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The North countryman. (Rouses Point, N.Y.) 1928-current, November 01, 1928, Image 2

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Tbt NORTH COUNTRYMAN ^^day^ct^-^ ESCAPES INJURY tt* Mirjtet* liT««aejjc$Q by: $m \Pioyteetal \<3w*- lafts- hoth tfte-melro^ol*- tansea&srs' 'aiati the 'oscQyiog: dis- tricts wow feMBy-aecesslhfe a»8 « •••!. u J» • • vj* iw««*i tafflt ^ aWaetive/to/the mHttons of Car Det3KGhslie# as it Turns tw j g | $ |rom m ..^^ stat - cs Turtle N«ar Knowttoft, «ho annually drive i-ns* the high- ~ . • \ ' tvsysof the']Dfoniiijip*t\:fh^«ffi3P^ : Quebec . Ith&i are. *©,»« mads •&> „, , itptttj; IfQiM'.feet'ixreett Mother ^emonsttatitm of tUejatM* .ivtontr-eal wia'-S! . durability on4 eafety of steel a»t»;wi»ter .Js\ jiist cay?,-\JaflictttM of fcady ©instruction oeetiP'-ci Satar-'tils-fact, A»otEe» in ttjat,A& ; roafl: 4^y oftemoan at ©amdtt's Carney I department .of tfe province i3 oa West' »r««mo, §ue.. whea , fi.cJjsal,. tastes Mr. and Mrs. James A. Ingrajn] announce the marriage of their daughter, Poteen G. Ingram, to Bll F hj f M y;p|? S\ Wheeler, got etrt of!other ttutMijqigs' Weil pstHttd and sl aa& took the ditch -at a I the .lawns in gqod cootiiUoft and it sceefl, twaei over several it? n\*o sponsoring tbe plaat-Jog of dtel i*U3t feet talttmtfrn^ f sfrd tre ln th j-' -'I &•• $ *$ a 4«SECft feel sttfp $B its eKie; \^hs o?jJy ipaatf, tte dfter aai- h?r t c're wjihurt 31r, ,04Bi Mr& Wheeler ctii'iva F«]nt Saturitoy I-aia?^ m,, Cor SL winter. Mrs* a of sjtgdo trees along 1 . All-.of 'ftis, «r is >iot for tbo JjenPtit at .Vwyrlcans HH Cana'Uans will prolit jis well.. .••.,' JDnring the la'sft few jfcars ru-.;-L-rtcd,. mttrt'lhan 175,000' planteti in the main bJgl!^ayj no 1 *'. ftoing- forth iepartmenl- at Quebec in farm e F» Schwjessi GOTO, of Mr- Mrs. Fifed Sebsiriess Srtlewi, Mich* Monday, Oct. S In *£olgj|o, O., Eev, •&, ^J&0Sm paktor of y givm a reception at % be f afeW M E^ll of Mrs. feW ^ pncie and aunt of the The guests were Mrs, James la- gram of Rofees Point, Mr, d Mrs. Bttrold Oliver of --Sir. amd lire* Jack dentfcs, •Mr. Hrs, Mr. it -i* trees ana Mrs, Clyde BehwiesSj Mrs. Frcii Classon', air. ami* Mrs. Fr«V ScJi'ffless, Sltef . Mary Schwas?, lYQlinm SeSMesa ' and .W.-tHaec Wort: of \¥yatKMte. lograiii aatii her •Jlrs.- Ruesetl *m£ Oct. 23 after from born aoji Wyantlottc, Ptttsii'^.J, Slass. Sch\vio'-3 wlBsemato bere for a, sliort visit feefor^ wtatew-ash houses ft nd other, to which U»y intended to to WB ^K« «>« encouragmg them to lStfant more trear and to set out the ditch, p»ctt*|flwer beds In the .Spnag to e^- the hody except h^f ^e appearance of the ' countryside so that it will present ' ttti t to tour- i; 1 \\\T\ \ •??•;• \ i ''' ' 1. t.\ •.=• - milwt this side Wheeler did/ isc for atput relj-iumed to the scene of the car the recent- in8titulea by the mJn iBter prizes are — motor and chassis to be in operat- ing condition. The car was driven to a nearby barn awaiting the owner's JWtura Monday, ( , A farmer who witnessed the ac- cident. r«wh©d up to help Mrs.. Wheeler out of the wreckage. He Insisted that «he must be hurt, pointing to her glotrws, They^srewt «vere4 will* red rtafaw, but this ways only from the fluid. in the gMoline f auf e which h*d emptied Um c«? turned over. offered for the lawns and flower beds.along routes. By and con« program along these lines it id hoped to attract many addi- tional thousands of tourists to the hospitable Province to the North. *» * nearby iUU tnictfln> ' expect to b&v* It ready diftculty coawid' for occupancy some time in Dc- i hih th — 1 \~ .back to *h« €*aw*c ia which the member, party retunwd to Eou»e» Point Satuay g Whetter took; * tnOn Monday morning to and wa« with g«t the injured car of'-Wie treasury art, seas to Roafces day and -Saturday/ ©f l«wt .week Xo* ^^^W^ rffi % operatton in ing msn&n to the .heating; apparatus ROUSES POINT LOCALS Work on the Eldered Bombard house which is being* erected on a Pearl street lot recently purchased from W, W. Otty* ii progrcwing rapidly. W«rt Bro%, §t Musaw, Collector of Custom* William Shaw haa returned to his| home in BQUJKC Point after spend- ing- part of hl» vacation In Detroit, Mich., where he mm the gueut of friends and relatives. mmmmm WQMTUE ~\ THE STATE OP YORK, To Wilfred Bourdeail, one of the s* fsf.S^ft .tafle J of oire,' ls,te : 'of ^: ;p0unty of resides at Alburgh itt thej State of- V£rmqn,fc, has lately «ipp%d to the Surrogate's <3ooyt of otir bt f Cli h g y of ^Cljntoii, to have. ?t'<;ertaiB Sii- strfiment\In •vwiting he'ai-hig'date the 2Gth.day.of ^eptestiher, >92€, relating to'ftoih real Said personal property duly- proved as the Last Will and 'Testament of Mary Greg, ta h ift in re seven wecfes to Bctroit, Dear- deceased, who was at time ef her death a resident of Caanaplain in said county of ton, ••* THBREP6B13, yoti and each of you, are cited to show cause be- £ore_the Surrogate's Court *>.f bur •County of Clinton at tbe -Surro-' r;-\rte*g office at the city of ptafts- burgh, in the County'of Clinton; .on the 10th day of November,--1928, at ten o'cloelc in tbe forenoon of the said' Last Will to Detroit whose the couple wW be at home idler Nov. Mi. W LAST RITES FOR \••-._ LESLIE . .'Ffofit the BafetrftcJd, Cut News '\\' \Last rites for lieslie Adiso» Coates, T4, former Nebrasga mer- chant who died here Sunday «t the home of Ms brother, R, P. Coatea, 1111 KUea street, were conducted this afternoon at Hop- son Chapel where the funeral ad- dress was delivered by the Eev. R, % Burial services were conducted at the grave in \Union Cemetery by members of Bakersfield. Lodge, No. 440, X. O. O. P, Mr. Coates held a membership in the Odd Fel- lows Lodge at Burchard, Nh where he resided until six years ago. He Is survived by hie brother here, another brother, J, J. Coates of Booneville, Mo.; two sisters\ Mrs. JF. H. Bowron* of i*ehan«iaj Mo.» and Mrs, A. *C> Bryant, of Landing, N. J.; and two nieces, What. B. -C, Klplhigi of Bakersfield and ijrf. J, J*. trth Kdte Cal,\ •••'•\ Xeslie A; <3pa^e» TWBJ sa son ot William and Sarah Coates and a& old resiaent of Rouses f»oint» He ftras a eousto of Hrs, Harriet! C^^lS^;\ ^ 7 > md Testament should.not, be ad- and personal m. We, have Surrogate's County of affixed, WITH; our paid 'County ton, at.'tMr- tlce at the; \burgh in the 15thda; thousand t«renty-e P ;e said 1 October,^ hundndi NOTICE Clerk of th4 Surrogate's Coort! ' ~ \ \/&70RVlLLE ^s for execjitor. ';P«BSE'NT Estate ; .6f Jfohn/Hunter, late of t Town of Mrjoers, deceased. All claims /againstj* mus^t bid at 'hi* store the under o in.the Village\ Mbo&rs,\'N Y., on.or before 15th/ day of April, 1929. itated October 8th, 1928. James, B. Fitch, Execa Wilmer H. & Orville R. Dunn, \i ' Attorney for.Executor! FAMOUS \ Lincoln Chocolates - the exact counterparts of the w$l\ known Laura Seeor^ canoes that you always bring back'with you when you g<» to Montreal, J?Bf|SH WEEKLY & WONDERFULLY BELICIO0S '-.'-*'•• - - 30c the Pound T ' AL~ SMItH — or — HERB, HOOVER? Attach a j>Ute ^rith the name of your favorite to y«iuir licence plate,' Get it at SLINGSBY'S/ of course, 25c each. ' j FORGET I:HA? YOU cm OBTAIN YOUR EXTRA COPIES OF \THE NOBTH C0UN 3 TEflfAN\ AT OUJa NEWS STAND AS WBLL^AS i OF THE LATENT PAPERS AND MAGAZINES. Slingsby's -•' ii'iid't\ 1 ^^*^' '^tT^S N:Y. FLOWERS For Every Occasion operate the most extensive Greenhouses, in Northern New Y<?rk ancl can supply promptly Flowers of every variety for all occasions. ., W .-.--. NURSERY STOCK -^ V POTTED PLANTS BULBS, ETC. WE SPECIALIZE in Flo#ers for Wedding*, Funerals, etc., and they will be forwarded by us to any address in Northern New York on your tele- phone order and with a card with your name at- tached. JH^RRY M.COOKE fHuNE 21 SOUTH PERU ST., ; PLAlTSiBURGH, N. Y. (A short distance frorn Plattsburgh Barracks on - - \Route 30) • _j 6 J Fbwers Telegraphed Everywhere. The Coal with the ;3|^^'^nto' Ay -; ••••••/' r^^/fcEE^^\.-: S. ; -'.':^:H % --'.:-r- Rouses Coal & Supply ^mi -•;,,,.o:,.£«^-;.-i';*.;.

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