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Daily morning news. (Batavia, N.Y.) 1878-1879, August 20, 1880, Image 4

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NEW ADIEKIISÉMENIS. MES. I . M. ROSS, 2 3 1 - 2 West Main Street, Opposite Reynold’ s Arcade. Meals and Lunches served at all hoars, as,formerly 81 Exchange St. R O C H E S T E R , N . T . j p A r t o r f o r t h e U s e o f G u e s t s . -A T - :} SUMMER STOCK.!: Rtal Bannockburn Cheviot Suitings to Your Measure, $18 to $20 WORTH $80 to $SS. Good Styles and Qualities Suit to Your Meas­ ure, - for (15 W O R T S $25. EXAMINE BARGAINS. Cor. Front and Main Sts., ROCHESTER, N. Y. SEW C0ÁL YARD. No Rail Roads to Cross, A. C. OLMSTED, Will; sell Coal as follows : LN YARD. DELIVSREI) G n t e , $ 4 . 7 5 , $ 5 . 1 5 . B f r i 4 . 7 5 , 5 . 1 5 Stove, t 4 . 95 , 5.35 Clieatiiut, 4 . 85 , 5 . 35 . Office and Ya.rd—CENTRE St. NORTH OF ERIE RAILWAY. HENRY CRAFT. C. H. CALDW ÏIX. NEW Y O R K C E N T R A L PRODUCE OFFICE & GOAL YARDS BATAVIA HAUT NEWS, . in s c r i p t i o n : T«n G e n i i p a r W e e k . Delirtered ■without extra charge ¡tnywhere on the corporation, To out-of-town suïseribers, xO c«nts per week, postage prepaid. A d v e r t l i l u s B a t e s Made known upon application. Xhe N s w s is the only daily paper in Genesee ccuitty. Its circula­ tion in Batavia is larger than tha-t of any >(>ther paper, and it is consequently the lest advertising: medium 1 Friday, August 20‘, t 880 \ H E B E M E N f l O S . — The peanut venders reaped a /harvest yesterday. — T h e store clerks are not rushed with business to-day. — N. A. Woodward is sojourning at Montreal, Canada. — The roof of the new Wilson block is nearly completed. — Covered tops have b een placed on all: of Moreau’s express wagons, — The pay car on the Central left a few dollars with the boys ¡this morning. — Hiram Chaddock has returned from Michigan -where he has been on business. — No legs broken yesterday. No­ body killed. No nothing to furnish us with an interesting item. — Mail carrier Fonda who has been confined to the hoase for the past few days is again able to attend to his duties. — Several of the Knights Temp- Jar who went to Chicago last Sun­ day have returned. They all report having had a good time,, — At the meeting of the Board of Trustees last evening a resolu­ tion was passed ordering the serers flushed every Friday -during the warm season. — T h e Rev. R. H. Nassau, M, D., who, for the past eighteen years has been engaged in mission labors on the western coast of Africa, will occupy the pulpit of the Presbyter­ ian church next Sabbath, Aug. 22nd, speaking of the work in that country. ----------- 4 -»-* ----------- A l a t h L a y e r L a s s o e d . y J I E M Y GRAFT & CO., WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS IN ANTHRACITE AND BITUMINOUS C O A L S , Vfool, Grain, Phosphate, Land Plaster, Ete, J 9 ~ I I l g I i e 8 t O a i l t P r i c e P a i d , f o r P r o d u c e . O r d e r s f o r C o a l l e f t a t t h e G e n e s e e C o , , N a t i o n a l B a n k w i l l r e c e i v e p r o m p t a t t e n ­ t i o n . COAL AT LOWEST MARKET F R IC I. O ffice, J a c k s o n S t r e e t , ( C r o s s i n g N . Y . C . & H . R . R . H . ) B A T A V I A , n . tt . C O A L ! C O A L ! R. T. HOWARD, & CO., r >R the present -we will fill cash order* for COAL at the following prices at yard : Grate $4 75 i^ g g 4 Stove 4 ^.5 Chestnut .................................... 4 95 Dtirnry 4.0 cents ptr ton in addition. Batavia, June 5 th, 1880 . R. T. HOWARD & CP. T o N e r v o u s S u ffe r e r s —T h e G r e a t E u r o p e a n R e m c d y - D r . J . B . S i m p s o n ’ s S p e c ific M e d icin e . It is a positive cure for Spermatorrhea, S-emiiul 'Weakness, Impotenc-y, and all diseases resulting B»m Self-Abuse, as Mental Anxiety, Loss.of Mem­ ory, Pains in“ \\ ------------------- Bacic or Side, and diseases that lead to Consumption Insanity and anearly grs ve The Spediu Medicine is feeing used ^»itfci wonderful success. Pamphlets sent free to all. Write for them and Sit full particulars. Price, Specific, #1.00 per package, or sixpack- sges for #5.00, Addiess all orders to J. B. SIMPSON M E D ICIN E CO., Nos. 104 and 106 Main St.* Buffalo, N. Y , Sold in Batavia by SH A W & STILES. Orlando Sayers, whose occupa­ tion is that of a lath layer, was ar­ rested this afternoon byofficei Plato for non support of family. His wife claims that he earns from $ n to $ 14. a week and spenis the lar ger portion of it for drink. During his sprees she is obliged to depend upon friends and the town for victuals for herself and three child­ ren. Sayers was brought before justice Johnson and committed to jail. ---------- <+» ----------- N O T I C E . McDonnell & Son opened at 1 15 Main street (formerly Jones’ mar­ ket) on Monday Lst with a fine stock of new groceries. They are going to sell goods very cheap. E x ­ penses are small, which will allows them to do so. They ask all tbefr old customers and others to give them a trial and be convinced. M A R R IE D - W A T S O N — C H I C K — A t t k e r e s i d e n c e o f t h e b r i d e , B a t a v i a , A u g : . i< 9 th , 1 8 8 » , b y K e y . W i l l i a m S w a n , M r . W i l l i a m . U . W a l s o n a n d M i s s H a t t i e E-. C h i c k . The proof of the Pudding is in the eating, and the proof of the value of Dr. Thomas' Eclectic oil, has been fu'ly established for many years, and now few families on tl>e American Contirent, b^t are aw«.re of its e 3 L- cacy, in cases of Rheumatism and Neuralgia. For sale by Shaw & Stiles. TOBACCO and CIGARS, All the Best Brands V a n d u s e n , 97 Main St. --------- -<«»-. -------- S P E C I A L SA L £ F o r th e N e x t T h i r t y (30) Sk.yi of all kinds of first-class Boots and Shoes, including the finest kinds o f Slipper Ties. Newport Button and old ladies’ easy shoes. Remember at 78 Main street, sign of the Hed Boot. No humbug! 5 r t f Y ates '. A S P E C I A L . S A l i E O F SH OUS at T. F. W OODW A R D'S, Including low shoes of all kinds, tor gents’, ladies’ , misses' and children. Look for Bargains. 39^ Tlie >W e a tlier To-day. The following record 'will show the changes in the temperature for the past twelve hours as indicated by the thermometer at Vandusen’ s ci­ gar store, 97 Main stieet: 6 a. m . . ................................. . .. .. 66. 9 a. m ................. . ........................... ......... 73. 12 IHf « • • • • • • • • • • • • • « « • • 75* 3 p . m . ............. . .............................. .. 77. A v e r a g e t e m p e r a t u r e 7 2 ^ . -------------- . . - -------------------- B A T A V I A I t l A K C K T S . B atavia , N. YJ - - August 17, 1880. W h e a t , w h i t e . . $1 00 Wheat, red. Oats, white .......... O ^ s , mixed ......... C o r n . . . . . . . . . . . . Barley, 2 row ed.. “ 6 rowed.. Beans, marrow.... “ medium.... “ pea. ........... “ « red ............. Clover seed m e d .. “ mam.. Potatoes, Rose... Pota.toes. Peerless N e w Potatoes.. . . i 00 -30 28 50 65 -75 i 85 i 00 i as 1 20 . 4 00 ■4 75 30 00 4.0 Floor, new process.9 00 Flour,Haxall,bbl | 7 25 Flour, white, bbl 6 00 Flour, red, b b l... 6 00 Pork . .................. s 70 Chickens, dressed 10 Wool.............. .. 20-35 Butter, t a b , ........ 18-20 Butter, roll ................. — Eggs ........ ............. C h e e s e ..... ........ Apples, dried. . . A p p les....... L a r d ................... Salt ........ Saginaw Salt. . . . 10 8 -5 300 8 X 2 J i 35 B U F F A L . O M A R K E T S . B uffalo , August 17, 1S80. F lour — Quoted: City-ground— N o 1 Spring at jfc5.5o@l6.00; white winter at #6.oo@6.so; R y e Hour at #5.25® 5.50 C ornmeal — Quoted: Coarse at $0.90© , 95; fine at|x.oo@ fi.05. W heat —M arket quiet and nominal. No. 2 Milwaukee club offered at $1.05; no bids. Coen— New sold at 42^ and c; high mixed Western at 45.% to O a ts— Western at 31 to 32c; State retailing at 35 @ 3 fc. B a r lh y —Quotations nominally as foilo-ws : 2 rowed State at @ c ; 6-rowed do at ® c : Western to c ;Caaada at to c. N E W YO J K K M A R K E T S . Nttw Y ork , August 17, 1880. F lour — Quoted as follows: Superfine State and Western at i3.50@ji4.js; common to choice extra Western at jU.oo@$4«}o.. W h e a t —No. 1 White jli.op-ioiNo. 2 red winter quoted at $1.05 and fi.oy R y e — Quoted State at 8 5 - Corn— Quoted at 4S%@so^. Western mixed @ c. B a r l e y —Quoted! two-rowed State @— c ; 6-rowed State at to 8 j c ; No. 1 Canada qo to $ .— ; No 1 do bright 1. 5. O a t s — Quoted at 40 @ 44c. for mixed State and Western; 35 @40 c. for white do. Pork— Quoted at'$14.50 fo $15.00 for new mess Cheese—Quoted at g%@ n j£ c . B u t t e r —36(3)27 for State and Pennsylvania. E ggs — Quoted at I3@ i4^c for State and Penn, rylvaani. OUR WANT CORNER. W J ’A N l ' t D a g o i - d c o o k — w a g e s t h r e e d o l l a r s — E n q u i r e a t t h i s o f f i c e . 3 t Sargent Bros, Druggists, Delta O. write that they are having great success with Dr. Thomas\ Eclect-ic O il; and that they never sold any­ thing that gave such universal satic- fac-ion. For sale by Shaw & Stiles. -----------*-•-» ----------- Advertise in theDaily News. How gladly does the gay coquette, Improve each muddy day, T o show her gay and striped hose T o friends across the way, How gladly when hard cough at­ tacks And rack her pretty chest; She gets Dr. Thomas’ Eclectric Oil. The cheapest and the best. For sale by Shaw & Stiles. PLUMBING, GAS AND STEAM FITTING, Green-House Work. Call and see the Latest Improvements in Plumbing Before purchasing elsewhere. Bath tubs, water closets, basin bowls, wash, stands, cast iron water tanks (capacity from 500 to 2,000 gallons), globe valves, stop and waste cocks, lawn fountains, iron pipe and fittings, at the lowest prices. A ll W ork W arranted . B. F. FREEMAN, No. 2 State st., Batavia, N. Y. BEAU T IFU L 1 B E A U T I F U L ! A U T O T Y P E Cards. T HE A R T 0 TYP E C A R D is a picture repro­ duced from an ordinary photograph b y the Artotype process. As a copy it is superior in smoothness and exactness. IT CANNOT FADE. As a portrait of a celebrity it will be valued b y the possessor and preserved, thus doing the work of fifty transient, light'y va’.ued business cards, and making permanency a feature, not only of the pic­ ture, b’'i of the advertisement. Parties wishing to bring their business before the public in a novel and attractive style will do well to call at this of­ fice and look over samples of card size of which we have over 7 6 d i f f e r e n t k i n d s . Cabinet sire will soon be introduced. W e have the general agency for the A R T O T Y P E CARD S and art prepared to fill orders from 200 to 20,000 on short notice Dally News Publishing Company, 63 & 65 M a in St., Batavia. N O W B E I N G O F F E R E D m C L O T H I N G A T O I S T E F Z R Z O E Ì C l o t h i n g H o u s e , O p e r a H o u s e B l o o l i , B A T A V I A . We are in daily receipt of all (he n«w and choice designs direct from the looms. M A T T I N G S I 200 Pieces N ew Ma'tinps just landed in F A N C Y C H E C K and W H ITE in all qualities. - A L S O — I G N U 3 I, I 1 W Q L E V M , O I L C I O T H S , R U G S , HtJLXS, C A M P E T L I V I N G S , & c . All at the LOWEST M ARKET PRICES. IIOWI S SOGERS 3 7 S t c u t e - S t r e e t , ROCHESTER, N. V. F . P . T E R R Y , AGENT FOR THE NEW REMU A n d also the L I G H T R U M N I N G Hew Home Sewing M a c l a i n e s . Persons wanting Machines which possess b a s t R t n r N i N a A N D M A N A G E M E N T , D T T R A B I L I T T , G R E A T R A N G E O F V O r i C , A L L N E E D E D S P E E D , With all usual and some unusual old and ne'w con­ trivances to increase the value and appearances of these most useful machines, should call on me. A 1 SO AGENT , FOR P i a n o s & O r g a n s . F. P. TERRY, OPERA MOUSE BLOCK, B A T A T T I A , XT. Y . £ K < ï J ! - ï , . AH we ask is that people will de­ fer judgment until tliey have given the baths a trial. B A K E R & W E A V E R . T h e p e o p l e o f t h e s t a t e o f n e w Y O R K . , B y th e G r a c e o f G o d , F r e e and In­ d e p e n d e n t , To Elizabeth Backus and Laura Ransom, Ba­ tavia, Cenesee County; Elias Ransom, Gertrude Jewett, Louise R Jewett, Soph’e Jewttt and Charles S. Jewett, Buffalo, Erie County; Sam­ uel H. Ransom, Albion Ransom, and Lydia San­ ford, Albany, Albany County; a l in the. State of New Voik; M ary E. Harvey, M e v Lcndon, New London County, Coimecticu ; James W Ran­ som and Edwin F. Ransom, \Vexl rd, Wexiord County, Micing n; HoraceB. Ransom, Seymour, Maricopa County, Arizona; Sarati Carrier Moo- dus Middlesex County, Connecticut, and Henry G. Ra. sam, Grcsvenor, Windham County, Con­ necticut, heirs at law and next of kin of S rah A.. Burroughs, late o.' the town of Batavia, in the Countj of Geneses, deceased. Greeting: You, and each o f you, are here’ y cited and re­ quired. personally to be and ;-pp ar before the Surrogate o f the C< unty of Genesee, at his office in Batavia, in said County, on the 4th day of Octo­ ber, 1880, at 10 o’clock in the forenoon of that day, to attend the pro f and probate of the as.t Wi:l and T'«t?>ftent o f said deceased •vvhi. h relates to both Re^l and Pe sonal estate, and is presented for proof and probate bt Laura Ransom, one of the executors therein named. In tkstim ny w h e r e o f, 1 have put my official seal and signature this 9th. day of August, 1880. L . N . B a n g s , Surrogate, N O T ICE TO CREDITORS -Pursuant to an order of Hon. LucmsN. Bangs, Surrogate of'he County of Genesee Notice is he’ v. .'/ given to all jeisons having claims or den ann«. aj, unst B e L e y Brewster, late of the Town of ii.ua via, in the said county, deceased, that they are required to exhibit the same with Lhe vouchers thereof to Edwajd L, Kenyon, the Executo of the last will and testament o f the said deceased, at the office of the saiid Executor, in the village of Batavia, ui caid County, on or before the r =;th duy of February, 1881. Dated the 9th day of August, 1880. Edw ard L, Kenyon, Executor. N O T IC E TO CREDITORS-Pursuant to an order of Hon Lucias N. Banirs, Surrogate of the County of Genesee, N'otioe is hereby given to all persons h aving claims or demands against Da­ vid Erw 3 n> late of the town of Batavia, in the said County deceased, that they are required to exhibit thesirne with the voachersattached ther to to IV. Harris D a y and Frank C. Williams, the executors at the litstwill and testament o f the said deceased, o f the office of either of the said executors in the villageof Batavia in said County, on or before the 15th d a y of December, 1880. Dated tile ,8th day of June, 1880. W. Harris Dav, j Executors, Frank C. Williams,) MACHINERY. C I R C U L A K S A W S , SCR O L L SAWS, BATHES, FORM E R S, M ORTISESS, TEISTONERS, &C., For ac­ tual workshop business CO M P L E T E OUTFIT for Mechanics and Amateur Machines on TRIAL if Desirtd. Say where you read this, and send for Descrip­ tive Catalogue and Price List. W . F. & J o h n B a r n e s . Rockford, 111.

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