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Rochester telegraph. (Rochester) 1818-1830, August 22, 1826, Image 4

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■ / 1 < r r Y . ' ) m 0 0 _ tliep J | tfe C , , , ...... . ..... ' ■ \'•-‘ ■;ME£iqH'«{.5:tfAyEft. 31-tf ;r ■ ill% r^JLK/JU j0 ' J ^ O T I C B . ;:»!t Jimerat^'teTjflSr^S^ 15 wH^'- #P^t^tef,r!ti|H!ni;thie;;Gi»ny^^ i'h e - situp?iii c^unt3ryitis^!ie|s., r-«. <ET, A will Will . ..................... .... ........ . .V »,v„en ..„u « ^ ^ ; 5 0 cts. per (ju^vtsa^ ptUer ai^ti. <U'/' ■' K i ^ G t - ^Bjl^t(j«, M ^ .3^^ - ■• 4o'tf* , 3 lO T lISW i® .. (m » M c f r t m Q g f k n i < n p l M On^^n'CS % N ^ ^ i t € q m p a a y baivej J l , . }y iii»pM#«nd4tjtertpp ihfeif B^ts;in su- W kw PASSEiy t lAdABjey aiW Aowpaiuii^ <yegularjy Jfisigtoa ^ 4 Og. taiy»-yibltnie|r*i‘fi^f ft& L a fo El'Je sfear boabt »(tigei^tvreep®uffalo andLewisr stag© attistqam-boats jbeWeln Prfis- cott _^,4jfqatreai3, altep latefsecting' flie stages Itttvmia SafcV©t%lIittbo)if a^dUtifca, and stages indjpiwkefbqa'ts betarecp 'Oswego, Syracuse aH(i ©dca,'i4b«^ng; ,paS5epgeys ap opportunity da bet' irrira l fo proceed in either, direction witlpwtdelays' pG E E A r, be- ^rapLO^apib 0)DL f e y £epj€#X«w4rfon|dWd^ ar*di A«ig. 3d, Htli,2(9th lt4S‘ £«n»«i GfCTM*cd#ti«t^ Q,t doAfecfeA-M.' d i u i e : ^ . . ' July JW,'10ttitl«t|r&2a. Aug. 4»h^i2tli,aiit&a9. XMUoei GtwegO! at 8 d’- c/ppfcAi M> ' ‘ ' S S , ^ u t h , I9tii&2y. Ang,5tbil8tli,32d&30. SBp(,iUvl6tb,anda4tb. apt, 3<r,jjtb, 19th &. sat. Sc^kePsHarioi;^. of 6 oWocbi*. M. ^ Jua'cSdth. * \t- iifly t2d, Ifth, 19<h & sr. Aug. 6th, 13th,22cl&30. M t m . fiyH JB Sl6am^a,vig(ttm ■.t Copipfl/f^baye estab- disbed d Jijie of Steam Tow Boats, d r Freight Barges, J ot wie.transpqrlation: of property oti the Hudson river, and jvill conomence business on the openr ing'of the.Davigation., , „ . . ; Boats o f the first order will at all times after the first d f April, be in readiness to re’qeivp proper­ ty, near tlie&otof State kreet, in Albany, and at or neap thp^ Coenties slip, in iNTew-York. Meidhahdise, Produce, Horses, CattleVCarria- geS, and almost eveiy description of Hive Stock will be fdnvarded witli safety and expedition. The advantages of tins tpode of transportation andthe arrangements of tbecompany,;itfe siicli,, it is believed, as will secare a liberal share o, patronage. , Insurance will be effected on property sent by tWso'ompany,and arrangements aj-e made with lines on tho canal to forward property immediate*, ly on its arrival kbm Albany. Property wiU bo received, andcontractsmade, by ; RlCilA KD M’jMlCllIAEL, on the Pier in front of Stale-st. Albany, and. bv ■ _ A. VAIY SAlSPYOOIlD, ' No. 17 Coenties slip, corner of Proirt.st. Now* JTorki . ,3„r,3i Oct. 6tli, I’4tb,22d &31. Lwves G^ese? Hver at 4 o’cftcb ri M. June*.28tb. July 7th, l5th and 23. I Aug, lst,9fb, 17th &. 25. $ppt. 3d, 12th, 20th &28. |Ocf.7th, 15tband23d. a s s a ^ e Xenwt OjpteMibidgA <2 Leaves Oswego al 4 o’. .OVrfiafcT. #4. • ; clpci' i’.W. ‘ JunfSS^. duneSTlb. LtsmSmtfiees Heirbotat 6 o’ttoeb i>; m . jfuQeSfitbr Julyilitli. ]3tb,21st&30; ,A«g; 7&, l5tii;« n d 2 ^ . Sept. liMptb, 18th &26. 0ct.6th,;]^th,21ii &30. l ^ w t f j s 4 » S V t ( ( , . J A C O itE » '£ s r j S , Master,, will rtia.d daily line betweoh tho ports of Youngs­ town, Niagara and York, (U. Canada,) going fpora p tU o . poid add returning the.aame d a y .-- . W ill leave as follows': ' From, tho 1st to the fOth July will leave York at fi oklock Ai S«4 ahd Niagara at 2 o’clock p . m . Fifljn file 18th to the 20tb July, will leave Nia g a f ia t 6 A. U4, and YorkatS r. m . Fxom the 20th, to &e Blst duly, York at 6 A. apdNiaga- raat2p. M; From the 1st tP the ,lOth August, leaves tfiagpra at.6 A. Mi and York at 2v. m * Frtm thie I6tb tothe20th August leaves York ate. A. M. and Niagara a t2 p. m . Prom the 20th to the 31st August leaves Niagara at 6, a . wr. andYptkat2 p^ m . FronaOielEtto the lOtb September leaves York at ^6 A. m . and Niaga­ ra at 2- u - k . prom the loth to the 20th Sept, leaves NiagaVa at 6 A. m and York at 2 p. m . Protnthe20lh totke SOth Sept. leayCs York at 6 A.,. N., and Niagara at 2 p .>t. O p the 1st of Oct. She will commence run­ ning kemiLeWiston to York, leaving each port everyQlhcljdayatlOoklock, A, M. Si.OENiSONj,, Managing Owner. Jftinc20,1826. . , , ' ; ' jf, B. MERCHANDIZE and other property can bp forwarded by these boats,lo anyport on tbeXiakei' (oa the American side) and to York in tipper Canada. ^ H O D s ON RIVER. CONSTITOTION,. CagL miliam L mswdll. CONSXfitEAtlpN, CapUll. G, muenden. i^JLiXslEm: rilH E S E n e w a n a s p len . A did boats will be des- lipatched daily, from New . . ............... . . lYork and Albany during the eiimptoV*a'rt>ths,comtoebcingiheit regular tripe tfrider this arrangement, o» Monday, 5th O i l » ) | | P :r« H 4 s l 6 c r » b ” vto7 si A . m e t 'Car,dc»^ (eitnated i k Cawoll str , th,ree #or»-helovf. M ri ChiistppBer’s: Mansion HoJlse,)' infCOTSlhe Gjtmensof itociestCE, gnd the, besf sjylie every pvbning, wlien the weatbbr is-fair, yvijh frequently a-babd ofn 3 «sic, * Noi pains or expenseiiaving -boen spared to render this Carden an-olegant and pleasaat|*e- treat, (probably equal .to a p y o jija size .in New .Carden^ tO'.olkain toe ;sfipport And patronage of a ' generous, public. . Ysila-nts can a t all furnished with Fruits'and delicacies ofa.varibiy of irinds, suck as-tlie feltowibg / ' V : ■ Oranges, Aemoiis, Figs, Baisins, . . •(Atlmpncls au<l INuls, „ , ' , uiodrcTHnn w it J i , , . . ' Toe Creamy tiemomde,' Fimchy and Wines, Cakes, and Pies, Allso, an-extensivp assorltoent of- ,:iC 23 .C E i ! A ! l ^ '- ■ will befurnish,ed. to faitulies w d s t to their hou Oles itt'propprtion. ThosnbspribettoGls’Constrained, :as weU from respectforbis friends and the publick, as froiii prjhciple',.to'observe toe, following ytolc3,yi;:, No person wjll be permilled to remain in the: Gnrdeiif except they co.n'4uGt''witU proper de- corum. • . - ■ No-Lady will bp permitted to visit lUc Garden except accompnnied by a Gentlenian, or vvherfe there is a family of .children, . . - - ' No person will b.c allowed to pick flowers or. fruit,pr injure any of tliearbotirs. A N p m i V SELL^Q. .-Jloohester,Juneil266, • 41 yf . • d t l f l ’' R E G E I V ^ , A n o tjspJi, X ^ 6 . whacriheb bus lu st reoei- A „ v e t o a t .h i s - D I i m andME*^ l® !lN ]$ Sto*^vmgupftke<?kd^^^^ Atorkf, Norto*Edst entoer oftiinf*: falofiniEarrok.sttoetsl p e x td ^ ^ to FhotirtSs J laft’s : a pRESId and ioxto.nsiye assorttpent of pnadvlteri a t e d 'A i B W M m p m t m s , wbick will be sold-at Prides mnob tokn formerly,: ;, ,l£y'Yhn .assortment liow- in. store c,omprisBs. alm’tot ey#y^.ari!^sk in the *' sSfc and .i^arly -every flQM.- and prepavatiftn used in, ,jlVi‘T ‘(gethevw ith,P,^tTE^ Im tm n m is apcl:^&se0d§eoU^,4^^^ .BTEtoughtob S|i£terk Soda,.Eridlilz and (fin­ ger beer po>vderS,.l^rdifils.,^^^^^ ■ - - B y All up, and '^ith me'dicinps of the flrk quality,: and any C'ompqnnd: article,, op.pr'eparaftCPj'm in tbebesttoannerandAtohprtnotioo, ; ; ■ •ktedicat 'ebests for families, rCplpnishcd and ipfcatly labellod. ' ' ' ‘ • A isp ^ fer Y'ED.P4^1|C.K4va;medipinebfg,toat:e^ assvoltasiaAiSeases.oftbei§4fb,«’ • *■ 50' '■ ’ ; : •GEOi.B^TAYLQR. v r a sqexAZM E t o w - b o A v s s flH H E above concern, X whiclijfor the lastyear was produclive of so much ■PNHKupHKBKE* benefit to the mercantile cottlpiunity p d to tlte publj'ck atJaVge, will re-cmmence its operations on the opening of the navigation, and in all its various: branches will be prosecuted with increased resources, and with unremitting attention __ ^The vessels, one and all,havc been put in excellent condition, and will be commanded by menofgrcat-esperi- efleeand of ackhowlcdgOd abilily.. To secure to voyagers oa thelludsdn, nyer eVeP greater accor modations than were offered iq them. last sum­ mer, the o atke cabin of the S T E A M B O A T H s z f K v E c a r o x i i D ; will k e appropriated exclusirely to tlieir use, without any augmentation of the' rate of pal- sage, which, as heretolbre, shall not exceed one dollar per adult. In then.’ prices of freight, the company will be governed by very moderate lisls. No storage will be demanded at Albany, unless toe proper­ ty be peremptorily required to be taken in store; and in forwarding per the canals, the publiqk may be assured, toat whenever the clioice is con- fided to toe subscribers, none but the most res­ pectable & responsible carriers will be selected. Therendezvops of the boats at NeW-York, for the approaching'season, wij j be a t the Exchange Slip, or at\Eent’sBaSin B. where applipationS for freights, &c. must b e made to aiQ WATT, BROTHERS &CO.,*thc only accredited agents there. In Albany, apply to . JAMES KEELER.' February, 1S25. Motite hj J IfO J K iTT, i n t O T i r E E S 4' CO. f | p H E subscribers have rerto-ved to No. 19, A B A S lM ,'apd will give toeir at­ tention to tlie various branches of the commiss­ ion business, making liberal advances on, pll property consigned to or deposited with them for sale. M 017A T T ,' BROTHERS ^ CO. New-YOrk, Feb. 1826. 37(f BtGftn^ oiflScGj.SoiitU li{{dc^6tr Streety AlJbainfj -abft e’clcckAv'M'.--^— -- V • ' ; YVheh practicable boats will come to at the wW fvesof Newburgh, PonghkcCpsie, Catskill ani-Hudson-^ -.Ato^hineheck-nndAfingslon a senaVenieritBairge wilt be in readiness to receive told land passengers. A t the other intermediate ylaice#-pagtongeto 'will be received- and landed vhenetov it cno be efifected with safety. The; boats are of tofeJirtt (juality, and for eX- tebsiveand aiqr accommodations, easy and quick . tohtooaof the engines) and skillful manageinent, are not surpassed % any boats .navigating the Jiddsou river. The proprietors assure the pub. Re thatthe’most atoiduous attention will be paid to toe sltfety and eoinfoTt ofpassengers. wigents of this line, A. N. lIOFFltoANi • . ^ ,No.7l,D6yst,N.ewYor&. ANDREW BARTHOLOMEW, ■^ooto Market St. Albahy. OYiifiliFreight and Rs^gago at the risfcoftho rnvnew., FreisM of light articles 1 shilling per eubiAtont.. 4ua^. iRSfi, ■ 3m43 A T E O V r j ^ H E Subscribers have A . arrangements iforFreighting, toe ensuing season, with aline of E & t i l G E ' S B O a T S , TOWED ES TllE STEA m *BOAT N O ! W - I i O i r D O N . This Hiae tvillhe in, readiness to receive freight on the opening of the Canal, and will consist of six substantial Freight Boats, of light draft of tyater. The New-Lohdon has a powerfulEn- gipe, which^Ves fin assurance that the passages will b e m a d e in about twenty h6urs~leaving N. “Yorkmn~jfPedr«esdiayAand: Sestturi/ays, and TroF oti Jlfonifctyj and Fridays, taking two Freight Boats in tow each passage, which will; leave a t •all times ti^oJj«ats.atTtCy;, and two a t Coen- ties’ Slip, New-York, to receive freight. Ail freight by this Line,cither for the West or North, Will ■ be immediately forwarded, on airival a t Troy,by good established lines of Canal Boats, to their respective places of destination, and country produce received direct on board, and forwarded, Without delay, to New-York. The experience ofthe past season gives to the public sufficient asguranoe o fthe facility of this mode of tvanspdrtatioritbytvbichthe currents, bars^ and snoals a re ovetcbiflej iiiid the delivery 6fftogerty is m adecertaintatttpbint seyebt jjiiles abovfe the terjmihatioh o fthe .Canal. Rbe Subscribers deem itonly necessary tpmention tins fact, leading'toe pubhekto mako their oWn estimates of its ad- vantages. . ^ $.H m E R R IO K ,JY ’r “ : 2Voy, Jani'qfy30, 1826. 2 9 t f ' A S S G f O I S W m p S S , - .Y T A Y E and are re- , A A c e iving a ;gfiheral X ^assortment Of a w d C w iT e x '^ . Gut Nails, nil sizes: from ?d to 24d; Boat ' Spikes ; Tin P late; Iron W ire ! Ahvifis ^ Yfees.; MiU Raws find Cranks; Fulling Mill « Cranks; Screws and Plates; Cookii%, Franklin, Oven, Hall, Par­ lour and Box STOVES. A'lsot W interanfi summer Oil, first rate. Brass Lamps, JapaU’d, Boat do with double reflectors. They-also have the agency of Sef/t SzY^y’e A x ­ es , which can b^had a t all tirnfis; by the dozen o r less. ' • ■ .... Yfiey continue the Mmu/acture of* S V v e f c t - l Y o i i a w f t y m N Y a p e s *, , AlSQ-rr-rthemanufacturingiof C g P P E B S T I L L S , S t t L L W O R M S , or any other kinds of Copper work wanted in thecountryH ' . Their FIJRN ACE is in full blast, where can be had, a t aiiy tiine, almost every kind of CAS­ TINGS which are wanted in the country. The scarcity of money and low price of pro­ duce compels us to say tfjat we will absolutely sell Goods a t a very smifil advance from Ncw- Yovk priqes- persons wishing to buy arp ihvL' ted to call and examine quality and prices, and oblige yours, , ALCOTT & WATTS, ' [O’ All'persons owing us either by Note or Book Account, must pay withpiit delay, Imme­ diate paymentwould save cost to all deliqqueiits, and some trouble to their humble servants. ' AtLeOTT fit WATTS. Rochester, July 25,1826, I h e . S i t o a ^ iio a t t^vppevior, THE I.ARGE, 'VIRM-B^rET, AND EI.EGAKT • J . 8HERMAN, J r . Master, AND K i S » r R Y C A A r , W ALTER NOR'TON, Master, Y j ^ l L L ply, in concert, toe ensuing season— T V the former from Buffalo, and the latter from Black Bock to Detroit for Iboexclusiveac- commodation o f passengers and Ibcir baggage, furniture and farming implements. One of their, Boats will leave Buffalo or Black Rock cveiy fourth day, touching on her way up, a tD u n k irk or Portland, Erie, GraudRiver, Cloaveland and' Sundusky; and on the same days the other will leave Detroit, touching a t the same places on her passage down.' The following are the dates up­ on which (he boats will respectively s a il: ^ t i f P 3 3 . 1 0 ]^ * From Buffalo, at 9 o'­ clock A . M. May 16,24, June 10,14,27,' July 5, 14,23, 81, August 8, 16, 25, Sept, 2,11,19,27, Out. 6,14,23,31, November 8. From Bciroit, at 4 o’­ clock P . M. May 20. Juno 6,14,23, July 1,10,18, 26, August 4, 12, 21, 22, Sept, 6, 15,23, Oct. 2, 10,18, 27, Noveinbcr4, 12. .... ..J 77 V .. 7 . 77 —' _ T. 71 V—. —. . % i • From Black Rock, at 8- o'clock A , M. May 20, 29, June .6, l 4 ,23, July,!, 10,10, 26, August 4, 12,21, 29, September 1, 15, 23, October 2,10,18, 37, November 4. From Detroit, at ^-o'­ clock P. M. May 24. June 2,10,19,37, July 5,14, 22,31, August 8.. 16, 25, Sept. 2, l i , 19, 27, October 6,14,23, 31, November 8. At Buffalo, for passage, &c. apply to Capt. Sherman. ' At Black Rock, to Captain Norton, Or J . L. Barton agent for the Henry Clay. May 15, 1826. ' 41,. Lxr'I*^ gjpjcfol as<orh«crtf of B n g V v sb, p t e n c k O a u ton a w d lit®#)®##® ' ' u t t o e r i k x x s , ' A choice sotoctioft of TEM? E i m W B ^ WINES:, which he can rec6mme'nd with cenfidence. ' Bardimre^ J^^^ Sifel, Naik, Sic. Fi. M* JT. Wp bfj cohriantly suppfied, with JVew m(l::Se 9 s 6 na^Jk,.Qpods, selected by his agent residing in ptow-YoitK. Rochester,. May L 18 S 6 » , 37tf P l i t p i i T t t e f O M s s i o i i which-combiftes-ropr,e advantages than any other in use, having tried them toMa own satisfaetiot), and to toesatisfactron-of many sportsmen in this place, feels himselfautliorised to offer tliero to the: public^ for inspectlpri aiid use. This Lock is ve- ly simple, strong and durable, secure, frOra, Ucci- dentdldisohfirgbSfproteots ■ the,:0hargo, from toe weather, fires quicker,,'and with more certainty tbart?thecommon flint Lock, or a n y others now in use, and requires onlyAwo thirds the quantity of PoWderTorloading the same piece, , jfe also: keepsmti hand a'frliistopp, 'fU'ear the west end of the brid^fi, in Recl(ester,)'an assortment of Rifles with flint and porcuasion Lionks ; which.he Will Warrant equal.tb any njade in- tho-Hnited States. Fowling pieces,pistols, pereusslon 'priming, Ri% fle poWder iSzc.' Rifle companies c,air be supplied on a short notice .arid reasonable terms. D:^' %ortsmeu fife requested to call and see for themselves. ' ^■ I j . h i e d b E r y . ' Rochester .ripgustlqt. ' .jp ^ B O p m t q ; s r i t E i : z : , s o c t i E s r m , ) ^ •W h p L bsai . e riiEAi-ER iq D j t i g s ^ ^ i i e d i c i n e § , B ^ e - W o o i i s a L i A B ^ e - ^ S t i i f f s , €rroeePies, Country dealers, Physicians, Clpthfers, P a int­ ers, &c can be supplied with any of the above articles at^a small advanbe ffdm the New-York wholesale prices. sept. 6 J U S T R D O B I V E D , B'T E. PECK, . A S C r f U X o t i h a T B f i P L j l I e S C H J IR T ov m eroghjphic Monitor,hy J. L. CROSS. k BOAT belonging to this Line, well fitted SL up for PASSENGERS, will leave Roches­ ter for Albany every morning and evening dur­ ing the season ofNavigatioil..—-Apply a t the at the Office Of the subscribers. NORTON, GOODMAN & Co. Rochester, April 6,3826. S4-tf JBi. Judge Rochester, situated on Sophia-Street. Possession can be --------- had on the first day of May next.— Inquire Of S. MELANCTON SM ITH .. Rochester, Nov. 29, 3825. 17 A C o I l N i d J L . B Q s d T ' WESTERN', F I M J E I N S t m A N C E . COMPANY, iOOATfip IN dANANDAlGUA. Incorporated in 1824-, icff/i a capital o f # 2 Se.O 9 0 . riN H iS company insures, buildings, and all 'JL kinds of property, against damages by fire, on terms as favotirabie as any similar institu­ tion in, the State. J m T M A m E L H O W E L L , PresH. J eb ’ h . \V an R ensselaer , Sec’y. KT Applications fur insurance of buildings or property in Rochester and its vicinity, will be attended toby LEVI WARD, Jr. -- .,.'^EN, ELY, • . uJlgmts at Rochester Rochester, I>ec* 27, 1 T in IJE subscriber informs the people of Eocls- X ester and its vicinity, that he conduct*' UPHOL.STERY \ in its varlons branches, and keeps constantly fo sale,Criftaias made in tfie first style, Matrassfes Pillows, Cases, Sheets, BlanltotSj-iCoJiuterpauebV Carpets &c. Matrasses from|g3, to '^ ,5 0 , made in toe best mafinpr. N . B. 01(1 Matrasses left a t this place iif pass, ing, will b e delivered wfien the boat repasseS, washed, evethauled,* quilted and retufted ot $5 cents each, o r'at 38 cents if refilled. , RENJ.’WILSB. Utica., La Fajt6ttO\St* neat the Canal. Oct. 15,1825. * lylO A Supply of liX A V S PATEMT HI j YGJ^ 'iLA. TBi C S S E S, , * ■\-‘X S iSO -... - ■ PAIRS Silver, Plated and com ® W W V moh SPECTACLES. For sale at the Dialggist Store of G. HITCHCOCK. * January 7,1823. .' A Complcto toBtwtmenttoCBeticA P^aite*, fj- f% , moulding; Took, Just received, atfd to* sale - i P i P s ^ R e , VJCl ftm JudjrtefMoritoueoomy 0 andb'wlt* 1 by , H. N.-CLRTIS& ■ALSQr^h few Maclijme Cafdg, Clt^ap. ! ''TQ'TUEfftTMLta, < g a m i W , m , l i S i c h O p e r a - c n ,> a a r e Of dpmton to a lit k V u ^ f t myemmu, By means o fthe w indl^saud screw,’ . - | > y oider:ofMow*- citopij,, ifsturtoidouirt I Boats are raised wifhoUMhe least myury to them J A ofCoUunpppkas-toWdfonbe^umyefMsn- I m a few minutes. W e Tecbmm:end it t o tbOto' roe-Nottoe is Uewhy, to alftheoMUpriefSrr d engaged in coasting or mtotpal navigation as LASWyHtJTGHlNS,pf toidtounrir, qa msolveiftit well worthy oftheif attention. The first and «««*«! to only one a t this time is nptv in oplratipii in> this county! yiUagniattd#!;jemote rfhobavetoemifupprovb twoo’felobkfnthcaftemofoy^i^^ ofthe plan. By this maehme a cauM hofit is rai- the saidiusolvent’s estate shoalfihovbeifiadB, fortl)a *■ ledaud'put in a situation for repairing; mTess hsUcfitUfallbiaereaitprs, an'dhe tisifiiig S s S m S ; feertairi ltmi(tc<h!fe-. ufion'nil (Mb.5t'certain nierA n-Snej , than five minutes. A. REYNOLDS, M CSAPJN • WJVL SREWSTER, - .B^GARDrsm.,'*' - ;S. GLEAVELAND.' The sale of .the above mortgaged premises is post­ poned uatiltlie 2.4th day .of AugusOnst. alOotclpcfc A. M. a'tt.he same'jptapo,as Ihferein advertised.L-Au. XX tingthe’abqvempntioneiM aehine,fofep the«quhl.uWrmjia|.fRfit tot Uqntbcr'^fiven mthfir' j to toe Pqblio single rights, pr.rights for Towns, said dt uumber ie,revfiri | g r . For terms. plDM. cill omUte s u t e r l b o r h Rochester. , ■ . e?eime-bemghad jUtoemapadf^^^^ ELISHA TURNER. ship,-made,l>yAYilIiaip Sh^ardwm'mbrk Rochester, May 24,1836. ■ 40 t f ; peai t-^Aud Whereas, defiii'‘t h»sjfee» madd . t o .thft ■ ■' ■ TT- ......... .-V-, V ■................. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . paymentofpart-of thesajef suufof jUfifley and ttoitr. T|EF'A U L T having; been made in the pfiymtot of lerpst thereaq—Notiopis thBiefom hereby gives,, that JL-^ nioney, securedby a oprtam indenture of mort. ,„ . ka gage, bearing date the twenty fust day (if Octob'erv'in the year ejgUteeu hundred and twenty .three, executed by Gilbert Eyernghinr, J untor, to Josiah Risspl, . Jen,, and Elisba' Ely of all those certain parcels of lands ;Roe)ieSter, in tfie county of ■ Mdnmri‘ (m jlie third ‘ i V situate in the town of Gates, .bourity ofM6nro(i, and .Samvday in EebrUary next, atlO o’ckek inibe' ffimv s State of New.Yorl;, and lying,intot number fifty-four, Boon of that day,r-Datc'd August 3, j$2G.- ' in tmviishipnurnhsr one, short fabgU,,a«ddistingtiito- VV1I.LIAM'EAETEY, H, Y, R, gCERMERHORN, A tfri W m s' I ,1 I I edonRissell anaEly’sMap, of a part pf the said lot culled the Caledonia Pfatt, as subdivision Iqtsnutnbdr' eight, ten, tivelve, fifty,One, bftyrtwo, fifty-nine, find; by given, that by yirtUe of a poker, in the .said ntertr, '’'I i”’* i_. ’O 'Y . brder Of Tiujotby CJiilds JEsq. Judge of | I ,-Xf Monroe eotiniy epurri, afifi cofimelipr in ‘ • I Kocliester, in the, said Gouiity, on the fourteenth dfiV ® ® uPRduhestor^-m top county*^- ofAugust next, fitnine o’clock in toe forenc6n,--Da- °* Monroe, On the 2d day of SeptembOrnAXt, a t made in the payment of JOLJV menry, secured by a-certain indenture ofmort- gage beating dote the sixth day of NovemberiOnq thou sand eight hundred and twenty-three, executed by Gil­ bert Everngliim Juniour ,to Wiftiam Atkinson, of all those certain pieces ..oflfind, situate, ji) the village of Uocliester, to.vn ofGateSjCouiity of Monroe, and State, of New-3’oik,and Jying in lot •.ium])er fifty-two,in town- sliip number one, short range, ayd distinguished intfie map and* survey ofsiibdivlsien rotsnjimber eight, nine, and seven, In the said lot No 32, as’yillage lots num­ ber twenty, ftyenty-two, twenty-three, and twenty- fo.iir, as by reference t(i tlie eaidfiiap &c. recorded lii Libor 3,bf deeds folk lOfi, in the office of the Clerk pf the said county, will more fully appear,* whiciv said mortgage has beeti duly assigned, to Josiah‘Bissoll JimiQuo. Now tlwrefordivoticeis hereby given, that by virtue Uf a power in the said mortgage, find pufsb* ant to, the statute in,such case..made,; the sfiid niort- gaged premises with fife appiirtenancos, will besold at publick vendue, at the Court-Roase, in .Rochester, aforesaid, on the fourteenth .day of August 'ndxj,, at nine o’clock in the •fprenoon.---DatedPeb. ,20, l82d- JOSIAH BISSELLi.Jun. Assignee- Thesale of the above mortgaged premises is-post­ poned until the 24th day ofAugust Inst, at 9 o’clock A. M. at the same place’ as thcreiit advertised.—Au- gust34, 3826. JOSIAH SISSBLL, Jufi t> Y virltte ofa vyrit of Hera faqius issueflout of the X > Supreme Court, against tfie .goods.and chattels, lands and tenements of C^iarles Richardson, I have levied i)pOn one hundred acres of land\ (iff from the ntirth-west ccimer of Tot Wo. 62 inthe fowli of Fitts- ftird, it being a part ofthe old Andrew Miller farm, bounded west and north by Joseph Coil’s land, cast by Thpraas BHlinghirst’s land, and south by T. Ril- linghirsi’s, Mpses Mather’s and James Miller’s land ; which I shall expose to sale at publick vendue as the law directs, at the house of, P. Hopkins in Pittsford, on the 14th day of September next, at 10 o’clock A. M. Dated Ahgust C, 3826.. ^ For J, to PATTERSON, late Sli’ff. P. HOFEINS, Deputy. 51 e-xecuted by Charles Bush to iVilliam Pitt Shearmfin,- of all those oeiftain piceesor liarcels: of land, known and distingoislmd on a mal) and VdlfigC platbf part of the village Of East RpchbSter,’made.by Dayrd;aud30,«, Esq as Village lots numbers twenty-five and twenty ,six and bopnded as follQws,.via—Reginning^at tlie f souto t^est corner of village jot pUmhar twebty-foor,., and fUntiiBg troip tl)onco pottli: .ei.ghty-four degrees , thirty .m?imtes,easf hvaohains ai}dfifty links; theiMfi , soqflJ five deaites thirty minutes east,, ond chain add sixty-five links td AndruS street; thqriWi along An­ drus street to Markbi street; thefitm liorih tfivo dq- m groes thirty miplitea West,, along Mfirket'stfeet two ,fl chains'to thO placedf begintiiiig, ,ind cOnttinin'g-o.«|e J, Roodartrt thwty-tkree fhtohebtofland—itofcronce bo- ' ing had more particmavly 40 tfm khoye nrintlciheil ,map,aad suryeynf David Hudson :Esq,i-Arid'wkeriy ,, asi thesfiid WnUamRitiSliearmaiiissi)ipa deeBas«f„ ; and whereas, the'subscribers werfr duly appoinstedanil , have duly qualified aa ,executors of the last will and ' testament of the said,’iVUliatn P. She.attnaiif deceas­ ed,—fiotice is licreby given, that the 5ai<J pre'nftisto will bSstiW al public auction, by virtue ofthe fioWar ofsale in said mortgage, and pursuanlto'the statute, at tho Court House, m” Gates, MtotodcOUnly,: on tlm twenty-eighth day of Deceinbpr next, at ten •o’dlock A,.M,—Dated Jime20,1326, ' „ « S S ; ' S - ^ WlLLET H, SHEARM.fiN. J ShC a rW . ^ C. P. KIRKLAND, Attorney. . 45 HEREAS, Lyman Cobb and Hannah his wife, V V , now or late of the town of Brigliton, and coun­ ty <)f Monroe and state.ofNcw York,-in order to se­ cure the payment ofthe sum of five hundred aiid thir­ ty-six dollars and eighty-five cents withintcrest, in the maimer particularly specified in Ihp condition of a cer­ tain bond executed by the said Lyman Cobb, did by (Iced of itid6iiturG,.i}63i*iti^ dutc on the fivst dsy 'oi*d.u* ly, ill the year of our Lord one thousand eight hun­ dred and tweiity-thric, mortgage to Stephen Charles oftheiotvii, co,uiity aiid state nfmos.aid, and to his heirs aiid assigns forever, “ all tliat certain piece or parcel of land with the buildings standing thereon, sit­ uated, lying and being in ,tlie village of East Roches­ ter,-being the east part oflot number five in section B. reference being had to Johnson’s and Seymour’s print-- ed map of said.vil!agc,.said lot On Main street cighteoii feet front, and in length two chains ninety-one links, bounrled east by land formerly owned by William Woodruff, west by land nvvned by the said Stephen Charles, north by land of 'WilUam M. Hall andothi evs, south by Main street; the width pf said lot after running frdtn the front vvliich is on Mara street, forty feet deep on the west line iofsaid lot, lobe 1w(>ntyfeet to the rear, or an increase of two feet in width, being the same premises conveyed by the said Stephen Charles tothesaid Lyman,Cobb by deed bearing even date with said mortgage. And whereas, tlie said mort­ gage and the bond therein nieritioned, were afterwards, to wit, on the ninth day of February, in the year one thousand eight hundred and twciity-four, for a valua­ ble consideration duly assigned by rthe said Stepbon Charles to Richard Marvin—Arid whereas, default has been made in the payment ofparf of tlie said principal sum of money,with the interest thereon,intended to be secured fay said, mortgage—Notice is hereby given, that iri pursuance of a power pf sale contained iilsaidniort- gage,the premises therein described,will be sold at pub­ lic auction or vendue, atthe Court House, in the village oi’Rochester, itl the teuiity o/Moftro’o on Wednestoy, thesecond day of February next, at eleven o’clock in the forenoon of that day.—Dated August 1, 1826. .RICEIARD MARVIN, Assignee of Stephen Charles. By I’en 'Yechten & Baldwin, Ally's. 50mC X '^EFAULT having been made|in the payment of JL/aeprtain sqm of money, secured by indenture of mortgage, bearing date the twenty-third day of iMarch, in the year oil J thousand eight hundred and nineteen, executed by JOflN MANN to ZACHARIAH ‘SEYMOUR, and JAMES SMEDLEY, and the said Mortgage having been duly assigned to the subreribers, iioiice is hereby given, that by virtue of a power in the said mortgage contained, pursuant to the statute in such case made and proivided, tho mortgaged prem­ ises being all that certain tract or. parcel of land, sit­ uate “ in.township nUniber .twelve, J ju h a fifth- .range, of tolvnshipSy in ino county of OntiinOy being psrts of the east cuds of lots ntlmber thirteen and fifteen in said township—beginning at the south cast corner of the said lot number thirteen, thence westerly along the south lirie of the said lot, twenty-Seveii c'hKins and fifty-eight links to the cast lineofa tract ef twelve a- ores and oiie hundred aiid.tiiirty two rods, lately con­ veyed by the said Zachhriah Seymour and James Sinedley to Simon StOne, thence rtortlierly along the said eastline twenty-one chains and forty-three links to thesouth line of Stotia’s now Mann’s mill lot, thence easterly along the said south linb fourteen chains fifty . links to the south east corner thereof, thence northerly ' along the east line of said Mill Lot, seventeen chairs si.Xty-fivo links to a point in the sau.e, dience south eighty-eight degrees east thirteen chains to the east line ofsaid township nuniber twelve, thence southerly ;along the said east line thirtymine chains and eight linkslo the place of beginning, containing eighty-two actes'and one'quarter of an acre be the same more or Jess, agreeably to the' survey made thereof by John Scott, trill be sold at public vendue, at tbe Court House inRodbester, in the county of Monroe, on Sat­ urday the nintlfdayoT December next, at two o'clock in tho afterno6n“--Datod Juno 12,1820. WALTER HUBBELL, ELIZA M,., HUBBELL, J Aesignces. pjirsDatttfo (fie a c t entifiofl “ a c l t f etbolisfl ^ 0 ^ debiih p!|is$ei April 7thj 1819,--D a ted this 15th daY o f July, ms, , ■ ■ ; ' 6 *to 46 . J^KPAUW'having beeit niade in thq paywonf ot' . J i ^ .money, tvith the interest tliercoii, sCCiorfid an indetiture-of mortgage, bearrngdate'lhe first rTay ’ ofMay, pne thousan(le]ghthdiKli'edand twenfv*-tiirei»v executed by JOHN G. D a YIS to HTEL BROUKWAY. : of all that certain tract or parcel of Ifind, lying in the J 'own o f Sweden, viHago of Brockport, county ofMoit- ie._ancl stare of New-York ; and bounded asfojlows-i > Deginiimg on, the west side of the lake rpad one liun- drecl and ten feet south ofthe south bank ofthe Erie , canal, artlie south-east corner of CfiarlesRiclirirdson’s lot; thence runiilngivesleHy at right Angles with the lake toad, one hundred and twenty feet to the sdutli- west corner of sal J Richardson's Jot; thence souther­ ly parallel with the lake mad fifty feet to a stake; thence easterly parallcl iVith the north line one him- dred and twenty feet to the west line ofthe lake road * tlienee northerly on the west line ofthe lafio road fifty feet to the piece of beginning, fcOUlainilig twemy-two rqdspfgrounti.bo the same more or less.—Notice is hereby given, that by virtue Of a nowor contained in , sai(Itnorig,age,ai)d pursuant tothe smtuto in such ense .modHand pTovided, the said niodgaged prcntisos will he-sold ar^ublic vendue ftt the lioUso ht^w bccUrtier! by Jessb Barber, iVi the towi> of S\vedcn; the ebubty of I>lom‘o(5, on ih(i 23ci day of December neict, at ono o'clock in the afternoon of that clpiy Dated Juim 14. ™ H E R E A S _ John G. Davis of the town o t T » tot'eden, in the county of Monroe and State o f New-Yot'k, (o secure to James Ev'erng- hitn, Gilbert Everngliim' and Joseph D. Bverii- ghim, tho payment of a certain sum of money mentioned therein tyifh interest,did, on tlie Uveii- ty-sixto day of April, ift the year o f onr L ord one thousand ei^ht hundred.and tWenfy-five, ex­ ecute to (hem liis mortgage of A nn that certain piece oi' parcel of land situated in the town of Sweden, village of Bteclcport, in the county of Monroe and Staije of New York, and botmdedfis follow s B e g inning on the weistside of the lalna I’oad one hundred and ten feijt south of toesouth ' bank o fthe E rie canal,at the sontlioast.coniei* of Charles EicLardson’s lot, theiico running west­ erly, at right angles with the lake road, one hundred and twenty feet to the sputh west cof- ner of said EiehMdsoa^s.lot; tlienee soulherlv parallel with the lake road, flfty foot to a slake*^- thence easterly parallpt with the north line, omi- hundred and twenty feet to the tvest line ofthe lake road; thence northerly on the west line oT the lake road, fiftyfeet, to Iheplace of hcgmnuig containing twenty two irids of ground:—Also! ■ tliat piece of land situated in Sweden aforesaid^ hounded as follows, y iz.: beginning fiftyfeet from the fiouth slope o f thesouth ^»ank of th^Erie ca­ nal, on the \restlfne of the lake road, and run- ping thence parallel with the canal west, one- hundred and twenty feet; thence southerly to- the north line of land the said John G. .D'aVis ' the lake road; thence north along the west line ofthe lake .road sixty feet to the place of begin­ ning, containing seven thousand and tWo bund­ led square feet, be the same more or less, it he-* ing the same land deeded by Hial Brockway to Charles Richardson, on the south sideef the E rie canal, in the year eighteen hundred and tWeOtv- three—And whereas default has been made in the payment of the said sum of money, and the interest thereon.; NoiteE is therefore hereby given, that by virtue of a power contained in (he said mortgage, and in pursuance ofthe stat­ ute in .sUch case made and provided, the said mortgaged premises above described, will he .sold a t public vendue, at Ensworth’s Tavern, in the vills^epf Rochestets on Saturday the i l t h day of November next, a t 10 o’clock in the fore-- hoon of that day-—Dated May 8,3826. j a a i e s e v e r w g h i m ; GILBERT EYERNGHliVD i Alortga-, JOSEPH D. EVERNGHIAJ. \ S^es. J . G. S penceb , Att’y. rV PROPERTY OF UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER -ft. . -^ORIGINAL STAINED- assffisiaa

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