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Daily morning news. (Batavia, N.Y.) 1878-1879, October 21, 1880, Image 2

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« SOTBLS. Jfae Saint Cannes Hotel. B a t a v i a . , N. Y„ A. G , C o x x i n s & €o. Jhft Waterman House. B a t a y i a ., N . Y . The «nly reliable $ i.o c hoase in Ba- Ktvia. M. E. Pekkints, Prop. BAGGAGE EXPRESS, [oreau-8 Baggage Exyuoss, A N D G E N E R A L D E U V h R V . Orders left at tbe St. James H o tel, Washburn House, Hooper House, and baggage rooms. Al. ordirs promptly- al t ended to day g r night. ______ DENTISTS, H' 4 L iieiyruiiiii MAXES A SPMCIALTi In irtistic wtificfal teeth. Teethe extracted with­ out pain, Rooms over Anderson •& Cbesley s. ^fniu C. (tolin e r , O v e r 92 M a i n S t * h s t . A »pecialty maclc o{ saving the Datumi teeth, JPHYBlQiAXS, \)x. W. w . Potter, O F F I C E A N D R E S I D E N C E 133 Main Street, - B a t a v ia , N . Y. J)\ Joiia C. Davidson, P H Y S r C I A N A N D S V R G J S O i l , fcOfficu o vexj. A. Clark’s Jewi-liy Store. ;r, H . S . H u t c h i n s , ittSSIB. HQOIKOPA THIS 2 - Office—C traer o f Main a_ad J¡tcksoa st . X «¿uenco— 45 State street, Batavia, N . V . ATTORNEY!}. F - F i t z g e r a l d , COUtTSELOR-A l - l A W, Rootns 5 and 6, Masse Block, Batavia, U . Y . | r a B . S t e w a r t , A T tO R N E Y AN D COUNSELOR A l LAW , 94 Main Strhrt, Room 5, Batavia, N . Y, & B . fe c k , J i ., A l i ORNEY AWD COUNSELOR A ? LAW . No. 53 M a in Sxsarr, Over Turner & Son’s, Batavia, Si. Y . f r a n k S . l^ o o d , A 1 JO RN B Y A N D COUNSELOR A 'l LAW . ■ Office at Surrogate's Officc. ^afford £. North, ATTORN E Y AMD COUNSELOR A T LAW . Office over the First n ational Bank. PALNTEi.B, K^ILllani Wood, CARRIAGE and SIG N PAINTER. 4 State Street, with. Hiller f t Scliad. iio t <ign work oil’ ll kinds a specialty. CA 1 L N E T M A K m . CABIN S ! SliOd =», Jaeksou Street (tn Terry’s HaU). lorniture of sill kinds made to.ordcr- Fine \work a specialty-. Window comice and picture trames. B O A R D IN G -H 0 TJBE 8 . |jj' O’Donnell, B O A R D IN G HOUSE, No. 4 TSviins street. Botrd by tie day or week. Terms reasonable. H . F. McCarthy, Wholesale and Retail Druggists, Ottawa, Ontario, writes: “ I vas afflicted with Chron­ ic Bronchitis for some years, but have been completely cured by the use of Dr. Thom as’ Eclectric Oil, in doses o f 5 drops on. sugar. I have also pleasure in recom m end­ ing it as ati embrocation for exter­ nal use. \ For sale b y Shaw & Stiles, JfOT F O R A FO K T ITN B . ‘ ‘Phewl ” I would’nt marry her if »he’d a fortune. Poor g irl, she'd be all right if she took Spring Blossom, the best thing in the world for of­ fensive breath. Prices: 50c, trial bottles ioc. * For sale by Shaw & Stiles, Health, hope and happiness are restored by the use of Lydia E. Pinlcham's \Vegetable Compound. It is a positive cure for all those diseases from which women suffer so much. Send to Mrs, Lydia £. Pinkham, 333 Western Avenue, for pamphlets. B A T A V I A ll.U L I N E W S . Tuesday, Octoler ig. 18S0. Published, daily, Sundays excepted* by the DALLY NEWS PUBLISHING 00 . T o m l i n s o n B l o c k , B a t a v i a . N . Y . m. 3 ). M I X , E d i t o r . T h e d e a t h is announced of Mrs. Lydia Maria Child, at the ripe age of 78. Few women have ever ex­ erted a larger influence on public opinion than she did for many years. She was born in Medford, Mass., and was the daughter o f a baker named David Francis. At the age of 22 she published her first #book, an Indian story, and followed with a tale of the Revolution, tn this a speech which she put into the mouth Of James Otis was believed by many to have been written by him. 1111828 she married Mr. David Lee Child, being; at that time in charge of a ju­ venile magazine which she edited for eight years. In 1831 she be­ came interested in the anti-slavety agitation and soon after wrote a large and comprehensive work advo­ cating the immediate emancipation of the blacks, entitled “ Appeal in behalf of that class of Americans called “ Africans.” In 1841 she be­ came editor of the National Anti- Slavery Standard, in which work she was assisted by her husband. In 1859 she wrote a letter of sympa­ thy to John Brown, which involved her in correspondence with Gov. Wise and Mrs. Mason of Virginia, which was afterwards published in a a pamphlet and 300,000 copies were circulated. Her published wprks were altogether very numerous and have generally been widely read. D r i v e n O f f b y a P a r r o t . A family living in Nashville has a parrot noted for its wonderful powers of imitating the human voice, The family also has a daughter whose es­ pecial duty is to care for the parrot. The young lady has a young man, a recent addition to Nashville society. The young man called at the house of his lady love one evening and pulled the bell. The parrot, sitting 111 the up-stairs window, heard the jingle of the bell, and called out, “Go to the window!\ The young man was startled. H e looked at the windows below and found them closed. H e pulled the bell kr.ob again. ‘Next door!” shouted the parrot in a voice not unlike the young lady's. The young man looked up and down the street in a puzzled sort of way as if it had sud­ denly dawned upon his mind that he had made a mistake in the house. Concluding that he had not he again rang the bell. “ Go to the house!” cried Poll from his perch in the up­ per window. “ What house?” ex- tlaimed the young man angrily. “T h e workhouse T shrieked the .par­ rot. The young man left in rapid transit time.— N. I . World. Jacob Loeckrr.an, 274 Clinton street, Buffalo, N. Y ., says he has been using Dr. Thomas’ Eclectric Oil for Rheumatism, he had such a lame back he could not do anything, but one bottle has to use his own expression “ cured him up” he thinks it the best thing in the mar­ ket. For sale by Shaw & Stiles. -------- ----------- Dr. Taft's White Pine Syrup is a pure extract o f the white pine gum It is so h ealing and soothing to the inflamed and wasting lu ngs, that we challenge the medical fraternity to produce a case of cough or con­ sumption that it will not cure. (See another column.) ............... «<»■>■ ---------- E V E . When eve upon the first o f men, the apple pressed with specious cant, Oh what a thousand pities then, that Adam was not Adamant, But though by his false step, we were doomed, to life of endless toil, One certain comfort we can get to cure Rheumatics Eclectric Oil. For sale by Shaw & Stiles. ¿.Yourselves-by making money whe’ [J a golden chance is offered, theieby always keeping poverty from your ________ door. Those who always take ad­ vantage of the good chances for making money t>iat are offered. generally becoine wealthy, while thob j who do. not improve such chances remain in poverty^ W e want many men wonteii, b\>ys and girls to\ work for us right in their own localities; The business will p ay mor-: than ten tiroes ordinary wages, We furnish an expensive outfit and a lthat you need; free. No one who engages fails toinake money very rapidly. You can devote your wh.ole time to the work, or only your spare moiuen s. B'ull information and all that is nee-fed sent free. Address stinson & Co., Portland, Maine. i Outfit sent free fo those w h i wish to en- icage ih the most pleasant aiid profitable business known. Everything new. .Cap- J ical not required. W e w ill furnish you everyLblng. $to a day and upwards is easily made wi.hout staying away from hame over night. N o risk wliat ver. Many ne w workers wanted at ome. Nlaay are making fortune'at tha business. Ltdies make as much as rtien and1 young boys and girls inake gre “ t p ay. No one who is willing to woik fails to make more money every day than can be made in a week at any ordinary employ­ ment. Those who engage at oiice will find a short rokd to fortune. Address H. & Co,. Portland, Maine. 8 top that Cough! One dose of O r . T a il .’ * Vl l i l t c P i n e I S y r n p will stop !hat cough and cure it. We I don’t care how bad your cough is, or howl many cough medicines you have trhd, or how j maii'i physicans you have consulted, A terl ev ry thing else has failed, we guarantee the [ WHITE PINE to cure youevery ti tie, or re­ fund your money. For C-mghs, Colds, Bron chitis, Whooping Cough and Consumption, its I equal lias never been discovered. Don’t wait I until you ate in the last stages of consumption, | ’>ut get a bottle to-day, and see how soon you f will begin to improve. HELP is the cry of ttase afili ted with A.S- j thma W e come to your relief with a reme iy ] .vort-h its weight in gold, Or. Taft’s A t t t l l -1 111 a l o n e is a sure and permanent cure fori this terrible d isease, in every lbrm, One dose [ will break the spasms. O e dose will give you i sweetandrefresli- ing Eight’s rest A perman n cure is sure to I folio r if taken f^r a short time. Get a trsal I lottlo for 125c. and be convinced. Large hot -1 tie, iti.50. DR. T A F T BROS.. Proprs., Ko:hester, N. Y. For sale b y A. D. TRYON , Batavia, N. Y. I FURNITURE AND UNDERTAKING. We do not propose to wait for others to uitro- luce L O W P R I C E S a n d N E W D E S I G N # vVe propose to lead in both. We except no city nouse o r firm. We mean to be up and doing.— We a ie always open to conviction, i f you enn j i Auy time suggest an improvement on our good.-, wc willclieerfully adopt it and thank you for your -undntss, We are not infallible, and we are no d ways able to see every a|-iicle that loaves our store, but w e are willing to 5 Make Any Article Good . •fit fails h a reasonable tune or with reasonable ioe* MBS. M. M. ROSS. One advantage 1 have tn luimufacturm\ rnj iwn goods is— 1 know hew they are made. I air. to blame if the work is not good. Von who pur- :hase goods of me know I am Permanently located, md 1 am obliged to stand by my w arrm w i whether 1 want to or not. I am not a tra «Imc >liow. You know where to find me when want««:, Respectfully, ifiS-îïçot 3L DAILEY. VS 1-2 West lirai» Street, 4i>-( )pposite Reynold’s Arcade. Meals and Lunches served ati all hours, as formerly 81 Exchange St. H O G H E S T E K , TST. Y\ Parlor fo r the Use o f Guests. A t t E l i T H W A S T E D T o take subscriptions tor the [STEM AIIOl! AL the latent and best Am erican publication, oi the highest class, with original contributions from ihe most celebrated writers in the country. E d ited by J. T . Morse, Jr., nnd Henry C ilx .t Lodge, ta ntl“men o f >he highest attainments and culture, and wiiose names are alone sufficient guaranty ol the value of the R e v i e w . A lw a y s bright, readable and instructive; cosmopolitan, ia literature, progresive in science, unmeetirian in religion, a 'd inde­ pendent in politics. Price 50 cents a number; $5.00 jl year. A complete A g o n l s Oullil sent oiij jeceip t oi $x.oo. A specimen copy sent to any address for 15 cents. A . S. B A R N E S & C O ., Publishers, i n & 113 W illiam St., New Y o rk. A V e r ita b le T r n t k Is tha-t James’ Cough P ills cure the most obsti­ nate of coughs and colds wjien other reme­ dies have failed. Thousands have used them with success and tliey are pronounced to be the marvel o f the a g e. Price 25 cents. Wholesale Agents, Shaw & Stiles. Sold in Batavia by all druggists. 89-36. VALUABLE D 1 SC 0 YEBY BY M R S . J G L Ï K M Ï E B S , Pi a < JPLUMBXNG, AHß STEâüH FiTTiHû, Green-House Work. C i i i i an d h e c th e Latcsl Improreiuemts m Plnmbtag tSeiore piuchasing elscwh -n;, Bath, tubs, -water closets, basin cowls, ■sh- a stands, cast iron water tanks (capacity from ¡¡ce> to 2,000 gallons), globe valves, stop aad waste cocks, lawn tountains, iron pipe and fittings, at the lowest prices. A u W okk \V anthb . B . F . F R E E M A N , No. 2 State St., Batavia, N. Y . We meet every day on the street, men and women who are standing on the brink of the grave froin a cough which they can’t get rid of. We know from experience that you can be permanently cured by Dr, Taft’s White Pine Syrup.- A few doses will prove the truth of what I have said.— Ed. Morning Times, - -------- -* <*■ >----------- Go to Shaw & Stiles for Mrs. Freeman’s New National Dyes. For brightness and durability of color they are unequaled. Color from 2 to 5 pounds. Price, 15 cents. -----------<«•» ------ - --- Oh! the intense suffering of those afflicted with Asthma Why will you thus continue to suffer when one <lose of Dr. Taft’s A.sthma!ene will break the spasms and give instant relief. (See another column,) -------- ^ 1 --------- Many people suffer, and lenow not -what ails them. Try D. R. V. G. If no benefit is received, your Drug­ gist will refund the money. --------!<•* -------- Subscribe for the D a i l y N ews . P r i c e 2 5 a n d 5 0 cent«* p e r b o x - 1>fl TH E D R A W IN G AN D H E A L IN G SA L V E Cure* Carbuncles, Felons and Abscesses with­ out the aid o f a knife TH E D R A W IN G A N D H E A L IN G SA L V E Cures Cuts, Burns and Flesh Wounds, TH E D R A W IN G A N D H E A L IN G SALVE Cures Erysipelas and Ringworms. TH E D R A W IN G A N D H E A L IN G SA L V E Cures Piles and Poisoned Flesh. TH E D R A W IN G A N D H E A L IN G SALVE Cures Corns, Infhm-d Joints, Cliilblains, and Fr st-bites. TH E D R A W IN G A N D H E A L I N G SALVE is highly recommended b y all who have used M R S, J U L Y E M Y E R S ’ R H E U M / V i n e C U B E , A Positive Cure for Rheumatism. Neuralgia, Weak Backs, Sprains, Stiffness of Joints:, Severe Aches, Cramps, ftc. Pricc $i per botile. Trial bottle ioc. For sale wholesale and retail by 398-iy. SH A W & SI'I LES, HEALTH IS WEALTH i D r . E. C . W e s t ’ s N e r v e a n d B r a i n T r e a t m e n t : a specific for I-Iysteria, D iz­ ziness, Convulsions, Nervous Headache, Mental Depression, Loss o f M emory, S p e im atorrhcea, Impotency, Involuntary Emiss­ ions, Premature O ld A g e , caused b y over exertion, self-abuse, or over-indulgence, which leads to m isery, decay and death. One box w ill cure recent cases. Each box contains one m onth’s treatment. One dollar a box, or six boxes for five dollars; sent by mail prepaid on receipt o f price. W e guar antee six boxes to cure any case, W ith each order received by us for six boxes, ac­ companied w ith five dollars, w e w ill send the purchaser oitr w ri'ten guarantee to re­ turn the m oney if the treatment ioes not effect a cure. Guarantees issued l>y F . El W r i g h t , Sole Authorized A g e n t for Bata­ via, N . Y . Wm, H . Tibbs, wholesale agent, Buflalo, N Y sep3yi Buffalo & Southwestern E’y s h o r t e s t . Q V I C K E S T J AN ID B E S T R O U T E T O B R A D E 'O H D Pittsburgh, Titusville and all points in the upper and lower oil country. S ire connections for Cin­ cinnati, St. Louis and Chicago, and all points west. On and after Nov. 16. 1870, trams wil run as follows from N Y C . & H. R. R. R. Depot, But falo, N. Y ., (N. Y\ time): 8 0 C A, M ., arrive Jamestown it.zo A . M,, titO Titusville 1.50 P. M .Pittsburgh 7.40 P.. M 4,40 P. Mi, arriving Jamestown 8.25 P. M. No chaDge o f cars between Buffalo and Eitti- burg. Trains arrive at 10 A . M. and 8.10 P. M. All rains run daily. Eor further inforimatio® call at general office, 19s Main street, Buffalo, N T‘ J, F. M O U L T O N , A. S'. M cALLISTER, General Manager. G. P . and T. Agent. An Interesting Pact. O v e r one-third of the A m e r icm people are troubled w ith S ick H e a d a c h e in eitfiei its nervous, bilious or congestive rorms, ai o f w h ich arise from a disordere 1 slate 0' the liver, and no permanent veliei caa Le had until the liver be put in order T o dc this has battled the skill oi our most emi nent physicians, and at a late m eeting 0 the N e w Y o r k M edical Association it w a unanim ously coceded that the only known rem edy for perm a n ently curing sick head­ ache w a s D r . L e s lie's Special Prescription for Nervous and S ick H e a d a c h e , which ii sold b y a l l druggists at 75 cents per bottle, T r ial size 25 cents. S h a w & S t i l u s , agents for B a tavia. D. R. V. G. is a purely vegetable compound, and will do all is claim­ ed for it. See other column. m a o . LYDIA E. Pi! O F LYNN, M A S S . d scovi i'l^n or LYDIA E. P IN l CHAM'S VEUrf AI’KH CCMPOiHD. jst j w n a . .awnaraw: For all [Female Complaints. Thisprenornt'V-i. os its name slpn:.;^, ci.i -lats of ' tgutu-b.e i'rope. ■\ie't-.-fc aro harr It * ' J *li -' n del” icatoinvalid. Upouono trial the merits of this Com uound will be r'I'O.vizfJ, as relief is immediate; and vf hea its use is ■; . 1 , in a!nety-s!-!P rn^s in shun, dred, apermanci tci:ri'is<:t!'ivted,asthoiis..iids will tes­ tify. On account of it.: proven merits, it is to-'jay re- .omnaended and prescribed by the best physicians in the country. It will cure entirely the worst form of falling of the uterus. Lrueorrha-a, Irregular and painful Menstruation, all Ovarian Troubles, InflamniRtion and 'Jleoration, Ft;>o'.;’’ 1 all Displacements and the con­ sequent spiuot v, .■: niiesp, ami is e.^i^'C’iiilly ndnpt^d t° the Change of Lifo. it ■»vill dissolve a nd exp<*l tumors from the uterusin an early stapro o f (if vel ^»'¡mt. Tho tendency to canccroua humors there ia ehoclsed very apecdily by its use. In fact it has proved to be the great­ est (und best remedy that has ever boon discover­ ed. It permeates {'very portion of tiie system, and gives new life and vigor. It removes faintness, flatulency, de­ stroys all craving for stimulants, and relieves -wealnien# of the stomach It cures Bloating:, Headaches, Nervous 'Prostration, 'General Debility. Sleeplessness, Depression and Indi­ gestion. That feuinfj of bearing down, causing pain, weight and liack.iche, is always permanently cured by its use. It will at all times, and under all eircumstftn ces, act In harmony with the law that governs th* femnlesystem. For Kidney Complai n Is o f e it h e r si\: tliio compound is uiuurpassed. Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound Is prepared at 233 and 235 'Western Avenue, Lynn, Mas», Price # 100 . . Six bottles for «5.00. Sent by lnitil in the form of pills, also in the form of Lozenges, on rfcclP of price, $ 100 . , per box, for either. Mrs. PIKKHA freely answers all letters of inqriry. Send for pam phlet. Address as above Mention this paper. No family should be without LYDIA E. PISKHAM CJVlSR PILLS. They cure Constipation, Biiiousne# imdTorpidity of the Liver. 25 eentB per boJ. C.»-CBITTEN T O N ,Gen.Agt.,il 5 T u lt in St.N .i. Sold by S H A W * STIL.ES,

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