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Daily morning news. (Batavia, N.Y.) 1878-1879, October 23, 1880, Image 3

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treet. Wanted » ’A N T E D , - A g i r l t o d o g e n e r a l h o u s e w o r k . A p p l y a t N o . 2 0 s t a t e W A N T E D .— A situation as housekeep. er in iam ily o f two or three. A p p ly at this office for inlormation, W A N T E D .— A middle aged woman to do general housework for a family of six persons, Must be an experienced cook and competent to d o a ll kinds o f housework, Colored or German woman prefered. A p p ly at once to Mrs. L . E . H a l l o c k , Cor. Main & Elm streets. W A N T E D . — A good girl to do general housework. For particulars apply at this office. ______ ________ jgff: ________ For Sale. F O R S A L E ,— T h e lot on the east side State street, forty feet front and about eighty feet deep, between Mr. D a iley’s new building and the Sandford livery barn, This lot w ill be sold for the highest oiler to any person w h o w ill erect thereon substan­ tial brick stores. 14 S. E. N o r t h . F O R S A L E .— A very desirable burial lot in Elm wood Cemetery. Enquire ot *3-i2t J oseph H a m il t o n . O R S A L E O R R E N T — A desirable dwelling on Summit street for sale or to rent on reasonable terms. Enquire of Stephen Crelian, or J . C . Barnet., 71H F O R S A L E — T h e House and lot No. 48 State street, Batavia. Term s easy, Enquire o l H . Bostwick. 7012403 M r s . W. S. L e w is . For Bent . T O R E N T .— A small house to rent on State street. H . S. H u t c h i n s . 2 i t f T O R E N T .— A good convenient house on State street, only a short distance from Main. Enquire of ix t f J o h n Y a t e s . P B T B O I B U m M i V B K B T . T h e following is reported by L . H . Best Broker m Petroleum, 22 West Seneca St., Buffalo, Ñ . Y . , showing market fluctua­ tions 10 3 :15 P. M. Prices bid fey old un­ less otherwise specified:— O n , C i t y , Oct. 20, 4 p . m ., Closed 9 7 ^ . October 2), 10 A. M „ Opened at 9 7 ^ , Highest 9 7 ^ . Lowest 9 6 ^ . 3:15 p. M,, 9 6 ^ . Market closes Saturdays at 3 o’clock. H e n r y E a s t o n ’ s REAL ESTATE LÖAN O v e r l t h e ' f l r s t ¿N a tional B a n k , B a t a y t a , N. If. Great inducements are now offered in Farm Property in this and adjoin­ ing counties, both F R U I T , G R A I N A N D D A I R Y F A R M S , also places of business like D R Y G O O D S , G R O C E R I E S , H A R D W A R E , L I V E R Y S T A B L E S , B L A C K S M I T H SH O P ^ , H O T F L S , etc., etc. Western and Southern Land in large or small parcels. Houses and lots in town that can be bought at a bargain, or in Rock* ester, Syracuse and in adjoining towns. Farms to exchange for village or city property. Call at once and examine my lis- of over 800 farms now in the agent cy. F a l l C l o t h i n g . The question is bow and where to get it? The answer that, nobody w.ll dispute is, where you can get it to the best'advantage. The universal verdict is that Furman's, Main and Front stieets, Rochester, N. Y ., is this place. He has ever ¿0 many kinds of new goods, imported and domestic, In the matter of fine tailoring he stands head and front over all others. Kendall’s spavin cure for sale at Tryon’a Drug Store. 3 -* 4 t The Mormons have thirty-one missionaries in Great Brfeiu, and will send twenty more The religious movement against “ banged” hair is extending. Bis­ hop Elder of Cincinnati has issued a prohibitory order on tltesubject. Cen. Haskill of the, Salvation Army almost destroyed iris useful­ ness at Mayfield, Ky., hr forgetting where he was and praying fervently for a blessing on Paducah, a rival town. Mr. Pearson of Pall Mall, Lon­ don, has discovered in a weekly newspaper of 1812 a political ode by Lord Byron not hitherto known to be his. It will soon be printed with the poet’s letter referring to it. “Will you and your son occupy one room ?\ asked a hotel clerk of a woman of 35, who arrived at Omaha with a boy of 16. ‘ ‘This is not my son,\ she said, with empha­ sis, “ but my husband. We are on our bridal tour,” Dead Lake, in California, is pe­ culiar in having no visible outlet, though a large stream funs into it. The Indians believe that it is bot­ tomless and marks the spot where a wicked tribe once sank into the ground. No Indian can lie induced to go near it. An extravaganza company adver­ tised in Pittsburg that they would pay a reward to anybody wh 1 cuuld find the shadow of a plot in ‘ T h e Flock of Geese,” the play which they performed. So few persons went to the theater to search that the com­ pany disbanded, and the manager pawned a diamond pin to pay their fares to New York. Cambridge, Mass., will celebrate its 250th anniversary 01» the 28th of next December. Ten years after the landing of the Ply mouth.. Pii-, grims, and three months after the settlement of Boston, Gov. Winth- rop decided that a lorified place in the vicinity was desirable. The site of Cambridge was selected, and the Governor with others bui t resi­ dences there. A'.ustom in the Gakhtul (Ky.) Seminary requires the professors to give it. *1 oliar apiece every Christ­ mas to buy refreshments, lot the boys. Last year Prof, Atkinson re­ fused to contribute. The students visited him in a body, expostulated with him, and finally threatened vengeance; but he would not be moved. Then they carried hirn to a cold pond and ducked him. The Professor left the State, but now he has returned and sued his tormen­ tors' parents ior $5,000 damages. -------- ---------- ,, N e w P r o c e s s o i ' M a f c l a g S t e e l . London Cablegram to K. Y, World The firm of Bolckovy, Vaughan &Co., “ limited,” the largest and most important iron and steel mas­ ters in the Middlesboro Cleveland district, have com mem ed work ex­ tensively under the new process known as the Gilchrisl-Thomas pro­ cess for converting ordinary iron into steel by means of a basic lining in the Bessemer converters. By this process the common ore of the Cleve­ land district can be made to com­ pete successfully with the hematite ore of the Barrow district, which, until this complete development of the Gilchrist-Thomasprocess under the supervision of iVEr. Winslow Richards, manager of the Bolckow an-i Vaughan compmy, was the only ore except the Siibao ore of Spain, capable of such conversion. The principle has nor proved a per­ fect success and the converted rails have stood to-day the severest tests. ------- ----------- . A S a d A c c i d e n t . --A little child, the daughter of Arthur Banks, Esq., of this city, fell into a tub of hot water yesterday an d was badly scald­ ed. . The immediate application of Henry's Carbolic Salve, which was fortunately in the house, instantly removed the pain, and the little suf­ ferer is now out of danger. ------- — ------- — The “ Jap Wolf Robe\ is the best fancy robe made for the money, and John Thomas has the largest assort­ ment in Genesee County. Call and see them. ----- ------------- Vigorine, an invaluable remedy for all diseases arising from derange­ ment of thè blood, stomach or kid­ neys, for sale by A. B. Tiyon. 2-241 HENRY- CRAFT. C. H. CALDWELL. MEW YO R K CENTRAL H E N E Y G liA F T & CO., 'IVHOLESALit AWD RETAIL DEALERS IN C O A L S , Wool, Grain, Phosphate, Land Plaster, Etc, ÆSrEEtgbeBt C a s h F r i e « P a i d f o r - P r o d u c e . O r d é i s f o r C o a l le f t a t t h e G e n e s e e C o . , N a t i o n a l B a n k w i l l r e c e i v e p r o m p t a t t e n ­ t i o n . COAL AT LOIVEST MARKET PRICE. O f f i c e , J a c k s o n S t r e e t , ( C r o s s i n g N . Y . C . & H . R . R . R . ) B A T A V I A , N. F . P . T E R R Y , .AGEUT FOR THE And also the U G i n RUNNING l e v f i o i e S e w i m I’^r-on.s wa-nting Machines] which possess e a s t t R U N i m r e * . AXTD MAWAO-EMEl^Tj D U R A B I L I T Y , j GKREAT BANGE OB'5 WOEK, A 'L l NEEDED SPEED, With a ll usual and so me uuusuhl old and new con­ nivances to increase the value and appearances of these most useCu.1 m.achincs, should call on me. A.LSO AO ENT FOR P i a n o s h O r g a n s , f, P, TERRY, ORE MA ECOUSE BLOCK * K A T A Y I A , N . Y . I f c o a l m i No ¿Rail Koads to Cross. A. C. OLMSTED, WiLL sell Coal as follows Grate, Bgsr, Stove, Clientuut, IN YARD, *4.T5, 4 . 7 5 , 4 . 9 5 , 4 . 0 5 , DBLIVRRBD $ 5 . 1 5 . 6 . 1 S fi.ats fi. 3 5 . 0 dee and Y ard— CENTRE St. NORTH OP EME ItAÎLWAX C O A L ! G O A L ! R. T . HOWARD &.CG., F O R the present we will fill cash orders for CO A L 3l the following prices at y a r d : G rate .............................. $ 4 7 5 Egg •«.«.*•»** »■••.... 4 7 5 Stove , . . * . . .. ...................... 4 95 Chestnut.......................... 4 95 Ddivery 40 cmts per tm in addition. Batavia, June 5th, 1880. R.T. HOWARDS CO, O! tursi ye, for why will you die of consumption when a single bottle of Dr. Taft’s White Pine Syrup will save you. (See another column.) Constipation is positively cured by Carter's Little Liver Pills. Not by purging and weakening the bowels, but by regulating and strengthening them. This is done by improving the digestion and stimulating the liver to ta« proper secretion of bile, when the bowels will perform their customary functions in an easy and natural manner. Purgative pills must be avoided. Ask for Carter’s Little Liver Pills, Price 25 cents. - -------- ------------- Decorated Chamber Sets at re­ duced prices, to close out. Call and see at Kenyons'. Velvet Frames in great profusion just received at A. D. T kyon ’ s Drug Store, No. 57 Main street, Batavia. --------.,, -4 *+ ---------- A R E N O W B E I N G O F F E R E D m C T A I T * T T T V f C * i d i U * A i I N U , a t •JLtaJki m M m r ^ T S T T P T D T D T r ^ T T 1 JkLj Jtr* ■XuimÜLfcJCj lo t h ix ig O p e r a . H o u s e B i o d i . 3 B A . X - a . V I A . Subscribe for the D a i o N ews , I m p o r t a n t t o A l l ! Having purchased the interest of J. C. Barnes in the CLOTHING ANJ FURNISHING GOODS, A t B a t a y i a a n d L e R o y , I have made a great reduction in the price o f every line of goods, marking , every line of goods in my entire stocks at a -very small percentage \ above a st, which gives the purchaser oax many articles fully one half die ordinary percentage Be­ fore you purchase anything iisa the line of CLOTHIM OE FUENISHIM GOODS please call on meat Batavia or Le Roy, and examine prices and my ntw method of doing business. ----- My Stock is Now ----- P W h t i & M W m M W & M T M in all lines o f goods. My own make of clothing is nnequaled for styleand durability, by any in the market. EL B A I L E Y , M Mi^i DUMINGOER/S O P E R A HOUSE, T h u r s d a y E v e . , O c t o b e r 2 9 t h . A L W A Y S T H E B E S T , A N D B E T T E R T H A N E V E R B E F O R E , W I T H S G r e a t E n d I M © n . S “The Four Iuvincibles. ” The Great London Quartette, T H E { $ 0 0 0 P E D E i X S J U Y M C ? A X m E m X & W M M . — A N D — a s COPEER L E S S P E R F O R M F R SQ3 S S ADMISSION, : 35 and 50 Cents. R E S E R V E D S E A T S A T M A C K E Y B R O S ’ - Secure your T ick e ts e a r ly uitidbe sure ol a good scat, “ S t a n d i n g R o o m O n l y ” is the nightly required placard 'with this celebrated com p any.

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