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TOE BOCBESTOR TEEEGW T O im}: ' 'Iiin i . m i - i i a i a i » n iiiiii.'iii , hi Y t - -f,, ^ J ; ,-; N o . 4 3 7 .3 i S l i J 3 £ 3 B a i W L ? : S -iS-'irtswsHi*® ' : b y W E E D & M A R T I N , AT'Ji^oiiiKlTKia; W0<(y-P?;C9- N‘ - , -Tvjtc*4^, woit Tm.Y^^tAox ,,. • ' ' i3 ' Q w , ' '^ClTKC* A 'ipKfK TO *-fm . . . . J r 2 W ' / ,|Ef!'Ap^»i^WS»«R*7't. AT 'THU ' pinAt. 4iy:p. WMftPPWf^. r ^ . - / , ■ t t m Kr Jh^ reptote^ tg the je«ond:et4iyof.the.5tore,.o0CMpiea h^ offers,for,sale: ’4 ^&Mh^ia /OFr<>r;aAd PJSiiRL ASHEg. fe II^Rester^^^ 31 ^ * S K l s p a i M w a ■ - S ' ' . ■ s . ' .' ■ M lU e ^hm/iSlorei omMoor -Easi ()f Ih^ corner' • fi^HEsi^bsdribsfsMF^^ recoivea from ■■ar4^36 f c ■ t»f the latest iroportahohS !-r.-cqnsr9ting MjSZt»a»^ ., J?£EJIJVD :p\dJ^CY QOOJJrS ;, .ffmopg wlucli. areEroad^lotUs, Cas'simers,. satTnctts, Flannels . ■St^iBaiSes ofvqirioos qplours and <jpalities, 8,4 4s 8-4 ^ seBlanlcetsbliiefc tjlaret-poloiu'ed.eaoi- hltet-^SOotcb, Taftaos, Caroline and Grrca-ssian Elaids-rBombazetts and ]Boinl)azines^9-4 and ff4 Clapaicro and Valentia shawls-r%Also—80 , pieces iAmevican and British Calicoes of the: ' mCst approved .colours and nearest patterns, with , avarietp ofotlier^rticiesof 4 0 m t ^ m i M t ~ .d iS O —a largo supply of Domesticlc Goods, consistingota-4 and 4-4 Brown and Bleach’d •SbirVitigs: and -Sbeelmgs-,-^Waslnngton and ' BroV jdenco Tiota—Cotton Yard froni 'No, £ told,(ag!)odaTlrcle);--WichYarD and Cotlop Eatting, all of which are offered, to their fidends and oustmners genorally, at wholesale or retail, at F m t B E n U e m n PMIGS, to suit the ‘ times. ASAGEl, BABBEU & CO*. Will please caif and pax- v e r y cash o r a p p roved credit. 'B , B.' T l i o s e in d f e b t e d Sept AS .—£6 A h i t connection in husiness between the stih £ k . scriberind Thomas JWpigan, of Rochestor, iMtsceaied t and h e has no rigid to advertise aS- ' ,«thf my stamp. J haVetahen into the busines of . . i |f # « aa estenaite jwanttfactory of ApCES al ' Msodo(i« where tlie public cap be supplied. GILBERT is our Agent atlbBtjibis^. BUTE SIESBY.. , Ml«Piii«ni 29th A iif list, 1820, 55 at their,new~»iid. . -WHlBJrESY &B.ROWN. tfe ♦Q ch 17,1826.- X; • of Bash manufactured at theSo*ft.Fd(:tory of Messrs. FlAwnBr & So.vs, offers .every dcs- _cript)on of the arttcfein general use. a hy ^ and Bi by d» -4^ and 5 cents a light. On hand, a supply of the above.—Orders for the same promptly executed. Idocheoter, Ivlay 1 , 18^8. 37tf ; C a s t S t e e V i\ T t o s , B 4 3 r S 0 j & ^ 4 c A W O M S j I I j M FTi[ HE Dwelling,Store X House and Lot, liandsomely situated at the south cud ofOlintoa- sti-^et, opposite the Public square,, iPossessiou to be given on the 1st of MAY next. Nond need apply unless prepared to pay one half the purchase money. Ifndt sold before that time, 3 will rent it for three years, as T intend rolurn- Ing to Md.- JOHNI. WILLrAArs, N. B.—Yhc subscribers arc selling an exccl- Jent assortment of ' rtnusually low for Cash, at the above naiTied Storfc-hodsc. JOHH r. WILLIAIMS & SON*. E. Rochester, Sept, 5,1828. • 65 m V E R N ST^JYJJ E * G > a S A S r S . *1^ X ford?6 landing, on the ■ B pill GcnesCe River, three miles’be- j S M lo>Y Roche.ster, (where the ^SM^^W^^stenna-bOat stops) is offered for l5ale, together with sixty-otie aefes of LAND.— eald properly will be sold low. Rot Particulars enquire of D.dAYBXJUcFEf^lA’, xic6i Scat^ile, in Vyheatiand. Sept, 25lh, 1820. 69 3 £ O X r S . O B A ( 3 A P B M 7 . A T a meelh'g o f the stockholders of the Acade, J a j myi.held at the village of Henrietta oa (he 26th tdtirao, it was Scsoloedt That the LnncastSrian or monitorlul |yitem Of education sliall boadopted in this institu^ In pursuance of this resolution w’c take the liberty •to inform the citizclis ofAlooroe, and the pithlic generally, Ih.aE prepatalionsaro making toopeothe ACudCniy, about the first of January next, for the reception ofstudeftts inthe intvoducfo,)y, junior, and senior dcpartnieuts, comptisinga course o f in­ struction nearly similar fo tlmtwhich is now so suc­ cessfully pursued at the high school of New Ycih. The building fisr this purpose is spacious, being 60 by 60 feet and three stories high, pleasantly lo­ cated iu the retired nbd healthy village of Henriet­ ta, 7 miles south of Rochester, from wliicsh place there is a. mail ttage.daily. The terms of tuition, andalso of bonrd \vi|l be niade known hereafter,, audboth will be as low as at any other Academy in this part of the,^stntc. l*or the infohnatiou o f pa- :M ; ER£BAY» MayEMBEB^i 18204 An interesting presentmeht of ibe Grand \Jury of our cotipty, wUl:0e fouiid below. We are glad to see tbif subject broached^ and hope that « will .ensiire the erection of 4 prison better copilructed: mid .more,suitably located. ■ItWiiLbe seen that, there Ms been a dreadful, Ate At tftica. Are pur ftiends all insured T A ve-’ jy smttU SUP* win protect your property from the ravages of thlscomniori enemy, There is no ex­ cuse tor neglecting this sure pVecatrtion. ^ ICr Our Fire-WArdens, we presiune, nr# aWen- dipg to their duties. “ Another Kentnekp tragjrfy.—A Capt, Whitpey Wa* shot dead with a riffe on the pubbek, square at; Shelby-villej jCy, by a Major Scudder.cn the‘23rd. ultimo. Whitney went vvith a loaded rifle to kill SeqUder. We have not yet received the official slate Can­ vass. Me. Clinton’s majority is about 8000, ,aud Mr. Fitchcr's about 4000, B?e have elected two, and our opponents ,8 Benatow; .and tbeir majori-; ty ill the Assembly wiUhe about 15. Gen. Root isto be Fpe^er; and ullwillgo on“ swiramgtyA' There is « more r/t«A Pie«W ^ in the fol­ lowing piragraph from ttre-National Intelligencer. Nation at affairs begin to put on, an. interesting as­ pect The time has come for people to speak, am their views aHtLintentions: “ FronrNew-Yorkf weJiaarf very unexpectedly, that if Governor Clinton is re-elected-at aU,' it will be by over/ imall njaiovity over MH Rochester! It would take soraebody deeper in the mystery of New-Yoi'k politics than we arc, to, explain some tliingsabout the election, the result of Which, if we mistake net, will have a hearing wider than the limits ef the state of Now-York.'’. Jproip,. the Viica SentineL Eestruetive M r e ! f - ^ u r rilhge yros visited on Monday Morn ing Lst, by the; inostdestnic- tive ffre which it has ever experienced- The altirm tvas given about fl o’ciocis in the morning, and before tdany reached thb spot, the copper and tin ware^tore of Messrs, ’ O’Neil & Martin,” oh Gencssee-streef, where tlie fire origiaatedj was,w?appod ih flames, and the conflagration ai­ ded by a brisk wind^;was rapidly spreading in~ eveVy direction, 3 be fire companies and en- gitxcs, however, spph appeared,, andjines were faction, the feipatkintbechargefr^ fUat insleaifl. o f OII# bundled and sixty ■rthiBqel pvmishPhJeWitbdeadhi, aocordipg to tbe laws-nf oorapoeatorssopr laW»Aqknfnvdedgeoliiy tbt«^, pud-now they askj shali thojo not be a ootepifti., ponding change in the arrangenjopitof our pris- ons'.i’’ . They also notice from; the Bench remark IBst ' our governmetst is an; exherimenf.* EflOouragefl by thOr^ojlCctjop of4iiis fewt,\ they would embark «p- .OU thisflowing tide of eXRerimei)t, and say tMf this Qoiijity gUol 13^ lil.ttrJp to the purpose of promoting the publiek good, »nd to suggest that every cnmmal prisoner ought to be ao shut otit ‘ from every other as m precliifle the possibility of a corrupting intercourse. These are d^e of experiment, when ne aystein IS pronounced good, merely heeause it has been l!-*)? Fstablisked. * jBut the lipnaan minfl, r|sipg With tbe increasihg developeincnls of fenowkdgej asserts its own judgment, and aSts updn the pnnciple%itdgdu(?ef. , .. • In many prisons a mm) nbandoanaent of thV^ and vranf of discipliiie JJreV'ailed among the citi zenSj as is iisiially the case in such extremities. The flames had eonsulned the wooden Suild- ipgs ocenmed By Messrs, O’Neil 4r Martinj- I, & 3, TJiurber, attd.iMessrs. JamoeJDana & Co. before tUeyRegait (p be subdued; an4 fhoy were pot entirely con^upred till Bi.o neigiiW- mg' hricit siorea occupied By Messrs.' Thomas & Clarke, E. Wells, a.fid Messrs, Parker & liUslingU were, destroyed, together’with sever­ al wooden buildings: in the\ ream, |f was vrilB mnoli- aiflicnity that the stores of Messrs. John YYillimnjs & Go, w’orcfiniflly saved,, though c6n- siderahly damaged. , - The jmercliandiza contained in the several stores was mostly saved^' though much injury By removal; ibolossrfifpropcrty crf'fltiskindpnuci? pajlyfell upon tho wooden stores, w;liifch wete consuttifid with Iwtpieatpidity as topmvOnt a com-' plete reniflval of thugoeds. Itjis impossible to mpkeafty estimate of the loss sustained; it is, 1\) the'Editors ofikepclegraph, . As much difference o f opinion has appeared re- specting the nature of Saltpetre, and its ,efficacy in '* ipreserving flesh from putrefaction, a subscribor, and one interested in the use thereof, lequests throiigh the columns of your valuable paper the opinion of some scientifle pprion thereon. - A CITIZEN. Every imn his own Jdason. eral insurance companies. rents unacquainted witBithisXystem ofeduCatioii we ________ ___ __ _ ____ ^ _ ____ _________ would further s^te, tliptilie celebrity of the High peison-s to occupy six ceils, which is all But five •t7i4 Grand Jury Jor the Coutdy trf Jffortfoe, Respectfully Eresent, That in their opinjon,the Gael of this conUty, while it serves to anwer.thc purpose of tempb- rary confirtement fer tile more vicious part pf cotntruidly, is still a BUBLICK NUISAN'GE. Tlicy consider ita scBooJ of vice and npt^erT of Crime. The effect o f confinement here is to make the bad worse, and the oldestand inost har­ dened in crime, still more desperate and aban­ doned.' The Grand Jury arA aware they have how said vv,hat may surprise their fellow-citfeens, and beg the indulgence o f tlie Court while they detail the facts which have led them to the above con­ clusion, and which justify their declaration; hot that our Gaol is toorse than many others,but that it is absolutely bad, without any reference to othi ers, and that .there onght to b,e animmcdiate and ihorougir reform. in. the first place it js, situated in a low part of the village, which location was the result of ii kind of compromise between conflictirig inte­ rests, and eannot he ahcallhy one for such an es* tahlishment. But the uloral health o f its imnates most ur­ gently demands attention-—and its internal ar­ rangements arasuch as to precludethehope that it will ever be made i suitable building for a Pinson, The length of the Prison within the walls is 37 feet, tlie width 24 feet, vvluoh space is divided’ , info ten rooms. or cells, with a hall 6 1-2, fee’ vviJe rnrtning thr...urr'-itho centre. The doors of all tlie c<:l!>i open into tl'is hall, and thus every person witlnij the tvalh. cm '-.te and converse with evbry other,' if muiaaily 'lisposed. In one small cell are fonn.-l six prisoners, frorti 20, to 49yoars of age, coUv icted and uneon vict- cdj sufl’ering the sentence of the law or awaiting many tediou-s months, a trial, The next is called the “ jDehtors JlooUi,”With 9'innlates, 3 of whoitn_are Bona-fida debtors, and 6 are ebnfined for military fines. The furnflurp, in tide room consists of 2 bedsteads, 8 blankets and some straw. Gel) No. 3, contains the sapie variety as the firBt--thc old andyoung, copvicted and untried; and-lest ten cells Ahonjd’ be too many forjwo and thuty px^isoiicrSjOcll JNfo* 4 is ni3.d6 aHjiDiG-hotisG* laN o , 5, upon a nest o f straw, ivrapt in one biahket, lies a poor female lunatick. In Nip. 6, a negro debtor. In No. 7, a young female, waiting her call to teMify in court. In No. 8, 3 prisoners, with a pallet o f straw, and each a blanket. In No.^,f,aro two unfortunate idiot hoys, the subjects of vulgar ami prpflme mirth for all the other prisoners. And last o f all, an old offender, frequently ConBtied, Wjtli two lads loss, than 15 years o f ago. as his associates and pupils. By examining llus ststement it will ho seen that three Cells are occupied by one person each, OTIC is used as a Iiinp-house, and thus leaving 23 teiiroj 4ite«t oni Wehneidiijf night , . by tlic- ctirioai^ of indiviffuaiTs^’kJtdejnilff km copttafttfy irritated, and eflusips him to Spying itgflinst the iron of his <cag#. By i,!-this mefln? fits mGuUi The Blind Jpiy have npticea kSth^: d»W!44ik to' cfeAte fniftanifltioh which *> - Mi jis4NiMlhi^ twn of thWBiNBSettt ahoriff; hM th# nuibBer h « » .*8 14, .. ' . A commsttfie frOin’^ e . Glsw^ Jnry i|ent last IR knots, ah4 evincing convtilsiGnsm^eve- a^^^ tnarocco skms dtewflff aiiihn- ;^oosstb|efQfinrflha to fldminisrer Med;; aUy! :Tfie goo^s.sold at ^Ihany nmvnh :iicnle tti, hifl Snakesfiip wfts not oonsiiJered at fiyfe iMlBotis-^of ddllari^i now indulged, .that this epuvity, strong in Tnoral.sMifl pbysfoffi xesourvea, will n'nt, dqay heweltthe beji^'; fit*, of Snell itnprovpments, pos withBipld the mflaa\' ence of her goodpxaniple.' - ' ' ' ‘i in adverting again to thp pffrticurar arrange-: ment ofthis county Gaqhvthe'Grand Jary do-jioti charge upon the Sheriff or keepers, any rniwakn* agernont'or neglect, Tlio svijs affvprted to, arise fmm a radical defect in thnepnstruntipn of thehnilding, wliich utterly preclndcs the possi- hiljiy of such a disposition ,6Fthe prisoners as their good and the publie safety requires. S. Mclptictou Smith, Caleb Herrington, Ebenezer Feetj Hetiiy Feilows, Edwin Stdiiley, Levi Talipage, Pomeroy Stone, M. H, Smith, E. S. Beaeb, David Smith, John jBingham> LfviLncy*, JJaniel-Tipker, T, CUyler, ’\Harry Porter, Eberieiter Gooding, David Batigs, Ephraim Strong, Si G. Andrews, J. AlaVsli, W. Whitney, Jo^iah Bissell.jr, - __ _ Mr- Morgan’s book li.as at length Beep safely, brought ,.td light, and appears to us after all; to be huta very harm- less little matter. Ww are surprised that the Maspniefratermty should havaheienf alanped at' thepublioafion of tlas book) And still moFfl »» that they should have Beengufftyof such umvnr- rantable-and savage outrages ifl •attempGng to he witko M rise in [the valtte o f Innds And lots; on thei wbor- ders--^Rt Albany, T r o y , •BochestcFj Udicuy 'Btiftaln^ utidnii hujulrdd low a u d tliiiftj’ villages wiUcli have started int» existence as; if treated by inagic-^lhe new efnploy- mentof tens o f thousands o f persons—the new eoinmedtties tvaftsporidd to market, many o f which o f great Valuej were liitlier- 1 q as quiescent or useless, becaiise o f the want nf such market, With tfte»ca? pro­ ducts o f teeming, busy, bhstling and hap^ py population-—make up aggregate off bo-r iieiita that the mind cannot grasp with any de.gfee of confidence in itsClfy hiifl to all these should he added the wealth and power caused by the increased 4nhaMt«nts of the state or account of these things, perhaps directly, and already Yo tlie mm- her o f three or four Itundred thOttsaedl-— Such are the general effects ofea«ais,t(>atls‘ land bridges. And besides, the iev.«nue ■arising ffom firpm. tolls will aatonty pay the interest on tlie tnoijey expended, but. speedily extinguish the debt, and then supply the chief part-fff all tlid funds re- cpver; but, WCTe Wepci^mftted td indulge ill *flr- raises, wealiould half,suspect the to be concern^,,bynliK own consBntjift these Black t^nsaetjop^ for the raere purpose of giving <swf ...t ! .Tfl^ bookjam-w- Bs, is scliitig at the Mod- , and we tim k ourifaVt- 1 .. j j . i t.\ ■ fi®*dhfetheren have great reason tOcoinpMn of 'aohool of New York;, is such that it now contains between 700 and SCO pupils. The genfleauan en- gageffas princiiinl for the Mourbe AcadoaiV iS liow teaclimg in that high school, and .will CoUie Inraisb «d with a (iiplotna or certifleato of his qualifications and cnphbility fr onnhat just iiution. ^ <1AOOB: . GOULD, i.EVT W a r d , .ir. GILES B o ulto n . . , , EL1.TAH l i t t l e , . ' JPSF.FH BROWN, BIGH a RD DANNA1.S, ABIJAH GOULD, ' ■ Excculiee Coiiimlltee. Novcmlbcr 10,lS2ff 5 laWflw to each Cell. iVho can contemplate such a community and . not foresee that all will soon become one rhass of moral pdtrefaction! TrYliaererhas observed the truth o f a wise say­ ing, *’ eyil communications corrupt good man- nors,” can ever expect hone&ty or decency from one .who has been ‘ iraintd' in the school qf the Monroq County Gaol ? If it should Be said that 32 j s a larger number than arc usually eonfincd’iu this Gaol, tim answer is, that for several wceltspast it has averaged as high as 30, and that but,two day? since the cicc- Lypm ^dvertUer, Eke following pfsamble and resolutions were passed by EfdtneypUleEodgeJyo. 201, on the m ofJ\rop.lBti6,vix: Whereas the public mind is much agitated concerning ft® disposition made of one Wm Morgan, late of JBatavia, said to be a Free Ma­ son, and who it is said has pflt Into circttfation a: pamphlet purporting to aontain the secrets of Ma­ sonry—and whereas the porsous implicated in the affair o f the said Morgan, are also said to be Alasons, and the charge seems to be against Masonry, in general— Therefore Resolved, Thatwo do wholly con­ demn all such improper conduct of the Arsons guilty of the transaction towards the said Mor- .gan, as Well as every thing of ahature incompat­ ible with the peace and good order o f society and the laws of our country, which we feel a partic­ ular duty to suport and cheerfully suBmit to 5 aUd wefurUierhDpe that no Lodge or individual IVIa- sons will countenance any such disturbers o f (he peace ofsociety, or the violators of the laws of our country. Which we hold most dear. By ofdgf o ftheW . M. W M rOWLERj Sec’ry. O ’Priaters are requestedto give, the abovean insertion. u s e e b IT r e g I p e s . To prevent Corusfrom gtxnolngon the feet. Easy shoes; frequently Bathing the feet in lake warm water, witli a little salt of pot-ashes dissol­ ved m it. Thecorn itself will he completely destroyed By rubbing it daily with a little catfstio ofpolasb, till a .'oft and flexible skin is forniedt. * Cure for TFarts,~Tbe milky juice of the stalks of spurge, or of the Comtiion fig leaf, by persevering application, will, to acert!unty,soon: remove them. Certain Cure for the Cnmp.~r-An effectual pieventiveforthecrarap in the calves of the legs, Which is a.most grievous pain , Is to atretek out the heel of tne leg as far as possible, at the same time drawing up the foes towards the feet. This will frequenGy stop litof the crampwhen ithas commencedand.aperson will,aftdra few tirnes, Be .able in general, to prevent the fitcomiug on, though its approach he bOtvvOen sleeping\ and waking, Person?; subject to this should have a beard fixed at the bottom o f the bed, against which tbafgotsliould -be pressed when the pain commences, Indian Speech .—‘W e copy the following from: tlie Alabama Journal of the 6th insl. Speech of an Indian Ghiffttiho assisted in, kil­ ling oMc Intosli d celebrated Indian Chief Brothers! Me Intosh is dead. H e Broke the law of the naition. His iaco was turned to the white men who wislrto take oui* land fronj u s., His back yvas tohis own people, Ilis ears Were shut to the erics of our wonicri atd childven,. His heart was estranged from us. The wbrds of his talk-were decciffUL They catne to us like the sickly _ breexe that flies oyer the marsh of the great river. Brothers ! Al’Intosh ttas brave, The deeds ofliisyoutli WercvJiant. Bill his heart beefttpe . changed, he spoke the words ofclecellfalht'ss, he walkod in the crooked paths, ^1)1011 his Brethren knewnot—paths wliieh led him down to tjeath. He deceived u.?, and wc slew iiirn. The lanffis red with' Iris blood, and with the blood of hiS friends. Our vengeance is satisfied. \Vehury the hatchet of revenge.* Lotus obey the Great Spirit, that he may lead his children in the path of their wanderiogt The Aconda .— W e re^tet to stale that this interesting, nay, though a serpent, we will add heautiftti, addition to Feale's Jlu |)Fpdaeedidk IeatlL Mh pjoate netls us that he ttifld'iRtfie glteatest. posSi^ .Dy-r-WfithiMg txhd ’twisting, lilnrt- self i)J)d|t ;fiis bftek, tyibgliiinself asit were e des,iirable undertakhig,altlrOugfi,a*erTefl< One o f tlte j EjcuIaplap em bletns. * , \ EixiniJSiW^W^M^W^bgister. pE S U L T Q I tY JRBM4RBS 4' SCIU P S , t^uHrdti1^e o f tips progress andpreseiil condition • (fMdpufmtnresinike t^nUedSMd:,mdion^ ceratdAMtehaidMprovejifmfs^ eSding and a> fl€^ a t f i y e iMltion>>of ddllar%^y^^^ TFpy flEospers like Alffanyy and fees very flxteasive inaftnfacturel— pRe GffwSF _ .was efflctiog’fftat would have dC t1i a ipiUloR offfolim s- ^ U T ieloipoits at T p y - 1s T h e \ojP the New~Yerk canals o f thiAnoble riveGfthe lin e o f t h e tskneis, the Bordets o f other w atflr <5tiursfl$ and the lakes, aud o f flil the great roads, dbpond ;ai?d labourers m ay have, carried owt o f tM state- .Chi the contrary they halve a lar^e ;.^d^ WhOlesdnie cfreulation t o mpDey, and, dftriciied; many..individualsy and the in- dfeAsed. value Of propeHy and o f profit re- ddltingrirooi thenij: iijitst‘he supposed liy jfiilly and liavjng miiflh. tohpare. A!, p^r* son.who has travelled ,iti M |rylahd,. oiriyj i}f i» (in o n e or two eouftties-excepted) wfeed lie «**f first finds liiinself a little heyoGd Lhe Sns- I J quehahna, seems as iflfe had gotten into^a; fiewNvorld'. ' I, - ^ There .are ahou't one fiOndjed u| qoasters'br4 the Am.ericaji side of Ifike E* rip— 5 0 0 w ill be repqired after the Pldo cacflal is}finished |ittd fairly ;in use, Buffa­ lo, a j h e t e ‘vdlla'gehefote the war, has 5,- ooo inhabitant's, and the nufiiber i? daily ^ _ , „ ........ Increasing. H u e steam boat'oiii. -the lake suepipf prodapts ' Imd not sufficient business tw o y e a r ssioee^.......................- • - ■ — six fire now' Well 'em^Ipyel!> W e sliaU: soon have |ierts.oil Huron ' ahff hficliigati, Green Bay vrij! be anim pottantpairtt, and\ Miohiliiinaekinat^Lhe centre o f a very.ex* canals, and rivet navigation, every foot o f tlie way ! A^thoulaiUl miles o f space .fias beeh reduced Us ifto , Iw ty., distance is subdufld by .sejettc'e,-suppoited by publiu spirit.^ - ' T ■' '.f.' -r '- . By means of the canals made, dr ma­ king, tim cooftFade will be a mighty bnsi- miyjtnc pusiiieiis ui.iuc caii*M»- u u i ;puj,on, and increase every year Toe yearu f(>''come, until the ntpiost. shore o f lake Siiperior teetns with civilized crien, and ci­ ties are located where the whlf has liis home and the bear takes up liis win ter quarter4 . ITp to the 18th August (ast, and fbi. the ptosent season, about 9,000 tons of co&l, 4,000 tqnsofwheat, 2,000 tons ofiron ore,, ' 1,500 tons of flour, and 4 jOGO tops of oth­ er articles, .arrived at Philadelphia hy the improved navigation ef the Schuylkill— one hundred vessels laden witli Schuylkill eoal will have arrived atMew-York froni Philadelphia, during the present season. Wfiat is the neio profit or valneof the pro- du«s or employments paused by this com paratively small work, y e t in the very in lancy of its usefulness ? What tlie a- moiint of new capital put Into useful ope ration! Let it be calculated J Some particulars might be given afaBut other canals j but these'two Cases have been referred to only to show general re­ sults, and they speak a jangutige, which eflnnot be mistaken—-to the glory o f those who have supported Internul Improve­ ments^ to the Shame of those who have op­ posed them, and the (what shall I say'?) the sdmetliing of others who were so inucli interested in arguing while others were employed in digging I - But such will al­ ways be the difference between talking and doing—the talkers will beebme poorer and poorer, the doers richer and ricther.— One spaid full, o f earth removed in New- l^ork or Fennsyivania, has^ rentlerctl inoi'e service, in either state, than a fen cofrmn essay in the Richmond Enquirer” has benefitted Virginia. The policy of the jlirsc is to make even a small state a great one—r-of the other, torddiiee a great state, into a small one. Witness Vermont and New-Tork, and Maryland and 'Virginia.^—. Popitlaiioft aRd power and wealth will cea- tre whore labour is honoured and bnsiiless' abounds. . .The little rough and rugged state o f Vermont lias had as .great an ac­ cession o f citizens since 1790, a® the inigh- ty state o f Virginia—tliougb th.e capital Albaftir k w |4 d e d w d third to bifet dip* I'M ital ip ffviB y e fir4 and Wfimh, |o w i s 4 4 w G ' A lsfin e Muroberirffimt*^ liRve been bftilt audiMis.buildit^^ have «dVnnb«d. ftfty, p erbehb simseii^Sffi It is siippused thaf (trav­ ellers,)iiirive a t and dbP*<Efm*dlhi* ciW in a year. .?,SB6 cabal bnait artfiV^^bm # 6 dpemng o f tlie jiavt|»ti6n to b a i t Nf of August, Among the »hanu Getuf e? of ' 4^^®hy, are 5O,GO0. fiaf rels u fh e e r way, 'he‘im>kp! 'dotl&rayand theire tfibiisbiwetiG jfl o th e i(p9iti'or 'hTo,-'give-'aft, i d d t - o f the .'in’ ::iom0 0 f lhjeSe #tablisV ieflta,; , _ _ seryw; ib a t f v e |^«ntdnili|J ialrendy h(^.,.-are<ited:' i t Merimack^l three . b I* wJbfcii wte y ei.iti'& d l opejiidt Imt feacEbf w a k e 2,50G y a f d* tsf e d.a% 4 ih:a>«e.-dmcl«fte-mak1n*iac^^^^ ; . o w © ^ ^ d , : ; ’,fac«brms,;i^ Tctjr,, .f ’lil inwhufaetot o f ^ i i o d t ................ .... ^ are about tiGicty cotton rdlWS, tflwl; »ewf ones ‘.are; bnUding.,.; •. W e , vett|o<^^G that the «urpl«S product k f t h e ptm|de dl! ffhode Islnutt, aided as iihfl|r an* b f s«df£'* ;.|,iffu-.p:owedSs o t .greater-.'yidue;^ab tn«i;' Ucpluy prtafacta olTlm Masfliauf V li^ :iumr«iu.i«h.ich‘-- 'pow e a k not ty ‘‘ surplus,” i mem< a vwlue beyem i what iatequired for thd labsktm icf o f thse peoide-' O n e persori^ a k isw d by n i ^ i a e ^ ry,ds erjiial tolrom 100 to 3G(y;wlttR>^|lf. One hundjced and M y pci^M tm' jsni* pleyed jn feakkff k c e at We'fpor^ I. It is made at several other pladesp didi ,and»s,g 0 od,im(l'att a li»»price4BM» the imported-providence ii, perk»]p%di« richest tewn o f itsaizekt-Hi'e .St-gfld.f fllMi' ikp®pnktkivrApidlyidcf®a'«^^^ • ' Tim. whole nmunfaetnring eatiiWbfc* ments laPfOVidence and i k fieighbourboodi ness> and the price o f f u e l be mtic1i.4:edu* (including a small dist,- in JM»s«iiolie»ett*) ced in thosB purls whom yrdodris beedining are onelmttdred m d ^ g ^ t i f r a i r e t i ffiad scarce, it abounds. 1h> tile Immediate ' neighbourliopd o f Fltiitburgh,'and in i$ 2 2 , •ft. million o f UuslieJs .were used:by L0,QOO inhabitants, Including them a n iifaftories j 1,500^000 bushels w ill probably'Im Used ’ in that (fity durhig i h e preseui year, -be­ cause o f tlie increased population o f and busmess. W h a t then willTIic great c iiiei require ? ' --^aft may ho made ip New-York,. reiin bOQ dollars,; but the actual debt 4 r m 0 - The pride at the work is.abuut 20 Cents pep bushel. By the canals salt will.be fur­ bished o n the sea-board and sold so low tliata'small duty upon the impufted artj cle will amount to a prohibi tion. Its man­ ufacture will convert otltevwjse useless wa­ ter and useless cOal into value, employ some tens of thousands of persons, and country. It is probable that the domestic con sumption of cotton in the present \*ear, pn 1816,,9O,OO0 bales] Will amount to a- bout oj* more than pne hundred and fifty thousand b'ateg—-possibly, to 1-T5,000.‘ Next year, ifuless because o f some unlook- ed for events, to .200,000 ! Suppose tliis were thrown into European ranrket! The price of cotten, paid to Cur planters, by our' own manufacturers- has been grea­ ter, the average, tlian they have received of the British purchasers o f their staple.' About 00,ODD bales annually a,rive fit Fr-o- vidence, R. I. for the mills inthe neigh­ bourhood. Many single establisliments at other places use 1,000—some 1,500, some 2,000 ! The cohsUmptioii at Balti­ more is 4,000. We have applied cotton to the manu­ facture of several iieW articles o f great im portance to file American growers of the article. Among them are canvass, for the sails of ships, and raahy sorts o f rope. It aftsweUs excellently well. The average export o f our cotton fer seven years, has been equal to about 380,- 000' bales—so that the present home con­ sumption may nearly amount to one ihird of the whole quantity raised & I. think tliat it does. A t Saco, in Maine, a com p any with a capital o f ^T5Q,0C0, are at work building houses and making machinery as fast as they can. There are several Valu­ able estabUShiueUts in this State. There are between 50 and 00 cOttdn woolen factories in NeW-Hampshire, it Is supposed they make 33,000 yards o f cloth per annum. In 1810 the quantity made was only 4,2Y4 j 184 yards. A t Doyer,21,- for inGreasefn the latter Was live tiiue? GOO spindles and 750 power looms were greater than the former had in .tbe year just slated; and as to Maryland, Vermont noid COntaibs more o f the people than She does, though the first numbered 208,000 and the last contained only 85,000 in .1790! These things speak in most Intel- ligiblo language. Maryland has done no- fiiing, (though we have talked nUfdi,) in ihvour o f internal improveraepts. Or to en­ courage domestic industiy, excepit through the public spirit o f so'mc ptivate iudlvidn- als located ih Balfimore or Frederick—‘and by a strange waywardncs.s of ''policy, our representatives and delegates have genev- aily, in fact, disCoilraged these wlio would have effected them, to increase the popu­ lation and Wealth o f the state. • iA great field is open for imprevemeiitiii Maryland -—the Susquehanna and the Fotoniac, and the abundance o f water power adjacent to Bahlmore wlth oUr mines and minerals, invite capital and enterprise—and they must he promptly exerted, or the state wifi retrograde yet further and further. lately at work, or preparing. At Salmon Fallsj a village witliT,600 inhabitants has futnpednp. Mafty mills arehitilding with briek-^one finished is 300 by 49, another 220 by 4*9, and six stories high f A t New- Market there is also another ne\v ViHagt with one thousand inhabitant?—-the capi'' tal o f this last company is |200,pboi‘—- T h is establishinmit now makes or speedily will make, 3,600 yards o f cloth daily— though it has only just started, as it Were. \VVlieu the works are completed a million and a half o f yards o f cloth will be made ili a year at New-Market. T h e capital vested in manufactures ill Massachusetts, including tlie new works, n ia y h e estimated at between twenty-five and thirty millions o f dollars—th e facto­ ries in 1824, were 101. A t Lowell, $1,- 700,000 have been recently em p lby^,-— At, Waltham> about the same su m ; its stock has been sofil at 40 per cent, above par. A t M an imack, 1,200,000, all paid in ; the ttam ilton Oempany has 600,000. \V\' m M . k l f i n t fitllkfi ikflts-V i fnetorieii., - toem » o G ,»pekbviif.tp^i n - A' '.Mw..;, ''-rr while siijce^cwifidH 7^Q00,1hi. the*persons ennployed.iti thsennicc betWreeit 25 afid aOAHlG! r - A taifid about to )W made into, the ioterieriof kfaitatiwiitta^ will gready odd 1« iKe bflaiiioii o f Plnari* dence. On tbp iZth Septemhef lost Hires f h m rides ;-4350 pieces 6 i sflpsrfitte broadcloth, o f various cbl(>er»}i ^ etts raid Oxford mixt; i?! packages ®f flanneitqi 118 pieces of jeerswyes; 4S!J packages of cottdn ; 4^4 do. prints apfl fancies, (.many of these were of fiflis col­ ours ani beaurifut figures j 123 p a ^ ig e i and lOrcas^ssheetings'; BS p a c k a g e ind 96 bales slririmgs; 104 checks and stripes; 454 do. ticking; SG do, gmghams; 18^ dp. blue ijankiuSj i l do. annually save millions of nioney to our Jiarresback ? 2 do. swabkins ; ^ cases plaids ; fffido. hats^ 10 do lead pencila; 254 silk unihrellaSA 20 gross boot Web- birtg; 2-hbis, refined saltpetre 2 bhls. al'-' lum ; I dp. red lead 5 4 lie, camphpr;. l dp., borax. Affet these remained for safe the hCT? succeediwg days, cases containing 57,856- pair o f boots, and men’s »iid ladies’ shoes j 1,808. leatbOr nnff morocco sXins j 13* groce boot webbing; 2 bales and 4 tasos • shoe-thread, and 96 tnmks—niaiiy thou­ sand pounds o f wool, 1.52 casks o f Aniei'i- , ,can olive oil, sfec-dJc. Besides the above, a great variety t € nialiogany and Other furniture > gloss a n d , other wares; looking glasses, lim e pieces, &c. Were exlnbited. ' . ■ ' At Fr;ovidence, on the U th Sept, two hundred packages o f donacstie ticks, shirt­ ings, ffannejs, plaids, sheetings, satinetts, were sold at Suction. , At New-York, one thousand pachage^ of dotnestic goods were sold at auction,* on the lOtli'Oct. inst. ^ Mr- Webster at a fate puhfie dinner, gave tlie fofiowing appropriate and Verlt- • able sentiment: ‘ The inechanics and mnnufactilrei’s of New Euglaiid—men who teach how a/iitlc country is to be made ft', great one.’ T lie fem ales em p loyed in the factories ' are remarkable for the propriety o f their cdnduct-~to besuspectei oCbftd behayionr is to be distiiissed. The cotton and woolen eldllis ftiafe iii ' New.’Y'orlv, are valued ptfrornlS to l 8,- 000,000 dollars per aijnt|rn> There arh large manufactories of iron, vVool, cotton. Leather, glass, paper, &c-fee. One brew­ ery at Newburgh covers .7,500 square fect^ of ground. Hudson teems with manufao-' turing esiab|isliinents,mnd the splendid cotton and’’ •woolqfl works nt MatteaWan are ramoiis—they support a Large' population. DutchCsss Oneida, and many otlterS cPuilr lies, aic jilled with faetorics- At Jersey city, opposite ifeW-YorIc*tl^ere^ are sevtral great factories—‘among them one o f glass employs l OO person s, and ft capital o f ,^200,000—one ot heaut fuippr- celahi, about the same tinraber; otie of\' wool wliich has a capital o f ^400,000), and turns out 2,500 yards ofcafpetihgweckfyl ■['Fhese are New-York Establishments.] MOBlLilTGct 17,—Ail the public officers hare Bean removed into toWa except the Cubtoia House, wliich will return this inorninir. Thd City has enjoyed an Blniost uninteritipted state of h'esJlB for some weeks past) and tBe present a i- pearaace ofthe Weather encourages the Belief, that it wlU continne. Many\_ families have re- lorned ftonj their sumnicr residences, awcl others are daily nioving into the Cifv.—It is sUoh a 'edgtli of time since a case of yellow ftvei'has accurred, that there seems (o exist little or no iipprebeneions among our citisccs Of its recur­ rence thiis seaien, j C - PROPERTY OF UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER ORIGINAL STAINED MMB«mM5xgsMa»B8Mtggfteg!;aa«!sa^^

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