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The North countryman. (Rouses Point, N.Y.) 1928-current, August 30, 1928, Image 3

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30, 1928. The i to be held in md 7, we will! Model 40 AQJ )U COUNTY HERD [*ENVIABtE RECORD ag p milk, 37.05 pounds of , the Crest Bourn by B&ft: ain agaitt Wked fifth d& jmWutstoff herds ~t.m 3eadft j U* United States, tested under Voles 4 *e •Ayrshire. Herd. ito' Advanced Regia- ond sad third >twd^ther shtetlts, •also the h%hest tadivitel cow for five swaths of the yeaa^'one good cow In the h$rdh&9$Bg pjeoducefl 2,241 pounds of milk 814 pcrtinds of battetiat.in one month. \ •'& the month of Slay Ms, Dodda aa hij|h cow te wait sad \butter- fat ptf^wsti&n, and twelve of the Wea cows milking,, fifty per eent of which are heifers* were oa %M fionor Roll. coriogto i-W.A.R!fle..bl.llie Ayr. W' Asciation of 'iWs heta has completed Dajpy Improvement Asso- .rankiflg the highest of all tested with the excellent r averages (ft 9.276 pounds 38867 pounds of butterfat nt ym, and 9,771 pounds 381.96 pounds of hutterfat a yeafr, which entitles , a National Honor Roll ite issued hy the National WClatlOB. the past twelve months Md has topped the list of A tested* for hutterfat produc i for nlfle months, ranking sec m t m*»&^KwmirtWhimm4 l m Spaie of the sptendid records »ade during the past yesM? are 14,- 437 pounds milk, S6? pounds but* terfat toy a' senior four year old, li2to d & 77 p w pounds huttwfat, Il,f8l p iiK, 523 pounds butterfet and 10,748 pouiids milk and 416 pounds of hutterfat by three other good cowa . •these \Cows haye gooa tyje as well as production, having won honors at the Clinton County Fair. Professor Wallace of the Chazy Kural School has visited the farm several tiroes with-a class of Isoys for lessons in judging dafry cattle* Cows from this herd have been sold for shipment t& Ayrshire herds in Southern and Wflstem New York State, also •tte great, show b«l, fiag-a-tja^ a $w& p t^e national Dairy shsw la heads the he»d. Hia dam* the; great ppoductng eo^r, ,33JstK«.S3 Sllki of Soath Fatm has a tte 1 ^ year oM; record of 8,000 jpuunds Qf O0k> Thia is really an caviaMe rec*i ord and Mf; Deads isj fjefeg «s»-i gratulated oa the splCTfiift pro* gre^a his haf4 has made t«K4 tte ja*mn«eai?nt of the feed. EXHIBITION TO BE ST&CIE0 BIT GO, (Cfitttinued from, Page Two) AT THE FMR 90 model finr every-home e or smalt.... See i *• • (• to Northern New Tfopk. .tfcfe gram of stake \race events fol« lows: Monday, (Xahoif Day) Sept $ Eight-County 2:30 - Trot (closed) .*..,<......, $ 600.00 245 Trot {Closed) ...... JOfiO.00 2:25 Pace, Class ....,,., * Tues4»y, Sept, # 2;2O Pace, Class 600.00 2J18 Trot, Class ., 500.00 W«4*e*day, Btpt & 2:27 Trot, ClasB .,.,«..,. 500.00 15 Pace, Class ........ 50O.00 2:25 IVot, (Closed) ..... 3.000.00 Thuraday, Sept. 8 Eight-County 2:2S Pace (Closed) ............. 500.00 Z-JE2 Pace (Closed* „,,... aooo.QO 2:10 Pace (Closed ....... 500.00 Friday, Sept. 1 2:17 Pace, Closed ....... 1000.00 Consolation Hace for horses that started at this meeting hut did not «1n money. . , v ••;* -* : o /VrwWigh pressure Weuf high speed carburtiiort the «m«.klng aWUUe* of BufcV* | V«lvr-in-Ue»J engine—pro»taiHg brUHant itew«HlcIene]r ««A ffffHtlTchrM «t nil' ettgta* «pr*-d«—»r* tw« wuttA*tfuI !«# SUver AnnUcn»«ry Buick feature* « , « A pew Itigft-pnnnure gut pump—completely rfttnlrmtlrtl ih« fll ^, She—You said you were going to give me a present. Last night I dreamed of a^eari necklace. He—Then I'll give you a, dream 0k, so that you can see what it means.—Munich HlHd Dairymen and Milk Dealers DON'T FAIL TO SEE THE- miGIDAIRE ' Hectric Milk Coolers ;;' AT THE FAIR •\• \.'t* Or in Owe Sfcowropms 2 MARGARET Keep •J'-ty/ffivi\'' ; *\. - : .;!.:':,w>Nt ; ,..i : ' r ..-'> Ihave an HORSE COLLARS (Scotch) They will be soW at below cost. . t,, A. CHILDS Nt. Y*. all driving condlt5<.n»t»nd a new hlgh>»p*«d enrhurrtor—th* mottffxpenBtvf miployiHlpnsny motor cur—-produc**unri»iJ-« ed e*»« of at Mr ting, •mottth opwutlon mnd mastm utn etomtmy. The w orW-fumoiu lluirk ingine—it lift dteas two new lemlwim — nttaliw the highrtt degree of efficiency of any automobil* engine ... and attain* that peak efficiency with any gradedf fuel—'tow»tc*t, blgh-tMt or ia betw«*n! . ' acrclcratloa I Dacxltng new »Mrlfttie«i! Matclb- k« hilt-climbing! Unrivaled ability to maintain a falgb pat* hour after hour and day after day ! fake this new Buick out on the highway, Teat it to UM limit. fiwiM* to youmlf—ii*» Hu> great car of the world I * THE SILVER AfMMlVERSARY BUICK WITH IMUrrSBPISCK BODIES BY Todd-Buick Co. - Pkttiburgli/N. Y. - FRED G, HOAG, Associate Dealer Routes Foiat, N. ¥«: - August FUR SALE Pair Weak, Sept* 3 to 8 ttew fur coat; lin© fe the mmt jsrfeec* one we have lisd greater yaife^r «l $^?fe* /' •, t» rihoete feom iw4 tijie ntltfiiMSm «i'mt- if -V 1v !

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