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The North countryman. (Rouses Point, N.Y.) 1928-current, August 02, 1928, Image 2

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t* \f * ;H|' •• J, 1- 4 i • --' •r. .V . i,..i .4;>,<! JOAKE Samuel EttMgen of Alientswa, * f JMttl g Pa., Arsene *rra!ia& of M, M«rtln jpettttfn of Vineyard Haven, Bruno Dignard, Samuel James BScGatt. of Matt* l tsreal ,w«re fined tice Hyde, # wten «B Vaaaetjr State Isy eta fte&M tip y |?ewr Yorfe, ausl fib«rg«di Mm toe* fm Jxjsttce c P. CJo»ye*» Beekmantown, witli operating an atitoisjoMe Mttajtit » Ueetwe, B pleaded gattty to ttie cl««^e la Meu «f l $2S. Mth wWcfc to py a fiae, wa» , cowuultte^ to Uie county |all ia Hattabmgti. Ttetmy is said to fee We fi r^^ Company. that will exactly stilt your needs. You can lcara all Howard EL Hubbell person from the village lockup in Keeseville several months ago. Elizabeth Shephard, Ella Shep- herd, James Smith ana John Owens, all of Pittsburgh, also fell into the toll* of the law on Sat- nighi when the tw» troopers ;' the Stone Tavern on road- Ihey were charged With disorderly conduct before Justice CSonyea and each paid '$10. fines. . And just to round out & fair evening'* work, ILaVasseur and Snell visited the'Kelley homestead, near Point au Roche, whew they found a, Lincoln automobile in a garage on the place loaded with K4 cases of what ,Jf alleged to be Canadian ale. Two men, who said their M&rnes were Joseph Thomp- son and Robert Snyder, who were found In the house, were aTrreated by the troopers and turned over to the eu»toins authorities at i happiness of yptar v?if<fe ^c ffg n«TW far Beware—the Thief! ^ ' 0t : be .•<f'n .It Uter; • mom or - Rouses Point, N. Y. -.•,'.' • e-V Representing: LIFE INSURANCE CO! HOUSES POINT I-OCAtS ALL ixx; OBTAINED BY AUGUST HWH George F- Rivera ,the local post- t d la Gb J ma»ter, and p G«bo, Jr., mo- tc«d to PlatUburgh on Mcradav •veninf. . •' . Arthur Elktes ' and • Francl* Plaote, who Mcmtly p«a«»d civil examtoaUoM for It* portal U T tM eanrkr , Ttm.r» p«r- p ' manent appototntmU and are mm fli ll th t I and ae mm the routea In f Mr*. FrM Sirlniwrn* U vMttng O 11Utt Oft pp d«flr«riiMr mall ihll-lrcn ,T* J. Couture, wife t-f Jl»m«itowJi, K, f., *po p w»tk§ $t th# home of Couture'* father, Arthur Couture, olf thia vtHaft, and rcntwilff . friend* and acquaintance* in town. ?re is Queen Mary of- England arriving at the Olympia In rijidon for the summer exhibition of antiijues and w»irks ol r. Her majesty purchased a few of the Je.ss'vatiinM** ^bf.vts \1 compiimehted-the management on the success ul the. <Int«ni»lion»J cording, too last years th hu _.^ owners in the town of Champlain and all persons who harbor dogs, a» warned that they must obtain 103$ licensee and tags for the imlT^t on air before An- 10th or tb*tr names will be turned over to a Justice of the peace for Ms action and that they to * ure to procure them- W. J, Pa quetU. town Rlh w. W. J, Pa whow office la q v la the Ralph Lewfr hardware »tor» t «a * CMlJn Wh i»t»e a!f p W to make it ckwr that no eweptionji or wtUnaCona can bn made a» the law in mandatory and he mutt fur- rt lit f f n my the courtt »lift of namea of tho»e penwoa «*»- him not ^, taine4 UceniM* for their do«» »y ^ tl4 : ' fif* cording, t at y %f ure», there ate ahout 38* dogs t&4 ttatWa owned, iiv the tow&-a»4 list* *how 4haHnanjr persons failed* na isx this year, to seeure Ilcensei for their animals. Persons who owneA tfo#s latt yeay* hut who have aince disposed of them, muit Me an affidavit with the tttthl clerkk too thatt ttat.thelf cler t tha ffW names ttmf be removed from Ms Erta. Blan* alHda^its may be oh> Ulned *romJMfe. JPaquette on re* quest Fallows Soft Drinks M You Want a 100% Beverage Ask for FALLON'S • . * Tfiey Are Qobi - And Good For Yo Made Only By TEL. 4S1-J |IALONE,iN. Y. a^ m Mr. Paquette »tat<« that, ac- t $ ||«©o»oa|b St» — Qpp, D» • p.Cb H. Station . WHIPPET Sales and Service ©fte ©I ttetii In 44 icmditum* Mi haw ^ooci gain* 4 g4 ^^ * ? ••![• !,; • I •!•••--I'! Y,;. r i rnliber* Brivea ©uiy 1^00 miles. .1924 &MKI$ftdftMr *• ,^ A-* qondHMon in, every renpect. AU new rubber. Paint A«na^taal& ' : A Perfect condition. Ha* been ownett % * wealthy family that have given it-thA very best of care. Qiw partition between chauffeurs «at and tonneau, wonderful buy and jutt the car to u*t> tm * fine 1925 OV&WL&Xm € ftEDAtr ^^^ Studebaker TourJnff, Nash Sedan, 1925 Studebaker Bru 1927 Overland 6 Touring — alt r*coadieion *nd % A-l p. F«rd» from $$0 to $100/ x Look ttWM ov«r b«for« buying &ny ; Uted car.. ' > „ i -TERMS ARRANGED TO SUIT THE PURCHASER TWIN PINtS AYRSHIRE FARMS l» Wan aperies over *JW *»pt» in mum JPWH* t*gm to thank alncerely the many resldenta of the milk * *rfi4*« speaks i!rt» tor th* qn*W?r <«« ^H mwiy of them are fa continue iU me regularHy in tlw4r If you have not alrcedy done .o, w» wwdd like t« h»T» of our milk and we u 111 be g Ia4 to leave a bottle or mm at j^i sells f^r Ifte per ^ttw*,, ! This milk 1» delivered by u* ab»olot«ly pare uul a'^W d«e *f W 6n*^>*# ww^e«k twn fwawW W , w^ with w»rm water berom milking. AU milking, bottlliq;. modera, thoroughly. Bterilltwl machine.. AtnoHM*«tt with %mm hand* or stable »ir. The milk i. rwy Hot. » «*l »* «# wWSe last year it w«» 4f $. *«» ^r 1F»* »t«t» t*&*m*>* * H «»« Jfttw aad cleaa-*of that ykk *n*y feel •ur« t ^ Telephone S6-Y-1S, Champlaln, drop u« * p«t caxd, « a*k war «rtvt»f *• ftt&jtytife \ * <

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