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/fe' - ''l*il^^#^ SENECA b'IREhT, GENEVA, #. IT ) ', *.Mi •V?j|f en !i 'W$&*&& r 535 wBlMdas-iwrii ^2i • V U* V J9 ** ** ll ffew ifa^sjf'. •V'iU:/|e„ published ^&|s|^\la no instance* be. depa£|ed fm& /; . •*.;•' t \ . .;>i'f'.;'.* .. I?:: village .subscriber/, 'T*w<» 'Dol^i ' \ fifty Cents per anttum, pay/ /i»1§>%Wii oat of tfce'-v|U%p JJlyji^J*ni^ttve^\ ,' »•': '•• v-i'•:-.•';••'••. / iT 0 '#&&• suhscriberV T wo ! J}o«r& '.ir^yW^i 11 \ &M&Mfy or. if ,p.unctu#t§' t &^t>»*^rveii^wfr Dollars and Fif- iy-lBents ^iW Wehai^jed. /.^^ipivfu^rteriy. •. '.' •< • • .' c.' |po companies of 13 br #i.nwajNit w§|p%lna|y&nfte» One Bulla? and •^^•^l^^^eiTilise^Tivtt Dollars; '^y;aye'-h.aif*yea*iyv •'- •;' '• ,; ' : Jwhsteriberslor less fhftn six mouths tiiiiBHii attmse$ pay in advance. JNo ^per^ discbntinued without payment in fuil of arperaifes. Mates pf Advertising. : ; . ••> Advertisements not exceedjng a square will be insertedthree we^ki for *®ae BWlar, and for every subsequent in^rti^n, ^^nly^five Cefltfe. A d*db*> v -'i*op of twenf;pfiye per cent made to /tlfolte\?W advertise =by the year. No odVerti^ementt diseontiiiued without orders^ andasettleiaeut. •„%*: All Letters and Communica- tions must b* po«t paid. ; - 'fitA.N&S,;e^DS,-HAND-BlX.L;S:, . ',/ ! ,.&c.' : &.e-..-8cc. - v • •.•, fcXEOUTED -vsrifH lffeATNESS, AOOU> ' \• •' ikkeX ' AND 4BJ?P'E-fiJ'T*ON., - AT IKE I , ; :PAti*A»l^M: OFFICE* ./.. ; , .,,,?. ,_.; at^<QMi«afc»t«irimiiirirmm^r|if W iiiii 1) i < i' t ) l ii l)M ^ t) ^ Number 262, From iA* Jttew YdrfcMaily fflv&twr - •: B'm%noTnmtcmum/- - U. States Bank notes not payable in - tKis € ify r '•'•• ' :'•/.-• -dlfc I-s 2JOTE.S.- \• j;€|^|ftotes' .. 1teKWf-lJi«l('a1i|fft Bank- - ' ; ^o#'h;awk ; B^%^ebeueta,dy : ^^^Wf^.-Bal^k , • 'Bank of Ne.^'fcttr§ if not signed ... '; with',rejl-i|^c - • -* pat- Bo/ #jtii, fed ink dis. J-2 #.^ray|ble in Ithiea 1 \ .shin^ton &, Warren>$. IH0H ; Orange Connty Kotes '. '.'\''- : •'!.-»•; ' \il|il:l , , \ 1-2a.3 : -4. Bank S7!*&a&0 .- i?* \ par par >.' ,^a«\ t H E subscriber having taken Ihit? Tavern Sl^ud formerly occupi- «f ; by ^« $ivg«H »tt Water Street, %itl accommodate tjbe, public, nnd /tr4v:ejjtr*>itt.^0»d:»tyje,. : Hi« 8tabUug iii good and secure. , \'\ - ••••/mi ttlh cmt fatten Ms business as it filiAdKSMlTa • Opposi it>: the Tavern, where the litst rftte woflkmenare employed ; all business in that Ifne will he reasbna* |ily and expeditiously executed, and produce of e;^ery kind taken in pay meat. : (7'^ininthi#. Bank at Hudson Middle -pUtrfoi Bank o| Niagara 6 ;,.'••• Jaciftb Barker's notes fllred tip with; red ink and paya- ble In country notes Vqueduct Association at 'pitakilt _, Vuburn Bank Bank of geneva €eotr.al Bank at ••Valley',/ . Clienanijfo Bfjtik Columbia Receivables Hudson do Uticd Bank .\. Uiiea ij>st»fauee Company UticA Branch at Cauaudui Ontario Blank at ditto Ontario Bank at U tica Je|Tei;ion Cbuniy Plattsburgh Notes '.• KEW-JERSBTf .NQTEB 87 l& 3-4 •• ••.. .-9*k : •' 3.-4 i'i-&+8 -\:• 4-8. : 87 1^ 3-4 *- •-: •••#*• '\ '3-4' '.\ i4' 40 1 l T 2a2 far par par par l-^-a'\2: 1*2'8'^ I-^aS? l-2,a 2 pa? pat par AT amird. T HE subscriber fenders bis servi- ces to his friends and the ptiblir in the above business. His Boats ate in complete order, and will efitainence running early in the spring^ Such fttra&gewepts are made as tvlll enable Aim 'to'transact the % FOl^AEDiHG ; ^ ' , ;: AND\ - •';- €hmmksim He will also Transport IProduee e'i^ ther to Montreal, Albajny^or Newlforlfc* or Merchandise i'rom; either of those places to nny part of#|e Western co.ub- *ry* His perfect knowledge of thi^ business, and long e^ierience of the /different routes^. \vil| enable him to carry, on mpderat*-terms, and *viti» the greatest dispa|eh and safety, Rer ference may he had;to Mr, iS. M,£mithi, at Ilocoesjejp*, WM*< Be6?0 Clarke, Canandaigua, |kr to any of th* For- ^ardingPerchants in A lbany ^ ^ Horace March 1* J7m3 par Bank* in Newark State Bank at Elizabeth- • ; lofta • Banks in New-Bruus\vick State Bank #t Patterson State Bank at JVlorristown* Sussex Bank Trenton Banking Company Sti«feBaiilf*r1f : reistou ' ••'..* State Bank *t Cantden 1 Farmer'sBank,Mount Holly 1 Cumberland Bank 1 • CONJiBCTIOUf. . •' Bridgeport Bank Bagle Bank at NewHaven, t' if made payable in this city New - Havfn Bank do. Hartford Bant if do. do. i?heni* Bank at Hartford Derby Bdnk ' • '%^ssA0|uis^'rTS. Boston Banks Spring^* &»*? Hampshire Bank a| North- aurpton ,'.-, Salem BattkS o Worcester Bank. Osher ft^assachuseittf notes NEw^HAMPSRiBn\. Notes. VERMONT, (Burlington) , ., ' RHODE-IStAUn Provideice Bank . r WashingtonBank at W^ Other Banks •i^NNSartVANIA* PhiladelnlMa City Notes Silver Lafe Glermantown Bank Bank••'o* Delaware County Bank of Chester Farmer's Banlt of Bucks co. New Hope Dffeware Bridge company Bank of Montgomery Co. at . Horistown Ifniueoporated Banks uncertain *If lessthau S5. 1 a. 11-2 per. e dis / FrMn the hitfaary Jomhah ; • ^ : , THE^ : CGNV1CT'S ' BttlDEi. ' • ; dtti!'A» not check, With frords severe, ; l*be grief n»y hesrt mirtt feel,' . f ^<>rtrbwn upon the bitt«p tear, ' \*d fain, but' cajft't conceal- \.••' fhear ypu tellinisof hi» shame, -\.« And s*y a wr«tch be was, * .«,. Bot-aTi! hk»fau?ts tet others blame, He ne'er did wrongf to me. '• • ' • '•• •' /•'.''' ' • .' v- 'Twaa him nVp youthfal heart firtt lov'd, And vowed to love through life ; Although you say h5s guilt is proved* ifetlamgtillhiswife. 0isgfr«fe^*«4 gu'dty though be be, . Though much of harni^e^s done, He still is dearest, best, tame j And to his hapless son, His so«i oh 1 't?s a dreadful thought, That ne way hve to blaine, STav, curse the^ «^re who thu* hi* brought Dishonor on his name; But I will clasp my babe, and fiy Acrbsi the vifater's widei ^ Where none iSill scorn the widow's »igh, Qr kn$#tlii^onvict*s brides. r v ••'''. • ' r \ • ','«.-• . . ••••' . . • • • And rften *^ace imy boy shajl ^oVr, By natures impulse driv'rt, ' ' He aeefofiis father's fate! to know, i'llpoiMt\toyon blue heaven.» , [J w* the slightw^^^oWl^gojeftt^ for 1 tk$! give t*«If^»ra^ v : qfh^ English HJJ5 SSs -*.•'• l 1 » i l f-2- U2 1-2 •If * 1-2 1-2 1-2 1-2 I 1-2 a 2 fy 1-2 14 12 NOTICE sutenber will re- ceive Ceritfiaates of Pensions, optain the Agent in 3^-ijr A* fee of all ehatEes, except-what is fie^eessary \to knoi^ledffin^/ '&&.• •: : r \ 'iCM,Eiyrpr, paral»2 60 a 6Sf 1-2 , 1 a2 .ra-2' la2 I a 2 Notice is hereby given, THAT an appUeation will hi toade to the Legislature of this state, it the session thereof iu th* month of Janua^ tf next, jfpr*i J^^vr County tt he erec- ted within thtpfesenit bounds of Onta- rio, to comprise the towns of Phelps\ Senee&t Bmtrni^ MUo and Jerusalem. knd township N^. Bight in the second •range of to«wii»nii^s in t he town of MitiMesWt and ti*oi Ailes in breadih oiji the east side of the towns of 0or ham and Warinif^on^Sfaied : tS^4820^ • etSi George Gminclry, M'nu B. ffitllt jp*„ ?%« Der : Metgh H. M. Bogert James ftpS) Samuel Calti B. Mogurtk, W.S. Be%en$ J). Budsim, Nathan Reed, ttjWiPil take the t\ Tlie grojs; drinker is noftbe oiily^ian wh»*^i)feesWlie t'other sip. Tj^ 5 aro ; ne, the sluggard opens his eyes upon the tnorniug dawn ^he, stretches—rolls j over* gapes, feels drowsy, says it is time enough y^/hugs the pillow, and I talM?s th^t'ttther sipw He; giapA away a precious ^hnnr or two, when he migh; have earned his breakfast. |th^gab»atftr, takes a hand at uhist in.the eveuing, a hand #r two; can do no harm, it Is an amusement, a quar- ter of £. dollar a a -coru^rvH'^ ttiflfihis mind is engaged, if he has lost a game, he must play, he must play another to win, ifh^tta* won, He hope* to win iagatoVMwfffst 'ta'fee-::f|»' , f$m •: sip ;i and the tfo^^r,vthebili rings nine o 5 clock, but one more hand can do no harm, # wonid/go) to ben* with the ehickenif The ciock f trifees twelyje. but one; raora band and I positively go; the ilock strikes one/ ho starts, dams hisfluck, but tho ne3tft r evening he ? il taKe; *Wther sip: fi« sWears he'B ;ree»v*rs what he hai lost, he\ marches Woief when not an amimal should ba! awake but owls, rats and tbieyes..' \/ .'.--/ .,-•'•. \.' ;';« ; *', : The poor man with,a0core of h^re- footedehilirfii, hreadleis Hod: naiftd ? worM h*t«W a -lUtil* Dnesi to silence th* d*««Mfe of hung^ 4;s and * iitiie wood to warm their^isak^d\|feBtti.:fio| i there is % lot^sry, u ff^tf*tfe$t$fr 0nddottar$! And not two blanks to a prize i yes^ sue prize tliat is worth having among niae thousand tickits i Grlorious chance I,nine thousand to ^oiSSforts- in the frugally husband S||*swre|< and are always constant, beiatise Hfe are always indifferent. - / 'rh^r* s%ews very little difference between a 3)utch bridegroom and a Dutch hftshand; both *4re equally po|sess«d of the same cool unexpect- I tug amenity j tftey see neither elyiium %w p|Vadi|e bahind the curtain; and ifriffiwM. imi-jkw'f goddess on the ||v^dd|ng ; n^gW|th*nafter twenty years iuatriiiionial acquafetanct. On tho :o|h<sr:l|$Jfd, 'm\tny- of thjfBhglish raar- r^/i^ ofo^r^o kleep nine hapj>y month ; p\l^£f|f^^;#l^ Of ;|Mk|jb^j|^o^.i^'period ithey unit* iu4i;opii| of tinding rapture, and di«- ap^pioted in that, disdain eteo to ac- cept 'of a happiness. Froni hencfe we Voo nptn hatred ensue; t»r, what is Worse, conssaled disgust, under the appearance of fulsome endearment. Much fb^inality, great civility, and studied co|p|limeBt6 exhibited in pub- tic, cross looks, sullea silence, or open recrl^fttioiBi, pf j up tbeir hours of private ^nifnafement. ; ..;. W 1 ^! ^P? ^sffl? wlii*tt ever I »* e a ptfy married couple more than ordi- nary; l fan4y*h e fot*J facei^ to * consider (hem as attempting to impose upon the company, or themselyts • either hate- fug eich Ather^eartily/# ing that stock of love in the beginning of their count, which should serve them through the wh»le of their journeys^; '^ffftithfer^ sido should oxpect thosi instances of kindness, which are inconsistent with true freedom or hap<« pinessto^slte:'' ^^ovif^hen found- ed in•^'ho? heart j will showitself 5h a thousand and unprenieditRted 'sillies of fondnist| but every cool' delibera- tive exhihitibn of tne- paision, only ar- gues little understandings or great ih- cenc one against him! but avjtjcket he must have* Four or five day* labour, the subsistence of several days, must be bartered for a tioket 1 Nine thousand to one against him! Is this mil ? No, no, ho; is anxious for good for- tune, he must stand by and see the drawing, a week, more is lost, tiuit is money, the prijce-'of a tiek** is two dollars, and it cost him four. The wheel of fortune rolls, and rolls, and rells him up a-— ^blan,kl But like the grog drinker, who takes t'other sip, he must try his luck again. Luck less man! nine thousand to on«, is odds 4 a 2{against him. One certainty is better than a thousand lotteries, where some thousand's of probabilities are against a^man;'.\; v ; ,; , But must we discourage lotteries when pahlic utility is the ohjeet,? '•No. L>t ffery one buy jtiekets, who is able to pay a tax to the amount of the price, Suppose a poor man saves enongh out »f his usual^^grog expense* to buy a ticket. TKis is yery well, but it would be hotter to savo the ttiouey to buy bread and a pair of shoes for a shoeless b,py, ^^a* .Recorder. ' W.JPWAL. \:?0:il» „ ' The BugKsh l«ye their wivfi with much passion; the Hollanders, with much prudence. The l^uglish, when they giviihe'ir haftd«i frejpently give their hearts i tho Hnteh give the hand, but keep Jhe heart wisely in their own possession. Tho English love with violence', sod expect tote in return j, the Bntch are satisfied with Very large candles jj/a&» or Chrfo mas, are lighted wfceueviejt ,tll#^ d goe.-t down, and if a candle lasis i Christmas day dawns*itisagaod In soma places they leave* tfeVf | at the hack of tlie;door, to hi in { M\th a cle^n f Kdpi tiq * eve.the la^tstbir^' each spark it emits^ is the breaking of a. faraayispe 1 oach crackl|n^ sotlnd the oottnterspel! I to witchcraft. In eertain parts of the Highlands, a great smoke frem a heap consisting entirely of |uniper mn^t usher in the new- yearj the |r»unf folks vi« writh each other whose *nu>k|t! shall first appear, and iscend highest in the atmosphere j and ittis it & sigtt of prosperity, marriage, and tfc# ac- complishment of all the-ir wish?*, is also precedence in df&wjngl^ ful of water from a~wcll 6rstre*n> separates two farm*., It^it^he^yed the bees sihg in tftfeir hive* on? tlie lay day of the year, which j in Scstlaod,ii called hogmanay. On that »evie* th» quizarts, those harmless suepessors to the Abbot of tFureason,aod his retail\ ers, go from house, to house reciting, rhymes, and receiving/ «ak»^or a- small piece of money. On!**^o?lhfif confederates proceeds wijh a f hroera, to sweep a rihgfor the farey dance, supposed to he held on thie-evo of fe/ ttvity. , *__ ' Iu the Highlands, a peculiar cere- mony, attributed to political motives^ distinguished the fast day of each year. The eastles of feudal chiefs were built up»b roeks envirohed by rugged ground \ and thejb/iys or men accustomed to run \after the tflafi were enuabled, in the darkest nig to make rapid movements in attar kin thi strong nold of an eefmy. JTh Wanner in which -the writer saw th cologne condiieted shall b» exaell detailed.' On the Sl.st of Dfe^inber, when the moon is oht>nre4the swift- est runner takes & itrurojktne hide es OlilVER CBO^fEliL. lupin His shoulders^ajnp^thfr T^s^ef^vef^^^ \ he dissol^d th* Long f arJ^ment, thftt may Di heard ^ ft frtw # %m April fp/i^/n^r^as^^ v * i It i« unlucky for the bearer or hi. p< year*, sixSouths itfd fotfhWn days J sners to stumbla^el they are noun 4* ^ ishfeh^tiine for t»e% nut an {}• proceed withtnewtmoat celerity till endto y^utlttitigia thisplifee;whioh, tboy hare threa timei sttrHniw|n* thj yott have dishon^Fedhyyoftr contBtnpt; M™*-. ™y the^! euttr m portaf of all virtus, and defiled hy your prae tica hf *%ery yice, Yf s a,re a faetious crew, and enemies tb\ all gsod govern- ment. -.Ye/ are a^p45>kt of mercenary wretches ; and would,like Es^au, sell; yourfcfluntr^lferanVessoT Mm-W&M* jetrmy 'yntir Oed for a few pieces of money. {| therie a single virtue now remaining among you ?— Is there a single vice you do not pog- *0i? IfoU h^tCI^ \in*W religion than tny Jteorsje ;' 'jg^M^* yoor God \ which of you have not bartered aw*f your consciences for bribes ? I* there a. man among you that has the least* care for \tjb. good of flte common- wealth F Ye sordid prostitutes! have ye not defiled this sacred place, and turned the Lord's temple in< o a den ef thieves, by your immoral principles and .wiclBed prac|icesf You, wlio were deputed here by the people to get gWeirances redressed, art your- selves become the greatest grievance. Your country, thorefore, calls Upon ine to cleanse the Augean stable, by putting a 'fitful; period to y«nr iniqui- tous proceedings in this House ; %rA which by God's help, and the strength he has given me, 1 am titw comsto da, I command you, theref«re, upon tho peril of your lives, to depart istmedi^ atoly out of this pla^ 0o ! get ye •tit j m|t|c#ha%lt: yd Venial staves^e-. gone! So! take sway that shining bauble* (the mace) and lock up tho 'doorsv*''-' i .'..•'.'• ( ' • • *.\ • HIGHLAND _ SUPBRiTITXOHS. % ; . '' .'•\\. :, • ••'• • - •-.' In some parts of the Highlands, wo- men have a ^repugnance to touch a spinning wheel on a holiday j and tbo ancients would not suffer thittt toTTan- dle a distaff on eommeraoralive days. On the 24th of Decliftthir |* f ftax must be left, on the tt^||,afl|/d|^|rn on the reeli^if'hy any. o^ert^g1|i^ so hap* pens, th* fiax must; be skli«<i, and the yarn cut off, io avert satanical iunu- •ettees. In some dt%trip\s they make l&kes of oat-meal, eggs^sndtmMfe* one or each memBer bf tho f&ifttiJy. They repeating a rhyniej which th^y reeita* without interr apt ion- whil* eittinttbot dewlap from the hide; the HeMp i to ha singed upon a juniper 1 roa>\fo v luck to4h* castle, anoSvery onetjeuii^ smell it as an antidote to Alt |>ell* the his ensuing year* The laird 'and holliday guests drink to a good «W aud new year for th* racers,an|'tljly pledger respwnsiv* wishes in 'a gliii of whiskey. They are then dismissed' to dance, untjFa plentiful suppef^itlr^j ropts Jffciir f&rt*B&~lfttm*mtg, which, after eating and drinkioghsar-' tily, is resumed nntil tho h«ur '%%. kindling a pile of junipor, and running out for pails full of \yfator > \ ' Tho northern isles being, in early\ times> Danish territory^and tho\We em coast having been often tuv^ed* from thence, tho siiperstiiions of the '-\i Gael are blended with g*thienoti#n>Z\ At Stenefe, in Orkney, and ai Su C*us- lans, near Campbelltown, ATgyle^ j shire, there i« a atone with a round hole, called $t. Odio's ria ? , whtre promises of marriage hejag^ *\ they must be held invi*fa]»1«,,j§i ble vengeance shall chastise 1 constant. ' > Admiral Dunean displayed •* much porsonal courage fa his engagement' With Admtcal d« WiBter, that one of his sailers struck with hi* intrepidity, characteristically exclaimed,* ** Shiv- er my vtimhets 1 if *** ml i> ~&* «? big a$ his body!\ A Tert yoting o6icer,striVing al grenadier of his company farsome sup posed fatttt ia performing hiaevalu- |i tions, was unable to reach any higher/ than his legs. The grenadier* HC— this infantine insult* gravely tonlj his cap, and holding it over the-oj^er by tho tip, said, « Sir, if ^** not my officer*! would tfctvr \ ^li^r.^ThoW #hjfr$i of a warm disposjlion^ a| -free from those o#ik soldi are *at*tt in bed/ •&&$.-Mb dros««d eoyquered rebefhMf«» : by dropping thira o> % ^no^jittered', ferntn^^ f *ite*mn griddle { awl ifittiy .Vf&fa *reak ?} i^J* •• tftbll ! b ^? V fj$ portendi deatlj to the fef^l in whrfsc name it was dropped*, ^ lS •v,\„ >' * 1 some 4i*eft*e|**fn; a 'e* / } '\%>. f,•,#» ,# •&&>', W %•• KXiL. .,*•*

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