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PUBLIC MART. J,rade plants its dime?,and ph:c';s us dollars here Manufacturer o f and Dealer in Cal>i«et Furniture, Chairs, &c.. &c., N o . S58-JL W a y r e a S 4 , , Door uliov ti. Wa- rin g s 1 Jewelry Es- h I tabl**shmeilt» ° P * SLtfef/l nofe‘d° l *, c W ujriiiiigtoniuii U t t ie 0* vv*‘or<' I*1* keep* c o n ­ s t u iilv (>n ,im^ ' v*^ , , ‘v m a u u t u i u n e i o o r d e r lirdrubts,Side Boards, Bu­ reaus, D m in «•, Tea, Center, Card, and Bodies Work Ta- j7y bit s , Stands', Hat Stands, French a n d other Bed steads, Sofas, Mahogany and Block W alnut Chairs ; indeed every article niaim J iiuiujed in tlio C a b inet anti C h a ir line. ID*OOFPXiV.S o f a ll kim h a n d sizes, made to ordcrat tlio lowest prices. (Jh o u s a call. JAM E S CALKINS. Hudson, Juno 3,1847. G R E A T BARGAINS, The Subscribers, Dealers in |afe- Soots, Shoes, Hats, Caps, a ROOKS* au d Ready* Mf*de C lothing:, WOULD Respectfully inform the inhabitants of V A L A T JJSauJ vieinity, to examine their stock be-, fore part 1 h'jsing elsewhere, ns they have a large a s ­ sortment of each kind of goods above mentioned, all of tho latest style, aud frtsh gnmls, till of which they pledge themselves to sell as low as they can bo bought tuts sidv ol New-York City. They wo ikl invite p a r­ ticular a'Vjv.t^'X to thejr sn»ek of jci « ^ e > <sl» seusc . 9 As they have a full assortment of School and Miscel­ laneous, und wilt .si ll them Cheaper than the usual re­ tail price, School Looks in particular. idFM-nidies and Gentlemen please give us a nail. C L A R K dsM E U UEK. Vufa*ie, S e p t. 1/5,18-17. N, I). Pmtieulnr attention paid to the manufacture ofBQOTS and SHOES. O S IE A '-R 1 IS A R titA K N T S JIM Wigs, Toupees, Frisetts er Frouts. Wsm0 M o G R E E N , TITlAKEfjj Uiis method of announcing to the Ltwlics JS. and Gentlemen o f the City o f Hudson, and also ofth® County of Columbia, and Greene County, (particularly the Ladies of Calskill,) that he has on bund a largo and first rate assortment of tho above named articles, all of which he intends to S ell Cheap­ er than can he purchased in this City or any other, for 'Cash, and will warrant as to durability and neatness hot to be surpassed by any. Persons wishing to purahnso articles in tho above line will tiudit totheir advantuguto Cull and Examine before purchasing elswhere, a t his shop ju s t below ’’frill. lh d 0 l«ys Mansion House, or within a door or two of H. P. Skinners Dry Good Store, where ho will be found ut all tunes to wait on those that may cull. Also Back Braids for the head of all sizes and col­ ors, mid br.tidcd in all sorts o f styles, mid made to or- d'*run the shortest notice. N. B. LONG HAIR bought at advanced prices. Jane 1, 1817. KINDERHOOK ACADEMY, T HE Trustees are gratified to announce, that this long-established institution will re-open for the W inter Tenn of 22 weeks on tho 4th of November, 18-17, under the charge of A L E X A N D E R W A T S O N , A . M ., late Professor of Latin, Mathematics, and Natural Science, in the Albany Female Academy. During the vacation the Academy edifice has been newly painted and repaired; the class rooms have been furnished with new desks, benches, and black­ boards, o f the most modern construction; und various important improvements have been effected, for the comfort und convenience of the pupils. Tho Institution consists of a Mule Department un­ der the charge o f the Principal, and a cdmpetbnt As­ sistant—a Female Department, under the united care of Miss J emima L. D o w l i n g , (daughter of the Rev. J . Dowling, D. D., ofNew York city) who will tench Rhetoric wnd Composition, Music, French ami Italian, and Miss J ulia C h a l m e r s of Saratoga county, who is u thorough Mathematical and English scholar— and an Elementary D e trim e n t, under the charge of Miss W e . m . i n t i i a J o n e s , a graduate ofthe Stale Normal School. Mr. Watson proposes to receive into his family a limited number of Boys only (15), who, it is designed shall enjoy all the advantages and cdrnforts of a select Boarding School, united to the salutary stimulus ami collision of mind presented in a well regulated public institution. Terms,includmgTuition, Board, Wash­ ing, and every charge, excepting Books, §175 per an­ num. Board can be had in the village, in moral and relig­ ious families, recommended by the Trustees, at about § 2 per week. No student of bad character, o r of idle and dissipa­ ted habits, will be admitted or retained in connection with the Academy. Ilciereiid c s .— Hon. Judge Bronson. (late Chief Justice), Hon. Wm, L. Marcy, Secretary of War, or any ofthe Trustees ofthe Albany Female Academy- Right Rev. Bishop Potter of Pennsylvania— Prof. Jo soph Henry, LL. D., cjecretaiy of the Smithsonian Institute, Washington—Hon. Joshua A. S pencer, Uti­ ca—A. Crittenden, Esq., Principal of the Brooklyn Female Academy. WILLIAM H .TO B E Y ,President DA FID VAN SCHAACK,Secretary. 287tf. K ii’kl>ri<lc’s T a ttcrsall’s H EAVE POW DERS are the only rem­ edy ever used in this country which, will cure heaves or broken wind in horses,, A. C. STEVENS, 1 A T iiis old stand op- -cio. posite Geo. Wa* rings Jewelry Store, keeps constantly on hand a good assortment of GUNS, double and single barrel, as low a«$ can be bought in New- York or elsewhere and a good assortment oi _ Pistols, ltevolvers,&c. Shot Bags, Powder Flasks, Percussion Caps, Powder and overy olhcrarticle connected with the Gun trade. Rifles patent cut, that are warranted to slioot one hundred yards and average their shuts less than one inch from the center, and 40 rods to hit a nine inch ring, aUeust 8 timcs out o f ten, and will shoot with great precision eighty rods. Persons that arc good judges of rifle shooting* nnd all others wishing to pur­ chase, aro Invited to Call and try them, as I am sure thoy c.mnotwell be beat. All kinds of Gun repairing done well and at short notice. Door locks repaired and new keys fitted.— Trusses and Umbrellas repaired, Scissors and Tai­ lors Shears ground, together with all kinds of Jobbing in my line o f Business. J u n e l, 18-17. D E P O T FOR Newspapers & Cheap Publications, No* 1G2 JVarren Slrecl , ‘OppUslie Badgley’s Mansion House, W H E R E may be OBTAINED DAILY or Weekly Newspapers, ail the Monthly Popu­ la r Magazines, and the Cheap Publications©! the day. Also, u constant supply of B a n k Nole Lists and Counterfeit Detectors . * A full and well assorted stock oi Stationery, and Fancy Artides, A lso P r h i t s d n i l P i c t u r e f r a m e s , Families supplied regularly with Daily and Weekly newspapers. C. Ii. NASH., N e w s .Agent. Theie is no excuse for not having Pictures, when Nush is so'li»;r tb - n a t his Emporium for G shillings in nice gilt frmm s Hudson, April 8 , 1817. 258 ~ L 1 V E M S T A B L E 7 “ W i n . / C O ' J K w o iii, r-T f c t respectfully infor/uM iii Cituuis of Hddsdit,that he has taken the S t a b l e l o r m« riy occupied by A , P . B u l l o c k , m the low e r part o f thfe' city, where he will be prepared a t all times to a t >tend the calls ofhis friends,and assures the public that the terms will be reasonable. Hudson, May 14. 211 New Bakery and Confectionary, O n e door below i'te Dutch Store, and directly opposite the Farmer's Banlc, Mmisoja, 3ST. H . T HE Subscriber has opened a new B a k e r y and Confectionary next door below the Dutch Store, arid directly opposite the Farmer’s Bank, w h e r e will be kept constantly the greatest variety of Bread, Cakes nnd Crackers ever offered in this city. Wheat Bread, Sugar And Molasses Cakes Wheat & Indian “ “ u Pound Cakes, Cream “ “ \ Ginger-bread* Rye u Fruit • Butter Crackers, Sponge *c Milk a Queen W ater “ Husky Sugar “ Jumbles, Graham ° Ginger Nu»sj Soda ** Drop Cakes, &b, dec. Boston “ C O N F E C T IO N A R Y .. The largest and best assortment of Confectionary ever offered in this chy. Tlio different kinds are too numerous to mention—manufactured fresh every day, from Stuarts’ best Crushed and White Havana Su­ gars. A great variety o f Lozenges, warranted to keep in any climate, put up in papcrsofone ounce each, with la »o!s, and packed in two lbs. and four lbs.boxes. Also, Medicated Cough Candy, highly iceommentl- cd by a number of Physicians tor Goughs, Colds,- or any in nation ol iho throat und lungs, c e r t i f i c a t e s . Knowing tho Composition of (k Paul's Balsamic Candy,\ I confidently recommend it to the public as a safe and ellicacious remedy, in Coughs, colds, and any irritation of the thio.it und lungs. Hudson, Feb. 5, 1817. F . Pl/NDEUSON. Having examined “ Paul's Balsam, or Vegetable Cough Candy,\and being acquainted with its medici­ nal properties, I have no hesitation in recommending it to the public as a safe and salutary remedy in com­ mon cases of cold, attended with cough. 1J. II KINICKERBACKER, Mi D. Clermont, March 1,1817. I have examined ihe modicum properties of “ Paul's Vegetable Cough Candy,\ and I behove it to be equal, if not superior, lo any in usCi .A. P.COOK, M«D. Hudson, February 12,1817. All lhe above articles will be sold as low as a t any other establishment in the Stale. O* PAUL. Gni207 N E W STORE , T HE Subscriber having purcha>ed the stock ol goods formerly belonging to John Van Dou­ se!*, Jr., would respectfully inform the* citizens of Athens, and Greene County generally, tlmt he has now, and Intends keeping constantly ou h.md, a gen­ eral assortment of Staple aiul Fancy Dry Soads. which he will sell very client) for cash. The. sub­ scriber hopes by a strict application to bupinesjr, to merit n shave of public patronage. Ail thuse wish- ing to purchase any article usually kept in a dry good stove, are respectfully requested to cull and ex­ amine Iiis stock belore purchasing elsewhere, as ho intends to sell as cheap, if not cheaper, limn ut any Storoin the City of Hudson. A. L. GREEN. Athens, Nov. 25,1847. ________________________ P URE CONCENTRATED Extrac ofl.EJlO N , for flavouring I’ica, Paddings Cukea, Jollies,Custards, luoCrenm s.& c. For so. iv CHARLES McARTHUR. *|nd# 0 JU A pril 9, 18^6. 207uo A. ROCKEFELLER, ^ rH lE N D E ll^ hissincere thanks to A his former patrons, and friends, and the public generally, and would informthem he still continues the T i i i k i ' i n g ' B u s i n e s s In all its various branches nt his old stand No. 324 Warren St., Two Doors below II, B, Fan Duscn^s Store, where he will be pleased to wait on all _______ ___ those who may favor him with it call. Among hts stock maybe found: French, English nnd American Cloths, Cassimeres, Doeskins, Suui- nets, Serges, Tweeds, und other Summer Goods together with a general assortment of C R A V A T S , C O L L A R S , B O S O M S , S H I R T S , G L O V E S , S l / S P E H D E I i d , «f.ft <)** StjpCUTTiNG attended to us usual. H u d s o n J u n e 10, 1847. _____________________ Clini'cli and P a r lor Organs. T HE Subscriber would rospectftilly inform the public that lie hus on hand, and is constantly building all -sizes and prices o*'CHURCH and PARLOR ORGANS, with all the latest improve­ ments in handsome and Grecian and Gothic Cases. Purlor Organs, prices from SI50 to 500-: Church Organs,from §3(J0 to §4000, which will be warrant­ ed o f the best materials und workmttnshipj and of rich full tone. Societies and individuals wishing ugood instrument, will find it to their interest to communicate with the Subscriberbefore purchasing* Speeifliealion of any size Organs can be hud by applying to his manufactory in New Haveu,Ct., or to M r. Geo. Patton, in this city, who will give infor­ mation und references. w W in. P. GARDNER. Organ Manufactory, New Haven,Ct. Time and Labor-Saving Machine A T G e o r g e P a r t o n ’ s F u r n i t u r e W a r e H o o r n . fafM IIEsiibscriber respectfully informs the citizens Ai, of Hudson and the adjoining counties, that hav­ ing purchased the right to manufacture Shugart and Porter’s celebrated Philadelphia W a s h ing M a chines, Is now prepared to furnish all who may desire them, with an artic.e of a superior manufacture, which for simplicity, duraoiliiy and economy, is unsurpassed.— The subscriber takes pleasure in_ referring to Mr. B.B. Stranahnn of the National Hole], Thomas I. Best, H. Waterman, S. Crossmun, and S. N. Blukc ol this city, who have one now* in use. GEORGE PAIITON. _Hudson, Aug. 5. 1847. ___ ______________ A T IT AGAIW. WILLIAM AKMSTKONC, W OULD respectfully inform his friends and the public generally, that he has resumed l*5s Business at ins Old Stand,one door below Wagoners Cabinet Shop, and nearly opposite the Washingtonian Ofliee, where he intends to keep constantly on hand, a Fashionable assortment of Cloths, Castmercs, Votings, Stocks , Collars , Bosoms , Skirts, Gloves, etc.s etc. Work done in the most Fashionable Stylo, an at Prices to suit tho times. CUTTING- Done nt the shortest notice and warranted to fit if properly made up, Hudson June 3,1847. SI. WALDORF, Jeweller, and Gold and Silver Smith, 200 kVarren-sf., one door^iionc Dr. G, White's Office * llU D S p X , A'. Y. J E W E L R Y , in all i ts v a rious .o rm s ,m a n u f a c tu r e d o r repaired. G o ld and S ilver bought o r e x c h a n g ed. T h e c itizens o f H u d s o n and v icinity a r e r e s p e c t­ fully invited t o forw a rd th e ir orders, w h ich w ill be prom p tly attended to. __________________ my5-2G2tf H u d son M a rble W o rks, T H E subscriber at his old established stand on Franklin Square near the Ferry, respectfully an nounccs to the citizens of Columbia and adjoining Counties that he is prepared to furnish to all who may desire Monuments, Tombs, Grave Stoftes, and all other descriptions of work connected with his line of business, nt the shortest notice and in the best manner. All orders entrusted to his care will receive attention and his best endeavours to havo the article prove as good a.« recommended. ]y270 WILLIAM NICHOLSON. 1 71 AIL R1N G S, all the different patterns, some very J beautiful, just received a t W H E E L E R ’S Jewelry Store. and they are now recognised us a standard intuliiulo remedy for those complaints. They are the produc­ tion of a celebrated English farrier, and have been us­ ed for many years in the famous T a t t e r s a l l ' s sta ­ b l e s L ondon , and other parts of England, with dis* tinguiscd success. And since their introduction into thiscountrythey havo cured, in tho city o fNew York and vicinity alone, more than fo u r h u n d r e d h o r s ­ e s , many df them alllicted with most agruvat ed cases 1 of HEAVES, BROKEN WIND, and CHRONIC COUGH.— The following are among a host of proofs that can be produced of their astonishing efficacy: This is from the proprietor of one ofthe most exten* sive livery stables in New York, a man whoseopin- on in mailers relating to horses is very much respect­ ed; M e s s r s . A. H. G ough & Co.—Gents: You will recollect tlmt I bought a package of your Heave Pow­ ders some weeks ago, to administer to a Horse of Liv­ ery in my stables, and that I was quite dubious of the proprietyof attempting to cure such a had case as his was, ami in fact did notbelievo that there were any remedies better for this complaint than those I had been in tho habit of Using in :ny extensive dealing with horses, but justice to you and your valuable remedy, impels me to say that, that package o f Heave Powders cured tho animal of asagravateda case of Heaves as I ever saw, and his wind is now perfectly good.— Whether the disease will ever return or not I cannot foretellbut 1 beTieVc the curb is aperinnncnt one. Respectfully. EDWARD FLOYD, 102Laurensst.N.York, Nov. 1, 18-17. The case below was described lo us as an almost hopeless one* ron'd and cjoubi no more, that even the worst forms of this obstinutc disease cun be cured, by tbe application of this extraordinary medicine. • M e s s r s . A. JL G ough & Co.—Gents: ] bought about six weeks ago u package of your Heave Pow­ ders to administer l> a lavoritehoiso who bud been troubled with heaves for more than two years. His case wus n bnd one, and so severe a s to incapacitate him from halfhis usual labor,ami hud,resisted ul 1 the | rem» diet* ordinarily given for lifts disorder) the.se, had no effect but to slightly diminish tho violence of tho heaving while taking the medicine, but that pack­ age of vourrcmedv lms completely eradicated the disease* und now Ins wind is as good as ever It was. It is a month since lie lius taken the Pow dors* and I cun warrant him sound* Respectfully! GKO. W. DAVIS, Monroe} Middlesex C o . N. J . November, 3 1847. Besides the specific action upon dieases of the lungs und windpipe* the Powders, from their grea restorative and Ulterative power*, are the best c o s t dition medicine that can be used in tight hide- lofs of appetite, and all diseases that arise from derangement o fthe digestive functions in \hc Viorse. A. 11. GOUGH & CO. 140 Fulton St. Now York sole proprietors. Trice §1. For sale by Henry J . Barringer ono door ubove the Hudson River Bunk, Hudson. 6m293. D r . h e B e e s Address T O T H E P E O P L E O P A M E R I C A ! A S a Physician 1 take the responsible stand before the public to prescribe for your afflictions and relieve your bodily suffering although born in anoth­ er land and a subject of a forcgn nation, 1 have a practice equal *o Ihe most favored Phys clan of my native city, where medical skill is adjudged by the most eminent and learned professors in the world, where the pulm of preferment is given to him who is actually deserving, and entilely woithy, where Chnr- tattism atnl Mountebank*) quacks nnd ignorant pre­ tenders plbScribe to a very fcsv of tho low. 1 make no hesitancy, coining )tit before the world and offer unto suffering humanity a medidlhb which has been tried by the most learned and eminent phy­ sicians o f either heinispheie, nnd pronounced by all lobe the most perfect,complete,safe and efficacious medicine for the cure of all female complaints, that has ever been offered to the public. Aly visit to this country is for the purpose of constituting an agency for the sole of my medicine, which is now making such rapid progress o f prcfetmeht in Europe. It ap­ pears that one great and important objefit, which comes under the guidance of the physician, has been overlooked, viz : the proper treutmentof femalecom- plaints. la France wc have over ten millions of F e ­ males whose sufferings from nuturevs negligences or inertness, has been byond the power of pen to des­ cribe. Physicians generally prescribe some simple mixture, to create for lhe time being; n plentiful yet unhealthy discharge, and instead of the jmtient grow­ ing better undfer fhese influences, she grows worse.—* Tin's was the state in which I ftflind thousands of c a ­ ses throughout France previous to the introduction o f my PERSIAN FEMALE VEGETABLE PIL L S . Their action is speedy, their effects safe and c e r­ tain. Thfey are mild and gentlo in their operation, j»et powerful in their effects. So I present them to the people of America. The Ladies of this country complain o f ill health, they likewise, I filid ort exami­ nation of various medicines recommended for their use, have been misled. You have now the offer o f a medicine which is truly meritorious and efficacious. The numerous bases of female irregularities and weakness, such as retention and suppression of the Menses, Nervous Debility, Incipient Consumption, Indigestion, Alternate Flushings, Barrenness o r Sler- rility, nil call ford medicine which will cure without leaving its debilitating marks behind ; such a medi­ cine I believe my Persian Female Vegetable Pills to be. Pamphlets containing important instructions to married and single ladies, can be had gratis on apply­ ing to the agent m this place. I have selected ris my general agents, J & R. G. RAHWAY, of No. 2 Corilund S t. New-York Pride of Pill?{25 and 50 cents. PUNDERSON & UAM,agemsin this city. 3m292. I n d e m n i t y a g a i n s t L o s s a n d D a m a g e b y F i r e , T HE subscriber is tt duly authorized Agent for the following Insurance Companies, V S.FIREIN S U R A N C E C O M P A N Y , ofN e w Y o rk; FIREMANS* do do do ALBANY do do of Albany; PRO T E C T IO N do do ofHartford, Ct. JETN A db do do All applications made to the undersigned forlnsur ance, for Adjustment of Losses, or on any other busi ness with the said Companies, connected with this A gency.will heaUended to with promptness, liberality and despatch . MATTHEW M ITCIIELL Agnt. May 26. 1840. _________________________ B e a l Y a n k e e Ivory J e t LIQUID BLACKING. T IIIS Blacking is warranted equal, if not supe­ rior to any thing ofthe kind ever offerred in the United Stales,, either English or American, and is put up in Hie best stylo. II affords peculiar nour­ ishment to leather,being composed o f a great quan- , tiiv of Oil, anti other ingicdiehtscombriied, r.iich ns will not injure, but are warranted much better, in every respect, thun Grease or any one thing alone to preserve (lie Leather} and keep’it soft and pliable, ifild will produce u most heuutiful and durable jet black polish* Innumerable certificates could be presented, hut this is deemed umicuoss y. Dealers and consumers will please give it a fair trial, and in eftses, where the BluekingddcS not prove as good as eeomirfcitdedjths MONEY will be cheerfully R E - UNUEl). Manufactured By KEMP <tKNIGHT* Chelsea, Ma^s., und for Salo hy UENRY J . BARRINGER, two doors ahovc the Hudson River Bank,Hudson. Dec. 30,1817. 3w29G. P o r t a b le , P a r lo r & M a m i e B A R O M E T E R S , MANUFACTUIIF.D BY 3322 • New Lebanon, Columbia County, N . Y , All orders for lhe above instruments will receive im­ mediate attention by E. KENDALL. New Lebanon, March 26,1847. 25Gm7* T O THE LADIES.—All Jiinds of Plain nnd Curled Huir Work for IheLudies knot constantly ott hand, and made to orde.r nt the shortest tiof ioc,hy S . K. CXtOSSiil AN. IIn dson, Feh.I9,18dG. ____________ aiWyl /-H OLD and Silver Watches, a. fresh sufiply, and W wafrantltd good time keepers, just received and for sale low by C. K BU TLER, Late Clerk for W. W . Hannah, No. 323 Warfcn St., ont) door below Rossman & McKinstry. ■AuS',st 3. MEDICINES OF THE Gi-aefc»l»ei-g Com p a n y , NEW-YOXtK. 40,000 BO X E S S U E D W E E K L Y . ' V E G E T A B L E P l t l S . T H E u hnrac tar of the pill* has boon fully tested and Approved by numerous persons in all sections o f tho Country. They Imveacluevcd some most wonderful cures; of which w e have evi­ dence that would satisfy the most inert dulo'db mind. In cases of long t tunding and complicated nature, where the best medical dfeili has been tried in vain, the Graefenberg Pills have be*n trium­ phant. They urea sovereign remedy jntlie foliow- ing diseases: Asthma, I latulcncy, Bilious complaints, H u o r Alans or whites, Boils, Gastric fever, Bowels, deficient nction.Gicen Sickness, Breast pang, Giipes, Catarrh, Heartburn, Constipation, * Head Aulie, Couffh und pfegnancv, Hysterics, Cosffvencssj ’ incontinence ofuKne, Diarrhoea, lmlige.-lion, Difficult breathing, Iiifluimilion o f vital parts, Dyspepsia, Influm. cf Stomach, Dyspeptic consumption, Jaundice, Digestion, imperfect; Liver complaints*, Determination of blood Low Spirit**, to tho heuti, Menstruation, stipppvess- E a ruche, ed or painful, Krysipclas, Nervous Disorders, Epilepsy, Neuralgia* Fever—low, nfrVousqin- Rheumatism, terinittent, Remittent, Stomach, various dis* Fever and Ague* cuse-s. In all bilious or chronic disorders, ihese Fills achieve die most wonderful triumph. Here they defveouipetuion. Those who use them according to directions CANNOT BECOME BILIOUS! They will cleanse and invigorate the Stomach; fleely purge the bowels; make the urine to flow healthily utid clear, open (he pores, give u pleusunt temperature at d tone lo the skin, und do all this in the gentlest manner, without doing violence tothe system.—Price 25 cents. Orders by mail will be promptly attended to. THE U R E ISN MOUNTAIN VEGETA- B L E O I N T M E N T . Whcrc\'iri“jlamatton exists, this Ointment is a Positive \ and Unfailing Remedy. No inuttbr wlmt part or portion o f the body is laboring finder influiimtion, w Itotlicr external or in- tefnuj this Ointment W ILL alluy it like a charm.— On Ibis poini there is no mistake. QjpTn no instance will the application of this Ointment interfere with the remedies administered by regular Physicians. Airlbiig tiie diseases to widely this wonderful Ointment is adapted) is the following: Glandular Swellings— A gue in the Face—swelled B reasts and Nipples o f Nursing Women—scald Head— and is an I n • valuable 'Drcbsiiigfof Buriib scalds, hnd Drawn Blisters — shingle*—Erysipelas— PileS. (CTPIUClS 25 CENTS P E R BOX ..C0 C H I L D R E N ’S PA N A C E A . Infallible in nil diseases to Wldull Children ure subject. It promptly relieves anil cures nil com­ plaints of the Stomach and Bowels: purified tii& Blood: gives vigor tothe Body: 'dearness to th e Complexion, See. It is nlso the . B E S T VERMIFUGE KNOW N. Price 25 cents per Bottle. TH E GRAEFEHBEBG E Y E LOTION. For disorders ofthc eyes this Lotion h as no equal. It iscotnpounded upon the most scientific principles, and performed extraordinary cures. For violent inffimntion, ordinary influinntion, dimness and failing ortho sight, weakness of i ho eyes, invofiintu- ry tvveping, foreign substunces in the eye, &c. it is u positive und speedy cure. .Price 25 Cents ft Bottle, with full Directions. DAVID MORSE, Greenville, general agent for the Countfeaof Greene, Orange,Ulster, Dntchcss, Putnam, and Columbia. LOCAL AGENTS: Rossman & McKinstry, H udson j J . H * Hoy sradt, Nivervillej John Lasher JsCo., North Clin (am; E. O . Carpenter Co / Alafdeii Bridge; Seth Dalev, Chatham; ft. AI. DnvisA, Son,IMeiv Concord; Ed­ win S acked. New Briton j F. VV. Everest, iYoiv.Leb­ anon Center; Guy & Pierce; Lebanon Springs; A. D. Cornwell, Cannnn 4 Cornei 3 ; W.K. Woouworth, Flat Brook; Alba Frisbce,Canaan; Van Alslyne& Wooster, Clmihutn 4 Cornets j Grufffc Cornelius, Sandusky; A . C. Daniels, Meflenvllle; Hurry Ri -hmondjCluverack ;P.Vnr. Schuik,Kinuerliook; Robert iMartsh. Valatie; J. W . Penoyer, Columbia- ville ; Nelson Martyq, Speneertown ; James N. Barnes, Auslerlitfc; Earl Collins, Crbehe R iver; Din.mick & Bblktey,Hillsdale: Bain & Chamber­ lain. C'opake; Ambrose Dennis, A ncram L ead Mines; J . Pierco&Co., Livingston; Levi Leroy, Clermont; Henry Lawrence,Germantown. 6m282 B K I T t A N X I A W A R E . —Coffee (Jrns. Cnf- fee Pots, Tea Pots, Sugar Bowls, Cream Cups, Castors, Cake Baskets, Pitchers, Molasses Cups, Candlesticks, Soup and Gravy Ladles, &c. at Nov, 4. HANNAH’S Jewelry Store. Galvanic Rings & Magnetic Fluid. T IIIS remarkable and truly scientific discovery, which has of lute attracted so much attention, is nil efitireiysafir and simple anplicntjb’n 6 f ihe mysterious power of GALVANlbM as a remedial agent. The GENUINE GALVANIC RINGS in connection with the MAGNETIC FLUID havo been list'd with the most perfect success in a ll cases of RI1EUMATLSM, acute or chronic, applying to the IiRftil, fuceq or limbs: Gout* Tie Doloreux* ttffclh* uclic, Brohelutis, Vertigo, Nervous or S ick Head­ ache, Indigestion, Paralysis,Pulsy.Epilepsy Fits, Cramps, Palpitation ofthc Heart, Apoplexy, Stiff­ ness of Joints,Spinal Complaints, Lumbago, Neur­ algia, Nervous Tremottrs, Dizziness of ijie Head, Pain in the Chest and Side,General Debility, De- ficency of Nervous and Physical Energy, nnd ull nervous Disorders. In casesofDyspepsia, which is si simply a neivous derangement of the digesiive orguns,lhey have been found equally successful.— The rings are of different prices, being made of all sizes, nnd of various ornamental patterns, and can be worn by ihe most delicate feniule without the slkriitcst inconvenience. T iie G a lv a n i c B e l t s , B a n d s , B r a c e l e t s . &c**are modifications ofthe invention, and are re. commended iamore chronic casesof Diseases,where the rings do not possess sufficient intensity of power They are adapted to the waist, arms, wrists, ancles, chest, or any part ofthe body with perfect case. Any Gnvanic power that ia required may thtis beoblnined. C h r is tie ’s m a g n e tic F l u i d is used in connec­ tion vvllh UiD rings and modifications. This composi­ tion has been pronounced by the French Chemists to be one of lhe most valuable discoveries o f modern science. C h r is tie ’s G a lv a n i c S tren g t h e n in g r l a s - te r s . —Theso articles form nn important addition to the Galvanic Rings, acting upon the same principle, but having the advantage o f more local application.— As an effectual means for strengthening tho system when debilitated by disease or other causes, as a c e r­ tain aid in constitutional weakness ; as a preventive for colds, and in all affections of the chest generally, the Galvanic Strenthening Plasters will be found of great and permanent advantage. □□’’Numerous certificates and testimonials from many distinguished physicians and others, may bo seen on application to the Agent The public are respectfully cautioned to beware of spurious imitations of these articles. Dr. Christie, has hut ONE authorized agency ia each city of the Union. H . J. BARINGER, sole agcpt for the County of Columhiaj tv&o doors above the Hudson River Bank. Tiie Greatest Medicine tiie Age. Stanton’s External Remedy. M n r j v ' F ’ s h M J r u a t J E J T T , H A S received t h e above title from thousands who have b e e n b c n e fitted by its u s e . Its operation is wonderful. N e v e r failing to give im m e d iate relief, and perm a n e n tly cu rin g t h e discuses for w h ich i t is recom m e n d e d . F o r the l a s t year I have 4 placed before th e public testim o n y o f u n d o u b ted c h a r a c ter from m any persons well know n throughout tb e county o f W e s tchester, w h e r e the grefft r e p u tation o f th is M e d icine w a s first esiablished. D u r in g the p a s t y e a r I have received from a l l parts o J th e country a m a s s o f e v idence ofthe great valuo o f this celeb r a ted rem e d y sufficient to fill volum e s, o f w h ich I have s e lected a fetv certificates. For t h e follow iug d iseases H u n t ’s L in im e n t is a cer­ tain, s a fe, a n d s p e e d y cure. Spinal A ffections, R h e u m a tism , P a r a l y s is a n d all N e r- vous A ffections, S a l t R h e u m , C roup o r H ives) A g u e in th e B r e a s t an d F a c e , Wfenk Jo in t s , Colds} T d o tliach e , S o r e T h r o a t and Q u insy, U l c e r a t e d S o r e s , B u rns, F r o s te d F e e t, Indo­ le n t U lcers, F r e s h W o u n d s , R u n y a n s , C o rns, Sw e llings a n d B r u ises, S c r o fu­ lous A ffections, P a i n s in the B a c k ; N e r v o u s H e a d a c h e , T icD o lo r e u x ; S p r a ilis, M o s q u ito B iles, and all C u t a n e o u s and N e r v o u s D is­ ea s e s , & c . & c . , A s a stre n g th e n e r o f the N e r v o u s S y s tem i t e x c e e d s all the plasters and m e d icines in th e world. Il is on­ ly necessary t o try it t o be convinced that It w illd o all the pro p rieto r p r o fesses. Its. r e p u tation is constantly increasing, e n d in every in s tan c e w h e re it has been used,*it is a lw a y s k e p t as a n e c e s s a r y F a m ily mbtli- cine. R e a d t h e evidence from a b road, R H E U M A T I C G O U T . Entirely cured by the application of this wonderful medicine. N e w Y o r k , M a y , 171810. G . E . S tan to n —S i t - —I have b e e n a ttack e d several tim e s w ithin a few y e a r s w ith a s e v e r e pain attended wiih g r e u t inflam m a tion in my foot a n d greut toe. and had b e e n laid u p ffdm four to six w e e k s a t e a c h tim e , not b e ing a b le t o bear a ny w e ight o n my foot. O n the 29ih o f A p ril, I left* N e w Y o rk for D a n b u y , C t.j Ivhbn 1 again was a tt a c k e d with this com p laint, Ifif three successive d a y s and nights 1 could not c lose friy eyes for p a in . At th e suggestion o f Sbmc pcrstth ill the house 1 s e n t to D r. S tev e n s ior a buttle o f you I* H u n t ’s L inim e n t; I a p p lied i t w ith a flannel cloth, a n d in 15 m inutbs 1 w a s en tirely relieved a n d free from pain, and h a d a g ood night’s rest. I w a s enabled t o attend to my busin e s s (he n e x t d a y and 1 have not been tro u b le d s in c c , although th e nature o f my busin e s s is such a s to k e e p me o n my f e e t all day. I c o n s ider it a m o st Valuable m edibilib, a n d w ould n u t bb w ithout it. Y o u r s , &ti. S H E R W O O D O S B O R N E , 90 O rchard s t . R e m e m b e r t h is L in im e n t i s sold n t the extraordina­ ry luvv p rice o f 2 5 c e n i s a bottle. W h o w o u ld hesi- tale w h e n c e r tain re l i e f is to be had f o r a sm a ll s u m ? Sold hy e v e r y respectable D ruggist and M e rchant throughout th e country. G E O R G E E . S T A N T O N , Proprietor. S in g S ing, W e s tc h e s te r C o ., N . Y . AND BY TUB FOLLOWING AGENTS : R o ssm an & M c K insiry. W . & G . Storrs, H u d s o n ; W . \ V . C a u lkins, U n ion C o r n e r s ; B a in &. C h a m b e r­ lain, C o p a k e ; Abrm . Coon, B a in’s C o r n e r s ; M arlin H a m , W . I. M iller, E . VV. S ia n n a r d , C luverack, IO w .293. IN I V E R S A L itE irlE D Y . F o r Scalds, B u r n s , Powder Explosions, Frozen H a n d s and Feel, §c. npHE UNDERSIGNED NOW offer -I- to the American Public the most sure, safe, and efficacious remedy for the cure o f wounds in­ flicted by the terrible element of Fire, Steam, or Frost on the human body o r limbs which haf ever been introduced by mankind in any uae* Just tuke a view of tiie Unircd States; hundreds there are, blown, up and scalded alm ost daily, without anv possibility o f saving even one life from the wreck, and why? Because there ha*s nothing ever been offered to the pubiib with saveranuy enough to reach theirense. Those cases being generally so extremely violent th a t the scene closes before any th n g th a th a s not the power of this Ointment can miitigate the pain. I t has long been a m atter of serious consideration a n d regret that no one h a s un­ dertaken to do any thing to ease those horrid suf­ ferings. How many cases of this kind has there been on tho H udson riVor since the Cnief Justice was blown up at Newburgh? Look ogam ou the Mississippi River, huw niuny hundreds are there daily blown up and not a h and raised to relieve the sufferers. la t h i s nil? No! YVeseldoni look at a public p rint b u t we find the frighfful detail of wo­ men or children being destroyed by their tloihes taking fire, and not a n y of those details where the uflcrers have survived more than three to fifteen hours, qnd all swept with the besom of destruction from Maine to Louisiana no arm has ever balled any remedy into requisition that could be relyed on to stop this destroyer. M any think now they can euro a Burn, alm ost all have their own remedy which they rely on. Those I ask one question— Suppose you were burnt in a m ass from head to fool, would you run therisk of life on youvprescrip- don? I will risk mine in any possible ca-e if not burnt internally and life close in ait hour it will cure without fail, ft nuvcr wns applied with any other result, within 37 years having been in use by its author, and never failed lo perform its desired effect. And some of tlte worst burns evoi known to the human fumily, where, to nil appearance, life would e n d ia nn liour, they have been raised in a sur­ prising short time. Tho time to procure this Oint­ ment is before y o u want it, for when you do it is too late to think of going after H in violent cases on children or no case, on any burn it ought to be iu- s nntly applied- Tiie minutes it is left offthe more hours’ it iukes to heal it. Stenm-bbats would do well to procure i t by the quantity and always keep it on bond; nnd remember the older it is the better* I have neVer thought o f making a fortune out o f it butmy sole objetTlms been the mitigation of suffer­ ing humanity, or* those cases of unforsecn adversity to which all arc liable, und think but little of it till overtaken ourselkes,and no man wants but one trial lo satisfy him o f)tsm ility,andthe small pittance by which it is obtained, considering the importance of the case, would be a stimulant for every family to obtain i t iu the United Stales. To be bud nt all times, wholesale and retail a t Valutie near Kindcr- hookjby I . BUCKMUN & SONS. March 11,1847. ^ , 25-My C E I ir il'lC A T E S . To all whom it tnay concern : This may certify tlmt I have hud occnsiotPfor (lie use of Messrs. Buck man’s B u rn Remedy for the last three years,on my­ self end Family, nnd must say it is the best prescrip­ tion le v e r used- 1 have also used DUIby’s Pom Extracter iu those cases, and do not think it contains' the puvefanity o f the llcmcdv bv any mcuns,to cuse and lieu! a bum. W M. I i. BECKER* Valatie; March 1,1847. This inay certify* that I have used in my family for about one y e a r, the Messrs. Buekmnu’s, Burn Remedy, and cheerfully suy that I think it the best prescription I have ever used. I would furllict say I have used Daley’s Pain Extractor iu cases of Burns, nnd do n ot think it bo cood on urrticle. Vulalle, March 7, *47. RICIIARD GRAVES. T o all those aflUctcd with burns and scalds. 1 can confidently recommend Mr. Buckmun’s Burn Salve as being an infalliable remedy* hating, for several years past, kept a box o f it in my furnace,- where I have had frequent opportunities of witnessing thb effect upon others, ns well as havins experienced ita beneficial influences upon my own person. R E N S S E L A E R REYNOLDS Valatie, March 3,1847. This may certify tlmt rny father was one o fthe un­ fortunate sufferers of the sad catastrophe which hap­ pened at the Arsenal at \West Troy, March 4,1847, and placed iu tho hands of eminent Physicians# and continued to grow worse till tho 7th, and had bfeen given up some 28 hours. Buc'kmun’s Ointment was applied, which, i f it had been (lone nt first, in the opinitto o f all who saw its operation, with myself, do bclievo he would have been cured. ANDREW EYRICK. FOR SALE. r g i H i ! S U B S C R I B E R Offers for sale tho folt JL lowing articles, cheap for Cash. One BUGGY WAGON, nearly new. The subscriber keeps con­ stantly oft hand CHAIR S T U F F ofall kinds. Also several thousand feet of BASS VVOOf/ BOARDS, and TABLE and STAND LEGS. Hudson July 21,1847. _____________ 0< BAME: M ANTLE CLOCKS, from $ i up to any price, warranted good time pieces, just received by C .E . BUTLER, Late Clerk for W . W. Hannah. No. 323 Warrcn*st., one door below Rossman & McKinstry. August 3. M rs. HAW ’S F a n c y , T h r e a d , J T c e d l e , Ait D LACE STORE. ■M/B*RS. HAW S , late ofN e w York ci«y. would re- XTJLspectfully inform ihe inhabitants of Hudson and vicinity, that she has openfed a F a n c y Store In Written Street, nearly opposite the Washing'tofti- nn Oflice, where can klways be found a first rate as­ sortment of l a d i e s DrCss C a p s, Labes, Ribbons, Thfead, Needles and all kinds o f bancy Goods. O 'H r * . Haws tenders* her sincere thanks for tho patronage she has already received during her short residence, and would respectfully solicit a continue** tion ofthe same. 284fcf. To l i a l f a M illion o f Hie Tor-, turcd ! W e m e a n such as have the P I L E S ! A SP E C IE S OF COMPLAINT F O R W H ICH the faculty in this or the old country c an find no genuine remedy, and which cannot always be ex­ terminated even by a painful and disgustingapplica- tion of the Surgeon’s k n ife! We know that lor this disease dozens of useful remedies having been puff- ed into notoriety and sold to legions o f deceived in­ dividuals, and that any advertised relief, forthatrea­ son,is liable to be disregarded ; but wo will trust to tiie good sense of the sufferers and place confi- dencc in this open avowal of our innocence in and intention to deceive, and to credit our unqualifiey assertions that Dr. Uphnm’s P IL E ELECTUARY is a sure and safe cure for life of the P iles , b e they internal or external, bleeding or blind. The Elec- wjh cause but little trouble or inconvenience when taken, and in any cuse,no matter how bad, will perfect a total and permanent extirpation of piles, and its attended ailments. In B o ston,inthe short space of two years. -NEARLY t h r e e THOUSAND SU R E C U R E S wore effected, and in New-York there have been, A 0 1 i°.t hesitate to say five times that number achieved in the same space of time. The inventor ofthe Electuary,which so thoroughly conquers whai has ever (nnd does now) baffled the skill and ex­ perience of the medical fraternity, is a practising physician. His studious habits at College induced tlib terrible complaint, and it was lo relieve h is own Sufferings that he expended thetimennd study which produced a blessing to the community at lurge in the shape ‘ofthe Electuary. THbre aro many*causes of piles. In some persons the bbiijfduint is abequest from their ancestors; the grtffdfe&t euU&b bf piles is the use of violent purgatives in Ihb shape of pills ! Aloes form a principal ingredi­ ent of these purging pellets, and aloes invariably in­ flame and irritate the alimentary canal, weaken the stomach and bo\vcls,and shake the whole constitu­ tion I Strong tirinkb alsti produce piles. Inactivity anti *]bhg sittings havo the same tendency. No matter R nai the cause, the proprietors of the Electuary war­ rant a COM PLETE RESTORATION, if this Electuary is used according to directions; aim the use of it is pfersistfea iii { Huihbibhs buses bf a cure hy ONE BOX have cofno tb our knbtvfedge, blit it must not bb presumed that where ahififlivjdual, has been afflicted nearly half the term o f fl iiuturallife that a single box will always produce it bure. In New Jersey a farmer who hud endured tlio torture twelve yearn, was entirely restored after using only three bbxbsj which bbst tiiinasinnny dollars. Ho had previously expended as many hundred in search after a remedy. A gentleman of New-York was radically cured by HALF A BOX, and eight persons to whom he reccommended tho medicine were also cured, not a single failure having occurred. A remedy like this, invaluable and isolated; shbliltl not be suspiciously viewed because it is advertised.— It is thb only method of making the public in remote vicinities iitiare of its existence. The Electuary contains nothing that can injure in the slightest degree. It is. entirely fiee from mineral substunces, and may be taken without change o f diet, without fearof taking bold, klifl by ladies in any con­ dition of life. In fact to married ladies under certain circumstances it ensures the birth of sound nnd heril- thy offspring. ^ It is taken internally; and patients may rest convinced tlmt no external application caft accomplish the desired end. The Electuary, although explicitly sold as n certain and unfailing remedy for P I L E S ! ! ! is, neverthe­ less, capital in inflammations ofthe liver,spleen, kid­ neys, bladder, bowels, inactivity of the bowels and stomach, weakness of the spine, internal ulcerations und impurities, tUsh of blood tu the head. &c., all of which troubles ure cither productive of. or Uifc consfs qucnccs attendant ou, that shocking und obstii.utb disease. _ rjEM T A J L E S . During gestation, nre frequent sunjecls o fllem or rhoids, or Piles; and suffer much fiom conslipatiori ofthc bow els, as well ns the Piles. Fearful o f tho consequences, they take littlo or nothing internally* in the form of medicine, during (his intcresting pbriou. To all afflicted with Piles orcostireness, under theso circumstances, I can say the Electuary may he taken, not only with perfect safety, butwith decidedly bene­ ficial effects, not only previous to, hut after confine­ ment. F O R C H I L D R E N . Jn all those affections, to which children nre pecui liarly liable, which ore generally o f an inflammatory character, and often teriuinalo fatally by congestion/ the Electuary is an admirable retnedy.inastodch as it reduces inflammation, prevents congestion, throws nil morbid humors outward, acts without pain, and i3 east.y administered. T H E QUANTITY OF ELECTU A R Y REQUI­ SITE TO PRODUCE A PERM ANENT CURE; T his will depend on the length of time the disease has eAisted. In recent cases, or those that has exist­ ed but a short time, o n e uox is usually sufficient; but where tlte Complaint has existed from two to ten, of even twenty years, from four to ten boxes are requi­ site to effect a permanent cure. In obstinate cases that have existed for years, and resisted all other remedies, four boxes aie ho more than a fair trial.— There are mnnj diseases to which we arc subject, re­ quiring medical treatment from three to twelve months, and shall it bb thought strange thatthisdisease should alsb require a length of lime in order to effect a cure ? It should he remembered that w.e have old associations lo break up, morbid conditions o f thb system to remove, depraved secretions to renew, and long-continued and obstinate determinations of blood to overcome ; in short the whole habit o f the sysietfi is to be changed. I .lin led to these remarks fibm thb circumStande that some persons, after having iiscd part of a box have thrown it aside, and denounced U as an imposition; this is neither doing justice to thernsclvcs or me. All I ask is a fair trial, and I do not fear the result. Sold Wholesale and Retail, by W YATT ar.d KETCHAM, 121 Fulton Sr.N . Y., H . i . BARRIN­ GER, Hudson ; and by Drugistsgenerally throughout the United States. ^ Price §1 a box. N . B. The genuine Electuary has the signaturfi thus: (IT* Dr. Upharn, M . D .) Tho hand is also done with a pen. 6 in 2 ? 7 * m e R lu tn a l L ife I n s u r a n c e C o m p a n y o f N e w Y o r k . No. 56 W all Street. Statem ent o f the A ffairs of the Compi,ny\ k T the close ofthe third Year ej ing LJL31st Juuuary,1846: Number o f policies issued, were Dttrlng 1 st y e ar 470 P remiums thereon, S37J2SB 9(/ “ 2d “ CIO* “ « 49,371 19 *• 3d “ 1047 “ “ 74,443 84 Wltole No. Policies 2183 T o tal amount original premiums, 161,108 93 'Duringtho 2dyear,recctv*don renewals, 32,619 13 “ 3d «* “ “ 70.746 13 TVtalamount received for premiums, 264,474^21 Amount received for interest ou stocks , and bonds and moitgages, ll,4 f l 73 Amount received for tieu risks, 2,068 Off Amount received for P olicies, J,306 65 Amount received in transmission frotn ugt»nUfor2d and 3dycurs*pramiums, 1,306 69 Totalam o u n tofreceipts, $280,785 D is b u r s e m e n t s : Losses and expenses paid 59,5jg 91 Losses due, und the Company ready for payment as soon as the requisite vouchers uro presented by the parties, 5,625 00 N ettpioceeds, $215,57J MOHR! S ROBINSON, Prest. SAMUEL IIANNAY,Scc’ry. MINTURN P O S T ,M ;D ., Physicion tothe Company. tx< i . *.« W . FA IR F IEL D , Agon Hudson, April 2,1846. 2 ( W A R E . —Forks, Spoons, SugaV e *01^ 1 Butter Knives# Napkin rings, Card Cas­ es^ Snuff Boxes, Combs, Fruit Knives, Pop Cups, Childrens Rattlfes and Nursery Tubes, H air Orna­ ments, &c., ofthe best quality, nt Nov. 4. HANNAH’S Jewelry Store. The Columbia Washingtonian. DEVOTED TO THE CAUSE OP TEMPERANCE. Is published every Thursday morning, a t No. 282! Warren street, Hudson, N. Y., by ALEXANDER IV. WEBB. Tekms—One Dollar per annum, payable in advance or one dollar and twenty-five cents if not paid iff three months. Advertisements conspicuously insorted at thb usual rates. A d d ress A l e x . N . W eu b , H u d s o n >C o lum b ia c o . ' N Y .,p o s t a g e paid.

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