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The North countryman. (Rouses Point, N.Y.) 1928-current, November 01, 1928, Image 6

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:*;-,%. Page Sit? NORTH COUNTRYMAN \• '-- • • - '• • - -•- • - 'The ?••• '•••-&• • '*5 #»'•. r ' • ' - I ' ••,: i. .-. \~--. ^r^}\r • ' -I,'-' - f-S'- : <i • '-T*J\: - ,&•. •%4/ '' \ -*• . • T-% 1 d \Ycek!y -Jjij? f C( ; >nif»aiij .-at Rojises 'Point, Filteredat ih# pcjsj office £ !om!vVN'. J .'Yi,. ; as second class matter, \'•\_'- . • ' •• •^i i • t ?!•'•• • . ' J : ' \i\ < l < > ' s f 1 • —-** « . & ' .'• 1 Om Sis • Tfe* .. 1 'jftyew W8$Gm&TIXM r Vfiar .».,.,..,,,.. M»»tl»s »,«.,,... e<? Months »,,.»!. ^hprs-'jay^^nix'tn?^ E4TJ •r h l! & Uyitui 6$. *§2.G9 - t.eo ,73' fes • iii)? THE ELECTION e presidential cmnp\;t^'n h ii ,'t clo«u and *\4i Tun.-filrty uf tlw dtteenn »•£ thy fmtcd St Thursday, November 1, ;;• •••owl : .j^xnovgct py Ci*i»'« -'- \ ., : *'f5jsK>feey'' ••**We ar# n©w passing; saloon in .Canada/'. • \Xw»fet: \Wfeyf ' , ; '.***'.• j .btiitding in p Awto Pafet Shop.\ .ef-,itie • |K t r An. At Smith enthusiast feoasts that Smith is no \sife stocking\ man. Well, no one wopM accuse- Mia of being a folac stocking, either, Sinclair ' Lewis h;ts , „. iUfnttier hotm: In Barnard, Vt, Here 5 hoping tlio Vurmcmter*; v,iil take * civilize tins wiM i Ih'ed ..tor* long who .'•7. VS-. • \will *jfeci »:t n*iw chief executive, \Jioth rl</Mrer nn« -b the Kej; ticv, IKXVI- stUnifie-J thu ctmnir} L->. Jn thf Urge v.'hu*> - ».>t eachj . The i.vsues nf the c.tmpaign have been -fully set forth in the news- papers ;md uu <he radio and liltte nuw remains tt» be dunt? withjtheexception of recording and cuiintinu' the v«tt\ Registration this year lias beej heav ier than in' an^- jneviuus c; and it is believed, that a reo>rd 1 wiit.b.e <c:wt,: in Di.sirict Jifo. 2..K4 the T«wrt.%>f••Chaniiptain im wJiicJi is.in c1ude«l the viHaift; *\ the N^IICH «f 1023- . haVe heen r«gistcr«.'1» M ihk district whn Is registered gete xjt \i?ettou day, and ij « bcB^vcd tha «'h*. oiritrtfmtf t«> the.juml for ^ the «jf nr In Rus- |rt- ^4\ •Lt ; •'\•4 • ; nearly everybody will, the voting fa- «i\ scilities atft g'jing .to te taxed'to tiie * } ' . utmost. Two rating madiiaes wil.1 be •;_ . vi Jn operation from, ^ix c*'doc}> in the ' „ naominj^ until- BK? in the fsveping, bui '\' '\J\! tfftlc's^ jit^ple fjegittoctstlng their vote? •.*••- .3* i j;«?:«p!e fjegittoctstlng extremely etirly and rite kept I are *?1CJ p i g 111 entire day ''Uiere - h n*at -gfllng to bt ii ft \Ah fc 'lime.lor aft to vote. \At-the v= <lie district ;«Hist. vote in «#h. ml»ttte~a-nd -a -half tfe wliote day long Ifoni six * ; >H •' tI \*^ 0 ' »«fbt»fr M«ttl six ^t\'»ighi_tt 'WM • all; wlio 0Q t£gt&Ut4& tz$e^t& h% able ; Ui.'t%$t K tteir foalfe^ 'dondi«l<J«s in other districts •^r*-'steifer ati«J every thnle ,,»^% : ajiil5iS,; also those half-shot, , ••.'-.• ' . \ '; • r about that propd hut ajigry fei tof who-fe tf l f 4 'Wm. a p air* lifoe those It teofe tfe^:'^Siiier.#.;«t#« iibur fa '-clear' assay \the -wi^ts «£ *; 'ie1igiWe to r«t«s l$;tirg«l 'to m g f ' fc |iis;4»strtct ht jumt l At to the hotisewife who put Jjlades Sa ife« f# feoje; ^false a page 6 # 'ijpf'^\ s'vi} They sam» need tit'learn tr> crack •jokc.^irtsto.'id of heads. * * •* Blotid haxmds used recent!)* in the attempt b* trace ihe. MeDenmitt gir whn \\\ t i* loht in the Vermont waods. w*re fuund to Iff n<t*ks>. i I jjues.s they will learn after a while th,<,t the place fur a blood Jiuimd is in fiction *->r an ^'•Uacle Tom\ Vhow • • • 4 * * Thtt .rlifterenec The The 4<lBiJra:l gto©4 as. firm, as .a-,*\®fe c wpon Msquar^rdecfe. ._ The air was £ifH of shrapa^ a^teJI, • shot.'- (Pomt &mfy..--^ry •/: He was brave ajid lie was hol&, And he said, \We've gQt*sm c«W*,,,.. > we'll give it to the bsggars gao'l and hot,\ For hours the featfcie raged aad the ship w&s fult oi ftol§s» •,'.' The after^poop was leaking lifee a seive. (Zingl Boom!) When the brave oil tqr turned sadly To the middy fey Ms side, And this fatherly advice ia him did \The ship is doomed and stakiijg' lik a- a coconut a Scotchman-is that you t>m get ft drink out of a coconut, • •; .. . - * -.* * -The fioliitical situation boils down to this i Grandfathers arc dashing around lorgettJtijj their enttes aii«l fheurnntis;, grandtnothers arc laying 1 down ttieir tea aftd picfclrig 1 up political nr- ;B and tables are spitting\ out teetfting rfngii *» howl, for one fate or the other. .. . .'**'* - r • .-. ' Tfee hunting season Is y the one [One tiling,I'd 'Ubc.tu -say before we drown: . .' ' - •. p, my lad, and do ^ot fee your teirtp^r, never bite your sister when shu's down. \Although 'tis five t» one that we shall seldom, tnect .ngaftt, Rcmcrabor my ftvaneular «d\ r ice. (Pip! %$$ '^*; F ou*<* ,#«Mrk ; /|^fr^;|fe. ; 1^irMi^y^^ ^ vWhen^ fi^ : . W as : ''weM 'paB:^*- 'hr' mr^^ey^^d:^^^: Uxeetln^^ld^ge andfeeejiliJ'itat'W m&.jfx*'M •%: Kttie; 'mm^'L^^J fzpr&nn fa«,had dotie th ; ^e nr j, fif MostJjersqns %o«ld,l * <l happy iri. age, if iwrk thaa those they f y|^>. . Thi- work should not. be, dfl«% e ry, hut Sonvifting; in -ivhiclt th'i in ,-ivhiclt y It. is- $he.cr p $.^aMve spirit the creative,energy' Jji 'as, iartml h\i ii^ ;tlj;tt • m;&e*: ^^k \.V'Uthfur #i a; little'\.'I jrotinc] them b. • Thw- : that fends hft\ age: % quality An English ivriter, Edgvrr.- \\' a t] aie , h;ts recently come into prom<mtMioe ; he- cause of | the. prodigious Atnuunt of creative iwork he carr'i<j|. i/ u j every pjar. ' l^r. Wallace hanj /'pnxluccd ; :\yenty-sii readable ncnels!/ and 'six plays in a\ single year.' Arir't the plays <rc good plays, too. Six o£ them are unnraj? itji England now. ;'His novels' are popular reading at out public li- irarjv p -••-(-• Mr. Wftllhce has. the assistance of xl l Ji f -[secretaries Who take his rapid dicta- Do not wear a pair of spats | tiojn fead pi . oofs and attet1( j tl) the With your evening dress, for that'sIn^crmnieaf part of th(j)work. But the y g , thatsj A tiling not done by people who an:1 fc nfcfi. You sljouJd always tip yoitr soup plate d up rds you, remember aa you Journey on tljrowgfe life (Wow! Wow!) That !t*« triEes such .as the^e Made us mistress o! the seas, Sa never eat v your gravy with % T aur ' knife. ' - * ' \Tfae^ sfrive, aiy fad, fo be a. little gentleman, And do pst stoop to metm and paltry ' ways. should ngypr hit a woman ivith . yaur hat on,. Aarl remember jhat politeness % ; fyj a Remember fhat poiifrreess always pays?- ; * Shnm Plata Says fhat the best'w to fe^l sttiisme 'fe t«» at^y there, •-#•#•*'.,-''•',-' * V I htwb noMtig to <J$datre, w said tte returjitng American towrisk\ b,ut a few, botlJes f&tt I 4sra taki«f b6tn& #|th me; fora •• I Lawyer as JjeTedibe \way up the flight theJwOditig had oFistatrs to tlie Rinses Point custom ected to find Wm h )'b i l ^ g d flirt-.4% expected to find Wm i#4 pt to fh* sidewalk. To theif ^M kl to his feet e,.«h. r 1 asked» by$tand- ^ replied the.-ciiiip with W i4i d I 'Ifclii' • * w ., , ft'&H,,,..,,.....,-^^.^-^,, ii|afe«s- two parrallel 'i«(u. ^'fa*4 ••—— - '^i^Mj^ll' an .'Sines, tm iutm< 4\ •*.•-• T*.'.' Vi-'-iKl rgytled: inspector creativc ?urt of i alone. His case recalls the remark of William James that we all have\ reservoirs of energy th^jt are never tapped. Activity is the creative life in ex- pression. If we ce.ase to create and cease to keep in a state of activity, old age and death beg«i to make their in- roads, Retirement from business ac- tivities has brought sudden* senescence ta many a man who should have had ahead of hirrt years of Useful effort and * of happiness in jthe effort. Keep active and allow the creative spirit to have its way. That is the best remedy for age. Dr. Alexis Car. rel, biologist iof the Rockefeller Jnsti- *'\ twtfi says that \the number of years whleha urarr-hafr~: lived has nothinf to do jwith his real age.\ Hot Books kwm fibut it Ii«J.te-Iik# «t 'jj^ft e ^e \There should be a legal penalty for rting/' op|ne» an exchange- ,Ther« |^';':^plippg||^ ^'•.« ^t$^i^M^i^ r s. 'i-i-^rl^ ^^SSir^^f\itff ^...^ aec of the Bronx wwi, d«J*vers books ] as if they were necessities like milk or Ice. Perhaps they are. At any rate, the circulating library which live* «p to its name is fSoiiif ft capiw&y b ness that leaves the hot dog wi nwt stands simply nowf»ere. I * -*„ T^l^ ifei \Oh u, John, P*rF»m the Baltimore S , ft^tirdgo'tis jare of ten seen io rtiral aeighlorhoods'\: when an alerY public library, saeh as that at Hagerstnwn, that Its books should be made to farmers as well as to tity Bufc,tfe« New York library tap* Ml with its trade which W*te» sections nii m *w}pmj i\lH«iili«*»i ** *• II a man kiWpli «aiol h* if d

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