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<? THE PUBUJC MART. tirade plants its dimes,and plucks itsdollnrs here: 3 ankers Manufacturer of and Dealer hi Cabinet Furniture, Chairs, &c., &c., Wo, £884 W a rren St.., O NE Door ahov G. W a­ kings’ Jewelry Es­ tablishment, nnd nearly op- pos'd® tiie Washingtonian ulhve* wlicr*- lie koeps con- . ,ly on hand und will JvIdnuftK tore to order '' ardrobes , Side Boards , Bu­ reaus, Dining, Tea , Center, Card, and Ladies Work Ta­ bles , VVasA Stands, Hat Stands, Ffenck and other Bed, steads, Sofas, Mahogany and Block Walnut Chairs; ndced every article lnauuluelured in the Cabinet mill Choir line. (CT'COEFiNS of all kinds and sizes, made to orJcruttliolow e s tprices. G ivens a ‘cull. JAM E S CALKINS Hudson, June 3 , 1 8 4 7 . _______ ________ G R E A T BARGAINS. The Subscribe'-s, Dealers in |tfe. Boots, Shoes, Hats, Caps, H O O K S , a n d R e a d y M a d e C lo th in g , WOULD Respectfully inform the inhabitants of V A L A T I E and vicinity, to examine their slock be­ fore purehnMng elsewhere, as they have a largo as- sortinent of each kind of goods above mentioned, all oftho latest style, and fresh goods, all of which they pledge themselves to sell aa low as they can be bought tnis side of Now-York City. They wo ild invite par­ ticular attention to their stock of KINDERHOOK ACADEMY T HE Trustees are grqtiliod to announce, lhat this lon'-cstablished Institution will re-open, for tho Winter “Term of 23 weeks on,tho4lliof .November, As they bare a full assortment of School nnd Miscel­ laneous, and w ill sell them Cheaper then the usual re­ tail price, School Books in particular.' JrT^-LaJics and Gentlemen please gire us a nail. CLARK iSz M E R C E R . Valatie, Sept. 15,1847. N .B Particular attention paid to tho manufacture ofBOOTS and S H O E S . ______________ G R F . A T B A R G A I N S I N Wigs, Tonpecs, Frisctts or Fronts. W m . H . G R E E N , T AKES this method of announcing to the Ladies and Gentlemen of the City of Hudson, and also ofthe County of Columbia, and Greene County, (particularly the Ladies of Catskill,) that ho has on hand a large and first rale assortment of the above nutncd articles, all o f which he intends to Sell Cheap­ er than nan be purchased in this Cjty orany other, for Cosh, and will warrant as to durability and neatness not to be surpassed by any. Persons wishing to purchase articles in the above l.ae will findit totheir advantagoto Gail and Examine I,i-fore purchasing clswhere, at his shop just below Wm. Badgleys Mansion House, or within a door or uvoofH . P. Skinners Dry Good Steve, whore ho wrll be found at all times to wait on those that may call. Also Back Braids for the head of all sizes and col­ ors, and braided in all sorts of styles, and made to or- derun tho shortest notice. N. B. LONG HAIR bought at advanced prices. J u n e 1,1847. ______________________________________ , D E P O T FO R Newspapers & Cheap Publications, No, 162 Warren Street , Opposite Badgley’a Mansion House, W H E R E may be OBTAINED DAILY or Weekly Newspapers, all tho Monthly Popu- \ nr Magazines, and the Cheap Publications of theday, ilko, a constant supply of Bank Note Lists and Counterfeit Detectors , A full and well assorted stock o f Stationery, and Fancy Articles, , A lso P r i n t s a u d P i c t u r e frav a o n * Families supplied regularly with Duly and Weekly newspapers. C. B. NASH, Aeu’O Agent. Tacre is no excuse for not having Pictures, when Nash is se’ling them at his Emporium for 6 shillings n nice gilt frames Hudson, April'' L i . c o x \vour,di j. respectfully inform the citizens of Hudson.that he has u k c n the Sfinr.s for merly occupied by A . P . Bullock, m the los er part of Ihe city', where ho will bo prepared at all times to at tend tho calls of bis friends,and assures the public that the terms will be reasonable. Hudson, May 14. 211 New Bakery and taafectianary, One door below the Dutch Store, and directly opposite the Farmer's Bank, H u d s o n , W . X L . T HE Subscrdier has opened a new Bakery and Confectionary next door below the I and directly opposite the Farmer's Bank, |,o kept constantly the greatest variety of Bread, Cukes anti Crackers ever offered in this city. Sugar and Molasses Cakejj *« « Pound Cakes, “ “ Ginger-broad, Fruit * Sponge 4< Queen “ Rusk. Jumbles, Ginger N u ts , Drop Cakes, &c, dec. 1847, under the charge o f A L E X A N D E R W A T S O N , A * M.* late Professor of L.;tin, Mathematics, and 'Natural Science, in thp Albany Femnle Academy. During the vacation the Academy edifice has-been newly painted and repaired; the class rooms, have boon furnished with new desks, benches, and black­ boards, o f the most modern construction; und various important improvements have been effected, for tho comfort und convenience o f the pupils. The Institution eqpsists qf u Mulo Department un­ der the charge of the Principal, aridu competent As* slstant—a Female Department,, under the united cate of Miss J emima L. D owling , (daughter qf the Rev. J. Dowling, I). D., of N ew York city) who will tench Rhetoric and Composition, Music, French ahd Italian, and Miss J ulia C halmers of Saratoga county, who is a thorough Mathematical and English scho!ar-^ai)d an Elementary Department, under the charge of Miss H emahtha J ones , a graduato of the S tate Normal School. Mr. Watson proposes to receive into nis.ihmuy ji* limited number o f poysonly (15), \vho,it is designed shall enjoy all the advantages and coipforls of a select Boarding'School, united to ihe salutary stimulus .and collision o f mind presented iii a well regulated public institution. Terms, including'Tuition, Board, W ash­ ing,, pnd every charge, excepting Books, §175 p e r an­ num. Board can be had in the village, in moral and. relig­ ious families, recommended by the Trustees, at abflut g 2 per week. No student of bad character, o r of idle and dissipa­ ted habits,\vfil he admitted or retained i n connection with the Academy.. R eferences*-— Hon. Judge Bronson, (late Chle' Justice}, Hon. Win L. Marcy, Secretary bf W ar, or any o fthe Trustees ofthe Albany Female Academy— Right Rev, Bnhop Potter,of Pennsylvania—Prof.Jp- seph Henry,- LL, D., Secretary of the Smilhsomar. fnstl uie. WflsI ington—Hon. Joshua A. S pencer, Uti­ ca—A. Crittenden, Esq., Principal of the Brooklyn Female Academy. W ILL IA M H. TOBEY, Preaido-u. DAVID VAN SCHAACK,S-> retary. 287tf. A. C . STEVENS, ' j r - - ........ , T his old stand op- FSk. posite Geo. Wu- rings Jewelry Store, keeps constantly on hand ft good assortment of GUNS, double and single barrel, as low as can be bought in New- York fir elsewhere and a good Assortment of Pistols, Revoivers,drc, Shut Bags, Powder Flasks, Percussion Caps, Powder and overy otherartlcle connected with th e Dim trade. Rifles patent cut, that a re warranted to shoot ono hundred yards and average their shots less than one inch from the center, nnd 40 rods to hit a nine inch ring, atleastStimcs out o f ten, and will shfifit with great precision eighty rods, Persons that aye good judges o f rifle shooting, and all others wishing to pur­ chase, arc invited to call and try them, a s I tun sure they cannot well be beat. All kinds of Gun repairing done well and at short notice. Door locks repaired and new keys fitted,-— Trusses and Umbrellas repaired, Scissors and Tai­ lors Shears mound, together with ail kinds of Jobbing in myline of Business. Juno 1,1847. Church and P a r lor Or|MW» T H E Subscriber would respectfully inform the public thnt Jie Jins on hand, stiff in constantly building nil sizes nnd prices or C H U R C H end PARLOR ORGANS, with nil tho latest improve­ ments in Imndsoine tuul Grecian olid Gothic Cases. Parlor Organs, prices from $150 to 500: Cbuhth Organs.from §300 to $4000, w hich will he warrant­ ed of the best materials nnd workmanship, am) o f rich foil tone. Societies a n d Individuals wishing a good instrument, will tind i t to their interest to communicate with tire Suhscriberbeforepumlinslng' Specifticntion of any size Organa can be hud by applying to liis inanulactoryin Now Haven, Ct., o r to Mr. Geo. Pnrton, in this c ity, who w illgive infor­ mation and references. W in.P. GARDNER. Organ Manufactory, N c w llavcntC t- Wheat Bread, Wheat & lndmnJ“ Cream ” R y o “ Butter Crackers, Milk ‘ “ W ater “ Sugar \ Graham “ Snda “ I!“ 3 t° C O ^ F E C T I O r V A R Y The largest «nd best assortment of Confectionary ever offered in this city. Tho different kinds are too numerous lo mention—manufactured freshevery day, from Stuarts’ best Crushed and White Havana Su- 6 '/threat variety o f Lozenges, warranted to keep in nnv climate, put up in papersofone ounce each, with labels, and packed in two lbs. and fourlbs.boxes. Also, Medicated Cough Candy, highly recommend- ed by a number of Physicians for Coughs, Colds, or any irritation of th© throat and lungs. c e r t i f i c a t e s . Knowing the Composition of •* PauVs BaUamie Candy,\ I confidently recommend it lo the public us a j<Hfe and efficacious remedy, in Coughs,colds, and any irritation ofthe throatandiuhgs. Hudson, Feb. 5, 18‘JL ^V, Havm* examined “ PauVs Balsam, or Vegetable Cowh Candy,” and being acquainted with its mcdici- nal properties, I have no hesitation in recommending it to the public as a safe and salutary remedy in com- rnon cases of cold, attended with cough. P . H KINICKERBACKER, M. D. Clermont,‘March 1,1847. , I have examined the medicina properties of \ Paul < Vegetable Cough Candy,\ nnd 1 believe it to be equal, if „°,t superior, lo any inane. ^ ^ ^ ^ Hudson, February 12, 1847. All the above articles will be sold as low as at any other establishment in tboStato. C- PAUL. 6m267 ______________________ A. ROCKEFELLER, T ENDERS hissincero thanks to hia former patrons, and friends, and the public generally, and would informthem he still continues tbe Tailoring Business In all its various branches at h is old stand N o .324 Warren S t.,Tw o Doors below H , B, Van Diuen's Store, where h e will be pleased to Wait on aU tkoio who may ftvvor h im with, n ea\V K lrkbriile’s T a ttersali’s H EA.YE POW DERS aro the only ram- gdy ever used in this country winch will cure heaves or broken wind in hordes, and they are now recognised as a standard iniatuoie remedy for those complaints. They are the produc­ tion of a. celebrate^ English farrier, nnd have bem\ us­ ed for ninny years in the famous T a ttek s a ll/S - § ta- bles London, and other purls of. England, withdip- tinguised success. And since their introduction into thiscountrylhey have cured, in tho city ofNew York and vicinity nlone, more than f o u r h u n d r e d hors­ es, munv of themnlihcted with most agruvated canes Of HBAVK 8 , BROKEN’ WIND, and CHRONIC COUGH.— The following are among a host of proofs that eah be produced of their astonishing efficacy: ' This i s from the jwoprietorof one ofthe most exten­ sive livery stables in New York, a man whosenpin- on in mailers relating tohorses is very much respect­ ed. M essns.A. II.G osgti ' & Co.—Gents: You will recollect that 1 bought a package of your Heave Pow­ ders some weeks ago, to'administertoa Horse ofLiv- ery in ray stables, and thnt'I was quite dubious of thq propriety of attempting to cure such a bad case as his' was, anti in fact did n o t befieve that thero werp any remedies better for this complaint than those I had been in tho habit ofusinginmy extcnsivedealing with horses, butjusuce to you and your valuable remedy, impels me to say that, that package of Heave Powders cured the-unirnal of as agrayateda case of Heaves as I ever saw, and liis^wind is now’ perfectly good.— Whether the disease will ever return ornot I cannot foretell b u ll believe the cure is a permanent one. Respectfully. EDWARD FLOYD, 102 L aurensst.N. York. Nov. 1 , 1847. The case below was described to u s ns a n almost hopeless one, rendand duubt liq more, tlmt even the worst forms of tills o bstinate disease coube cured, by the application of thin extraordinary medicine. 'M e ssrs. A. 11. Gough & Co.—Gents: J bought about six week# ago a package ofyoul* Heave Fuvv- clers to.’administnrtJ a favorite hoise whp had been tio'ulilod with heaves for inonMltun two vears. h is cane was a had one, a n d so severe as to incapacitate him from iialfftis usual labor, nnd iiad resisted ull the rem-dies ordinarily ^iven for this disorder^ tht»se had no effect but to slightly'diminish the vlotende o f the heaving while taking the medicine, hut th a t pack- age o f your remedy 1 ms cotnpletoly eradicated the disease und now his wind is us good as ever it was- It is a month since he has taken the Powders,and I can warrant him sound. Respectfully, GKO. W. DAVIS, Monroe, Middlesex Co. N. J . November, 3 1847. Besides the specific action upon dieases of the Jungs and windpipe, the Powders, from their gr n restorative and Alterative power?, a r e the bestcosi DiTiON- medicine thnt can be used in lig h t hide- k »8 o f appetite, and all diseases tlmt arise front derangement o f the digestive functions in the horse. A . H .G O D G li& C O . (149 FuHon st. New York sole proprietors. Price $1. For s a le by Henry J . Barringer one door above tiie liudaon River Bank, Hudson. &n293. D r ; Ye R e e s Address T O T B E P E O P L E O F A M E R I C A ! A S a Physician I take the responsible stand before th e public to prescribe for your afflictions and relieve your bodily suffering although born in anoth­ er land and a subject of a foregn nation, I have a practice equal 4o the most favored P h y s c innofm y nntive.eity, where medical skill is adjudged by the most eminent and learned professors in the world, where the palm of preferment is given to him who is actually deserving, and entirely worthy, wbere Ohar- tanism and ftfounteoanks, quacks and ignorant pre­ tenders prescribe to a very few of tho low. I make no hesitancy, coming- vit before the world and offer unto suffering humanity a medicine which has been tried by the most learned a n d eminent phy­ sicians of cither hemisphcie, nnd pronounced by all to lie the most perfect,complete, safe and efficacious medicine for the cure o f nil female complaints, that has e v er been offered to the public. My visit to this country is for the purpose o f constitxUing an agency for (he sale o f my medicine, which is now making' such rapid progress o f preferment in Europe. It a p ­ pears that one great und'riiflpqrtHnt object, which comasunfar the &vhdancc$f£yhi t>hy»\ei*n, has been --------- ; ----- . u r- i n i -v-« .. . i overlooked, viz : ihe armAN* trealmentof fcmalecom- Among his «tock maybe found* French, English K ,UiotS/. j n France wehkvft over ten millions 6 f T f , and American Cloths, Cassimeres, Doeskins, battr- ) tnnleWwjidsfe sufferings frqw, nature’s n Jnerta^sv has f>«eo po of pen lo ,/ee- cribo. Fhysicisnu gmd&m? prescribe some Mmpfe mixture, to create for lbs time being, a plentiful yet . . _ t • J 4 . I. .. .1 !. —..A -h ^ .1 L .J.. AM.I f . t . — ....I ■ ...a —■ nets. Serges, Tweeds, and other Summer G rojjp/her wiihaeeneral assortment of J C R A V A T S , C O L L A R S , B O S O i T S , S f f Z R . G L O V E S , S U S P E N D E R S , <fe. tj^.C \TiN(»iPltended,toas-Usual. Time ami Labor-Saving Macliiiie AT G e o rge P a r t o n ’ s F u r n i t u r e W'ntre Mootn. T H E subscriber respectfully informs the citizens of Hudson and the adjoinin|countie«, that hav­ ing purchased the right to manufacture Shugart and Porter’s celebrated Philadelphia W ashing- M achines, Is now prepared to furnish nil who mny dcsire them, with an artiue of a superior manufacture, which Tor simplicity, diiraoility and economy, is unsurpassed.— The subscriber takes pleasure m referring to Mr. D.B. Stranahan of tho National Hotel, Thomas I. Best, H. Waterman, S . Crossmun, a n d S. N . Blake ot this city, who have ono now in use. G E O R G E PAItTON. Hudson, Aug. 5,1847. _ AT IT AGAIN state in which .............. ^ . sesthrOnglioul France previous to th*introduction bf my P E R S IA N FEMALE VEGETABLE FILLS. Their uOtion is speedy, their effects safe and cer- Inin, They are miid and gentle in their operation, yet powerful in their effects. So L present them to the people o f America. The Ladies of this country complain of ill health,, they likewise, I find on exami­ nation of various medicines recommended for their use, h ave been misled. You have now the offer o f a medicine w hich is truly meritorious anil efficacious. The numerous cases of female irregularities and weakness, such as retention and suppression of the Menses, Nervous Debility, Incipient Consumption, Indigestion, Alternate Flushings, Barrenness or Ster- rilily, all call fora medicine which will euro without leaving ils debilitating murks behind; such a medi­ cine 1 believe my Persian Female Vegetable Pills to he, Pamphlets containing important instructions to married and single ladies, can be had gratis on apply­ ing t o thcagent in th is place. I have selected an my eenernl agents, J & ft. G . RADWAY, of N o . *2 Coriland S t. Now-York Prico o f Pills,25 nnd 50 cents. PUNDERSON & HAM, agcntsm this city. 3m292. m e d i c i n e s o f t h e Cir;ieieiil»er«: Company, J N W - Y O B K . 40 ,0 0 0 B O X E S SO L D W E E K L Y . VIIGE'JTABXR P I L L S . T BCE clmva cier o f the pilU bus been fully; tested und ujiptoyed byFor numerous persons in nil fiddtions of the Country, Tliey liaveachieyedsoine. most ■vyonrterful cures; uf tvhich \ye evi­ dence thut would sutwfy the most incridulous prim). In enses of long' Etamling-niuicoinp.liculotl nature, where the best mediciil skill lias been tried in vain, me GraefenbrngPiUaliavebcni trium- pliant. They are a Sovereign remedy in the follow* nig diseases: Asthma, Flatulency Bilious uomplaints, 1‘ Inof Alaus or wlnte*^ Boils, Gasiric fever, Bowels, deficient action.Gicon Sickness, lJrenst pang, Gripes, Catarrh, Heartburn, Qunslipatiotij Hepd Ache, Cough nnd pifgnancy, Hysterics, ' Costivoness, Inooutlnenceof unoe,. Diarrhoea, lnilige-tipn,. Difiieult brcathinfir, * Influniation of vital part?, Dyspepsia, Inflmii. ofdtoniircli, Dyspeptic consumption, Juundice, Digestion, imperfeef, Liver contplaints, Determination o f bipod l*q\v Splrihy to the iieud, Mejig(rua(mn, -suRppress* Earache, ed o r painful, Krvsipelos, Nfryous Disorders, KpJilep«y, Neuralgia* Fever—low, nervou?, irt- Rheiimutism, teruiitteni, Reniitient, yioujac.ii, various dis» Ptrror oAJ Ague, ctlstt*?. ‘ Iu alt bilious or chronic disbrdw , iliese PHli achieve the most wooderfuJ trJumpb. JJcre they defy competition. Tlidse win) use them according 1 to directions CANNOT BECOilE BILIOUS! They will cleanse and invigorate tbe? Stomach; freely purge the bqweis j make the urine to flow healthily and clear* open lint pores, eive a pleueanl temperature and tone lo the 8 kin, und d o all this in the gentlest manner,without doing violence to the system.—Price 25 cents. Orders by mail will be promptly intended to. T H E G R E E N M OUNTAIN V E G E T A ­ B L E O IN T M E N T . Wherever ihjlamation exists, this Ointment is a Positive and Unfailing Remedy. N o matter w h at part or portion of the body is laboring under inflmnntion, whether externalor'in- termii this Ointment W ILL allay it like a charm.— On thifl point there is no mistuUe. (ETIn no instano.a w ill the. application of this Ointment interfere with the remedies administered- by regular Phvsiuians. Atuong tho diseases to which this wpnd rful Ointment is adapted, is the following; Gbndukr Swellings—’Ague in the Face—swelled B ream * Hippies o f Nursing Women—scald Head an /»- Dressingfir aluable \breasmg fo B ums scalds, e g g . B l w i f r t -skingh*! — Erysipelas—PiJtS*+„_^ _ __ lE F P K I C te 2 5 Cj » o x . « o C H1LDRGS* PJimCEA, Infallible in all dirawMi to wbfcli Children are Bubjeut. It promptlfreliovcs and uures ull com- plaints o f tl.q^ldlftgolrand Bowels: purifie* the Blood: g i v ^ ^ g o r to the Body: clearness to ilia Compjcxiqu/ifec. It is also the BEST VERM IFUGE KNOWN. P r i c e 25 c e n t s p e r B o ttle* T H E ’GRAEFMNBERG EYE LOTION. Foi^iaordtfr* o f tlm e v es this Lqtion lias no equal. It is compounded u)mn u ie most scientific principle*, and pcr|brmfll eximorriiimry cures. For violent inflamftfiotg ffrdinary influmaUon, dimnejs arid (ailing o ffRe^glu, weaknessof tho eyes,involunta­ ry * repf»g,fi»reigns«b*timccs »u Urn eye, it 8 a positive nnd speedy cure* Prifi«55 Ceifis H Boltle, with full Directions. DAV10 W OK9&titfM s*in*, jrepttrsrt agent lor the CtfftfitfeSttf Chiaws Ornngc* Ulster, Dutchess, PhUiunt, nnd Columbia. _ LOCAL AGENTS: NiverviRej JtHm I W lfy w g w ,ift!rtiiit O. Cafpmfitr A C n , ttiUlden&rittg*; &*tU Mi/JeT, Clmthanrj I L ’JH. J)qvia A Son, New Cencnrrfj Kd- win rfnckott.New Briton, F; W . Everest, New Leb­ anon Center; G a y & Fierce,Lebnnon Snrinffs; A. D. Cornwell, Cauatm 4 Cornoix 5 W .S, Wuodwortl), Flat Brook; Alba {‘risheCiCunaan; Vat»Al«ty«e& Wooster* Chatham* C o m tn ; Grufffe Cnrnelitm,’ Sunduskv; A- C. Daniels, Mcllenville; Marry Ri rimmrid, C laverack; P . Vflr. Scbuik, Jiindeniqqk; Robert Mnrish. Vnlnlie; J .W . Penoyer, Cnlumhia- ville ; Nelson Martyn, Spenvcrtown i James N. Barnes, Austerlitz; Earl Collins, Greepe River; Dmimick & Bulkley,Hi))sdnle: Bain & Chamber­ lain, Copnke; Ambrose D ennis, A neram Lead Mines; J . Pierce& C o ., Livingston; Levi Leroy, Clermont; Henry Lawrcnce 1 Germftntown. 6in282 N E W ST 0 E E T HE Subscriber lmving purclwped tiie stouk of goods formerlv belonging to Jolin Vnn Ue.u- sen, Jr., would respcc.tfully inform the citizens of TnJums, nnd Greene County generally, Hint liSlias eralaSsiinlcmls beeping constantly 011 band, a gen- J S S > * Goods. *no- to mtrchdse any ai'liuiu nsunlly kept UlTrtd R tore. a r e resp e c tf u lly requested lo c a l ffoodst 1 • . L <c nurchusinff elsewhere, as Im S r i i e 1 C i f y J GKEEN.ny Athens, Nov.25,1847. __________ _ ______ _ ____ WILLIAM ARMSTRONG, W OULD respectfully inform his friends nnd the public generally, thut lie has resumed his Business at h is Old Stand,one door below Wagoners Cabinet Shop, and nearly opposite the \Washingtonian Olfico, where he intends to keep constantly on hand, Fashionable assortment of Cloths , Cashmeres, lutings, Stocks, Collars, Bosoms, Shirts , Gloves, etc., clc . S^pWork done in the most Fashionable Style* an at Prices to suit the times. C V T T I N a Done a t the shortest notice and warranted to fit if properly inndoup, Hudson June 3,1 § 4 7 . ____________ ___ ________ E . W A L D O B F , Jeweller, and Gold and Silver Sraitl), 206 Warreii'Sl,, one door above Dr. (r. White's Office, HUDSON , JY. V. J EWELRY, in all its various .orms,manufactured or repaired. Gold and Silver bought o r exchang cd. The citizens of Hudson and vici nity are respect­ fully invited to forward their orders, which will be pro 1 npjt ly nl tended to. ______________ myfi-2(32lf H u d son M a rble W o rks, T HE subscriber a t his old established stafid on Franklin Square near the Ferry, respectfully an 1 « L . AiltfvA V. 0 n f llm t ,1 A niti, n ,1 m l M 4 | \ f \ P URE CONCENTRATED Extrao of LEMON, for flavouring Pies, Puddings ^ ^ “ asBEBSsa&sa!* mApop, April 9,1848, WV* r^ffwiineiits, Tombs, Crave Stones, s of busme5sy^iQf|on3af work connected with 1 I n d e m n i t y a g a i n s t L o s s 1>y T i r e , T H E subscriber is a d u ly Tie Greatest Medicine of the ^ge. Stanton'* External Remedy, \ l i U J T T ’ t s ' Z e f w V i & t i j y T i H AS received the uhAtB tiilq/rom thpuaands who have been bcnefitted by itsusp. Itaoperationjia wonderful, Never failing, to giye jmmediuie relielX and permanently curing the diseases lorwliich it ii '. recommended. ^ ' v the last ycarlhaVrt pliiccd before the public testimony ofiindoubted phaructor from many persons wel.l known throughout the. couniy o f \Ve 8 tQhcj(!cr, where the great roputaiion'bf this Medicine was first established. During tho past year 1 have received from all parts ol the country a muss o f evidence ofthe great value of this celebrated remedy sufficient W (fit Vu.lumes, o f which I have selected a few cerrifipaips. For the foilowiug diseases H unt’s Lini|iient is a cer­ tain, safe, and spcpdy cure. , Spinal Affections', Rheumatism. Paralysis and all Ner­ vous Affections, \Salt Rheutav, Croup or- Hivest Ague in the Breast and Face, Weak Joints, Co)ds, n’oothache, Sore Throat and Quinsy, Ulcerated Sores, Burns, Frosted Feet,, Jndo- • lent Ulcer*. Fresh Wounds, Bunyann, Corns, Swellings and Bruises, {^ roftP’ lous Affcciions, Pains in *ne Back; Nervous Headache* T/cDoloreiix, Sprains, Mosquito Bites, and all Cutaneous and Nervous Djs- ■ ^ cases, &c. &o. Asa sfrengthenerof tho Nervous gysWm A exceeds all the plasters and medicines in th® world, ltw q n ; ly iteeessary to try jttobc convinced that it wiUdoall the proprietor professes. Jta repulation is coristantly incrfiasingv ejid in every instance where it has been used, it is always kept as a necessary Family medi­ cine. Rend tho evidence from abroad, RHEUMATIC GOUT..’, . r , Entirely cured by the application o f jhjs'vyondcnul, m N kw . Y ork , May,^ITJ.846. G, E. Stanton—Sit.—I have been attacked several time? within a few years tyjth a severe pain, attended wjih great inflammHtiQn in iny fool and great toe, and had been laid up from four to six ^weeks at each time, not being able to hear any weight op my JToot. Oqthe 29tli 0 / A prii, I left New York fur Danbuy, Ct,r when 1 , again was attacked wjlh this.complirinb, forlhree. successive days ami nights 2 could n o t dose my t’yes for pain. At the suggestion of some person rn the house 1 sent to Dr. Slnvens lor a bottle ofyotir Hunt’s Lmimenr. I applied itw ith a flannel cloth, and in 15 minutes 1 was entirely , relieved nnd free from pain, and had ft good night’s rest, I was enabled to attend to my business the next day and \ have not been troubled»inc«r ftlthough the ntdure o f m)* business is suchas to keep me on my feet day. I consider it a .mast valuable medicine, and would not be without it. Yoursy&o, (SHERWOOD OSBORNE, 06Orchard st. Remember this Liniment is sold a t the extraordina­ ry low price qf25cenisa hotlle. Who wouldlieiii- tute when certain reliefis to be Had foi a small sum ? Sold by etefy; »nd Merchant thrOughoQtlheCoMi rj^ _ . 9 GJ50RGHE, STANTON,Proprietor. Sjng Sing, Weetchesler Cu.? N. Y . >KD B Y T R * rO(XOWlNO AGKNTS; Rossman dr McKinWry, W , & G. Storrs, Hudson ; »W. W* C»ulkina,.Uiii<m Corners; Bain &> Ohamber- . tfour ,r Bain’s Corners; Martin jSiUfri W rit, M^ler, E , VV, S unnard, Claveraek, 1 i{fcw*S93, * ’ . . T N S H R A N C I2 C O ^ F A N X , .^9? fQ’ W aR M. street, Manhattan Bank Jjuildufg/isiprepared to Insure Lives, grant EndovVmchts arid Annuitifefi.— In addition to the ririnually RiSsBP.VRfl -rtrNpr cruV ofthe premium**; thisCompanYhas a capualofPTftjp thousand dollars, and no dividends w ||l be paid to Hi#' .shareholders, uptii thq assejs amount to Two Hunf* \dred Thousand Dollars. The Director? are 1 persorl** lily responsible-to thc insured, if the -capilal be irn^ paired by improper management. The rates are teft per feeuit:lower than thh ruths o f other companies, aprb a credlrtrr^orly per cent wjlj be giypn pn pohpies fon* the whole du'ryWCl^of life. . . . a ADVANTAGES' w h ic h th is com p a n y holds out to iK s u s M ^ f ., • 1. O u rum p le paid-up c a p r.U t'to meet w h a te v er e x jr*^ ordinary riiks-may Arise. k 4 2 , Frem ium s lower ihai> M»toai>Comp»hfes. ( 3. N o retpoiisitalify to insurers beypmd lhe piyrrisnt i f tti« p rem ium . ' ~j 4, N o risk of partiierihip.s Vrilh all c K sisSsef peTsotls|> ti)d i t s serious CoqseqfieUces, V • 5. N o hubiliiy iohsve ?he s u m in i n r c t t - r e d u i e d . o r thJ make further v o n iribuiions ii; c a se of m o n V lby b r i e i i a Ihe estim a te d Average. S. 6 . T h e Stockholders a n d D irectors having W e e jnts** rests i n ihe companyj affords a security to the iinsUrii 1 that xts a ffarrsw d fbe eoaUucted so as to secute s a l W and s tability. ’ » 7, piom p lriM .and librrality in i e l t l.m m t ol P r e m i u m f o r tiie A a u n n c t o f *!OOi>n a t m g i r ' ‘ Life. k h e a l t h in s i j k a ^ c e . In addition to the b usiness g f U f e Insurance, this Com P.«oyxn*M Insurance'on-the H kalth o f individuals — By Hie payrnept o f the p rem ium -thd person insured will befioim* to receive from iho Com pany, should ha become iiek, the am o u n t insured, du r u ir each w e e k ’s sickness expeiirncqd. B a t e s , q f I n s u r a n c e , a g a i n s t S i c k n e s s . M ale p ersons, of |h« s g e s m entioned in tbe first cob unm ,.w iioafc in pood h e a lth at the tlme o f the s p p liea. tion, may, by p a y ing the prem ium mentioned in t h e see. otta c o lum n , become e n titled to tbe sunt s e t ddwn in cob uqin third, fdr e a c h week’ s sickness experienced by them durinff the tim e for yirhich they are insnred. The fourth colum n shows the p rem ium for tw o years insurance, Annual pay* Sum which Paym e n t re- ment I o r one the Insul-$d Iqnired for 9 year’s if t s u r - w i ll be e n ti-years' IptR . andL D a m a g e oullinrized Agent for the following insurance Companies, ” u S.FIRE1NSU HA N C E C O M P A N Y, of Now York; FIREM A N S ' rid do da ALBANY do do of Albany; PR O T E C T IO N do do o f Hartford, Ct. .33TNA do do do All applications made to the undersigned for Insur ance, for Adjustment of L osses, o r on any other bttsi ness with thesaid Companies,connected with this A genoy,will beattenriedto with promptness, liberality and despatch M A T T H E W M ITCHELLAgnt. May 26. 1846. _________ _ ______________ ___ Iteal Yankee Ivory Jet LIQUID BLACKING. r H J S B!uckin/r» warranted equal, if not supe­ rior lo nn\thing of the kind ever offericd Inthe United S tates, 'either English or American, andia pttt up in the. best sivlc. It ufibrris peculiar notir- jriiment to leather,being composed of a trrfcut quan­ tity of Oil,(and o ther ingtedients combrited, nitch as will not injure, but are warranted much better, 111 every respect, limn Grease nr any one thing alone toprosOrve theLeather, and keep it soft and pliable, und will produce n most heautiful aud durable jet ld(K*k polish. Innumerable certificates could be presented, but this Ls deemed unnecCss *y. Dealers nnd consumers will please ffivo it a fair tnul, nnd in cases, where the Blnckhiffdoes n o t prove asffood ns ccoinmcndedjths MONEY will be cheerfrilly RE- UN BED. Manufactured b v HEMP & K N IG H T , .Chelsea, Ma*?., and for sale by HENRY J . BARRINGER, two doom above the Hudson River Bank,Hudson. Dec. 30,1847. .3w^96. P o r t a b l e , P a r l o r A J U a r i u e BAROMETERS, MANUFACTURED BY 3 BE 2 * JMKL3« ^ m J -^m.3gL*3C^« New Lebanon , Columbia Couhty, N . V. All orders for the above instruments will receive im­ mediate attention by E. KENDALL, New Lebanon, March 26,1847. 25Gm7* aounces to the citizens of Columbia and adjoining Counties that ho is prepared to furnish to all who may ire and line, of busineSsy^ijjjjp^of work connected with his manner, ^ ^ U q r te s t notice and i n tho beat All orders entrusted to hm?JH>w^ and his best endeavours to havoTKc^fisive attention gootrf* recommended. ^^***^xnove as ^ 0 VViEEIAM UICUOJLSOTfr-. T O T I I E L A D I E S .— All k i n d s Of Plain nnd Curled Hair Work, for (I k Ladies kept constantly on hand, and mnric to aider nt the shortest n otice,by S. K . CROSSMAN* H u d son, Feb. J 9,1846. 200yl fi^LAR LAMPS*—Some very rich patterns—very ihe quality, just received at WHEELER'S jewelry Store Nov. 4, a OLD and Silver Watches, afresh supply, and warranted good time keepers, just received and for sale low by C- E. BUTLER, Late Clerk for W. W . Hannah, No. 323 Warren kt., one door below Rossman & M cKinst ry. August 3. ; » r R I T T A N N I A W A R E .- C o f f e e Urp«, Cof- ilANN'AH’5 Jewelry <5l ere. Galvanic Rings ft magnetic Fluid. T HIS remarkable and truly Scientific discovery, which h a s of Into attracted so much oitrniion, is an entirely safe and simple application ofthe mysterious power of GALVANISM a s n*rcmedial agent. The GENUINE G LVANIC RINGS in connection with tlmMAGNlSl'JCFLUlD Imvebeen used with ihe most perfect pucccss in all cases rtf RHEUMATISM, acute or clironic, applying to the head, face, or limbs: Gout, Tic Doloreux, tooth­ ache, Brnnclrili?, Vertigo, Nervous o r Sick Head­ ache, Indigestion, Paralysis, Palay* Epilepsy Fits* Cramps, Pulpitution ofthe Heart, Apoplexy, Siiff- nessof Joints,Spinal Complaint?, Lumbogo,Ncur- nlffia, Nervous IVemour?, Dizziness of ihe llend, Poinin theChofifand Side, General Debilily, I}e.- ficency^ofNefvotis and Physical Energy, and nil nervous Disordeis. In cores ofDyspepsia, which is si simply a noivrius derangement o f thtf diffeflWe organ?, they’have been found equally successful.— The rings hre of different prions, bring made of nil sizes, and of vnvious ornmnpntal patterns, und.can he worn by ihe most delicaie ienmlc without the slightest inconvenience. T h e G a lv a n ic B e l t s , B a n d s , B r a c e le ts. &C*,are modifications ofthe invention, ft»d aro re. commended in more clironic cases of Discuses, where the rings do not possess sufficient intensity of power They arc adapted to Ihe waist, arm** -Wrists, ancles, chest, ornny partoflhelmdy with perfectease. Any Gavanic power that m reqiiued may thus brtobtitincd. C h ristie’s M a g n e tic P l e i d is used in connec­ tion withthe rings nnd modifications. Thiscomposi- ti jn has been pronounced l*y the French Chemists to be one of the most valuable discoveries of modern science. . „ ___ C h ristie’s G a lv a n i c S tr e n g them h g ; B las­ ters*—These artieles form a n important nddjiion 10 the Galvanic Rings, acting upon tho same principle, but having the advantage of more local application.— As tin effectual means for strengthening the system, when debilitated by disease or-other causes', as a cer­ tain aid in constitutional weakness ; a s a preventive for colds, nnd in all affectiousof thechost generally, the Galvanic Streuthenirtg Plasters will be found of great and permanent advantage. ^ . . . EJ*Numerous certificates and testimonials from many distinguished physicians find others, may be scon on application to the Agent t The public are respectfully cautioned to beware o f spurious imitations o f these articles. Dr. ^ Chribtie. has hut ONE authorized agency in each c ity of the U H 7 !i. BARINGER, sole agent for'the County o f Columbia, two doors above the Hudson River Bank M I V K R S 1 L REM E D Y. For Scalds, Burns, Pctedcr Explosions, Frozen Hands and Feel, o{c . rriHFE UNDERSIGNED NOW offer X to the American p ublic the most sure, safe, and efficacious remedy for the cure o f wounds in flicted by tiie terrible dem ent o f Firev Steam, o: Frost o n the h uman body o r lim bs which haf ever been introduced by mankindin a n y age* Just take a view oftho Unired Slates; hundreds there are, blown up p n d scalded almost daily, without anv possibility of saving even ono Hie from the wreck, and why? Because there has nothing eyer been offered to the public with saveranity enough to reach their case- Those cases bein# generally so extremely Violent that the scene closes before any thug th a t Iras not the power of tins Ointment can •miitignte the pain- It h as long been a m atter of serious consideration and regret th a t no ono has u n ­ dertaken lodo any thin? to case those horrid suf­ ferings. How many cased of this kind has there been o n the H a d ron nvei* since the Cnief Justice •was blown up a t Newburgh? Look again on the Julssissippt River, htv.v^nmny h undreds arc there tnTtj Krtrmi up-ir/rd not aTiMtui raised to relieve the sufferers. ;«ThiSfttl7 N o I YVe*eJdoro J.opk a t a pubbcprintbul we find the frightful d e ta il of w o­ men or children being destroyed by their clothes taking fire, and not any o f those details where the ufferers have survived more than three id fifteen hours, and a ll swept with the besomof destruction from Maine U> Louisiana no arm has ever called any remedy into requisition that could berelyed oh to stop this destroyer. M any think now they can euro a burn', almost aU have their o w n remedy which they rely on. Those I ask one question— Suppose you wer& burnt in a m a ss from head to foot, would you run the risk of life on yourprgscrip; tion? I wilt risk Mine in uny possible ca*eif n o t burnt internally and life closo i n an hour it will cure without tail. It never Was applied with buy oilier result, within 37 years having been hr use by its author,.and never failed to perform its desired effect. AudKome o fthe worstLuroaever known to die human family, where, to till uppeumnce, life would end in an hour, iljeybave been raised in Mur* pricing short time. The time to procure ibis Oint­ ment is before you want it, for when you do it is loo (file to think of going aftor it ip violent case? ou children or no case, on any burn it ought to be in* r untly upplied. T h e minutes it is left off tho more hours* it takes to heal it. Slenm-bouts would do well to procare il by the quantity and always keep ir on hand, and remember the older it is tho better- I have never thought of mukhig a fortune out o f it but my sole object has been the mitigation of suffer­ ing immunity* on those cases of unlorseen adversity to which all a re liable, a n d think l>ul little of-ir til! overtaken ours 3 lvcs,Qnd no man wants butone trial to satisfy him of its utility, ond the small pittance by wlrirtli it is obtained, considering tlm importance ol the casi*# would be a stimulant for every family to obtuin it in the United’ Krates. To be hod nt nil limes, wholesale and retail ot Valnlle tieurKinder- liook,by I . BUCK.MUN & SONS. ' March U,1847. 254-Jy ' CERTIFICA T E S . To aU whom it may concern: T h is may certify that I have ltntl occasion for tlid use of Messrs. Buck F O R S A L E . T H K S U B S C R I B E R Offers for sale (lie foil lowing nrliclen, cheap for Cash. One BUGG Y WAGON, nearly new. T h e subscriber keeps enn- stnntly on hand CH AIRSTU F F ofnllkinds. Also several thotisand feet ofBASS WOOD BOARDS and TA BLE and STAND L E G S. Hudsrtn July 21,1847. _____________ 0, BAME. I M ’A NTLE CLOCKS, from fll up to any price, JLvJL warranted rtood time pieces, jirat received by C. E . BUTLER, Late Clerk for, W . W§ Hannah:. No. 323 \Watren-at.* one door below Rbastoan & MeKinjijy, Au|Uflf3, ..... .. _ - ____ Dnley’f. _ ... Extractor in those cases, and do not think it contains the paveranity rtf the Uemedvhy any means,to euse and heril a hunt. ’ W M . II. BECKER. Valatie, March 1,1847. This may certify that I bnve used in mv family for ubom one year, the Messrs. Buekirmuh?, Burn Remedy, and cheerfully suy that I think it ijie best ircscripiion I have ever u?f.d. I won Id further say [ havo used Daley's Pain Extracter in cases of Burns, nnd do not thinR it so good nn urrticle. Valatie,March 7 , ’47* RICHARD GRAVES. To-Hril those rifflicted wiih'bnrhs nnd Scalds. I can confidently recommend Mr. Buckmun ’4 Burn Salvo ns being an infrtUiable remedy, having, for several yenrs past, kept tf box o f it in my furnace, where I hnve had frequent opportunities of witnessing the effect upon others, as well as havins experienced its beneficial iriflueitceS upon my own person. * REN S S E L A E R REYNOLDS Valatie, March 3,1847. T.his may certify that my father was one ot the un­ fortunate sufferers of the sad catastrophe which hup.- peneri at the Arsenal a t \West Troy, March 4,1847, and placed iuThe hartds of eminent Physicians, and continued to grow worse till the 7th, and had been given up aomo 28 hours* Buckmun’s Ointment was applied, which, i f it had booh riohe at first, in the opinion o fall who saw its operation, with myself, do believe he would have been cured. ANDREW EYRlCK. .i g i E P.* t; £ fe ii p.® S i S , r AGE. — -B Z »♦* S. Si, ^ — JS ‘‘s c < s k . AGE. c £ > c i£' 4 f l , W -< fi.7! < s a o 9 O • clH. * Ctl #cts.' 20 90 91 1 60 40 ■ 25' 1 01 i m 1 85 50 f 1 w 1 3-J 2.16 05 1 36 1 4* 2 60 &) 40 1 66 1 81 2'95 , 65 < |w . F 0 tfcts. J 87 1 97 2 J» .4-31 529 l l i « a p. 4 »a> . a- 2*2 ► S «2 <% S 3-9 a < $ Ctv $ ct«. , I 3 40 2 0 c 4 24 ' 3 14 6 39 4 81 R 94 6.93 8 04 - AGE. 20 - to>40 40 to 45 4 * to-50 50 to 65 D ir i c t o k s . George VV, Savage, John Rutherford, Edward Coles, James AL .Chapman, \Waller Rutherford, James Wheeler, William King. C. S. Tan Wagoner. Andrew B. Cobb, GEORGE W.jSAVAGE, President. K iciukd If. U ulu , Secrelztry and Actuary. J ohn M’U lblland M. IX,' 62 4th Avenue, Physi­ cian. ^ - \VV^ i . ter RuTiitnroRnCoinseL Exiilanntory pamphlets and blank forms o^Jfpplica- lion for Life and Health lnsursncs, »ay bv •lAMinedf al .he Office oflllliA M MACY i n j ^ 7 n Agcht for this City. ly302 B E T M O V A l . , V l t A S W . T O H J E v , DIALEK IK B j r e S t u f f s , P a i n t s , o n . , G l a s s , Sasfcek. 1U.INDS, Ac., H a s icm o v e d lo th e S l o t s ( b tm e r ly nccupisd: b y T o b c y ic N a s h , a n d (ole by \V m , N a s h , hi 1 lie sign o f W h a l e 's l a w B o n e , No. 298 W a r r e n stre e t , opposite t l t e F a r m e r s ’ B a n k , H U D S O N , - N . Y . H E TS C O N S T A N T L Y J I E C J E I V * insfresh supplies o f goods in hia line of bu­ siness, which he will Sell a t W HOLESALE O it RETAIL, 4 t as low rates as theaam e e sn be pur­ chased ir. this city. r SPKRM. WHALE, OLIVE and L I N S E E D OIL., by- the b a rrel or less quantity, SP IR IT S OP TURPENTINE, D Y E WOODS, W H ITE LEAD, GROUND IN O IL AND DRY. and all kind's of C olored Paints. GLASS OP ALL SIZES, from thebest establishm ents, which will b e sold al- Factory prices* S . VV, TOBEV’ will a lw o y .kecpon b a n d a n a s io r t- m e n t of WINDOW SA S H E S AND B L IN D S which will be sofd very low, .and will p a y th - slricieSt attention to H e t i s e , S i f n a n d , O r n a m e n i a l P U a t l i r . el »- Country M erchants will find it their inter­ est to exanunem y stock a n d prices b e forepurchie- in s - A ll orders for goods o r psintin* fo r eity o r couniry, will be projrtptly attended to. « > w . ' S. W .T O S E Y . Hudson, F e b . 86 . 184 *. ___________ 201 -tf T h e M u t u a l J L i l c I n s u r a n c e C « m p a n y o f N e w Y a r k . . , No. 56 Wall Street. Fslatemcfll o f the Affairs of ihe Cooto.. a y , A T l l i q close of th e third Year e j inn 3tsr January, 1846: Number o f policies issued, were During J st y ear 470 Prcfninms thereon, $37,283 9 0 \ 2d “ 616 “ “ 49,371 19 \ 3d “ 1 0 4 ^ » .. 74,443 84 Whole No, Policies 2183 Tolol amount 'original premiums, 161,188 93 •Durmgtlio adyeni-.redeiv’donrenew als, 32,6(9 15 ‘‘ , ^ “ . ’* • “ 70.74613 Total amrtunt received for premiums, 264,474 21 Amount received for iniercst on stocks » «nd bonds and mortgage*, 11,41173 Amountrcceivcd forlS»*R rj«k?, 2,068 blJ Amount received for Policiei*. 1^06 P 5 Amount received in transmission from agents for 2 d and Sdyears’promiums, Totalamount of receipts, D isbi R iskments : Losses und expenses naid 59^5^ Losaes due, and the Company ready for paymept us soon a«i the requisite vouchers are presented by the parties, 1,306 65. $280,78^5# 91 M r s . R A W ’S F a n c y , T h r e a d , N e e d le, AND LACE STORE. * *|WB‘RS, HAW S , late of New York city, would fe- l f JLspcctfulIy inform the inhabitants of JHudson anfi vicinity, that she has opened a F a n c y Store- In Warren Street, nearly opposite the Washingtoni­ an Office, where cun always be fotirid a first rate os- sonment*of L a d i e s D r e s s C a p s , j Laces, JRibbotis, Thread, Needles aud all hinds ’ o f ta n c y Goods, CPM rs. Hawa tenders her sincere tiinnks for the patronagc she has already fceeiycil daring lidr short residence, and would respretfully solicit a continua­ tion bfthoaamc, 784! f. 5,625 00 I 65,210 9 Neltpiocecds, , *215,571 8 M ORRIS RO B IN S O N ,Preru SAMUEL llAN N A Y ,SecTnt. - AlINTORN P O H 1 ',M :d„ tolhe Comnnny. tt j • ' . . . J ; W . F A IRFIELD Agen Hudson, April 2,1846. 20 .. Sugar ringa^GardCftir S IL V U R W A R f j , —Forks, Spoons, T-ongu, Butter Knives, Napkin ringa^L, es. Snuff Boxpd, Combs, Fruit Knives, Pap Cups* Cmldrens Rattles and Nursery Tubes, Haf? Ora*. mojit 8 , ofce., ofthe best quality, at %t! ' H a n n a .] Nov. 4. A H ’^ - J e % e l iy S t o r e y » 4giiLVi^K Gard Cases, Combs, Arrows, Stelle|tta«s. ^ dee., jus! received a t V W H E E L E R S JeivetrY S t e r s / \ rhe.Golumbia Washingtoniai.; ' DEVOTilb 76 Till! cAtJSE o f ti:m p k r a n c |:.. ° ' ei' 7 'fhursclay morning, »t No,99* I Warren street, Hudion, N . Y., by- \ J A L E X A ND E R ft. WJKBD. Term s—One Dojlarper annum ,payabUmidmHeii or one dollar and twenty-five cents, if riot paid i n i 4 thre, montha. - • - . ■ . Aclvcrtinments conSpicuouaiy 1 inserted' at H ii usual rates. ’ A d d ress .kpxx. il, W x b s , H u d s o n .C o lnm h ia e N Y .,p o s tag e p a id ,

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