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American journal. (Ithaca, N.Y.) 1817-1823, July 05, 1820, Image 1

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t-r MHWTUIKMWafe/, OiN W lDlNJibDAAS.] !' 1*4 l<W MM fiiufr’a b u t *o % ' a m u , t o it,g i f t ? a m * iw ,——wo faVor bw4TS us, 43 ?* 1*0 p*r*it Awr «.* I ’ ,f /I 1 V o l . r a K o . 4 7 . ] nre,THr-jr^~irr-*rrfpr\ p-|\p rr ~r - mpI - ~iTirTiTfnipiyim^ipi^|ii| im ■nuiTn.irTT I \ —r ir[n —rrrwn—nm 1 ~r—- r r v . i a i , c e u x r r o f T O M t s t x a , x r . . . . . j u K r i , 1 3 3 0 . [ W f l O L E K d 1 5 1 . niHiifriTlwi ■ 1 ” f p m I, To village h,u|jscii|jer5, and those wHpfrft ceive their paper by popt-ridftS $3 00 pcm an- payable quarterly,* .or $2 25, i f wot p u d j^ltheend of the year.. J I . T o those who receive their papers a t th e Office, f 1 5 0 , q m u ts»ly,or $ 2 0 0 if n o t pajul t»U end -of the yeqr* * t i l . M ail subset ibers, $ 2 , 00 payable m a d * i*W?ce. 1 ' » IV. A|1 arrearages must ^ e p a j d , before a pa ^ r i s . d i s c a a i m u s d v 'PRODUCE, of ail }iiods> taken on legula* meats, a t the prices, the inerchunts, allow ul jaymeu fMds, ADV!ERTISEM12!P}T& inserted at the fate vrof ope dollar petsquar^for tWeejuserfians, and % cecjs for eacti continuance. Legal advertise- ^nMiits from a distance, must be accompanied by ^wCftjh* oneference given to a kiiown ,and re- Pjqpiisibteagentperg, ^ „ ‘[at advertisement discont! «ued withoutorders, _ k settlement, * 4 1 • I 7*#* CQmmunicafipns to the publishers, must S ^e post-paid. p . BOOKS,1 PAMPHLETS, BLANKS* . . - c A R f c s ^ O M M i L L s , & i p Vs ■■■: a v‘ JS&ecitfttd with Neatness, Atcufacfi void Disjpatch.ii , . Urn- ■ 4 ** 7#- t o . dfwh SMvajp,,of tbe -to m ftjitEfts'. ibh in th e then county a t S e n e c a . , ,uriwriom|(y j f t f t nil,;’ rfeoutfc- r&le'age, alien and confirm, unto1,; j 0 certain loft ; 5^r<5flw^l,attu8l(V, frd n g f t th e mHft '<afttr«Gt of the' state of fcftvy-YorhVand may he aa being k jiart of lot uo. land bounded' eg ^retdajin^ ftofrth^ast ains; , tiif 1 H&fidJ' t*tau*ie' *foki» thirty'clft ...... 1 Anri-east thirteen dbiunif and forty Bake nUenctt (tidi /ourieen chaink; tiftnce east • nlna ■ chain*; tJ^ceiiouth forty>thrue decrees, vvest[ twenty cheim, fiW k a c e tff beginning; coniniiiing forty-seven whereas the mih ( ; Mmoite-of morigAvge, nafi been iluly i'hs-ignbd to Itu- tm'O- Baacfeit, ofthe town td‘ Catharine, 4 ouotf of ._ rf^ ^ - 2 -Antly?hercti» dsfauft tiii? he.eiix‘aii&& in the . -ghe money sBcacedm .bu paid.by ^aid>; WlMjge^Nptice Is theifofore glVea, that by Vi ttueqt ■ llwl'icbntained f t kAitl moCtgHgft, the ssid'ruort- aSireajises tylll bis solij n't public auctioii, at thc , B r in the village «*f Ithaca, oil Saturday the ii»|M ^ay o l Au^sV'ftcJtt*. a t ’ten’ o’cloelt f t tho. lnwwoa'of thatday*' 3dMt'edTt!i«bt^,F^. 8tb„1820. - • ' * • ^ 0 B K l f 'l , C. B ^ S B a T . ■ ' ' tso ^npHBft&AS.Tunt/ Ehortvathl, an<» Aitua;hls V?fe, I f cnttiu d stb day c f Jurte, eighteen hufitlred Mtt wtate^u, did, by in.<li>iutireof Mortgage foCse- taiiBgiho payment of a certain sum of inoiiey Uinre- . ii8g»W,nccttr<liHg'tcr tM codtition of a c&rtnirt M t i * W, M tearfug eVeu date ^th^rowitb, grant j har^ain, .wjeaffev httfo .ff' and bonficm, unto ‘iajly Ann ttUtbat\certal&. or pdrcBl o f land, sitU- * itaftthe t(Hv« of Hector, bmnpj ii part of lotl«ft»ber titeuty-ninL^-iii Hour r dfefcribeijas totlows: onel»i«- ,n the Hortli wa^corirer- ttfsaid lot.Jying ■ AqitArefofiniw the ^d[acenC'ti«eiiOf^uid fpt tvjil . lit—Also wher^a Usurer McLa Iton;on the fourfb % qfluly, mgbmeti linnilriuJ ond fifteei*, tlnU by in- •hiutftof mnft^igctotfie-GuringtliepaymeiVt o le certain tlltM ,fL,AMAn, , u ITi.w, niiidriif cfettrda (iteco of ftxifl, Lying in the 4<wwj ^ S a ^ i ih ftypbVtWljadbttw- km t « »ntv-nbmi' HtN township of HectJr, ;Con tin nut n thirty even Cjtflj» ae mole of 1ea<, / ioamli o f wliidi, •'retei'ei'be tfr said n« rtgage or. tgtsify4theeeijl', Folly np£ea(—and • iu»rman».b»».e been duly m igaed ■ H tbt«-,i|diri}> e rviiiller—and wbert <* dofeuft ™» 6<eti*nj n it ip \tbifpaympnt ofthfe ntonpy secured i * Ce jianj in i u j bj raid moi t{;)ftt!;es.-i—A:btice th e r e f o r e n h t t t b y p ie 1 tiuit bv tirjme of A (i(i«rW cbtuaineil ^Miidniift >0«k re>pectiUly, a d in pursuance of <k>*iaUitq in meh'c ’ipiwilt* nd '-pmvided, tbe isiil ^flC'geitrem sL«ivitl le sold at ptiblio vebiiue, at WtHotel, lit the till s„e Of Auburn, 1 h i Ire e n d n t y ofCsjarf on tbe tificentl) day (if July o e tt, at ten . ‘ ■'ctovlit 10 the fTengni oltliat dftjv D a m f AubUin, V i»u fpot ■ I?.’ Myt.t .FH < ■. ^ ------- v$y. .,-: ,,r:.,^ S 'li V A l L I ha«jt g, 11 ,Lit tt^riie in th o y a y n ieu i of » reitaui h fn ul »ui unured t o bet.yaid by t in jrUwg^ oxctuled b V ^ (id r x tw i^ o p e r ,flft|ietovyu V bnu cyi rt , t F '%Hnpkins,r beMfiidk^.t^ l«e%brt vi f A) r l pigltuuifrt indred-andeighteefi^ « JncAt V Teetef ol tin. sjPfeplrno.of elf thiitcertiun«' • land lyttg aul bbiUK i'A-tlnf ibiVti vtn^i,,^ eountynf ioupkiu^afoi’biilkWtlpkf Mjq^b ?F %p.«rt ot tot no , 7D. begnvm ng' at>* the? rtofth-euet **' f r l ‘'amiieihavis lantfrtb mtm nast ftKty-tbree ■^riml fourtentliH ; thoncft south one hundred and v ^woutv a rodsaixl a h alf; the.irn west sixty-tbrefi r\4|« <1 four tenths j tlu'tihe iitjrili one humireit and f^'dy sixudsnnd a hall, fo the place^ft' begftnlng^ Jjvw n g fifty hcreV arid Lwerriy Lq1«»rh rod* of lend1: \mt Ihtie^ie,’notice is hei’eby givert,\-thftt.by Vir- ^ of a nuvver contained iu said frnd in of tbe statute in* buefi nasti uitiile aint.-pro- lilealnva ileeuihed iumt[ae.ed pieintse? Will •sM R tjabhi venlue tn theuletrnth dayoflSo* , -WiWncict a t t n ^ l o i k ijv the Kretioon, at the ^ how Oloop Oil In r t ra J o y , Innkeeper in the vi| ST Lplli h V u e tusii t u i t i n i«i I) ted ’ Wv4ihvi k2o _ J J a LUB F . ihL-lX ,H ■ r i a Att’v f \ T F \ t J L T bavtny been made tn tb» ol M J r a t-hitumi-unj, off money seemed tn he oat I itt and by a cedant unrt^W je^etm e d by Ii^istfiUh W bl ha f t JnUA i>4rdnnr, tmarhig iiaft jbe w h day of Mm'blj,opp *h iUsand e?gh|. iundrod ait I f j 0lefn-r ?ftbce is hereby givt*n, that in j ursm j t-e 6 f ^be j^ftt utrtatL-stttfo CSiO gaasje ai l-p) 0 Vide(|, uud by VuftGof a poorer conV ned in I'&il mortgage I 1 hii’alj eKpn«(. Iq sate at publirt vendue nt the hr u e ndiv occupied by ttniace 6rf>hs m village of Jl itftvia, on the SUl day of duly next, at two ^ ’block in th auet nuop, ail tha’ ceiti tn I t ot pan ef ol land, being pp|t pf lot no 15, in ihe P WJushm of Hector gnii comity c f lomp kins known ip siiii liyiMin of raid lot 110 1 3 01 lot no 5. co it dull mr out fiuhdiet and five acres, two 1 nods irnd ten pti cbes I e ihe cme tiioie\or\}ps5 t efdl?' entc batujr had i o j a i I tnor»j3ai,e no\v iecorded in the CJtTk’e oldce of said comity »n mp kilis » ill more tolly and a t f t i t e appear. Dote I January 12th 18^0 Jo f i N hA R O A E K P h riCApy. Ati»y > , _________ D F F A U L l having hchn n afie tn tli£ pnyirent of the Kiteiestsriue upcn the inofthr fetniod fo be jaid ft thid'CJoniiuissioncia for loaning monies #bj the comty o f Cayuga, on tbe foilowm„ puces, o r paicels ol land de ctilied m the tmfowug UAor schedule, and for a moie particular ileecuption sheraof, re eienee to their seyeral mortgages apd^minutes will appeaii, -N »■ a o u s ■a o • • 3 - “09 «■ “J w- .(5 a R- '15- a 09 -gr- O & TTirHFRtiAb (ieoi^e fV Covgjrt (1 itb 111 thehe 3v Van v Ie.pt, o f the ,toewn of t county of fompicius, now S^necc.) by mdeniurh of* mortgage bearing date the tenth day of June ip they eat nghften hundred an I eighteen, Fop seeming thp payment of a ceitnm uni 1 1 money thft’-ein uiPnnoned, tlm cotjvey unto Jeremiah BoweJ^ of Hector; in the county of lompkins, all that cpiitmtv piece ol land lying in the town ol Hector and being part:of lot tip. 3. m said town, and bound edna folftwu —Beginning two-rods east e l G a n ta Clawson’s fand, a t the nortk l)oe of s^d l o t , runnina ti fnoe south one hundred an I sixteen pci dies and nm elm k s; the«cc east one bundled bud ten perchet thence north nnfc fmttdth I an I sixteen pc'-chea and nine Jinkr thelice'west to the place o£ heyoi mg contrunftg einlity acres acres of land—An I whereas deh-uU has been made tn the payment of the mwey secured f t hajpanVby said uKirlga^e— otfue js ihcic fore hereby giveb, that by Vut le of a power co lain rid in paid mortgage, ard 111 pursuance of t|m itatute tn s.icii case.litudj.anJ jjtjoyi.ivd, die .liOfft ,1.6.1 l»re{r»is?!j'w*ff behold 6rpblt^ndion,'Ht tiie\0mdTn the yHlage of 'Dyi^, in. |Ii6 ^ourfty orfenecn,' 00 Tbtti’sdav t}»ri seVentb dnv. at »nextt ftt & \ ' ■ JER1S5IIAH B0IFEI.I i . i y V. . Heritor, f t thb ifbttniy Toiripkins, \(fftttt Jn the cattbty oFSpttftca) dfd, by Indenilure of ftldrfgage heatpg^lnft thiPlftpntbidtty^yEaiiuaia^Aii one' 4-fiiKkt kttttdfen d riven teen, f«r e^ttri% ■Welfef/lttte of fbe tbiyb of Wdahingtou,' in Dnfthess riiJuuty, dnccatfdv An untlivided moiety o falt that cer- taiti lot of ftfid'pltuste in tbe;fttv'n o f Jleelorii' late in tfiCcounty pfSenetia, aiidriow'fa the county oETomp kin*, bfiing b..part of a tract'Set apart for the soldiers, riflhk U efalittibim ry IV|r,-iiiid.ribhirildb|y called tha m iliterFjracfbiftW tft in, said tract as ! lotwO, F5—^ Aftd whereas dbfault bas becn made in the payment of said piitn o f tantiey, abovemeptiobed,, with ihp iqWff* e‘t>tberboiii Therefore notice is, heruhy g iven./that by Virtue o f a power Contained iu said morigage, aiul puraoaht to the statfrte itt. sucll cape wado and ptovi dmbtheVsaiif mnrtgeged premise's will be' fctkppKetKtr 1 ; • pelaat-pbblicveniliiei 'A 'Ihe cttuft-buuse io tliovvi| 4 A l t f r d i » la p . of FaVigbteeSHi»» irf Dmcitess coVpty? oh Lhe first day o f A'ogusiiip- theyeur one tbbn|aud eight hhttdred'anil tweaty, beta qea * fhb. hbpr* ’ « f fen. o’? r IiftV in tbit fefeenattn ettuiitVtt iji tlie affernoort[' of tbhl #5*« w>3 i couvfeyatice vscetflrtttd U> the gbf■ chaser. ' ' . ............. .. eynnce i'jeebuted Dated November 26ih. 1819^ ' ' O B A D tA H P E B H y ,«nn.of the , Acting Exequtorsof jhe enftto ttf - ; ” ' ^ V ^ A e r , \ V ’Ut.Aft,.4eccp8eil. A- -ttorriey..;' / %,_■ , t * Ol s e t e i a f i\e t t» l » o n s t o ftfti ijsam 1 ihri t eij,l «md pet ^olhil M > « „ , | ^ N t y n t JobW W l j i i i U i i k * I s h i l l t x b a le uU I in t i i , h t .in t i t p l e lo , i\*t 2ob .tups ol lunti, on Jot .no 62 in s« how in bis possesion, on the 27tli next, at % o’clock th tlie fib , : N* HALSEY, I*. M. sit v* tiotql th tl village olTtliaca. LJat'Vtl * * ^ 0 6tb, 1820. ^ « . , .: -i HEKEAi? rfeFauit -has been made- ft the pay­ ment of a certain stiiu of money, secured f t he paid by.n mortgage, bearing date the Sixteenth <l»y 0 Eebftary, in the year^ eighteen htitftrei and six­ teen* ex^coteddjy- JpLenry Hc!li 6 llen,.at»d jB3#kt|t Vp- ttfte, jift. oi f ho fobui of .Hlysses, f t tins comq* icertaitt t f t c t of land, sitbaft itt ttftd beftg p*rt ttf lot niiittbereigitfeett* ftftttsaid; aniLboufcieifti f o i f t w t i ^ g i n n i i^ atrw ft noVtfe-isasi corrift p n o t «uftbarftgbften', rijpa vvftit thifty- ninecbainV ft a.i|ftk«4 thpoce.ftUft tti!etity-AeVptt' ft m stake {. tbeqee eest cliajftt; and twttfty-lSft iftfcf j/thliifce'AttuMi ftevup^dfttn? etrddiwtttttyft^e tftfcf^tfenft riasbeigli- . teen i f t i t t s 5s seVeiity-ttve links- %. ftfebcri tmwb thirty* nij^cotttoinitifefti'ri h u n f tf e l^ ^ twefty-nfte .&onefbutt<ffrid M M e g f feitf •jenhaulc, \ ‘ ' Of, that by and in* purritubCe o f th e ftt^tftito insliclf-'cajie- made’and provided, the rfetd mortgaged prtrftsed will be =o*d at public-Vc ndue a t tiifebotel >n th e village o f ftiiaoa 011 the twenty Stcond day of July next, at tea orcldf.k ttt.the ftirinoonof thatday Date f faiulTth, 182(1. M A i T H I \ S H O I L E iS B A C K . ’ GEOKGE M H O D L I 1 .JVBACK 4 JoTtkaort Jji TjfPriFJttttr if d<t\fs 127— ilfTK lidb detuuli bljs befeii uiade m lie payment/ -of a cfertam rum of tubncy. secured fey morfgkgfe beating date Januaiy Sth, 181^, executed by Jotej h Cr nvf wd and Bbbbcrn, bis wife of the town ot Jlecto , county of fompki is and, slate pf IVew \ irk to Plijnehas CoilVeP, of the some plnqej of all'that certain p n H -ofIetpo.50. in thfe township of Hectoraforehald, bbunded as follows, to Wit-: begin­ ning a t tbe rto th east corner Of a u tiactbf lmd sold 1 1 Alexnn lf*r M’Creery bjTJobn ilieatn, rmmmg theoce south (ft chains arid bS links, f t a^ma'l bftbk 011 k stump ; tliftee v/eti S chains an I 50 links to g Stake? thenceftUtb 5 chaifis nnil'84 links to a stake; thence west 24 Chains and 12 links tn a stake; thence north 14 -chains to itt white oak tree ; tbeiice east to the- plane of beginning—containing 37 acres. INotice is thfrgftra hereby given thql by virtue o f a power contained In the stud mortgage afid in pursu­ ance of the iftute m sucti tape modb add provided, the sail mortgaged premises &wft helofd -at puGIm Vendue, a t the hOUSe'ttf doiiaihtth Bfalt', Jr.- jn (he vil lnaeof OwegO aiid Broi Oie county. nii- the brsfc-Mon- <iny 111 D ’cenibn neXt, J o’clock P SI ofthatday.—<> Dated May -J>T-182i&u „ .. t. PHINEHAS C U L X .V E I? - It. A. Efn.A5gD. Alt’>, ■- ■ ■ - 1 ni4b - B V order ol ttmliard-hmitii E«q fust judge of thi t court o f common pleasTin Amf for ind'cofrnty of i ompkin**,notiee is beieby 0iven to a h the pred.t 'rs of Wiliam Jioptin.of said couiny, an insolvent debtor, to shew o e a s u it any tbev have before sun! judge at ‘ the H itdl in thri village o f Jtimca m s*u 1 county on thi 17th day ol July- next, at one o’clock P . M/wliy an a<^igpmerit,uf said insolvcnt’d esttttt hot!hi not be tuf dv,j i the benefit Of all his creditork,ati<l be be ex en: | tod \ r a m irapribatnqent, pursu m t to the act, eii(i- tiled an act to an dish uupi ispnnieirt f 0 dejbt/fn cer- tuin ftse n&ssed A priiTth igiq •*Duted M ay tGtli, *«.•- % 3 .ew — r - f e t g r ’C§ ■ £ ' g ft cr» • ■ ** .-.ere f ? : M* - UK • Mt • S. ‘ z* > ... Cr • Hi'» v cr- S’ • ^ :u V-4 01 'C. * *< • ^ 4 -1^. <*> 3 •. H> ^ £2 ** ' ■ ^ S ,0 9 . fe . c1 ■ • s £M o o b O . <D . ' a & ■**3 q 0 e- a> » • £ • ■ . tf- ■> a s a w 2 ? a w b - sre. ».»..■ » !: — t . . . ;.® -1 m ct •o>^- 'Or w ■ *'<■ 1 ’ ~ - ( 0 ft., a *e» * ~ ‘ v M 14 . 18 00 W * 0 ••'• - 7 *- . - ttj— - « * ‘ • i ■' -- ■ - r - § • g -r - ~ p - a p. H o »*• 0 0 ■» W~-, % fyffi?/ 7h(ii‘efi>re. ft pursuanceftf tiifi'acf^ entiUed an'aol antborlsing-tt'ftan of inonfts to> t be citizoris of this state* and. its. subseqeun't nmt«rnimeriU-*-Ko(ice is hereby given, tlrtt<jn the thirdiraesilfty l t t ft-piefti- bcr n u it, (be* said several mortgaged premises wiU he sold f t teh o^ctuck In tbri foreiiDoo. ot mid day, f t w d Coiirt-Iloiise iu said county, ttt public vendue ft the Inchest bidder. 'JJated* a t Auburn, thfcf gfitft dky o f JHay - ' * • ' • , *• * V D A N IE L A V E R Y , I tom m k 4 Wot;. S A T T E U h E E , J n o w i . D EEAUXT bavi»g' bcen^m'aJe f t fte- payiiiefit r.f a certain sum o l wnnfey,’ s • *> / executftt by- Almon Wukriman, eriw-riWRlrm-tlitt-iittv I T Went o f a pupi of money ^srwircd t o be pnid &y a edrttnin rrfortguge heai mg dste the b r n day of May* *u the yrar of omp'Eord, 18fA ejtricuted by SaiiiftJ 8 Seelv„ot Hector, m the c u/ity'-of Tujip. kuis to Jo e,>|i \4s$t on, of the same place—A n d whereas the Multaoitbttge dttd them o Bies riue, anil f t tope iimG duejtiH-r^coi^:tm?3B bean dBlyTtftiftreiftto beijii M rpby, of Ovid, lujfte^ couuty of SeneC 4 —Aotice ' *s ll|t*reioie Uerejiy g ivft, that b y vrrhje o f tt power in 5 mi m^rti-age Containrid, and piirsUarit t o the stat ute in «urtli COpp m*de ajuf pi avhftd/tbuc tol Ipri irfg di • ^ scii'f'd picmiafsWill be scjId^PU1 he, vendueabSffin*. Ue| W . South’s Bbtel, in Ovid villige, on the tbn- tielli j^ay of f t f vember next, a t tei> o’clock *» the . foruioo 1 of that d ev, tf^wit A l l that Certain piece o r parcel ot ftndcrsitaate fyTn^aod” hem |f''iirJ*lfbr— town o f Ifectrir uforesaidvpeftg a part of iot number eevi uty-i;gft^ flftii bounded a» (ollttws, i t being sm equHl^and uridfvjJecf half part o f (he fbllQirjng survey on said ( >t, to Jbsgii* ui Buttonwood tree bn the bank o f the Lake, a t tire lyvtfe-ivest tornei of said lot tdence southjvsatdiy ttlong tfttt bap«of tbeSfipeca I dim t o n crdttf tree, a/>d t-orner of -laprls owned fljr Ansur* Hull; thpnre e«*.t twenty-one chaft^nnd nuft* hrtks t o a s uke sod htvh s , i \ Ht,atiortii tothesottft; line o f Buds fm n ehy *oW^by^3ffteplt tFilUspie, ft, Geor^o-Euu e ttf for a ft ill *e»t % then(Ja wesftmrdly . to ilia -snnttr w?st corner of >«it| ftijll lot} tbferi.ee: oorlh t o s>i* aoiih west Comer o t said mill io f t thrnpe wA 1 on tlie tiojlli line o t said f t t ho. fsyenty-eight in Hi ctor to t f t p lf te o f begmmUg, containing « ft - t j WV 0 1 pcrev, ftcteJuajv® f t tvrpiv^ rod?|*quace, »)d?: t> Charles ftiylur, OnluUoni exception * s except* I ' m 0 dee I given by DanmJ M JBooilh, ami Diqua, fts who, t o ftbelHnll, 1 d d ard-if E>y,Ulttd J o ftpb C ft ' 5011 Dated Mtty 2*d 1820, ^ bEB A MTJKf’H Y ,A s s ig n s - A nvow Em u s, A tt’y nt46 - , , — .I,-... . j —j - . -1;i'gai i I'.vfi! v/:.n. rns:v.iXtt,vKfii . rjMjt- D Ex* A 0 t*Il lixving been madn m tbe puyftrint ot a ceitain sain of money Secured t o b« paid bjfidl ' uiuitgagtt daied the twenty jxtjhdity pfAvigttft, ft- the year, one tbmftaa.il eight'-hu-nif^d aftl sixtWri, «x- .. — --------- . Jpn'M’Qi t»f Towj*klrte, to Thoaw piece o r p ftcal'ol'ftn^rituate,lyingepil'beitiga p art o f lot - .ftttinhhr Jivjenty-i^v.ft ■itip f a w f c t i t t t i f m j i . - fftloWsiibttgiiittlng *et the . Boftljiweft riorricf of-sbid .4ft, tbejfttt- norft fieve(t!*iiaft^'ttnd i»xty!»riv*n tr^osa . tried ttaeips anilf»Hy«qtte links'; Mtth^-'aogtl’ sevett ' clmins eitii sixty.aevefi chains a n irftftj^^ttJihktt/to rifiijftisiftg ftcvoii ftttfrii wla,ftf, her % j sttije rmrpTSr l*»(—•'Am![ wMrfeWt'Htk muftgttett A town oifBkyutaj jM >^vcOMfi(y. of •T»ftks^*Ntbtictiil: t ftrefortt hereby, given, that > y .virtu* o f . p pdSvft -stalute ft larift , ih e 5 « t «in betted a t pitbiittvrihdue «t <htt a by;the name o fthe H^tel tii the ,vnof tllyssei ramrfgalgcilpreiplft puU/io houjftkriijVu ,f l _ village of IthaoA. totvn o f trftsse*, m thfieVeriteenth noon A U D I ■*-JMil - . | t ' ; .’W \t*T iavt(jg ttvft) ftmde iu thlpttiyft i-riFa .,. . . . 1 ijtj cectfiin sum hLffioney, secured to ho haul by . «n ioiirintuse ptWDrtsplgttftXfepuftd % ?p.borti H o tel- hiri, o f tlietoWi af* Hector, •oinitv o f Tonftkin* anJ f>iio thoma»i.i c i|h t littndniiftaitd mnptaeii; ftf all t i n t ceriaia loU,piew « f pHreel o p a n d , d tu itv , iyhtgtttt* being m m y i a m ,0f Rnftor aforeftid, .fenmyii, *U<1 dittinigtthUrid: f e y o f f , (ft% east ««fft >uli(!iw'».dnn iriihjber fbrSCj O ttftt nttmbft tiM ptwtin .. aai\rttiwuvaiid imhaded « i folioWs : ikginnibgat tha scudh-cftt to r n f t rif the'said w i^lhftbns ftBhiBg tliMiise wrst r.lolig Ihe sauih tine ttf saiii^ipteftbty V roiisi tfifiiHft ‘ttiqfth rind Httiftihf tttttf*S*ty the . - f . l t . , , , n o r f h f t h i . ' t l i t i i i y ' t r o d * wrcner of mid f t t - numbfcr bine ; then enuth % bty* to t t e ;ntt?tfc-«v$fr ^ttjfneri ttf iiid *suj&‘i{ftftfth‘s e i f t ' ninero«ft tfnd tWjiweai eleven r*ds trtd^en -tiiearie>tiifr-tcit&b piece j f f e f t i m t i i i r r cifttaftftft. afb e g in n in ^ e o n f t m m g twenty ft***, tw o rnm i. « ,» ( 1 v },WflE o t u pow e ttttolitftneaiblftif ftvrimds of lend ^<tSaid ^ i Jrasbeei»difty ft«grifid.to Nttthan W«kftmed* j e.f, th e ftiid iM(te*g4ti W w f t *ot pnb-”r ttre.ftttwir. Rl»ett,«wnt.oy virtudnf rt 1 bntfiuCnrntitiiKHm* RfttS^wanaJ.T 4 ; amlfltafe tiForfsaiil, of “ al.i tlftt tartaip piece ol'landt,'! bei.ng pbf l o f lot itrinjber hi tie f t llie town o f Heotbr, I f t ihricttiialy df Tcnipluns. riM ftftninded as fnijoiy*: EsginnftgftVn stake t t t ‘the tturnrir ttf Inft -minijbpr ninety4ffvd arid ttinttty*six,. Ip phi J 'ftwiLbf Cuvdrt, [ ft/dftaiiing ttp.^ 8ixtS tiVo rods, to Iho norlh>ettsl Moiico h ihttreftre.fttcby. 'giftri,.iih.Tt .by vfttu® Hf dT power.contajnediftftidmttrtgi{getbttya]<l pvorlgaged j premise? j> ill ,bejii 4 iLai, public vendin', «l th« Innof | Albert Id, Cfandal, in the tillage o?Trumiin.4mrc, ritt the-£7fh i!fty 6 f ftctcber r:ext,nl j p o’clock' in t f t fore-; nooaof’tliat dsyt - Dutriii'ApVrf 1l*fi,'f820. ' / I JiA T liA N W A E E 22A N , Seri-Stt. H; Di. B abto , A tt^y., , . ' t;the h n fto nttWttcciijfiSl b w ^ n E S g i e f t rTJtoiiiiy ‘'-the -tk m tf»> t t f ■Novftnbgr ' ............ -■ ‘ D u - ,’|Y r H E R E A S .H e t |ry '- 2 leT i|J|pb anil fiu ip b E p d ik e . Y V of SenttCB, (urtsv Tump* kins) antf i f t f t ot -Ee(v»Ybrft in order t o seriurtt t h e piiyiiifent df n cfertnin sum of iiimiey w f t h the i'nterieft didvftV thri S ftttteidli day o f Efebrnary, o n e tlftusand eigh t h^hdled fetid siftefett, grant, h a ftain i , seili rfeftttisri, fenfeiVff and ttofeBrft u n t o ’J f i f t i n s SuttVin, .'M 1 V. ^ I ^9. _ . la 'l l t i •SifiviiVoo'- . . . , ^ _____ ^ ................................ ... neX«, et t^ntFfelftttk ia thri ftfferiGbU rif ftkf day, fed AEay 3if,1820. ' ‘ , •■ n t * * - , J a f t r tf,;& sXt-LY '0 -’tg C tD - 8 R E A S dftftilfchai f e e t t - -M ' M 'pay* - . I T \ % e tff f t ! '■«-rif rftft-sH ft'hFttfteey, secured i p ‘b p prndfty ilfto p t f t^ tr b e i icia ^ liift-tk f e iwcrity-ftttoiij ' tiny o f /iin^ ri»^jiii^ed..h.aHdffed-htt^'ri^|terirfr BXpil- leil h y Geftbcmi Hattforil, o f Caifttiftte, ;a th e txtuoiy o f T ftgs, ttt fheiftbattrihfer, tttt.adl fhai'cerf® be pw bef oi fand,^-fi tii&fe Tyirtgifenif^ftuigilf^ 'thttttttattfF bf;i'ttoipkiiiB and.ftafe o f Seftr*Yttrltt aittt is Iftoiifia ami dlstinguishcil bybesngthe State hundred acres, «n.eal3ed,?a thrifttutii-eact corner ijif^lofnittribi'r niriei)?: thfrte^rftthh to^ftehip ftllSryifen^ In ft squftri .form t herahy (iy virftft of a •Mtid-.sioil^igm aiftdib yiirattaiieiS; »» M M i =J 1 I.U C ,r o t U n I. t o v.ll.S» twenty-seven, cliains fend thirty-seyei* liHks, to a . stake ; fhedcfe.ttafet ffteii^ ' links;,thence routfteiriveh ciiams- nou p v e m y p v e 1 * . „ , 0 bJLEAZOlt B U f t N H A V I , links; thence east ttighteeii .Clmiriy.-.9113 sWenty-five 1 P ’ r a j * * J -A 010 <«*»»* a . M * 9 r«1 * , . r M M b .n the year eighteen httBurrid.Md hinritrittfit ttSfttttttttd b y ■ M m •» ^^disgsassiss^MifSi- g a o a -tb e e f t v i o t h day oL N o v em b er m-xt, a t f t tf tt’- ^iisimi rih'ck in the fo mnoon o f stud day, pursuant tu ( i » chaimr add ftefty-ttvft] 5U^ case ^ ™dt r P n ^ u UJ J ^ ty-'.rods of lanil” :— Am f ftftrefei Hrifftutt has -bee;i matle in th e paypient of- the saft sttft o f money iu - ‘tendfed th hfeVe b e e n ' Mtttttttdt-Btiiftby—'Dlotrti& ‘ fts* .therefore h e r e b y 'giv e a ,:fta th y jVfftttd^'■•of e T^ower t o that effect c o n tained ip said mortgage, and i n pursu ance o f the statute m such cate tpado and pioVnirid the premises above deicnbed aud ottrtga0ed wdl be ■sol1 a t public miction a t the H o tel m 'G e n e v a . 111 the' o u n t y o f f t n t m io , 00 tb e la*t Saturday of J u ly n e x t -it 10 o ’clock 111 ih e foienonn D a ted Jauustry iT i h 18)0 TJltftvIAS STJTrOJS B W ittrfN G , A ttorn e y N Y order of Richaid Smith, Esq. first ju4ge of tlie cqurT of commttu pleas in and for the county ol Tompkins, qotice isheieby given to all the creditors o f Lewis Ilalsey, W sold coun ty, an insolvent debtor^ to shew cause, if any they have, before the sai<} Judge,at his hfttte in the town o f Hector, in said county, on the fourth day ol September next, at 9 o’clociv m thttfore- iiopn, why an assignment ol said mstthent’s es* tate should not be made fort qe henefit d f all his creditors, and he be exempt from icnfttsonmeifrt, pufsuarit tn an acf, entitled “ a i t act lo abolish lmprisOftent for debt tn certain cases,” passed Aprd 7ilft 1820. Bated J u t t e - ^ 1820- tain pittas or .parcel of laud, bejrwipart o f lo t iium>( her1 thirty three m the town o f U lysses aforttsaid, befjiuvmig r;t the soutll-w est corner o f kert p u c e o f lairi iteieafte. rtesorihed, in th e ottntrri o f f h e 9 <f ricrad;- Tcartirjg fron Jftacfe to lyiuck’s settieu iettt, tftem a . **a t o i l the lin e o f Stephen q iy p i o m l’ fence 10 the G 1 vugtt L a k e , s ixty eig h t qimriis , tlici c * a irtb six *„ tfeen rie0tees Viest,. Tnufctaeu chains, to lot uuui>*’ - Uei tin n y t\V , tin. Cfe Vyeht ftlong ib e linfe of - sad t o t Sixty night chain* 10 thfe c e n l a t sa« I roaj thuuce lotttu feis^ e n <l»jgret a e a s t matiCLn ch ins, t ifie pF a c e o fE ftiiiiH n g ^ c o iilH n r r T T r i tlns*tvhoiir,one hundred and iW enty-ftliriacre? afed t in ty-fw o j erfiu- e i of la p , moife or less, ex c e p u n g anil leseiviu g thei e o u t a b o u t tw entv fiveacia o f Land fell o f the 001 lu etui o f i k above described u t c o o t lahd, ftedttii t > Jolin E irlt, o u tlie pwiitietli tlayr ot 2 1 ay, 1^16— A o tic e i* therefore h e ieb y . giVtttt*. tuat *y. virt-te o f ■*. :A ppwrir cm iftineJ h i said- itttt.rtgicge, sn d ft iiuiAtieuic^ ■ o f tlift statute 11 } ttuttli case ttihde ttttd, piovfted lb 5 mftrtgagod i>r»mW a t public vim lu i, e t t l i o rtfiel* m (h e village ttflifaica, Gwri < f U ly . sej, o n the tw e n ty eighth day a i N o y ftib e r n e x t , at -elaven-o’d o r k in t h e torenoou o f lh » t ila v D a ta 1 jytsy S2d, 1820* B E N A A M l J i D L A ^ E . ft. 0 JohsiBftri Ati’|r- ,— _■ , .

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