥A^KESS,'(J«dge» of the mx-K& PLAT*, . • • .J Bupjfeme<Jwiirt-. PATHAN FORW, £irit.'Judg^.;M' Bt.' f Juawrenee county ^ • ^»EO'K.- : 0RA'N<^E,itj..late ¥•>- %• \Getie- '•.'\\rfti. '•'-:•/•• ••••'. •'.' ; ^'ABM^ VA« ' Yiii'Ci-KTE^i.-J$tte i Attorney ••': €t^eral f • ' \\ : \7 •'.'•\ • IM^tt fiiAi'ooT*. Resident Ageot of the Holland Ltthd Company-. I Bave exmniflM tbe .above Map. Wad thiilk It a desidei-at»m ^ it* exe cutt«iii,sol^r as Mr- Lay is Mneerned, •4*, •in^^g^iottr'.eo^eet' !*nd .**&.•; and I reiemw^end it WtM<* ^ho wish to J acquirer fettnwledge*>f the country it embpa^ii, Mei|ua^a46ven superir orlo^ttifiektant,'•' -^ •'. . .:••-. .^.. ,. tfkfkmateof N. ¥. S \- -|g^^© ahov« |lhp^, are ,for, sal*' l>v tlie<. author at hi* Map Establish IttJent, UQ* pA%> South Market^street, • Albany. '-•*•. 1 K. 0, Buhsqr|ptiafi8 for the above 3Mkp reeeiied at tjbi» olfiee, .- • \.• • ' '*- .'.'' I...|-|.I':, I rr.-iii- IT'-\ •-.-••_••••• - f. ; - •• - i T i. ' '•\\*' 1 ; The«aW pt'£ep(imu% Mmns'pwf '§ Hty;:i|'ftitther.^09tpo.ned till thtv ^*th TotFfbruary next, at tea o'eJocU in the '^freftoon^iotaljjl place a$ the Hotel. i#- '\Grttieya' s-pa partiieumf.-, deseri pi ion $f tli« property -wiH •B'r^^a ousaid ' i **' \*;4&ted>«ififtn. 27, yi \ ': ' f %^.> V '^|^«,.J3^«^ • • bl'e in county n« Vqueduet A^oeiation ' Uatskjll . 'f\ Auburn Bank •''< Bank of Oenevai, tjent^al Bank at V^tley . : OhenangoBrtftfe Columbia keeeivables Buxison do (Jticd Bank Utica Insuraqee Company TJtiea Braueji at Canaudai- ^ua - - \. .'. \' . ^•njtari-p; Bank at ^|Wo Dutario Bank at iytica .Jefferson Couniy Baiik ^'PfetttbHrgh Notes-.;;' '\• \ i'i ' N.EW-JERS-Elf KOtES -!ei?sey Bank / Banks in Newirk\ ''' : : . r ,: .., .' ^tate Bank ajt Eliaiahetl- tow-n^ . : .y '^< .••' Banks in ^w-Brtjijsv^ick;,. ; • .^tate Battte%t.Pailwirbn; J--^. • S:tate<B'a«'k>:at. Morii8lowjl* t( v ' ^u&sex Banjt r ,'~*\- f rentotv.Baoking Cofttpafly\ v *•#!« plmk at Trenton > w 1 ^:att fiahls at Oaiftden i |'iifnVer'ft||a^k,3M:oMat\ |b'fly 1 Oumberlaod Bunk '., *'.\' \4 /£$ - GO'NNEeTKJtJT. • , Brid^port Banfe .'?. ^ : - Ba^? : Pank a\ ^wftayen, ifiiiade payabtl iiv llus cit^y Me^Maven Battk do. : ; ; ftift*tford Baiilt if dot djt>i i\l;i|dletow > n Bank '\'.'•. Fifenix Bank at B:artfor^l 1-2 ir2 85 87 1-2 Tbe winds c5me-'charj*e^wUh-sacjf ^f^ Tbif broad u?nb*rella gunrd? my head, «• ' r \' But not my toes. • -' t -. \ *nd underneath though widely spread, Tbe wind the cold .'IUU throws *r And, strange the effefrW the end makes red, Of my poor nose. 3-4 3.-* 3-4 t'1-2 a ! 2 1-2 8V 1-2 3-4 3-4 1-2 40 1-2 a 2 par par When to the rain the snows do A soaking ouurenrJbws ; Nor can loay strong au^awaws -shield.. ' \ My fearful toes. 0! when shall genial spring appear, And.blush the fi-a^«'»ntrose, j Whai winter cease to fill, with, f^at? .'.••\ Sly naked iwse. When frowning skies no logger shed, Their rains yet scarcely froze ^\ With every atep cay feet 4?trea4 To chill nay itoes. Yet life is but a. Winter's dayj » And troe **is. soeh of Ihoie a* Aie doomed to travel long this vfay, ft4ust bear cold ffoses. '.% . •••„ ;• ,.\'•\\•\_' ' '•\' •Vnd wheref re shdufd a ihorta.1 w@oj»» Tcjfeol thlawmcei^^sn^Vi, Tnpugh they be fu|l a t|io\&rin deep, .• ... ':-' '''^'Xp-ireeze bisloesl D -ath sh.atllanothe.r l £ltriie unf- Id, • O'er all the grave sbB-ii cioiK'j No longer s^all hia toes feel cold, r NQ, ngrhls^nose. Good Manners and Stood. Breeding,\ vv6utd o'ot . TU& MQNITOK. \How eoml'ortitble a g<»/5id fire is in a cold n-igh'i ?\ suid my wife Amy, as sjhe brushed up the hearth, and put on a few sticks of wood that remained in the corner. Yes.I immediately repli ed, as is my eustooa to da to whatever she affirms, and preseatly fell into u ^H|||e* : • But all of a suddeu the-ex; ;«l|Mb:i# 4 e-turijted toiny mind, and like '; : a^fe-ol^J|^J/oeke's- .humdrum ideas, w.otild^^^al^tshe arts 1 possessed, he. forfa\iwfeiiv-h r anished. . Beina,. thus compel lellll^pod to a,nd,.reftec! uponit^ I. very s^^l^refcivedl-.tlL^f,' ^vas'semething moreia'^^|^|^|&i -at. 'fiiaM»%^ryed, «r thal^'pulMIJ.. associated with tl*e expression. ^Nightha^ th%%| her dark curtains round the Baaij.^|o^|^|t4co'' winter hatt, -elothsd • .the' mMm- ^ith his fleee\ rohes, locked «p each, streanj thai mea,ndered o'er the fiwld, and shapl) whistled thrbii^h the north fceiftkQle.-*- sable were the heavens, for ef&i v y gleam ol tlietwiaklin^sar8 was iutei- cepted by an impeju.etrable eanbpy bi clouds ; but the taper httrhed hNf^htly upon my stsind---the fire blazed and crackled itpoa -!(By iiearth-f»An>y was happy and contented, andt' enjoyed all that a. moderate mind could wish ; but still my heart wa^ heavy —1 fell that all who were sis deserviiig as roj self did riot enjoy half those blessings. ^Vhen in fiittcy I looked around,and saw, a Wealthy inau,sitting % his fire, and indulging iu all the luxuries^ which quuld gratify the ssen«e¥, I saidunto myself, tbat man dost not reflect \ hov» cooifortabte a good ire is in % cold\ nig;ht,\ or he would remeniber jthe poor fhese hard tiittes and this inelern- eat settsoo of the year. |' '' r Whea t saw ! «ry taejghhQr at the «'grog shop,' ?! sitting by a stove that go. par m £L 1-2 1-2 1-2 1-2 12 1 2 hv> MASSatOHU&ETTS., jston Banks 1 fpTingjfield Bahk 1 jfethpshire Bank at Koxth* * ampton 1 |?aleftj Banks 1 Woreester Bank 1 -|Bb.her Massachusetts notes 1 SEW'H(AMp8'-EiE|t'Not;es ' 1 I^EKMONT* (Burlltigton) 1 i^2a$ •;•' . RHOOSiJ§,LAKQ f Providence Bank ' • 1 WashtngtottBank at Westerly 1 Other Banks : i .-FENKSVLVANIA* .•'.\•' Philadelphia City Notes pftr a i-2 sjilyer Lake 60 a®2 1 2 Oerittantbw^pank 1 a '•$ Batik of ©^iiivare County l*fl Bink Of^l^fter. _•'•.•• la-8 FarftieP^ Bank of BueUs eo. Ia2 iSfew Hop6 Delaware Bridge .jBOmpany 1 a % Bank of Mont^oBiery Co* at Noristowa 1 a 2 Unineoporated Banks uncertain ^llllessjthan 30* la i 1-2 per. c* dis :C'JL(0T\H : ; ' • TBE subscriber wilt receive;C%0Tih for JDRESSING at his hoose in Gen^vitV ind delivered at the same place wlKen dressed. Customer* may depend on his strict attention to its bet||^'dotift in the best manner, and w ith dfe|a?Cch. '••'-'••\: •• ,FEOI)0(||'\ ;.;• Will be taken in paytti#Sl>* Geneva.* Jiug/Ji^MM^ • -•••^ \ • •• '.' -' - r -'°-'- - '• •': , •• :t.-.:-^.-.., ,.,»: s Tliose persons \fho inteno paying for the Palladium in Fire-Wood, are informed that it must >! be delivered soon, qr it will not beaece evajj^rate the nauseou* Good mannfeTs is the art of making s ji m e bfespatteretfover it by the raiser- Ahose people, easy w«l| whom we eon-, able scape-|raee qreatdres wkft hover- vefse f ' , , ^ ed round, lebaldtioihelp exclaiming, Whoever makes the fewest persons *< Oh, thai poorAlr, J~*reaiiy kne^ uneasy i* the best bred;in the epnt- how ea%t*ortable a good; ifirei* ih ^ P aa y« i eold nigh t,' v in the society of,a man's ; As tke. hestlaw is founded upon ' w if e aud children ithen he woatdbe at reaswh, so are the best manners. And ho We , enjoying it, instead of shivering aa^bme lawyers^ave iiitrodueed un- Here in this miserable abode of drunk r ^easftwahle tHhtgs into coounon law* ena ess, filth aadprofeiiity! «^>:.^P0!^rw^«(^^ ^^j heard a^man who had-his dueed absurd things into cOiainon good |thousa||» atf interest, exelaittt^ q|SBners^ ^ ' » ,. ^'\ '*'nar^'wi«W'n^ihing--t»'be : -inkdeir$'W- - One principal point of this art is, to I a-days^wagfis must come r down- suit•-our heh^yiour to several degrees cverv body will be ruihedj'* &e. &e, of raeii f our superiors, our equals^ and^^hrerely because he could not aceumu those below us* I late weMtb as fast as he did a few For instanee, to press either of the yearsahtce, When the whole country two former to eat or drink is a breach ^ rapidly ^titling dovvo the inlltidt <>f tnanoers ; but a tradesman or a far- soCifteeeasftil speculation : poor mate, mer,-iiuisl he thus treated,or else it wtl|g|g|td exelaint'to uiysejf, if a ft»* i that thW Jj^dk froui^ one younjser than thy sell par 1-2 1-S 1*8 .hUd 6f three years old, while the mother sat by its side with a little switch, chteny\intent upon keeping * Hmall ip%, the only live animal a:b.#t the premises, out of the^ house, andy numtning to herself, in a low drowj tone, Nine links, of yarn for a guinea sba| Granhmary, vixinrary venio. * , On enquiring for Ralph, sfer© tojld tnft he was sums where abourtlae hWuse-^ and my eye presently diso(f»yered hiuii He had stretched himself ou a rock oa t,he sunny side of the h)|s moqihv and had fydlfn Jss-i aileep, '•¥§^^0 >had. iy 'a^ne$::.oppnft%nd*»* ilbai^^lh^y^plont \ofehjs. ^iie ? |, father, -fh*W c»tinot «efi tt^ ; '^;|ir^'. •' fect^naradiseV might, be m^e f |y \ ; oiodifate, hfcaWhful and d^y^tful in- \ «:iu**iy— it isjiow Uttle b^lp|^'Xka^ %• ;\; • 'Kiifren wa*tey Oh*•wakin^^u^fhe*jP J •- /*' low I toldI him» without much softsilss nrf aianner^.hat I must hepaid tlie told ihdlai-s t had lent him'to buy a^0r , b 8 1t''iall- : wbrehi!(^-h|d f^Hbp^ pr^#- ; C ised to pay me 'byl'jpi'relhin'g. 'Up^'-V.; my imtiw,^fe'H^r^#fc^ffse|.;t*a§':V ijnies are prbdigio^'-\h^|d^^o\^n)i^|;[:: l: stieriag--x-«Ain^t'.^a|^|*tt%^vheWi|'V is; du@ to-^iev '.'Anolihe'-yawB'el'fi^/''^'. the upper part of |»ta ,feet& d^gJM$$' back like the top of a tin feofiee pot^> In ^oe, f got t}3 satisfaction fram Mhi j \ J and^ should have retuf-aed houte ut|l|¥; ly di$*astedj had, wt,i^]^^W^^ past the charming !l|te•*p«t o^^Bel^ / rhiifiy.^But of him andii^ ihra^'' next,. • - > \ ' •.'•:&-4 •\ •\' • .\' .\ sv ' joHisr'BA^r©§jj;.:. }••. The most ignorant Men arS^«i|iil«' / ly the most subject to violent p«s^oJ!M t and a weak intellect is eommo^l^ ««!* eompaniedby^ 4n. AtHwte\ W^'l^i|g*F* epna,hle temper. , Aetivi( y is no excusefor a fault}>» honest heart wilt always; as the tetap- tati<*n increases, act the tiaora firmly and uprightly. T : Heatof temper iaohft; of the prinUi* j?al obstaieies to'the tt|te^|hty of life> - m& is often : d^trim#taf*t0 hodily health.' It hast^bftea with the assu- tanee-6f• 4 very few\ wbtds^ spofeett; without thought, tohhed men of theii? mi)st4rai0ttble frieBjds,, jand i*ffldiitt*ve{l, the rematiiider |»f th^iir day* with th* atost painful remorje. • •JM '1 I >1 ®M .v'f^ be^ rfiffieiilt to persuade them that the^ jy^^ lrott| 0Be young ^a|e welcome., . . .- ; ^|wl|d^not^n%nd'theew I'wouldvvhis g:3?ride, ill nature, and want of sense, p r ^ thy ear from my very heart- are the three great sowrees of ill man. t think ''how tioii^rtahie a good fire is ners ? without some one of these de- in a cold niglit,\ and uow many other fects, uo man will behave himself ill blessings thou dost possess ; ; Then he for want of experience, or «f what, in eonteuted - be thankful--look mmmA in the language *P0&U 9 ;»• eafed, ib e0 . see -^ m ^^ i^ whait'ihotr knovfing the worlds 'J % '-'• ! ' h •••'-• •->»-- - ^^«- •• ••• --••' Idefy any one to assi^tj^an incident wherein reason will sibflllHct us what to say or do in tiompanyl if we are not misled by pride or ill natures Therefore I iti&ist that good sense isr the prittCipaifoUndatioii Of good 'inao- tiers;; hat, liecause the former is agif|- which very few amongj mankind are possessed of^herefore all the. civiHized-, •••'f-m eatttt spare, and be merci ' - fK8M TCHfi TtlitAGE RECQRT3. Jfr. Retafdeif~-lii my last letter 1 ga,te you aft account of my old ac- jt[,uaiivtanee, Aiehibald Noisy ; and if ,|oti have the room id spare,! intend tfr sketch to you the likeness of annhi bejr of my acquaintances) and this Week presebt you that of my heighhor A fact.— During thettttetise ^«ather of the last wee'kVwhile thfou* *and* \vere crossing the North KiveC >n tire ice, a teller while hi|#fly\ftttgW j-ud in dealmg out li^rtor to Ml *amer« jus customers .about midvvay of th» nrer^-A man comiug from the Jetse'y shore in his eagerness to g&t a smMI born, broke through the ice,--A \vag at tbd stand, tip H d the settler ottthe el- bow with, «• Sir* there Itas ^oiatt just slip % d dawn y'mrceiiw ±yo#U*,§ fa|t^ terlook to him, or your liquors wilt be in danger* ^^JWmmk IQgti®mlS, Jsan^enda^e to a Bather's SigWin the West•^'E^m^it'^^^ip*^ ittg+whichisliteratlif copied tsiar\* 1 I poules teath fnvfoax andbleadt fhem and alsoit teae^f^gifts' \Jw& vfyf kuersr the gandus^liyk*wys booth keeps an evenyng skate. . nations of the world have agreed upffii j Ralph Idle, and his family.' fixing some rules upon eomttjou beha- j N«r far let ow me, on t he other side viour r best suited f^fheir §eaeral Cits-' 0 f the tfraedy^iae, situated in the \ or fancies, as a kind of^artificial^ notch of the hfit, stands the habitat good sense, to supply the defects of tion of Kai$h; It-is a log hut. but li reason. Without wbiett the gentle-, by is, with r only one ro,om, and not manly part of dunces would be perpet- i- withstanding the facility With which ually at cuffs, as theyseia#tn fail when they might have been stopped, sa\ch they happened to hs druak, or enga- b 0 j e s are suflered to remain bet ween ged i| squabbles about women or play.' t he legs that yau may'in twenty places iAttdy CM be thanlked, thet^ hardly thrust you* «vt» throngh fhem^ llppens a duet in a year, which may j T^ e windows In frottt have still ^t he imputed to one of these three three panes^f glass entire j the others motives. Upon whiek accoiint, I are either entirely:oni, or.Afuflfed with should be exceedingly sorry to find the rags that formerly^heloi%ed to an old legislature make any newJaws against carpet, * the practice of duelling j because the 8| nce fa pleasant weather caittr on, methods are easy ajid many, for .a. wise I hid occasion to go over to see Ralph. aian t»> avoid a fti^rrel with honor, or Jfo i s a sttifdy ieitoW, about five and engine in ft with innocence. And t Ihifty^^eatt plough a furrow or svbing eatii discover no politieal eyilin suifer- r^'faft W tih aby man in Chester couii- irt|J«tliei 4 sharpers and rakers, to ridv t y- can oianage a team with the best the:world,of each >|he|,hy a method carter on Ihie turnpike ; aiid indeed, %f fheirown, wt^ the>w hsfc;«ot the lazy dog, knows libw to make t t; been able Jo findaw3e1^ed;ieti : t. ; The e^e'^seg of ^ot«r;|oitlh^Fe ; draft* upon our old 'age* \payable 'with\' in- terest aDtt»ilhirt/ r lite^rM^>..lfe»lft»' / ; - 'rhfre a«e ! ? ho tAv0^hi|»|sJ»o htuck talked, of; : and«o leidanv '^Ka;a% vkttlet 'aad.tlie -funds,'. •'' . j' :; } i •: ; ' hhia$elf usef nlf and might^^ render him- $^1f comfort able*' A It was about 11 o'clock whealt ar- rived at the door-r-tounging on the bench sat half a dosgen ragged chil dreiin, the eldest asleep having a hound for his piilaV. Thle door was -openly 1 ' r *\ia. : & eradie -near it lay 4»M' - . \••-• • • , - ' • - ' #XvV' : *• • t-. . '\I A hega;ar asking alms i&wm> the name of a jaooi* sdhohr* agei^emlah to whom he applied himself, asked hint a question in Latin; the fellow shak- ing his head, said, ** hidid^tto^aiider* stand.himi'* •• •«-W-h|, ,f *. *ai-d>fh>' g^- tleman^ '' did you hot sav, yoa wera #' poor schohtP* «Yes,^eplie4 thts. other. '*;'*• fdox one indeed, l^r \i% dbtt'l understand oniybot 4 of Latin^'* A gentlemaa once paying k<^S** dressps -to ..a- j^y^^f^j^^.^m^^t^ of a very wealthy ;, jb!anter^. i&\\'«***?p^. and of eour^e:e|iii|^'to.-|he''^I^W v being very accomplished, iaquife1p^| v her if sh% was itof lonesome, tbe|ft h^ itig'D'o society in the i«ighhorho«d,«ittdi how she spent her times \shef#plte«l she was not lonesome>4hat sh& 4flins* ed herself «^tfe'i^iii^^Qd.^r|^|r' he asked her whether she wal^itt$|6 fond of writing prose or poetry-'** *•• JSfary oKe,\; says- sh%-*'**>•/%#«* . ~- small, hand,\ &n-1tfab-l^uwrfa]p£ told tl^t the price of bjeadyhad feei* lowefed* exclaimetl,'« this %'ifei ftrst tinve t ever #f joiced at tlie Jfe^ of my bm '•-*#: •***u *

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