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American journal. (Ithaca, N.Y.) 1817-1823, June 07, 1820, Image 1

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» n JLL * u q juisti O;* W SiD% ESi>A I to.]' yBM m *v J l BUT TO TUliTa, TO ItBEKXlrAlfJ) UW,- '“TTinrrrT -wp iavoh swA^a u e, a * j > wo feah sju * t a # j . ^ 7 . - ■■- £PY >», fr v o l . m :s ^ w o ; 4 3 :] t t h i c a r « r v r r o r t o m p r w $ , n r ~ . , j u x K 7 , 1 8 - 2 0 . IP s«? •r TTtrHEKE 4S Menvy ’Mcij^rten BnO Hal ph Fii<! fte, * VV ilin‘ °* U'iys.wp, county n f # e c a , (cow Tcicp- m*J qud state ot ^evv-Y \lt in ofafoy'tfi actin', the rjay|pf(tt of a certftiu su,i -< ftfl-uwy with the i ->:*■ fri tfiDiiBOD «liJ 00 the MXU'enth ilay <«f- F t-'u-ry - i>. ♦tv**' ■HI P f W H O L E X o , U 7 . - ^ , . , J _ -wSL, iiiouja id ifcht hun<ii'e*i atul'sixwen gr fo- ’>t' ••! tR*-. fo- cf '•;' ''.Vi -• * 1 ''.;' «|{, mJeasc, eoteoffRnrt w^i;m , ijnt 1 ^hi-jit'.s ,Snli»n tfton‘ tte*safoe ‘pi<icc-(hut no\fool Hte 1 oMit>v»£ Gii- jtino)tO hts h e i r s u<td as.'tgns loroy*- , \ •,.•! i c e r ­ ium t»«ol o r parpel jof ten d ., situate 5 * 7 .' ti»rto(Iytn« »icr evrfrtce-iii,'iti the •.'/• • ifiresjtid auil IpMiuJetl kit I'ull-uvi: P*-, Vp ih east confer i\f lot’ wutghet '»•••<,- ' ' k /_. v ■\\irest thirty chi)i.flsjt^a 'A-orb •.ity.f'vr ■‘i K'- $ty Uve iii tVri \VO .tiftlvud u.i ijrifr* i*. 'igpn v<y;'j h- tfce _js tjveiity seven ch'Rifi- pod tm rtys' vm> , fo, fctake-, t|i“r ce eefit twenty. eii iinh ati;i n iiihf 1 llitrico Foiith qteveiV eifotiis .air! in tiienCe east eitrhtetik cliauith, and o :-’ -.1 ^JinWJhetit.e. Uvirth •th)fty-i igH t)hfr|iis.anh 'e jirtL'v, to tho place of.bygimtto^^.oon.ttnnnti' tife I and ta e«ty ,«inflia®res p «4 n p Uhad'c.! I( )0tlt of tdttiP’^-AniV whereas' deCV'1! wWe in the payment «l_«he ,«k;J sum '••*' c ' tallied t«» _UayH , V i ^ n .'j^ a ^ K t h e r ^ i u c< tYeMTirp hereby Sy 7 »ii.t»e-'j' y '^ e r s-i thatd(f 1 1 1 atftiaad hi eaidlpirtgage,, itj.,' . 1 ,..' tmrso- M t / t i l (fit statute .\fo.spch case roaile *a«d fyi.fih-stl, tlcpKOiis s ahpv« d&CHhed ah 4 >iM»r{u^>! 'vtifL j^ sold.ht pulilio ^ctlpn. a t the ttuifcf’hd'Oani vj, irj'ihe isu of Ontario* 011 ' tk e tost Sii^nrd • ;/»! J» ! v «t ftf clock ia the foieuoon. l)ftehiJ.tn1.st,.y, i?tU, t m a'.*1”' JaPfcS StJTfON.-.. B VfKtT«t«, M fon& y - ' \ ■■■■..-••I W ilfclfcEA^ vaijob Swat,!.!* of the--town ot iJi^s- ftjKtn the i^ca-cotfoty o f Seaeca, ,puw county c[ i^iuj ktas, hy huiuttture oT m n tgage heariug /aie tueseventh laypf-October. ia tht. y,(*«r o.ipijteea ltun- fcfetland siSteet>, for srcurinu; the pa; me <t of, a «er- tati fum of luffney therein; wienjtiooad, <1 rd grant, ,baE- ■ ksin. remise, .release, alien and - utuj.fU'TO, unto. /lltfiSias .’wUoni of tha-ftaine place, rll that certain lot - hei&gia the milk ^ry.tffWt • o f the stftjtC o f Neivs-ycnk, and may be ionrn fai'ikularl.v ihisisribeil ns. beuig a part • of lot no. ; lyiptlle t a vnof Uly.?seatforeaHi(i,*and hauoded »« fiiptVAt-i'eiinnitiS iit s*fe^.,3Dr«ft«imnV.. t)pwh'H§sf rcwWH.lhcrtce west tlnrteoii etiatns and foriy. links { .tWrtyr.dftidiBrf i?fknws kkst, tlilrteep. •^ain^soll forty tjbencs north thjrty chains 1 ^tBeiiCOWtst fhiMeoh whaios and forty ‘{inkSf thence LOUth.ilfynweeivi&dhw;^thence cnpL-pine chains; '\1 chnia^ place pf hagiunitigt uonwioipg fortyificivcn. *l«evkwhf«iurtroths;;.of t o d — A n.d Vvhoreas the said ll«i[eotur( 5 o f «)oVtpiip;e, has been, duly OsMgiiedto iio^ \jfetfiw. Bassefts (iftii^towu.of CytUariite,\ 6 juhfy*pf * ^ il 6 gaif'/& 6 Att’bercas def^uit haii beeit trtWdein the >$»yft»ent of the money 'VfCkred to he.paid' by .said i >|ft)i%lgee^^dlice is therefore igiven* that by virtucof y 'k'ygW^honfcdoed in said mortgagCy tb^ safd mort* he sold «t public auelionraf the . M el in .the' Vi)l«|e *cif Jfthkcfl^ on- Saturdfty th e {«tfttlftli ilay o f Augusi nv# , nt ten t ’clock in; the 'iJren'don pf th a t duy, Uan-d Iihnca, Feb- 8 th, ifi' 20 . ‘ .>;• i v > , - - B O B E a T C . U4Sf»EF)i? - '. JdjtsioN- & fltrSIPHBKY, Att'ys. tS(J J t ■ ~f~i1 |T ' '- \ ' i l 1 1 ~i i n ' ' \i T Ti 1 n il im i i 'I ¥ I A HERJEAS i'ums -Shei wood, and Arma his wife, , . , ,JA tps-tikthj|ay;c>ftJMne,ycisfe.ke» #jmodre,d < im4«vcnteen, didj b» indenttfre of, Mortgage for se- ?«S»g the payidettt of e. certain sum p f nmm-y tliere- EspeiilfiedyaccordiHg t o tho condition of a certain even% td-therew ith .grnntiJbm ^ain, ,g|lKriel^aSe, enfenlf, nmi Amlirm, a a t o •'ally . A n n 1 finghes, all that cnriain piece or piu-cel nf (and, sliu* ( tut lathe town of fi^ctoivbirrtg k p a rt of foi nuuihef I f entykiiney in Jfefctpfr »fost I’ifted as foflrt Ws litan* ’ iitd'aoms i a the hofth west cm ner o f said fot, lying lit-, ijuar»* fornr aH ilie nd j \cent iiiifea.^f .'eaul lot will ‘ Vpcwtr-Afsq, W’Cer«hs;Pi«ii'i'y *yipf.ftlfrn i oti tbe fdui'lfa I Ji'iy.'CigbVkii fjito'dred and Bffedfti didfhy ini ■m s ^ i y , ‘“* mw * <i«iWM p « t ; : f dBhtiiUiing thiftyyseyeh ^^% d ,thiF ty-tw o r<ftls» he the 6 &n*e more or • tpss, iJhApnijiis o f which,^relereacn tnoiftgsfestff- - W registry -thereof,' \viU more foftf appear—and t vyherea»-tlie? S»id mortgagea fia ve fieeii ^Hiy assTgned ’ 44 ^?dbf®riher., Kfijai*^MilleF^aiiiL Whkreae defouit ' | a5 been made in the payfiu-m of the money sefiurcd ; A^prtHVin and % spTdy^ftrtgaiiies .— Notice therefore •-Ukaitii/ ffiven. tiiet h^- vifctUc of a power' cdiilawieti iev 8 iil ni iitgaires re'jjecj ivoly, and in purtuence of - 1 U£,rt>Uiile iit fuqh eiise made and provided, the.e'aid ®'?rfWke.d p e e a i ^ wl|| fee sqfd at ptfblic vemlne, a t * ’ *J» 'he viilage. of Auburn, in the county nrCayiigrt crVr the fifteenth flay of J u :y r>e*t, at ten h clnek ii) the tmMnnti o f that day Bated Auburn,- f e f , i / f haVirj^ been toiirie ia tlie payment ol . 8 .’ft!rf a in Hint of. mofiey, secured to oe paid, by fa c e t e d iiy ; Andrew Cooper, of the town »!. pn niy* 4 f Tompkin.s. bearing tfatd 1W31 bilaytif April,eighteen iiomlred Hfm)eighteen,; dscobF T t e t e r . o f t h e same plaue.of aft that certain tait RU np parcel qf land ly i n g and being ic the to w n iiRsiiW, k - * ii m v o f T o , n u k i i i s a f o r a s f l i d , arid k n o w n -east . . t b # tenths; thence,south one hundred aad West) six ro I s. ami a h a i t ; thentJe West Fixty-tbree »wi *> u h u e tel h.<f; tlieride ntirtn tfqe 'huhdred aml Y VwfttjMjx rbJ-j und a hatf, to the pladk ofbegintting, [/•vs and twenty sqoare rodsof land: ^W p e feT o y ^ p o ttpele hereby i^yen, tbafby v fc' . dMtubed in sft|f tnortgjtge, and' in J ’ 1 ^ ' P ^ r y <ti^fttiitufe iji sutih cnsrk matle and pro* b* St’hwribed mdrtgagiAFfifelptseF hiyUI — ^ .due, 011 , tfce elevchtn day o f Wo* 1 Sc m tlm. fo.rctioonj .at tbe t» m,4'*L»wttn of jiatteingj u i t c d ■ f -/• •>. ; q . ■■ lAS... tJLT-h iuiit—been made m_the paymentjQf ertai 1 Mtm ot money secured t o Unpaid in qnd c iat m iti, ga, executed by Xjasmut W F I 1 ,.. t > J .hu Gardner, hearing date th e si^dt day o f ih ne tfe lpmnd eight imntlred and jugtcu >>— n.oiutf is tieveby given, thatui pursunoee-ef the statr iHeiu such case made and provuledj a n d b f vij tue ot j \v« r c >r|tumed \ aid mortgage, I bIirTI expose to .vale at puliUcyendue, at thehouse iiow occupied by ri ifftC Ciihbs up the’vntage Of Battavia on tbe 2?d i iy * f J tfy next, at tn o o’clock in fit afternoon, all tha certai 1 1 it or parcel oi land, beirig part of lofe no t l3 m the ttwniihi^ of Rector and fcquiity of Tomp* hinj known in subdivision of I>aid lot no id, o r lot no^S, cqtitoinmg- pne bupdred and Bee ntru»> two joode^ud ten perches, be the same m ore 01 less* fefeh* etice being had to said mortgage hrtw'Tecoftfed in the tll»rk’a qince o f said eautity of fompkins, will more .fully and at l&igeappear. Baled January t2tb, 1$>20 JU U N J G A R D > E 1 V P It E b a c t AR’y ^Jf^BElEtEAS George S Vnnvleet, ofthe tow n of , V » Coveft^lat«>>n the county oF lompkigs, now Senepai) by indenture ot mortgage bearing d a te the tenth day of Jqne,pi Jin, year eighteen hundred and eighteen,tor securing theipnymenloF a certain, satn of m j fey therein icontfoned, dn* convejrunto Jeremiah • Powell oi Hector, i n the county o f rioii}pk*na, all dhat-CF'rtgip piece of labd Iviugiu tbe town of Hector, an | bfellig part of lot lio, 8 pi said tow n , and bound* ed as fpl|ov \8 :—Roghinirig two rods east ot G a rrta Claw eon’s land, a t the ninth line of said loti running t hence south one. hundred-.end, .sixteen perches and 1 me links p thenfce-eastonehupdred-aud teuLperciips tllLilce pprtb rtne hundred and sixteen perehes and nine links thence west to the place o t beginning, containing fc ghtyacre* actei of lend—And whereas default bps bken madein the payment; of pie-money >FCCureu lo n e p a iapy saiamarigage—.^ouve is inere* 'for^J;efhby^i%nt 3 l^ t,J|p v |$ lh l bfdpowM r ^>>t4ip* ed in s a i d . m o r i g a g f } i t tp.$f|uanfcA ofthe statnte in such c # tiiatk and provided,'the a h ^ p described preirdJieHiVithbfe spidat |mWic.au|t|pn^ aithe H(qteV|n. the village, of {Jyl& tn, the Cptiffty^ jjP Eeiiecsv ipn Hhucsday tlie seventh day p f Sepfernber next , 1 a t &. okluck P . M. .ljatkd March f 6 tb, 4820,. s’t * { JE R E M 1 A H P Q W E E E . B'm, TiioKT 8 oN< A li’y.. ; . ; ’ . ■ ■ the co'uniy'of Seneca) djcl^by Ii)denUiee «f Mortgage Aearingj,date : thitteeillli day p f January*’ (t) fftq Y«ar one’ tiiouSand'elght huridre j Asevenleen, fqrf eCur ing the payment of.a certain wiip p f ^rttoe^;thqrciii tnen- iioned, mortgage to Obadialf l'e'ri'y?'o n e 6 f the acting fxectttbrrtq^tJheJaA wIllaftiH^t&’tiueiatc^jnnajthaft Weller, late oF the town of Washington; k Butclieas county, deceased, An undivided jiioietyr of aU th a t Cer- tain lot of laid situate in the towAof Sector, late, in the county of Seneca, and no)V tn tfiecm intyof Tdrilp kiryi, feeing a p a rt o f a> tract Bet apart, for tfid- goldierB of the Revolutionary Wnr, niid cdflsitoaly called the • military* tract* known in said ‘tract he .lot upi And whmm* default feaff been made m the pp.yme of said sum of money ahove meniio.netl, \yhll.tu.e inter, est thereon: Therefore nntTee is hereby given, that by virtue of a power cohtained in qkid mnrfgagc. fend pursuant to the statute in such jbasb and prpki' <led, the said inbrtgegcd premises vyillfeti exposed i r sale a t p(ib|ie vendue, a t tlie coun-houie iu th e vil lage of PoughkeBR-Bler in DutchcfS -pouhty, do^tbe first day of'August,■ in the year one .thousaud ^eight feundredand twenty, bntaeen tbe hours, of t i n o’- lock in the forenoon andUvo o’clock i n the afternoon, of thatB a y i and a conveyance execntCil to th e ptir ’c&tenr -BatedNov«tUber>P|.TLiBt&* -v ' , * ' OBADJAJH P E R R Y , one o f Jhe • acting Exequto r» df the e state of Johatham W xilcnit, deceased; 1 \ B F A t J L T havmgjbeenwnarfe in t heEaymert^rtfa J L r c i i t a i n suta of mmey* 6^111 ed by k mortgage •eiequted by Mmrtti IVakemnnr ql the tywn oi Cove^ \uid pounty(qt.§en,eCa and stajte.ot ^few-Y ork, beaung . date tbe thirt.etb day of J u p e y n Ahe.year o f our liprd. opife thoueand eight hdnihed and- nineteen, to T.ytbm Bradley, of th e town of Ulysses, county of Tomykins and stale afujfesaid^of “ all tfeat certain p^qce of land, being flirt of lo t number nine in Jthe(iown of Hector, in thecrtunty o f Tompkins* and is bounded asfoilows : . Beginning at a stake at the coiner of t/ta imrafeer* ninety five and ninety six in said tow n of C vert and running cast sixty two rods, to the north-east corner of, said lot number t u n e ; then south eighty* nine; rods opd an half r then W rit eleven fiids Ftul teo lin k s ; thence n orth thirty rdegrees p e s t, to tbq place of begitaniog* poptainsng tw enty adres, trtp roods and two rod^efiantl-t-^AndwfeereastUo said, mortgage has bpen *IM ly assigned to Nathap'W aktman, Senior— Notice as 1 therefoie terebv g iven, t hat by value of a power contained iu said ’mortgage the S id mortgaged premises Will fee sold akpnbiic v nilue, fte the Inoof A lbert ^ l Crandgl, in the village of Tiagjanrhuigtc.U the 27th dayof Octqber n e x t,at 10 o’clockin tfeejore*; uoqu pf that d ay. Bated A p ril 11th, 1&20 ' NATHAN W AKEM AN, Sen'AO i H . D E abto , Att’y. • , . 1 N G H A K C f B Y h N icT tolM G u iicfcf * ^ » , Complainfint ■ .• ■•. vs. ■ ' ■ ; r V : ' 1 ? ipfendahii. J N ^ur#iiCeqfa • ileorcfteil order of, the'court qf ^ chancery, in th a above cause, will fee sold under the direction ofthe subscriber^* a t public auqtion, a f the houimtifTfeqmagJ^iihauj'Jj^fitmtrtr, t»|the llSth day Of Mgy n e j t , a t 12 q’clock .atinqqi^ qf; .!th’dt. Jay ‘ t i _ i * ■ .* 1 . -‘S ^ . ' - s • _ ;it a » - . ' 2 „ _ i _ .. ■* ift the townsfeippf Beptqt,; -cqfinty c^feue'ea* t o TutupkmsXidBd. p’ta t M ^ ^ W am 0 W i - ^ ,t,S Phri. p rt® 0 .. seventy/eidht, .beginningfei iii tl 'sf>Me sttmmng by no,^ seventy.ei^ht, begirinlng jtKg sidq'ef thd old ^tKennq^#d,\:feflH>g^ w « iw 'southerly to George Fancitl’s ‘land. '.hente-whsicHy to .John SiVagl^s ianihtbencft y o tthm y tq Joseph. Ga: fifty acres of tafed.” 4 Rol’ri' for Coropl’t* i W j ^.vTRO ivi Ps i>N, T fflasierinCfiancery. n3 .-Nve. A ttorndy, ;iJ|fTEn§REAS JefauJt been made in the f pay* - f f ment of a c e ium sum of -money, sficurgd ’t q be . paid by^a.mortgaget.,be.aripgdate.tbe.si5i 1 teepth;day o February, in theiyear. eightpen . pundred and six teen. cxecutell.fey RenryvStctanenr U n JRalph U p - ilike^Jiifi- o t t W t p a h u i t m s f k ^ * iffcRM ^tboJ^ouB- -ty cf-Sefeeca; Siby?..ca\m ty^^^fpfefoa^qf-*lM h at-- certain ti act qf land, Situate in arid iiefng. p art o f lot iiUuiber^igb'teen, in tbe to.tvii of. Ulypsfis, aforesaid, and bouq led as follow*< begmning’ a t the portb-gast cormr-qf lot numbereigfeieen. .jthd riins v/sst Abirty X a : 31 r ma omt sr ■•i t rt made in the jwyinent o f .. • I, secured lb. be paid by-a life day of Sept*,rtiber, ; ■! iW; nf tfea ( 06 = n of Grrt- lewn LflSWy'®? ■I^mpkiosi fq> AmosJ , -of the and, ihe 1 sg»i' ' ury»;i)t 11 no >AiMiity ol Jornpkins,; and. tfee L* i;iv. .Inly asrtgned to ifeq subsp/iber— « thevef ,rt < s.ihy-given, (Wht by Virtue of 0 S?) £*J 8®hl m.ortgase c intmrveil, and in pursuance fefftft.i* ihu. . . . . . . _ • : “a A' it.. brruiiies rn-e made and provided, ihe dario?0^^8^ °v the '<gi<=try tfiareof a ^ t q thfeb 6 un- Vfini W r;10r8 fo’ly appear, vrtiTl be sold *t public,, CWlr J** 4 ®*.'HU.,day 1 of November^neXtvfeltlq o’*. *jinlr.y ' vnnoo, «t tbe house of AnmsnCobh,. 0 the •ili'me f Moscow, and trtwn b i 'v ^ ol 0 PtUQia.-4~Ari^t4^fe-l^(L- — ------ w ' W |H lA T v llH 4 N r (O R B , A f i ^ e e . - .. Y a t C s Au»v. U140 chains Jmd thirty-seven links to a s t a k e j tho 1?06 t tsveniytChaineiand tWenty-five lSblc*s.| thence sou eleven chains and.twenty-five liaks f tfeeiice east-eigh* tpen chaiiis iseventy-five l i n k s t h e n c e north thirty* eight chafos and sixty-two links,ta t b e place.;of begin­ ning, containing 6 ne, hundred and tweatymlbe acres* &one hun«Ired;& thirty rods of land j and vvl>ereas,the said mortgage fees been duly agsigned to IdajLthiasHofe iRhback, &George *&i;.HoUenbapk, b f Wilkfibarrq,state of Pennsyivsnia^Notice-is thetefore .hefeby gbven chat by Virtue nf a power cdritaidej in shiii.mrtrtgage, and in pursuance, of the stdiufe in sufcb' case.made ahd pi-oyided, the said mqr'tga^e j premifees will ,he. snj|d, a t public vendue, at thefeqiel in ithe ’tillage of jUb«ca OB the tWenty-SrCortd Jay of Jlify ne‘x 4 -titUn o’efhvk 2 m the foreuooh of that deyr 'Dsted Jatii4Rh,'F820. M A CTHt AS HOGEENBAGE* G E O R G E M. H O E L B N B A E K . JoWtrsqx fo TTumphbSY, Attv’s. '* ■ . W ‘ H i-R E AS deiauit. ;.haf .baeB mmle^.iii ihe payment of .a' c e r^ih ?um rtf^on|yV % M i^^y moiigage bfaring date 4 « # r y 9th, t818, (e x e e u # fey Joseph ,Crayvford, and Rebfscfca? fiTs ivifeV p.C tfee town q,l Jaectqrs.crtiiiity 'rtf TompkRis and' state of . New-'YoiskVtq Phinefeas Coiwer, oFttsesaih^Jacfef o f . .all that certalSijmrt; qf.irtt no. 50, jw-tne^qv^asRipiqf Hec(or.aforeaaid, bounded as follows, to >v jt j feegin- , ning;'«C the, tforth-east.cgirner pf a “ t ( a e t c |) ^ |d sqld to Abhstmdei M’Creery, by John* Breaili, ruhning thence sopth 80 chains and 66 links, t o A siffalFbtack, ,qak stump , tfeehce west S chams and -50 1inks}t6 a yFtake, thenqe south S chains ind 34 Unks trt tt ttake ;, thence weal 4 chainp^nSd 12 links to a stake; tfee’nCe north 14 cfenins Aft a |White: oak flee; ibjphce east to the place rtf b cg^m n g —cdnt*inmgj 8 |;.a^res. N otice is therefore hereby given tnajt by virtue of a power lanterned ih the FanVmorigage, fend iii pfersu. ance o f the-statute in *uch date tttedf and,prodded, rthe sdi i mortgage^ premise? wfl I feft M J «t ..pubj ic vendufijdttha house q f Jondthtn .Plf t t , Jif in th.e vil* lage of Onego, pitd Broome coupty, cyn the first Mpn- day inaBecemhei neXt, 1 o’ctohk P 3® orihat day^— BateA May -5/1 8 2 0 . ! PHINEH AS C B E L V E R i tv e r a n % A tt’y .,..,. ... tfg „*nf46, ^ A?* a .cqyrt heJd ,«t tHo o ftgrtof itfe feUrroghtfe of tho County (>f Tdmpklpv j o the vill»g;e of iih?ca in 6 aid cobtity, pn thfi'4th dny 'of M jy,}B^O-- _ 'Frerent“^A> R W;*Bhos,u;^)n;# a t e — _ W H E R E A ^ -Eiiiiaheiht Smftit, adrnicistratrix. of ail. and singular the gcmd eTid’ cbattlep; Ona credits of Alexander hmitb, 3Drcea8edvi late. uf_ tbe -t^iunty of. ■ deceired, • tt f e ti m r , of his death,.was Se'?eii; o r t a t t t i n j y .l^utifyof tfrtmp^ihs-^That,ih.e^^aeidpr titioner \has racite s' jitst'and trije mveqtofy and timatertfall-ibe phrtopli.esfate and deh|,sbf the tjaid intf htatB. as far a t she has been ehle to discover th t j i , . . 1 s r . » ' l i l * - . . . . . I f e J n i . f • Y . U O M U t ' S S ^ i W U s ^ - 'Sf*»VV*v~c^ y ^ , J f ' *.*i s v s ^ V ’ . f ,5» , ’ ? ■ cagrt, in. the pretnifes. pursuant to the statut,e.in ,sncl. casemefleRnd^proyided—Andwh»reas the nafil.f ti tioner has duly filediu the 'S,aiil office ,the it.Vetftor and Estimate, in ,t(ie said inventory mnntioneil, ih.ly ..£tt<kShd^whefe#hiR »* by the,r^A m rt„ gate, ' that all persops interested in the estate of tb- reiA Alexander'Btiiilh^deceased do! fr-ipefed before th' fiaM snrrugtto/ntfeRpi|ce'in RdyiUuge .-pf ilfefoC** »o the Cnuntyoforesajd,oh tbe.23d.day of -Jude .ct-xv, a t tO qkslp^k tb.shgW. cgiise, i f aqy they Have w h y So mucfr o f the r?M estate whereof tbe'ffiit Al<?x _ander Smith, diedseizud shoUld not he sold as* ai at ill be tfee jiayoif ot vi . . . _ . tft % pRid>y aniodeam rq;ofm 6 r|g^ge^X#Lhf^Wiy Bnlmri Botqh- kuS; dt- tbfttovrn ^V Hecfay, county of Tompkins ard State!arVew*JJfq^b, tq Jh>itn»ir;'nndi Sany?ii. East Of *W «*««»• of tifuntv of Sbn^cR-, and state aforesaid, date I tft& fourth day o f \o v “mbeT “one thousand eight hnndred and ijiaeteco, of ell disi certain lot, piece or parcel o f land, situate, lying and being m the town ofH ctor at iresud kn->wn Riui distinguished by b'ing eighty oorpsoff the ia*t si r subdivision number three on Int rUmher f rfv foy-in paid town, Uiid bouftdeu a s follows 11 ginning a t the south-east corner of the sai^subdivision; running thence west along the sodtb line ot «aid lotngbtv red*, thenfie north,one hundred and sixry r-ids to the Bcirth me of said su^uvision , tl Cnee east eighty iot{* •Jo the. portli-east Corner, o f said , subdrv isioti and /thence south to ttie place p f beginning , cdntaiiiing eighty ncres of land'—Notice is hereby given, that bv Virtue of a powdr tontained nj safd nit rtgage, and,m purstiahce o fthe statute in A«ic|*; ca.jp made and pr£i id ed, the puis) mortgage 1 pierages Wilt fe» sold at puh lie vendue, a t thefartUflenftW ticcupteii by Jqhn E-'gfop. in Ovid on Thursday thft | 6 tb day f W e n d e r ,next, a t ten o’clock in the forenqUii of said day Ba ted May Sd, 1820. . .■ ., k n!44 JO H N Xt & S A T E Y R EASTMAN y.-a*. _________ ___ q#jV oider ot BidhaVd S 61 UI 1 , Esq.ftrsrt jmige of the* f l court dfcrtmm 6 n/plea 8 jii and, f o r thecrtunty of J omnki 'P, notice G hereby ^wen to oil the creditors Of WiliftBt Ropfimrif swd,coupty, an insolvent debtor, to ehew cftUsq. ifftny thfey bave. before said judge at erhptedfrom imprisnnmefit, pursuant io;tlie RctVentis fiWAan acfe.trt «hnli# 'impi iso«meiit fof.AeR.t, id cfer-' . . . . . » .- V >... a . - . .. ? . r .figwNh' EFAUTiT having een made in the payment bp _ a ceitam sum dt mbney Secured to be paid hy a mortgage dated the twenty .,*th day of August, m tlie yedr ont thousand eight hundrpd and pixicpu c* ecuted byA g n eta B . Ulen, ol Elyste* mtfee {th nj county Of Seueea nowcpunty ofT mpknm to * bom as Wiiliaul?,‘qf tfed satiie 4 place, of all that certain piece orpaf&J of{tm.d situate, lying and feeing a part of lot nuniber twenfy two, m the t wn of Flysses aforesaid, ei|d bounded as foll iWS beginning at the south west corner o f said lot, fend run* tfrece north seven chains fetid tfiftm Iihks , thence ea«t four teOn fehains'attd forty ope lin k s , thence sooth seven chains and Sixty seven bnk* T tbentte west fourteen chains and forty-qne hi)ks, t o the place* o? beginning, containing elevqh feCrds and eight rods Of land he the same idore op less— kild whereas the said mortgage he* been duly^assigned to Wilfmm S ta r r / o f the trtWftofCayuh?*,ri th« Cooftty^F liogfe—Notice is therefoie hereby given that fey Virtue of a power dontauied ih sfeid mprlgqge, end id pursuance of the statute in such case matte J»nd provided the said ■■ -------- ’ the ;viflageoflthaca ^toyvi . - ^ , . Jay o f Nfvember n e it, at eleven o’clock m the fore* * r - M M ” m ' l s f n , u « . M V : f t M . . , J ohksos & Htrjipniiitx, Atfoimay^- uill f-i A - t J T ; 7 - . 1 ■* **.• • /fe <. v f e ■>-, T‘ 1 / ’ -ff*.*'\.-. H P ' A L h K l ^ f u s O F / J l A ^ K S fk r Mifa ^ t l j i u i W t e * o J Q j i / | i hAJJJUl jb^virtg been mpde m jdie payment —r ' IRfi interests dufe upqn the' monifcbTPeeured to fee- paid to the ( pmmissionbrs foi Joanipg u T oii I qb for the county qfCayuga, on tltefoll owing pfoces, o r parcelk of tend, described m the following fe'^or schedule, fetfi for a niore particular d ^cuptton sherdof, rCfeiJspto ft* their several moilgages and jniflUte* yJU sppfestr !k nn thi■* ' A . , | / » ■ . »• '.***.%■•*< ; («• , ■ ■.'» * 4*s,rf NOW thft.refore, in purjpua.nee of the icl, enh \ 1 net.authorising,a lood orniohics tq #:*ifife? ‘{l*B \•\I s»” * .. G. and i^-«ub?eqc^t feqieddnieets^-Notice J» ^ b-re.^y given, thatop A » * thinJ Tt^iday jp Septenw 'fo’r. ^ X i. tfeciiaitj jpevefial uwrtgaged pYA*miie», wili bfe sot.’ t l e h ^ o ^ f e f > -nqst bidder. * .•BdW.,ftt'At*Hwit thfsltfit^Jfeyro? Mny f820.- - . ' c t * , - o < l f o « f i W l t 4 4 l n h : S p t J t t 0 J T May*- « ^ th ^ y ^ r ^ o f o q u r J ia6 1 » .i8 ia,, exeimieJW hiiuiuel Steely, of Hector, in thq Coqnty jof Tnmp- kins, to Joseph /GbrtSohV tofc-ihe iah».»pliiq^*iiid «-lj«rens the sfehl majlgsge mr vwviiwy, ,u» wpucfes~-ivuuct> t~> thereford befefey 'givbn,” that by v 1 .rtoe'fef.i now ff in said mortgage c&ntaiodd,feljJpUrBii»At trt tfeftStkfl^ IVea t irt* CllrtKjl’d jd mo r?n alilfl. . litir* ^IW'ltxda.S^^Jlt^.- “v* ” • ••»■«»«* o **wvv»| IU , A/YU 1 viltet tielh slay^ofNov'etnfeer n e x t^at tefo'o’ijtect fye/mon pf # t ; d h y , tn w it? .■A tl'lhat^f|feii^pj|^ , n i » n o r r a l r t ' f ^ { i i i a d y * 'h M i f - ' I t n . H i k * u ' £ake.forn cfttter Ireq, 'fend tsrtritec 'o.f Jdndfe'oWjihd*^R*y, lusgnuRfoli^ * hence east twentvwpg chains links to a stake and sfe m s ; thfnce-north td the sdut]t line of land* /oimerly sold by J-isept Gllhspte, Ao- G orgo Faw«ett‘fora miR cep , thencd westtvatdiy to the s utfe West Cr rner o f aaid- mill Ipf} thfeitcfe north to she n o rth west earner afsmitenill le t, thenofe Avestjife the- north sine o f said lot qti. KeVehty-eighfe i» Hcqirtr, to thft plncc o f beginning; cotitfeunng |iXV; t ' sevti c e exclusive o f twclvotods square, sold to Charles J aylor rnd »! fp up eyoeptionas egceptej in a deed g ivt n fey D&niel M Jlqoth, and Riana, fei|. wife, to Abel R ail feif\>ard B JCly, aftA Tpsqpfe C a r* son Ratert May ^gd i820 t h l-BA. M U IIPH V , Assignee ANsrtH-GypB*, pl46 t M y of s cvt«i ai cxpoof jdnsr to $ 0 riiri cietl anti tU-livi refii 1 shall expose foi* sale ait Ihe tight and title ofBobeit Wiip* ofyt, to lots. iio. sbf Tit ao<! soT, in the low# ot /yirti all fils pei soifa! piopeviv, on the ^iti daiy Glf June hfeij, a t 10 t/clqclt A. M. on the premisp8i Bat* ed 2dV 1 8it>, v F op MlCOLt ^ iL S E Y , Slt’F. . K I K G E R * ^ r T w W S h ^ . BY virtue of a Writ <$ feet i fjdiav* is­ sued out o f the buppeme courts held in and for tbe Mate of JXew-Yopfc,,, agam^ the good^ and e|gattle^ hinds and lene- inente Franei3 King, f have geized and taftee all in s personal pfopg£f>?I fend a li his right and,tille to let no. Si, in tho town of Ulysses, or any part thereof ^ and also alt his ngfit and title to lot no. #j>» in Uljsses* or any pa»t iliereof, winch i shall sell at tlfie lrnnse now oecupjed b y said Frarteis Kim*,on the ptpmise*, on the 26th day o f April next, at 1 0 oiolk F» M Bated March 13f(yl820, ’ N lC O L Irt I I A t S F i ^ , / By JJ. T<!)W JLEt ^rpt> 8h3Cf f lie sale o f fli^ nbote p ropelty^ ffer ther postpqfled to the 1011; o f June next ai the same p!a«e and tuOO oftiay. Baie^ May ioih, t ' . N i W t f c U A f i B M , M M % M . V T O W B & f f l s W f f t i t y S b t f & t

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