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American journal. (Ithaca, N.Y.) 1817-1823, September 20, 1820, Image 1

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*r if. >. ■ t - c '- 'i ; ' ' -■■j.- ^yB3si«EJD„0^ WEDNESDAYS.] ~ ~_ ’j v ^ 1 'ro*Dfi‘» ~ bot Jo t R vth , to iinE n x f i^ 3 5 ~ = 'S o FW W fewsyrns, ahs nfe veu * sitaix aw *. j, J , \I . - L « I , . ^ J 1 . T , - ! , - , . -J , I I I ' » ij > \ 1 \ \ii r . ' 1 V ' 11 j 4 L - “ r , ™ \ \ ' :' - ' - \ ■ . l y «■■■■; * \ I. ^ u L . n . r - ' - I \ , 4 t w tMACK & SEAjb’NOv V O L I V N o . 6 . ] i t e m % c m m r a v t o M v m m & r . . . . . s E p rm m a R 2 0 , 1 8 2 0 . r w w o t E W o . 10 2 . ■' * ** * . ' .U . p , ‘ . ^ ! I . . ( f, ! , ^ X *. ■- WWWWM..I MM» - ^ , -' vy r- sg — -J-r>—-—-, f—..I, ,,4 1 . I ■r..r-*., -*...^ I~. .... w ;, 'yTTTHFREAS dSsfaiff* Shyr been «Mq , *n Ahf v - t ,payment of a c?|tuin sufm ofmoney, seemed by m u r a g e bearing d©to January 9th, 1^181> executei by Joseph Crawford, aad Rebaoca, bis wife, ofthe town of Hector, comity of Tompkins an,d plate 0 l New-York, to jpinnehas Collyer, ql the spmeplaco, o I all tin t..eei tam pm*. of H<*t 00 . 50, in tjie township of ' Hectoiafureaoid, ffQijndedosfotlovCB, tpAvit: begin- nui'i4t the <101 tl) fia>i corner o f u 4‘Tract qf ijuid spit |, to A-Ioxapdei M’Croery, by John Hi oath, punning , thenco south 80 chains and 66 links, to a small black oak stamp; theme west 3 qhiMos and 50 links to stake, thence souths 5 chains ond 54 links,to U stake Itieiica west 2& chauis and {2 links to a stake * ibencfe : north 14 chains to a white oak ( tie e j thorite ■ east to the place o f beginning—containing 57 acresr Notice, is therefore hciqby given, that by virtue o t r power contained ia the soul mortgage, end in pursu nace of th e statute in such cese made find provided ibe s u i rpqrtgagtil zeroises will be told at public vendee, a t the house of Jonathan P latt, J r . in the vii lage of Owego, urn! Brocwe county; on the firstMOn day in December next, t o’clock P . 31. of tbgt dpy.-— Dated May 26,4620. J FHJSEHASCUB1YER, H . A .'L ei . and . Att’j. * * nl46 L~ • i - i\ - ■ i— a u w t m j •''*--ifr i -- r - ' T ,* /'*~ *' I\'-'\ \'\ I '' m i — mi t W P l & Y To village subscribers, and those who re­ vive their paper by pqst-rid£rs $2 00 p e r an- .nflT.Havable ouarferlj; or $ 2 25, if not paid llitheen^of the year. ft, -To.those who recei ve theiif papers ’at the *f&ce,$l 50, quarterly, o r $ 2 X 10 if not paid till the end ofthe year. j[f Mail subscribers, $2 0 0 payable in ad­ vance. - ; •• |Y All arrearages roust he paid,; Before a pa- ivrisdfsconunued. - > . < . pRO£>UOL, of all kindsf take© on regular piytnentSj, the prices the merchants allow in poos ^ s i: •>J\ \ -V,' ABYERTISEUMEiN \t'$ iaserted at the rate ♦tone dollar persiquarQ for three insmiims, and j5 cciifefor eachjohRfiuance. .LegaladYewi«e^ jeatsjrow a ■.df^hdet ?;1 tjsdk'B© accompatiied by ]^ 0 ^ prretereaee given to 9 kpown and rre- fcsibleageat here.v^ - * No advettisemeat .discontinued without orders, . wsetddnetifr - v \ ♦#* Cemiduni^tion? to^the 'publishers, must 'fOftrpM - ‘ \ \ ' books , p a m p h l e t s , b l a n k s , CAROS, BAND-BILLS, &c. Pnxsut'li tiMt :ifc/bfa$8iAfixp3rt<%f and. ■*r ^ . LFAULT having festal xttae^ in Abe puy- • aientof 'd certain sa'm Qi'.mouey, secured be paid b y Ttf ikiieabJrjPiMt . ehteeMhuiidred nelps,andLtj-: his wife, and Edward tJnvison, o f the town of , in the bounty of Cayuga, and stnte of H i John@tp;mf.thet ^ riu V ‘ to h is iieirs andhisigos, upon a l l tliat in die then town .ofRenoa, (now Lansing,) in then Coitnty o f Cayuga,' (Tqtv \ Tonapkins) state of New-York^ known and distiuguisb is teufgpartflf !o| nr>. 6.3, in the town a(Qre* ‘-and hbuu<|ed us-ibtloW?, Yiza beginning at iakeforty-st yenrocls edst o f the north-tvest . — . . . a o f said lot, m . 65, and 'running, theoce I be paid by a mortgage, dated the tweatieth day ninetydiree rods.and-tiveaty li*% \to (be of.February, one - thousand eight hundred arid ■Mleof the highway jtfeence south. 3 degr.ee s I. eighteen* Executed by LytnatiBmdle^ and H air dpriy.rods alOagtBejuiddlu df the highway; south 7 degrees easftvvepty-five rod^j sotftiv 2 S degreeeast fiftcuji today thcace ttxey degrees east,forty*it»ur rods fo a beach „ •AenCcsauth sixty two degrees . west, eight j thence south forty-seven degrees west thir- ^en. rods and fourteen Jinks] fker.ee south rods : tliencesouthfifty-three degrees west _ -four rods; thence stjulh lor(y-one: degrees, ttenty-tbuf.rods 5 thence south sc vettty-ftro , v Urmt ten rods ; thence South twenty-three { ley’s—Notice is, t&efcfore hereby given, th a t. by ' Kyivtaeof'apnwercdnsanieA itretfie saad morre gage; and. in pntsqance of the. sfatnte. ia such ~ irid iirnvif * k * - I, ipvD F A U L T having lioen nlade in tho payrneBi a [. JL ^ a certain sub * of^noney secutei. to bp paid by inur.Cgage hearing ilute the- eleventh day. of May, .(igbteen hondretl aad eighteen, pxecpted by. Mop ean- Owen, in tlie town of I hyeses and county 0 Ipinjiitlns, do Joun .• ihe«atne.pli}iiB, qf al, that jeertwin lo^ pftrt of4 yprcet of ladd,tiiuate;lyhig & h.cias in tbe militsr^tract pf (h^gtatq of Notv;Yotk,& iiiEty he more pqrticnlaAy rie5cr»bed^s)jeing tfi)art.of, lot tralnitenr^ffbirreibiisitc.dh' the-wlllt«!H^B>Wi» pfUIyfi- ■*ps anil boiintledns follows, via.; beginning at the nfirth-caMt comei' Of ttnj atnte’s hundred acre1* so call­ ed ; thence north twenty-nlpc chaiflB and fiftyhoks, to ihe deep h6liuiv&Mek fheAfin by the\ channel 0 ‘ paiit.cieek We«erly* to,tliottorsh?east Corntr of lant owned by tieorge f*napp; thenqe.80uth4ftychain8.ant sixteen tinks, to titer ndrfh lln^ofthq crec aforesaid; ibqii<?e e^qhicqyIop& chouw hvo links- to tfccplaca oF;.,besioht*ig i cop tain big' ono. JMipd rci and tiyeoty-fourj sores and one rood .'of laiid—Nptice h- tberefote hefeby .ffwenTha^h? virpia of at poWqr conlOineit ip saiiimoVtgagef .ahd h puFiuapew.w tli# jtatuto in siich casu niailBapdproviilei), tho futdmort- gased premiaes witl ba, sold at- public vedilue at. the public hptj?a kpqwD hy; the paine Of ihhTBoiet itf the -..l+?rt,rnftf .Ti.tinrei «*1 tljpi ntnyl*, pf TlysSCB, OI) the 28d day o f Deceliibeiniexqit teii Qrcloek HTtfra fore-t iiqoil o ftbptday; Slatted May $3tbT t6?0-.• - . v • * JOHN JKORf^. • A %' JQUweohvTAtl’yi' 'jftS-, ! Tompkins, and state. of New'-York, toBeura- mtti Birch, o f tho srtmeplac'e, of all that certain piece or parcel of l 3 mf, beitig sixty acres o f land on lot number ode^m said fori’p Of Ulysses, coun­ ty and state Aforesaid, hunuded as fqHoVs ? < sji the nonh by Johra Porter’s land, on the .east by John Vran Camp&nV land, on the south by .the road which rpus byNathan Bradley and On the vest by the read which runs' b y LJnaan Brad west' tterity-six rods': thence s'outh yftvedegrees, tvest tell rods ; thence .west i rodsjthence south torty-fotitd^gretes, tvfst »-six rods 5 -thence nortli one hundred and j eight rods to the place qfheginnlftg, cqn- f 5«ghty-iobr acresof laad-^Attd thesaid'iq-- -NritJee Is therefore hereby given, {hat ; puwuanceof thastabiteuiiM c k cas^teS provifJed-,4he above-dcscrlbpd preiniseswiB aLffibKa4e.adueM th e House o f j . Swan, pcnii Aaiora, iii tlie county- 01 Gayuga I Case made arid provided, th e above . mortgaged premises tviilbe sold a t jittbl|c , veutlairi' a t th e Noted in t h e village d fItbaaEt, qon}ity o f .Tomp* Ifins^cin W e ttnesday t h e s ixth d a y of H e cem b ei u&xtj St teri o^eldfek Itt th e foT^ripotf p f that d a y / DateO«ne-5thj2.820; • . j BSNLAMINBIRCH- •r next, at. , hy. ' Dated Juue lOtli, 1B20# GLEA CIJYLSB. B.t.CpYtsn,■Iiis-Att’y. ■ •;• . ■EFAHL t ,fcrai<tetg been made mrint pf mflpey, to bfepaid by a-ipprtgage, dated the ninth day1 otv May, eighteen Mqdr^diantl sevanteea; egk$ti£e4 hy-Afche^Greeby-rifAheitown-of-THys^ [ T o r i^ Ghariiplip, Of ' the same place, o f all that certairi lot o f grountl, situatein the towa ofTJlysseSjrind distinguished as lot tnifflberfBifty-feui> ofthe vij)ageofJtha.ea, te by pald by 'a m o rtgage, executed by J and qn t h e west by lot number thirfy-sK ^ faeing six feet, e x c e p ting tHerefronii eighty teet ia length from off d ie horth ebd of s l i d piece ot land here dghttieri hipidfed and^eigbleeb, to ed, of the sanie ,p]a^e,.-. df ail that certain «^r^'biflaiH4Tj»hi-^ridl.^»ght1fse town I toforesoldby juiaesStoUttoThouiasHowntPg, Miugj’couniy of Totripkins: aforesaid, and [ and whereris 'tbesaid mortgage has been duly n ^ p rt'qflbtTrip 58, jri the town ot 6e- assigned hLfsaaiHSJHprie, of the city o f New WJHjtoat#, sdb^aid,;a|B«J4»don^d nsfol- YorK-^N^ieeir^iir^firie fTerebvgrve^p-TlraT by virtue of.ja pdwef dhnTuned m said mortgage and ift pursuhdee of the.staipte jri'!sucB.cri$e; made and provided,, the said mortgaged premis­ es will'be ^M at^ublip vendue, 4t;th0 public bousri, knotvri^y nje mdirie o f the Hotel, in the ;,at a stake standing on. Ibe south * ftad panffinig'^styqh*^ peid«s_ 4*Bilks, sc^liHre^ corner ©f kt* •arid., rtunaing'thence east Tixtycthreb risil sixJinfcs i.tlieiiGe. hortli One hum-, andi\vtot-ysix peichesand twelve links; west sixty thi ee perches and six links;* stHitli one hundred and twenty six peich- i*weKe Inks, to the ,pk ce of begiiuiing,' Imng g a y acres of land, ancT also anotjrei ipieee, or pat cel of land, being a p nt ©f ^ ho, 5,S5 m tue said town pf Lansing,and d as fotlotfs: beginning a t the south-wesf^ of Daniel Bacon’s land, umning thence 9lxtyth.pe 1 ods, ot tojhe nprtk.west_covner am Bower’s land, on Spid lot; thence east nortli line of said Rower’s land so far psfo ,Qb%acreii; thence noith to the^ south <lU5anid-BacoH,-& 1 m d , Tfit hce~west dnsaid' tt*9oiith line to the pjace o f beginning; con* I fifty Ocies of hnfl. l> J® *h\efon nottte-ts herebfr-gtsm? that j 16 f|i a power contained in said mortgage, * Pursuance of the statute in such case made Provided, the above desci ibe.d_morigageti ,^es RHi be sold at public vendue o n the vOfJanuaiy eighteen hundred and twtn- 10 o’clock in tlie forenoon a t th© house / % Innkeeper m the village ©f Ludlow;: Dated June AJiCAlT - HALSTETh ^ MllMl^.ccpe|, m tria v ttfoX TowaofLansing 1820. - M ira ®0«6R, Att’y village o f Ithaca, and town of tfljsses, on the 20tli day ofJanustvy lieiit, at ten o’clock in the forenoon of that day. Dated July 17, 1820 IS A A C S H O N E . A . S.. J ohnson , A tty . ^ ■ 153 IiY v iitu t ot hevctdi exeenuons to me tlthvm e d , a^airesl ftie teal and personal pfojjuty o f J^san Ellrss I slmllnxpose for all his rigltl aiMl title to lot ntK i 8 , in the town of D ryden, oh <Le27fh tloy of Septem ber neNt, at one o’clock P . AT. AtTF. G rant’s eofite Iroase. in the vrilageof ifta r i h t D a t e d Aagust Sth. 1820. . •* N icH L L H a l s e y , s u t . til Bv S. Cli VHY. Dep’t Sli’ff. r \ Ji r T^jTSFAUliT baviog bqeu made io trie paymenthf JL / a ceitaip ausn pf money, secured to be paid by a mortgage datety the tbirty-fi^fet day q f M atch, in« the y ear eighteen hnadrt6 and nineteen, extcuted by JEliaa Teeter, of Ulysses, in tbe county1 of Toirpkine, T<j Beqjamm Drake, ©f the same glace, o f a ll therccr- tiin^piece o r parcel o f iandttb6‘n^ l)art °f lot nitm*’- bci* thirty-three/ in 'th e town of Tfysses aforesaiil, beginning a t the 'sbirttr-West career o f w*id piece of> lan 1 hereafter described, in tbe-centre o f the old road leading front Ithaca to Mack’s settlement; theme east o n the line of Stephen Raymond1* tenee, to the’ Cayuga Bake, sixty-eight chains; thence jnortht six­ teen degrees west, n intteeti chains, to lot num*- ber tbirty-tvvo; tirence west; along ibe hue of ~sahf lot,six5y-eight chains, fit the centre o f saitl road, thence^outfa sixteen degrees ea^t, nineteen chains, to the place p f beginning; containing in the ivbolfe, one hundred and twenty-nine acres and thirty-two perch- es of land, fnore or less, excepting Apd reserving thereout about twenty-five acye qf land off of the aortn end o f the aboVe described piece qf land, deeded to John Kirk, On the twotieth day o f May, 1816— No-, ticeis therefore heieby given, that by virtue of eP power contained in {aid mprtgagfe, atad in pursuance of the statute in such case msede andVproyided, the* said mortgaged premies Will be sold a t public repdqe,1 at the Hotel, Tn ttya vs}l»#H>f Ithaca, town ot Ulys Sjes, om the twenty-eighth day of November next at eleven o’clock in thd forenoon of dm t day, Dated'’ Mav 22d, 1320 BENJAMIN DKAEU. 1 A S, JobVson, Att’y v , TAEFAULT having been made in tbe payment of. J_/ \ a,Certain sum of money, secured to be paid hy a/ mortgage bearing dute the 24 h day of Seplfmber, iftltf iijppff« liv ITiiililfA. hf tlm iftiwr'flPGi'ft*, town, of and said rpOrtgagC bein;” NqrisdhthqthfQfq^. p , . powp'fSii ea»d mortgage contaiBed, and in pursuance of tfccjStatute.iri sq'eb* case made and provided, the , ^ -x 1 mt>rtaageil. being sixty acFes-qf land/ ritriot ,heihgparfqGqt riuniber nuveiv-eigiit,1i5 tb f tov.'B df jOisiioB tkridqoaiity' of Tqinpkiasi, referance Ur Md nibrigngte or the^gistiy thetenf ad t» .'thtebpuh*' darics wiU more felly appear, Will' be'sold at1 pHblim vendue on the ltthday o f November next, at ten o’­ clock in the fqranopa; s f the house of Amapa Cobb, t . A T a i n v f ' - Y o i « * « V iff- \r - -.* ^ . - ; . J. ••--.-'■.•-'i. - r , v i e * ''- . t f ’ . - 'o . . -t .' •*\... .. TYEFAUL'T-Jiavfeg-beep B?afle J n tbe~pa.ymexi.tqf X J a crii tain nuna-qf' money reewrmJ to ha paid b y « mortgage dated the tvvehty-jlxtb day o f AugiJ^, m the year one thousand eight liimdred pod sixteen 0 ,$.* ecuted by/Agneift J h /.th n , oi .IUy^ef‘vJiI the (tlien) tounty jbffieoecs, nowcofiijty qf ToinpkJjas, to ; Williams, ol the same pt^Ce, of, all timt certain , J mce dr parcel ol land, situate iyiugnnd beiogs part oN’ t numh%t twenty two, in “fee ftnvu o f Ufs s»cs aforesaid, qud hsmuied as follmys s beginning at the ’ south-west cprntr oj said, lot mad ,r«n<t thence r©rfe ' seven cbains.and sixty-seVen linns ; ibenrp CH*t f*Jur, tneti chains and 'foi ty-one t|nk« -, thence* taulb seven ' cfialria flmf sixty‘9even Uui.4 ; tb< nee west fj hrteeq ; chains and forfy-qiie jink/t, to timpfeee o i ht^riiinihg-i Containing eUyea qcrea spil qrgbt rods o f land, l e the 6»me morp o r less—* Awl jVheuas tho said mortg iga . h?s been duly assigned (q VVilliatu Stmr, «f tip) tpw(n of Cayuts, in the ctunfy of Iiogi^N o p c e is therefore hereby given, ibat.hy virtue of a power Contair)ed in said mortgage, nod in pur-suat-ce of thd statute in ejmh' cpsa made and provided, the said mortgagedpremi-es pit} be sold at public i«Mirea* the public house known by tfae, name o f the Hotel m fba village of Ithaca tan p oi Ulysses, a n fete isvenfeeuth day of Ncvem'bei- next, *t flevpn o ’clock in the tore- nop^. Ua|ei| 3 fey 15lb, 1820, W IHJAM $TAKH. . certain sum of, piMS) * secured Htbe punt by an m'dpHtfe» of fttBrtgage execu’ted hy ^ ib tr t Hutcfe *. kiis,oMbe’tinvii o f Hcct(.r,counre of TompJtln* and;' Stai^ qf SewiYkk^tQ. Jofn \L and Sally B, JBa-t*!' M f t ’. fc?«‘ o f ,iUvidrirerinty of bcnerii, anil' “statd,afote.sub|,d*Tbd 4b0 fourth Itayr.qf ''“\A*u“....... ***-•-* . . -< - ................. thaV' eg i/tid; ;iownaiid' , . ■ », - - - -!•- -j- ..-te-vast 'sidte \ BUbdivifcion number: three, otUot'fluibiidr furtV-fonr in - eaid toWn, and bounded ps tojjow1! *- bf-gtmitug nt the - l-nbdivfefaii ; running , . , oe 01 faj.J L -i7jgljty. ■' rods; tbfiiita noi^nn^ hferidrea ted *ijt% rads, {S-.thi north ;!fte,of said awbiQvlsioBj tiieuceoasraigbty roJ$ J ohksok &Jte«i>Bit*s\ Attorhevs, 1J.1\ 1 *(-l I'py-.i.\ I. ji --■g-a'.-i— I b t V A V I d |uvu>g beep made lo tb e i nysii * a JL /. certi ~ to the ribrth-eatt carder Of ypid itifilivi-i -n tbenco sdutij\ to trie -pLce of bcglnnltg i cohniioitig \ eighty acres offend—Notice is Jmrehy^ivi-n* ilna by ^ p certaiii fire of Bttritey,.) kecrired by *t-mqrtgngc axtcuted by Alnxon' WAcniaii, of the town of Covert and enpftty ofSeiicCa and State ot NoWrY«rh, bearing » \ * V ' w v in Oqid, bii Timrsday , tho; 46fff dsyr jqf H w m h & f . next,-at ten o'clock jn the forehedit of saidilay; Da. t e d , M Uy . x i . m , • , , * . r 1 ■■ ■ • ■»J|A• ’ JOBN L ^ g A J J A R..E w - \\<\ N. ' ' qyv ohd jstateafcifediid, of.’fnll Gas qertnln/piece qiTaiftf being part o n n t nireber nine in the town of Hector, in tbe county of Tompkins, nmt is bounded as follows : ttw _ cured to bjjr r F*'d fl»’-»rtgMabearii}g.date -tfee' day M June, e.igh*erefeuridrjcd -and elgh<f(PQiat ekteCip. (ed hy GershiiiBBanfordf of Caroiiae»;iu ’tfif; county qf Tiogfe/to tlreirnbscriher. on .sit ttiM,Ccrfein troct or pareelofland, dtuatq tyiftir a n d b r in g in ' the fOuoty. ofTonijikins roiI ofete.ofSew-Y(irht Miil is knhwT , Xttd4ifilif|tiishhil 6 yfeelng.tfao rtato h«ndrted acres, 80 called,iu tlje soafe-edst cbriier o l IA « q m U « « n ty three, in the tmvnshlp o f Drydec, i n ft i qimre fetni 5 Notice is thertefure hcrohj given, that b y \U too o f h power contained in said mortgage, tmdW pumn-xco of thy stot«te|Di<ach case ^madV and pryvitfcil,- the .Md feortgagsil premised wljl he sold .a^p fehq Vfinduoi ai the fioure of Jnhitfewnn^ ImJieepciy io fee vhiogo ■. of Anfeca, g «4 fevrq o f Hcitdo, ©ml qoiinty o f Cay q* ga, o n tho e tfivm h day o f Nqvemher rfext, a t ith o^* \• clock in fee fa retiodit qf shid dny* pnrsiittWt to. the act In stfeh Cose diatlc ©ml prqvlilwt, DatcVI Sfnv ' G20>-- ;... ;'.-.FufeAlg:Afe- WBBNBAftl.T , of mvrlgtige Bb’A UfeTlmvmg hfcen'made iji the paymeot of, | executed by- JwhcS Il- Johnson, of the then -tow n iqf, JL / n certaiDfiun o f mimey, lecuted fe be paid ,!gf J Oterion, lit thb. qdtsntyof faywga, now twvn of tew* amoricsae executed bvAndrew CqOger. o f the totvn i sing nod county o f Tompkins bearing \iUte tlichf-. - \ * » - * . * dnfe 'l-'teeifih f e ^ oM ipriL ei^iirett. tato40i'ff as\* ‘ ' {a Elijah M ilier. q f a h featqerfain^pk^e of’taad,iying,fethM nw n o f Genoa fe salit dfeatyi- ^ o i f apj^jTShtylifTtmipki3’3 ^ ? ^ i r ^ d / Begiohingat e sfeka a t- tho corner rif lots, iintnbei*: ninety five a n j oihety-^ix, G said’ toivp of,-Covert* red running oast sixty two rofl«> t e .the north-east corner of eaid lot nansher nirte j then sontb -eighty- bine rads end re htdf; then West eleven r«.ds *bd ten finks ; tbence north ’ th ir ty degree! west, to- the place of beginning; containing twenty mjrex, two roods rind two rotfs o f whereas tho safe mortgage Imp bre/i duly q3?ignod toN a tlian tVakeman, Senior-^ Notice is therefore hereby giyeh/tfcftt by virtue of* * pdricr contained in ibid mortgage G© jmid mftrlgagfif 8an.40 H. D , B a r w , A tt’y . rods and foar, tenths % thene'eiqbuthi.qnie • huridreff-nnd twen*y-^’X and a, halfijflrenqrvtveit. *ixty+tltrfie -tods aadioor trethsy thencB nqrth one huMrCd and twenfy-?iX rods and a half, to the place • of;feeg«min|*' contaiuidg fifty acres arid twenty- sqnara. Mls d l^nd: Mow. therqfore, notice.fe betehy given, that.by ^vir- distiuguishted byjbaji’ik p a r tq f lot rintnl*qf-/eix(y-hvh' in the townJife.of^iUlQB,intlfs hduHdftf HsT«>tl6iiss beglnrifiijj on t i e north-\Tine of said lot, 'furtj-ni ' r rods from the. nortlHvcsf corner of said {ot, running ther.ee east onn hondrcd arid forty feds; tfefeciroitiii. tue e f a power,contained Iri ssdd .. pbrsiiaace o f {ho statoto irisiich case r : 11 . .^ jxinatlkaiT' triAtelriu ©D, feqrtgsgi ase.madc :e. mtO in and pro as fhq Hpe »vf;said Z:tbrisky?« laud, tO a p o ist t h a t stddihafei^y-aiji© rods -from the.s!ret Unteof said To t. thence ‘qorlh. oi(e hlfedred ©ml eighty-seven ritls, ta tho place of hlginnhjji.; qoutMMng r e e Jhrefered ^and '• fTtefee§r w lff-l G ree ©cfes.fiiiri ^ larier a a j four tods o f fettfi-yNQw B Y virtue o f in execution, I shall e x ­ pose io sate tlfe jietsenal ptopcriy oi W illiatp Gi andine, and a lso hm r ig h t aad title to lot no. 1 , H e c tor, on the fiUli day of Octodrir next, at ten a cloek in the fore­ noon, on th e premises D a ted A u g u st N. HALSEY, 8 ^ . BY JP. U A B E l t ^ d , U n d e r Sh’ff. hnrsold*flt pribtis.vrmdnR. on th© ©Wqatb fiav Of No- vemberoext at ten o’clock ii) tlm forenoon*, a t tbr- house now occupied by Ira J o y , Innkeeper, in the vlf IfiRoot hmllowville nqd toun ot Lansing Detod May m t 1520 JACOBS 1EETS » A M ilbvx , A tt’y \■ ____________ 45 T X E F A U L T hnvujgbc'ea made m the pay meat of a I * cterfam sum uf rnoneyserured to bepanl by indent ufe oi mortgage executed by James Bagley and Lydia hiswite then ofthe town Ot Cayuta count j of Tioga, Binh-KfetiMtf-New of H e c tor,jaunty; qfTompkio^anA state aforesaid to the late Jtared San I ford dec’J of the town of Ovid county of Sene ca and state aforesaid, benrirg datd the twenty sec­ ond day of December id the year ot our Xord one. thousand eiftht hundred and itifteert, oh ail tiibt cer­ tain piece of land being part o f L t 11 a twenty sitT, m the town of Hectoi, and part o * subilm-mu no two ot said lot, as the (.ftnje hu<i been sbrveyei end de scribed in the field book and maps filed m tbe olfice of > tho fescMrry of State, being fifty five rcres off n f the north side of said sBhdiyisnm— Notice i» therefore heieby given that by v iuueoi a power contained ih smd nioitgage.and in puisuanc* of the t W i x t e m such ense m ide and provided, the said mortgaged prdtoises will be sold at public vendue a t John Lngle*’ Inn, in the town 4 Ovid, county of ^eneca, on thh^tli dayof Marcli i e x t, nt tdn o’c! mk in the forenoon of that day Dated August 21th 18 }G TOHN l> EA'-TMA'N*tAi>tiH)iistrator nS 6ALLY R E \&1 M A N / Aifmnustiatnx BY vu tue ot a writ of fnuas, issu ed out o f tlio coutt oi tomindn pleas, held in and fop the count} ot tofrtpluns, ngftinst the eoodA and chattels, lands ami tent inents of Abraham Howzell, I bave taisen all his personal property anti all his Ught and titlMo ItLl drire9 of Jand on tot no. Si, m lhe totvn of Lansing, winch 1 shill sell at the house oi fra Joj* in Lnu- lovvville, on the ^Sth day o f Neptewber nest, at 1 o’elotk, P. M- lH h , 1 8 2 0 , N l c o l A j h a l s e y , Sffir. B j K. TO WJiLET, Dept’j bh% thereforo notice is hnrebv given, that b y Virtue «f a power c nt iqied in «aid mortgage, aud in pumtance of the* statute in such Ca?e nmue ami pmvidetl, ttiec- hove de«ciibci coorlgaged prCmireg Will he sold at public vendue on the seventh day o f December n ekt, : at ten o’clock in the forenoon, a t the hones now cccui pied by Ira J j y tjnnkeeppr, m the village of Ludl w» ville ©nd town of Laqsing. Dated June oth. tSt'O. E L IJA H AllLliJbK. ; A, Mh.i.t:w, Att’y. -* ■.■.'• jti.riiii).,.. i , \thqmasJEsaaaer hy ihe name Sad da T V aciiptfen o f Thom© Eortrter, of the town of Diydt-n c unty o f Cuyuga and state of ISew York, and \Peggy b,s wife, by aLertqui indenture h y svay of mortgage hewing d$fe the fifteenth fey of June i 816, for securing, the payment of 550 d iltflrs o f the money, ot account o t the Lnited State** With intteFert, in th© * mnnnei specified I n the condition o f a certain bind or i itfigaiwn bearing evrfn data thereivilb di,l grant bar­ gain, sell, alien release and cinlirm Unto- Thomas BuJgen, of the b ityqf Albnriy, and to hin feci tr and . ossigni, all th© e two certain pieces o f fend situate, lying Ipd bBing in the fewaditp iff Dryueo m fee ' (then) county of Cajuga afoFOtaid^ bemg kqovoa as [ art of»qta f‘t>- ^9, *in«l 30 in Dryilen aforesaid and being jD acres of fend off of the sduth feast comei of lot no 29 afoie aid und 50 icien o f (and off of the south-west conirr ol lot n > SOafarefeiJ, niakirig to. , getiler 109 acres o f fetid,’* u ife fee appeittuaiices—- A ad—wiifir«aiJhe_9ajtt inilentuie^ q_fiiqrtg^^Liif,iL. mortgaged prcn)ieesr and fee b md referred to m tbe said mortgage, have been <fely;*|Mt|''tki^xd^^i|d''i9; the subscriber. '(eBh)reL'tq'qlLqii^^^^^jBiripiii^;$f' ,-the said amrigoged preuusftw) .for a vafda|(l© qoifeMec ation*—• •' ' . - And whereas defreU J»»th hefep nijaife . me*’tofthe onibigf intenjh^ to mortgage according to the Condition thefe<riNdNriW f hwfefore painiffBJiLCtlirltarftlq^vt^i,,, Cue of a ]niWer of ©ale catitained in saitl «i(j|tgag^ th0 mortgage)! premises, with the aptierfeaaneeMlutesaicI, will be exposed to Me at public feWicfiqB; qr’ yebfetq, accui'dilig to the form ot fee sfefetH&Uch're*4 foejCte t imt provided, mi the ficst Monday in Alarch next, D a ted A u eust j at the hmr o f twelve o’clock a t noon on feat day, a t ' the Gapfeol m fee city of Aifenrty Dated this first davof August, 1820 /A I ' ' y s ANDREW TUNNINGHA4I. 8a*aac% > L ^ . J r ORIGINAL STAINED

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