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THE PUBLIC MART. Trade plants its climes* and plucks its dollars here* A . ROCKEFELLER, /r*k BN DERIS his sincere tkauks to I his foriner patrons, and friends, ami the public generally, and would inform them he still continues tlio la i l o i ' i i i g B u s in e s s In all its various branches at his old stand N o.324 \Warren St.,Two Doors boloW I I B. Van Duseii's Store, where he will bo pleased to wait on all those who mav favor him with ft call. Among his stock may bo found: French, English nnd American Cloths, Cassimeres, Dooskins, Satti- nets. Serges, Tweeds, and other Summer Goods toother with a general assortment of C?d*l V A TS, COLLARS, BOSOMS, S H I R T S , C L O V E S , SU S P E N T E R S , tf-c. ij-c. sr^OUTTiNUnttendciltoasjusual, j tHwlson Jnnc 10,1847. A . C. STEVENS, A T his old stand op j EBL posito Goo. Wa- rings Jewelry Store, keeps constantly on hand a good assortment of GUNS, double nnd single barrel, ns low as can be bought in New- York or elsewhere und a good assortment of _________ P isto ls, R o v o lvers,& c . i Snot Dags, Powder Flasks, Percussion Cups, Powder und every oth^raitmle connected with tho Gun trade. Ittfles patent cut, that arc warranted to shoot one I,-in.lredy irds and average their shots less than ono mrh from the center, and 40 rods to hit a nino inch nng, atloastHtimos out of ton, and will shoot with {ireat precision cighiy rods. Persons that are good judges of rifle shooting, and all others w ishing to pur- vha»e, are invited tueall und try them, as I ara sure lht*v cannot well bobcat. All kmds of Gu n repairing done well and at short notice. Doorlocks repaired and new keys fitted.— Trusses and Umbrellas repaired, Scissors and Tni-. lors Shears ground, together with all kinds of Jobbing iu tny lino of liusmtss. Juno 1, 1847. BLACHSMITHEVG. SAMUEL N. BM IiE, W OULD respectfully announce lo his friends and the public generally, that lie can sit nil times he found at his old stand above the Pub­ lic square, and nearly opposite Mar­ tin's dole!, where ho will hold him­ self ia readiness to accommndato his friends with anything m the line of B I i a ^ k s a M i l l a i H g ’. Y^P.irticuLr attention paid to Horse Shoeing, lie takes this opportunity to return lus sincere, th.mks f.<rthov»ry h >ral patronage he has heretofore’ received, and solicits a continuation of the same. SAMUEL N. BLAKE. .1 tine 1,J«17. ___________ ; ________________ IS.eady Made Coffins. C J I S S j B . n E D & B S , I ETTNDER rAivCitaml Funeral Conductor, would y j icspi--eifully inform tho citizens of Hudson nud swinuy.ihwt h« W*-eps constantly on hand at his Ware Ui».».u in Warren street, onedoorabovcthcTclegraph O.lii c, uml ntady opposite 0. Terry’s Saddle und Harness inanuiactovy, a large assortment of Rem it? Jff-ade Collins , Of til kinds mz * and qualities. Also Grave Clothes ofall kinds, Coflin Plates, etc., .ts cheap as wilt oc suhlat any other establishment iu Uw city. Juuo 1,1^17. Hardware & Iron Emporium) At Seijm o itfs Original Cheap Variety Store » S i g n o t t i i e P a « l l o c K & A n v i l , 300 WAUUEN St., HUDSON. T HE Subscriber bus recently re­ ceived from American und For­ eign Manufacturers, large additions to his extensive stock, auu offers ut re- need prices, wholesale and retail, a splendid as- crtnient of HARDWARE AND CUTLERY, Iron,Steel,Coppe.r,Tin, Zinc, and Loud, Blacksmiths’ Bellows, Anvils and Vices, Joiners,Carpenters and Coopers Tools, Farming Utensils and Gardeners* tools, Harness, Saddle and Carriage Trimmings, Coach Laco and Lumps, Eliptie Springs Axles, Axle Drafts, Rubber Cloth, HnbBaiuTs, Bra** and pluted Mouldings, Patent Leather, Malleable Iron, Nuts, Washers, &o. &c. . Brittaimiu and Jappanned Ware, and u variety of HOUSEKEEPING ARTICLES. Stoves, Hollow Ware, YYtami Boxes, Snsh Woigiits, &c., Lead Pipe. Shoot Lead, Russian, American and English Shoot lion, Thayer’s Patent Columbia Pumpst White Lead at Factory' prices. Superior Coach, Funuture.LOathor&IronVarnish Ramis,Glass, Window Ssah and Putty, Hemp and Manilla Cordage, Twine, Bed Cords, Lamp Wick, Clothes Lines and Wool Twine, Paint, Varnish, Whitewash,and Clothes and Hai Brushes, oic. &c. &c., Mystook ofulstcr and other Iron,of best brands, is very complete, and worthy of particular notice. Cooper’s eclebratedGIue. Orders for American rolled und hammered Iron, ofall sizes,executed with despatch. fCFPcrsons residing at a distance, can depend on having their orders executed with fidelity, undnl as low lutes as thoy would pay by calling in person,and my patrons way feel n&sured’tlnit every article sold at my establishment, shall sustain tho clmrnclcr I gheit, nudnodeecptiouwiil in any case he allowed. GEO. E . SEYMOUR. Hudson. June 3,1817. FX 1 U 2 , 3PIU JE , JFJUtJG. T HE SUBSCRIBER would respectfully in­ form the citizens ot Hudson, and Columbia County, village of Athons,[and Green Couniy, tlmt lie is u duly authorized ngsntfor the N a tio n a l JFU-o I n s u r a n c e C o m p a n y of . i f i M D I O i V A L H O T E L , ONT F R A N K L IN SQUARE, N E A R T H E S T E A M - B O A T L A N D I N G T HE Subscriber, Jate o fthe IdNDERHOOIC HOUSE, having taken the new andcommo dious Public House just erected on Franklin Square and within a few rods ofthe Steamboat Landing, in the city of Hudson, would respectfully inform his friends that his House is now open forthe reception of visiters. The House has been newly furnished, and will be found in every respect in perfect order. Tho rooms arc large and airy, and built expressly for convenience and comfort. The House will be conducted on Temperance prin ciples, and the Subscriber pledges.himseif that no ex­ ertions shall be wanted on his part to give perfect sat isfaction to all who may patronize him. ^ Boarders duringthc sitting of the Courts will bo ta­ ken to and from the Court House free of charge, A few Weekly Boarders will be taken. { 0 * Carriages will be in attendance ntthe Railroad Depot,to take passengcrsto the House free of chargo. Also men in waiting on all the Boats totako baggage to tho IIouso. [0* Good Stabling, together with Yard and Shed Room for the accommodation of Farmers, &c. rtf' Horses and carriages furnished at the shortest notice. D. B. STRANAIIAN. Hudson, May 14, 1840. zll Joseph W. Savage, Samuel S. Doughty, John Beouwcr, William G. Ward, Stephen Holt, Jacob Miller, Win. Layton, Prnneis Dubois, Washington Post, Andrew Benedict, Frederick W, Furrc, Jeremiah Johnson, No. 62 Wall Street.’ DIRECTORS. William S. Slocum, William W. Campbell, John McChuin, Jolm F. Mackle, Jolui Newhouse, Florence Mahoney. JOSEPH W. SAVAGE, Pres. W m .J ames B oggs , Sec’y. 228 Also for tho 'W illiainsfcurgrli F i r e I n s u r a n c e Co., of Wi!lmmsliurgh,L. I., opposite the city of Now York. Agency Office 74 \Y all st.New York. ^DIRECTORS.. Samuel H- Clapp,1 Thomas McElruth, Sumnel Willetts, Charles O. Handy, J.einyel Ribhnvdson, Nicholas Wickoff, Abm. T. Van Boskerck. „ WASHINGTON POST. Pres’t. A ndrew B, H odges , Sec’y. All application! made to him for Insurance, at Ins Lumber office in Union Street, will be thankfully re­ ceived und punctually attended to, on as reasonable terms ns at any olher office. fliACY. Hudson, Sept. 10, 1846. ___________ 238 vaw ic R in g s & M a g n e tic F lu id . ,IS roinarkablo and truly scientific discovery, which has of late attracted so much attention, is an entirely safe nnd simple application of tlio slerious powerofGALVANISM as a remedial a£ent. The GENUINE GALVANIC RTNGS in connection with tho MAGNETIC FLUID have been Altseii with tlio most perfect success in all cases of VRHEUMATJSM, acute or chronic, applying to the liehd, face, or limbs : Gout, Tic Dolorcux. tooth­ ache, jBronChhis, Vertigo, Nervous or Sick Head­ ache,Indigestion, Paralysis, Palsy* Epilepsy Fits, Cramps, Palpitation of tho Heart, Apoplexy, Stiff- .....Awt* T/\!ntn Cn^ut nAimtltk info T .ttmhn rrr, IVniTl*. Ti»o M u t u a l L i t e I n s u r a n c e C o m p a n y o f N e w Y o r k . * No. 56 Wall SI rent. Statement of the Affairs of the Company , \ T the close ofthe tliirdYcar cluing January, 1846: Number of policies-issued, were During 1 st year 470 Premiums thereon, $37,283 90 “ 2d “ 016 “ \ 49,371 19 “ 3d “ 1047 “ “ 74,413 84 ficency ofNcrvous und Physical Energy, and all nervous Disorders. In cases ofDyspepsili, which is si simply a neivous derangement ofthe digestive pj'gans, they have been foiling equally successful.— The rings arc of different prices, being made of all '\sizes and of various ornnmentul patterns, andean i'be worn by the most delicate female without the iliffhtcst inconvenience. The Galvanic B e lts, Bands? Bracelets &c.?arc modifications ofthc invention, and are re. commendcdinmore chronic casesof Diseases,where the rings do not possess sufficient intensity of power They arc adapted to the waist, arms, wrists, ancles, chest, orany part ofthe body with perfectense. Any Gavanic power that is requited may thus he obtuined. Christie’s M agnetic F luid is used in connec­ tion with the ringg.nnd modifications. This composi­ tion has been pronounced by the French Chemists to be one of the most valuable discoveries of modern Whole No. Policies 2183 Total amount original premiums, . 161,108 93 Duringthc 2d your, receiv’d on renewals, 32,619 35 “ 3d “ “ “ 70.746 13 Total amount received for premiums, 264,174^21 Amount received for interest on stocks , and bonds and moitgages, 11,41173 Amount received for Sea risks, 2,068 00 Amount received for Policies, ^ 1,306 65 Amount received in transmission from agents for2d and 3d years’promiums, Totalamount of receipts, D isbursements : Losses und expenses paid 91 Losses due, and the Company ready for payment as soon as the requisite vouchers are presented by the parties, 5,625 00 1,306 65 $280,782 59 65,010 9 Nett piococds, $235,57163 MORRIS ROBINSON, Prest. SAMUEL UANNAY, Sec’ry. MINTURN POST, HI. D., Physicie irto the Company. J . W. FAIRFIELD,Agon Hudson, April 2,1846. 20 Calsm ci W a v e R o o m ! © . M M £ i , v , ts / o i ’ u > iv . ^ w the* public* • ifullv inform! hisjfrlends nnd iMierally, that theyl will find at hi* NVuri' Hoorn m Warren street,one door below J. ,Nyur: a Urovor*, and nearly opposite Davis’^City 11 a 11 , u g ’it'r.il a-i^./.tiiientof *» /N . 1 I i T t ^ ,« v*+'rsr-'.v z • ^ AinongTliditrtiefeskcpt constantly an hand arc C 'uitr:, S rfiis.IJfm a u s* Tables, Work Stands, Sccrdat iis, Bedsteads, fyc., cj-c. He al.iu will keep constantly oil hand and will irmke m order on short notice, €oflius of all Sizes and Prices. lie takes thL opportunity to tender his sincere thanks to his fmnu'r oustoimrs for the liberal p.v im’K.jra thev have bestowed upon him heretofore, ii oil usk* i I iopp wishing anything iu his lino to give In.n u ettH,«saurin«r timm that no effort shall bo wun- itng on iiis part lo give them satisfaction. June I, 1817. AT IT AGAIN. m im ~ A M S T B .O X G , M e r c h a n t T a i l o r , W OULD respectfully inform his friends and iho public gem*rnl!y, that ho has resumed his 11 ismess.it Iiis Old Stand,ono door below Wagoners t'ahinut Shop, and nearly opposite tho Washingtonian Uilice, where ho intends to keep constantly on hand, a Fashionable assortment of (Jl.jfhs, Casiimircs, Vestings, Stocks, Collars, Bos ms* Shirts, Gloves, etc., etc . p^Woik done in tho most Fashionable Style, an^ nt Prices lo suit the limes. C l U T T I I V C r Dim* at flirt shortest notico and warranted to fit if properly m.uloup. lludsuii June 3, 18-17. ____________________ _ Wakkes, Clocks and Jewelry I I L D . F a r k s n a n , ’OHffTCiULD rcspr*r’lfiilly inform the citizens of V v Hudson and vj<!imiy,thnt ho is constantly rc- rciving ai hia store in Warren street, one door ubore tb. R. j.uliluMii office, and directly opposite Barrm- 0 fr’s Dru-' store, the latest and richest styles of f’ons»stin<j, m part, of Gold and Silver Lover Watch­ es ; Goltl Foi, and Guard Chains ; Gold Keys, Pen- »its. Mules, studs, finger rings, breast and scarf pins, f«rG«. it*. Ab>, a fine assortment of large stone, i,.iiiu \ j.'.,in gild .Hid enameled breast pirn-, for La­ dies ; lino stone, enameled and plain ear rings ; coral heads; gold Imic.i'let clasps ; gold spectacles, lock­ ets. crosics, and hi arts; steel necklaces, breast pins, j. irse and b ig , parse mountings ; steel buck- .es nnd slides, combs, cte., etc. Also a first rale assortment of CLOCKS, together with every article usually kept in a Jewelry store,-— All of which will be sold a t reduced prices. June I. _________ II. B. PARKMAN. D E P O T FO R Newspapers & Cheap Publications, No* 162 IVarren Street, Opposite Badglcy’j ^gJ^llE R E , nwy be i Mansion House, ./O BTAINED DAILY or Weekly Newspapers, all the Monthly Popu­ lar Magazines, end the Cheap Publications of the day, Also, a constant supply of B a n k Note L ists and Counterfeit Detectors. A full and well assorted slock of Stationery, and Pancy Articles, _ A lso P r i n t s nn«l I*ielitre F r a m e s , Families supplied regularly with Daily and Weekly newspapers. O. B. NASH, News Agent. Thcro is no excuse for not having Pictures, when Nash is selling them ut his Emporium for G shillings in nice gilt frames Hudson, April 8 , 1817. 258 B7UIVE CUTLERY*—Razors, Pon and Pocket JL Knives, Pruninglnstruincnts, Scissors, Tablo Knives and Forks, «Scc ofthe best quality, at Nov. 1. HANNAH’S Juwclry Store. S I L A S . IV . T O B E Y , 1 *DEAI*ETl IK Dye S t u f f s , P a i n t s , O ils, G l a s s , S a s h e s BLINDS, vie., Mas temoved to the Store formerly occupied by Tobey & Nash, and late by W m, Nash, at the sign of W hale’s Jaw Bone,No. 299 W a rren street, opposite iho Farm e rs’Bank, H U D S O N , N. Y . H E IS C O N S T A N T L Y R E C E I V s insfresh supplies o f goods in bis lino ofbu- smess, which ho will sell at WHOLESALE OR RETAIL, a t as low rates as tho samo can bo p u r chased ir. this city. V SPElUl, WHALE, OLIVE and LINSEED OIL, bv tho barrel or less quantity- SPIRITS OP TURPENTINE, DYE WOODS. WHITE LEAD, GROUND IN OIL AND DRY. and all kinds of Colored Paints. g l a s s ge ^ a -LL s i z e s , from the host establishments, which n’ill bo sold at FactoiYpffcSs. jS. JV, TOBEY will always koeponhandanassort- ment WINDOW SASHES AND BLINDS which will be sold very low, and will poy tho strictest attention to H o u s e , S ign a n d O r n a ln c n taT P n in tin g * 03“ Country Merchants will find it theirinter- cst to cxaminemy stock and prices before purehas. ing- . . All orders for goods or pamlvng for city or country, will be promptly attended to. S. W. TOBEY Hudson, Peb.26, 181 c. 2 0 t-tf In d e m n ity a g a i n s t L o s s a n d D a m a g e l»y F i r e , T HE subscriber is a duly authorized Agent for the following Insuranco Companies, z : U S.FIUEINSURANCE COMPANY, of Now York; FIREMANS’ do do do ALBANY do do of Albany; PROTECTION do do of Hartford, Ct. A3TNA . do do. _ do & All applications made to the undersigned for Insur ance, for Adjustment of Losses, or on any other bust ness with the said Companies,connected with this A gcncy,wilt boattondcd to with promptness, liberality and despatch MATTHEW MITCHELL Agent. May 20.1810. LIVERY STABLE. ffg g * U ’l l l . C O X won r,( 1,1 / t n lespcctfully inform the J citizens of Hudson,that ho has taken tho Stable for inerty occupied by A. P. Bulloch, in tho lower part of the city, where he will bo prepared at all times to at tend the calls ofhis friends, and assures the public lhat the terms will be reasonable. Hudson, May 14. 211 Guano, Guano. T h e subscriberhas just received from NowBcdford a quanti ty of G u a n o , free from mixture and a gen­ uine article. This lot is a part of tlio cargo of the S h i p F l o r i d a , from tlielsland oflcttAnoE. ItwiI befurnislied to customers by the Ton or less quan tity. CHA'S. McARTHUR. Hudson, Juno 7,1845 E. WALDORF, Jeweller, and Gold and Silver Smiilj, 206 Warrcn-sl., one door ahovc Dr. Cr. White's Office, H U D S O N , TV. Y . J EWELRV, in all its various iOrms, manufactured or repaired. Gold and Silver bought or cxchang ed. The citizens of Hudson and vicinity arc respect­ fully invited to forward their orders, which will be promptly attended to. my5-262tf REMOVAL. £ 5 ^ W a tches, J e w e lry , &c. C E. BUTLER has removed his Watch and Jew­ elry Establishment to tho slorclately occupied • by Guernsey and Terry, No. 323 Warren st., ono door below Hossmanand McRinstry, Druggists ; and havingjust returned from New-York with a fresh supply of Goods, now offers s fine and general assort­ ment of all articles in his line, at as fair prices as can bo found at an^ other establishment. P. S. Particular attention paid lo Repairing Wutchcs, Clocks, Jewelry, etc. 2C4tf- SILV E R Card Cases, Combs, Arrows, Stellcttoes. V>9 & c ., just received at _____________ WHEELER’S Jowcliy Store. P U R E C O N C E N T R A T E D Extrac of LEMON, for flavouring Pies, Puddings Cakes, Jellies, Custards, Tee Cream s,&c. For sa bv CHARLES McARTHUR. Hudson, April 9,1846. 207us iPCOLD and Silver Watches, a fresh supply, nnd warranted good timo keepers, just received and for sale low by C. E. BUTLER, Late Clerk for W. W. Hannah, No. 323 Warren St., one door below Rossman & McKinstry, ______________________ August 3. M a n t l e c l o c k s , from gi up to any price, warranted good timo pieces, just received by C.E. BUTLER, Late Clerk for W. W. Hannah. No. 323 Warrcn-st., ono door below Rossman & McKinstry. August 3 . f VOKY GOODS*—Napkin Rings, Children’s JU. Teething Rings and whistles, Thimble cases. Chess Men, Tablets, Snuff Boxes, Crotchet Needles, Bonk Marks, &c. at Nov. 4 . HANNAH'S Jewelry Slore, 1847. 1847. S team b o a t tic B a t g c L i n e b e t w e e n HUDSON AND NEW Y0EK. rpH E SUBSCRIBERS will run the ensu ng sea’ x son, the Steamboat HUDSON, Capt* W m . H.M E L IEIV’, Leaving Hudson TUESDAYS, THURSDAYS uml SUNDAYS,at ubout C o'clock,P. M. And New York MONDAYS, WEDiNESDA YS and FRIDAYS, at 5 o’clock, P . M., from tho Pier foot of Cedar street, touching ut the intermediate land­ ings each way. Tho subscribers have,during tliolast season, built two snuinuh and commodious BARGES, called the L ovett R. M ellkn , and tJic S amuel L« kds , of about400 tonsL’iirtlicn cacl), which they design run­ ning iu place of Sloopsas Iierotoforc. TJiesn boats will be officered I)/ men of experience in tlio New York markets, which will enable us to compote fa­ vorably with anyconcern in the samo business, in point offrcighl or merchandise for sale. SailingduyofBargc from Hudson,every Tuesday nnd from Now York Wedncsduys from the foot or Cedar st.at 5 o’clock P . AI. GRAIN, SALT & PLASTER constantly on hand nnd for sale. LOVETT Jt. MELLEN tRr Co. Hudson,March 18,1847. 255 science. Christie’s Galvanic StrengtJieuingr Plas­ ters*—These articles form an important addition to the Galvanic Rings, acting upon .the same principle, but havingjhe advantage of more local application.— As an cJflAhal means for strengthening tho system when dej^Bk^cd by disease or other causes, as a cer­ tain aid lMKstitutional weakness ; ns q preventive for colds, and in all affections of the chost generally, the Galvanic Strenthening Plasters will bo found of- great.ahd pprmanentadynntage. 0*Numerous certificates and testimonial? from many distinguished physicians and others, may bo seen on application to the Agent The public are respectfully* cautioned to beware of spurious imitations of thcse^articles. Dr. Christie, has but ONE authorized ogeiicy jn each.city of the Union. . H. J. BARINGER, sole agent lor tho Coyntyof Columbia, two doors above the Hudson River Bank. 1847! yi£=£ 1847! HUDSON AND N E W YOIUC Steam T r a u sportation X<Inc. r n H E SUBSCRIBERS will run tbeir X Stcambeat F a irfield, C a p t. J a iiic s llc b e e , tlio ensuing season for Freight ami Passengers, ns follows:— Leaving Hudson from tlicdocksoutli ofllicForrv. every MONDAY, WEDNESDAY, nml FRIDAY lit G 0 clock, P. M. on the arrivlal of the Cnrs from tho hast; and leaving New Yokk every TUESDAY THlinSDAYattd^TUUDAYalSo’cleck.P.M: from the Pier,foot of Cedarstrcet. KAKGE No. 1, Cent.H. HILLER, BARGE No. 2, Cant. J T HAVILAND, \ ,n iraveHudson every WED- I ' l °^ l, 0 Hk= p- New Vo'rk every IIIURSDAY atSo’elock,P.M.,from thnfootefCe- durstreet. HUBBEJX, CLARK & CO. IIndaon,Maroh 18,1847. 255 MEDICINES OF T H E Gtraciciilici’g Com p a n y , N E W Y O I iK . 40,000 BOXES SOLD W E E K L Y . “V E G E T A B L E P IL L S . T HEchnrncterofthc pill** has been fully tested and approved by mtmcrutis persons in all sections n f th 6 Country. They liaveachievcd some most wonderful cures 3 of which wo have evi­ dence that would satisfy the most incredulous mind. In eases of long standing nnd complicated naturo, where tlio best _____ medical skill lias been tried in vain, the Graefenberg Pills have uc«-'n trium­ phant. Thoy area sovorcign remedy intho follow­ ing diseases: Asthma, Flatulency, Bilious complaints, Fluor Abus or whites, Boils, . Gastric fever, Bowels, deficient action,Giecn Sickness, Breast pang, Giipcs, Catarrh, Heartburn, Constipation, Head Ache, Cough and pregnancy, Hysterics, Incomincnccofurine, Indigestion, Jnflauialiou of vital parts, Inflam. of Stonmc/i, Jaundice, Liver complaints, Low Spirit*, Menstruation, Bnppprcss- cd or painful, Nervous Disorders, Neuralgia Columbia Marble Works! E. N. H itclicoclc, W OULD respectfully Inform the citizens oi Hudson and the surrounding country, that bp lma located himself in Warren street, in Spaul­ dings Budding, Corner ofdth nnd Warren streets and is now ready to execute all kinds of Monuments, Tombs and Grave Stones. Also ornamental ond Fancy work neatly executed and warranted to give satisfaction. Those wnnting monuments in strictly Architectu­ ral stylo, and lettering that will hear inspection, are invited to call. Persons wishing Monuments or Grave Stones of a super!orquaJity,can Im suitednt his manufactory. Hudson June 3,1847. Hose Wood and Mahogany Framed Looking Glasses. A n e w a n d l a r g e a s s o r t m e n t .* Some beautiful frames, just received nnd I sale Cheaper t h a n Ever No. 323 Warren St, McKinstry. Hudson August 5,1847. by 0. JS. BUTLER, one door below Rossman & (TV OLD Iroukcls and Miniature Cases, variety of ^UtpuUerns at WiiEFLER’fci Jewelry Store. Costiveness, Diarrhoea, Difficult breathing, Dyspepsia, Dyspeptic consumption Digestion, imperfect, Determination ofbiood to the head, Ear ache, Erysipelas, Epilepsy, Fever—low, nervous, m- Rheumatism, termitteut, Remittent, Stomach, various dis. Fevor end Ague, cases. In all bilious or chronic disorders, these Pills achievo the most wonderful triumph* Here they defy competition. Those who use them according to (Iireclions CANNOT BECOME BILIOUS! They will cleanse and invigorate the Stomach 3 freely purge tbe bowels; make the urine to flow healthily and clear, open the pores, give u pleasant temperature and tone to the skin, und da all this in the gentlest manner, without doing violence tothe system.—Prico 25 ccuts* Orders by mail will be promptly attended to. THE GREEN MOUNTAIN VEGETA­ BLE OINTMENT Wherever ifflamalion exists, this Ointment is a Positive and Unfailing Remedy. No matter wjiut part or portion of tho body is laboring under influmation, whether external or in­ ternal this Ointment WILL allay it like a charm On this point there is no mistako. (EfTn no instance will the application of this Oiutmcnt interfere with the remedies administered by regular Physicians. Among tlio diseases to which this wonderful Ointment is adapted, is the following; Glandular Swellings—Ague in the Face—swelled Breasts and sore Nipples of Nursing Women—scald Head—and it (^In­ valuable Pressing/or Bums,scalds , and Drawn Blisters -^shinglex—Erysipelas—Piles. * (CTPRICi}25 CENTS P E R BOX.J^T] C H I L D R E N ’S P A N A C E A . Infallible in all diseases to which Children are subject. It promptly relieves and cures all com­ plaints of tho Stomach and Bowels: purifies the Blood: gives vigor tothe Body: clearness to thn Complexion, &c. It iialso the BEST VERMIFUGE KNOWN. Price 25 cents per Dottle* TH E G R A E F E N B E R G E Y E L O T IO N . For disorders of the eyes this Lotion has no equal. It iscomriounded upon tlio most scientific principles, nnd performed extraordinary cures, ” * * * U N i y E l l A J L - I t W I i l D Y . For Scalds , Bum s , Powder Explosions , Frozen Hands and Feel , <!yc. T h e u n d e r s i g n e d n o w offer to tlio American Public the most suro, safe, and efficacious remedy for the euro of wounds in­ flicted by the torriblo element of Fire, Steam, or Frpst on the human bod jr or limbs which haf ever been introduced by mankind in any ace* Just take a view of tho Unired States; hundreds there are, blown up and scalded almost daily, without any possibility of saving even one life from tho wreck, and why? Because there has nothing eyerbeen offered to the public with saveranily enough to reach tiieir case- Those coses being generally so extremely violent that the scene closes before any thngthat 1ms not tho power of this Ointment cun miitignlo tho pain- It has long been a matter of serious consideration and regret that n 9 one lias un­ dertaken to do any tiling to ease those horrid suf­ ferings. How many cases of this kind has there been on the Hudson river since tho Cnicf Justice was blown up a t Newburgh? Look again on the Mississippi River, how many hundreds nre there daily blown up and not a hand raised to relieve ihe sufferers. Is this all? 3No! We seldom look at a public print but we.find the, frightful detail of wo­ men or children being destroyed by their clothes taking fire, and not any of those details where the uilerers have-survived more than three to. fifteen hours, and all swept with the besom of destruction from Maine to Louisiana no arm bus. ever called any remedy into requisition that could ho relyed on to stop this destroyer, Many think now they can cure a Burn, almost, all have their own remedy which they rely on. Thosol ask one question— Suppose you were burnt in a maps from head to foot, would you run thoriskoflifeonyourprescrip- tion? I will risk iriine in any possible case if not burnt internally and life close in an hour it will ctiro without full. It never was applied with any olher result, Within ?7 years having been in use Ivy its author, and neter failed to perform its desired effect. And some ofthe worst burns ever known to jho human family, where, to ull appearance, life would ond in an hour, they have been raised in a sur­ prising short time. The time to procure this Oint­ ment is before you want it, for when you do it is too late to think of going after it in violent cases 011 children or no case, on any burn it ought to be in- s antly appljed. The minutes it is left off tho moro hours it takes to heal it. Steam-boats would do well to procure it by the quantity and always keep it on baud, and remember the olclerit is the better. I have never thought of making a fortune out of it. but my sole object bus been the mitigation ofsufler- ingliumanity,ori those cases of unforseen adversity to wjueji all qro liable, and mink but Jitlle of it till overtaken ourselves,ond no limn \vai)tsbutone trial to satisfy him ofits utility, and lhe small pittance by which it is obtained, considering the importance of the case, would bo a stimulant for every family to obtain it iu the Unilctl States, ’fo he had at all times, wholesale and retail ot Valatie neurKjnder- liook,by I. BUCKftiUN & SONS. March 11,1847. 254-ly # CERTIFICATES. Toallwhomit may concern: This may certify that I liayo had occasion for the use of Messrs. Buck man's Burn Remedy for the last three years ,011 my­ self ond Family, and must say it is the best prescrip­ tion 1 over used., I huve algo used Daley’s Pam Ex trader in those cases, and do not thinkit contains the suvcranity of tho Remedy bv any means, to ease and heal a bum. wM. IL BECKER. Valatie, Blurcli 1,1847. This may certify that I have used in my family for about one year, the Messrs. Bqckmau’s, Burn Remedy, and cheerfully srty that 1 think it tlio best prescription I huve ever used. I would further say I Intve used Daley’s Pain Extractor in cases of Burns,und do not think It so good an urrticle. Valatie,March 7, ’47. RlCHIAltD GRAVES. To all those afflicted with burns and scalds. 1 can confidently recommend Mr. Buckmun’s Burn Salve as being an infalliablo remedy, having, for several vcars past, kept a box of it in my furnace, where 1 have had frequent opportunities of witnessing tbe effect upon others, as well as havins experienced its beneficial influences upon my own person. RENSSELAER REYNOLDS Valatie, March 3, 1847. Tins may eortify that my father was one ofthe un­ fortunate sufferers of tho sad catastrophe which hap­ pened nt the Arsenal at West Troy, March 4,1847, and placed iu the hands of eminent Physicians, and continued to grow worse till the 7th, and had been given up some 28 hours. Buckmun’s Ointment was applied, which, if it had been done at first, in the opinion of all who saw its operation, with myself, do hcliovo he would havo been cured. ANDREW EYRICK. inflfinuition, ordinary infiamation, For violent .. . ............. dimness and failing ofthc sight, wcaknessof the eyes,involunta­ ry weeping, foreign suhstauccs in the eye, &c. it is a positive and speedy cure* Price 25 Cents a Bottle, with full Directions. DAVID MOUSE, Greenville, general agent for the CountiesofGreene, Orange,Ulster, Dhtchess, Putnam, and Columbia. I.OCAL AGENTS Chatham; R. M* Davis & Son, New Concord; Ed win Sackett.Ncvv Briton, F.w . Everest, New Leb­ anon Center; Gay & Pierce,Lebanon Springs; A. D.Cornwell, Canaan 4Corners; YV.S, Woodworth Flat Brook; Alba Frisboe,Canaan; VanAlstynefe Wooster, Chatham 4 Comers; Graff’&; Cornelius Sandusky; A. C. Daniels, Mcllenvillc; Harry Richmond, Claverack ;P. VnnSchuik, Kinderhook * Robert Mnrtsh, Vnlatio; J . W. Pcno/er, Columbia’ villo ; Nelson Martyn, Spcneortown ; James N. Barnes, Austcrlitz; Earl Collins, Greene River* pmumck & Bulklcy,Hillsdale: Bain & Clmmbor- latn, Copake; Ambrose Dennis, Ancrmn Lead Minos; tt ^ier5° & Co., Livingston ; Levi Leroy, Clermont; rlonry Lawrcnce,Germantown. Gm282 P o r t a b l e , P a r l o r & M a rino BAROMETERS, ______ MANUFACTURED BY New Lebanon, Columbia County , N . Y. All orders for the above instruments will receive im­ mediate attention by Jj). 3C33NDALL. New Lebanon, March 26, 1847. 25Gm7* j r i ILT FRAMEDLOOKING^LASSES.—J ust I X received an assorlment of Gilt Glasses, plain and ornamental. Also some Rosowood and Mahoga­ ny, new styles ut H A N N A H S Jewelry Store. Dr. W o o d ’s Sarsaparilla and W I L D CnDCRIUT B I T T E R S A medicine particularly adapted for a Spring a n d Summer Medicine. and for the rcinovul and permanent cure of all diseases tmsfjigfrom an impuro state of the blood, or habit of tho system, viz: B I ’SPEPSIA A N D CONSTIPATION, Affections ofthc Bladder and Kidneys, Biliious fe­ vers, Corrupt Humors, Dropsy, Chronic Rheumatism. No person with this distressiug disease should delay using this medicine immediately; it positively cures all cases of Rheumatism, however severe. Eruptions ofthc Skin, Erysipelas, Enlargement of the Bones, Fever and Ague, Fiatulcncy.Foulness of Complexion, General Debility. For general physical prostration, caused by disease, medicine or indiscretions commit­ ted in youth, aberrations of mind, confusion of ideas, loss of memory, dimness of vision, a hopeless expres­ sion of countenance; and for this class of disease generally, this medicine has never had its equal.— Gout, Giddiness, Gravel, Hcad-aches of every kind ; Inward Fever, Inflammatory Rheumatism. Impure Blood; Jaundice, Loss of Appetite, Liver Complaints, Leprosy,Looseness, Mercurial Diseases. Ncvcrfais tocradicaie entirely, ollthe effects of Mercury, infi- nitoiy sooner than any qtharmedicine. Night Sweats, Nervous debility, Nervous complaints of all kinds, Neuralgia, Organic Affections, Pains in tlio head, side, back, limbs, joints nnd organs, Rush of Blood to the head, Scurvy, Salt Rheum, Swellings, Stiffness ofthe Joints, Scrofula or King’s Evil, Syphilis in its worst forms, silccis of every description, Exposure and Imprudence of Life, and Female Complaints. Ladies of pale complexion, and consumptive habits —and such as are debilitated by thoso. obstructions which females are liablo to, arc restored by the usb of a bottle or two, to bloom and vigor. It is by far the best remedy ever discovered for weakly children, and such ns have bad humors, being pleasant they readily take it. ltimmediately restores the appetite, strength and-vigor. Nothing can bo more surprisjng than its invigorating effects on the human frame. ’Persons all weakness and lassitude before taking it, at once become robust and full of energy under its influence. It immediate­ ly counteracts the nervelessness of the fcmule frame, which is the great cause of barrenness. A great number of physicians of New York and Brooklyn prescribe it to their patients with perfect success und satisfaction. Sold wholesaloand retail by W y a t t & IC e t c i i a m , 121 Fultort-st., New York, Henry J. Barringer Drug­ gist, 95 Wnrren-st., twa doors above the Hudson River Bank, Hudson, and by Druggists generally throughout the United States. Price ]$, in large bottles.. 2 GlmG Fashionable Tailoring Establishment. J . P. NICHOLS, R ESPECTFULLY informs the citizens ofHud- sonnnd its vicinity, that ho is on hand at his old stand in Warren street, directly opposite Hannah's Jewelry Store, whore ho will be happy to attend to the calls of his customers, and all who wislr his ser­ vices. SPRING A N D SUM M E R F A S H IO N S , just received, CUTTING done at all limes und in tho latest nnd most B'ashionabic stylo, or according to directions. Juno 10,1847. X S T I G S a n d S C A L P S — T h e S u b s c r i s Y T her continues to mauuflicttire nnd selldirect ly opposite his old stand,(now tho Dutch Store,) and two doors above the Farmers’Bank, ail kinds of Gen­ tlemen’s llair Work, of tho best duality* and very ehenp for CASH. S . E CROSSMAN. Hudson, Feb. 19,1846. 200yl C AMEO and Stone Bracelets, great variety, some beautiful Broaches, just received at _________WHEELER’S Jewelry Store. OLD PENCI LS.—Some, Pen and Pencil', a fine MM assortment, just received at . ______ WHEELER'S Jewolry Store. I JlAR. RINGS, all the different patterns, some very J beautiful, just received at . _________ WH EELER’S Jowolry Store. ^n iE L L Side Combs, finely curved back Combs, also a variety of Horn Combs, just received ut WHEELER’S JcWclry Store. T o h a l f a m illio n o f the Tor­ tured ! W c m e a n such as hare the PIM ES! A SPECIES OF COMPLAINT FOR 'WHICH tho faculty in this,or the old country can fintl no genuine remedy,.and which .cannot.always bo ex- tcrmmated even by a painful and disgusting applica­ tion of the Surgeon’s knife! We know t|iat for this- disease dozens of useful remedios having been puff-* into notoriety and sold to legions of deceived in­ dividuals, and that any advertised relief, for thntoten- son, is. liable tube disregarded ; hut wo will trust to tho goodsenso of tho suffotcrs-and place.confi­ dence m this open avowal of our innocence in and intention to deceive, and to credit .our unqualifiey assertions lhat Dr. Uphnm’s PILE ELECTUARY is a sure and safo cure for life offhe Piles, bo they-* interna] or external, bleeding or blind,- The Elcc*w tunry will cause but little trouble or inconvenience^ when taken, and-in any cuse,no matter iiow bad,-will’* perfect a total and permanent extirpation of piles, and its attended ailments. In Boston, in tho short 1 space of two years. NEARLY three THOUSAND SURE CURES were effected^ und in N cw-York, there havo becny wo do not hesitate to say five times that number achieved in tho same-space-of timei The inventor pf the Electuary,which so thoroughly conquers>\rhut has ever (nnd does now) baffled the skill aud ex­ perience of tho medical fraternity, ia a practising physician. His studious habits at College induced the terrible complaint, and it was to\rc!ieve Iiis own sufferings.tpat he Expended the.time nnd study which produced a blessing to the community at large in the shape of tho Electuary. 'I here are many causqs of piles. In some persons the complaint is a bequest from their ancestors; the greatest cause of piles is the uso of violent purgatives in the shape of pills ! Aloes forma principal ingredi­ ent of these purging pellets, and'aloes invariably in­ flame afid irritate the alimentary canal, weaken the stomach and bowels, and shake the whole constitu­ tion! Strong drinks also produce piles. Inactivity and long sittings have the same tendency. Nomatter what the cause, the proprietors of the Electuary war­ rant a COMPLETE RESTORATION, if the Electuary is used according to directions, and the use of it is persisted in ! Numerous cases of a cure by ONE BOX havo come to our knowledge^, but it must not bp presumed that where nn individual, has been afflictcdnenrly half thelcrm of a nalurallifc that a single box will always produce a cure. In New Jersey a farmer who had endured the torture twelve years, was entirely restored after using only three boxes, which cost bim as many dollars. Ho hod previously expended as many hundred in search after a remedy. A gentleman of New-York was* radically cured by HALF A BOX, M and eight persons to whom he rcecornmendcd llill medicine were also cured, not a single failure having occurred. A remedy like this, invaluable and isolated, should not be suspiciously viewed because it is advertised,— It is the only method of making the public in remote vicinities aware of its existence. The Electuary contains nothing that can injure in the slightest degree.' It js'enlireTy fieo from mineral substances, and may bo taken without change of diet, without fearof taking cold, and by Indies in any con­ dition of Ufc. In fact to married ladies under certain circumstances it onsures the birth of sound and heal­ thy offspring. It is taken internally; and patients may rest convinced tlmt no external application cun accomplish the desired end. The Electuary, although explicilly sold as a certain nnd unfailing remedy fpr PILES ! ! ! is, neverthe­ less, capital in inflammations j>fthe liycr, spleen, kid­ neys, bladder, bowels, inactivity of tho bowels and stomach, weakness of tho spjne, internal ulcerations and impurities^rushof blood to the head. &c., all of which troubles aro cither productive of, or the conse­ quences attendant on, that shocking and obstinate disease. FJGMAJtJGS. During gestation, arc frequent subjects of Hemor­ rhoids, orPUes; nnd suffer much from constipation ofthc bowels, as well as iho Piles. Fearful of the consequences, thoy tako little or nothingintcrnully, in the form, of medicine, during this interesting period. To all afflicted with Piles orcostivenbss, under theso circumstances,Icnnsay the Electuary may he taken, not only with perfect safety, but with decidedly bene­ ficial effects, not only previous to, but alter confine­ ment. ^ O t t C H IL D R E N . Jn all those affections,to which children are pecu­ liarly liable, wliich are generally ofnn inflammatory character, and often terminate fatally liy congestion, the Electuary ia an admirable remedy, inasmuch ns it reduces inflammation, prevents congestion, throws aJl morbid humois outward, acts \vithouf pain, and is easily administered. - - - - - THE QUANTITY OF ELECTUARY REQUI­ SITE TO PRODUCE A PERMANENT CURE. T hts will depend on the length of time the disfasc has existed. In recent cnso3, or those that has cxisf- eil but a short time, one box is usually sufficient * but where the complaint hits existed from two to ten, or even twenty years,from four to ten IwxeS arc renui- site to effect a permanent cure. In obstinate Cases that have existed for years, end resisted all other remedies, four boxes mo no more than ;vfair trial _ There are many difcpitfes to which wo aro subject, re­ quiring medical treatment from three to twelve months, and shall it be thought strange that tliisdiseasc should also requiro a length of time in order to effect a cure? It should be remembered that wc have old associations to break up, morbid conditions of tho system to remove, depraved aecrelion* to renew, nnd long-continued and obstinate determinations ofbiood to overcome; m short the whole habit of tho system is to be changed. I am led to these remarks from the circumstance that some persons, after having used part of a box havo thrown it aside, and denounced it as an imposition; this is neither doing justice to themselves or me. All I usk is a fair trial, and I do not fear the result. Sold Wholesnlo and Retail, by WYATT nr.il ICETCIIAM, 121 Fulton St,N. Y., H. J RAKRIN- GEIt, Hudson ; nnd by Bmgista generally throughout tho united States. Price $1 a box. , , N’ ®-rrXhen 5 CIJ'li!’c Electuary hns the signature thus: (DlF-Dt. Uyham, M .D .) Tho hand is ulso dono with a pen. Gra277. R e m o v a l o i L u m b e r Y a r d . T HE SUBSCRIBER would respectfully iu form his old customers and the public gene- rally that lie hns removed his Lumber to his own yard at the head of the City iu Union btrcet, wlicrc he intends Sleeping mrlarge on assort ment of Lumber, and at as low prices as can bo bad at any piheryord in this city; also, Poughkeepsie Pressed Brick,Kingston Cement, Mahogany, Cherry nnd Black Walnut Planks, Newell Posts and B 011 - msters. for stair railing, all kinds of Fence Pickets a , 9 . s,rtved te order, ond ire would reB. pectiully solicit u share oftlio public patronuec. Hudson, Sept. 10, 228 HIRAAl MACY. B A T E S ’ P O R T A B L E SLID IN G TOP SH O W E R nod VAPOUR B A T H S ,’ Tho undersigned is agent for the aboye •which is highly recommend by the first physicians in the oounlry, Teslimonjslt can be produced showing'ifeMnvenidnce^and utility of these Baths, M*. fiwntiy -Should lack this article. < C. MpsARTHUR. 187 T O T H tl LADIES,—All kinds of Plain and Curled Hair Work for the Lndica kept constantly CWmnd, and inudo to order nt tho shortest police,by •» S. E. CROSSMAN. Hudatyi, Feb. 19,1846. 200yl FO R SALE. _ SUBSCRIBER Offers for salo tlio fol­ lowing nrticlos, cheap for Cash. One BUGfiY WAGON, nearly new. The subscriber keeps con­ stantly on haqff CHAIR STUFF of nil kinds. Also sevornl thousand feet of BASS WOOD BOARDS, and TABLE njtd^TAND LEGS. Hudson July 21,1847. C, BAME: OLARLAMPS.- Somo very rich patterns—very ’ ' lived at Jewelry Store. cheap for tho {1 e frS °IVC^ Die Columbia Washingtonian. DEVOTJ3D TO T H E CAUSE O F TEM P E R A N C E . Is published every Thursday morning, at No. 283 Warren strcot, Hudson, N. y b y ALEXANDER N. WKSBB. Terms—One Dollar per annum, payable \n advance, or one dollar and twenty-fivo cents if not paid in three months. Advertisements conspicuously inserted at tho usual rates. Address A l e x . N i Weed, Hudson,Columbia co., N Y»,postage paid,

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