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The North countryman. (Rouses Point, N.Y.) 1928-current, November 08, 1928, Image 1

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ISLE TILL DARK! CASH ft cam MEANS MOfiE FOB rod DOLLAS8 Volume 1 . \ se* Point* INT.\ Y., Thursday; November 8, 1928 Local Team (tew Through En- ' tire Sea*m WS#*©ttt Cross- ing Oppoocttts' Line Th* Rouses Fo*t Higto School football team e3«Md It* ifB* sea- «» on Tuesday 4tfthl» week when ft was defeats* fcy tfce team rep- itsecting^QM iGMMyfa* school by ' tte seem of » to *,' Tlfce Blue od WhiU w»<rt through its entire schedule of famU without once - crossing s^.l^dtittt'a goal line. Tuesday's fhpae w*s played in a driszleof rain which made the ball extremely difficult to handle and which accounted, ,tn .part at least, lor the failure of the Rouses Point team to successfully use its for; . wud pasting game. , • For KeWv^e, Hubert Mussen na the star of th* game and made both of t$« touchdowns tal- lied by U» bo** team. He w« responsible farmcft o< the gains made by th« Anvn-county aggre- . gatkm. SabowiB aad W«lls, for Rouses Point, made several long runs with the pigskin but were* un- able to score. Stiuise was on the (ending end of several long for-* ward passes which, however, failed to be completed successfully. The Uaeup for the game was as fol- • lows: \.•'.• ' '• •: ' jRewe Poise Republican Nomirn Gi Mjit Given a Majority of Over5,00a,000Vote * ' Franklin D. Rooa^velt; Democratic Standard Bearer, Clttte For Governor of New York „,.,_ State . RBS Vslentie Bowes .. rLatourneau Ashline Raw/on ..... Guyette .. Sanschagrin .. Wells, Capt. HERBERT HOOVER to issue KeesevQle Brown .... Willetf RT MeGuire r Capt. RQ Boynton C Winters .. UQ Bowea M? 8harkey UC Green fl& H. Mussen ... HB R. Mussen .... HB Smith \. «B...... Sabourin . Referee: Hartman of „ A „.. „ burgh; head Uneaman: Girard of { m acYm \ year in June. Keesevttie; timekeepers: . -Graves. ... staff in working 1 * out the *«*•* ac: ROUSES POINT H. SSUE S POIN TO ISSUE PAPER The RouaesMPotot High School hl newspaper g newspaper inSyearanA the senior class held on aftemooa officers were elected serve on tfce publication staff.; publication iim devoted en- JEAN MACDONALD . PLEASES AUDIERCE The final entertainment in the RedpaJth Entertainment Festival held in the Rouses Point ' High School auditorium for she benefit of the athletic association on Ftt- ; blic devoted en- tooi Be ws and will lv m issU e<i four times 4'anksgiving and the close \ in June Tne Herbert Hoover, -Republican, was elected Pre»i*km at t* United States in the election held on Tuesday of thiv wc< k ' a majority'of nearly 5,000,000 vote* over Governor AW*e<f • Smith of New York,,his Democratic opponent, in spite of t* fact that the Democratic candidate polled the largest popuf vote ever given tq a member of hU party for the higltest ofR« in the gift of the people. At a late hour Wednesday night wi returns still incomplete it is estimated that Hoover'* ?krt<>r vote wUl 1 equal, if not exceed, the 404. given to it ••Hide Harding in the election of 1920. Franklin DK'Ro<*e.v«ft % elected Governor of the state of New York by a matoiity 45,000 votes over Albert Ottinger, Republican .«?iilida*< Clinton County went Democratic in the presidential. >.lectt by about 3,000 majority.\ CangreMwnan B e rtrantl H Sncll' . Potsdam and Assemblyman Charles D. Munsil <>i. i-H'-nbu* were re-elected by substantial majtwities. Late Wedneeday nlgh^ Hoover's | New York State plurality was es- timated at «ver 100.000 votes, of- ficial revision of returns from all .of th* '&4Q3 election districts in t New York City giving 20,000 more votes for the. Republican candidate than were indicated In the early returns, the- mtae revision* adding 36,000 to the Smith total. In spite of the fact ihat. he is overwhelm- ingly defeated in the electorial col- lege, the New. York Governor lived up to his reputation as a vote get- ter and was given more than 1,« 000,000 more votes than went to Wilson when the latter wax ahead of the balance or et in the town and in restrict ? 2 which includes the vtttege Rouses Point. This district pol' a total at 171 votes < u* of it persons who were rpgifrtt-n-d. Election day in th«_J.u*n.ax»d.. theetnmtywaa'mHrkV*! ly an • tire absence of di^turh^t •' of a IJUKI In spite of th« fat f that it probable th»t more Vi>t*p WIT* t: than Int any other elwtion in h. y C7iti»ns, an m)«r, parly in the day and Jiin<>,*t fhi quarters of thP ballot* m«t In t. county were registt? 1 *!, t#t> \n.mn* At.»ix p>'e\<K% ir/.Uw inn day night of last week proved to be one of the best In, the series president for Ms. second term until one tfclof f 1 M00ERS GIRL HEARD ON mmO SUNDAY Many llsteners-in <m the radio on j S'-mday night of last' week had.tfae; m Clloton Point should Miss Macdonald, known to her UjectoriaJ total, however, wi» still friends as \Bonnie Jean—the per- fect scream,\ was in fine form and di with hu fect scream, was in entertained her audience with., hu Tbe S-mday night of last week h.; measure of hearing a Clloton nlgMfl C l l uar Ummg in several vocal quar-[lowing '•<-Utf numbers which were' broad- • class: c'i;t\ ; from Rock\ Glen, T4. Y., .where Bottes; .-- m ^ ov < rr , tbo <S«itlan s Workers' Association u»ntt; ^f^jSf^jrfy. • or^ghton College held an ^\^ t ^^^«> o t the tpl Ua«e ter. Althotjgii auccefHj flti-aaciaOy .tlte <?ntettaiti- Of, laugh- Hot «a outstanding one of the lowest ever In Clinton- County choice of one tht; f.W(* I'jrt. i- i, :niini K I--4-- Jy 30QD t whilf; Vm. to.vm of gave-- tfe? JD»:raocr.'<tt (jiomlace « majority qf fiftft Vi4« 1( 5 lover', tols-; ^puWlsun riv<*J. 'I'GS went rpfttjwd, wctcb-.lBCli^i fioteaw, rrnaklia\a Ecctrc Jit-it tX\. M 5 . • -. T » .„ , , „ _ . . , serif'H r -<\ {imv .wctWy pvrtotfn* nnczs,. pYtty<& to/fca hJyfeiy jyatcr-{ tinning ami T^S>UPA lil^h it* artf^fie' .merit ttofi K$VS%\U}VJ& v.fliie,\- Bit relt,|4o ©ftriiccyktic mm-M-^ t poTir.? a to* [to rt'i'-sre vi i]xxe . m*' , fp«r,fio.»\ 0w«'!H^T.'.-!U?- f tJitit evrjycnf who v\i .<* CYi!>t:l f:1,V0 fltO •erX'Fef\\? \)jf-| o>:\Ti' ••\•I «' .._. in duet with Miss Pearl Hill; Dean of Women of the South- t university, 'the num'bers Miss Stevenson was heard listened to with unusual, in- terest ia thjg section • and were appreciated by *\ ih0M ROIISES V013fPt ^ Sunday. Sday werfe i\ town on their -way gy who are »«^ and foe mh-ioMry «»4 where,tbey ;;«rrea*r' VA «f-?r«3 vattn In fto \to-i^.|lft Fimrx:t'poM m\>j, , , •iagatnrt His C-R fslvoi t« tlr, fjl-i mlliini rT-o^arj Ef..-\.?!^ tlr-^% rtvirjg' fcfca ft m-tlorft? e<f Ufjur; t«t Uit3-.fo$!-l fe < ; . A« otttcft fe*ECCtM|lo crt-n<SH(*d5V e3 fco HmitA •-„ C;J on ttoo IlatJoa'tf, KEutc an ( S t attiysjtcra U'«s» '\-:;t ROTC'I yckpjs S-CJO gi?sc» Kialft* eviesi'i etri nccmca i^ tevc • * ito t&v.» «f CiJitfapwaUllfSkiilJ? in- mflfrAtsStiZ m i%-£tem;&7 tfl 2»1? Vet.% w!fei«D.ot«o «,S CaMttltca to thr •»'-. iifea c-se^tttoa ef *a<3ma'* F. eitoa, A6 a noaltc? tl fact SI* fGKKtfco, cajOlfetfj fcs |tt f ige «f Jho vol«a eaonj rapifl^? ffey* tfefj r/i <3Jt}Mrc»*s Cko».8fc v/hQ «M defc.3»,eS;A«car4lsq tq aa cfrsflca eU r -' W%%%- twM U, S&rt&» ms Se- ,«b> wafefeed »EB fitoig- #ifS- I** majority cf Si votes I» tap Uvm-' sfiarJy 69 $*i!a»e fit cjja of ChtuapMm Mt* Woith wm tc* fprm tax mm*<m cue r,j ' - Hoa, B- B. lying steels fa c rate,' tfl fcfeato ^-*»« ««Wfc4 tfl fcfeato aa SneJI tell to »>p«dtafc \flwfc !SP aJ P&ges 8 sad » to ill \ \ •J I i ; f i It : '\

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