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Otsego herald. (Cooperstown, N.Y.) 1805-1821, September 25, 1911, Image 1

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m & Historic Truth our H E R A L D /hallproclaim ......The Law oirr guide, the Public Good tfar aim. OTSEGO, (N. Y .) PRINTED AND PUBLISHED BY ELIHU PHINNEY, NEAR THE COURTHOUSE. 4 s- -T\ VpLU M K.xviL3 SEPTEMBER , * (WPff #P nsa [Nuwbei: 861 . mJmmm C f j a li a * tended to bo “ blockaded \ ports has e o n fec rated in iformaVitiroe rights o f the two in d e p e n d e n t freight, policy and deftmatton in Atiguft, 1804, cou ld be fei. *code.” ftates o f Ham b urg and Den* to an uublockaded port m Eu- aed, if g o ing 10 any port what- X I I I * m a r k ,in amity-withiJ*.Britain. r o p e , be made lawful prizemen ever of Spain, tho* unblockad- It is a very curious circum - T h is high h a n d e d aft • was a pretence that ine foanp voy. ed. The fame Britifh order fta n c e , that the 23d M a y i8d6, fob v e T f ion o f j h e legal and jo- age was a part or the J affefted to permit exprefsly fas G . Britain, then operating on dicial oirder o f the world, was plea fejL*up in *»e frar wmcn the temper and interefts o f calculated to deprive the neu- followed the peace o f Am iens. Pruflia, even iffued o fpecial tral Ham b u rgers and D a n e s of-Tbti.pYetettce*, order of the king in council, their right to trade in fuppliei; 252 ?® ^ ^ to exem p t the P ruffians (catch- not on ly to France and her a continuity of the firft, Utr'fifh 1 aj-|jcs, E u t to interior Germ an gainft truth, reafpn and la w : * ' though there was a right foibid SszMatoN?, although SQ mach ad- fucb trade) the carrying of for- mired as a song writer, nothing efgn and Am e rican grain from • from his pen exceeds the follow* un b lockaded places, into ail \ l o g :— , ' the ports o f Spain not under wg fijk, and' conveying them allies,-but to interior Germ an .gamtt irutn, reaion arm ww. blockade. Here the odious, frejh to market ) from fazitrc and neutrals and allies of England, D u ring thefe very it range no* injurious and unlawful doc* conffcation 7 T h e lords com* not maritime. T h e trade o f T®g? j rivtffioners o f the Britilh treafu- thefe neutrals and-allies them -. rv and admira t y , and the ju d g e fclvcs, iri the falcs b f their own 00? Chips to fecc^ empted.troip o f the high co u r r o f admiralty* produce we re fpcCiajly charged with us, and in the pure ha fe o f fpr* the efFeftual execinion Of'this eign go a d s for. their own wants bufioefs, in feydr the Pru f- o f ps and ptifarsj wait a lio ar- dan fiihermen. K o war being reftedv T h c dorninionsofthe declared againft Pruffia, it crow 195 o f A o ft rla^ §kxony, advanced and maintained that mu ft have required ail the, ^eptnh*fci3ftd' otfifcr ffiitbs, )f«; doftrine alone, rendering mani* learning and confideraiioo o f on the blockaded rivets El be, fed her tncreafcd boidn d s in the high ju d g e and the lords JZfsivp$ .• . w rong and violence. o f appeals, to difcorier h y what _ In the memorable ca f e o f X I I . , order o f blockade thefe fifli* the Charlotte, captain Coffin, S J S ? / V O n th e 'a if t o f M a y , 180 6 , boats could have been other- taken f& long before as O 6 to- to theB n iiffi aovernihcnt fortTi«*l- wile confifcaiedT j f •••jyas and never decided ^ ? aijl-rinaH k ^ fha- r e i a u i l J ^ b p h ik ly b through -B a f e c , wdeM»*rvwTtbyri£nds!e r ^ f e i d n & .H a ^ ^ was end* VcW £ ! enemies’ ports, b y Cx*n|pting ingftw M h ffiipxfrom every ariicle and v c jf & l w h a t T f t ^ f ia t e s ^ ^ ^ ^ *We evefrhere frcitp capture* Tbiis \• grkfptng ibd.monopoly of the court o f ^ n h iahy appeals fati ■ phabjhl^ apdjncobfis, did they fingul|trly, lavor in world, undef the pretext qf dc- after the renewal of tho ytof, W 0 the Bttttffi admiralty the gredt ipafs of the do* ^ f..-•*** e b ^ jlg h e r '' • dbtdloiOil* faftd- M ay,_r ^803, and condOmof d . ^ ' . • V A ■ ■ S ■ :■ 1 i ■ ■ ■, .J I. . ■ * '. Here is tht fan. and litre the hewer, jfjl underneath thelirchtn jh v .it ; The, milage,heU has told the henr> 0 ‘‘what can flay my lovely paid ? *Th net Mhria*s\uhifpertr.g calL ’■-> %Tis jbuflhebalmy Iveathrnggale; -Mis* with fame *u jrbler'f dying fall, r The devty Jlar o f eve lit had. ' ... ’ ' • ■ > ■ ; . ' ’ • . I t it M a r k fs v/tce / hear, .. ^ • \ So caUt the ^'Oodlat k in the grove. His littlefaithful mate to cheer , A t ante *tis tnvjic, and '(is love . \And-drf'tbv tome, 'and art thou true, 0 welcome tieor to love and me, And let ur i d *ur vows renew, Along the f i w r y hanltt o f Cree. ■y _ ^ j p c l i r i f a l . from TKfTikimfti'an^ trine o f the Britifh ’ orders in council o f June 8, 1793, at»d M a y 1795, to both which Sw e­ den, Am e rica and France bad itianifefted*the foundell and flrongeft ohjeftion s , were iofi- nuated, revived and maintain­ ed. In this war Britain thus feijciire for a . deftinadon)Ptp France, even though we f * M with that intcntiorr (by v?ay of England) taking a licence from them* The rntention and alledged continuity were npt caufes of tondcronatidn, i f ws^ pafled Our ffiip* and cargoes through the ayenoei of BridiE monopoly, 1 Such Coercions TO TJEtE iniTOP.* The imrririai'Ce of rfee pre* fent difctiffidn pFcafipns me to -r .-.r-**r .*.* ----- - ,T/ -^ v,v ... - ■ ofa oewfpapet, to render bVby ^ ^ id n s of the king of Pruflia, odtnmerce,^fes.tbe pccaforifsl Jhe vclTeh explicitly proclaim^ very Oocnuye-m)0^ its accuracy and fatrttefs, more ' wfto had **-w 4 hofliU m n n irf power pf her nayy, tp cbnveft' lng*d Er^nce,iHat thegovern. ***-*' ^ a W effeSualt ' I thlni'arjuoo^ thatV ^ ^ .^ ^ ^ ^ n df ihc.Geroairiir ibe:Mr*fo-pf that monopolyj io spent and admiraliy tnbunal* dcwiment ana France Cannot be ii lretaliaiedH dominiona of 'the.Xame ’piinee^ to ^ fetyiHuteforfibfidie? ip co- Great-Briiain intended to Fro!6c^'*®a ^ 1 ■1? Jjdymiafy bppjh by England, fince ;the who is king Of * Britain^ and *ace, to Vin and tS -Tuppon pecafioned TO. A peace o f Amiens, and that ihe Tpr which a ft aitd theexclnfido albeit* She tfiicriminated ib pi war, o f w ; Of neutral deroimnry typm ppo* . hat, as. ag^infl England* juftice of Brialli fhtps by Fruffia, the l^ r . in this cafe. Nay, -fhe:‘Ooinoierhei'f^’agreaterdegceej **c m*d .oom t e ^gntf , on her fide in her commercial Bririlh; king had ^’blockaded fpift the hair., Ftfii jtp M t a t t t i ^o i the former war o f the refuh trom the n agef tegulattonsi give foljd ground friends, allies and enemies*•in jn j k * -«n%ht be caught by the F e*r T ^ ? ^ *5K,n8 civilized Cne* to the D. States to declare tbaf / A prll, on four great riverk''pf Ei tifiiaii,cf becauie comtnerce 'The £*iri&admirafty’ cpfirts W cT»p^rt*l|.ce 0 Ehglandcsnnot lavethat right imperial Certpany and Dent does not refuli horn eating tip condemned vcfte is ^liich were Bf0un® lO iw c jntt comji amt| to r e r a fiate^ ifn m e iciai re* mark. Thus was J h t i neutral The fruits o f ifie rtatiopal indufr; not. ,ip t hefr^^ owp proper ppris, gulM idhs^^cli’M n 'Fofie.r. is -y k b ;. cfepfd. font- rivers of the ^ry, bUt fifli to Iffaltcd^might ^ or within the fphere t>f their and cxccues of tbe ad ve.f wry ^ reported to have fuggrllcd in German Occao, or North Sea, not be caught, evtn b y -them, jurifdiftion, which had not belligerent, together witn , form* - iHegitinjately arreftcd, uodertBecaufe commerce is prothored bcendptie befoie and which °* rh|* paper* occamn *. Thefe'confideraupnsTndtiee the penalty of a total ConEfca* hy the fales, exportation ar»d were even-pronounced to be the demy ofittoranotnernnrn- me to continue the fubjeftJn -tioo, for certain hoflilitie* and freight. The fieuf#al„ Danes, ifiegiiimaie condemnatiobS in p f * i 0itwcO1*^ igoye ••uumirei^^ a f l i e i ^ l -daw of'the-htttg‘e f ‘ .-fIgmburiger%;^reiBieperS, and- *he Wair ipf if$&. ThiirGqhdtift- •' ^ ^ •* “ * ' which I ’he^^h :Bt^or'ot>^o...]pri]^i^^M|k:mh£h bfitheie'w.Qldepher^.ri».:eouM.apt fend *I{o'„P?ov^ ^ France that a to r<sppblifti* ' ■’ - • « -■* •* ■ ■ ■*•-' •' •* 1 “3 ! J : r \ SCOXA* # i a pfticy ol lnfuranccf triad#' iti London wsth the ca-operaddrt e l. nefir* o f that trade, by the their- Uwu. people *nd jfiftiibg -regard; fpriavv and judtciafdK ** kndwn means, o f i^rufGraii 7fiu.«»v hosits'ih ^ 0 ^ ^ ? diF''.thdMr«;me’(f' '^*d ,a lhofe r-* : c f, ,: .F .. . m uud-'^r p f.ih ^ p W f f - 1»«,; * \ * ^ P«cife e x i i r ^ a ^ %HW«e irri ers, with an ofFcnfive affeftar neutral ports, territories and courts had IhamcfuHy decreaf. mirtation otihe vovaae tuiheexclu. tion'of rightftil maritime poV-Tivcrs, rd catch and fah fifh, ? t ' er, was permitted tothe idcn- left it fhouhi enable them to >ic*l p im « ^ 6 ^ ihtYrenUiBerHiy De* the.usceM-huftHitjiandordUiit*'.Bfitiui; navy.. >Tht* Jitile aft . _ tree iritm&r ed die cffenfjve tnuntcipai o f G . Britaint was worded fo consmuuicmed N 6 . tl. f 'ta* Thus did the Briidh as exprefsly to diftinguiffi the ville to Mr* King, •« a mafur£ t^er natmn, in amity, mu# fee fo A» theBritifti government govetnraeijti witbfotbehnpoww Brudlaits, though fior the fake H prevent a ■.-rt ,, mirtation ofi be voyage tq thee* cl ti­ ed, , and_was not: coircftcd by fton ft all-ideas of pfetended coftfi the Bririlh crown* , nuity, it » impo^ible to tranlift the\ The blockade of Havre de bofiweb oitbe world*; i f » Britifh ; > , n d ^ t & i V j ? # - likewife. pretended to ercft a Fyftem^if ledge of France* purehafe the. o f decency^ i f extended, by ,made the bafi's o f condemna* retaliation deeply affeftiog the fawoe of her enemies, by, the -,geim#wbrdfej^oibers.;';The ripns by the Briiifli admiralty from the N.T. Columbian, Sept. i# f Hurt o f <Stiftttttpf . H. Statefj opbnthe foUndatton fcan^ftouiconfidcrtdonofthe whole nprrb of Europe,•even tfijbtlnal'^ perVeiting the con* of the cooduft o f France in Tights of the 'bdutraf% and of blockaded neutrals and slltes, ftitutions and the objefts o f - fl CGUrt ^t.-dntiuirv on the the Berlin decree o f the kift ber allies. It is remarkable, m ttpcrfm Utllo nourtlb them* tbofe courts, and cUnfoufiding A id jtt Nov. 180&^againft the Bii* din.f jbia a ft o f wtrf vfel*e* wfth/r<^fiftt, But not aft ideas of legitimate dr prop- aftidfi between the Pieii* d ib ’tradei\ht’itkkift/apptmf w y - .w i ihe fadtie'yeir^i .the Berlin to tradein per blockades with proper or ^en1«nl| Littlb Belt clofed the •nfortunate for G* Bntain, that decree,' and preceded f t , by - W« have next to rehdet drdina ry dr defenfi ve cruiftng teftitnbnv in the cafe yeftetday |be nototioufly gave to France only a few months of military mantfeft, ihat the Britifh Courts againft an enemy % to the ex- Aft£i w^jj nrohably terminate ;lh%-mn; (eyerSlprdyoking ex- agitation and operation. ; it of admiralty have greatly con- tfetn? injury o f neutral naviga- ^ proceedings to dayl angles,mctted%ddrlaft nom~^ cahndt be^ doubted^ th a tih o ^ trib ^ ^ fb tberhcgjiniateTpi liun ind^ ^ t o i i r ;^ e ]cd o r t.xi beM W r . It may b e e m^batieallyempefordf France l ^ i o par* ju r y ,; and to the b n juft detri- Tore tbe juft refentmerit ofad* md confiftsof - added hire* that thole ten afts tic dlar and feiiooa contempla- mefit o f ibe powers not engag* vcrfary belligerents deprived di-nf,en rwdur *r*tieh*L fully jtfftified»a remedy <stnr»w riofi the four above mentidhed edfn fbe war. dm’eb y ikir^ldrbentfiu vj |^rch«ftt4tew d tf** > , dn -the>paft^be- y, No* 9*' so* and^^ Ne ^Hambaygfttipshave igfwdr; lte>'Cba»nesy't. neutral* r ; ^Nd* i t , of the Briiilb govern, been tinlawfuHy condemned as A new _doftrihe. wai'-.fift'., vi$-, But thefe were not all the baent* The laft fevcn o f the prizes to Brhifti cruifen, be- and adoptcdin the Britifti ad* jndge assfaate. -y ^ unlawful operations ^ G . ’^K^'Britifti feries, including tbofe caufe taken in returning from miralty, that a ffitpfaftiog ffom O f the ev^eoceiiiridft>ed|«x tain fince the treaty of Amiens four, were within the fhort a neutral Rufiian port to their a Weft India iftand with true this court* on the oaths of the which appoar to have broughi term of ten months. Tbe^tb, own home, w u h p e u tralcar- gpd.^ pofidvd Bltla of lading d r ; fcveial wjtaedes ex on the French Berlin decfee* gth,^h^yth, 8th and p(b, con- goes, thopgh tbe two mouths ^ontyafta;.to-Ididet^bi' •^V prefent a bisvf dutftne, ih thd v W e fhali proreed ditiinftly Udcranons inthepream b leof of the river Elbe were oWned States, and ho Otber} r e ii port- order it Was adddcdd, MoIeiV© to exhibit a few more froiii.tbe the Berlin decree, leave no by the tiedtrafl Danes, and the lege bills or -;fiiibirs;.eotfirxfts'.;tbe .'fwkbfte,. _ la. a c^fe wherir chamber of the king, fitting in doomTor doubt, but that tbe; neutral Hamburgert, the fovp^ expiring there ipd po other 1 doubt is impdffifile arid ecm- oounctl. . H W rrnmcipbl parts of feigns of the diftrift of the and under Britiffi dr ikmeri* ihat deduce were intendedAo/ Rtberibuitef oy^'Rifabiutel,^. can pdlidy o f infurande ionfi*~~ own: commefits. ^ Whenever TbeBrltilh aovernmcntilTu- be fpecti ad TheBiitilh government iflu- be fpectfic dT viitital ’ibiptit the tyrrtwf the prppaf J cavC^ ®fla^ e°* an order of the 1 ft o f Feb, tiont* ** We have relclved td^^ d . Brhaltt undertOokTd tni^^^^^ ;dw?*proeic|Iing^ in tb« iffichil xfi#Sfby which veflels paftitig, enforce again ft England (fay breach p f landings fmtling 4 dotlej^^and fea^e andemem,ffiall tfioogb witb grain only, from the clofihg fenteriGe of the pre- alegttimate tfiilltary add boftile fie^bt aitl taldogln ifiuegoddf x tp j p f rea^rsr^^'/T die twelve poru ot France,pre- amble) the ufages wbieh Jhe blockade again ft the mamfeft^ under a

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