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American journal. (Ithaca, N.Y.) 1817-1823, June 07, 1820, Image 2

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IrW-R’ ilMBttfOAIf JOUTINAt—VIIXAGB OF ITHACA, TOMPKIKSxmtmTV. $. 1C \ i ~,i ',. i I l'\. I .)...UH,!*m. ... .................................................................................. .... . ■ .... VI -.-«■ • W‘! ^ S3SSZ3ZSXJI^^ 7, IifS0> m f jPk f | E subscribers iicd or f ftree wish to purchase GOOD a l s o , $ 0 l i e a i l o f * < P # W @ & . -<?-* ...... f o r W i n c h < i g e n e i o u s l > i i c e i t t G A S H w i l l b h p . i H K ~ I h e v o f f e r J o r s a l c , A O E N E B A ^ ASSeR'fMFNT OF ' a u d H t f t t a r m Tuau^ f e f f i a a q A Oft, %$. §£* T A l s o / a n e l e g a i i i a s s o r t m e n t o f - T h e y e x p e c i s o o n , i t l a r g e a n d g e n e r a l a s - o i t j n e n * o f ’ > * ^ r - . , ; u w - s T u i p ? . , w h i c h t h e y w i l l s e l l o n a c c o m o d a t i n g t e i m s . 1 T h e y c o u t i n u c t o a t l v a n c e G A H H o n p r o p e r l / l e f t w i t h t h e m * s » n 4 t o f o r - A v a n l t o f l l e v r - Y o l f o * o n r e a s o n a b l e t e r m s ? a l s o , o n T E N S I O N S , a n d c o l l o c t t h e r a I n a s a t i s f a c t o r y m a n n e r . , • ... — T H O M S O N - & PO R T E R . Ithaca, M a y 2ilh,l8*2ft,, *• i n s i u n M E b x m m ? - . ' w m i- m m m m ® H H A N K fU U for foevery liberalpatronage t vidreaty and tho pubfic,beg* leqvetomform them, foil; she ha?just returned from . N«w-Xork. .with a large aud e lu s iv e assortment o f ,. # s M A i r - M o m i s , ■• *.T.. * *. * * 3>f FJW S k S T F A S H iL O N S . A general assortjnept o f '* - • .. s h u t s '; V n ' h s v i i M : 8 E * !1u&e$ aa& f e u a e , , \ ■ , /•• n & l ; asd s >v^^ofotheyur^cjles|d1t0r1& ^ «f bw# sipess.' 3«y keeps constantly onjuytifi taiiseort'* ffleittirfplaiuia^Tashionahwv ‘ - » ■ S I L ^ B . O N N E r T S , ' ' alhof vtbich .will -jie; told jafofoe most moderate: ^ ^ : ^ . ^ % a a u a O N a ^ n f t - ' 1 f o r e i g n X f i w r a . JVew«]fyikt vfctap S i . - L A t E FROM EN G L A N D. B y t h e a r r i v a l o f t h e s h i p H e r c u l e s , C n p t . C o b h , f t o m L » v q i p o o l , t h e E d i t o i s o f t h e C o m m e r c i a l A t h e r t n e r , h a v e l e - c e i v e d ( m h » > t h e i r o o r i e . s p < m < l e n t , L o n d o n j ^ i p m , t o j h e ^ f f f o M o l d ’ s a n d S f o i p p i n g L i s t t % t h e » £ m e 14* erpool letters to tjie ^tli: in«i»*i*c, ; . T h e t p i l s fo r higt* tfoason, w 4 m going ■pnV A ller TW stle^oqdi?i t r M hnd *pfr in§§, wM put *u d>«r bhfr^ ttie evidence against t b e prTspaer ^ • ly th e same a s that given in t h e first d o s e . I t appeared, from 1 fie testim o n y of .V«J- am a, that logs was t o head t h e aaity 0 % th e ir entrance Into (lie room in w h ich f » e ‘ ministers w e re a t dinner, th a t tie Was t o out off the heads ol* Lords Castlereogh and Sitlmouth, aad to bring Cheat away.-* This trial lastod two days. When the prisoacr was called on l’or bis defence, he said he was a plain uneducated mas. aud hoped tjie jury would hear in-- duigeuco. file gave a very minute mirra- live of circuinstanccs which hml happeqea to him tinee leaving -Purisea, in VUgusf ' last, i|c declmcii that he hid heop brought to the stable by a man nambd E d ~ wards? and (hat unless that matt was, brought forward, he was murdered. In several parts of his. address he was vio icntLy agii at ed, and wept hitre f ly , especial ly when he mentioned hisown paveriy. and the distress o f his family. He conlinucd speaking for aftoiU twenty minutes. t T h e Jury brought m a verdiot o'guilty, up m I he IhI and 3(i count# oflcvylng^ war on the King w depow hipti The next in rota ti«m W#i. %%mm8 Wrunl* T h a trial of tthla mao euntinucd two days. \When caHcil on fbr his delence, he ipbhp for nearly three quarters o f no hour, T h e jt*ry hwdglit In & yerdiet o f $ttilh f* on tbe Sd and 4th eounts, vi?. o coaspiring to levy %apf and actually levying war »- ga!nittbe-king.,r T h e ffi.al o f Joseph Ilarrison, oomnaoa- ly eallcd Parson Harri«on4 tooh> pllicfe '* a t Cliestpr, on the i$th of. April, He w a s tried upon two intlihttaents. for seiiition ? found guilty on both, and sentenced to t w o , *yearsf hnprisnnment f a fiie cotm ty goaf,* ’ ahai in, the hesffiafllieri aatlailnnderi aheadW.td -with thehtmpstdejpatch. , ■JtkemM fr W j ^ m f . ' . ‘ .• . t . J -I ., 1 11 J .\> • < $ H. ( ^ '“ W I» - I 1 »U|» I| | | | ' « . » » \ \ | » |»| | | ^ , vtfrefi^ sgsihst the goods, 'chattels, lands mid ichmhenta of Atuoo Planning, I juhH expose toskie alf his right and i»tle;io lot no SCt, iiitlie tft\vn <-of Hector* together w ith a l l his pNersbldt pnppCHyy on tbcSth day o f ^pril fiext, on the premises, at ten ^ o b ^ .4 r M * 3of/tliat day, Hated Ech. Tlie.4i.lia.voAale.ls postponed until -fii* theiatlM! Aa the same h a g u s t n e x t , a t nndiiipc of.day, •jputcd May 1 7 tii, U S K i K S S ^ h ® “ H. B A G E R 2d. Under Sh% , r;ji -ni > . 'rC viilph-of-hh eXe,6ii«bh to me dlrec* ’ dettve^, againll goods and cliattcls, Infills. a»d teiictneate, hf Jolin! % e^ o x e # sd # All fils tdghf fhe\ town ot Covert, logtthei with a ll his per* sonal property, on the %t th day of May ^next, at top o ’elfick a . m. on the piemises. Dated\ April *t*th, 182^). ( t P sale is postpon'd «nfit the ninth ihy-ntjkws next, a« the same plareaad time ^fduy. Haled May 26th, 1820. 2d, und. Sli’fi for HENUY BLOOM, lute ShT, itce’d, BY virtue o f several executions, I sUall expose lo s ilo all the right and title of lhuben Jowel, and David Ring, to Tots ^0. 5 and B, m the town pf Uly6s^s,.,to- gethet with a ll thOr pesonal propertiy,;jcu tV i dnrsd \y (he 16ib d ay of March next.ut 1 o*cloih P. M ou the picuiises. Dated F^hruatf 1st,-m o, * . . .. .. ■ 'fhe above sale is postponed till fhe fir^iw%y oi‘ J urie next, at the same place and .d n |||N t a y . Da c»l ‘March 45th, Tlie above ^ale is postponed til) the f iventj-serond inst.^at tlie same ntacfe Sod Ifnie liTiray .^ m t t t % H ^ L S l i Y , S h ' W . v *?• and to find securities for his gobd bohav- for two vpars. The hew Parliament assembled on the ■ 21st df April* . In f h eJfoase -of .Cpm, mons**(he Kt. Hon. Charles Manners Sjnt- v foA^-Ai: i f siie^kcri- The^itein.hailic^a publicly ^ h d soi- cmnli'r'magnized ih all her -rights and “\\\ilfges by t.he first tribunal o f the land. , otldng bad occurred in Englandi since ourJastladyipes,t6\disturb the general tranquility. . ^ . Tnhpefspn' who headed the Kadical troops at ffuddcrifield, was formerly \a captain in the SMh.feg, of foot.—Be is rtow in citstntiy.* \ Since tlie Bank of Englandhas heon Com­ pelled to pay in specie, thefe have been only three ingots issued! from the Bank -to thepahhV -— — At Cuustantinaplej On the iStb Pfh. a fire brefee wiif* w A i e l t ^ rhetween . ted a t e l g l t d r Tto&IHtbns?J1 * ' “V . - :\. lE B L A K D ,: * .* r . The RibhoiMn.en a re very active in R os- commoHrnanty-,, At’Sfoslgrnwitvi dm hap- ony ol-AtHion^a partyM these itpcn e»- tered the out bouse o f a Mr, Wade, and ptueked Thisw a S dAly a cUinniCneemenl of further de|n«dafipns hi thafvvluinity; Uiey unroof­ ed tWehhtiseS'ofmany pei'snns wlio, w e re opposed.ta .their proceedings. -At B o ek- Jield iltdy/id^QUiiAcj| <adii||.MaitoQ into aev end dwelling?, and those wi«o did not in stan|l|, open their dooi'S-Were fired at _ Doe man wxs killed and several Wounded. s c o r u ANii. . th a t Financial 4ceOonts; hut all efforts to nivuntam otdcr in jhp Chnmboi ot ta gp on Willi the dmou3sion, were iu vain ; uproar hcmime ttic order p f the day, and the most disgraceful scene of contusion ensued.—* \ T h e printing of the Election fhdject was vociferously demanded by tuunerous Voices .on the-Orteside, wpdst pn tli« other, a contiAhal roai Was kept up mr piocecdmg Ayith the tlisciifcsmn of the accounts ? the Tribune presented two or (hreo Deputies speaking from it at the same tipie ; others were arraigning the conduct o f tbe T» cmi- dent,wbdst several were Ipudh vociferaiing at each other1 across the benches The President a f length finding it u ticily 1 m possible (p rest ore Ol der, ^uspert ded tlie sit ting for f hour* At the expiration o f which, the sitting, was resumed, andfhc Mmistei 21 $ovornoi placed ou his head a croWp o fja and roses which bad. been piepagyd forftia T h e soene. Was, too much Tor Quirbgn, he’Vvij greatly affected that he burst into tear?, dad 1 , were obliged to fake hbn(in. A ijmfe iiitetoik. spectacle was nevei* whnessed,; ABcdjne m a thousand recollections; Would1 to Gpdlb . could have beeu present who fhtiik we artdi^Q able of appreciiathig tiie advantages we bnvc jilj'’ attained in shorf, we Ate all happy, wtffi (L-^1 exception of a ver) iqWjfoo sefvile a»»t too Av xenaBfv lo prize the olessiogs their*felk»'w chtfi* ep|py; but tbis is only-a dat'k spot in the ‘gf)ni$! scen,% Iftd tbey vviljjje left to the fcmor&e oftiiim-i 'own consv^ieaecs.,, ,.• \ \; • n v ■ i , ' ' S a f e n u M a i l 2 7 . ' F R o n r i N m ^ . - T ' W c ?rC indebted to Captawh West, of the George, arrived yesterday, for t* file o f Cah n>f * m , U h m having f a U n d (bat b e jfjh e M K O M a n r . j . m M n « e p p o s e I h e p w n i i n g o f the p v o - T h e M c u t * J “ I ' r \ a l ^ ; . & 2 s r t t s s : 2 ^ ls tips question w a s thus.^t At fosta | the Tersjan Gridf, by the britosh exped<tyH|$ ■ «.* • . iv 'Y,i ' i / l ' / AU ■ .J.,.der Ma1er(^en. &en,wfiet a-te?istaucfe The King, desirpus to- accolermo the r days* The loss of the fojtish was el meeting o f the'Cortc^ htisiiisheA a J c e r e e , kjjied and ymnrded. TfeeArah^rtfijEte fixing it for the 9tli o f June, instead ot the trestt to the ncighboilnghdh atvl date gi6| ptli o f July,. ; ’ . ' CfoeofthecfoefsaftertheretixahrettUHel Admiral* VilfoyilrneiOr,had T ttrifed at ; g iv e hmneif up t* the Bfitish. M adrid . frosn U a d is, and Was to lAke T h e (Allowing article m from o»rlatest] , ME VS TEOV1 THE E A $ V * U » 7 %1 M d iaiita t b a l» S O A * l-to . M g r o f tbil. vnan; # « ( be : should be brougbl befvra .1.6 Irilm n o ls . ' « Patemhsng, «M _ot T lm ^ lh d iid HaAefto p f tjb e s d o V A p ril contains three lloyid Decrees. T lih first confirm* th a t' o f toe ‘ C o i’tes. fiat Ad T f i t li July, $Al3* andAboHijids foF ev e r all priv­ ileges and exAfo^ye pubrto o w l priyate, whioli liwroiTgcd to tlie C row a . u a - d r r t h e titie o f “ Royal Pai rjmdny;.” i— Plie K ing Alsu ordains that all. the .arrears o f the said revenues, due o n , the 9tli o f last M a rch, shall h e exolusiyrly bestow ed ,'<m log n*ado peMOnerjof foe Gcwrooj who^Ahfiad foey ®f«r taken ofi,? ' present fo their R^hh or Chief, T h e loss of'foe Patch in Pleir dttoin lenBbang, is s lid to Omount to npwat Europeans? .besides- a great pf'i‘H<us at thl native troops, whicii suffered as touch fifttn M •nesmas irly Other#usu, '* - , Ti^eritptnce to the Takmbaog -R ivtf; bTocXofied acfoss wiU.r stalfos fipvefi 4)0ttrmi,.Torii|eu of pretty ,lm%S small island o f 0omj» In fhe eedtre' pf f|Wt trance, was fortified wjfo,about 4 0 0 jiiect \ w v u r . - ’v t ■» -M b .T .r ,! ^ • 7 ou iiiC lOihuU. Thewccond Deerco. with ilm flew o f removing all the obstacles that. (W it'fojh* iiaprpyeaicnt of igvmulture lit Rpafoi .?? ,h o * Cortqs, date j 4l»s t2fi» o f Ouloher, 1812, mad ahoiishe* the riglita known ia divers parts bf Spsiih hy!Mm i?ame t»f .the ** Vow *of .Sti J s g o i\r and also, ovtlnina tbat ihe arresrs slue to 1 lie Sill . of ifiaroU, shall he devoted to tho iSUm® pufcpase those mentioned inthe first- DeerceC Tho thli‘d - i lecroa abollihes tho: rlgjft by whicii. the fiocks' were allowed indiscriininatcly io traverse the couhtry, in passing frniu the whiter fo the xuiuroiti* pusiiirage, r The fourth Dvcrob ap^ifoto firigadicr Doti Joseph M arlings Ban- Military governor ' of Cuidad Bpdrio ? Brigatlier Don Manu­ al Dial do Hcnera, Doyernorvof St. Sebas tian i and Marshal dd Camp, Hon Man­ uel fie Ycjano, Governor .of Mad id, The Madrid Gazette o f the <0ih con­ tains the following hhaogcs iii the minis­ try. ' - :••■■ . ' v 4'. • M. A. Arguelles, o n e d f ihe most dis- tin&rtlishetl DiHforsin the CorFos of t-adiz, titui a lnrge supply of slrof and ariinniiion.' T h is si|inrl defeat at F m # itipo^ coapWM then: thiuk, gt>far to srckeiTthe ,t)iltch o f iiieA j ent p<^]cy to Wards the Natives over -dApin (WiMl4.e*tto.dfoeir.to!«. . * terbeck, I>as had sense encwgh it s^m s,to i ' his Goverrimetit to give up-every place td 1 • th ey Jmake pretonfiops], wShlfie ^xSeppfnl < \A; a p d fiie .Bfofocps,. and We think tiiey not to tlp,belter- diau to follow his advice ,He» de la -Torre, M. Jean Javat is appointed Minister df foe Marine, in the i^oom o f M .-L n is dc Salazar, ’* /. r. M , G a rcia H c r rerbs lias b e e n hppclhh^ ed M inister o f ihe fn teriar. - 'flip m e m b e rs o f th e eonsfitutionnl mu- liieipalify were chosea on tlife -9th at M’a- drid. 'Ih e vcsuh of t h e oleetvok luVs inet wilfi g eneral a p p robatio n - m lititfetli^V-' ban been toatfo in the ehoiijr ?^ Jgi*and**v>s, land proprietors, iaerohauts, - e tc. are' a- ^1000* fbp'Oumiier * ' ' l; A I.w if jus^gofog to» diUf , * “ abolit very prepafofion^'i^iBll’fo i^ y f h B n . I'haS. .IT.-A m i . r . n -i o t i ri on < t l t O CT + tl ^ IN T E R E S T I N G F R O M S O t !V& T r c t n i f o U f f o r t h e N n a - Y o r f c D a i t y M i t *#” * , ’ . ' ^ --Extract of a letter from Baenps Ayre^ house in fo% city? dated AlarcH 15-^-pi Hewiii^atBtowu|toh* -.• : .. . , . ** You Will no- dtiubt ohl^-foe Amerh lie b y giving them A tranMatlph of thee* articles of peace, concluded ' b^tyrreh .1 &&&*. Mifi the ttod^ei^ed. provinces bf fioA, Sun{a E e, &cs ^rmtcrifoursewifot intoriur |i now completeiy restored, Add t tfoa 4fo1ch was|iutpnfoe expoiyati<» 0 fi .ions h fakc»eftVafld free gxpoirtativn. hv f ed, giving foe usual bond ^otNo go t o an cii « Cadixl A p ttl U . Hi the aAiucerit; d^fjFfoto\ Tlfo troops h a d horn ordered to itotoiin fofoeir ibrraer s ta- execution to -me de- I^ B Y virtue^ \irer^against the real and personal prop, ofFjiiiiohas fienneltjun. J shaft ex- h cify A i foverp3At Almost Avpry family *h a y e the ihfluonZa.And in ataiiy mstAni^i ev ery fofo% AfeehhfiaAd with t h is cofophfoit. , . ; , • /F R A N G E , - - h . ‘- The Par|h foites ate to th e 30tbi *—A London edilor ohscrv'es, tliat Sincc’ifte ea^ 'tahiishiHentof theGensoi'shop, llieFrenoli tmpers are devoid o f any soit o f infelli genee, However^ by a letter, feom Paris of thei lQdi, it appears, that means of rlii-' ding ii s^operaiibn have hern found in tlie ptihficafioii o f stijull pamjihlets, which a»‘e nbt suhp et to the restriction. twv«# U J 8 # . »11, his r ight and U tlc to the I » « ^ % o „ « w O M b , l a tii. S 9 i W AW of iolyx ** ?ne P. M. at t W . H o t e l i n t w b ♦ [ l y b f I ' b a e a . D a t (-(I Jimo tbe stop to this inode, the govei nftient purposes revising the penal code, which concerns the |Si ess. rite judges, it is tfopposrd, will be invested with the jurisdiction o f , tltoptessfv.^ * Aprejee^t'espAcMng elcotians,w^8 offeeed a s a »ttb*titnte foAffofo wjhichwaahefoieHse -Ghamber. A very animated debate arose, whether this documeut should h e aeeciv- t .len g th * ainldst w * & . ..... c d , anUtfiat it w a s r e f c r r e d t o t h e l l u r e n U . «*■ lfo Htoflr cAlfod oil <he Cjlr#^ .of IheJCliiy for foo crsmnption of 1% disehisioiiof the Of ia h Anfonio, the rhattaiioh Af Aragon, $60 onen^ belonging t o the L a lsla . party,, v^henfo ’ they had just arrived, having-first gone- fo dip1 t 6 |uareoffoe Gpnstitufion to salute lorsv the ehriish rehefi there m hojgtor.^fefir'Nfi- Aionai DedAli;The iiung Vifo sfiks, fipfi crowded with opcciators, and ihe in- v 6 f e ib itid * n ^ ^ 'ii 6 pnTirts in their himds, -The.battalion moved off totheir quarters, and I went on to see Quiroga’a entry, but how can 1 convey to yen an idea of this plea­ sing and tender sight ■* Scarcely Was his com­ ing known, and the \foole of the ground from the CortadmOf-tothe Squwe of S&n Juan de Dios, was forong^d with people, balconies, tops of the houses, all filled, even the city walla and towers, so anxious was evCry body to see tfow brave and distinguished man to whojq hi? country is so much indebted, and who,little more than, three months ago, was an inmate ejf one 7 o f our prisons. U The patty from La Isla reached the Gorta- dura, and was received with discharge^of artille­ ry and everyflthef^ demonstration of joy The people forced Qpiroga and those who accompa­ nied him to plight from their horses, and they as­ cended a beautiful triumphal cari prepared, fot the occasion, in which sat fjuiroga^ Riego?T.o- pez-Ranof our newGovernor, Don Gaetano Val- dfes, and O’Donajhu, drUwn hy the people. Par­ ties of soldiers preceded them, and an immense concourse o f the most distinguished inhabitants on horseback, Gerierals Eerr-ast, and Cisneros attended nt coache? On reaching the square of San Juan de Dios, Qtiiroga alighted dt foe Governor’s house, but the people demanded he fooutd show himselt a? the bal<?otiy. There the litv.**k^ ^uiu yt v, nE> w twiv -try xn^ of afiairsjfo;« hte afi,p*«Jjes, a n d .promi^t th e ftappineii pwsporhy of foe wiiqt^>7!There i s no r\ -nofofouHhatTinto be free ? oim exporti;fclSper?;aild iirjp r ti 1 demanded, .nSfo afoductmW o f §b|iesi ; . . * ** $ipce foe ooiatjlusion o f foe ttoaiy b^Afc j thi» a®(i.the-. nther pidvTnces. a last effort | >| made by the expiring faction to legam that*! .cendancyjandthey succeeded mgettinga nuriffj at signutures,to afetHTt>ii-for the removal of 9»| atea, anja.nr-w election of Chiefmfigjstj ate iiuf jgufoof fotise people, howevt j. did not v l f t i d j forthe Cculib y militiji- many cf ourdq zcw caphbleqf bearing ai*ms bmi the forces, all nnited m the support of Sornteti *^| ihe^eMsling government \ and no oihef alt it / e was left to the 1 aders m foe plot but to •safety nt fiight c \Vfe trust thi? will betl scene of foe kind « Inch will tomsfi the of o u r country These provinces aie all the present ti? the most friendly fooling f of ttfoich, liotvei see ihe necessity, for the purpose a t least ,1 tual deft ace. W e trust a coitfederjaiic ottet fedetete head,will, erelong bp which wilt give to us a pernfanOnt GoveinmentjTahd with if [ nu at home and respect abroad \ There is a possibility that) gal may eventually tike place from her claims on the Bar W a r wjU,howewr, bt but fowe provmceA jfvqmg and fHeadship, ^ |f i|tiot fyiUi tugueseio. make €onqUe$tsi ^Yon«ny,be assured that-] this capital has been greatly bei cent changes, and bids fair, pov steady character*” ____ r... .j - ... B Y vrbtiip o f sev« i tl «xw‘Ufions delivered, againsf the jo'ti! and pi property o f John Whiilo^k, t elm' p o s e lot sal® a ll Ids i iglrt and liou t 150 acres of land, on lot U lysses, now In his pmsesrofo ob fbfl day o f July next, ni 2 o*eij)ek K ** Hie Hold in iheviltage o f Itk d a * J u n e the 6 th , 1820. ^ I f r H A f j q S Y r t By fo fRAH Y, Dep’f Sh‘ - f- * t.: -I 'th t - A-

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