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Vol. Ï-No. 121 . Batavia, Wednesday, November 13 , 1878 . Price One Cent b u s i n e s s c a r d s - H O T E L S . TELEGRAPHIC NOTES. 'H E SA IN T JA M E S H O T E L , B a t a v i a , N . Y . A . G. C o l l i n s & Co. H O O P E R H O U S E , B a t a v i a , N. Y. D a v id H o o p e r , Proprietor. F Good stabling attached. ARItEERS’ H O T E L , Cor. Court & Ellicott Sts., B a t a v i a , N. Y. N . PiXiLL, Proprietor. D E N T I S T R Y . II. B E N J A M IN , Makes a specialty in artistic- artificial teeth. Teeth, extracted without pain. Rooms over Aaderson & Ohesley’s. W M. 0. GARDINER, makes a special­ ty of saving the natural teeth. P H Y S I C I A N S . D It. H . S. H lTTCIklNS, Ho.MEWATHI.SrS, Office, Cor. of Main and Jackson Sts. Residence, 45 State St., Batavia, N. Y, A T T O R N E Y S . QAFFORD E. X ORTH, ^ ATTORNEY AT LAW. Office over the First National Bank. COAL T R E S T L E R . T. H O W A .H I ) Co. BATAYIA, N. Y. S P L E N D I D C O A L , N I C E L Y S C R E E N E D . NO T R O U B L E to L O A D . 2,000 POUND TONS. Come and try it. o O u (X CD x; Has commenced work in his perm a­ nent shop at 24 Main street, over Hamilton's Marble Works. He makes Hats higher or lower, wider in the rim, -And look equal to new. S a v in g , 350 P e r C e u l. H a t s C a l l e d F o r a n d D e l i v e r e d . Fur Hats Cleaned and Stiffened. P. O. Address, Box 532. T. F. PE R R E T T . </> P? a ; p e** ct> n B. r . Freem a n , OAS FITTER AND PLUMBER. [Over A lert Hose House.] L a w n F o u n t a in s , H o s e a n d H o s e C a r r ia g e s . All persons wishing to introduce water o« their ™ T ‘ do wel1 t0 callo n M r - Freeman and see his fittings. Mr. Freeman wonld have the public un lerstand miar..™» n l 1-1 kn\?s of Plumbil)g work, H e guarantees all his work, thanks the people for his trade so far, and hopes th e y will continue, A Crlanc© a t tlie W o r l d 9« N e w s . Edwin Booth’s reappearance at the Fifth Avenue Theatre, New York, Monday evening, was marked by a very cordial and enthusiastic reception. William W. Perkins, of Rome, N. Y ., was found dying- in a room at the Hoffman House, New York, Sunday. He had taken an over­ dose of opium. T h e New York Tim es says: There are indications that the Stew art robbers have been traced. The police are very reticent. Mrs. Stewart is said to be in a veiy low condition. Edward Rem enyi, the Hungarian violinist, made his first appearance in America Monday night at Stein way Hall. The critics pronounce him a phenomenal artist. Intimate friends o f Butler say he attributes his defeat to two mis­ takes: First, having anything to do with Kearney, and second, 111 accepting the Dem ocratic nom ina­ tion. “ Wes” AllenT^tTotecTThief, with a companion, was arrested at the Cathedral Fair in Kew York, M o n ­ day night. tie drew a revolver on the officers, creating considerable excitement. The annual report of the Depart­ ment o f the interior will contain a new feature in the \ a y of informa­ tion in reference to the sparsely populated States of the country, where workingmen may find homes. Yesterday being the twelfth anni­ versary of the organization of the Gran^ Arm y of the Republic, it was properly celebrated by various Posts in Philadelphia. The case of M r ..L a Ban, contes­ tant of Com modore V a n d e rbilts will, was unexpectedly rested yes­ terday morning and the trial ad­ journed till to-day to enable the proponents to open their side. * T h e New., York iribnne says: The extraordinary measures resort­ ed to for carrying South Carolina create agitation at Washington. The Republican candidates, M ack- ey, Rainey and Smalls, will be urged to give notice of a contest, so that the whole subject will be forced upon the attention of Congress. The Tim es says: Salisbury’s re­ ply to Evarts’s leiters concerning the fishery award was received yes­ terday. It is believed that the por­ tion \referring to the interference with American fishermen is satis­ factory to this government. It is probab.e that the Halifax award will be paid November 23d. T h e N. Y. Sun publishes a col umn leader on Tilden closing with a declaration that the cipher tele­ grams prove that during his Presi­ dential campaign lie suffered a clique of political and immoral people to surround him, to act for him and to compromise him. The Sun says “ Mr. Tilden will not again be the Presidential candidate of any party. Reports of official majorities for Governor from every county in Pennsylvania, result as follows: For Iiovt, 63,256; Dill, 41 , 937 . O u t­ ride of Philadelphia H o yt has a plurality of 5,975 and a plurality altogether of 22,524. “ On the whole vote, returns of which are not yet complete, he is in a minority of about 50,000. P l a n to R e o r g a n i z e th e M i l i t i a . already conferred under the Con­ stitution and laws of the United States --- ----- ^ ----------- P o e t r y V e r s u s F a c t. A bard has written a poem en • titled “ TheCurse o f Empty Hands.7’ But an empty hand is not so bad as two pairs when your opponent has a fiusb. — [Norristown Herald. I'he annual report o f the Bureau of En graving and Printing shows an aggregate expence of 1538,000. In the labor and expence account less than one-fifth of the am ount appropriated was expended, leaving $652,000 unexpended. Since the 1st of October, ’ 77, the Bureau has executed all work upon U. S., notes and national bank currency At a recent informal meeting in New York of a few officers (includ­ ing both national guardsmen and regulars), a committee was ap­ pointed to obtain the view's of those desirous of co-operating in an at­ tempt to reorganize the militia sys­ tem, and to agree upon a plan likely to meet with general approval, and eventually to secure its adoption by Congress. T h e committee through Gen. G. W. Wingate, has adopted a circular in which attention is called to an article on “ A national militia system,” by Gen. Roden- bough, U. S. A ., published in the National Guardsman' for October, 1878. The following memoran­ dum of legislation required the ap­ proval of the committee: That there shall be an annual appropriation of $1,000,000, for the purchase of arms, ammunition and other ordnance and quarter­ master’s stores, and for the general benefit of, and to be apportioned pro rata among, ,the regularly or­ ganized and uniformed militia of the different states, under the fol­ lowing general conditions, and in accordance with such rules as may be prescribed by a board to consist of two regular and three militia of- ficers to be appointed by the Pres­ ident. The president shall appoint a board o f officers from t^e militia and army to prepare regulations 10 be approved by him. Inspectors to be appointed from the retired list of the army, who with the State officers shall make one inspection annually. That upon the application of any regimental, brigade or division eommander of the militia, through the Governor of his State, the Sec­ retary of War may assign officers from the active or retired list of the army, with their consent, to act as Adjutant, Adjutant-General, or chief of staff of such regiment, brig­ ade or division. Nothing in this plan to be con­ strued as giving the President any authority to use or call the militia into service, or exercise any con-| ;;;;;;;;;;;; J 75^ trol Over them other than that 25 cents discount per ton far Casb. Joseph Kain was supposed to be at the point o f death from rheuma­ tism in Cleveland. Dr. Brown, a reputable physician, said that he could not recover, and left him at night, believing that he would die before morning. In the morning, however, K a in was not only alive, but apparently free of the disease H e declared that he had been cured instantly’ in answer Lo prayer. He is a Free Methodist and a believer in modern miracles He subse­ quently, however, bad a relapse. Did you ever think of it? Why don't you go to S h a w & Stilus and buy your extract of lemon and vanilla in bulk? You will gel a much purer and better article for about half the money. In looking around for your Clothing, etc., don’t forget to call at ANDERSON & QHESLEY’S. The-best American Bread at BAKER & \VALKINSHAW’S for n cts. a loaf, until further notice. Leave your property at Kibbe’s Agen­ cy if you want it sold Velvet frames, oval glass, tube, paints, and all the other material used in plio- tochromo work, at S h a w & S t i l e s . Great bargains in Overcoats and Un­ derwear lit ANDEBSON & C f f E S L E i'S . BATAVIA MARKETS. B atavia , N. Y. - November 12, ’78. Corrected daily by C. JL Ferrin and K. L. ant G. D. iCcnyon. 90 Fleur,Iloxall.hbl $ 7 oc #5 ! Flour, white, bl>l 6 oc 25 j Flour, red, bbl... 5 5c 23 Onions, bush . . . . 50 45 j .................... + 5 « 75 1 Wool ..................... 20-28 gi> : liuttef, tub ....... [8 1 *5 1 lintter, roll........... 14 1 3 \ , Eggs ............... 20 t 30 ' Cheese ................. red ............. 1 75! Apples, d r ied ,.. 3 Potatoes, Rose . 65 I Apples ................. 87 1 00 Potatoes, Peerless 65 L a r d ........ . .......... 7 Chickens ............... 10 S a lt ....................1 00-1 40 C O A L — PER T O N . IN V A R D D E L I V E R E D , Wheat, white ---- Wheat, red .......... O a t s , w h i t e ............. O a t s , m i x e d ......... Corn .................... Barley, 2 r o w e l.. “ 6 row e d .. Beans, m a rrow ... “ medium..., pea — N u t . . . . r ................ $5 75 S tove ........................ 5 75 No. 4 . . ...... ................6 25 N u t ..............................$6 15 Stove . ................... . 6 15 N o . 4 .......................... 6 65 fc g g .................. .. • 6 15 Grate ..................... 6 15

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