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The North countryman. (Rouses Point, N.Y.) 1928-current, May 24, 1928, Image 6

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, May 24,' •i|v J NORTH OBUtmtoAAN l.i ,V>' \ wefi&iy by, the Northern Ctmp any at 'Rouses Point, Entered at the post office at houses M.. - '5£,, as second class mail RATES One Vfeqr .,„«.,.'.,..„>,.... $2.00 $m Mentiii »„ 1.00 Three Months 1 .,.,•;»....„,• .75 Thursday, May 24, 1328, ?AK£S> 1 waste-no thottgittoft my neighbors >g thing; Wfoal. woadcr- fat cfi«st derelopm'eijt that 'hattis-onae gineer fas!\ .- Flat-foof Escort: 'tfiiat•>*«'! .chest In Wadfiinglon, Jf, Y.» on the banks of the St. Lawrence river, a very remarkable- old aian lias come back to th« town <ii his birth to spend the-few. remaining 1 years of life |tfe» He Is James Riealton, whu, at the age of forty, when jm>s*t men have settled dawn t» & steady existence, forsook a school professorship in Maplewood, N. Jf., to travel the earth in search of ad- venture* Nearly fifty years ago Riealton traveled «n foot through' the virgin forest more thao six hundred r Miles from Archangle, ori-the \¥hii£e Sea, to St. Petersburg, Russia, and on to Hel- singfors, Finland, and was the first foreigner ever to go s through the White Forest of. Northern Russia. Shortly afterward, and in the employ . of Thomas A, Edison, who was then looking for a suitable filament for the electric light on which fie was work- ing 1 , JRicalion went to Japan, Formosa, the Philippines, IndrFtiisbttia, Stant, Sumatra, Borneo, th* Straits Settle- ments and intc* the wastes of tniddje . Brazil lit search «f a vegetable fibre (mm a particularly rare kind $£• bat» IKJO that Edison believed was all that was needed to perfect MB invention* •Jn'^he almost fnpetietratt© Jungles near Para, W&zih ht fmini it* and it 'DEB this fibre which first. $ttceessfttllyi bore tl«jincamdescent-ll!ii®iitaiot, -a«i4i • for the first «igJhteea months of tiht Itlstery 1 of the tleetric %ht tMs fjaaa- hpm fkimmt was «sed In, all electric. |ig1it&, later Edfeon tjwent^d the mo-' taJ filawtpnt ©f ^% S| ^--' M®$fe® traveled. %,.#»: tomers>f tfee earHi mm*-: <$$£% a deuWcs lens ottsiaRi \$&h; fee topk TICWS ' 0I 'the %&&n$£ ' it. jfe^sali\ \iliat ie-'ias\* i Mtuself on the Ibacfe, * * * * The eats seem to bo enjoying the right .of way on the main lines now that the dqj9 have been sidetracked. * * # * \You may make slighting retnm-fcs afeont ajBtan's personal appeprance, and he will laugh, at you/*-says old Fuller Hope, \and you can criticfee hfe moral habits and sneer at his family without Starting anything; but you tire prepared to,fight it out t« a bloody finish, never question the hon- esty of his speedometer.\ * * * 3*' Miss Cleo Jones bought a second hand car last week, it looks pretty good, too, sjivt} for a dent in the fen- der, Oeo wouldn't let them take the dent out, though, she thinks it gives her such a reckless air, •**.** Tht world is not only waiting: for the sunrise, but it would extend an appreciative welcome to a couple of rrther things—such as a sugar coated quinine tablet or a rubber button, the latter firm enough for practical use' but sufficiently limber to pass the wringer unscathed. * * * * Red; What has come over yo«» Green? You don't took as welt dressed as you used toy\\ Green: That's fa«nyj they're the same clothes, PRESS COMMENT The Decline of Drinking tr* the fact that the fibwlnion Government coirectef over $15*000,000: as d«ty oft alcoholic beverages last yftar, tlsere H a'general impression that Canadians ar* itea^y drli|ker&» md In-' stisad Jif\ Wstting fetter, \are 0 getting' ^p«K\ r It\ls of 'interest, for that; r&n- so»» to nul& that iii reply to a q last weefe t&s tnfofntation was f^TO. •-••.• Or the way he'asafees life .prayer,,. I grant him a white mail's-\ room.on If his gatne is «>nly sg«are. te plays It strMgftt til mate; • • . • .. If he cheats,, f U drop Mm flat. Old class aad rank are a wornkout He, For ail dean men are as good as 1,^ And a lang is only that * I ' —Badger Clark's \The Westerner.\ , \ ; * * # * An astronmer claims that there are a thousand million stars in tht; heavens, jack Sharkey says that he- Imows them &il personaMy. * * * * I used to be superstitious. When I spilled salt (and I was 'always spilling salt) I threw a pinch of it over ray right shoulder. I never killed a spider, walked under a ladder, or looked at the moon over the wrong shoulder. Arid then one day I went crazy, It was Friday, the 13th, and the thought suddenly occurred to me: \Suppose there really isn't anything in this su- perstition business? Whafs the f acting like a witch-ridden peasant of the Middle Ages? Why believe in devils and bogy men? T'm through with it!\ Immediately nty age old inhibitions and reptesslons dropped away from me, and I breathed the air of a new freedfont. Getting out ori tfie wrong side of the bed, t Broke my shaving/ mirror* fell down stairsy aftd sat down to breakfast wfth my twelve Brothers and sjfsters, taking care to spill salt liberally all over them. Then I started otc a mad! carnival of superstition breaking,. Before the day was done I had snatteretE and defied every single convention of safety that themlnd : of man, 'fix its ignorant fear, had' forma- But now- 1 ftegin to see that tB^re is someififeg- nr ft after all. Ill never the same- fdol!%aitt) I'm cured. Why, one of the tiSfegs 1 did that day tvasito GET BIAJKRIEa tiroes He was. a big gsiiBfc 'hwttttev'\4| years %%.,wftiii f-oM,. !»«• %¥al|ed;' 'Irosai ( 'IDW.. ^Ifii 1 «aifes» ii»<$ ^Mpjpied 1 tlsfe, sfcin.$ 6f fow lions •he had s&ie^^s.tlie way- -on eartb, Mcalton' iliat tilie mft^tic St-IjflWnn -liianfes ^ wbicfe. fee played as\» ,. la. tbc? most beautiful riser in the; that. tilted U. 190 o«r g .of di : s- g ^ to ,0 'tlias. similar inigorts in 1037 l to' 1£$3£§4' plfons. tite on the imports of fe .vi»r.those «t last year* ih and % Wf ilir 'fcstf.lift or It \-Is . . *' — judge, I*, fl* •?\ • * , «stal considerably harder tlten cltilled; steej lsa$ been mye'nted and :*'I,ojid«tt %aaon M says t&at it's even Inarder fen ^e tins in wlueh picnic rare packe^ vtfteh the can fets.&GW* Jefl at honisu : Tfeere fe a wSege. in. ...jr.teaililogpa*f0ts. to .talk. Ifrfeloijtr- ;ot«M$; t!$aft ik® retired top sergeant tfo rfiit M&i&, l<t fu *%+,**<* 1 Mr 7^&mn^ r -%t business, %vha dttofe> even and the : praof Canada 'does.nist ^jil&soa&ed/' wftidi to/a often'fa ap* ••plied eiither by -im&igmm «r 1>^ som« df-our o$yn : .people,—Hw»liiig4oiJj Qa®* •Gleaner, ,. % „, * . \ are especially attract!** • fiats.'a^ gmtf Imtsp ttatf Its smppty ceased the Collector! \Madame I've htm in «trtwsbed to rats^ yoar rent.\' *& 4t Qh, %ve y^r! Then that's %tt me M mm km dor ' < . S/H. D. '\ - \ W^ge Fd$en and Passes His on Incicfents in the ••\ ; ; ,: Country';. Why is it that.ivhen soraethingj vttong With you radio, and a L. Conies to. fix it, he sees so many M parts or accessories that should btj ded td it, when as a matteV of fad is only slightly 011^of adjjjjbtniertj easily remedied. / Judging from tKe holes on , :,••'and. eJtcellent game of be played. Street, could Health hint: If sun baths are be most of our girls in Rouses should pass the test with a rating j about 300 per cent. You have heard some people what they would do if arrested, were called to testify on ^ a stand. Well, I have seen thoas persons in court with a mouth tight that kerosene v could not'.f trate between their lips. It difference where you sit howttej ture looks. It's a mystery to ate how; along as well as they did in yeaitj by before beauty parlors became*! ed asset in the commtinity.. I cannot understand the idea of yonn^ gtrfs bnyitig expensive and wearing them wrapped around them when a blanket, would serve tike same purpose, purchased °for abottt $3.50 or Perhaps I do not know it aB. The. yellow baafe with black bearing road nwabersr of rootes beew repRint«d: and are the season's greetings. Opposite the Indian Me Shop 6n State Street a robta suspended from a string whkft ft evidently intended 1 using in l **^ its summer Rome. Th« bird edly distd from exltetastion tion. \ I surely appreciate the action by our healtnVrlicer *nd the B Trustees, in tbkrabite matter,* of wJiich has developed in Promptness on their part has. prevented! the spreack of the g; the short time that I been In town, I have visi o£\tfi* baslnesa • places f » ^fid that the stodes offered by local patronage of in Rottscs «fM ovferhaulittg was con ^ftpfeiltttto.the th^usr ^lean-Up, V» slogan' Bidding 1 you farewell week, I am, ;.,. ' Yours lot •,,M

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