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The North countryman. (Rouses Point, N.Y.) 1928-current, August 02, 1928, Image 6

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-«tf£l-24 •I »•\ ' •. >\ . • :•'•;. ' ; 4 i •• '*• 4 ** •* • J , K ../; f NQRIH Tfce f>u!»1isfeed weekly blfe at&erasas at tie pst ©fee al'Euwsa- Y., as tEL IE. My*m. • • I* <K Ry»a SUBSCRIPTION RATES One-Year „..,„.......;. 12,00 Six Months .,*.»»,.*.»,,,, 1,0® Months ,.....,..,.. ,7$ Thursday, Aug. 2, 1928. ' _ The American Heritage Faying honor to the heroes of the Jbattle of Oriskany* a ceremony ar- ranged by the Mohawk Valley Histor- ical Association feur-August 6, will prme the impetus set t «p by * ' JL - \ ~ ~ h It . rf the sesquicententnal observances of last year has nnt-been lost. Rather, the significance $f the Revolution is deep- ening, ^People are. not complaining of •worn out bv* the reconstruction They are discovering the qualities, of It—which is pos- sibly an odd thing to sav about his- lory. 'There are more facts than legwdfe« about the American fight Cor freedom* though, undoubtedly, the facts are not well enough known. From whatever caases, the' present age is one of inves- tigation and interpretation in\ many fields other;than.history..But In his* tory, this self^examination can be in- valuable. Tlie more the figM <*f the cronies Is studied, the mot* deeply. Is one Imposed with, the value/ft the Ameriean neritage, V ! A-\fcrcat part of i&e world now at $&e. UaSted States wWk Why If It that .we frogres* m tv$M% that we seize «p»n an idea* convert it into action, disuV^ttt its benefit^ ttten move.wi'tcr the aest stga, hfat, ed-Iast .week: - : . - -~ Green: If yo.it feave>spotted the tsiirx whm stole y<hw? «ar» whv \don't you g<t it baeM ' •. ^ . ' ' ' Eed; Vm waiting for hita^to.put on a new' set of tires. * * • # By the way, Hed and Green our de- pendable dialogue team of the Clink- er column, are both good railroader Red is a Scotch conductor and Gteci is a brakeman born thirty three years to.TO County Cork. Yvvt. must recog- nize them now.' • # * # * \It is diseoitraging,\ says Old Ful- ler., *'but as long as there is a demand for intoxicating- liquors, there is a strong probability that someone will attempt to supply it.\ • - • * *•* * • • « . ISlushrooms have nothing vn these swell athletes. Monday, jfttlj* 23rd» a Plattsbwgh gave Ttmney's waist measure as 25 inches. By Thurs- day the North O-»untrytnan reported his waist to he 34 1-2 inches. That night Heesey's nose and eye un«:Wr «nt a stmllar expansion. : ' - • • # * .* * Two weeks ago Sunday a'man re- turned from a \spree in Canada. -Ht? told a local merchant that he -was \see- ing things/ *m fact, he fu.st thought he k Th tik Is it *i3»ve sanitation, f tallest fc» m* far i If i that •mm- things Iooke«i glin»m$r g For asqeiesas Singleton ' honest, -practi.cal p had iact no worl? for a week. F«ar not,'* sa|d his ingj . ' •• • **Ttu»gs oft look blackest mid worst i i The moment p So come—let us hope Cor the burst!'* —Life fashion • • *\* of wearing rings in gloves is the very latest thing and we H understand that one Thomas feels pretty sure that Gene Tutitiey the Koh-i-noor in one o( his. * * # # \This is*your floo^ daughter\ an- nounced the flip elevator bay. \How dare you call me daughter!\ stormed Aggie Jtiley* \Well I brought ym Up, didn't If Ob«nre« (key. Then tike- n had to go and spoil a good. anee. lesson by telling the sport that really was a monkey loose in towtt. •. ..-.•• , * # . •* * Time: Friday night following the so-called fight In New York Placet The taikoad yards near a switch engine* Persons, as redheaded retaliated the lad.—Globe, * * *# Perhaps you didn't know? it but the greatest industry ©f Cork, Ireland, is a concent known as -the \Fctrd Motor : Gi, of Detroit\- Ford ttas a great plant there. A hage wharf and a crane that reaches-way out into tiie Irish Sea. He employs over.2000 people and pays! ih& highest wages in all Ireland, \ # * * * ! And we .don't know why it should, Isut that reminds us that yoaVc got to ifc to ot»r learned who told you in Playtkiags Styer, Eagle Lake, FU. Papoose has stacks of lovely to§ His kiddie-koop's aglow With cofored gimcracks of all But he prefers—a toe! \For it's so handy,\ gurgles he, \No matter where we go If they forget my others toys I still ran rc,ach—a toe!\ , \Come on, make it snappy,\ the convict, as the executioner the nonse around his neck, \I- want tc* be hanging around here day.\- The recent; Tunney-Heeney fight!( New York and the subsequent p*y«j of freak bets reminds me of that occurred at the time Jess defeatedjack Johnson for the pidnship in Cuba, f was^li sterdatn at the time and made with Rudd Elliot, who was column last week that Geni would knock Tommy cold inside of 11 rounds. *% too, would walk a mile for a camel,'* said the Bedouin phelk .as he dusted off his long£ robe and slawly trudged across the desert sands in, the i dd ** boaeheaded feralcematt Gm& fer a tcnttt conductor: * f And Uiey say Ttinney got $$2S^0tn thirty faro minutes and $2 second^.** 1%€E fcaidMeaaetf ibrAkemans * :tntr- to- hear jot* 4&y. it, 1 and thin engineer i*V!« a ferlck - ' • \ \' *JX stl j^*V •t • :'%Uy , I Itas '•p»int,. it: i$ t htcms& • >.• If'we? at 'are' free Salt £,ake and 54 mil*pss from the each year to some volution's strtt||3es where fhe lie fought ky j^ ^ those'wfeo fell' \before sl e«joy the Mifs of tlfdr. _@reat victories* - : ^ 'Press* P.-W. * r Jenes & perhaps- •§»fescriber in the lln&* y fp ^ States io-rec«»ve'Ms paper ,ga% r directly &«4 personally irom -the : #.i%%» K# ©feral^ « gas/sta- Stttv&\% M^tho, 109 miles frost to-the *..: \\ front tite heavens—^for 'Davy.* fl^ihe feas lOfe^er flown, Jones AWiofl^ihe feas lOfe^e ow, Jo is k Meo4 <>f the aSr mail. On- hi iniflMife, he has, within the past ipon^bs, Cteared jsway the heavy near his Station, construct- 100 by service pi- -an V^rney a^ fcavc <wsited and tett approved the s the subscriber of the Salt Lake • y and with a grin and a friend- ly wave to the roaring mail plane picks «$>• Ms. 'paper;' each - -day. \ lootprints of the departed beast ~m * # * and Ms.yo.iing wile had j«st completed their first quarreL \I wish I were dead,\ she sobbed. **t wkh I i«a&» too/' tie blurted \Then i don't wisti 1 ^s^\ and \yar contJ^uedr--Pears6tt*s WeeMy. • • '*-*••***• ••» • • - : / Agent—You. had better let me write tfiat InsuEance lor. not tt the Sager lunch wagon, pod old scout (hat he was) hsai passed to the Great Beyond. I u that Willard would lick Johnson lliot took the opposite, view. It' to be -a wheelbarrow ride for oae< the other. The heavyweights and of course, I. won. We wheelbarrow and placed it in a store window, decorated it with Ing and placed a placard nearfr ing of the evtx&r* which was to about a week later. To say the I the paying of the bet was weB yertised. We secured the police department, also tection, and\ they were to be along the lme of march. Thft icame for the ride, and I righr here that East Main that city was jammed wi* Attired in a white «oat with: 1 mounted the wheelbarrow in end of the city and Elliot with his cargo up town; about four blocks I felt a -is, 'ti is/'faid' that one' of out, w»']fe Is «.o ; mode5t/that;,;wh0ti hi; $3$. -to ;-ttife'- u .'.ctttirefe, l^st -Sunday,, didn't even sign the check. t you think you, \\\•\*\-*. >^- *., . •»• have until \ydu try to the Ranger.\ • * * % In the old \days at least so'our grandmothers tell us, you could buy a 1QC.* HQW dimes dozen of eggs' for have changed, * * % * * Come on |udge> strut your i stuff We're waiting to get our money down on the presidential election* ' C ^\^ T\ in i»DL two of thetn. from my yenide t&A making < ination 1 dfe^pyi««d *h at ' fait with two weft selected Well, that did not stop the police •iiey, \-uf course, line to smofiy and chat At a point 4»*.<yP< Mi ** chtufch ,on enthusiastic one o thin publicity, ance and beat il -&* * happened to was the colorful #at «io«t' \Yottra far

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