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The North countryman. (Rouses Point, N.Y.) 1928-current, November 29, 1928, Image 5

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mot tea* mmiUiJ •^ .of titet'&Wfr we. jiy^ jettte 4owa lt» that Ctoiattoas'Msi; ^Jy $^tlie.great4y'i(:l0SS 'four: *?«elts\uway. :.:• ott the Uat are an<* ''mother\. ' It is »ore than a' tliat present is usually left ttitK last minute Bind in the des- perate rush we hysterically select another ash. tray for him to hide on tfc$ closet shelf 'or - blindly choose a tie he neither needs nor W l dd d' th waafcf. love dad and' thostf jokes have just enough truth to Oiem to' hurt. We want, to give him something useful and some* thing nice, hut how hird it is to git down- and try to think up something useful and appropriate. One answer to that problem is not to sit down and try to think up wmething but instead go about as usflaJ but watch dad carefully and observe bis tastes and preferences, if any. Maybe he is a radio fan and you could arrange with Mr. Slingsby to furnish dad with a good radio magazine every month. Find out dad's favorite authors and let Mr. Pardy procure their latest work. A combination maga- rine rack and end table to be found want to fetors <M'***' Sa1 »urhV* might contribute ^^ to dad's evening comfort; an easy chair or a good reading lamp might also be appreciated. Does dad U\ke cards? New and handsome sets are to be found in Mrs. Driacoll's store. Perhaps you noticed moth- er patching dad's pajamas. Pearl's or Moquin'a or Roeemyer & Dann'a would be pleased to show you some •good lines from which to select ; ww ones for dad. . Art/his slip- pers getting- shabby? It is just possible that dad really needs new shirts, handkerchiefs or £ies. Start of yaw tfcoagat aod care, , AM dear imitherj. wiiat can -\sjg tis itelp lighten her tasks ? 1 has a fine line of de- pendable electric household helps. map in and see which one mother woiitti appreciate most. Gettys Bros, have some new pie plates with eolorfuj designs that are isjally beautiful, An<i teasets that say woman $&$& tee, Why not give mother something, truly use- ful, like lour yards of dress ma- tetiaVand add something fi;i?oloi% like some fragrant bath salts or- ! toilet water? v i> If mother and dad are not liv- ing near yott they wotjjld probably be delighted if you had Mr* John- son finish up some cabinet photos of you or the children! • If yon are planning to do any embroidery, now is the) time to get busy. Mrs. Burke has some at- Jftfefl^ta lu L 2«.ta ^ Ifebbltalb U&*^-^. U ' 'J- d -J. • .1 .. . *=. «— - JB. fc. • . *£ tractive lunch sets, dresser • and buffet- scarfs, etc., nojt i,p/ mention some gay little boudoir pillows, and other stamped ^oods at the Eleanor Shop. Everyone appreci- ates handwork, par,tf:iularty those who have little time to' do that sort of thing themselves, li from- fitouGeu Point a weift tt&J will \ also visit trteada ln;''S4v\^isey •while away. >: ' ' '•\;.'.• Bljjfetbelli Gitatftg, pi (Jlftt- eravffle, N» f, f ' wtttfttea 'in eitjr ott.Suttday itfter Jjaving -a weei$ at tow» Where.she. \the guest of We, Adffet|p,i William- UayiaM will leiiye\ hlir hewo ia Souses Pofnt wlthima few- days £OJ? Patterson, J*. $., where he expects to snent the winter. Mr, and l&s. Harry Sjsadry, -tmk son, hawe |«st iretutnea feok Bos- ton where they have been-, spend- ing a few days* vacaHoa a«4 wher# they visiie4 Mr. Laadry 1 * brother, Glorge. \WTiile away from home they also spent some time* la New Yprk City and report « most en- joyable trip. Dodda left House* Point on Sunday of this week to be pres- ent at the funeral of the I&te Arthur J. HaHlgaa which was held in Detroit on Wednesday. iri-.tUif-'ttott»aa!iiS ; •€€• tbo' 4IMctla- Ashw^ttwn test EttOEajj,. \vlK ttslat h ft diA i&t&..'k It is not too to get your Christmas cards.^. Paxdy's have an unusually good selection. Get them addressed and stamped now and mail them later, fold you know tnat the American Legion .Auxili- ary is also selling flexes of Christ- mas cards? These boxes contain an artistic varlety[of cards and fa addition have a list of personal greetings you- can write on the cards to add the personal touch. To those who find it difficult to think up such things this long list is worth the price of the box of cards. • . When it comes to the children, trying to find out his favorite it is a question of w^at not to colors and styles, if possible. This j buy. It is a cMldreu's holiday and requires tact and patient observa- the shops are ao full of sugges- tion for, as a. rule, when you ask dad what he wants he will say he. tions and the.children are so full of suggestions that you hardly doesn't need a thtog. But none j know where to stop. the less he appreciates some eyi-[ P. H. W. :atch cattle vhat do vott rot] Jenny kissed me lip to Up, When last evening I met her; ,Now I'm laid up with the grip—' Hope the news will not upset her. Granted a Decree The Chasy jlanding Ferry will continue to run. up to and includ- ing rieCember Z, 1328, / w. jsr. SWEET, 3fr40 ; . Owner. 21 SHOPPING The 8*.aae witt tie on tht*. new Hfgfh Sclioal line up'•'• iggaiml the visitors* tBrough all of tfeeir i&mf Jaat »ea«qft without «• this ymrit eWb p -l»Jteved' t% tee stronger than that ol a yeat ago* Allan HuattrtC mansigcr ot the Maroons, is now making up the season's schedule for hi»'ft;«.m mul would like to hear from clubs; desirous of bookings-games the local aggregation; For Friday night's engagement* the Maroons will line up 1 as fal- lows: *- E. Christy ........Right Forward W. Moore ....»...-. l*ft Forward R. Barney ,....- Ointer E5. Legnard ........ Right Guard idlit s, Bs.cmtiv<i for Mm Cfysutfpiai&i ¥*& tup Catm4l ( vtHa i» to mee.ml M*, 1 Meierlile. Mr. Rogers, $tr. W* Bridt? m?i Wt. tsumi, |*f»slfl«it vf Site ChswsipliriH ¥«It#y C*otj»HW( : vim* present.' Miiv R little tro<>|» f><f* tto tl tl tJ g j new gniuies «t«je ouggestat fcy the »fi-w Sceot Executive s'mi pl»y- «a, IMre*tttt,ttt« we*e «rifvtt by •he aew *««oitrt claw W« A^ ftooinstinv V 1 A, Kuuter -•.,..•..,.>r* -' SUBSCRIBE FOR THE NORTH COUNTRYMAN \ 1 *•*-\; ...and a taq tfielpfulness Masts for ^ i i Maytag Madia Programs Don'J overlook tlm^e little gift,r that .jppjScct the spirit: of ft'icndiship antj g*»d will Tfjey are dear to a woiftan's fe-'.trt. But perpetuate' ife iQirliJttJtas joy hy one gift that wilt biist^ a lifcrime of good cheer-—the May tag. '.' . Th6 rarest* ftriKSt; Jdwcl of its Und*** the |Iaybg fadiates ii^ppincss anti re« HeveS wife or mother Mtha tkc >om y.. \f|||y»tw<S times a yi years and years* it ehA»ge3 ; U'aM wash4iotw; '! Smn iftt'^kvlret #J SttsntiirS, , 1(0, tn leather 'Cases Wilson* fki n (above), who •*?*$• ',; a. divofce .from Hauy ! York tmisi«L<ii- ,|

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