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Franklin library Association, The Course of Lectures for the coming sea- •on, will commence on Friday evening:, Nov. 26,1847. Dec. 7. Rev. A. B. Van Zamlt, Newburgh. Dec. 14. Prof. John Foster, Union College. Dec. 21 Dr. E. B. O’Callaghan, Brooklyn. Dec. 28 Prof. John Foster, Union College. Jan. 4 Bon. Zadock Pratt, Pratteville. Jan. U Bev. David Murdock, Catskill. Jan, 18 Hon John S. Gould, Stockport. Jan. 25 Hon. Mitchell Sanford, Catskill. Feb.' 1 Alex. Watson, A. M ., Priu. Kin. Academy. Feb 8 Alfred B. Street, E sq., Albany. Feb. 15 J. Ford, A, M ., Prin. Hudson Acad­ emy* Feb. 22 Lecture ujton life and character of Geo. Washington. Feb. 29 Geo. Van Santvoord,Esq., Kinder­ hook. . March 7th. Hon. W. Parmelee, Albany. Other Lecturers have promised, who will Lecture sometime the coming Winter, time not yet fixed. C. P. COLLIER, Ch. Lee. Committee. P e r s o n a l Beauty* Thero is not a single individual among this vast community of intelligent persons, but what prefers a pleasing countenance and a beautiful complexion to a sallow and repulsive visage. We love to look, upon elegant portraits of beautiful personages, who wero highly popular for their personal beauty, a fair and prepossessing complexion is oft limes a principal fea­ ture in the success of young beginners in business or his or her debui in the fashionable world j thousands of individuals who are now anoyed with a sallow and repulsive complexion, diseased, crackedi chapped and discolored skin can if they will use as a Toilet Emoli* ent, that valuable skin purifier RADWAYS CHINESE MEDICATED SOAP, possess as fair, pure, sweet and healthy skin as te fairest daughter of our race. If you but knew the manifold virtues of RAD WAY’S SOAP, you surely would not be without it, its mysterious action on the skin cleanses the secretory vessels from all impurity removes from the surface Pimples, Blotches, Pustules Sallow, yellow anddiscolored skin, cures Salt Rheum Ringworm, Erysipelas, Rash, Tetter, Chapped Flesh, Sore and Bleeding Lips, Weak and Sore eyes. I AS A NURSERY SOAP, Every mother should keep this soap in her nursery, P protects the tender skin of the babe from tlm cold nnd bleaching winds of winter. Forthe toilet ’tis sc- periorto all others, it is deliciously perfumed. For Shaving ’tis delightful it produces arich copious and lasting lather Price 25 and 12$ cts. per box. • Sold by Punderson & Ham, H. Barnnger^and Ross­ man de McKinstry, Hudson. W h ite Corn Meal. f ' l HOUND fine and Bolted from New Corn, a wJT beautiful article to mix with Buck Wheat Flour, also, Stuart’s E x tra F in e Sugar House Syrup. 3 2 0 Warren S t., sig n o f t h e C h i n e b b M a n . Sept,2, ROBERT D. VAN DEUSEN. •M U S IC A L INSTRUMENTS.—Just receiv- ITJL edaorne very fine Violins. Patent eight,six, and foursilverkeyed Flutes. Fine. Accordians and Flutcnas. Cluronets, Flageolets, Fifes, and Common Flutes of all kinds. Also, Violin, Bass Viol and Guitar Strings, ofthe best quality, Refined Rosin, Bridges, Pegs, and Tail Pieces. Pocket Music Boxes, Fife Tubes, &c. Also, for sale cheap a Bass Drum, very little used, at Nov. 4. HANNAH’S Jewelry Store. S ILV E R W ARE.—Forks, Spoons, Sugar Tongs, Butter Knives, Napkin rings, Card Cas­ es, ^ Snuff Boxes, Combs, Fruit Knives, Pap Cups, Childrens Rattles and Nursery Tubes, Hair Orna­ ments, &c., ofthe best quality, at Nov. 4. HANNAH’S Jewelry Store. New Bakery and Confectionary, One door below the Dutch. Store, a n d directly opposite the Farmer's B a n k , H u d son, NT. I . T HE Subscriber has opened a new Bakery and Confectionary next door below the Dutch Store, and directly opposite the Farmer’s Bunk, where will be kept constantly tho greatest variety of Bread, Cake3 and Crackers ever offered in this city. Sugar and Molasses Cakes “ “ Pound Cakes, Gingerbread, Courtlandt st., N. Y, J. & R. G. Rad way, 2 4w285 HENRY ARY, Portrait and Decorative Painter, A few doors below BadgUy'x Mansion House, Htidton. PORTRAITS, BANNERS, a n d every s p e c i e s o f D i c o r a t i v k P a i n t i n g , p r o m p t l y e x e c u t e d , in a * m i n n e r w h i c h c a n n o t f u i l t o g iv e s a t i s f a c t i o n . _________________ 205-tf Dr. John C. Benham, W OULD respectfully, inform the citizens of Hudson and its vicinity, that he has opened an offico in the building occupied by W. H. Spencer, ncftdonrto Rossman and McKinstry’* Drug Store, forthe practice of his profession in ail its Branches. Dr. 8. would say to the public, that, having enjoyed an extensive practice for a period of nine years, he ib preparedto prescribe for all cases of Disease j He will pay particular attention to the cure of Sores, Diseases of the Skin, &c., Ac. According to the method pursued by his father Dr. Casparus Benham, late of .Catskill, and his Grand- •liter Dr. Peter Benham, of Grecnport. His residence is at the house of Robert McKinstry- Hudson. May 13th, 1847. E. SIMPSON, P H Y S I C I A N a n d S U R G E O N . His House can be found a few doors above Bnrig- leys Mansion House, and nearly opposite the Pres­ byterian Church. ‘Hudson, June 1, 1347. Water u Sugar u Graham ** Soda \ Boston A C O N F E C T IO N A R Y . The largest nnd hest assortment of Confectionary ever offered in this city. Tho different kinds are too numerous to mention—manufactured fresh every day, from Stuarts’ best Crushed and White Havana Su­ gars. A great variety of Lozenges, warranted to keep in any climate, put up in papersofone ounce each, with lanel3, and packed in two lbs. nnd fourlbs.boxos. Also, Medicated Cough Candy, highly recommend­ ed by a number of Physicians for Coughs, Colds, or any irritation of the throat and lungs. CERTIFICATES. Knowing the Composition of “ PauVs Balsamic Candy,” 1 confidently recommend it to the public as a safe and efficacious remedy, in Coughs, colds, and any irritation of the throatand lungs. Hudson, Feb. 5, 1847. F. PUNDERSON. Having examined “ Paul’s Balsam , or Vegetable Cottgh Candy\ and being acquainted with its medici­ nal properties, I have no hesitation in recommending it to the public as a safe and salutary remedy in com­ mon cases of cold, attended with cough. P.H K1NICKERBACKER, M. D, Clermont, March 1,1847. I have examined the mcdicimt properties o f<( Paul'* Vegetable Cough C a n d y and 1 believe it to be equal, if not superior, to any in use. A. P . COOK, M.D. Hudson, February 12,1847. All the above articles will bo sold as low as at any otherestablishmcntinthcStato. C* PAUL. 6m267 M A R R I E D In Mellenville, Nov. 27th, by Rev, Mr. Himrod, Mr. R obert H . G eorge to Miss E. E lizabeth C olon ; both of G h e n t Hudson Marble Factory. T H E subscriber would respectfully inform the inhabitants of Hudson and the public generally, that he has taken the build­ ing formerly occupied by Levi Rowley as a Law Office, in Warren Street, one door above the Far­ mer’s Bank, nnd directly opposito the Dutch Store, \ [ where he w prepared to j I execute all kinds of P Monuments, Tombs, AND Grave Stones, Also, Fancy and Orna­ mental work, in a manner warranted togive the most ZJsrrgA perfect satisfaction,andat ^43%)? prices that cannot, fail to SUlt> O ” All those in want of well executed work in my line will find it much to tlieir advantage to givo me a ean.^forepnrehaainge^whoro.MFKizzELL F o r Sale. T HE Subscriber offers for Sale Ihe 4S= HOUSE anJ LOT situate in Dia- Hii! mond Street, Hudson, now occupied by him.- The premises are in complete order, haying been Jalely re-painted and repaired. Title indisputa­ ble. For Terms, &c., apply to S. L. Magoun, or the subscriber.\ JOHN STAFFORD. 231tf. Wheat Bread, Wheat 61 Indian * Cream 11 Rye ‘ Butter Crackers, Milk Fruit sponge “ Queen *« Rusk, Jumbles, Ginger Nuts, Drop Cakes, dec. &c. A Valuable P r e s e n t F ROM Husbands to their Wives, at Punder­ son & Ham’s, free of Charge. One copy of a circular containing extracts from Dr. H. Le< Rees, Great work 0 ] Important Instruction to mar­ ried and single.Ladies—and pointing out the super* ior excellence of his PERSIAN FEMALE VEG­ ETABLE PILLS, to olL other medicines recom­ mended forthe s»me purpose, can be had gratisby calling at tbe above agents. Price of the Pills, 25 cents small boxes, and 50 cents large boxes. D r . I I . Y e R e e s PKRSIAN FEMALE VEGETABLE PILLS are truly the Ladies Life Preserver. The following Lues we clip from a Western Pa­ per : Woman listen while we tell thee, Of one sure cure forallyourills, All Compluitits peculiar to Ihre A*o cured by the Persian Female Pills. » These Pills prepared hy Dr. Le Ree, Will not fail when you’re in need, They cure the sick anil ensc the weury, Tlieir action ever health succeeds, « To those who by irregularities Of monthly turn* pro nek and sad, Rejoice for their life giving qualities. Makes all who take them well and clad Then woman live, bring forth thy fruits, In health free from disease and paiu And follow up tne grand pursuit Of Le Rees Pills when sick again Life, Health, ond regular flow of the menstruial fluid aro ensured to aft w ho take these pills. The many miraculous cures the yhave already perfect­ ed even iu your own midst, connot foil of winning your confidence. A young lady of nineteen who has suffered for 19 months, with suppressions of the menses, has bv the use ofone box, been entirely cured, and now enjoys a regular return. # Thousands of others in the same situation have been restored to health and happiness through the agency of those pills. Remember Dr. Le Rees* onlv agent in tlus town Is PUNDERSON & HAM. Price of Pills. 25 uud 50 cents, Circular gratis. Also at 2 Cortland St. New-York. Hudson Sept. 2, 1847. M W STO] T HE Subscriber having purchased thefktoek of goods formerly belonging to John wan Deu­ sen, Jr., would respectfully inform the cwfeens of Athens, and Greene County generally, tiikKlie has now, and intends keepingconstantly on handyn£en< eral assortment of Staple and Fancy Dry Goods. which lie. will sell very cheap for cash. Tlu^Jub- scriher hopes by a strict application to business,Y merit a share of public patronage. Ail those wit] ing to purchuse any article usually kept ia a di goodstore, are respectfully requested tocnlland ej amine his stock before purchasing elsewhere, a* intends to sell us cheap, if not cheaper, than nt airy, Store in the City of Hudson. A.L. GREEN Athens, Nov. 25,1847, Notice to Teachers and all others. W ORCESTER’S Scries of Reading Books > new and improved editions, for sula a* wholesale and retail, 25 per cent, below the regular prices. J The sales of the above series in this Country dur- ...g the past year and a half, have increased dykr former years more than 20 percent, notwithstand­ ing the multiplicity of numerous Agents lor other, series. P. S. WYNKOOP, Jr. - Nov. 25. R . D . would Sanders’ R eaders. fYTEW EDITIONS of the 1st, 2d, 3d upd 4lli 1™ Readers. Also, of Day and Thopipspn’s Arithmetical Series. # . Also, Wilson's Histories and S&nders* Spelling Books. As most ofthe Books in this series were bought at Auction, the subscriber will sell them at wholesale and retail very low. P. S. W YNKOOP, Jr. J a m e s ’ Hfew N o v e l. rjpH E Convict; orthe Hypocrite Unmasked. J. P. R. James, for salo by P. S.WYNKOOP, Jr. By Y e w R o o k s a t W j * w > : tancWFTna]WTnal >p’s. A ALAMANCE; or, the great an exper­ iment. A narrative of an Exploratory visit to China and to the Islands of Hong Kong and Chusan. By the Rev. George Smith, Al. A. The fate of Infidel­ ity; or thedeahngs of Providence with modern infi­ dels. By a converted Infidel. Dr. Hopkin’s new Miscellaneous Works. Burn’s London Miniature Library. T 1 P a r lor O rgan. H E subscriber intends visiting Hudson this week, and will bring with him, and offer for sale, a very handsome Parlor\ Organ, which c»n,huseen atMr.G. Parton’sCabinetWare- rooin, Mr. G will be pleated to show allthose who may favor him with a call, Sir. G. is. constantly building nil sizes of Church and P'rior Organs; prices fcom>$l5ft to $4000, which lie.will warrant equal to productions of any other establishment in tho country and at reduced prices. N. B.-—AU oiders thankfully received fortuning and reguluting Pianofortesand Organs. Nov. 18,1847. W. P. GARDNER, Organ Manufacturer, N. H., Coun. NOTICE. T HE subscriber having disposed of his Boot and Slioe C8tablisment is desirous of closing up his busincssas soon as possible. Those indebted to* him by NoieorBook Account, are requested to call im­ mediately und settle tiie same. Those having claims against the subscriber are requested to present them for payment. Hudson, Nov. 8,1847. PETER DECKER. 3w289. T h o m p sons P r e m iu m Truss I S universally approved of by the medical Faculty and ail who use them as the pressure can b*e g r a d iiuted from one to fifty pounds on the rupture without a bac k pad which causes so much injury to the spine causing weakness and pain in the back and sides and often permanent spinal diseases. ROSSMAN M c KINS t RY only agents. A New invention to Curl the Hair. v j n » OBY.iS BRAZILIAN-HAIR CURLING LI- JKlhr quid.- Qntjmglication of this delightfully per- furned.fluid, willpj fa |w>e' Hair Curl, beautifully re SBmhlingTiAturtu^l^itreategt perfection; it is entire Jy freefrom.greal^pTt iskQld ny Punderson Ac H«m iHudsoft.N. Y, ’ pgjce3 shillings per bottle. 3m285 C a r ria g e , W agon W OULD respectfully in- form his friends and the 1 public generally that he ha9 on Knud; and is .cdnsLmriy finishing a splendid assort­ ment of ’ Carriages an d W a g o n s , , jWBfsS, be will warrant equal in durability nod finish to ifc*. say fhat can be bought in tbe City or Country. All ’» *of which he offers at prices which cannot fail to suit '*Shr Cath or approved -credit. ^.Hudson Aug. 12,1847. E. CHAMBERLIN OB Chhins, very heavy, fine gold. Also Guard Chains, a great variety at WHEELER’S Jewelry Stare. .The Servant’s F r i e n d / i doors below the Hudson-Itivar Bank. Cj*HELL Side Combs, finely carved back Comb., ^7-.aIeb .variety of Horn Combs, just received at WHEELER’S Jiwelry Store. Stanton’s E x ternal R e m e d y , CALLED ITR V T ’S I S now universally acknowledged tobe the INFAL­ LIBLE REMEDY for Spinal Affections,Rheumatism, Paralysis and alj Ner­ vous Affections, Salt Rheum, Croilp or Hives, Ague in the Breast and Face, Weak Joints, Colds, Toothache, Sore Throat and Quinsy, Ulcerated Sores, Burns, Frosted Feet, Indo­ lent Ulcers, Fresh Wounds, Bunynna, Corns, Swellings and Bruises, Scrofu­ lous Affections, Pains in the Back, Nervous Headache, Tic Doloreux, Sprains, Mo^uito Biles, and all Cutaneous and Nervous Dis­ eases, See. &c. The t r i u m p h a n t s u c c e s s which has attended tno application of this most woNDBRroL m s d i o i m k m cur­ ing the most severe cases of the different Diseases above named—and the h i g h x n c o m i u h s that have been bestowed upon it,wherever it has been introduc­ ed, gives me.the right to call on the a f f l i c t e d to re­ sort a t once to the o n l y r e m e d y t h a t c a n b b r e - lied ON. CHRONIO RHEUMATISM, Of twelve yenrs standing completely cured by the use of H unt ’ s L iniment . P assaic , Bergen Co., N. J., Sept. 19, 1846. Geo. E'. Stanton, Esq.—Sir.—I am St blacksmith by trade, and bave been affected by the Chronic Rheu­ matism during the winter season fortwelve years, so that I was unable to attend to my business. In Dc- ccmberlast 1 was induced tntfyyour external remedy Bunt’s Liniment, by the perusal of your pamphlet, applied it thoroughly to my arm and shoulder on Sun­ day evening and on Monday 1 set 40 horses shoes nnd felt no pnin. I followed up the use of the Liniment for five days, night and morning, continuing my work daily, ami from lhat time to this I have not experienc­ ed the slightest pain. It ia the most wonderful appli­ cation I have ever known. My case is well known throughout the county and your Liniment has become an inh.bi.ent of every houae.^ ^ ^ HOppER Remember this Liniment is sold atthe extraordina­ ry low price of 25 cents a bottle. Who would hesi­ tate when certain relief is to be had for a small sum ? Sold by every respectable Druggist and Merchant throughout STANTON,Proprietor. Sing Sing, Westchester Co,, N. Y. AND BV THE FOI.I.OW1NG AGENTS { Rossman & McKinstry, \V. & G.Storrs, Hudson; W. W. Caulluns, Union Cornors; Bam « Chamber­ lain, Copak.; Abrm. Coon, Bain’s Comers; Martin Ham, w . I. Miller, E. W . Stannard, Claverack- 2m287. The M agic F lu id , O K Lotion, for Praseiving and Increasing the grow ih and beauty of the Hair, is acknowledg­ ed by thoso who use it daily, to be the best Remedy to prevent Baldness, or tho Muir from becoming prematurely Gray. It also prevent- all appearances of Scurf or Dandruff on tbe Sen Ip, and keeps it in u Healthy State, at the same time rendering the hair delicately Soft and Glossy. No deleterious effect* can possibly arise from the use of it, even upon tbe heud of tho most tender infant; on the contrary, it onld bo hiost beneficial. ROSSMAN & McKlNSTRY. Druggists, Hudson, N. Y. F r e s h Teas I . F r e s h T e a s ! A t the P E K I N T E A E M P O R I U M , 3 20 W a rren s treet, Hudson Sign of the Chinese M ail * Green and Black TEA, m CO m p i o H t=J c o t= j E g 1 VAIV most, respectfully inform his nu- meronsTea customers and the publicgenerally, that he h a s just received a large assortment of very choice FRESH TEA S , of the latest im- rortalions. And inasmuch as great pains has reen taken in the selection of his Teas, having procured Samples of the different chops, and tested the quality before purchasing, he can safely recommend (hem to be of very superior quality. 03- GREEN T E A , 3 s , fts 6 d , 3s, 4s 5s, 6s, 7s, fcs, IO s, and 1 3 s . BLACK TEA, 3 s Od, 3s, 4 s , 5 s , 6s, I O s . N . B. Merchants supplied as u sual in large and small packages, a t New York wholesale prices. O b s e rve the Sign o f th e C h inese m a n . R o b e r t D . V a n D e u s e n 1 Ded. 17. 242 For New York, Direct! ^ ■ t f . ITH HE Splendid Steamer ITUD- fc JL SON, Cnpt. WM. H. AlEL* Jm sB O sahi LEN, will leave Hudson, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays, after the arrival of tho Cars from tbe East ] and pas­ sengers to or from any part of Berkshire County, by takinj ttys route are sure of going through without de­ tention, as this Boat invariably connects with the Cars each way. L. R. MELLEN & Co. OctN 23. ____________________ For NEW-YORK. U N T I L further notike the . steamer HUDSON, Capt. Vim. H. Mcllen, will leave ___________ this city for New York and intermediate Laudings, every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday, A t half-past f i v e o'clock , P . M. nstead of 6, as heretofore. May 13. KINDERHOOK WOOL DEPOT. This enterprise having met the- expectations of ils projectors, w ill be continued upon the following principles i The fleeces will be thrown into sorts ac­ cording to sly le and quality. A discrimination will be made between wool in good or bad condition. All w h o desire it, can have their clips kept separate. Sales will be made invariably for cash. The charges will be, for receiving, sorting and selling one cent per pound, and tbe insur­ ance, which w ill be 25c, on StOO for a term of thred months. Liberal advances in cash made on the usual terms. Arrangements have been made wilh manu­ facturers using different grades of wool, to pur­ chase the various sorts at their market value soon alter being received at the Depol. If the opening market pFice is not satisfactory, the wool will be offered foT sale at such time as the owner m ay direct. Reference can be had to Dr. J. P . Beekman, Kinderhook; D. S. C u r t i s , Canaan; C . W. H u l l , New Lebanon ; J. B N o r r .f o q ., Guild- erland; C. H . R ic h m o n d , Esq , Aurora} Col. J . M u r d o c k , Wheatland, N . Y. H. BLANCHARD, Agent, To the E a r n e r s & W oo M j I’ oivcts ol flew-York. A l e a n v , May 25, 1847. Gent— During the year 1846, 1 published several letters which 1 had the honor to address to J . M . - S h e r w o o d , Esq. the then President of the N. Y S, Agricultural Society, in relation to the wool trade. These letters were very coldly received in certain quarters. Even the Agri cultural papers, (although copies were furnished them,) with the exception o f the Genesee Farm­ er, have not deemed tbe letters worthy of publi­ cation in their columns, or even worthy of notice; although some of the most eminent agriculturists in the slate have expressed their decided approbation of the principles therein ad­ vocated. Under these inauspicious circumstances, I had placed in my hands the doings of a Wuol- Growers’ Convention held in Steubenville,Ohio, and attended b y wool growers from the states of Pennsylvania and Virginia; and I was alike gratified and surprised to find lhat these letters were read before that Convention, and have by them been reprinted and extensively circulated. It w as also refreshing lo find lhat in the Stale of Vermont the letters had been widely distribu­ ted, and that the Addison County Agricultural Society were induced to call a Convention of wool growers for the purpose of considering the propriety o f establishing a W ool Depol in that section of the country. It w as also a matter of congratulation to learn that the doings of both conventions were re often ruinously depresses prices will be m e a s­ urably if not altogether a b a ted.. , Again, the experiment is n e w w ith' yon and should pe prosecuted with caution, under such circumstances no sane man would add to the' risk inseperable from a new undertaking, the aidditional one derived irom employing an inex­ perienced agent, whose mistakes alone m ight jeopardize what otherwise would be safe and sure. There are others who say that they are con* vincad of tbe propriety ol the plan proposed, buf prefer.waiting until il can be ascertained “ how the thing w o rks;” a very sale comse, indeed, but if pursued hy every body “ the thing” w iji not be very likely to work at a ll. 1 would venture‘to urge upon every public spirited flock-master in the state, to pationize this undertaking to some extent this year; to as large or to as small an extent as they please, Whatever might bave been said last year in favor of the Kinderhook Depot, however a b ly ami forcibly said then, could now be reiterated with augmented force,in mv judgment, because, however Valuable then to the New-York w o o l grower this institution might h ave been, it is in­ finitely more so now, from the iact that a large share of the wool of Vermont is topass through the hands of its agent to the wool lofts of the manufacturer. The wool growers of Western and Eastern New- York eon eslublisli Depots in connexion witii tlin2 nt Kinderhook ns the Vermont farmers hove done, or thev onn take mi independent course; lint let them oewure how they fritter uwny the good that is otherwise attainable by the erection of rival es- tahlislitncnts which will be weak in ihe start nnd assuredly can never survive ihcimbecility ol infan­ cy. Union is strength; the very evil we wish to remove is disunion; how absurd then not to pur- snc ’’a course which will render the Depot ststem the most cfficduious possible. I have considered the post year an one which would most severely test the stability of the Kin­ derhook Depot—because the interested opposition to it w-us inore uctive nnd keen thutr ever (its influ­ ence having been materially felt in same quarters) beeuusethe mnnalactiireis' who hnd putiomzrdit thejireviousyenr, perhaps merely by wav ef ex­ periment, would now show by {heir pnrehuses wheiher they were actuated by enterprise or inter­ est—and bectuise those farmers who hnd been in­ duced to call it into being would now show bow far tlieir constancy was to be relied on. Time had heen given for mere excitement lo subside, unit for interest to exert its powerlill and all-controlling sway, But enquiries carefully made on the spot, havo completely removed all fears and misgivings,if In­ deed nny existed, Tho quantity of wool deposited has largely increased, tihovc that ofthe pievious year, nnd yet it Is ull sold. The prices obtained nave been more srtisfaeiory; innnufueturers’ pur­ chases havo shown mote their confidence in tho en­ terprise. Ill my previous letters I had ventured to sm-gest that tho division of luhor vvouid lead to the intro­ duction of now brandies of manufacturers, nnd that such a state of things would show more cleur- ly tho ndvutagesam! necossityoftlns establishment. During the past year it has been found tliul indi­ viduals sturting the mnhlifneturing ol'hew fabrics have resorted to this Depot in the very outset, to procure the peculiar style ofwuol required for tlieir _ i new undertakings. T o w n s e n d ’s Sarsaparilla T H E best article ot the kind put iipin a neat manner in quart bottle*. ROSSMAN & McKlNSTRY, agents. D S.JJWE It.lTUS. R I G H T ’S Premium soda silleratus in lialf Bandsat manufucturaraprice just received by ROSSMAN & McKlNSTRY. B RITTA NNIA WARE*—Coffee Urns. Cof­ fee 'Potot Tea Pots, Sugar Bowls, Cr&ntn Cups, Castors, Cake Baskets, Pitchers, Molasses Cups, Candlesticks, Soup and Gravy Ladles, &c. at Nov. 4. _________ HANNAH’S Jewelry Store. K IN D E R H O O K A C A D E M Y . T HE Trustees arte gratified to announce, ibat this long^cstablishcd Institution will re-open fer the Winter Teim of 22 weeks on the 4th of November, 1847, under the charge of ALEX A N D E R WATSON, A- M., late Professor of Latin, Mathematics, and Natural Science, inthe Albany Female Academy. During the vacation the Academy edifice has been newly, painted and repaired; the class rooms have been furnished with new desks, benches, and black­ boards, of the most modern construction; and various important improvements have been effected, for tho comfort and convenience of the pupils. The Institution consists of u Male Department un­ der the charge of the Principal, and a competent As­ sistant—a Female Department, under the united care of Miss J e m i m a L. D o w l i n g , (daughter of the Rev. J. Dowling, D. D., ofNew Yorkfeify) who will teach Rhetoric and Composition, Music, Pfench und Italian, and Miss J u l i a C h a l m e r s of Saratoga county, who is n thorough Mathematical and English scholar—and an Elementaiy Department, under the charge of Miss S e m a n t h a J o n e s , a graduate ofthe State Normal School. Mr. Watson proposes to receive into hi* family a limited number of Boys only (15), who, it is designed shall enjoy all the advantages and comforts of a select Boarding School, united to the salutary stimulus nnd collision of mind presented in a well regulated public institution. Terms, includingTuition, Board, Wash­ ing, and every charge, excepting Books, $175 per an- nUBoard can be had in the village, in moral and relig­ ious families, recommended by the Trustees, at about S2£ student of bad character, or ofidle and dissipa­ ted habits, will be admitted or retained in connection with the Academy* References*—Hon. Judge Bronson* (late Chief Justice), Hon. Wm L. Mercy, Secretary of War, or any of tne Trustees ofthe Albany Female Academy- Right Rev. Bishop Potter of Pennsylvania—Prof, Jo­ seph Henry, LL. D„ Secretary of the Smithsonian Institute, Washington—Hon. Joshua A. Spencer, Uti­ ca—A. Crittenden, Esq/, Principal of tho Brooklyn Female Academy. WILLIAM H. TOBEY, President. DAVID VAN SCHAACK,Secretary. 287tf. ■ Manufacturer o f and Dealer in Cabinet Furniture, Chairs, &c., &c., Wo. 2 8 4 W a r r e n St., O NE Door abov G. Wa- ■ r in g s ’ Jewelry Es­ tablishment, and nearly op­ posite the WuBhingtonian Office, where he keeps con­ stantly on hand and will also Manufacture to order Wardrobes, Side Boards, Bu­ reaus ; Dining, Tea , Center , Card , and Ladies Work Ta­ bles t Wash Stands, Hat Stands, French and other Bed steads, Sofas, Mahogany and Block Walnut Chairs ; indeed every article manufactured in the Cabinet and Chair line. Q^*COFFiN3 of aU kinds and size?, mado to order atthe lowest pripea. Giveusa cull. JAMES CALKINS. Hudson, June 3,1847._______________ C luirch and P a r lor O rgans. T HE Subscriber would respectfully inform the public tnnt Jin ims on hand, and is constantly building all sizes and prices o** CHURCH and PARLOR ORGANS, with all the latest improve­ ments in h&nd 80 ineand Grecian and Gothic Cases, Parlor Organs, prices from $150 to 500: Church Organs,from $300 to §4000, which will' be warrant­ ed of the best materials and workmunsliip, nnd of rich full tone. Societies and individuals wishing u good instrument, will find it to their interest to communicate with theSubscriberbeforepurolrasing- Srteeiffication of any size Organs can bo hud by applying to his manuluctoryin New Haven,Ct., or to$£fcGeo. Parton.in this city, who willgiveinfor­ mation and references. Wm. P. GARDNER. , . Organ Mamifuciury, Now Haven.Ct. Mrs. HAW ’S , , JYeedle, AND l a c e S t o r e . M RS. HAWS, late of New York city, would re* spectfully inform the inhabitants of Hudson and vicinity, that she has opened a F a n c y Store . Tn Wnrren Street, nearly opposite the Washingtoni­ an Office, where can always be found a first rute us* soriment of R a d i o s I>rcRS C a p s , Laces, Ribbons,'Thread, Needles and all kinds o f f a n c y Goods. 03vMra. Haws tenders her sincere thanks for the palrotiage she has already received during her short residence, und would respectfully solicit a continua­ tion of the same. 284tf. AND F U R HE Subscriber respectfully infonpns his customers and the Public in general, that he has just returned from New-York, with a largo and splendid assortment of Mi,ITS A* C o irs, Ofthe latest styles, which he will be pleased to show any who may fafrorhim with a call nt his store, direct­ ly opposite J. I. & D. 1. Gaul’s Store, at the licud of the Street. The subscriber has on hand a largo assortment of Hats and Caps of his own manufacture, and in addi­ tion thereto Ims recently received n largo supply of the same articles from the city, which, together with those of his own make, are ofthe best quality, and of the latest Fashion, nnd will he sold nt the lowest pri­ ces. The undersigned has also received alargo sup­ ply of Muffs, Buffalo Kobes, Far Collars, &c., Tq which he would respectfully invito the attention of liis customers and others. ROBERT H. TOMPKINS. published in Massachusetts, and met wilh the approval of both wool growers and manufactur­ ers' in th a t enlightened and shrewd community. 1 acknowledge the extreme pleasure it has given me to find that these letters, in the opin­ ion of conventions well qualified to judge, and to whom I w a s a total stranger, were not wholy devoid o f merit. But it is not because this is so, nnr Because it gives me an opportunity oi gratifying tiie spirit of self-adulation lhat I address myself to you, and again attempt to urge upon your notice a matter; however interesting to me, thnt has doubtless been lung since forgotten by you,— N o —the motive is one less selfish and more consonant lo a chaste and enlightened view of duty and usefulness. I tyas invited-, to allcnd Ihe Convention in Vermont. It w as very apparent in the outset, that men of influenc^.-qad'-standing— men of shrewd businesstact and of enltfrgfe^tyyiatience were opposed to the project of a Wool JDepJtr They doubtless would have had an unhappy fq. fluence upon the public opinion of th a t State, but forthe discussion had a t (hat Convention. I w as however enabled to convince these very men of the soundness and feasability of m y views, and refute every objection, plausible orolherwise.whichHadbeen brought against my letters. Afier a protracted discussion, the meet­ ing unanimously resolved to establish a Depot in connexion with the K/nderbook Depot in this state. A result most anxiously desired, and to m e exceedingly flattering. T have recently ascertained lhat they have completed the arrangement and established a branch o f the Kinderhook Wool Depot at Shore- ham, Vt , and have pledged for the current year some 200,000 lbs. of wool for lhat purpose. ft may he proper to state that it is underslood that tiie Ohio Convention have secured nearly 1,000,000 ibs. o f wool from the flock.masters in that region, for Ihe purpose of carrying nut their views in aiding the Depot established by Messrs. Perkins & Brown, ot Akron, Ohio, at Springfield, Mass. If these tilings are so, should they not lmve great weight w ith the farmers of New-York.— These men are not novices; they are well versed in business transactions, nnd keenly alive to their own interests. Prudent and discreet, they are sure carefully to examine theil ground before making a deliberate and important change in their business transactions. Their example should not pass unheeded. Thus far 1 h ave borne in silence the censure, whether deserved or undeserved, which lias heen passed upon me for devoting my official tipnc to the investigation of this subject. With patience have I listened to the criticism of those who have allowed prejudice to influence opin­ ion, and what is worse, to the “ faint ptaise” of those who either lacked capacity lo understand the “Letters on the wool trade” or the courage openly to commend, w h a t their judgment ap­ proved. But is it sheer presumption now, in view of the foregoing facts, to call upon the iarmers of W estern and Eastern New-York, each in then respective localities, to imitate so far at least the farmers of Vermont, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia, a s to hold a con Yenlion for the pur­ pose of discussing whether the institution of Wool Depots is citner wise or feasible ? Dis mission leads to investigation, investigation to the discovery o f tiuth. Men pursuits in life are greatly bencfilted by public discussion; but there Is no class o f men who can hy possi­ bility be so much benefilted hy it as farmers, for they seldom if ever get together in mosses for this desirable purpose. It has been beneficial to some o f Its pntrons, not only by obtaining excellent prices for their wool, but also hy designating their flocks as furnishing the animals calcinated to produce tho kind of wool which was sought niter bv enquiring of wool grow­ ers fioni oilier siates. It hns shown most clearly the advantage which has resulted tp those intelligent fanners ivlio plac­ ed their wool in a position wiitrfe it could if necc-s- saiy be sold p>inaptly,and yet remain nridertiieir control« until n full and accurate knowledge Of the market was obtained. It has shown that this knowledge is of great im­ portance, for some time after hnving sold ot tho De­ pot, liuve pnvUmoed from others wlio could not lie induced to patronise it, and reaiized a considerable profit from the purchase in conclusion,allow me to congratulate\ 0 li up­ on the improved prospects of the wool miirket.—• Better prices are likely to be realized this year than last. This result is 111 part owing to tlie'faol that the low priced wools of South America ure m t likely to find their way in large quantities to 1 iii. market; purtiv because the experiment of expor­ ting lias been fully and fairly tPBIed. lit 1845 wool was fcxppi ted at tv loss; but lost y Ont tit a consider­ able exiehi the result ivns different. This difier- ■gnowtjs owing ifi pufbtQ the fqcl-tlial ill the foiiner case nohtt>mion Was paiii'tif the'-condiiiun ond the latter the Wool wnnr- goodood conditionondition andnd elossede too ann extent hardlvdly e r e classing of fleeces; in the latter the woo! wno-in g c a ci sscd t a extent har creeps, ible. Some of tlio wool went from the Kinderhook - Dbpoi, ahd if is clearly a true policy Oh yonr part, so to regulate yotti-course os to eiicutirage tha ex­ portation of wool to the largest possible extent. The growth of woolen manufactures will doubt­ less lihve tis influence in incieusing tho demand for Wool, which demand is likely to be nugmrn cd by the increased cunsuniption of woolen goods arising, fiom tho prosperity ofthe American farmer, ond the advantageous position of the American mcr- clinnt in Mexican ports. I beg lenke to Urge seriohsly tipon Vour otten tien the eonihiiinicutioii of Mr. Brown, bt Ohio, a* lo die proper mode of preparing wool for market - The high price obatincd by Mr. Brotvn for his wool, (69 cents,) is in port owing to its superior con* dibdn. I have the honor to bo vour oli’t srrv't. \J. Ii. NOTT, Cor. Sec. N .Y . S .A g . Soc. the most sovereign purifier of the BLOOD; Tiie public inay not be nwnre thnt tho Rev. B Ilihliafd’s Vegetal,Io Pills ore tiie very best Fumily Medicine extant; perfectly reliable in every ffnercen* cy. They are eliminated wilh great cure nnd experi­ ence nnd prcpured withscientific accuracy, they nr© qoinggrfcat gdod ih evfery direction,are cnpftbJe ol sav­ ing lile nnd are saving thQ lives of many daily. Tho Unrivalled efficacy of the Pills is overcoming ull ob­ structions, and derangements ofilie stomach,liver and digestive organs, purifyingthe blood, uprooting gener­ al inflamatory nnd local diseases of tho Glands and internal organS and giving tone and energy to iho whole system, render them the fnost uscJnl family and General medicine. The peculiar energy wjib which they act upon bidden disqnsos hns Jed nrnny to imagine them possessed of a species of intelligence from the manner in which Ihey hnve found out nnd could be feltlOnfctin the part where the disease,pain, ormimbness,wnsloca:pd,curingif> some cases after all other remedies had for years failfcd to relieve. To Travellers, Emigrants, Soldiers nnd Families we say neglect not lo provide yourselves with so safe, mild and universal a remedy, as these sovereign Vegetable Prlls. Disease comes upon us liken “ Thief in the night” Remember the name “ U bv . B. H ibbard ” is oa ihe Inbcl of each box in full. Principal Agents fo r the County o f Columbia. W. & G. Siorrs, principal supplying agents of tlio couniy nnd cilv of Hudson, who keep nlfcojs no lilmdu large supply, where mcixhontsund dnigfrisUi cun puiclinse at the lowest wholesale prices. Henry J. Barringer, Druggist, lludsun. A. Coons, )G. & J . I). Reynolds,Copake; Asa Hoag, bioR'di mDennis, John N. Rockefeller, An- C ORAL Bracelets and Broaches, beautiful pat* terns, just received nt WHEELER’S Jewelry Store. P o r t a b l e , P a r l o r & m a r i n e BAROMETERS, M A N tJFA C T U rtED BY New Lebanon, Columbia County, N- V, AU orders for the above instruments will receive ini' mediate attention by E> KENDALL, New Lobanon, March 26,1847, 256m7* D r. B e n h a m ’s O intm e n t, I S ftrt xhfallahle euro for Moth or Tan, that broWn discoloration of the skin which dost roys tho beau­ ty of many females. It. also cures Erysipelas* Salt Rheum, Ring Worm, Itch, Pimplcq, Freckles, Scald Head, Leprosy, enlnrgrnent of the Glands, and diseas­ es of fhu Skin generally. For sale by Rossman & McKinstry, and Dr. J.C. Benham, Hudson; J Avery,Oakhill; Wm.H.Wf , CatskiU; F. Whittlesy, Leeds; E. A. Titus Atkens, A. Frisbee, Canaan; Van Valkehburgh & Co., Val* atie. 285tf ’ I hkve however found men w tih apparent! %■ t ------ ..4. --.I. ..... t man*’ Netvew Lebanonebanon. to the sound- John Doan, Coatsvillc; P. Frnleigli, GnUalinville; J. G. Giddings, Gin lord’s Biidfre; E. Loekuoddr tlillsduic; Geo. M. Palmer, Hailemville ; Dr. Jones Johnstown; J . G. Daniels &, Co., JVIellcnville; P.* S. & J. Miller, Rcnsscluer Mills; E-Rosier,South* I east Centro; O. Palmer, Chntlmm: J. E. Sweet, , It. S. Penoyar, Rindcrhook; C. P . Clark, Stephen* P LATE OAKE B ASKERS.—Some patterns very rich, just received at . - WHEELER’S Jewcjry Store. town; D. P. & J.A. Wuit/Ausierlitz; G .Jl/b ik . , N L P rincipal A g e n ts in Greene County. M.T* IJnvilond, Athens; Muckey & Yunlhin, rstone & Huddleston.ond J B Henfshow,CoxsDnkip; Hcprv Hovt, Now Baltimore; A N Bcntlov and N & L Dnmshell. Greenville; if J Pock nnd P Adonis jr. Oukbill. S A Palmer Sit August 20, l84fi. ' StateTravelling Agent. I v 2 g 8 truth on their side yielding assent ness of the views expressed; but urging lhat the time for action had not^frived, nor would arrive until ti Depot was established in their own immediate neighborhood- Such a course is sure to sacrifice a present good for a fuUtfe ef il. Establishments of this kind cannot thrive hnless in right hands, and such hands are not to be found'in the corner of every street. Bui if they could, the policy of multiplying them would, at this juncture he peffectly suicidal. To be effect­ ive the collection of wool must be largo, very , _ tT>4. Tr^ T _ e - „ Vc— -------------- large, and the-larger the better, both finest Mantle Owamont manufacturers will be better accommodated, and j ust X9ceiVsd at * 1 e y of pattetivi because that unfortunate competition which so WHEELER’S Jewelry * 1 T OOKING GLASSES, Tea Trays, and Britan- JL i nin Warp, of all kinds, now oprnina at 325 Warren-st, one door below Rossman McICint-trv. by C.E BUTLER, Aligns!. 3. Lato Clerk for W. W. Hannah*

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