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Daily morning news. (Batavia, N.Y.) 1878-1879, November 22, 1880, Image 2

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wm» H W - P P & - SOTEIS. Jhe Salut janea Hot«]. B a t a v i a , Ñ . Y . ft. G. C o l l i n s Sc C o . Jfae Watermn House. Batavia, N. Y. Th* «nlf itliabl« $1.00 hònse m ïa- hkrâL M. E. P erkins , Prop. ~ M A G O A Q E E X P R E S S - ~ forma's Bajrga&e Express, JUT!) GENERAL DELIVER K- , Orders left at the St. James Hotel, Washburn Housr, Hooper House, and baggage rooms. All crdeii (ir&iuptly iittsnded lo rtay or night. \ b J E N T I S T t i . || H. Brsis 'Milin ' -VAX. VS A SPECIALTY In artistic « t uJisii \cth. Teeth extracted with.— out pain, k or,id i f>v er Anderson & Chesley’s, W“ * C. t}aN* n er, ÜV flw .'3 .\vJAIW SIR-HST. A ipoculty maac i ■ ■. g tlie natural teeth.. OPERA 'VIVE (xad.H ( HANICAL DEN 1 1 ST. 'ie e l h « » t r a d e d w i th o p a in i> y (h e use ot INi- tio u * O x id e O il?, i o j ]\l se K o o k , over to u i h - w o r t i i & Siin j.son ’s 50 I 5 +t PM i'tiJ. (JJLA-Nti, jjr. W. W. Potter, OFFICE. AND RES/PENCE. i» 3 M a in Street, - B ataviv , N . V . Qr. Jolui 0. Davidsou, PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, O ffico o v e r J . A. Clark’s J e w e U y S t o r e . Qr. II. S. Hutchins, noMEorAxmsi. Office— C o m e r o f M a in a u a J a cts-on si . X&asidence— 45 State street, B a t a v i a , iN. Y, A 'fT O lW JiX ii, Ji F. Fitzgerald, CO ILNSEL OR-A 7 -LA W, H * o n u 5 « a d 6, M a s s e B l o c k , B a t a v i a , N . Y . jra E. Stevart, ATIORJ 3 RYAUTD COUNSELOR At ¿AW, M Maim Stjumit, R o o m j , B a 'a v ia , N . Y . Ha II. Peck, Jr., A 7 1 0 R&&Y AJfD COUNSEi-'K ,47 LAW. No. 53 Main Stkut, 0 *er Turner & Son’s, Batavia, N. Y., p r a n k 8, 1 vx h 1, ATIORNKY AJ)ID COUNSELOR Al LAW. O f f i c e at Su r r o g a te's O f f i c e . g afford E. Jiorth, AlTOlUrSY AND COUNSELOR AT LAW. Office over the First National Sasic. JPAiNTEati. Hyilllaat Wood, CAR£IAG£ and SIGN FAINTER. 4 State Street, with Hiller & Schad. t- lae lifti Mark Of all kinds» spaeialfy. GASINET MAKER. j|( S’. Lawrence, CAB IN E l SH 0 J>. Jaekson S t r e e t (in T e r r y ’s H a l l ) . F u r n it u r e o f allT u n d s m a d e t o o r d e r . F l n e w o r k • * P » c i» lty . \W lixdow co r n ice a n d p ictu r e ir a m e s . £ O A R D im MOUSES. |y)( O’DonndJ,, BOARDING HOUSE, ♦ No. 4 Evans street. Bo.ird by tlie <la.y or week. Terms reasonable. O N I I W E A S CJSU jl L . Jones now goes to business regu­ larly. That attack of N’euralgiathat laid him up3 and which was only a iresh visitation of an old enemy?, dis­ appeared, because he took a friends advice and used Dr. Thomas’ Ec- •'.ectric Oil. Rheumatic pain, sores, bruises, throat and lung complaints, etc. , are invariably conquered by it. For sale by Shaw- & Stiles. B a t a v i a m i l y s i m Thotgh you have tried fifty differ­ ent cough nnedicines and a score of physicians, don’t dispair until you have tried Dr. Taft's White Pine Syrup. It never fails. See another column. Monday, B m u ltr 21., /¿S o , P u b lish e d daily; S u n d a y s e x c e p ted , b y the DAILY NEWS PÏBLISU 1 X« CO. T o m i . i n s o n iBt-ocec.B ATA.-VIA. N. V. It. e. MIX, Editor. D, R, V, G. is guaranteed by all Druggists to cured Dyspepsia, or money refunded. T he past forty years have wit­ nessed a prodigious growth in Am­ erican farming. In 1840 our grun product was six hundred and fifteen, million bushels; ten years later it had risen to eight ¡hundred and two millions; ten years later still to a billion and two hundred and thirty- eight millions; tea years later yet to a billion and three hundred and eighty-seven itnillioixs; and nine years later, or last year, to two bil­ lions four hundred and thirty-one millions. These annual cereal pro­ ducts have risen irom a valued four billion dollars in 1850 to one of eleven billion, dollars in 1870,, and probably to» one of fifteen bil­ lions or more in this past year,, 1S80 and the surplus, after paying ■wages and expenses, was over two billion dollarsm 1 870, and perhaps ithree billions in m 8 S o , Mr. S. B. Huggles has beea, collecting these statistics lot the Claatnber of Com­ merce in New York, and they are noteworthy. ---------- ■(*-*■ ---------- D. W y a t t A i k e n , representative an Congress from S-outh Carolina just 3 re-elected, proposes the following course for southern representatives: “I believe the soaith in congress should have nothing to do wiLh ¡party entanglements, but stand alooi *intil the timetOiVD*te, and then upon all questions of national importance cast a solid vote foarwhat they heliewe to be right, regardless o( th.e faet ■whether the issaecmay bedenxocratic «or Republican in a partisan sense. In this way wewoiald hold a balance of power that wouLd result in 001 icing courtedbyiUoth parties north, and enable us frequently to dictate terms upon important issues/' ........... ► ................ L n s p i t e of llie restrictions on ac­ count of the pleuro-pneumonia tlae shipment of live stock to Great IBritain continues to increase large­ ly. It is also stated that a com­ pany with $1,5 00-,000 has ” bee=n Jormed in London for carryiirg ■dressed meat ironx America in title “Great Eastern” fitted up with re­ frigerators. TPU-e business of sup­ plying England with beef will prob­ ably be a permanent one. i n AmerlcaHl^ecI P i r h l a n . Mile. Grevy, the daughter of thse President, affects American ways al­ together, and will walk an.u ride alone, much to th>e horror of thie aristocrats, and -even republican pa­ pers ot Paris attack her for infring­ ing on long 'established customs. They tell some ’very amusing stories about the young lady, and the diffi­ culties she encountters in carrying , out her America.nism. For instance 310 respectable Fre nch woman goes ■on the street alone, either a gentle­ man (relative, o*f course) or servant : must accompany -her. A foreigner <an defy this rale with safety, an d «very day you meet English aad American girls ,bjr themselves, bat their nationality is so evident that it protects them where a native would be insulted light arid left. Itseetns that on a number of occasions that Mile. Grevy, when walking alone, has been accosted by her too gal­ lant countrymen, but instead of losing her temper or being frighten­ ed she hands then*, a visiting card to enforce her statement as to her personality, and (ben begins to har­ angue them on the beauty and pro­ priety of V/oman -walking unescort­ ed, and on the idly of a nian pre­ suming for tha_t reason that she is not all that she should be. The novelty of thisproceeding is: render­ ed rhore striking because Unparall­ eled in the amia'ls of French his tory. HEALTH IS WEALTH! D r . E. C . W e s t ’ s N e r v e a n d B r a i n T r e a t m e n t : a specific for Hysteria, Diz­ ziness, Convulsions, iN'ervous Headache, Mental Depression, Loss of Memory, Sperm­ atorrhoea, Impotency, Involuntary ions, Premature Old Age, caused by over­ exertion, selt-abuse, or oVer-indulgence, which leads to misery, decay and death. One box wilL cure recent cases. Eacli box contains one montli’ii treitrnent. One iiollar a box, or six lioxes for five dollars; sent by mail prepaid on receipt of price. We guar­ antee six boxes to CTire any case. With each order received by us for six boxes, ac­ companied until five dollars, we will send the purchaser our wri1 ten guarantee to re­ turn the money if ¡the treatment does,. not effect a cure. Gua-rantees issued ]i>y, F,. E. W r i g h t , Sole Authorized Agent for Bata­ via, N . V. \Vm, II. Tibbs, wholesale' agent, Buffalo, ^ Y. sep3yi . . ' A. H a p j ^ y 'I'lto u g l i t . Thousands of those who have been troubl­ ed with Brondutii, Hemorrhage, Asthma, Common Coughs, Colds Whooping Cough &c., have been permanently cured by using a 25 cent bottle of J ames ’ G ough P ills , Indeed lor all Throat and Lung diseases' t hese pills seeni to b ; the marvel of the age, They are not a cathartic, Try them, hold by Shaw & Stiles. An Interesting' (act. Over one-third of the American peopi*- are troubled with Sr-clc Headache in either its nervous, bilious or congestive forms, ail oi which arise from a disordered state o' the liver, and ao permanent relie can be had until the liver l>e put in order To di this has baffled the skill of oar most ecm. nent physicians, and at a late meeting cf the New York Medical Association it w s unanimously coceded that the only knowr remedy for permanently curing sick head ache was Dr. Leslie’s Special Prescription for Nervous and Sick Headache, which i) sold by all druggists at 75 cm is per bottle Trial size 25 cents. S h a w & S t i l e s agents for Batavia. “Good morning, Squire, I am glad to see you a-round again. ” “Yes, lam gaining very rapidly, now. Appetite good, dyspepsia all gone, nerves as steady as a clock, and can sleep like an infant. Get­ ting stronger evexy day. ’’ “ A s t o n i s h i n g ! Everybody thought your days were numbered.” “ Well, they «?ould have been if 1 hadn’ t discharged all the doctors and went to taking Dr. Taft's Brain and Nerve Bitaers. 1 tell you, friend Waite that is the finest med­ icine ever man ufaclured for such cases as mine. You see, I was worn out with work and trouble, had no appetite, couldn’t sleep, food distressed me, and my nerves com­ pletely unstrung. It has been worth a fortune to me.” Jacob Smith, Clinton S t , Buffalo, says he has used Spring J 31 ossom in his family as a general medicine for cases of Indigestion, Biliousness, Bowel and Kidney Complaints, and disorders arising from impurities of the blood. He speaks highly of its merits. Price, 50 cents; trial bot­ tles, to cents. A W I S H . I wish I was a foreigner, Hottentot or Heathen Turk, Or else I live 1 in China, where they use no knife or fork. For my health is. really horrid, I'm feeling very sad, And I have got Dyspepsia, and got it very bad Poor fellow instead of grunting, moaning and crying, You’d better buy Spring Blossom be trying. Prices: 50c. trial bottle locta. For sale by Shaw &. Stiles. ------- «Hh* ------- Samuel A. Hewitt, Monteiay, Mich., writes that Dr, Thomas' Ec- lectric Oil cannoi be beat by any medicine for coughs and colds, and for rheumatism, it wcrfes like a charm. It has been thoroughly tried in this place and is in great demand. For sale by Shav & Stiles. ------- -«♦>■ -------- O v e r t h e H I lit« « tlie llo n e y a r d . Straight to the boneyard peopl go who neglect too long the danger signal of approaching consumption, a hacking cough. But With Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil for a safe­ guard the peril is averted. It is a superlatively fine remedy also for rheumatism, piles, soreness, hurts, etc. L ydia E. P inkham ' s V egetable C ompound has rapidly made its way to favor am one druggists, who have observed its effects on the health of their customers. Send to Mrs. Lydia E. Pinkham, 233 Western Avenue, Lynn, Mass., tor pamphlets. 1 -AXZ>~ R eal Estate Sales Negotiated, Ho uses Rented Rents Collected. Houses fo r r e n t o rpals. Desiruitle B uildin g lots for sale. F a rm and M ill P roperty fo r sale. A lso, F a m ily room s on M a in street, to rent. loans. Money to loan on good security for long or stiort terms. C o llectio n s . Notes and Accounts etc., collected. Coir lections Enade in all parts of the country at reasonable rates. M e s s a g e s , n o t e s » e t c . , d e l i v e r e d p r o m p t l y a n y w h e r e i n t o w n . Messages or other matters requir­ ing personal ¡ittention in any City of the Union, attended to with dispatch Leave orders with W m 33. H o w a r d Office with S E. North, ove;r First National Bank. Or with H L C - Robinson Wagon Co. C IN C IN N A T I, O H I O . THIS COMPANY HAVE JUST FINISHED COMPLETE SHOPS WITH EVERY FACILITY OF TH E LATEST IMPROVED AIACHLNERY, AND ARE PREPARED TO MANUFACTITRE S t a n d a r d T r a d e V e h ic le s , S u c h a i Farm Wegioiis, Spring, Wagons, Pla tform Wagons, Ludlow Spring Wa.gons, Farmers! 2-Seated Carriages Standarl Trade Buggies. Elegant Brewster Bugg ies„ Etc, Etc. Send for Designs and Prices, to B O B i m o l T W A G O N CO., _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Cincinnati, O. H e n r y E a s t o n ’s R E A L E S T A T E & L O A N t i G E X G r * O v c r itlio first N a tion a l llnnJc, B n f r a r t n, N. V. Great indueremetits are now offered in Farm Property in this^ndadjoin­ ing counties, both FRUIT, GRAIN AND DAIRY FARMS, also places o f business like DRY GOODS, GROCERIES, HARDWARE, LIVERY STA'BLES I 3 LACKSMITII SHOPS! HOTFLS, etc., etc! Western and Southern Land in large or small parcels. Houses ani lots in town tliat can be bought ata bargain, or in Roch­ ester, Syracuse and in adjoining towns. Farms to exchange for village or city property. Call at once and examine my lis- of over 800 farms now in the agent Stop tliat Toothache. ^?aP-c, Toothache Cuse stops- ^othachcinfive minutes or money refund êd. Pnce 25 «rats, bfeaw& Suies agents. M RY SD . L I A. £ MKMU, O F LYNN, M A S S , DISCOVERER OF L Y D I A E. PINC.HASVS’ 3 V E 6 E t a b l e e o M P o u m i. The Positive Cuts U^mrr.m i »mm i> Fox a l l F e m a le C o m p la in t s . I h l s i ' n ' - r m r a t l c m , r l t d n a m e s % \ n l f l ( * s . c o n s i s t s o V e g - e t i i ’. i i , - P r o p e r t i r . ( h a t a r e h a r m t e a t o t h \ m o e f c d e l i c a t c i n v - . ’ : d . U p o n c : i o t r i a l t h o m e r i t s o f t h i i C o m p o u u r i . . . . b o r e c o g \ ¡ ¡ ¡ o i l , o n r e l i e f i s i : n : : i c I i ; a n ( w h e n k - ’ . b o I s c o n t i n u a l , i n n i n r t y - i i E n o Of? • » ¡ n a I i u n ¿ r o d , a . i» ■ .-m i>Tiont c u r e i s e f f e c t e d , a s t l a o u s r • 'a T r i l l tei t i f y . O - i a c t o ’, n i t o t i t : i p r o v e n m ' ; r a t s , i i ' 1 ' 3 - d p , j r e - omnieuiiod an d p r e s jrib e d by the ‘best p.>y3icismx ii th e country, It w i ll euro e n t irely th o worst io r r a o f {«OIIdi o f tlsre liters*:, (/■ucori'liava, irrejjuslar r;A painCu Menst pus : io n ,; .ii O v a r ian Troubles, laillam i.sation mu -Icerai >M1, n o o d ! .: p i, a l l D isp lay-> C3Its e : i th o con sequent spinal v u,'ness, and is 'opcciallj .'„laptod ti the Chansroof Life. , L v.ili d ^ o l v e n.nd c - rl tum o r n-orn tbouterusin an early stage oC,d<;Telc > ><int. Th. ^ndoney to caneercMa humors there is oheekod v o r j speedily by its USe. - 111 fact b a i proved to bs tho (rrenJ st .ind best rem e d y h a t lias e-vi a- I.- -n d ia c o v s i e d . ] t p o r m e n t p a o v f - r y p o r i i o n o f t h e s y s t e m , a n d g l y e new l i f e a n d y i S o r . I t r e m o v e s f i I n t t « ‘ s ? . t t » t u l o n c y , d e roys all ci aving for Bfciniulants, atid jrotiovcs weakxosi '• i t h e s t o m a c h It cures Bloating, Headache«, Hen-ouo. rrostiation xenera.1 Debilit;- Ck uplus„ucM, Doji-i-snlo:- tuid Indi ge? I o n . T h a t f e e l i n i ? o f bcciirf'doB -T ii ea u s i n g p f t l n w.piht mid barltocIjH. is nlvmys pennaiiK !;- cur^db; its u»r. It will at all timon, <.'\d umlcrt.]l c :nuiustan ces, net in harmony with ti Uw tJ,...t Koveru» thi female system. F o r ICldney C o m p l a i n t a o f e i t l i o r (.,.!« r o m p o n w is unsurpassed. Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Comp ounc Is p repared at 233 an d 235 W e s tern A v ~ ,,w. J,vim , j t « « F T T 3;, S‘,X ^otUesfor^ 00- *«—*•» i.y mail'lull« ° s' a *:i(,in the fo r m cfLoztog'cs, on rocelp of price, gi.OO, boz, fo r ci'Jinr Mrs. P T S K r iA l freely a n g e r s all 1 tter.s.of lncmiry. Bond for pam pUet, Addn^-c,a' ■.-e ?rm!um !'• , 1 v r n “ ^ r v)U^ b u W i t l l 0 U t E, ] ' .KHAH' ^ rh. y C1,ro Comti!»««. naiousn» ■uidTorpidity of the.Llver, 26 ,ceia S |,«i' 1 ,,j.. ©•I»iC 2 lIX.TK!'sT 0 X,Gph.Agt ,11 .¡Tj;’( -.t.K.i. Sold by SHAW 4. 8*11-®*.

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