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Otsego herald. (Cooperstown, N.Y.) 1805-1821, September 25, 1911, Image 2

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> - i n I t. * ■ ^Charles X u d l^t ^nCWed/.the Europe. 0 . ..Britain, T h tim # . There is a question Norfolk; and three st 'WHming* * mdrrdam and a&irig Qs|pt»ln of the. minutes'; wax againfijeoeedt'#hfo*; in'foe.Sjfoty of peace oflirgS, ex- o f great importance m the future ton, K ' Carolina; These are in* President. H_e. was, hoard the*. /cbnfc&fUordered,.fos Bk»- to ceafe* plioitly concedes to us a maritime policy of our government* whicjt, tended and no doubt will have the-* fliin at ihe time otTh^foHpn •; afofofopfotfo-.anxiom . 1 0 prevehji jurisdiction. of (went#- icagties we think, congress » lit at length effect to strengthen the land batte- the Little Belt, ou tlie night; o f foe \ damage* :/Nu'By«-oiil|eering.dff-txt fromshore. With|n this juris* b$ compelled to jlecide. Shull the rits and enable them more effectu* ' 16th yd May lalL. The Lutle Belt the foefuJenu* Qdmmodore’a fe-';:4itiion'dur,v«ss^i9 of-war are'jpti* Gnited State# complete end mem- ally to repei any— attack which\' ha 1 her topfull *batk. 1 hrom hi« port confirmed,. v the same authority \as a fain a navy? It is a question which might be made; though we in*\ pofhion he. was iiutertam wbch iVf«//, faFUn£»;.rrafter. W as centinel on- duty. They are to has never vet been fairly met by clmeto »he opinion that none wifi fiiedrfhe fit ft gno. but the fecond on quarter-deck: . Com. R. h/ii^d, enforfo tfo revenue law, prevent the national legislature, but which be attempted. was. from ihe Prefidenyt, and Wat in* «*kI go* no^iTvet hut ./**■onfofo/fomggfoog, f and give succor and ought nb Ipnger to remain m sus- • ' r*- * Handy followed by gcannon and Alter fuftcient lithe hailed ag 4 rt,piotec|fqn to owxommerce. The pense. If we are to have a navy, Defence o f our sca-ports. and got no reply * but a foot, with- president encountered the Little ro the name o f our country’s hon- W h y , it rs askpd, by th**federal out provocation, In j| or g fccond* Bek-wdthio this jurisdiction, fif- or, let it be placed on a more re* prints,; returned the (hot, and g«»i a general -teen leagues Irom shore. 1 he sperilfcble footing than it now is.-— bur>'a|ii^hf|tfat1on' fire frtirn the Lu ile Billt. Tbpoght course Kongers adopted was the W ith all the paraphernalia of a na- 'It-foight be s^jffiEcf^-to\rtpl^-thai-?' the Belt a heavy kig«|ic> until next only one he coukf adopt consist- xy department, we have at present whenAfofoforrisfifodofofoeexrro# day. A^iion.coiumoed 14 or 15 ent with his dutv. hut little o f its utility, and at a great Ience’h^ve:r6e|n-|^^)s^d» fofopr moikeuy from the Belt. ... Com, Rodgeis ordered to fire low and wiihiwo round (hot. Alter a Qiort paufe ihe Belt recommenced firing, as*dtd the Piefident. Ihe Bvit fbyn appeared Ungovernable and fay bow on towards die Prefi- dcm* wfien com R. otlcrved that Come aoc idem rouft have happened to her and eeafed fiung Htr gaff was down aud hct mamtcpfaij yard on *hC cap* and fotsen too., fee A^atn- -had the Little. Belt comparative expense we have- a who now makd- this chopor are 4 fcmk£» Khe aftton conrmued 14 tie Belt a luxate (excepting her tee O r ^ tmnuteft, including me inter bfe delerice) until next rfav Cat r vat. Ih<*re W oo*hing but rountl Bmgnarn io)(i Inm the Prefident’s ■«|nd gtapo nioifired|Ot on deck* on color* were not hodled, but rcco!- baard the Ptefident The fhtp was lebled the pendant, h is the ulage, no1*011 ebYBalL*’* ^ei’ 3<1^ asjbefore dated bsy atnuher witn Is, did'* not fheer off alter the'aSmn. for the PrefiJ m 10 be prepared foi ^\ncfthet hroadjSde w mid prfbaVy afltmt on cotnmg alongfide of an »*v*ruffk\biGUuie Be t; Old pot armed vtffel minutes. inclHdmg 3 or 4 minutes tnrerval Lutfe Bijt could have heenva neptial \ esselno one ques- force not ^ach quate, pel haps, if it the Ver^ person^ who endeavored fiied a^am, but Frcfident would n0ns but the President4* woiuld s»ere double its present magnitude, to thwart them.1 Brit‘V e wifi n o t havefunkber Corbmodwre’sofh* iWVg had a perfect right to hail to compejte with the pettj sqadron a'ail ou^sqlves of this argument* ctal account is true, j^r> Docs th,en the circumstance now on our coast, much less with ^ he government has, in the course Lt ,*ut, Creighton thought the Lu- of G, Britain hemg at war impair \that under sir Joseph Yorke, v, hj^h of four years past, placed fort ihe a* ■■ VJ . \ }* ^ ( l . • r ft, t » (1 / , a m v t . . I v r , w i Ok . m ^ • 1 t . ■ t f'lCV r . H t t • • • m n tht 5 right? Certainly npt.’ M’OTHfOW O t s e g o ^ e r a i o . O T S L G O : SATURDAY, StPTEM»ER£ 8 , 1 S 11 . is saijd to be on its passage T o tions wherever dermed requisite,\ «end our present naval lorce to and repaued those previo^ly ex* sea, therefore, m case of a tfeclar- isting, A t the port o f New York ed and active war, would not only for instance, v^heye attack seems b* ^ wanton sacrifice o f sotaeof as most to be expectetVthe forrffipa* brave spirits as evei amm'ited man, w|ll be completed and ihVeacfiuess in x contest in which defeat would fo* service by the fim of the en- be almost^pnavoidable. pn the suing mohth. But where are the ’ Gen Martin lias, from opinions Thought, th1* Ln tie and motives of his own, wished navy question it is not our purpose ncn togairison thtmi ? it is asked, kfiqw of bein'e am p^rt of the Bek ciifplaytd bad management or p rentlSs to publish the foi- to express'an opinion , but to im- We rejdj that there are^ a due pro* * 9 mm«k>ie’s ofhcwl account was l^ S L ^ r ^ h n c r bw m g quoted paragraph in his pa- P^ss on our readers and pother portion of the, U .S tate?’ troop* uotruft 01 u>cojrect* Joseph Smith, ir*_%»pmdfiaai . .. ® editors the necesstty of preparing stujoned at New York j and that ¥ f,hn 1 (?rd£ Qreigkton firfl heot as i» > n^ate. Commanded 41b Peri 1 reaeralts their own minds and that o f their *t never was pontemplated by any W js%« toned at the 41b dtvifWnuf d.v kon of grins. Heaid Com K “ N, B As some charge me repi«ten»i 5 v« a T if r / 'a ^ Sirifc^Ni^p.Riiek-*! guns, on ihe upper deck. Com R ha.l, and no repl> lor i kconda. with partiality in not 7havstig,the question, tq which their attehtlqi* RA'idpn-dvfflr ^ I t a f h t t ' l i v ebtt*'. H 4»il«d|Ht*then a fecpn^ ume, wh n Heard *d hi I, sand was kwking at General and Brigade G f ie ^ p u b C4np0t but h ate f e t o y 8 s | v e l y M s s , that th^tJrijfe^Su?^ 'were 1 p fhot V?as hredj, as he believe*., trooi the LtrrTe Belt, when the n It gun hshed Tn both the Cooperstdwi calledby the1scene$ fitely and now to fceisp ih ^o*nstantsserv|ce teii hr *h*-U tie Bdtruogun having bei n w*' h*ed by h*r, b tore a fhm or papers, I wish at w he Vnow_n:% t ; hAssihg tm oiir coasts % e .'i^tyfhd'pw n ^ fired qr pn»yocauop_giv^n oh -the an* provocation wasgivenjn m if c I firsi: called on Mr, Phitmey, jpo:. ffohfit ^that/an ’eaVly d iy fiftet 'rhoaTdrtM tt^^rvipefiBlheToM «L_ . 1. a:.*. * |n thev IfeHauce Prcfident. T b e n com R firrd 1 gun, then the B e k g and the *Bion coriTinaerl *1 honj ht the B*lt a The duTrttimol the a£lu>n, and orde»s to cea1^, 11 pj inter of the Herald, and rcqpeiii ihe m « e t m ^ r i^ p n 4 r e ^ ^ ^ »«■ ed him to insert them in his g g .t^gped; jfdr.i- consideration of this per^ sjjj^iug at the santq^j^i,,th|' Mr n u ojftnbjrt w truttfoci ■*“ part o( ihe Brefidem. ’ The orders or com R wete to keep ihe gups at hall co k and guard ag<*Mul a m - A t m recriurrg the L ujc was otdered to fire. eocetkm $ minmrs, 'Jhelall oirjrf ^2 ’ and ihe^V^h(.>,J»t ceafed. The 8*U ecjve£h> 3 nfferem ifli:c> s. Com, tion he rnight thin)* proper tfrpfu renewetlcBie fire and com R rk ^ o d g e r ^ tfa«en^ni-yWrmeT'.v:; ^ X i h T turned\ k , *ntl filenced ihe B e 't Henry Denkt 0 n ^ B log chaplain* opt, j^ y ^ * A .^^ v e rtisetn'«aiig' ^ larvlqd.the.Lit;. W as on q m *1’ rtf G«»m. 70 o» Ho yards diflarit._ Heard , perisatiori for mv services, or re- J has alway s been placed* for caseq of emerg'cncv,: on the mrlitiaVthe Hsfut Infer, tie Bedrh next mormng. 44 ' 'r > ’‘ A# '' • ’‘■IT 1?. army o^tlve 'Gniteil icard, as ronyyr, e<^tlted_; J o ^ n t H t r u t e jih c ir quoth defynceofjth e conn*: Tor the defence P.fTbs towns R* feht-a f«]ehtjlym^ll'^ex^rei#*,. c<mi in - i regror. fdf rhd bftc iqHhc i * apd >»nd _ rr . ..r .V... - . affairs* . ' f . nf BdrtUndi RorEiiidM'^y.^hstori, j t m \ t * * pfirisatiofi for m y sOfyices, 'or re- ^ O b f reader? doubtless recollect New Yotky-jKforfeik, Rc dgers ^ » b anfl(.t.h^ tep. y muriefAtfon for j ekpences, T did tkat^otoe tim e ago 1 ecumsch, the Baltimore & Chartestoh^dnd^ tsiktr !.. /^ liT comp^ with his terrqx, ft you brother of thW propfict> and ap art- eXpQsed^points,,agdritt'p^ddn at? .................... ’ ’ ’ ~ With; •il- p.ven that ihe militia would cohtribiite mcephes*\ their aidi by thek atrUivryj fo g^r- cclVr'or ou^ht hok-to think, ^ k h a is fully believed, rkori. the fbrts, and by thejr ini'an- td have surprised and attacked $ e ti-y ' ip cover the|p from} fprprise ffre^ind dsd rtor fheer $ t . N d tH » i eon.p R , 1 A ccpont of com. R*. con- * MobMbirhave funk tbo*!,’^ Belt*; orr tfee to^ajbe* :/4w M Rlaniti, that^ pf^afpsanapio?det*and'thehre, the_Gnkvd troopsnm eachf ^ .m ip o d o r ^ * a e ^ t qonffrm«d.#^h0^h«|un from the L r r t le I ^ f i* fo infended* by the aboye para- trirned* prohably,.^kmn d ie BH* fort* and a h u n d l M « : : * * * ^ * r i c ^ y , Meniy onf ^pr.di’o^top'hwJ ^ p h ; • to’fo j W e c i r c u t a t i o n of, tish .territory* v .G o y .)( Harrkori* /'‘•Tbeaciaisliited y.'ttarines..' ;-Hwid i.ie'haihng .* • the- Fienaen f-*- Herald Sic. But as it Isas pos* when applied to,: nifuaed permis- bytfieartilkn o'fthetown^ would , th !>\■; o» r | ; , %r}J. . , ■ , - w « w >.««>«.Proi»Me a m t t .m T ^ m ih » , n*5ta •«,fc, hour, d i ™ , ,0 >ti W afate thata1rnost.aUourhdvertise» vernor I f. permitted him to enier T h e te ake yet living brave ojd ar- which cOm. Rodgei? Lidj u Wfejt i s tlwf ?’* and- hif,;a n f w M ^ v'** M d into qi*’; ' Orders'-werp then given to fire*. 'Beft'-;fffence 4 in 5 ihinmctt * Com . 1 was *«* Was on Cvim. R torecaffie and gangn-'y L. Ij , i * . aU * T . _v !*- a . .it WB.taJlcph). ft-c. w A d rf foi, T.b. . « «-.™? P.... ».Q utic.iiv U; CVCUU...V ...V .,.C UU. th 3T, „ me, howcv,r, ,r- ftp cl it to the last extrcmoty.. Bolt r ^ c l t h * r ,0< ; tht.guo.;beK..o wjf,F<>v0« Buttheadv««i»i|lg^ with J ^ - . th e r e i, Bo h*rdship ii. b e io , 7 t» '0 « « w » r r d ' , 1 ^ »,raiUt,Wy p,M<le, co m b g from , w h ile the governor f e d the e w t f . Bom^Ued to tonttibutV t o t f e de- t^ n T S l V t f W“i ®f **«.<>-oi* utitlfe .*dw ofouf own iSre-«idySi it i» No ire ot tteoioa; ,Cfeontoi ;Comni.fe.re'. .ycoiolfenimred, *re genWally r'lti,;' fett beside.. m ^ levy * * * . s s s ? ^ ^ S d ? s s a s . : is ~ f £ ind ° rv we w e* *{**>■'' o** Tetumsehi who with his to action, than in the r*m i$xkt+ «•».. thisrbestdes jihak mw& ^,-tkt^lnm prhfessed the ritbfies, wfibre the ck ittn s a r e - on the quarter deck, rrear com, elhow. The commodore hailed- required to be under got no reply—rHisled a 'fecoudt time \ ' k o f o f a l h w e d J>y. general paid to the Brigadier^ into the ex- • w rae t^ni^co owfK .‘ h s f e * l ! a » a r & e s e i v ! w r - ^ ^ . t t z s u s s u a n , previous to any gun or proypca. tion I jorn ihe FrHident. ^'hc Bek fb r ^ : -• wVr®\ 53 KJIl. General, &c. are *f re 0 iinerafedp~: w t i desti^us ’bf ’ visiting *dme ^wountedi tn the fote ^piping * ^metandmert,(rtk^»herrpoF- f0r their “ expenses* whether tOdO friehdly tribe* below, with^^wbdm tiraea of peace ,^n the guns wcra rer) 'ntJ!kL_m.ft«k« .he man,ler «»*, |f».S«J» ire , „ree fai. $> o f ' f v , ' «cheqfer. W o m w' h*i»> esti- le*v,,nS the prophet wuli the cw se when tBO.rt.ted for x > B g • * , -\P+» w tihm* Tn* Ik it hlira)» - ■ 1 • *, \ . 1 matn hodv m hi* forces ahove tune and not-_use<L the camacv# gun* ceafe. Op board the Tielule«( to The Belt renewyd the fire, piid tlte Fi efidettt alfo* 1ft 6 fnifiv, .'t>tVs.:ihfc;B«U''wa» . .W«j^ed;';%a»«»t- and the Crijhmodore wai\very afix- 1ou< to fi jp the'firing on btm d the Frcfident. Mo .firie: fir foeeifug off. The Belt waviu a very dap W ^ t fhtp islhat f Bttl. Whu fhip h that ? Pres. What ffiip is that ? B'tllf Aftlwers by a grih* aqd Unfierffnod that tfieir t foots were,down, sod fo reported. Com, R ; hailed, t* Have vfidJlruck vour ct»lors?f.and was srtfwued “ I have, and.atn iU g ’ eat dillt<fs.l> Lights ^ere dp on biard the PtthJem ■ ■dttitpg1 the* ftigpi. Coil’modore’s flatemrpt co ifii lucd Akdnm. L & Madison, bci*t ol marines. Was oir the gangway /Heard thy Oosim<> t rre hail fiiff— IheU uafr 15 or 18 ftcundt, timp enough for a reply, bm got rv nc, end feailcd ajiaip , when the Belt ftrtd a gtnr from her gangway. Haw ih e flalh ahd heard me report Pfesidint. :'T*he' ftup> ahoy ? ' v * ■ »na»n body n f hts forces aboye titne and hbt-ttWd* th e .cim a g v k iitife BeU. Haliom y • ; ; J fi» a ^ d t o o h t g h t b d tth tsw e k u o ^ , Vinocbnos, ; , ^ : w ffertd cofiftidcf^dyj but * d a y that we shotdd be satisfied with a Gov; Harrifton ts a b ^ to movie or twoiasuiidcttM o replatftheoii femissidnnf o^e half the fines we for the purpose o f dwper$iffgthW and on enquiry we find that o r d e ^ have paid Into foe corps* Whbse hpdyxff intruder*, for W b e e n . s c ^ m ^ n :fo place : i \ ■■\■* * • - 3^1, Wiiich purpose .he is $0 employ them immediately to a state for , ~ - general.«■^ofiopimon that . foft-dl’ - ; ^ ^ ^ y 4 * $ i;;i^glthen^' ^ ■ .The ffbold ^_es. accep^blp.' 'wfdi a'.ppyttoip Of tifo tnBttla-aod\ dtfe.actmospBshed... ;/ '^OuafifoltM iiand winBdpVnbshiy' • Fiikerfog at foeir head, insist thaf, and fisefal to our readers as any / Some volunteers* It is notproba- L e t not the federatist| fear, t f Isvebefri fotrk by sbmher broad- thb Presideot had^^no A « « 'fo\hail bther information^we mightthipk there wHLbe any bloodshed, fhe^^ British put ipfo nracticethe U fo. H re^hiili.igtrriB .!h f B cl v . w S r e , , PoB t h e L i.ac B u l t b e . ro;,tr t0„ ut)ii5h.., Our opiniOB The Proplreti*,Cpres.nred,M i.- 'bl«sreriBgm<.n.«, o f » . * caaseehetyasabelligcrent^antlthe v , , . / * ■■'•\.;F/'7^/=;./-''Htg^^aHq^swarfo;ptofeab^\tore on imthsitll^ther water (sitiall President a werittal ahfo* It m igh tw foat tt would be more acceptable ratire with MMph^tion when or-f as appears to us the ptbbahility o f be asked; how foe/Little .Belt to dSf ahdinubh more just, ifi w e dere/dtodo so ;butthetnagfiitude their do,iag^scr) but we shill be qorild be known to lie a beUtgerf pnut such advenisethentsj thatwe fif the fokce employed w l l coti- vprep*rc^ fo ff^ve thcte; -*s warm a ..eat* m 'M -n% 1«f before she,ani; -s| ^ f o e hfofostty paid'forfiWli.'- ,^% h foesw fo f o e y c f o W f o ; risiered natil But the foilacy df/ i, ^ r , y fo* that, ever they dare .B u lP , / , ■ ' ,--/. •./' their reasoning i s appareht foam a *. Cf!” f o . v: foiriahi»wh against mfo'settlers-as a Timothtf Ph&erjng* Thfi ma« single consKleratiom The quefo shaU be Ufttversatly JUatiled by hatidn or body* extfomtnaifoh nHc; piodUctibns o f thrs tu j^ r a t^ . .tu n o f marjtime jurisdicttdn is 'ourfofoM;>whlehpi|r'ftafojh?'-'-.WC^ifd.be'foeft^fofo; / nnpte4.ofo *baU hive becfime ills* whollv kept out of view by these jCct, as M hayp no wish foiat the W e are pleased to Jearnfoat; prir « gtts*fo^ fo fo6 fopss reffectMig'df- consei vatprs of British honor — rhsraifoiw.if A.*^' AsUnd n»u: ■■/\govOfonail^i»''er«ctfoghwek 3 fou^ /his pfoiticill paftiiaQa. Hotpe of ;Eyerynation“claimfopre-emption . ./- >; y i ^ T u4 * * V ^ f o andestablifomg^Thfo of pfots focpci entirely discard fits anti? •.ajid a .paaridfifo: jiirrwi-ction on its ,n *fodio sumsr: tor nis opmton as ^imig bur 'Abrfoweyteirii. ..fhrntifoy z1 Amert^'./fojgariqs-^otfiers*'hav*-...; own coast, withi n which according. I Have, arid I think justly a toiy ^wfilcllf foill probably obviate any iag enlisted in his cause* continue to the usages of England, no belli- traky opinion, and as the legUfov futfoc ebfousion from fori samfi: fo give publicity td foemyin hope* Agerfot vespelhas aright to capture ^ te wjjj ft0t b y law fo lig e a d v charter. . Hid* fokt He Will ^afo;cpifo'X&’ hii i-r nMar*r h k * x * r :'” — r h m - U t e » i« i , gW orfoovocstiott had been offer- the vessel ofaiiother power, hiodnd '■fo T v 2 .fokl\ *'**’ 8^ \ V / The fioflowit% paragraph fopfo; '.nr td %y tom *^ Rofoeis* Infi frconrfs m or out. England claims pre- , * * t. pm 1CWV _ OBt IVaskingfan Ctty^ SkpU % 7 * hte Albany Balance bt*ars strong a gun ijflfr ficefi tp m jh e Frcfideni, emption m what are called the awards, I shaU rest satisfied that \y* understand that orders haye tnarka o f dlsappiobation. ' Bet* wben iniflntty the Aett fifed fofee llritiih sfos f / Henmarlt .'.jfo'/tfoo-T, have dorie right m the premises* been tsSued frbm the foyy deparfo ^ c k e r m ^ s guns, apd ifon for broidfide kody Bardenelles, — ------ ment* to put in commission an ad-' extended to an uflprxpectedlength* —■ ■ ^ *** n.,l. /I'ttnr'-l «n A Ar *, it—m «m,I »U,«o' /•l.i tV.<1 V, %«.M llaan . wwfttlflfo. .'^h'ffiencfo'in^ fos^ f ficc* '|nff'-.fofoe: Phdfo’/fotvb find on looking to the ditionalnumber of ^nboats, forth-/ fod*may fiave beCpthfe tedious fo mintiies ../■piling ttri.pt' ip the Ffofi-' ickfow,fo%ed n»nd ratified In the hew Militia Law that no fines are with s twenty to be statjqhed inr sbme pf' fay Traders, But, under denf*/ In ♦ or j rotndtc» PcH:tb^'triatihb between the fomthercifo t0 llle Brigadier Generals. the h^bpr o f N e ^ ^ o r k i fofo-fo'\'Wi#press!omthat;the. w riterw B l': j ::c •>» ' ./ V ’r\ 1 Mi

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