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V o l . I I I - - W h o l e N u m b e r 6 6 7 . B A T A V I Ä , N, Y . , T H U R S D A Y E V E N I N G , A U G U S T 1 9 , 1 8 8 0 . P r i c e T w o C e n t s M A T E m  CIDER V I T . TffltltmLX: OCCJTM&ENCE AT XtFDIAlT EALLS YESIKltnAY. IIoivlUCatthe w HTCIurg a n t l D a n ie l M c D e r m o t t w e r e U s h e r e d o u t o f JLli«— O v e r e o m o b y G as and F i l l i n g H e lp le s s ly lu t o tlic V in- e s e r , to D ie. A terrible accident happened in Indian Falls, in the western part of this county yesterday about noon by which two mew lost their lives in a singular manner. The victims were a man named Matthew Mc- Clurg and Daniel McDermott, both between 40 and 50 years of age. McClurg, who lives at Richville, three miles south-east of the Falls, went to the latter place yesterday morning to get a jag filled with vin egar, at the cider mill of Jacob Housknecht, the proprietor of the hoteL in that village. T h e cider milHs located a few rods from the hotel, and in it is a vat with a ca­ pacity of 300 barrels, in ,which a quantity of cider has been standing since last fall, and has fermented into vinegar. M cQurg called at the bar room of the hotel and made his wants known, but as Mr. Hous- knedit was not at home, his wife who was attending the bar gave the key t o a man employed about the house and told him to go to the cider mill, with McClurg. They ’ went there together, unlocked the door, and finding the pump would not work lifted the cover from the vat. The vinegar was only about a foot deep in the bottom of the vat, and in order to get at it McClurg deter­ mined to take a pail aiid go down a ladder which was used for the pur­ pose. H e had gone down a few feet and was just skimming the top from the fluid when a sound as of some one falling, drew the atten­ tion of the man above, who look ingover, saw. McClurg fall off the ladder into the fluid below The man, whose name we have been unable to learn, screamed foi help and it took but a moment fora number to respond to his cries. Among this number wa^ a man named Griswold who pat his head over the aperture but the smell of the fas was so strong that he did not dare to go down, and he went for a rope to put about his body should he also be overcome. While Griswold was looking for a rope a man named McDermott, who lived across the way put in an appear­ ance, By this time a number of men had gathered about the place and when McDermott announced his intention of going down to en^ deavor to rescue IvIcClurg, those about tried to restrain him, until at Iea-st, he fastened a rope about his body, one by this time having been procured. Mcfrermott was undaunted., how­ ever, and simply taking hold of the rope with his hand, he started down the ¡adder through the trap door Just a s his head went below the t -p of the vat, he looked up at the men above, and witl\ an agonized expres­ sion on his face fell back into the vinegar. T i e lookers on were horrified at this, and a number volunteered to go down, but some o f those present who retained their presence of mind, re­ strain ed the others irom doing so. To get the men out was now the work before them, This was not an easy undertaking as the gas came up through the trap door in such a volume as to prevent them, from standing over it for more than a mo­ ment at a time, finally, after near an hour’ s work, tith hooks and ropes, the bodies were lifted out from the death ¡pit. Both were stone dead. During the time which intervened the entire population of the village had gathered about the cider mill, and among them was McDermott’s wife. The agony which she endured is described by those who were present as intense, and her manifestations of sorrow were heartrending. When thebody was taken uut she threw herselt up­ on the ground and moaned and sobbed in a manner that made her friends fear that her reason would desert her, so sudden and unlooked for had been her bereavement, McDermott's body was taken to his houso, a few rods distant, ’where, to satisfy his now mourning widow, Dr. Bates, the village physician, made an examination. McClurg3s body was taken to the sjjtting room of the hotel where it remaihfcd un­ til about 4 o clock, whan it was taken to his home in Richville; Coroner Crawford, of Corfu, was summoned, but he did not deem it necessary to hold an inquest, MeClurg was well known through­ out the town of Pembroke, and was quite well-to-do in the world. His wife died only abut a month ago. He leaves one son and one or two married daughters. McDermott was not in the best of health and he had been unable to do much work, hav ing been wounded in the war, for which he drew a small pension.— He leaves a wife and four children in straightened circumstances. The occurrence is a most deplorable one and created much excitement in Indian Falls and vicinity. The men died from the ejfects of carbonic acid gas generated by the furmentation of the cider. The vat had been closed tor a long-time and was air tight, so that none of the gas escaped and even those who assisted in removing the bodies were visably affected by it. ---------- --------------- THIS B A J i Y E L E P H A N T SH O W . A p p e a r a n c e o f th e G r e a t L o n d o n C ireu s — M a g n ifie*’n t Stroet JPa.- ra d e —/l S p len d id S h o w . The long and anxiously expected London Circus has come at last. Extensive advertising had thorough­ ly awakened the public to the merits of the show, and thé crowd which assembled to greet It ?was one of the largest ever seen upctn the streets of Batavia? People canae in from the country for thirty miles arouhd, and the streets were almost impassible when the procession moved through them. This procession was the largest, most varied and attractive ever seen in Batavia. The advertis- ments in regard to it were faithfully carried out, the elephant, camel and oxen teams, the massive chanots, the open dens of wild animals, the jubilee singers, the three bands and all other special features were there just as advertised. It was well worth a long journey and those -.vho saw it unanimously declared it to be the grandest street pageantry they had ever seen. THE CIRCUS, owing to the immense crowd about the tents and the anxiety of the peo­ ple, the doors were opened before the usual time, and Che largest crowd ever gathered inside a circus tent here were soon inside the can­ vas. The baby elephant was the center of attraction, though the rest of the menagerie, a very large one, came in for a due share of attention. T!>e performing lions, tigers and lîyenas were excellent. Enough of the circus was seen to justify us in saying, as has repeatedly been said befure ihat it is the best one ever organized in this country and well deserves the immense success it has met. The performance of the ele­ phants, the acts of horsemanship, the trapeze work and the introduc­ tion of the baby elephant were greet­ ed with loud applause. Where all is so good it is difficult to particu­ larise, Suffice it to say the show is well worth seeing, and we p r e d ict a crowded attendance to nigflt. F o o t In j a r e d . Daniel Filkins, an old resident of Attica, met with a severe accident in that village yesterday afternoon which will cause the loss of one of his legs. He with others were plac­ ing a timber under the joists to his barn when it slipped and struck Mr. Filkins in the right leg just above the ankle. He was removed to his home and Dr. Ellingwood, called. It is thought that the leg will have to be amputated. . STATE' FIREMEN'S CONVENTION. V lio P lea s u r e * M a rred by tl»e Sul- cid e o f t h e C h ief o f A u b u r n De- p a r tm e n t--O flleers E lected . The firemen in attendance at the State Convention in Auburn yester­ day were startled to learn that Jo­ seph H. Morris, Chief Engineer of the Auburn Fire Department, cut his throat the night before. Y e s ­ terday morning at about eight o'clock his body was found lying in a closet adjoining his bed r room, with a horrible gash from ear to ear. Mr. Mofris is well known throuhg- out the enthe State, and his tragic death will cast a gloom over the whole community. A special des­ patch to the Syracuse Herald says that he has * been Chief Engineer of the department since 1872 and has labored (or the departments best interests. The excitement of the past ten days getting ready for the great firemen’s paraue on the 19th, has been too much for him and in a moment of temporary aberration he committed suicide. All dav Tuesday he was not himself and Mr. Alexander McCrea, his employer, advised him to let the committee take charge of the mat­ ters pertaining to the parade. He whs thirty-sven years of age. The luneral will occur on Friday after­ noon, many of the delegates pres­ ent at the convention remaining over to attend it. A coroner’s in­ quest was held yesterday afternoon Mr. Morris was a most popular man, and that he should take such a step as this is a surprise to every one The city is crowded with visiting firemen, most of whom were personal friends of the chief Their excitement and sorrow is great, but does not compare with that of the residents of that city, who knew him so wdl. Of course the dee.1 is a severe blow to the firemen’s convention and its effect was to dampen the ardor of the lo­ cal and visiting companies, but it was nevertheless determined to go un with the full program for to day when the parade will take place. The officers elected for the ensuing year are as follows: President —C. N. Craue, Canandaigua. Vice Presidents —II, B. Weldron, Am­ sterdam; W- F. Young, Flushing; J. S. Murphy, Buffalo; W. Prangen, Homells- ■vil>e;'^ S. Gaess, Iihaca. Recording- Secretary —S. L. Paddock,, Auburn. Corresponding Secretary —F. M. Baker, Oswego. Treasurer— R. N. Huntington, Adams. ---------- <<•» ----------- STATE xmrs. A C o lle e t lo u of I n t e r e s t in g Mote F r o m all Q u a r ters. Fruit along the upper Hudson is ripening prematurely, owing to the dry weatbex Twenty tons of ice have been stolen from an ice-house at Matte- wan, which was not often visited by the owner. The squash borer, a grub which attacks the roots of the squash vine, is doing much damage in Monroe county especially among market gar­ dens. The Erie railway upened eleven more miles of double track for traffic last Friday. The new sec­ tion is on the Buffalo division and extends froih Canaseraga to Nunda. Jay Cook, the celebrated finan­ cier, is expected in Warsaw on Friday of this week to visit his nephew, Rev. E. Jay Cook, rec­ tor of Trinity church. Troy has a soldiers’ monument in the shape of the bronze figure of a soldier standing on a pedestal sur­ mounting a fountain in the new park. The figure rises seventeen feet above the jet of the fountain, and over eighty feet above the ground. It is a private donation. Within the last four months, without aft hour’s delay to trains, the railroad suspension bridge at Niagaia Falls has been changed from a wo >den to an iron and steel struccure. The work is looked up­ on as a triumph o f skill,and the new bridge is said to be the strongest and most du\‘ h'1'* in me world. t the ohm ago convention . T h e Coni|) 3 >n ti v o D r i l l —In t e n s e H e a l —l l r i l l l a n t D i s p l a y o f l?ir«T O o r k g . j C h ic a g o , Aug. 1 S. — Tair.v thou- j sand persons asseiribled on the j grounds of the Chicago Jockey t :iub ; to witness the competitive drill ui I the Knights Templar. Comman- deries arrived slowly. The heat was almost overpowering. The first commandery to enter the arena was the Monroe of Rochester, and their appearance m s greeted with enthu­ siastic cheers, A t the conclusion of its drill the Rochester comman­ dery wms- io^idly cheered and was foilowerltov the Reed commandery of Dayton, O1110, Rapier comman­ dery of Itidinapolis followed. The drill wai con ducted in the center of the field and back of the section roped in for the display of Templar movements, is a temporary stand capable of holding 15,000 persons. It has no cover and the sun poured down upo<n the multitude with un­ interrupted intensity, causing many 10 return £0 the more shaded streets of the city. The competition ended with an exhibition by the Demolai Mojnted Comma-nderp, the other en­ tries having been withdrawn. Detroit Commandery, No. 1, the winner ol the first prize at the Cleve­ land Co-nclave positively refused to enter this competition, a decision whicli was announced three years ago. -Several cases of sunstroke oc­ curred during the drill. Eminent Commander. George F. Loder, of the Monroe Commandery succumb­ ed to the*iea.t just as the drib ui his Commandery* concluded. It is thought he will recover. The firs.t d«ath among the assem­ bled Knights occurred this morning, being that of George Frith, aged 62 years, a. member of Jacobs Com- mandery o f Coldwaier, Micu., who died of dysentery, increased by the excessive heat, During the day there have been false rumors of deaths a-mong the Knights from the heat. There were over 200 un­ der treatm ent in their tents and a number were temporarily delirious. Po-nighl all of the theatres gave free entertainments to Knights and ladies, and concerts were given at the music halls, all being filled. — There is a grand d isplay of firesworks on the lake front on a larger scale than ever before attempted in this city. Laie this evening the Judges made following awards: The first prize, an erlegant sword for the Em­ inent Commander, to Rapier Com- mandery of Indianapolis; the sec­ ond pn&e Eo DeMolai, of Louisville, third prize to Reed, of Dayton, Ohio; the fourth prize to Damascus Commandery, of St. Paul. A spec­ ial prize, for mounted men, was awarded to De Moiai, of Grand Rapids. T h e Monroe Comman­ dery, o f Rochester, N. Y ,, was ruled out, not; having drilled the re­ quired mo-vements. ------------<•>----------- t a f o r t v n a t e E d itor«, There's nothing like having the business man of the office out of town on circus day, as is the case in the News office to-day. We’re in a perfect state o f ecstacy, while wit­ ness the demoralized condition of the Rochester Express pencil push­ ers, as indicated by this paragraph from last evening’s issue. “ If there is a lack of spice, a lop­ ping off of vim, a diminution in vigor, a recklessness in the tem­ perance d epartment, a demoraliza­ tion in the editorial page, a flaw in the Mosaics, a leanness in the city editor's efforts, a looseness on the part of the proof-reader, an un­ wonted acerbity on the part of the editorial corps, extra ferocity in the telegraphic hcad-lin'es in to-day’s Express, it is because the counting- room fiends lighted on the circus ticket-ag«n t first, and through base misrepresentation gobbled up the tickets which by right belong to the editorial rooms,\ to the D a il y N ew s . TELEGRAPHIC NOTES, THE NEWS OF YESTERDAY IN BRIEF. A C o lle c t io n o f O d d s a n d G u d i fro m a l l part» o f t lie W o r ld . Oie Bull, the violinist, died in Be 1 gen, Norway, yesterday. Twenty-two of the, Belfast, Ire- lard, n o t ‘is hav - been sentenced to six months imprisonment. Walter Morgan, well known in Poughkeepsie and an editor of the Daily Prees, while intoxicated, fell down stairs at his residence last night and was ins'.antly killed. There is considerable excitement in Coleman, Texas, over the report that gold has been discovered Ln Mitchell county. J. L. Spicer, who has just returned, says that the ore yields $300 per ton. T h e Treasurer of the United States yesterday issued $242,000 in registered 3.65 bonds in exchange for Board of Audit certificates of the District of Columbia. This is the first issue of this class of bonds. At the land meeting held Tues­ day at Leenane near Kyleannoreat, Ireland, the residence of Mitchell Henry, the Liberal Home-ruler, member of Parliament for Galway county, James Red path of the New York Tribune was among the speakers. A Quettah despatch says the last body of troops forming the Canda.- har relief column has left Sibi for the front. The heat is terrible and the troops continue to suffer greatly. Many are temporarily disabled. Irwin Luster, John Martin, Jos, Belch, Herbert Gould, Henry Rein- cher and Thomas and John Merri- ma.n were arresujd last evening wi Pittsburg, charged with the murder of an unknown man, who was driv- e i into the river and stoned to death yesterday for stealing a bunch of grapes. The agent at Poplar River, D, T., has abandoned his agency and says that the country is full of In ­ dians and there is great danger. Sitting Bull is only 20 miles from the agency and is clamorous to be fed. The agent recently gave him a feast. Troops have been sent to Poplar River. It is stated that the receivers of the Philadelphia and Reading Rail­ road have given imperative orders that the expenses of the road and the Coal and Iron Company be cut down. Many of the trains on the different lines have been discontin­ ued, the force of hands reduced,and at the collieries all dead work stop­ ped. The receivers have increased the debt of the road nearly $3,000, - 000 since they assumed control. The American Bar Association met yesterday in Saratoga. Presi­ dent Benjamin H. Bristow read the annual report, communicating the - most noteworthy changes in the statutory law made* in several States and by Congress during the preced­ ing year. Mr. Bristow hoped Con­ gress would pass the Equitable Bankrupt Law, [Loud applause.] He referred to the changes in the New York statutes. The second day of the trotting meeting at Springfield, Mass., yester­ day called out 2,500 people. The track was in better condition than Tuesday. Wilber F. won the 2:36 race, Nancy second, Kismet third. Music in the Air fourth. Time, 2 :2 6 / 2 :2 7 ^ ,2 :3 0 ^ . Nancy took the first two heats in 2:28 and 2:26^. Hannis won the 2:19 race in 2:23 and 2:20^; Charlie Ford taking the first two heats in z\zo%, and 2:19; Driver, the favorite, was third, Lucy lourth. In the 2.22 race, for pacers, there were only two starters. Ben Hamilton took three straight heats in 2:19^ , 2:27, 2 :19 ^ A large crowd is expected, to-day, when Maud S. trots against her Rochester record and St. J ulien in the free for all. ---------- 4»» ---------- - New Hamburgh Cheese sold only at Kenyons’. 44tf

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