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Daily morning news. (Batavia, N.Y.) 1878-1879, November 14, 1878, Image 1

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I—No. 122. Batavia, Thursday, November 14, 1878. Price One Cent BUSINESS CARDS- Ì /0 T E L S T E L E G R A P H I C N O T ES. T H E SA I N T JA NUS irOJTIili, B.vt.wia, N. Y A.. G. C olliws & Co. H O U S E , B a t a v i a , N. V. D . v v i d H o o p e r , Proprietor. G o o d stabling attached. p A R I W E R S ’ HOTEJL, Cor. Court & Ellicotl iSts., B atavia , N. V. N. P ivill , Proprietor. D E X T I S T R F, J_J II. RENTJAMIiV, Makes a specialty in artistic- artificial teeth. ' fee til extracted withon t pain. Rooms o ver Anderson & Ohe^sley’s, Al. G. <JA RDINER, makes. a special­ ty of saving the natural teeth. P U T S I C I A S S . D it. H. S. MUTCfcUNS, (i< Miteni Ai msrs, Uifice, (’or, of Main and Jackson Sta. Residence, 45 State Ht., Bntaviia, N. VT, A T T O R X E F S . qAFFOKD E/ ' OR JL'H, k J ATTORNEY AT LAW. Office owr the First National Bank. COAL T R E S T L E JEL T. ÌIO WA niDcf Co. BATAVIA, X Y. S'PL E X DID COAL, X I C E L Y S C R E E X E IX XO TROUBLE ta Ei) AD. 2,000 POUND T03S. SÛT 1 Come and trv it. o 5 o H a s c o m i n - M i c o l w o r k in ),i-, pci—ina­ n e m s h o p at 24 Main street, over Hamiltons O Marble Works. t i c m .ik o II its hi.ejlu.-r or lo w e r , w idcr in vin: rim , (H i ! c«]ii-il u> nuvv. O, j Savin g , ago Pei- Cent- æ j Eats Cleaned and Stiffened. H I P. « ) Addrev,, Box 532. T . F . P F . R R E F T . B * F . F r e e m a n * <iAS f i t t e r a n d p l i : Ç/ î sc p CD \3 SEK. {Over Alert Hose Hou<i_.J -iwis S^onsîtiîinw, isose a sul Howe l;Hrr iajses. j I ’l ^ filtro.!,! ' € t\ .iter !• t h d r H ..1 .1- » it) ,;u r ].'rtl hl. 111 tir ¡-s Mr Fn- -.n.u, lV u[ )>u he ,luos , u kin'll of pl.'mbing \r t n r w T ‘V ? ' ! V ' i : i -m k s t h e p f e o ; , ! - f o r his -, T , so far, a iu hujj\- ;liey will continue- A ll'S. 13csi A G lan c e at Hie W o r ld ’s ficw s , The New York Tim es intimates that H ilton’s private detectives have positive knowledge as to the where­ abouts of Stewart’s remains. “V A ll the coal miners in the vicin- £t\ of Zanesville, Ohio, are on a strike, demanding' a quarter of a cent advance per bushd. T h e New York Herald says the vi-sit yesterday o f Zacli. Chandler and Don Cameron to the W hite House is'claimed to be connected with alleged important changes in H ines's policy towards the South. Three young children named Kas- chorick, during their parents’ ab­ sence, were burned to death in Winfield, W is., b)’ the house burn­ ing down yesterday, The . ew York Sun de-votes near­ ly a page to the exposure of the Mandard Oil lnpnopolr, anti says the opposition to it in Pennsylvania may culminate in widespread vio­ lence. Snow storms of exceptional severi­ ty for this season prevail in the north and northwest of England and throughout Scotland. The Democratic Board of County Canvassers of Rockland county, this State, have refused t-i give Gen, II usted a certificate of election to the Assembly, owing to a protest of 1 Nelson, the defeated Democratic ¡candidate, that money was used to ! buy Iiusted's election. The paint shop, saw m ill, drying rue mi and .-lioe shop ol ihe Central Prison in Toronto, Can , were burned yesterday. Loss, $100, - 000. T h e property belonged to the ( )ntario government. It is stated lh.ii the Vanderbilt will contestants closed the case pre­ maturely Tuesday, because the sur­ rogate refused to admit certain testi­ mony, and they expect to bring the case back from the ¿Appellate Court for a new trial eventually, The Sun says lioin this out the administration will t>e stalwart R e ­ publican. A vigorous Southern policy will be inaugurated im m edi­ ately. T h e sugar trade is excited over reports that special 'tieasury agents have made startling discoveries of frauds in sugar for export, in the 'shape oi adulteration with muriatic ; acid, tin and glucose. ; Mrs best, a lespeetible widow ' o; Kort Washington, Ohio, started I in relay night lor the house of her son, isad a mile distant, lier body ■was found next morning in a pile ofuiiis, the neck dislocated and inii:enn,!ik-> about toe thn tat. Sus- rc^us on a neghbohng There was a conference after the Cabinet meeting yesterday, between Hayes and the Attorney General. It was determined to s t the entire machinery of the Department of Justice at work in South Carolina, Florida and Louisiana to work up the 1 lection frauds and outrages up­ on the negro voters. An ini pressivO scene occurred in ^Marshalltown, Ohio, yesterday morning when Judge Mitchell sen­ tenced John N. Dakin to the pen­ itentiary for life for the murder of John K. Slough. Dakin solmenly declared his complete innocence. It will be remembered that after Dakin was convicted Frank Ross, an Italian, voluntarily confessc-d that he did the murder. Ross is here and asserts that he should suf­ fer. Da k in’s attorney will appeal. A New York undertaker Frida) brought to Evergreen Cernetiy in Elizabeth, N, J. a body in a tightly soldered nne casket and asked the privilege to place it in the receiv­ ing vault till a lot was purchased. He said the body was taken from Trinity Cemetery. N. Y. The sexton’s suspicions were aroused and he notified the cemetery au­ thorities. Yesterday forenoon a Pinkerton detective held a long conference with the chief o f police. Suspicion suggests a possible clue ti> the Stewart mystery. - - -<• ** *»- - — -- A. C u r io u s Cave Samuel Williams began his career in the United States as a runaway from his English home, having ob­ tained money by forging his father's name. Me became Professor of Languages and Applied Sciences in the University of Virginia, and was rated high among college savants, but has just finished his career as a peddler of apples in the streets of Dallas, Texas, drunkenness having ruined him. Sc/tool Huts for ‘¿5 cents at. Mrs, .Mo­ loney’s. Use Burr’s balsam for (JoLIs. Hold by Shaw & Stiles. F i v e C e n t s a I / j a j f . The best American Eivad at Baker & WalMusha%v's, unti' furtlur notice. Hand-knit Hoods in all shades at MRS. N. J. NOiiLES’. Jn piucm n»n.ui and woman whi» is >aid t'> U'\e been v: I he pul,he u>. :,.s-.,nd J1 'us o! tlie deceased, suspecting He jntinucv between her husband and The Elmira Advertiser gives the following description of a vvonderlul cave near Canandaigua, which a young Nimrod unwittingly dis­ covered by killing into while out hunting iast Saturday: “ The hole would make a me­ dium sized room, i’he walls were found to be of some substance that was bard and finished like g!a>s m aking escape by climbing im ­ possible. In this room were found partially decayed remi<ants of rude culinary utensils, and implements in use in pioneer days, which indicate that the place was known many years ago, and had formed a rude habitation, but had nut been in use since Subter­ ranean passages were found leading in various directions and to un­ known depths. T h e ground seem-s to be honeycombed in all directions with these avenues Prof. Noah T. Clark, of the Canandaigua Academy, accompanied by a num ­ ber of scientific gentlemen, is there j this m orning exploring the cave, i studying its mineralogy and eii-! dcavoring to fathom its mysteries. | - —- - ^ ^ * Leave \ our properly at KinbtA Ageii- uj if you want it --old. ; Ladies will find t'ao largest election' j of'Frhnnifd Iiiits at 31)'-'. N. -I. NuUes’. (itit your Job Printinj «1. ne at. the Diiily Mommy News Office. W h y is it so? That some people think that before they can be made t;o feel ^better tliey must be macle to feel worse. That is not the sensation produced by Dr. Whitbeck’s Sugar Coat.ed Granules. Their lax itive elTect is produceil with­ out pain. Any medicine that produceR pain causes Fever, and Fever is the cause of Constipation. These Graim es are sure to cure Liver Complaint, Jaun­ dice, Headache, Indigestion, Acute or Chronic Dinrrluea. Dysentery. Habitual Constipation, Dizziness, Female Weak­ ness, etc. Bold by Shaw & Stiles. Did you ever think of it? Why don’t you go to S h a w it S t i l e s and buy your extract of lemon an 1 vanilla in bulk? You will gi>t a much purer and bettor article 4or ibont halt the money. In looking around for your Clothing, etc., don’t forget to call at ANDERSON & OHESLEY’S. Thrbest American Bread at BAKER & WALKINSHAW’S for 5 cts. a loaf, until fuiilier notice. Velvet frames, oval glass, tube, paints, and ail the oth -r mat- rial used in pho­ tochromy work, at £-> h a w & S t i z . e s . Great bargains in Overcoats and Un­ derwear at Andfrhon & Chesley’s. ** 4 C*e-jyowz*ta BATAVIA MARKETS. H at AVIA, N . Y . - - N o v e m b e r 13, ’ 7«. C u 'T m te d d a i l y b y C . J . t'e r r i ! a n d E. L . .m i I ( j. D. K e n y o n . W h o i t , b i t e . . I W \ r e d ____ v v l l i t f .......... o . i t s m i x e d . . . . .'n .. F l c u v . U o x a l l . b h l > 7 t >. Fin lit, w h i t e , i hi Ó •• 1'ii•- r. i b>. <n'vi:->, ) ?ti^f ..... jU ............................... 4 5 \ .■ ! \VVe«: . . -* W • - o l ...................... . /o- ■¿c m w *U. . 0 » ili.U c r , tut*. . 18 tu. irr« *u . I ’S , {■i ' 1 11 '- 1 ‘ , v l i ; . . . . r4 ** m e d i u m . . . i 3 #i ....................... ‘A> ¿ t no. i . . . . . . . I jn Cj 1 C r v ; ................... 1 sZ ! e 1 75 ì Apr>lt;sf d r i e d * . . ¿1 I'otatn.\. Rci^e . f)5 Appi« - .................. ,>7 1 00 1’irt ati^ P o e r l F v . ^5 i . i i r - i ..................... 7 C i i . - ’- 4J- . . . . . . . . IO S i t ........................ • ) r- \ R T O N . IN VAKÜ D M i\ n < F p , X u t . •So 75 X u t ................. .. .. * ih St. . v e , , , • 5 7 .-» . 6 ^5 bu>v c .................. ... 6 l j K o . 4 », ............. N o . 4 .................. ... 6 î i ê g • * S 75 l ' W .................... .. f> J £ G r a t e • • • • « . * • * * 5 7 ** (ìru l e ................. .... 0 1 ? 25 c e n t s diF.umnit p e r tou fnr C a s h

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