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American journal. (Ithaca, N.Y.) 1817-1823, August 30, 1820, Image 1

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rv’ -»i\r-*iTi #’\■►■) ........... - }■*■■ J^SDo’n BUV TO T 9 Stfmp!?? *tr» tA'vT,’ -WOriAyon bwsvo T?gt A n y xso ff^n. auniz, awe, Y 0 lf* i...i'r '\~'\‘\\1 ■\—rrpni^r^-'r\;)'|,-ir ',''''i'T\'’i'’w'-~ * i\ ir\\ff-\j* ~ —*■ —- ~ ~ r- r-- i t .m a i , c o m r t f o v T O M P i a m , X r ^ j i v e v k F s o , i m . ' ^ .•■ > * :<■ ;,v. -. ;; ‘ ■z&.-u’ .;-' - : - n , '.'.■‘-•i- •»•>..•; v« • v ; ; ,, * w C t „ - > . r/.-- 1*. ; . . f > . v , ,J\ . ' y [by s e a ^ n g . ( v r t i o b B K « ; S 5 9 . t, To village <ubscrili 3 3 f 3 , and those who re- heir paper by, post-riders ij2 CO p„r an- t ayable quarterly 5 or ,<>2 25? if- not paid end of the year. . J . it. To thqee who receive their puparp at the •itMJj i?l <>0-, quarterly, or $ 2 00 if not paid till •> eodof theyeaiv fir, j\fcal «,ubscnbersJ'^ 2 00 pdyable iu ad- iV. Aft arrearages must be paid, before a pa* *tris^|scontraued. ; PRODUCE, o f ail kinds, . taken on regular 3 nts, at the prices the merchants allow in ADVERTISEMENTS inserted at the rate M lar per squaro for three insertions, and ^ epeb contmuane^,. jliegajadvertise- m from a distance, nst&t Be aaeaApafiied by jafid' re- ^dusibiiagenthere. A .- V ’; 1* •'■■*’.' . «da$Spptee#U '/■'• :J .•••' \Iv •\ - f,' E^ttftnuwcatioVmfe the publishers, m ust kpost-psalf.;,',,* \ . ' \ : f t . ■■ • V . : EUOES v 'T A M W E E T ^ BLANKS, - ' ' CAEDS a HAND-BILLS, $ c . . , ; •,; ■ ' ^ i c m M d v ^ i E m ^ m ^ A c e ^ a ^ u m * - Di&puich. 7 ■ -/ s secured paid By oft Ihdeature of rtortgkge, bear- ,***, aud teljM heirs and a$s%iis> vptk* all th$t a:ui;t p ieceajr p arcel pUawfi situate^lying & b a r i: ilaa county of Cayuga, (now Tompkins) ‘ Afe'afNew-Y'orti, knowit xrad distiagursfcp- taing part of i 6 t nd* 65, in the toiva aiore- iu4 .4 : <U.- **4-* m i hounded as follows, viz. : beginning at ’;a forty- 5 t.ven rods. east of tbe north-west Tof saldfot; no. 65, aud TTranins thence .mnoty-tlirce rods and twenty links, to the, - oftha highway 5 thence south s degree s ferty rods along the paiddle of tI)eh!gb\Vay 5 .’Soatii f degrees east twenty-five rods 3 1 m«i';e south 23 degree east fifteen .rote j thence ' sixty degrees east,foity-four rods tp a beaclt : i ikance suufb Msty-t\7o degrees*' west,-eighl theiicesouth forty-seven degrees v5est;thir-‘ jven rot|? and fourteen finks; thence south > * rads; thence south fifty-three, degrees' west •' f t-four rods; tliebce south forty-one degrees, i twenty-four rods y thence south: seventy-two .RCiC -,1 west ten rods 5 thonce south, tweaty-tlirea f.a , west twenty-six rods;- thence south; ; . vuty-five degrees,*\ 2 lest ten' tqds 5 thence West i-va rodsjtheace south.toriy-?ourdpgrsesJlwest ••rniy-six-rods?, theacc north one hundred and. *-U eight rods to the place b'fbeginndng, con- ' iij eighty-four acres of land—*A«d the said iu- uveof mortgage having been duty asaigued Gkn Cmfcii j&tqSot Sclplo. lhJfBe eountv d f ‘u)d7Hl' H E A S defviuU bciq b<!8« /UJl)(tu iicth o V V pa^iaqitt of a certain bum ot money, qecnrCil by mort^gcr-hearing date January 9 th, 1830,^ cnccutcd by JofupOi Croivlotd, and Kobecca, hlo yjifo, ofthe tovvo ot IHcotor, county Of Toio^Iumo und r>tftto ot Wow-VorJj, to Pbmebaq Collver, o t tiw caw o p l:^, o f oil tbatusftQiit p att ot lot i/o, 50, iu the toycufop ot Hi ntoi aforesttiU^ bounded 00 folloyzo, tQ r j t - begio- mug at tbo north-eaet coiner of 0 “ U not of li>ml u>ld to AleSandei RS’Ciefery, by John fileafh, running thence social 80 cliaina and GQdlRlts, to aaniall blc?Jh oat etuinp; tbetiqe west Scfaaine^onJ 50 Units t o n atahe; tlionco south 5 choina oml S 4 iinko to a atako • thence west ‘i i choino and 12 linka to a e«tqUe ; tbeaga_ -north 14 chpmo to n Avtufe oak tre e } thenco east to th-e place ot beginning—continuing 37 acrefl ft once is theiefore hereby given, that by virtue o f a jower contained in the 8Mtl moi tg«ge, and in pursu ance oftfcestatote in each ceaemaije u n i provided. tbC eai,i mortgaged premice--! will b° told a t publid veodue, a c tbe houBe_ot Jonathun Plait, J i 111 thc^vil- Inge of O^vego, nm! Broome county,ou tbe firat Mop- day in pfecember neist, 1 oVlock P . £1 o f that day-— B a ted J lsy 2 6 , 18^0. , ' PBIBiEHAfi COLLVER. ■ ^. iLctAbh, Att’y. ^',>146 ^ T P ] \E F % U L T having been mado inf t&e poyfnsDt o JL P oi ,certain .paw qf money secu?tsi] ,t»:he p aitiljy mortgage- bearing date the eleventh’c% o£ B a y , eighteenDiumlred and eighteen, jesccutaa by. Morr ga»i'Gfw(i|3:!.t1ln‘fli9 tatvp o f ®cKrfnty pf Tompkinsi, to JSorfcik c f tjh 0 #8?© plafew, of » li that cerMD lot, part o r parcel Df.Stao(i?tjtt|ate,lyiag being in tSe tpilitary traci.of the eta^e of jNew-VorIi>& ’ may '^baliigt* p r t ; 9f lot, nitoibw* MBB^>aiglit,ife the mlifiary^oivi*: o [ W ( ^ bea, and tsu'uiidcdiac^foltowa; vfe; .bsgtaiHihg at 'tftb northreasct Ci.oneT of thaetato’s hundred c.cre3,.co call- ficid oreelz westerly, to tho boflli^eaBt corper of land owned by (ieorgo Sndpp; thcnco cauthliftychalcB aii'tl ‘ efeteen fenfo, tortba behli finvofl&B fltetobatidredT^ ereaafore^aidj ibonca cast thirty-pftnihalas top iinlio io tfcq plo.ase pf b 2 &»nnmg.| €pn|aioipg one fctindrea and ty/cn ty-foutr aerea and ono rood of iSpd—fiotica i» thercfa -10 heiaby^givcn, that by virtua pf a power contained in eatd mortgago, nbd in parciianco pf thb etatatela luob cofewatlo qndprovitleil, ^118X3.111 mort- . gngeq pnmnhm ssillfec? jeqW ’-at- public. vCPuun ' at'tSs. public known by fito cf.ama o f tho Hotcf Ih tbs. vittogpof Ithaca,Jn tbp* town of Dlycn^pff tho ^Sdd^tKt'hji^mber n e ^ ’trt «0W> nooaoftlzltday.'i Raty Moy Sfttb^iOSd, A- * -- f \3^ \ A 8: PoawEoir, Ait’y., - .r,v*''7'^\**i45‘ l b i U-ivuig been ni 8 »fe *0 tbfc paycieni oS lirt puraoance of thestatDteiusucb caaeraade • pdividfid, the above described pte&iiS&wiS' : Id at public vcbatie at tho house of J. Swan, ’ c-jier in Aurora, an the County of Cayuga - -3tw, on Saturday the sixieeBthtdo?y of ©e- - % n > % teo ! ^ itrrh e ib i^q d n ^ - I d i y , ^ B a ted Jfipe lO th, lS 2 G. - .■..j ; m m i c v n * m ^ _, %-B, L. CvrikvL, lii.3 A tfy .; ^ 2 7 HEEEAS default has been inadeln tke i V ' payment of a certain sum d f money , se- J fficl fo be paid by at’ mortgage,; executed by- } Ai Me&garj, o l the totymqf Lap&Jfigj and eoun-1 ^ -r^ v - day o f M«lded,_ o f the same place, of nil thad certai n, itact or parcel qfiaud>;lytnguud beltogiu tlje fowhr ef jkunsittg, eopiitV'pr -ToMpkinA uibfesaid, and p f lot nb; ^ ^ L4Q^bK'^respid>npAlKSMUntfel asfol- W si beginning a t a stake s^nQing-oii tfie south hfie of said lot, nnd tuiining stxty-thi e# ■‘perches' sn| cix jinks, edsf frditt; ife soullWesr corner of \ila |o^. ..atm.' rttpifii^ east sixty-tfiree Fri^e? 4 a n A ^ x Jbtks^Jte.ce jm rth one bunit wtd and, twenty-six perches arid twelve links, - wtnpe wesirsijdy-three perches and six links,, thsfiso sdtjth ntte hundred and tnenty six perch- ^aed tWelve links, to the place of beginning; <,'1’ita)mng fifiy nCrc^ o f land, and also anothei' piece, or pm cel of land, being a part of ** d lot ho 58, In tnO said towfi of Lansing, and 5n^bded as follows beginning at the south west filler pf Damel Bacon’s land, lunmng thence . *0 Uh sixty tluee rods, or to thd north west fornei ^Adam Bower’?laud, oh said lot; thence east ; eattt3 nhrth line of said Rower’s land so fai as to Wmtam fiity acres; thence north to the south use of Daniel Bacbn’*' Ipnd ; titence West on said peon’s south /;ae to the place of beginning, con- ratung fifty acres of land.-— , ,s from the/cf a n noticed hereby given, tliat y Virtue of a power Contained in said mortgage, r^idin pursuance bf the statute m such»ase made provided, th^ above desciibed mortgaged fift|tntSfiS be sold at pubh^ vendue on the , Mh day of January eighteen hundred arid tv *-ui 4 | ae> dt 10 o’clock in the forenoon at the house J °y? Iiifikeepei 111 tbe villdge of Ludlow 6 *n tbri Tov/n of Lanvng Dated June the \7r S ° * - MftAflT HALSTEJD* u ^ ■*■ ObtcjEy tlie Jiiterqsts duo ujiod the inonie?, poured to fed pimi tb i!«i Cop^aisMvmrAfaE-'iaanixig moniea for the; county of fiayuga,'Ou thp fofiouiiig yippa dr pares! of laud, scci.-TCd by Thomas Lacay, by raor'tgoge No.5t, dated jidatitb* 1CU3, via<one hijficlred arid fifty ocvca Pi* loljSlt*; 58, iu tbo tuivp o f Dryden, naty couhty of Tompluijs.undfar a more partlsalar dbccriptiou them , pfcreiOfeace to ifio mdrtgage ‘and; minutes tvlirxtp-' pear— y. '■ KOSV-tlmrefore. ia pumcapcdof ths act, entitled* jjp act ftiiAbori?ing a .t a n of monfcr. to tJia-citic'ens of tlus stale-, ai|d its tutj&eqeunit omfendftldlits—JJotice is hereby giwon, that oa the third TueEday in Septem­ ber next, iiie fi.iitl ffinrtgadcd prcmi:^, ^vilb be sold o t tea o’closik ii» the forenoon ol Wsd dlay, r t tfee; CourtIbaiso idIsaid curinty, a t pabllo vendue,Ho th o , higbast libdder, Dated at Auburn, tbia 26th day of MUv 18^3/ '* ■■■•.•'\ * DAHfEL AVEHY, TCicztik--. «143-8ijp - „»■ Ifii,. SATTERLEfi, f timers-'- \ T XElFAtTLT iiavlcrg been ia;ada in tbewaymcntofa ' - m 3 ? . c§teittritttu.oTmoddyf-^uradly a'»i8rt|aga'- eucptcd by Ahaou V/<ihe®aa, pf thp totjn pfCdvcrt cud cauaty cS^aneca onct ntat a or K o\>f ork, bearing, dpte tho thirtieth Oay 'of June,, in tfca year of our liord, ond tbsawkd-rljht hundred grid; niftctesw, toLyman Bradley, of tbatawdof CJiyfra.’mdntyori^nphfns ’ ondEtat3Cforc:?.iJ, of ** ait thAt csrtain piaca 6f land, baing part of lc-f haobjr nine ip the town of Renter, Ip the county. pfTPoaiphlna, ted is boandcil as fellows j Bet;bnitigaf ft ctabo at tho - elarrier of lots number - niriely fivo nnd nittoty*eix, itx eaid towo of Coywj'r, andhinniac; cast sixty two rods, to .the nortli-cast earner of-raid lot .nuiut~r nizp i tbcii fccyth.ciGbty*' nine rods nod nirinilf? rthaarvest clsvcni -yulirand-teit • links r tUdhteiriorttf.tliiftyld'rjrcMWCSt, to tho plbco ofbecinningt containing twetrtypcreii, tcvo Mods ahd two rods of land s” —And wlicicas tbo toad Mortgage baa beonduty ritsigndd to Ho^ian Wabacari, Senior— JQotica is therefor^ hereby given, thrith^ vittuaof u ppvicr contained in caid rcartgago the taid taortgaged ; preipfeea wilt bo r/>ld a t publfo vcudnu, afc the Lan df f-TSTHE REA S TliomarFoster,' b y tha-naraa arid dc- v V jicHptWn of Tliomai of ihe 'town - o f. Drydrin.* x M tj? of Cayuga-anu state pS Kew-YoA, aud PegjZJ bis EvjiO, b y q certain iadentpre by way of Dioldgage-, beftrtag date the Bfteehtb day ofJfiino IMG, of ____ ____ , ........ .......................................... nianrttirBp acirieJ in tbacnaditijn o f a Caxlala Jbetid o r obligatioa hearing oven datp thnret7itb,3i'Igrant‘B'ar- geih^coJIfe aiich* rejedsO. $tid confirai aritO TFhorpad : BriJijeiipiitthe xiity.of ^Ibony,apd |o_, feiskBci|;a tond assigns, **“ a lfth o m ^ w o c c f taiu piprias'of Inttd oituaiQ, lying omf being in the, towtisbip df tPrydcn ill the (tfeea-} cosiBty P f G a ^ jk afere^ ^ ^ baio^MaW n pri part ofleas ripa 20, q n d.50|n ferydeti afercjaid. antl beingS^iaoreTlHlaaif difofxfitTsoutfefeatt' covBbrlot\ locno.SS^ufoifesaid, aud 53 obpij o f laudlto'ffr of jrtie' *oatii-w J& tcow e d ?ofloibo, SOfifojesiiili m afariK'tot get ffer7lls> aores of taTid^wlIlrTfre 'appertejiiriti... - A n d w litsteas-the Eaidiwdcaitura of cjffflgo^o^ uBd (rioffgaged preBsIses, aad;tbebnnd roforrcd t o in t h e said mortgage, b a r e hcaii d u ly io ld an d designed* t o the cubscciber, (subject tn a i f equity o f redotripiidtt o f the paiil caortgasod pr’etjisea) for a VQluablo consid e r ; litidti-*? ' \ V ’-'*’■ ’ Aad iirherks deffKiTt lintfe' hesu mdffo rri’'.^ e rprty* rafeM c»f t-id money intended fej bp sgeured By «h$ said . mortgages ppenrrting to the copdition tlile^t^f-^ow ,, Afrereforcs .public .notice is hereby g*w#» itint\ w ’Kir- * tue o f a power o f 8ateC.onfalne.dln |afjt .Bfortgrige, tfie - morfgagesd prefixiseS^ viifi be e s p o s e d rto^ale at’poblip aujhliori orrveridne, hgcoi ding id th^i form of, tho statute ui sneh pttsri m a d e . and ptyvMed, o n th e la r t Mondayt,i|i, F e lim a r y nextt a t ihu liosur ol' tw o lve ^cloclr at nQon o n ih a t day, at tbe Ca|iit-ol..in tbe city of A .lbapy. IDatcd tbia firot day of Agigust, I'feO*. 1 ‘ 7, ' . ( , •;i 'ctJ-ft’ip'JfdEiA M . />B,itKn-nr,fe M^ICoWs,' AttornW . . ' _ - * E F A U L T eft. hiade in tbe pay- iftsant ofiu jJertaitt sttna o f mutiny sdcmed to be paullby a mortgage, dated the twentieth day of Febiaary, one thousand eight Ltmdr^d and eighteen-, executed by Ly man Bradley, and Han nnh Biadley, ol the, town of Ulysses, county of Tompkins, and state of New-York, to Benja­ min Buch, of the same place, o f all that certain piece or parcel of land, being sixty acres of land on lot iitaniBer- one,In saidtown of Ulysses, comi­ ty and sCate aforesaid, bounded follows . eft the noitLi by John Pottev’s land, 00 the east by John Van Catopen’s laud, on the smith by the road which runs hy Nathan Bradley, and otfth? west by the road which runs by Lyman Brad­ ley’s—Notice is thefefore hereby given, that by virtue o f a power'contained ift the said mort- Att’y. gage, attd 11 I pursuance^ofTlie statute in such ' case mpoJe and provided, the above mortgaged premises willbe sold at .public vendue, at thG Ilotel int the village of ttbaca, couhtyof Tomp­ kins, on \Wednesday the sixth day o f December nett, at 3en o’clock in the forenoon of that day. ’ Dated June 5th, L820. .. ,. . .BENJAMIN BIRCH; W ooocock \ & ^ ’ n i4 ? ■ i. ■ k ’ . • ' ! ' ' m bzsn mmlo jd the payjtentof J Z J a c n Di n o f rtonoy cscurcdto he paid by n mot rtrii tho thirty Qrct d?y o\ Mnroh, in tho yr u 1 fturdrctl ulid njnctf n, c l o u t e d by Hliuft’H 1 t ’T g es, tn ths; c o j ity 0 Xomp'sins, i 1 ii i; 1 ^ 't , o f thccte, p fc-^ef -»II xhnv ccr tam pjee 1 t r p^r^ai of land, to w s part c l lot ^ma her thirty th r tr , ip the town of uJly£ - i ofora aid, baginiuog a* tho conth-v/btt eorpvr of m id pic a 01 land hereafte i|e cribcil, iri tho centra of 2lie alti rojjd leading flora ‘Ithaca to JUncIi’e csrtkncsid \ iMenqo.; cautpn tho line of Stephen Eaynjp .(I’d fence £0 tba Xlayu^a Lafee, smty-oight cbainq, tboncjr nort^ out teen de^reeB ivert, hjpeteeu thaim, to lot num­ ber thlity-tfvoi tbencO west plorig Cjho Irno of snid Iot,8lsty fnKht chomS, t p the c sntp offlaitf rand, tbejice south sixteen tfogree? gu t, tnnctean c|u m s to the of beginning j containing m tbe whole, one hundred arid twouty-ninoccrasand tlur^r-two jaCrtb eo of land, tnbrc or teoo, osteptirtg mad leservmg thereout about twenty five ecro pf land Off of tho norm end o f iho above de iyibcd piece of |aml, deeded to John Kirk, o n the twntset^ d ay of 51ny, 1816— No rtice is therefore hereby given, that t6y virtue of a ppwer contaiord ipeaid mottgnga, aid i n pun -jane\' , o f the statute in such pas® naodo nn. provided^ tko (‘paiij QOrfi^ged premised will d&eoIU c.publicVc iduet aftbP Hotel, in the village o f I hat a, town of Uty 1 ’ ribs, on the tiventy-pighth day of Jwoptofeet ^evrirt'o’ctock In the forennnti of fm t ‘Aiy- ■ JSated :■2 |d r m u . B R N J A M K t » R A B E . . .» ’■■ [ , • — 1 : [ j i . f:i ’ ■ -.--'...V ' T ■■ ' -K :A - • •-■ having been tend® w the phjtoeni of ijL/.-jQ tiortaift sum of moifey, ttt 3 m psl*t by a fennrihg dn|? tbe fA tji^day'of Septpmber,'- 1-019, bSetetC.d by JeSso IJpd'iko, o f tho t o wn o f Gro- . ioriAqd coapty/bfTpmpfcias, fft ACrrips! S3|art, oflfie ’ town tof-Wrs^o* b h d counfy.<0CT*»»klrt8, fa d th? . cakttearfeg^^^ tcrtw «bLot£b4i^r .- X?otlca IsthoreforQ hcraby glyon, that ky Virtud of a power *n said tooVtgajjo contained, and' in 'purteanea ’ o f the ctntixtoia cuch casa made and provided, tiia •prcinlrSs-toif^SCdi baiog cfcty!r.cr«sof fund, .nrtiet-' - tneDEurc, being part of lot nntQbcr’6inetw-*dgfit,Au t b town offjfroton and county ofT romplifna, reference to teidinortgagd hr the registry thereof an -;a tbe boun- darica will raoro fully, appear, will bo told at jsublio venteo oji tho l l t b day o f IfoVambetTicr:!, ut UnoV *!onkli»'thk fofenqoritet thp -house of t&owia ©pbb, •ionbcep?A in thd yifiago'of ffoscod,, aj}d .town of ©rptOE|. . -Attigtieo,' ' . WM-'..1) I— ■iMMrtijiTii ' :i|lEi».,..„^.V,i«| • ’’FS/'H lER E 4(5 defuulc h03 rrndii'iin tbo ^nyo I t jncnt of a cum ofnwt ay, rt-cuied -'•a h - i tC by a fcorraiu inortgaGO, t nt*rt(,d_tctbc W-^Jlay oP Mqv, iq tho year ot aur Luul, lOlf, < sc ut, I b SukljI 3 Swrty, o t I'catOFj in (1,0 coiinfy of Aomr him, to Ju pb Cjufzi, o t tko j& jd 7 — mi t/hcrcsa tho caul Eurt'ogi* nn 1 the numi'\! due, uhJ -» b°conie due thereto), have be^n dnly a*, igned t o r i c Mufpby, o f OviJ, in t b o Hjoupty -ol fcbm ca—Motico is therefore hereby given, that !>y virtue ofn vpi/ep in E 3 id mort^agc-ponitaiac 1, asad p u r 1 *9 |b a rtat<- u|e in Euoh ca r>ai!o a i d provided, tbe taliavv y g d \ seribt d preou ts \ ill t e /pin a t public vendue a t Sqru- ubl w.S»iitb*jjHo*t!l, ita. Ovid v»'Inge, oath** tliir* tpellx day o f ftaveiubefe om ta at ten o’clock an tbe* foreuoftu of that day, t o \ it All that ceiim-’ pieco or parcel of hud eTtuap’ lytng and bamg a tba town of Hectoj tdbr«, l,bcinga p jr t o f lo^ c « c t°v Beventy-cigbt, and hritjaded «rtallows, it berat; ’firi ' equal and undivided h a lf part of th t fuliowjujj sqivey 00 euid lo(r, tob-gin a$ n Battan.’voQil tre- c u thfc bank o fthe 1 ake, at tb e north-west rarnm o f eatd lot, j-denca ctmtbwaid|y*-afon,a ibo b iu of tbuCenecu bake to a mdortrao, wadcorntr of Ian I « n j oy Ancon B a l t , thetlcac~ t tw^nt^-or^ch-'ni ad nine ImkStQ-a stakeaodst s s < j rite a irth totl***ifttlx hoe of lands^ formerly sold by Joxtph Gilli-rin* t a George Fpus“ft, faCU null ^eat * thrate 1 v ‘b y toothy routhye £ cornoi o \ eat I nlll lot; J eiu in Hratdr, lo ihe* ,p.Ne of btslijnlngrcoxtluinipg <i*»- y ■ ty-sevda ioi*^ eirtrifrvapf.ijvplve rods; -sqilrite,. - : pad 'uilME*ui-^5qpllou di&uripfm'-'' fo .Q^tedgivfri’teDafiifll'^J'fRootfcood'DlknOtbis. ;* ■ wife, to j p mli;Ed-3.vqrd*-3rEiy,'»uS .Joseph &x* - tod. -,piitted'M«ty $2d,’i8!;o» -v- ■*,' A- *. • ■ - a s t o j t o m -M e ti ■ :A.3ffiQy»GfrsR5f,- Att’^.-v, f noon Of that day. *' Dated, AprM rt tb* 1820. ’ V ; . . - i?A T H A K A7AILE51AN, Ecn.tO p , & a m &, G^argo S. dTanvlect, of tho townvf : f V €overt (iats in tfiecoanty-of Toiopkius^ now. Ftetca,) by lodeature of tndTtgage beaming dote tbO- Xcnth day of Jana, in tbe yria? eigotcoft ‘ LundrcJ ttud Pm toll. ol Hector, In tbo county of Tompkins, all that cortuiu pitco o f land iyicgio th<? tatvo af jffiecior, and feriingpm^ofdQtfio;-^ f e s a i d t o m , and-baum!- ^Bnoo conlft ana iinfjdfcd.QEtl fisteeh percbw asuf- atelorii pgtehc*i_ ’theffte aotitfoB*; feundfed ttod' dxteri# ff^ h e s Jdqd' oinu links: thenco-ireKt to.tlie plata of hogioiiing t defatllt bas fecep made in tbe paymc-nt'of ttiQ teQriey secured to fee 'paid by-feaid m o^gqge—ftoiico'is -ifierc- fore liereby given, that by v irtue o f a power con tain­ ed io £ 0 id toiortg3jgct;SE3d ippMrsuaoca d T thtf ^ a b ito ta nidi- csss triudo xft’d prrivtded, thd ucQVo.d-ssribcil. pramiseswlJtbeufeld atpublic&ucti&n,' 6 t fheH o ^ lin ths>^ilugftJof. Dvid.-3a^the-iCbubtV Of Softfca, t e Thursday th® seventh day o£ fceptembec next, at 2 o clock fk DI. Dated ftlnrcu 6 th, 1820. _ AIT P O W E L L tTar, T kou V oow , A tt’y ' D & r& X S tA fca fev ft j l 3Qf f|i th e ^ q cfrtefe runj of cabriole r a 3 t o 60 paitl ly a m o rtage e X aj: djby And” v !> Cooper, o l fee taun pf Lahsiag, end county o f T’omplnns, ’' teh the JDth day of April, eightec- ImqdrU^bnd eighth n, to Jacob P . Tester,oftuc cinii_ plteo,of Utf that certain taitrcct or purcblof fnnd lyir.^iiodjb uig ip.fiic; town of Laaoing, counfy c.f,roiftpk?)i 8 v fc y r f ^tedLtioW n to a p a rt o f jot no 75, hsgitmlng* jft- f e s north eust earner of hamudl Davis’ lurid ?. thente east fixty-tbree rods and tour tenths, thotfee couth 0110 hundred and twenty-eife. rods and a h a lf, tueuca \fcBt mxty-thrca rodsond four iootho, thsnCe sortli Orio hundred dud twenty surrods and a-half, t o the-plaae o f begruning, containing fifty acres and twenty square rods o f lend- Now, therefore^ notice is hereby given, that b y vir­ tue o f a-povrier contained (a Said mortgage, and in piirsuanCp of tkeutajute in eueh case riiado apcl pro­ vided, the ubo^e described mortgaged jprcmiieo will be febld at public vendue on tbe eleVentte day o f No- vcriiber oex.t^atteu o’clockjo tho foreouon, a t the hodse now occupied by^lra Joy, Innkeeper, in tho vil­ lage o f feudlowviliO and town o f Lousing Doled* May 4th, 1820 JA C O B P 1 LETS'A * A. IVlii,XiEri, A tt’y. 1 - 43 ■ - —r—•”r‘ ----- 1 —t—rr'n -L—— -------- .-.^^r.|-;.. . R Y V irtue o l a n e x e c u t i o n lo d ie f i l i a t ­ ed a n d d e l i v e r e d , a ^ i i a n t th e g a u d s , o h t t - tdfeo k n f lb and tenC m e n tri o f T h o tr ias I J u h - h a m , 1 s E a tl e itp o s e to sale a l l tHie person­ a l p r o p e r t y o f s a id 'f l i o m a o , u i g c t h e r y i t l i his r i g h t a n d trtte to t i i c lo t on tvliieh lie liv e s , .in J iectO lv Ois t)i© 4 3 t h d a ^ o f Sep­ te m b e r a e x l , a t t O o’c l o c k A, S L oe8 th e p r e m i s e s . D a t e d J u l y 25t h , i S 2 0 . ; - •. '-P .H A G lfii2d,lJ«,#P;Sh?ff. B EPAVJ fe'i’ fraying- fecn made- iu-tbtf piiycue«I ol? arierMriftinjrifttsOriey. scsurgd to Ira p aid Dy'a •' , r iriortgogo’datcJ tba tironty-' ixtfi d-iyof A^u*,tj Ira ' \* •the year onp thnucimd oigUt ’aundrcJ iiml (ixtt ,?»;os:« * - ' ecuted by Agncrq'B. Allen, <jfIJiyg?c3, f q l l r . county o f Sancte, now e o toip of ‘^tuupfela?; 10 1 liocz- * . as W illiam s, o f tba prmo platt, o f oil that . eertaira . , piece oir p u raalcf land, .feitnatc, lying aud belnr; *• p;v3 of lot number twenty-two, in tba tofte 0 ? IJlyD te /aforesaid, aqd hmjudtd as follow s hegiooiug qtitho eopth-west eoracifoftr^J lot3 and 'finis •tM ca.Jotetitl-- • c&veo cbates-rind fiX'ty-SQTte Jintb’j, tbcn& ezsi&ttt?* *—? teep chains and -fpjr^y-cstjno Im fe i 'henca cootli raven,, _ chaiiis aiiil sixty-rOVon IliikH t tbeirrio tvest friiirt&ea-7 . ohmria and tlia pbeo c f bi’ol-ioi% i ^ . containing ofevo* Urifer-i’ and clglrt rads ofilaod* bo tbcj •*’ i town o f Cnyuta, m ,tha tunoty t».f- Tiot^-rN'Otiro fa ' ''fi5e#sEaii»1^rtby - ^ v e » , • fe a e ay %iriuo' of it powr-z* > !contqi«?d-*febaW mtwiQago, a n d -fa pairnaiiet of tk d ‘ - -sfetute tn-mfib- mortgaged prctni;:as vdll fcbcaldut public vcndi»Q nt |!ity public hoUFS knotva by tka « i t e o f fee Hctci. ih tl.c; •' viilogoof l t h a n tomx atfftyfie?, an'tlia eeve&tacatfe1 ? day/of.BIoycaihcr ncxfea stelaVcn o’aloc^ In tho fere-' • nooa.* Bated J lqy I5£h, tf. JO. . . . . •.%: - ^ L E J A 5 I$fA J S It# foiteaow « H m w a m itt. Aiiotoovr.' • - «144 . £xs ,r.F A t «L j h«.vmg «a-!, i m < j too paymtmt orti/ V . certain sum of money, racured -to bo paid by nn indenture of xaortrrrgo cn*. cut . I by Sabcrt Soidi- ktiri, of the town-of Hcste, caurijy efTimrobSna-anilt ’ Statoof New;Ydrk, to Juba h. ami Sally man, of -th® town of Ovh?, county of feRcaa. ccd itatO( aforesaid, dated tl^foartfe day of Novcatcr- pneibousanil cigbt feindreif eni! nSaacca, of all thafit . certain-let, pfcp.of parcsl of latiil, rUnato, lycugtea lioing itt tbo iovrcf of ilrita? ftfqresaiiJ, kriovTa ntuj distitigulehed by bAig'Oichty terras off tbo era 4 ,it!o ttthUiyision TCratrar tbrjr, oh lot r-tiaurar fosty-feqria - said toVrn, .aridfes.tfu*tej ss follows t k ginnlor- at tha South cast Of teid kibilivirtaaf tnnnfod thenco wcr-tuM% th~ caitlii, iiua of paid lufc eighty ' . rodrit theftda uertlioaa hundred ntid tirty ynifc^to t %ct riopth IfeAcfpfd -akJEviskm jfeehracaoi-dgtty rc-ilrai to tho BftMi*cx3' otecr of satd . c|it:llvi‘fen|/t;ad yiffeiopfa potvarcotit-iiaViJ ofeMia', JS ^ ie e o of the ct3t«toio,r/«di:cj?rwad3- ted ihoVhl- ' cd^tfie rail tn?rtr^£. lie vteiflfr,®! iba im:a akr.c-%pHt$ by JoW 3 &jricTrJ ,hj(fVid»ers ’fijjrada^*/'fee iuih day Cf Nt»\t ■fegfeafcteaoWcakla\feufaycceaiibf t .rJdilat/.'5 fcw\ 'tctf May.'S.Iflt._0.’ ’ . y —’(™ ~ t —* • -*—* ; bi*4 ; m m &{&Mi t tu p A ^ - lA f tv - '- : . .. pub m : io in (fejj nay rjjtksrteJia rifjgorihy, r-cmv-T »n' iW • pH idbyu;m fjrtgegc,bcnnjigdata tjip, t w e n ty -:£co n d anddi tinguiiicd bybsingtiio Stato hund^tJ acfec,'- so called, m th^oBfe-fewt torrieri o j lot/naaite fiidetw' tbrte, in tbo townfeip of,DrytI^h,.iri n t'qunra TofiaV ftotico i therefore he#a1^: that fey lirtoo of o pot er contained in SOW (poetgkgo, ted id pursuanco of tho stotuta in ruclf. dqfe mado and- provided, tho Eaid mortgagedpretiifeeo fill fp'coU at pufeic'Wcndue^. Ut the hauEra of John S-vfpi, Tnohcep 1 , in feo villager of Aurora, anjl tot/n o^ficipin nutl comity of Cayu- - ga, on the elpventh day of tdovcrab^ ncrtt, at ten y ?- clock 10 the fo renoon of raid day, pursuant to tho - act in cucb case made arid provided Dated Jldv 2d^ 1820 ^ \ FL E A Z A B RUBNRAM , ' ^ ri— ■— ................... r - '^ v E P A U L T baVinjg bkea mafic in tho payment o f ; s J f a cerium Eulnof money secured b y a mortgage - executetfby JumeS H Jqkn^on, o f tho then town o f ; Genoa, inHhe countyof Cayuga, now town o f Lab-- Bing and county of Tompkins, bearing- dale the h&. tccnth day of A p ril, eighteen bundled and cfevea ■ to Elijah M iller; of a H that certain piece o r pnrc&l of land, lying m the-town o f Getica m chid raounty, (nmv Lampng and county ofTompltlm) kaotvu and distinguished hy being part o f lo t number sistV iivs in the township of JUiltori, and iu boyliib.ljjs Collor u ’ bsgimrmffon tbe- norvh liretr o f mnl lot, forty nmo rods from the north westcorufir o f stud lot running therce eust one buudr*dand forty rods; thence -outli • fifty five rods and ste bnks, to the north east carte? ayEbrislian Zabrakyfo Janfi*( tbcnCe^coutli treatcrly • yfSra. line of cqid ZahtisIiy’sJand, i p n point that bo forty nine ioda from thb west line ef trad Ioi}‘ tbLncb northone fiUirdrrid'and eighty feevrU rods £0 the hla®e ofhtgiqnirig, contriiamg ode diuudred and — ’-^bceoate0:3ronc--quo,rter.atK5-la.^rod()-af-ltecl—ffow- ^reforo noficO IS hf-Cby given, that by viriuo of a j\;cr contained in raid mortgage, and in par uonW iS $ o f tho statute in cucb caio made and provided, the o- boyo described, mortgaged prem|«B w ill' b s fold a t public vemluc o n the seventh day of Decambsr n e s t, o t ton o’clock In tlie;fsroirooD,ut the, house h a iv occua pied h y 'I ra Joy, Iunkraepte,- iri' the village of Siudlov;^ viUo and tOiyti-O.f Lacnidg, - P a tcdllqta 5tli, 1820. ‘ . A . . / ; iL U A R ’M t o l B . ^ t i r O R IG IN A L STAINHD y. M‘.L.rr

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