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O b s t r u c t i i p n s o f t h e L i v e r , B i l l i o u s C o m p l a i n t s , D r . H a l s e y ’ s G o l d a n d S i l v e r P i l l s . . Out o f (he “ thousand a n d one’’ disorders which a re the m oans of hurrying m ankind lo their final d oom, m o re than ope-half an*e from obstructions in the liver. This J!nPpr[®nt °ri?ani w h en in a healthy condition! Secretes Ihe b ile and blood, but, if uufii to perform i u proper functions, excess oi billious m a tter accumulates—the,. Worn out p rinciple o f the b lood'continues in the circuUft tion, ana like &• s |o w m alignant poison, diffuses itatfii j . *!§ i ^ whole system, finally giving rise lo.sM n e dreadful m alady. It m ay break out in the form pf Aome oangeroits F over o t Liver C o m p laint, Jauudiuejjy^fcbcu- m a turn, or.bcrofulay or tom e prevailing *« 5 i<ftunic; in line, a morbid state o f the liver, Ltonwr«nhrrand bowels, is the great cause which predi»pQf*tf* ^he system to every class o f disease,- . J ? Bit. HAtSB£’ 9 G 0 (.D AND^piLVKR P ills are known to be (he most excellent remedy iu the world to bring tlm liver to the. perfprmaJMeepi its proper functions, and to cleanse fionx the st'JHnach and bowels all viscid aud pu. trid matter. ^VeififDr. Halsey’s Pills always resorted to wjjeii symptoms J^jajckness, or excess of bile are appro* bended, * va 8 laJ^annt ofsufferiitz. would be prevented, •nd-many llvcytsyed, who otherwise, from the use of bad a prem a turely to th e grave. , A 5 .v l?r?Jp r e m any bad pills in the rnaiket, the p u b lic oh Ihe j 1 * mind tliat unless Dr. HaUey’s.signature is ^ n a b e l o f each box, they c a n n o t bo g e n u ine, and u J j r i u e y are only for sale by the appointed agents in E d i s o n and a t Dr. Halsey’s Office, No. 2 Courtlandt feireet, New-York. Price, o n ly 25 c e n ts for, the box. cqu tam in g bo{h the Gold and Silver Pills. 8w299. Agents—Messrs. P u nderson & H a m . STILL' THEY COME. Albpny, Jan . 10 , 1846. Dr. Herrick—Allow me loadd my testimony w ith the many othets Of the city in favor of your Sciatic Liniment. 1 am a carman by trade, A few days since, in unloading some hay freight, I bruised and sprained my foot and an­ kle in a most dreadful m anner. I tried various remedies without any apparent effect. I then applied your Sciatic Linimeht wilh astonishing success. It removed a ll pain and inflamation ; and after using if only ’three (fays, I resumed my businessagain.. M y residence is 17 Quack, enbusli street, where I may be found. Yours, respectfully. T. SMITH. Thousands like the above might be given, but w e lack room. This Liniment is put up in blown bottles, enveloped in a beautiful engraV' ing of a diseased spine, and s e lls fot 25c. P r i n c i p a l D e p o t 53 S ta te stre e t A l b a n y , •where all orders m u st b e a d d ressed . AGENTS— .Hudson, linesman & McKinstry, Punderson & Ifiin, II. J, Barrinjier, Hall & Curpen. ter, Lewis Little, J. Squires, R. I). Van Deusen, \VilsonT.\Yorihy; Ida Mills Store, Edward Roottte; CoIutnhioville.J, & W . Penoyar, and by Merchants generally throughout the county. Agenlfem an from Vermont writes a s follows: Cambridge. Vt., June 18, 1846. M r. Seth W . Fow le— Deaf S ir; F o r several years, past m y usual good health has been o c ­ casionally interrupted by spells o f coughing, p ro­ duced byco ld s j a year ago last winter I w a s brought lo the verge of the grave by a very se- ■yere cough, accompanied w ith pains in both sides, between the shoulders, & c „ which w ith Jong continued night sw e a ts, and olher alarm ­ in g sym ptom s, reduced me so low that m y friends despaited of my recovery.. I consulted physi­ cians, arul tried Ihe various remedies of tlie day, b u t none of them cured m e. A t last f procured D r . W islar’s Balsam of Wild Cherry, and it saved tny life ; L h a v e no t enjoyed better h ealth fo r m any y e a r s ; therefore I can recommend o t h ­ e r s w h o need it, to try it. SAM UEL BENTLEY For s a te in th is cily, b y Itosim a n & M c K instry and W ' & Q.Storra. E v e r y m a n h i s o w n F A R R I E R . / i A n i m a l G a l v a n i c C u r e - A l l , O intm e n t is WARKAifTiMhe g r e a t e s t CAT* J t T L B K E M E D Y , o n the erfrlK, 2 0 tim e s t h e a ter. /ftO tim e s m o re efficient, (but as m n e c e p t na w a te r,J«nd / 1 0 O 0 lime* more valuable than aU other\ rem edies ev«r before discovered, being I llim itab le and u n e q u a ll e d . Having been proved by the moat s k ilful C a ttle M asteis and gam ed a reputation, as a adtfe ctK, beyond dny other Medicine. On anim a ls its pow e r i s equal to his PAIN EX T R A C T O R o n m a n . ' * \ y Il can reduce a n immense inflamatiorr a n d sw e lling in twelve h o u r s ; heal any woundsf g alled shoulders and broken knees w ithout blcm isU m a few days. Cnre strain s a n d sprains m o ie rapidly a n d complete than ev*r know n before; d r a w out Immom, gieane, wens, m ange, poison, A c ., effectually; arrest m o rtification instantly; and for assisting cows, sheep, horses, pigs, & c., m bringing fovth their young; preventing m ilk fever, ii.Ua- m atron, and stifTness a n d for restoring s trained, swol ten parts, chills, h^rd udders, chapped teats, a n d bringing m ilk. Nothing has ever been found its equal. N o fat- m er or h orse and cattle m asthr in A m erica tvilf be w ith­ out it after they once see its effects, and \v h y 1 because they will s a v e m oney, trouble, tim e , life and suffering a l ic a y s bv having it.ai hand, ready for use. in C c totra- t i n g cattle i f a sm a ll bit be a p p licd.to the w o u n d , and it dressed once or tw ice afferw a fds, n o swelling or pain can occur, and tho a n im a l w ill be c o m p lete in a w e e k .— Depot, 203 Broadwav New, York. u o a s M A N & M c K i n s t r y , A g o n u . emsos H a ir C a r lin? Liquid. TH E B R A Z IL IA N H A IR CURLING L iaU I D , Fat surpasses in point o f lUiefulitess, jhe expectations o f all w h o have been persuaded to t r y it. Y o u n g Ladies and G entlem en who admire tho^w itelling c lrl,” and flowing rtnglels.savc by the use of this delicious liquid, one thousand p e r ct. lisaves you the trouble ofbnrning your hair with h o t irons, or the expenses o f cngaging-iho ser* vices o f a h a ir d resser, besWes which the H a ir Uurling Liquid t» free from grease or sticky m atter. Tt i s fra- eian tly pmruntad. Sold by PUNDEItSON & HAM, H u d son.' J A l t . G .|R a d W d y .2C i.nrilandt»iroel,H . Y, and S t e r n s * Co., l ’htlatlelphia. 303 tf C O L D W E A T H E R . In W inter the h u m a n CiRicleia subject to certain an ­ noyance*, such a s Irritation, Cuts, Chops and Cracks, w h ich renders it painful in feeling ami repuisive in ap ­ pearance; th e lining o r thesurface o f the h uman s k in is tender, therefore, i t requires c a re a n d attention, nourish- m e a t and p roper treatm e n t, t o keep i t in a stale plea sine to ihe eye. Let a n individual bo e x p o sed to very severe cold weaihert or to the bleak w inds of w inter for a ny Ictigili o f tim e , and observe th e change in their personal appearance; Ihft s k in is sadly discolored, o f bluish cast, irritation a n d pain is felt, the skin becomes chapped and cracked, the lips s o re a n d bleeding; the vessels aro ob* of P im p les, Blotches, Pustules, T e tter, and frequently causes Salt R h e u m , Ring W o rm s. Erysipelas. Rash, Scurvy, and other Cutaneous? Eruptions. A ll this diffi- cully c a n b o avoided by w a shing the skin before going out in tho Cold w ilh D 3 - RAD W AY’S CHINESE M E D ICATED SOAP I W h ich soothes, sweetens, cleanse*, a n d pnnfles the skin, removes from the s u rface Pimples, Blotches, Pustules, cures t?alt Rheum , R ing W orm, Erysipelas. Scurvy, Cracked, Chapped a n d Discolored S k in. For Shaving, this Soap is delicious. F o r Cleaning T e e th, i t surpasses, a ll demriffces—it m akes the Teeth w h ite and b e a u tiful. In ull c a ses a sk for fla t h c a y 's S o a p and sec O a t the signature of R . G. UadwAr, is upon each cake. J . * R, G. RADWAY, 2 CourJandi S treet, N. Y, Sold by Pum lej*son-& H a m , H , B a rringer, and R o s s m a n & M cIC instry, H u d son. J , & R , G. R a d - w a y , 2 C o u r ( ln n d t s t. ,N . Y .________________8w-292 H u d son to Chatham , VIA H U D S O N & B E R K S H I R E R A I L R O A D . Hudson Business JVotice. Rich Holiday Presents, Unsurpassed by a n y olher e stablishment in the Oily, is the extensive stock of Pine Gold English full jew e lled 1 L e v e r W atches—FI n e Gold fulljew eireij anchor a n d de* tacked Lever Wat-.hes,—tin e Gold H o rizontal NValChes —best full jew e lled Silver Lever Wajfches— Silver full 1 '■ ”ed 1 1 Lepfn jew ell anchor W a tihes—Silver Lepfne W a tc h e s—a large assorlmeut oC viree Escapem e n t \Yatches-ra large* assortment o f fiiie golifgnard and 1 o ther chains-r*a Intge assortment o f very fine GrVld nick Beacls for ladies—a large a n o rtm e n t o f fine Italian Cameo and o ther broach, csfor Ladiea—fine G o ld Locket* L ike W atches, for H a ir o r m iniatur©*-a l a r g e a«»ortment o f Cameo and other Bracelets o f new p a tterns—a largo assortm e n t of Gold and Silver perifocal Spectacles—a Jarge a-ssorlrpent of fine Gold W edding rings—a fargoassorimcnt of fine gold E a rrings—a large a s sortm e n t pffiuu gold fanCVrings of­ th e latest fashion—a laTgeassortment of tine gold p e n c ils w ith gold a large assortm e n t of Silver Pencils w ith gold p e n s —a large a ssortm e n t of assorted sizes of Siiyer Thimbles, equal to c o i u - a large assortm e n t of fme Coral n ecklagee and necklace—a large as>-ortmentof fine Silver T a b le a n d Tea Spoons, w a rranted equal to coin, orno sale—a large assortm e n t o f fine silver B u tter knives and s u g a r Tongs, a ll equal to coin—a large a ssot t- m e u to f N ig h t and D a y and othurTelescopes—a large a s ­ sortm ent o f Sheffield Silver plated 6 and / bottle castors —'a largo assortm e n t of English B a rom e ters and T h e r mometers—a large assorimenL of fancy Steel*goods, also Ladies silk bead B a g s and. Purses—a. very largo a s sort­ m e n t offcplendid Clocks—a largo a s sortm e n t rrf Looking Glasses of a l l sizes—-A large assortment o f Viqliifs Vi­ olin strings o f ihe b e s t Italian Manufacture—a very forge assortment o f N lckle Silver Gorman Silver a nd PlaiU d Table end T e n SpoonsorD ixon Mmmfacture—a large as­ sortment o f IVinsic Boxes u n d Aceordians— a-la’rge assort- m ent-ofnll kinds Funcy Goods suitable f o r a jewellers Store too num erous t o mention. N . B. AH CLOCKS AND WATCHES sold at War* ing’s one P r ice (Jnsh store, N o . 283 W arren Str*etf W 3 r* ranted 12 months, P . S . F in o Wiitchcs, Clocks,M usic Boxes and Jew e l­ ry repaired 5i» thq best, workman l ik e m anner equal to an y other establishm ent in the Union. T lie highest Pinos paid p o r O ld .GOLD a n d , SILVER. Clqck l im e cnrrcctPd tn N e w Ynrk 1 ime. Carpenter & Joiner. C. J HOUGHTALING, W ould inform h i s friends nnd c u s tom e rs, nnd the p u b lic generally, th a t ho m u y bn found a t all tim e s, ut h i s old s tan d in P a rtition Street,’cast o f the C o u rt House, where he keeps constantly on hand, a large t»ssoU«WH o f Lum b er, purchased a t wholesale prices, w h ich enables him t o execute ull o rders and c o n tracts on the most reasonable terms. H o abo h a s all th e necessary fixtures for doing w o rk, -and laktngand completing contracts of any dimensions, a* g o od and a s c h e ap a s a n y other establishm ent in the cily o r country N . B . lie I s also a b l e to.fiu a n y o rdcrs for D o o r s , S a s h a n d B l i n d s , At the shortest n o tice, and a s cheap as. they can he had elsewhere. In short all kinds of w o rk connected w ith C a rpentering and J o ining done a lh is e stablishm ent T h e Subscriber h a s Circular Saws w ith w h ich he is p r e ­ pared, on s h o t! notice,, to do any kind of saw ing uecessu- j v. Thcbcst ofreierence g iven, it required. 2971y. Watches, Clocks and Jewelry I H . D . F a r k m a n , 0LJL#D respectfully inform jhe citizens of Hudson and vicinity, that h e is constantly re­ ceiving nt h is store in Wurren slrcet, one doornbote tho Kepublican office, and direclly opposite lWrin- ger*ai Drug store., tho latest and richest styles of A T 3 K 2 V K 7 * 2 E 2 3SL4 3 E V . * K ~ 9 Consisting, ixtparL'of Gold and Silver Lever Watch­ es ; Gold’Fob tunl Gush\jChnin» ; Gold Keys, Pen­ cils, slides, attiils, finger rings? breast and scarf pins, for Gcnb. ^ -Also, a fino assortment of large stone, „umco. plain gold a n d enameled breast pins, for La­ dies ; fine stone, enameled and plnin^nr rings; coral beads ; gold bracelet clasps ; gold spectacles, lock­ ets, crosses, and h earts; steel necklaccst brcast pins, purae anil bag clasps ; purse mountings; 'steel buck- es sinu slides, combs, etc , e tc. { A lso a f i r s t rate a s s o r tm e n t of C L O C K S \ , together w ith every article usually k e p t in a Jew e lry ktore. __ All of which will b e sold u t reduced nrieea- H. D. P A R K MAN, W O 1 June 1. T H E Cars leaving Hudson for Chatham tw ice a day, leaving Hudson al 6 # A. M-, a rriving a t Chatham in lim e for Passengers wishing to go t o New York by the Honsatonic R a il Road, and the W estern R a il Road Cars for Boston* R e turning, leave C h a tham on ihe arrival o f / I I T * T i r i f T T T i t 1 “ . ! ^ Columbia M a r b le W o r k s ! - - v . - M A R R I E D In f f jU s o n , T u e s d a y rnornrnsr, F e b . 15th b y the Re»j M r T u t tle , M r. R O B E R T A C L E Y , to M & iU J A R E T S . , d a u g h ter of P e t e r R. LivingstoYrj-Earj..:,- both o f the tow n o f L i v i n g s t o n . ____ At H illsdale, on the 8 th inst., by the Rev. T WooJbridge, D. D., EDWARD POMEROY, of Pitlslield, Mass., to Miss ABBY A. AL'JAR, o f the former place. January 30, by the Rev. Leroy C h u rch, M r. JO H N J . F I D D L E R , to Miss S A R A H S E - MO.N’S ; all o f Hudson. D I E D . In this city, on the 11 th inst., A G N E S M . R O G E R S , in her 37tb year. In this city this morning, very suddenly Ozr- a s Mn.LF.n, in the 60th year of his age. In this city on Tuesday the 15lh instant, JA M E S , son of Jam es and M a ry Goodman, aged 14 months, R c p it it ion ojf NASH’S EXHIBITION BALL! . . . . „ „ . - ...................................... passengers w ishing to g o E a s t o r W est. Leaving Chatham again for Hudson on the artivaJ o f th e C a rs rcotn Albany a nd New York. BOldwlf. H u d son, F eb. 7th, 1848. ______________ Great Improvement in Clothes. T im Subscriber has n process* hy which he nan- put a pernmntun gloss unun Broadcloths and Caksimere*, m a k ing Jhcrujresenibi# - . w - - J F r e u c f l T f J I o z J k s , At the *amo tim e impntvu ihe c o lrtr,«nd save the (rpable of sponging, for it n e v e r w ill ohrink afterwards* P rice,2s. (id. for a coat pattern, and i s . 6 d. for pants.— Done in few hours' notice. N . IL The c loth m u s t be glossed before c u tting. ___________ CHARLES MVEK3. Dver. PARTY & EVENING DRESSES. T H E Subscriber h a v ing a largo a iso itm tu t o f thcabove nam ed Arltclcs, v iz: Embroidered Robes,FiguredSwis», Colored T u rleton, Plain W h iteT a rleton,and Piain W h ite S w iss; also Colored Figured Swiss in D r o s P a tterns; w ill now sell his rem aining StnckalR e d u c e d Prices. 11c has a lso received tnis day, a Fresh Assortment of Ladies' w h itennd black Kid G loves; also Gentleman’s w h h e a n d black Kid Gloves of Alf-xnndro’s m ake—the best Gloves now hi m aiket. The public are m p ectfuU y invited to call a n d e x a m ine our Mock before purchasing elsewhere. JO H N VAN DEUSEN, J R ., 301 Warren St., Hudson. H E L L Side Combs, finely carved back Combs, also a variety of Horn Combs, just received at W H E E L E R ’S Jewelry Store* T h o m p sons Prcm iR m Truss S niiivrmUlvupprovedofby iho medical Faculty . and all wuo use them a s tho pressure can be graduated from one to fifty pounds on the rupture without a buck pud which causes so much injury to the spine causing weakness anti pain in the liack and sides and often permanent spinal diseases. R O S S M A N ^ McKINSTRY D r . T o w n s e n d ’ s S A R S A P A R I L L A T H E JllOST EXTRAORDINARY MEDICINE IN T H E WORLD. A G E N T S F O R H U D S O N , R o ssm a n &, M cKinstry* T HIS E X I’RACT i= p u t up in q,uait bottles— it is sixtitnea cheaper, plpasanter, and war­ ranted saperior to nny sold, it cures disease with­ out vomiting, purging, sickening, or debilitating tho patient. The great beauty and superiority of this Sarsa­ parilla over all other remedies is, whilst it eradi­ cates disease, it invigorutes the body. IT PERFORM ED LAST Y frU tlRO R E THAN 15,000 CURfirf.* 1.000 cures o f R heumatism. I,000curestif Dyspepsia. ^ t 2,500 cures- of General Debility, and w a n t of Nervous Energy. 3.000 Female Complaints and over. 7.000 cures of Diseases ‘ Of the Blood, viz; Ulcers, Scrofula, Erysipelas, Salt Klieum, Pimples on the fuce,&c., Ac., togeth­ er with numerous eases of Consumption, Liver Coirrpuint, Spinal Afleclions, &c. This wer are* nwuro, must upperr incredible; but uehave let­ ters frfun physiciiins and o u r agents from a ll parts of tho United Suites, informing ns o f extraordinary cures, it. Van BiukirU Esq. one o f the most res­ pectable Druggists in Newark,New Jersey informs us fhatTie c a u ’refeMo more thun one hundred und fifty ctises in that place aloun. Tliertt'are thous- antlsof cases in titc city of New York, which we will rcfor to wilh prea 3 ur^r.iintf lo men of character well known/ KIieuinatisHY* More than one thousand cases ot Chronic Uheu- mutism have been cured by tho use o f Dr. Town­ send’s Sursupariiln. N rw Y ork , Dec. 14 184$. T o Dn, T o WN 8 KND—Sir: I think it uiy duty to return you my sincere thanks for the benefits 1 have experienced bv the use of your extnict of sinr- supaiilla. I wus afflicted for iwmy months with Rheumutic pains, und ulso iiifiiimutioti ofthe Liver, he sufferings whtch 1 t»duredlrom these diseases rendered tny life a harden to me. i tried every reimply llmf \vu* prescribed for me, from three of dieUcst pliysiduus in theciiy, but without receiv­ ing any pcrinunent benefit. I considered myself incurable,, but by the advice o f a friend was induc­ ed lo try your ‘Compound. 1 hud b u t faint hopes if success* but I am happy to say, I had not taken n>ove than half a bottle before I experienced vohcl; (his induced me to persevere in its use, and two bottles have effected un entire cure. It is now some months since I used your remedy, und I am grateful and huppy to say I nevet enjoyed better health, I shall take great pleasure In recommending it to thft afflicted, forbyitauae I firmly believe my life was saved. With tlm greatest reaped allow me to subscribe m yeelfyourgiatcful iii*nd, w i l l i a m M o r g a n , 43 Cunul st,,cor. Broudwuy. RHEUMATISM AND LUMBAGO. N kw Y okk , J u ly 23,1846. To D r. Tow n send—D c a rSir: For the last three ycura 1 have been sorely afflicted with severe rheu­ matic puins. I have been at tnnes in the greatest agony possible, mid unable to follow niy employ­ ment. 1 have ulso had severe attacks oi ilm lumba­ go. 1 vcud some accounts in the pupersof tlm vir­ tues of vour tfuraapurillu, nnd thought I would try it, und see. il l could find relief Tlm lumbago bus left urn, ami. 1 experience no more of my rheumatic pains. My general health has been improving since I commenced with it, for which I am very thankiul, and hope you will meet the success that y ju r rem­ edy for those severe complaints merits. Your,&c. IUCUAU.D JONES,No. 8 Doyemt. RHEUMATISM AND THE PILES. N e w a r k T k s h m o .n t . S e i ’ temdkk 1C, 1816, 1) r . T ownsend —DearSir: My wife has been for years afflicted witlvrljeumutism. Sho has tried ma- iiy different remedies to obtain some relief, but all lo uoputpQSKs,^ S\t« was fniaUy mduced, by seeing HUDSON ACADEMY. T H E W i n t e r Session o f this- In s t i tu t io n , w ill com m e n c e Jan u a r y 10 th, u n d e r t h e care o f its fopnerPrineipai, undassisted* bylilr. P o u c n e r, tfie p resent County t'uperm tendent. A young L a d y a lso assists fit the Fem ale D e p a rtm e n t. T e r m s o f T u i t i o n R e d u c e d . - Languages p e r q u a rter, $7,00 M athem atics and N a tural Science, 5,00 Common English B lanches, 3,50 Fat*, 0,35- Paym ents q u a rterly always i n advance. Students are requested to e n ter a t the com m e n c em e n t of the quarter, us no reduction w ill be a llow ed, e x c ept in cases of protracted illness. Y o u n g Ladies are provided w ith a separate room, u n d e r the im m e d iate superi'ntendence of th e Piiucipat. C o n ­ veyance w ill be provided for Y o u n g Ladies o f the c ity, a t all tim e s, to a n d from their residences. Board inay be had in private fam ilies on reasonable Terms. N, B. P u p ils are n o t a d m itted for less than a q uarter. H u d son, Fob, g, 1848. _________________________ ly303 V aluable F A R M fo r S A L E . m |W |U12 Subscribers offerTor sale the FA K B fagjft JL owned a n d occupied'‘dy th o late J O f lH vSnp? , PENOYAR at the tim e o f o is decease: sit- uaie in the town o l'K inderhook, Columbia C o u n ty, 14. Y.j com p riring the elevated Lands n o rthw est, and*adjiohi- fiigthe ilourishing m anufacturing v illage of Valatid', cOYT- taining 120J acres, suitably divided in to a t a b l e Meadow\ and Wood Land, principally loam s o il and w e ll watered. The improvements consist o f a good Dw elling H o u se, Barn. S hed, W agon, Wood a n d W a*h House, G ranary, ■ Hog-house, and an Orchard o f Grafted Apple-trees in full bearing. For convenience o f m a r k e ts, and b e a u ty o f Lo­ catio n ,it is seldom surpassed. A g o o d T itle w illb e g iv c n and Term s easy. JO H N I’ENOYAR, o f Lvons, Wayn^-Offf N . Y . R . S. P E N O Y A K ** Vulatie. Col. Co-., ‘v H . M. PENOYAR “ « “ w 302tf. E x c c u trod/ B O Y S C L O T H E S A N D D R E 8 J S - M £ K I N G . M R S . E . VA N S C H A A C K , would resp e c tf u lly inform her friends a n d t h e public generaU y , that sh e has again com m e n c e d b u s in e s s nl her old stand, opp o s ite W. R o g e rs H o t e l ; w h e re all o r d e r s will b e thankfully received, a n d prom p tly atten d e d to. P a r ticu lar a tt e n tio n will b e uuid to the c u ttin g o f B O Y S C L O T H E S . M rs. V S . does a l l kinds of E m b roidery w ith b r a i d a n d cord i n the la t e s t s t y l e and n e a te s t m a n n e r . H u d s o n , F e b . 3, 1848. ______________________Iy 3 0 l E A R R I N G S , a ll th e different p a t t e r n s , s o m e very b e a u ti f u l , iusl r e c e iv e d at ■ W H E E L E R 'S J e w e l r y S t o r e . The most sovereign purifier ofthe BLO O D. T h e public m av not ho a w a r e that th o R e v . B H ibbard's V e g e table Pills a r e the very n e s t F a m ily M e d icine e x t a n t ; perfectly r e liab le in e v e ry em e r g e n ­ cy. T h e y a r e elim inated w i t h g r e a t care a n d e x p e ri­ ence and prepared w i t h s d e n t if i c a c c u r a c y , they a r e duinggrent good in e v e r ) directip n « a re c a p a b le o f s u v - ing life and a r e saving the liv e s o f m any d a il y . T h e unrivalled e fficacy o f tho P i l l s is o v e rcom ing ull o b ­ stru c tio n s , a n d derangem e n ts ofthe s to m a c h , liver a n d digestive organs, p u rifying t h e blood, uprooting g e n e r ­ al inflam a tory and lo c a l diseases o f the G lan d s a n d in tern a l orgunsund giving lo n e a n d energ y to th e whole s y s tem , ren d e r them the m o s t u s e f u l fam ily and g e n e ral m e d icin e . T h e p e c u liar en e rg y w ith which they a c t upon hidden d i s e a s e s hns j e d m any to imagine them po s s e s s e d o f u species of in te l li g e n c e from ih e m a n n e r in w h ich t h e y h a v e found out an d could be f e l l t o act itt the p a r t w h e re the d i s e a s e , p a in , o r n u m b n e a s ,w a s lo c a te ( l( c u r i n g i n som e c a s u s a f t e r all o ther rem e d ies h a d for y e a r s lu lled to r e l i e v e . T o T r a v e llers, E m ig r a n ts, S o ldiers u n d F a m ilies we sa y neglect n o t to provide y o u r s e lves w i t h so s a fe,' m ild a n d u n iversal a r e m e d y , ^ s t h e s e s o v c r c i g n V e g e table P i ll s . D isease com e s upon U 3 like a “ T h i e f in t h e n ig h t.” R e m e m b e r th e n a th e \ R k v . B . H iunA B i)” is o n the label o f e a c h box i n full. P r i n c i p a l A g e n t a f o r th e C o u n t y o f C o l u m b i a . \V . & .G . S t o r t s , p r i n c i p a l s u p p ly i n g a g e n t s o f l h e c o u n ty a u d c i t y o f H u d s o n , w h o keep a l w a y s n o hand u l a v g e s u p p l y , w h e r e m e r U i a n tsu n d d r u g g ists \ c a n p u r c h a s e at ih'e l o w e s t w h o l e s a l e p r ic e s . N e w a n d C h e a p C a b i n e t F u r n i ­ t u r e W a r e h o u s e , N o - 3 3 9 W a r r e n S t . i H u d s o n . T O E R S 0 N S desirous of p u rclm sing Cabinet F o rnf- U 1 1 turcf a»e invited lo c a ll at .xhe store J o r i u w / occupied b y Samuel IMomb, aud e x a m ine tbe lax* < ” I g e s i, most t'akhionable a n d elvganL uuortm e u loV r er offered for saler ii, this eiiy, the whole ol' which w u s m a n u factured hi Hudson lot this and th e N. Y. M a rkett a n d consists in-part of S olas, Couches, Divatn* a n d O tto­ m a n s , Mahogany, Black Yfclnm , Cherry ami Cwried M a­ ple Rocking, P a r lo r and Kitchen Chairs, w u li P lush H a ir &eatin&s an d S a f m do Lam e Coverings. Centre, Sofa Dii* ing a u d BreakfasSTafbles, in MaUoaany, Black W aU n u t a n d C h e rry. D ressing and Plain BtuCas, m every v a ­ riety of P a ttern and Style. W o rk and W ash Stand*, M a­ hogany an d P a in ted ; French Bedsteads in M ahogany, B lack W a lnut a n d M aple; Fancy Tr,pod Candle Stands, w ith Baskets underneath; Pm n o feluuds, A:c.,&c l o . getherw ith all the uum e ious a rticles o f Cabinet F » u k itire required m h o u s e k e e p ing col^up un d e r & e immedN ate superintendance of .Mr. LD W a RI) HOLM E S, an old resident,\ o f the be*t m a larial* a n d W orkmanship, w h o so facilities e n a b lf h im to offef these goods a t such p n t e a a» to m a k e i ta n object of iutere.'t m parlies w-ishing to p u r ­ chase. A . 11. HO L M E S , Hudson. IsTear the Public Square. fT. B. A complete assortm e n t of READY M A D S COFFINS, constantly on hand,or finnhed at tho shortsse notice. P lates a n d Mountings to m a tch, fam ished wbeA required. ‘ A. R. H* H u d s o n , J a n u a r y l3lh, I 8 tr . M O R T G A G E S A L E , W H E R E A S R ichard M ead an d Catherine his w ith late o f the tow n of C Javerack, in th e county of C o - lum h ia, a n d state o f N e w York, exoculed fo George P . P h illip of th e sam e town, tw o certain m o i lg*ge>: the o n a bearing d a te on the eleventh day o f J u ly , one thousand eight liundred and thirty-eight, and recoidedin th s office of t h e C lerk of th e County aloresaid on the tw e n ty-sec­ ond da? o f A ugust, in the same year on w h ich is c laim e d as d u e at t h e date hereof the sum of t w o hundred a n d ninety-four dollars and thirty-three cents, ond the o ther bearing d a te on the first d a y of M ay, one thousand eighr UurvdVed a u d forty, recorded in the office of the C lerk tiloresaid o n the elnvf-nth day o f the s a m e m o n ih, an a ' claim ed a s due thereon a f the date hereot the sum of o n o hundred a n d forty SttVtfh d o llars an-d s ixteen cents, w h ich said mortgages severally c o n ta ined a p o w e r therein t o t h * said mortgagee, h i s exedutorS, adm inistrators, and a s ­ signs, to s e ll the mortgaged pYeWibefi therein described, upon d efault being made in aconditifift m said m ortgages contained: And W h ereas such default has been m a d e , an d the aforesaid sums o f m o n ey rem ain doe upon said mortgages a n d unp a id ; a n d no s u it or proceeding having been instituted a t law to recover the debt rftmMtiing so*- cured by s a id mortgages, o r any pari thereof—Notice i» hereby g iven that on the seventh day of J u ly next a t te a o'clock A. M. of th a t day a t the Hotel k e p t by H a rm a n B e s t in the village ol Mellenvtlle in the tow n aforesaid, said several mortgages w ill be foreclosed by a s a le of t h e mortgaged prem ises, described and set forth in one o f said mortgages a s follows, to w i t : “ Ail t h a t certain piece or l o t of land ly iu g in the village of MelJenvitle, in th e to w n o( C lavciack, b u tted and bounded a s follows: ginning a t a point on the Hillsdale road eighteen inches on a hueparallel w ith th e f r o n t o fthe d w elling house s n rf three leet e a stw a rdly ot s a id house along the line of Ebe* itezei T. B a rtlett's land, thence along s a id land at rig h t angles w ilh tho Iiilhd&Ie road, o n e hundred and fifty feel to thcland o fG e o rgcl’. P h illip, thence a t righ angles w i t h the aforesaid line seventy feet.thenceat right angles w ith the aforesaid line one hundred und fifty feet to the H ills­ dale road, (the tw o last m entioned Jincs joining the s a id GeorgoP. Philip's land,) thence seventy f e e l to the place of b e g inning; and in the otherofsaid m o rtgages, the p r e ­ m ises described i s a part a n d parcel ofthe p rem ises last d e scribed. D a te d M ellenvtlle, January 27, 1848. GEO. P . P H IL I P . Mortgages* H . P HO R T O N. Atty. _______________________ ____ J F I K J E , F I R E , F I R E . T U B S U B S C R I B E R w o u l d re s p e c l f u l l r In- form the c i t i z e n s o f H u d s o n , and C o l u m b i a C o u n ty , village* o f A th e n s , a n d G r e e n C o u n t y t t h a t h o i s u d u l y a u th o r ized a g e n t f o r the N u t i o n n l F i r e I n s u r a n c e C o m p a n y * Office N o . 62 W a ll Street, New-York* DIRECTORS. Thom a s W . Thorne, W illiam V an W yck, Jo h n Van Udskerck, W . C Rcdfield, (Eugene Kogatl, M artin Hoffman, < H e n r y H . W ard, RobertL. C a se, Jo h n J. Herrick, John D. W a rd, H e n ry D . lleach, Stephen H o lt, , * W . I I . Jacobs. TH O S W . T H O R N E , President, W . 0. K ellogg , Secretary. A ll applications made to him for Insurance, a t h is L u m b e r o f f i c e , i n u n i o n - s i !, W ill be thankfully received and punctnally attended ( • On a s reasonable lei ms a s a t a ny o ther office. H u d son, J a n . 6 , IS 8 . HIRAM MACY. E . H i t c h c o c k , W OULD respectfully inlorm tha citizen* ot Hudson and the surrounding t-.oniriry, tlmt Im ban located liim.-ell in Wurreu street, iu ’Spuul- dings Buildingt Corner of4th nhd Wtirren sUdels and is now muily to execute all kinds of Monuments, Tombs and Grave Stones. Also ornmnentul and FQncy work neatly cxectedu und wtirrunted to give satisfaction. Those wanting monuments in strictly Airliitcctu- rnl style,and lettering tlmt willheur inspection, are invited to c a ll. Persons wishing Monument* oi- Grove Stones of a superior quality, can be suited a t his manufactory. Hudson J u n o 3,1847. N e w F irm I C H E A P G R O C E R I E S . A. & J . II. MEECIl, M U* C , B . N A S H hereby announces to bis patrons and the Citizens o f Hudson and vicin­ ity, that upon the most urgentsolicitationof many o f his friends,who were unable to attend in consequence of the m»n storm, his F irst Annual Grand Funt-y and Exhibition Bull given on the27th of January last, the fcjiawe will be repeated a t W A L T E R RO GERS’ COLUMBIA HOUSE, ■ Hudson, o n Tuesday Evening, Feoruary 224, tbe B i r t u ] ) a t of W a s u i n g t o n 5 w h e n sixTV-Ftvfi o f his Juvenile P u p ils w ill dance the following p ieces: 1 . Gtand m arch a n d Entree b y a ll the pupils, IL The Bower Dance, b y 24yonng Ladies, 3 . j k llo rn p ip e by & y o u n g Ladh, 4 . Tire Rose Dance by 4 Masters and Misses, 5 . ' A s e lf o f R o yal Polka Quadrilles by 8 young Ladies 6 . The W izard oftho W a v e, by 6 ynnnc Ladies, • 7^,The G arland Dance b y 24 y o u n g Ladies, tt,-The H ighland Fling by a young ftbss, 9 . The S c a rf D ance by 1 2 young Ladies, rR only ogents. OLD BRACELETS for Children, with and without Stones—very fine at ____________________ W . W .HANNAH’3 . C AMEO BRACELETS & BROACHES just- received anew supply atthe Jewelry and Silver Wnre Store o f ______________ VV. HANNAH. .OLD TH IM B L E S —Some Damask nnd Vino patterns ; also some Plain, atthe Store of W. W . HANNAH. G i W OULD respectfully infoim t h e i r friends and th e public generally, that tlmyh^vn-takon theS tore formerly occu­ pied byVV.T. W O ltT lI Y , N o rth Front tslreet, Hudson, where they m teud c a rrying on the Grocery and Provision Business, and fay a s tr i c t and close application to b usi­ ness, to sell a s Cheap o r a little Chonper than onvother storo in the c it y , always rcmemboring th a t the “ Nimble Sixpence h b t t t e r t h a u thy Slow Shilling.” We w ill keep constautlvm hand a choiceassortm<,iu o f TEA S , CO F F E E , 3IJGAH, MOLASSES/ FLOOR, Cheese, Sail, Fish, F o rk, in s h o rt, every ftniclc usiiaUv kept i n a Grocery and Provision Store. Cash, hrid Hie highest market prices p a idfor Butter, Egg<c, L a rd, l’ork I'npii. O.i ti. Pnf.tlA.t, ItomiY t,r* ' ’ ' Iff. A Dance, (Comic) ns from IIIe iy a very old Lady dk Gentleman. - I L Seiections fro ra th celebrated pieces danced by the Yiennoise Children, whose ptrform a n o e s have been so ' -highly extolled throughout the c o u n tr y ; by 36young La- ‘dies and Misses, , , Tickets to a d m it a G entlem an a n d Lady #1, extra Lady's ticket 50 c e n ts. T h e Fancy Dance will c o m m e n c e a t 8 o ’clock precise- jly, and occupy about one hour uml a half, after which, dancing by lao Company w ill c o m m e n c e, aud continue u n t il a late hour. T ickets for sale a t the d o o r on the e v e n ing of the Ball. It i s requested that a ll persons who wish supper, w ill pur­ chase their tickets a t Ind s a m e tim e . P r ice $1 a couple. F e b . 15,1848. ^w2d T O X . E T ! » STORE nnd DWELLING with, or ja k . jflL without a Bom, r.ear the fool o f Warren jBjffl slrent. Tho Dwelling will be lei ■opamtaly JBoX if desired. Inquire of MRS. NANCY TAYLOR a few doors below S.Snm g u er» Slolre. Feb. 10, 1818. _________ . _____________ d&wlf. House Siding and Panel Boards. H lftA M MACY having l a tely got up a SA W tylLL of h is own, is now enabled trt sell S i d ii g and P a n e l jStaff a t g reatly reduced prices. Call and see. 302dwif ________ HIRAM MACY. A New Invcntioa to Curl the Ilair. R OBY'S BRAZILIAN HAIR CURLING Li­ quid. One application o f this delightfully per­ fumed fluid, will mako the' Hair Curl, beautifully re­ sembling nature in her greatest perfection; itis entire­ ly freefrom afcase. It is sold hy Punderson & Ham Hudson,N Y. Prico3slii)lingsperholUc. 3jn2 ^jjJlLVER FR U IT KNIVES. Just received some Large Size with Pearl and Silver handles at ______________________ VV. W.HANNAH'S D IAMOND RINGS.—Just received an assort­ ment of I , 3uud 5 atone.—very beautifully set, at _________________ VV. HANNAH'S. fiJH E L L COMBS—A new jjuppfy a f fine Carted ^ ^ a n d plain Blank Cotnhsj nLo sonic fine Side Combs, just received at the Jewelry and Silver Ware Store of VV. W . flANNAIl. L ECOULTRE RAZORS.—Just received a new supply of those celebrated ITALIAN RAZ­ ORS, wurruntcd to give gutisfaction, or returned— ulJ!*ej g welry Store o f VV. VV. HANNAH* Cement, Marble Duot, Murble Lune, Western Lime, d ie., constantly on band and for sale b v C. JIcA R T IIU It. The Servant’s F r iend, O R. true Mexican J e t Lem), n superior article for beautifying stoves and grates. Sold by U E N R Y J.B A R R IN G E R , Druggist 2 doors below tbe Hudson l t i v r Bank. i i j i i i n w . u i K . T H E subscriber offers to llie public n large nnd general assortment of HARDWARE, which he will soil at wholesale and rctuil to suit purchtis- r ..wv. “ '•'1 A-*ob l 4*»rU, Corn, O ats, Potatoes, u e a m , asc, tC j- C O U N T R Y M E U C IIANTS. FA R M E R S , &cr.. wishing t o purchase, s r e invited to call anti examine our stock befort' puiclfasiiig, it* w e intend selling a t prices that d efy competition. ALEXANDER M E E C Il. H u d son,Jan. I , (SIS. JA C O B II M E E C H . Iy267 Hudson M a r b le F a c to ry , T 1 ,HE»obsrriher would — ^ respeclfuliy inform the inhabitants p f! luifsoii and tho public generally, that he has taken the limit­ ing formerly occupied by Levi Rowley ns n Law Office, in Wmren Street, ^ne dour above the Fur- I tier's Bank, nnd directly !>pposjle the Dutch Store, where ha is prepared to ( • ’jexecuto all kinds of J.v r o n u m e n is, T o m b s , AND C irave S to n e s , Also, Fnncy and* Orna­ mental uorft, in a manner warranted logivethe mast •n—,J ,er^ec* *MiBfaction,Hndut that cannot fuilto - i M i l crs. Jan. 6 . C. McARTHUR. t (U*AH those in want of well executed worfe in mv line will find it much to their advantage to give me a call, before purchasing elsewhere. I.V2D2 WILLIAM FR IZ Z E L L . a OLD P E N C ILS.—Some .Pen and Psnoil, a fine assortment) just received a t . WHEELER'S|fewelry Store. S h ip C h a n d lery. C McARTHUR keeps constantly on hand a • large stock of Cor'dago^ <:o»sis:ing o f Munillu Turrednnd Hemn Rope, H atu*r, T race und Plough Lille, Twine, Bed Cords,&c Also, Tar, Pitch, Rosin, Varnish, Oakum, Grind­ stones, and nil other articles usually kept in that line, which heoffcvsat wholesale and retail,at prices to suit pui'cbasera. __________________ ‘ G IRANDOLES.—The finest Mantle Ornamen now in use for the price—a variety of patterns just received a t ^ ________ W H E E L E R 'S Jewelry Store. T o w n s e n d ’s Sarsaparilla T H E best article of tbo kind put up in a neat n uni net’ in quart bottles. IlOdSillAN & McKINSTRY, agent*. A C C O R D I A N S . A LARGE Assortment of ill kinds received a t the Jew elry and Biiver Wars Store of * W. W . HANNAH. JfMolasses a n d S u g a r . J U S T received a large supply of S t. Croix,Por to Rico ancJ Trinidad Molttdses, for sale by Ihe hlid. and liereo. Also, Jlsscuvado , Nciv Orleans Porto Kiccand St. Croix Sitgara, foi' stile a t New York prices by C. McARTHUR. Jan. 6 . V o f a r m e r s . T H E highest cash market price paid for a ll kinds country produce nt C. M cATIlRUU’ 8 . Jan. 6 , D S .d L C I l . l T U S . ^ V I G h T ’ S Premium soda saleratus in linlf Baridshtstunnfoctnrers price iust reeeivedbv ___________ ROSSMAN & M cKlNSTRY. ILVE R CO MBS. Just received some now aud K7Keautiftir patterns a t the Jewelry Store of W .V\. HANNATf. CiOMETHINTG New and |Ricli — TURQU0IS CT B R A C E L E T S and BROACHES, Jiist receiv* •d »t the Store o f W.\V. HANNAH. Vour* advcrtiaeme.it, to g iv ^ to u r Savsafmrilla 5.1- -3 ^ , Asa trial. JVC procured some o f iFftom >‘our smn* A ’ifenniV John N Rockefeller. An if i s s . 0 . ^ , w » . M iet,u,-i, s n y lief, end was in a very-short liiiic perfectly cured— ” ’ - J ....... ’• r ” 1 was also, (toj>«ibfr with « man in ^ badly troubled with Piles* and by u&ing u small quantity of yam -Sarsaparilla, our complaint was ci inplctcly eurq^I. I consider it one o f tlm best of medicines, un.! would advise a ll who a re afflicted 0 ) give it a trial. G A R R I T G A R R A B R A tN T . 123 Mmket f t., Nowuffc, CLERGYMEN AND PHYSICIANS, As w e ll a s i I ioumih I s ol o thers, iu all {uris ot'the U n ited States, am c o n tim iallysenU inccernfindes, Hudiulbrniing us o f the b enefits d erived from Dr. Tow n stud’s Sarsapa­ rilla. D r . T o w n s b n d —S i r : Som e tim e since you requested my o p inion of the viitifes of your Compound Syrup of Sarsaparilla. 1 am now prepared t o give it. I h ave used it in rny practice, an d prescribed it for the Inst few m o n ths, and m u st givo it tny decided preference over anything o f th e kind wilb which I a i n a cquainted, b o thas to Us medical v irtues, and the reasonable price a t w h ich you s e ll if. In scroltilousaffeeitons,cuianeopscrupiioiis generally. dvsp®P'iA, indigestion, costive habits a nd liver com plaint*, l a m m u ch pleased w ith its effects. In theso Complaints or a n y other w h e re scrofula is indicated, 1 ran w ith confidence recommend i t to the p atronage o f the profession,, a s it valuable a u x iliary for removing disease in sontte ol its most troublesome forms, and lo a lias a safe nd valuable m edicine. JiE N J ’N. W E E K S. M. D. Brooklyn, Nov. 21,1846. D r . T o w n s s s d —Dear S i r : Having for s o m e lim e past been afflicted w ith a pulm o n a ry afieution on my lungs, aud U continual pain in m y side, o w ing in evening expos­ ure in Hovelling a fter preaching, and finding my disease to increase, w ith m u ch difficulty o f breathing and other alarm ing symptoms, I w a s udvised by a clergym an, a liieud ot m ine, to try your celebrated Sarsaparilla. 1 did so, a u d alter taking tw o or three bodies, 1 found m y self relieved. My a p p e tite has. been restored. I find m y self much stronger, a nd hope very soon to resum e my usual duties. ] have been so greatly benefited by your excel­ lent m edicine, 1 feel U my duly tn m ake k n o w n the tacts for the benefit of others w h o may be laboring under the same difficulties th a t 1 have been for souiq tim e p ast. Respectfully yours, SAMUEL W H IT E , Pastor ol the.B a p tisi Church, Nov. 22,1846. Staten D a n a . Principal Office, 126 F u lton St., Sun Btfildhigs. * ALMOST A MIRACLE* R bad tub following , an d doubt tf you c a n . that c on­ sum p tion r a n be cured. T h is is only one o f the several hundred cases that Tow n scud\s Sarsaparilla h as cured. B rooklyn , fcfept. 14,16-16. Du T o w n s e n d —Deai S ir: 1 w a s taken a little over a ,‘earu g o w ith a severe cough and a pain in m y ride, it ncreuscd upon m e very fast indeed. 1 was pronounced by physicians loriiatf* the quick co-isimipiinn. 1 raised largo q u a n tities ol b ad m a tter, had n ight sw e a ts, und s ink­ ing very f a s t ; m y dncior said he c ould dm ioihingform e . 1 w e n t to the hospital in hopes ol being bcncfiiied, but w a s pronounced there a s incurable. I was now greatly distressed*! the lungs a u d crtuld hardly breathe; 1 soon became emaciated and expected to die f was confined to my bed, a nd was obliged to have W atchers; indeed, I cannot give you a n y description that would do justice to my ease. 1 w a s supposed by my friends to b e past reeov c r y ; I h ad tried ag reu t num b e r of renudie*,and all seem ­ ed to be lo no purpose. 1 red’d of sonic nio«.t extraordina­ ry cures pMormed by your medicine* and to tell you Ihe truth, I suspected there Was some hurnbugin them. But 1 w as induced to try r t ; I done so, a n d am v ery thankiul I did< I c a n n o t say th a t i ant e n tirely well, but am so far recovered as to tic a b o u t tny business, and h o p e to b e en­ tirely Well in a few w e e k s My cough and pain in the side, a n d night sw e a ts, have lelt m e, ami raise but vciy little, a n d am iust g a m ing my usual strength. 1 felt if m y d u ty to givo yog it s tatem e n t of m y case to publish it you please* P E T E R B R O W N , 47 Little st. Brooklyn, Gtrcat F e m a le m edicine. D r.Tow n send’sS a r s a p a r il la i s a sovereign and speedy cure (or incipient c o n s u m p tion, barrenness, leoeorrhco, or w h iles, obstructed or difficult m enstruation, inconiiuu- cnce of u rine, o r involuntary d ischarge thereof, and for the general prostration o f iho S y stem ; no m a tter whether the resulfot inherent cause or causes ptoduced by irregu­ larity, illness or accident. D3r* Nothing c a n he m o re surprising than it's iiivigortf- nguffccts on the hum n an fram e. Persons, a l l weakness _.iu lassitude before taking i t, a t o n ce become robust a n d full o f e n e rgy an d e riis fnlkience. It immediately coun­ teracts the uerveiessness o f tho female frame, which is thu gieat c a u se o f barrenness/ It w ill not be expected of u s in c a ses of so d elicate a n a ­ ture to e x h ibit c ertificates of cures performed, but we c a n assure the a fflicted, (hat hundreds o f cases have been re ' ported f o tun Several cases whcto* families have been without children; after u s ing a few b o ttles o f this inval­ uable m e d icine,havo been blessed w ith healthy offspring. Dr. Tow n send—My w ife being greatly distressed hy weakness and general debility, and suffering continually by pain and a sensation o f b e a iing down, falling of the womb, a n d w ith olher dlfficultica.and having known ca- ces where y o u r m edicine has eflected great cures, and also hearing i t recom m ended for such diseases ns 1 have described, 1 o b tained a boitle of your Extract o f S arsapa­ rilla,and follow ing the directions you gave m c -rin a short period it rem oved h er Complaints and restored her health. Being g rateful for the_ benefits she received, I take p leasure in *hus acknowledging i t , and recom mend­ ing il Ur the public. M. TI. MOORE, cor. of Grand and Lydius st* Albany. Ang* 17,1844. _________ , J v d t k A tfortottyi; Wm* H . Chinftv/ck,\ C / i u r c h f o t v » ; J o h n F . t i u v d a m , G c n k l in S t u I l f G n U u t i n ; A S h e l d o n t John Doan, Coatsville :.P. I'Vnlcigli, (JuJJarinviUe^ J . G« Giddings, (itt/Tord s 15rid£tf; J2. jMttKWitdV* Ilillsdule; Ge67M.Puinior,Huilemvftfe; D r. Jones Johnstown; J . G. Darnels & Co., IVlellenville; I*. S . & J . Millets Rensselaer Al ills; E . Poster, S o u th­ east Centre; O. Palmer, Chnthum : J. E . Sweet, R . S. Pcnoyer, Hinder hook; C. P . Clark, Stephen- town; D. P. & J . A . Wait, A u sterlitz; G .11. Dik- uinn, New Lebanon. Piincipal Agents in Greene County . James T* Ilnvilanil, Athens; iMuekey & Yuuihin, IStune&Huddleston.and J H Hcnsimw,Coxsackie; Henrv Hoyt, New Baltimore*, \ N Bcnlle.y ami N & L Barashelt, Greenville; H J Peek uml Adams jr . Oakhili. S A Palmer StnteT ravelliug Agent. August 2 0 ,184G. ____________________ Iv2s8 T 1 JF o f S a l e . HE Subscriber offers for Sale the -fip HOUSE and LOT situate in Dia- mond Street, Hudson, now occupied by lnm.- The premises are in complete older, having been lately re-painted and repaired. Title indisputa­ ble. For Terms, &c., apply to S. L. Magoun or the subscriber. JOHN STAFFORD. 231 ti. The M a g ic F luid, O f t Lotion,for Prcsdving nnd Increasing tho growth olid brnuty of the Hair, is acknowledg­ ed by tliosH nix? uso it‘daily, (obo the bear Remedy to prevent Baldness, O r tlio Hair from becoming prematurely Gray, it also prevent* a ll appearances of S c u rf o r ‘Dandruff on the Scaln, and keen 3 it in a u m a . . . £>...•> - . . I . , . * . . . i r . . i i L • - • * - ftS W fy Srutft» a*U,,rt SK,ne fbolfering the h a ir de.Iftir&^'Sofrufttt GIo&^j:/^ro eO e ts can po#*Jbly arise from the u se o f ii. cv J h upon the head o f (he m o st tender inw n i; b n (U e t f t y r u r y , R would bo Riosthcncfloial. r o s s m a n & M c K i n s t r y ; Dfftggists,Hudson, N. Y» F r e n c h Ju v e n iles, In Gold C o lors, w ith fino S teel Engravings. Ladles’ W o rk Boxes, e legant. Also, W riting Desks. Paperiries an d Fancy a rticles, sui-fe b le Ibr presents. Dec. 23. ________ lor g* c a t WY N K O O P 'S Bookstore. JACK ug H u m u iu 10 to; H I H A M M A C Y . T^TOTICE.—Fof SALE or to L E T I m SCREW , Cupablo of mining from 8 to 10 ton. Jan. 6 } 1848. *■* OOK1NG GLASSES, T e a Trays, and Britan- JL J nia Ware, of all kinds, now opening at 325 Warrcn-st > one door belojv Rossman & McKinstry, by C .E . BUTLER, August 3. Late Clerk for W . W. Hannah. A p p r e n tice W a n t e d . A N A P P R E N T I C E is Wnntnl lo learn tbe Confectionary Trade, One whose parents re­ side in the citv would be preferred. Dee. 14,1847. - ----- -- C H A R L E S PAUL. T H E SubscriberwankVrespectfuIfy inform his old custo m e r* umfr the p u b r ic g c rn ’-raUy thut he still c ontinues the LUMBER b usiness a f h i s yard NEAR TH E H E A D O F TIIE CITY, In U n ittl Street, where h e intends keeping a s large an as­ sortm ent of L u m b e r, and a f as low prices a s can b e had a t an y olher y ard in tliisc it y ; also Po'keepsie'Pressed Brick, Kingston Cem ent, M a h o g any,jJhcrry, a n d Black W a lnut Planks, New el Post*end Banisters lor S tAir H a iling; all- kinds Fence Pickets and Blind L a thssaw e d lo o r d e r ; and ho Would rcstfcctfullr s o licit a ska r e of th e P u b llcP a iron- age. JilRA'M MACY. H u d son, J a n .l , 1818.________________ . ___ Dissolution. Tiled Copartnership heretofore cXistirVg betw een the Subscribers, is this day dissolved b y m u tual consent. Hudson. Dec. 31st 1847 MILO B. ROOT. * H E N R Y DA KIN. )LATE CAKkj BASKETS.—Some patterns very rich, justice sived nf W H E E L E R ’S Jewelry Store. BLACKSillTIIIiVG. SAMUEL IV* BLAKE, W OULD respectfully asnomie* fo hi^ frictws an-d the public r generally, th.vt h e ean a t all times lie found at his old stand above the Pub­ lic square, and nearly opposite Mar­ tin’s Hotel, where he will hold him­ self in readiness to accommodate hi* friends with anything in the line of JSlacksniltliing'. r^*Pnrticular attention paid to Horse Shoeing. H e takes this opportunity to return his sincere (hanks for the very liberal patronage he has heretofore received, nnd solicits a continuation of the same. S A M U E L H , D U K E , J n n e l , IS47. M M j P O T o E. CROSSMAN, Dentist, O FF IC E near tlie foot o f Warren st.f Hudson—* Operations off tire teeth carefully performed with the least possible puiir, mid in the most per­ fect manner. Teeth inserted from one to a com­ plete sett. Decayed teeth prevented by plugging with Rue gold, cleansing, &u. Irregularities of childten’s teeth attended to. All operations ivnrranted to give entire satisfac­ tion, uml on as reasonable terms as any other nkill- fttl operator- * JJ93tf. Dr, Benham’s fijmment, I S nn infallnblc cure for Moth or Tan, that brown discoloration of the skin which destroys the beau­ ty of many females. It also cures Erysipelas, Sul- Khcum, Ring Worm, Itch, Pimples, Freckles, Scald Head, Leprosy, enlargmentol the Glands, anddtsq&st csof tho Skin generally. F o r sale by Rossman & M c K instry, and Dr. J . C! B o n h a m ,H u d s o n ; J A v e r y ,O u k b ril; W m . H . W e C a t s k i l l ; F. W h i l t l e s y ,L e e d s ; JG. A . T i t u s A t h e n s ; A. F n s b e e , Canaan; Van V alkenburgh &,CoM V a l- atie. * 285lf JUS- E\V BOOKS for sale a t WYJS’K O OP’S. 2d voKol D’L a m a rline’s Giion.disu. Yow and Then—Through a G lass Dafrkly,by Samnet W a ircn, F. R . S ., author o l Ten T o u s a n d a Year, a n d The D iary of a Late Pnisician. T h e Life o f Uhcvailier Bayard, b y W. G . Simm s. 11 EYOLYING PISTOLS. J UST Received an assortm e n t ol the most approved pattern, w h ich revolve aud d ischarge merely by putt­ ing the trig g e r ; d e livering SIX SHOTS in' ihesbort spare of three seconds. They a r e veiy valuable as a m e a n s of self defence, F o r sale at* Ihe Jewelry an d Silver WaTe Store o f W. VV. HARNAIL * plain S I L V E R ARROWS fo* tho H = ir-V '7 He.lg ' CTth. Store of W . W . H A N N A H . f * 1LT FRAMED LOOKING GLASS.',;’ 1 J \ ”''’ received sttt aaaortmerA o f S \ and ornamental. Also some F 4 ny, new styles at * A N N A H ' S J e w e l r y S t m a t B I A K B F O B - S A l i l S . ' / _ i->fcT>niAiSie with leaijLr l?d’J.“ r.«te\d food Inquire ,TU.» .««• ' llnd^oiijJan.O , «■ Fashionable Tailoring Establishpnt. w J . P . m C H O L S , K ESPfcCTf,|UL‘LY informs the citizens of H od- sorrnncf its vicmity, that he is on hand at his old stand m Wnrren street, difeetly opposite Jfiinnah's Jewelfy Store, where ho will lie happy to attend to the calls of his customers, and all w ho wish his ser­ vices. S P R I N G A N D SU M M E R F A S H IO N S , ju tt received. CUTTING done a t all times und in. the ’infest nd most I nshionubfeslyle, or according to directions a June 10/1847. C a r r iag^ Wag-on S B JEM VcMM ./n r ,(M M U IJVCil Cham b erlin & W a ldo m- resiy **8 und the. form tk'O A U h e v h a v e oa , , ------------ public P\^*mg a spfendid' assort- hand, and are ccnstH***’ ment o f and Sleiglis IT'.rey will warrant equal in durahihtv and f? * t. loany th a to a n beloughr iiuhe Oily or Coifnt.y An of w h ich thay offerai pnfers w h i c h c a — - - ‘ ■ for Cash ' brspprovedicrodit, Hudson Aug.' 12,1847. h cannot fail, to ?uit a w S e R U N W A T C H E S & J E W E L S r * V U S T R a t d .,,1 ............. _ T • .all K indt of lb« ‘

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