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Rochester telegraph. (Rochester) 1818-1830, March 15, 1826, Image 4

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■*ita&swsamasi^-^ d! A«ili^;l!»ofc*ffit(>nl)r'(k((ifcWi;thl!s'i^ i ? ® . ■ . if^tby dr(5iiro%:^-aif«wfitiBon ,,; ■',« ^h! t^mHseipya WWch.;^^^^ 5 , ‘‘AK^ndj—by 1 hat,f<iMfcai faded'eyi^ \ - Ao^nahup<>.i9i^^tbrefocitfiK?.oidrrow'^ - JBoep griefjhdft^teats diwittwyfacei • . . E(M^tba donstanCoae,sdep»lt^^^ IJo hoUi sought.tittrtli'a ailoiit d-welUng-place^ ■-I'he'horte'Pftb? brokebtheirted ! ■ fuiehdj? aadiljp%; o |^ % f ain^^ object of his choice lookToicWarS to the tiirie when skoalA he w i i N jo those band? w h ieh! spjceadcjoy and. feitiFjty . amoog those ac-. : jjaainted^. A y e a r o r tivjo howevep roiled;: on»aftd ihe:.hn«innB8 o f t k e pjhod not an-; Uyrewn^hi? e?t;^e0tationi, h ^ reihoTed to bisfoFtheFpIaoe ofee?idi^nGe.^ Fesidehcp, % 9ur,pl?oej.his g o o i ^ n lities had won th e esteero Qt^altyFho khew^^hl^ - , la; his fqrhjef place :qf;:peaidenc0.:h(^ nowo ^ Iki toofeup his ahodpj^prospqp^^^^^ exertions,and hope hdat W |h bis ienerons heartjinantioipntjon p fahdrtly olaijniDg for; his own ihep w h p 'h e h # p a n t o n 'e f l b i s j f n t n t e - ^ ';Rer4”’jil'' vre,\ siiTjsibly b e felt h y hd’r tvhp wa? so soon ‘. late -the Jily, iaiij. ;at evjMtidsj ■ 'WiMi its polo, pale lo#Kei fere closinit; ■ .w K o ^ o t e ^ f o i & w n o n t t ^ ' ' Or the baraofeJdShoailjbi brokefti • ' Otihe kine ojfrfeoat j«i(b nsinetes»iiivr*y, When:ti*fe dcijcjbiiaetski thfeillprnfii^adafloij Aut'hQWsefefe^dlli'lhiliSSodjBderimy^ ' ■;®wircsefSga‘s s S f ' ■ ■; <rh1ai».SrM^ Ilatlj btigb.t’of sfeehes>ov^a1iin^! . w^n4iE%'iPiM3Kjr%a^^^ Aropo«el*f 6 «Sd—sn'Seatte*/ 'C, t ' - . .^-1. ' .■j? 0 'R..TjaE.;*RBjB„^|W:S!S..’ 3 8 . ,NfehwpeK^.'>^fne»Kyaptt» tov'fj* 4 ,,g§ilgi)tJiauii-urtfjrii Wr«i;*iisg,- o; «o»kcrwfc#dfetki'6ae'^j, . 'Wh.ea ftie»d«hip.b«fentOa-bty^ Then3?)esiaie»1iow’d tap l 5 w!is^ ^ Anf liaojit^tsbaTltttJ.the'sight.'- 'Tho«e-dfeji ate gooVrot ippQliatb bound !Ha«re h'W thote friertd) thatoiSis rrere a ■'Whoihotn’iiiv.ypuatbolighbl * ' , ■?Jn4g)otUirodays w-Sg^a«bolMki«fe^ < ' , Thtisb days were pHseinjfbrigljt. ■ ' Bairn! .thofed plpasing Ipurt'jtro gOBO— • - \Tboy'wf ro'loo putt to-ftet j , : Sweet:ftleiidalrip’pciianiiipgyow'»bath flotvn— : 30108? days pfti)iflsa;op,ait' , , .' l^ovr sweettoma'^UtiiB'tlirilliie libtit \VVheD dajllglit Ibayps tberlain— jio-leDlpeit-.Ulpuaa the aky to low'’t, ’ Or «atiee*bii«jpSDnt’a’pain. O, swfeot to nib’a tU fs ehatming hfeUt WliBa balmy gales are bfeathmf, 3Po soeij^andmuse Boneftthsome bjaty'r, Ortdays bye spent iiiVidatMUg- ■ i HBBMIA pointed #hnnv**s O n lbh vvirj|sQf the’ vilind. this yOuthfLild:ovel^fa1kQhi^^Optne to.clpsp K is§li|tf(cei|hiM ^ he^dE j&iiring his y o w n p , ^ a slight in- dfslioskiph^ei^^^^^^ with the fati|,up apd p % n lidn» o f traiypllmg to 'that degNe^thoti,^i|'hen. h e ariiiFed a t i h e hnlel. In o u r‘phicey.he waf-sn fhr-indisposn ed that a physioipa and* nhedvbncaine sftlnjejy nsGe^sar^-. J ld is frinnas b ecanie alarined a f his' .cop;t|ilainit'; atid Oyery ejtprr tion which 'hunkati skill contd devise was used'tn hafde thS fatnl ihalady; w'hich threatenbcltohhihbb^^ b ihk^tfh thosodf’ tlxfe silent (14nd. Ifehth is appalfing'to the ears of nil under vordiohty circnjp^stajnees 5 'b u t here was a y p u thful I d r e r with ;the haidypB; clays of connwhial jp y glistening; ib, 1^0 ppospeGtiye/snddenly throwii Uppin a b e d of sickoees. ;Idtp.erfect h e a lth h e h a d left his hoi^e;,to.fulfil n sanred;,l)rd^^^ u- oit'e his. destinies wjdk th e ojie, b e -dof ed. She was invhonrJy,expeetatipn of his arri­ val, little thinking that so soPtt'her tears o f j o y whre tp-^he-4 n rned into those of mournbig; ' C oddned to his'ropiti by dis- ease.--^that TO'pnp, alagi Which he was no nlore to leid''^0 b u t in ;his n arrow boose,-*- th#>n'tP be r m a v e d in spleniin mourning to the ctilb h'osoih bf th e g r a V d i~ h e was y i- sited'by'her: Imagihatiqmcab b e tter cOn- ■ceiye |hah w e ;recife, the. Gobtendihg etpo-. tiohs b b io b tiiust h a v e b e e n felt on this in- tervievv—SQ contrabi^ frbni what each had: anticipated 5;— h e ekpectiog, on leaving home la thdhlooiH of health, to have ar­ rived a t the dweliing..6f^ bis intended b ride ‘■ > ' ' j ’ '* ■ -’ * ■'( ■53S5?532>SS3!^^S!t5^C^KSS5^C33S—S^53^5^^Sgi^y^^Bp3ES3S^I^!3CSS5 , ta 9 M'arjupa| 5 w-xbR*saA*r»^^ v; ..i\ ' >, !.■■- , . ’f.Qr *■ ,, . ' jaiyijfh j?eaAs,)w»'cb ;as;w|a.wished,®)’, ftar- rpwgate;' and never Ifeebnf dUf^elVes jnorrMlone r jo, thbh in iMcbA cp«wd .of entireshsngeti,.^^^ ■ J t t r - p i whftttiriio&a tlneifiifrifee Wiai, i^&62rhized».w -t%ta iftnjit«^*betrcbl4hft pydrld.' The pilacedhf'shiitnsJn^^^ each a , 9 m Wah!ii?.^pe,the ,9:us®.p9ah»nc)^ # b ^ i i b : t b l % ^ o t h ^ .tQ4 cw;'-<ft9s.t>c%tWns %e iAtere»%gA.. Jn baeba., If ~nr^a 4^iti^ab' vkilladtoc^’ AkVa/l :bneA ii9ld:bb;^«rt. ■ ^ ^ t i t e b . i n n 'l ^ r^jpa'd i b pr9V8nt',<ipRdftidi>?oe- T.^»Yat,rv0.>r:A' narrOvir bad #rtjrj ;»nd; tne building': ittpanS, —^ w h llaih e ,th f e tjiaid a a d r o b d 6 s tf e ; i ' ^ t : i a g ? = » i t £ ! S S 6 e i = K ^ hed of him. on yvbpip h e r h o b e s Were c e n ­ tered,. Shebehoids ,the b e loved obj ect o f her aasiaug soriGittidh, w rithing under the agopizing Jiaitjs'afao b p p r o a c h in | dissolu­ tion, while evbn hopes o f a recovery are mantling each other’jschpek and b righten­ ing their eyes. B u t alas^ that a n c h o r on whiqb they restedwrest­ ed froiB them ., E a rtbly aid was in vain. A M U S I N G S T A I N S , & c . . , ■ EOUiTir^ tBESS'. , vxziZiA .a-B a J s o o i i X i B t lv x o x r s . ; - ■ SOi'itX* cIbSe tho^yes K th b ode she loved*BuciSt. T h e conqtieror had k n l^d e d , t i i victidi, and GdrddvbrotiS and pale h e slept^-^hot ob the nuptiabcouch, b q to n th e b e d of death.' diis marriage VeStmdnts .were t o be;Chan- ged to t h e s h roqS -^the bvftienial son^was to he the feqwiem hypb-^thejbridal a p a rt­ ment,, th e chadiber o f m o u rhing--.!he in­ vited guests ofa m arriage cerem o n y , wpte to vyLtness the behtt-rending scene p f the • uniting o f “ dust to d u st, ashes to ash e s .- ~ the holy man o f Gqd vvho to p r o ­ nounce the Ruptial benediction, was to u t­ ter the service o f the grave—-and. the iju- mernsUs c ircle o f friends’ who -anticipated d%ngratulations o f jo y to a wedded p |i r , were to follow the cold rem ains of their HoW often are th e jb h licfc e x c ited, and the sytnpatbetick feelings pf th e h e a rt ago­ nized, at e v e n ts that eometinaeis o c c u r un­ expected to many of o u r 'ffieilds and ac­ quaintances! W h ile memory holds h e r sway inf a large nuiUbgr. of Mir youthful inhabitants the recollection of. the follow­ ing tale will b e cv e i f resh in their-minds t It is but*a few years since a young gen­ tleman established hin)self m the m e r­ cantile business in'ptir dourishiag village.. He was c o n n e c te d w ith a b o n se i n the vib luge otf .Utica, w h e re for sev''ebal y ears be had rerided, b e loved andtespected by all who knew hin>. .O n his iqcatid.n, th e r e ­ fore, in our plnce/ ,the young soCiefy did indeed receive a valuable- acquisition to their c i i c l e ; for, possessed .of a lively dis­ position, with an unusstiraing d eportm ent, h e soon attracted th e notice n f all. Hoj false pride pufted him Up w ith feelings of being better than the poorest o f .our la­ bouring class of citizens, , b e c a u se bis,bu­ siness necessarily led b iro fu m ake a more showy.appearance ; b u t on i h e contrary the rich aud the poor were looked upon alike .by hims atiiJ all classes* treated with a Civility djafc'tna.rbed the real gentleman. W h e ther a t iioinc o r abroad, this interest­ ing and p roiaisingyoung man was the same. In the female circle he, was ever lively and animating ? an d ? u n iversal refepebtto- vvards him was miiiiifestpd b y all the fair who w e re ficqnaialedvrith him. O u r village hal-qver bqagfqd of its fqir ones, and at th c ipeftqd in w h ich this inter­ esting s tranger made his a p p earance among us— no place in th e wes.tern - sectiou- o f o u r stnfee,perhaps c o u ld riyal it for beau*- ty . Am o n g thettiany hOVely datighfeFs who moved in our society,, th e r e Was onq to ■* vvaltds whom o u r new citizen, seem ed mark­ ed in his atteutiong.- H is intentions were of a n h o n ourable n a ture, and'lbndly did his thedead !-—T h e ndws o f this sudden dis­ pensation o f an 'over-ruling Providence, saddened every h e a r t, and awakened the sympathies of all classes.' T h e r e wag ‘something so chrlling in th e reilecftoh of those b lasted hopes of the interestitig fair, one.-^those bright hopes o f hers which had been so suddenly clouded over, for she who was to have beet) a bri^e,. was- now, as it w e re,.a prem a ture widow, and the transporting anticipations o f connubial happiriess, was suddenly turned to b ittq r anguish. Seldom w e re society called on to pay th e last sad tribute of respect to a fellow-jnortal, with, more poignant feelings of regfet;— Au interesting youth who had adorned the circle in which he moved^— qiie whom recollection p ictured in the Ways lof his residence in ojurvillage, as the live­ ly and gay, noble, generous and liumaue, Was hoW gone f o r e v e r. A gloom perva­ ded 6ur place scarcely to b e imagined, and bis fiiiidral solemnities w e re performed a- midst the tears of the Vast throng whom r e ­ spect called on to witness the sad obsequies to him who Was esteemed arid respected. Recollection is pained In reciting debUrren- ce'sof the past, and b u tfew events o fa m ore heart-rendiDg n a ture are calculated to im­ press On the mind the. Uncertainty Of life, and the short space which separates us from, the grave, than the foregqiftg; but the relentless tyrant spares neither age, sex dor couditioO“ ~Ms scythe cuts all, when the mandate of the G reat Eternal is issued, and dfe tearsyofaffecfmn, hhd the sighs of sympathy, are unheeded by the fell d estroyer, who walketli in darkness. Human expectation? a re c rushed at a blow, ■whea least eXpeetdd 5 and the highest, fond­ est auS raOst j qy ful anticipations, converted into sadness and. glbbra, which time albnu can 'dissipate— ^but never erase from the recollection. ?i; riebts, of W€altb,< ‘ncqdbed by;’^l9i^ift esdnVlr.^ '■ imeatSB till at la^t Itb'ecamAlb6:5efet*.df j auldi^sipati^.,.. Aftba tim q o | t!h.e. As-^ia hh|:|iihRra!n :of .half a :ja wnica sianus : ed'Aii-thei. .iespAose b f llifiiiiiin Ai.slabi<!,,.,:b!sq, Who; repFes^titCit the,la»r!>%li in; ,pf diaj]e;^nt,,ft)V •th'e' jt'efiit of j i x t f .Thajie: standing in a icopspiojona's%&tiQn, '.an.d ?tidWirig ’ in' ■th&''fivenite aiid,ririunm ti9p Wa?' n)A<10 ’ feir'' any ‘robpWies -be|Tiye«ii. thal'bnup-aacJ suQiiae thbiXWAEt inoirjaing.,- .41 tafc^waHeriAd-Ufioa the eitizeha to. niefit tho* ^ppenses, The,. Jisagn of aowndipv-the hors h 4ill i:ept ,wp, and: .this _od'd was heard by iis. .soon ilfUsr opr iTrival. on the morning bffhe^Sth wC JdaAnan exedr- slomto Studley Pack, at ■{jresenitbe .seat of litis. :bawvenCevand’td’Pou'ntnrisAbliey,tb 6 .greatfttl- jActsnfritraClioa in.Ihe virinitVof Ripon^' At the i|,i3tnnee;ef, a mile 9adau.lialf thnpath, wWri).all ^fhe^way.i&pntfectly.strajght and-.fornn abeauvi^ fnliyista, .lerriibited.atpne eqd_by tlie'GrothloIc towers of SbPatePs’j*n4.attheio'th:er 'by. aft abo­ lish near the ma03aori, c()adnct9 the visitant, into the Park, ornatnenteii by stately trees, and *^aler- 6(3 by the little river Skeli, Which: sparkles ,ind ha'bbles dLAWn ,ialhembgt:rQm.8nt3(5bin.anner 'iinji- ginahle'. Herds of deftr Were reclining upon its banka,, as if .lulled iatfci repose by ilsi ttnirmur. M the end: of ahotlVex mile and a.h^lf leading dUfed fe garde,aaa coittiieheWa rathble' of j^te llotu's.:. Theplealuthi 'gibunds,' of .StUdfey, ett- bracitig.Uie ruihs.af fbuiitajns, and comprising a- bout 200 acres, ejdiiltisive of the Parlr, far sur­ pass in beauty,,,Say Ihing Of the kind that has ihet pnf obsefvatidft iU ■ Ernglaii(i, -Wlrere ;I tfte': chavtfts of this toao aua'swcet little vaj( Vdth a few aitevvEioW, wpultt appfqac te':*dea2: -to- aterrefttnuf .as'my ihittginufioii can ’i?ac]h. -'IViri-Aial geiitleman pifehfipnettatbovei deserves Mortallzed for the-taste fte hfts inanifested in* lay­ ing out and envbelllgljiti|f these grounds; Both in design Snd exec-ation,.his ornaittehts :are of the . chastest and mostdelinaife \kind.' .rnstUad bf cftUh- terftoting and dtoing vio'jeacefo nature,rllq tlias hUmpUred all per Itttje playful'fteaks,ca^^ suggestions, a h l spAtadibnaly fuiiilliiJglher inten­ tions that itis diSiCalt tO dHcUrn at What point her 'Works tetcftinttcl alid liis oSlhmenoed'.— Where ther^ Was-an eulnrgftmCnt of fhe ^fttanij he, h»a widened it.ha a little lake}■extending tlie :green islets in thft sabae'pxppprtion.f-whe're -ther :Way a cascade,Behaa nrerelyiiiijreasedats foamfe , lb) hnur’mhv-'byadding another frigm roc|c; Whatee fooriari buhbledfrom thesideaftheglen, his Ivand IpshiOited'a deepeV’Si brOatfet bed,hang­ ing its margin wiik the same foliage,y n i storing its pellucid watefs^'whh thesUme finny tribe.sj— Here are n o aqnatick flights o f Mone Steps, down ■whdeh the: deaftont off •water is as regular as that of fe nobleman^s esla,fds^po sp'buting monsters, porhiefoUck treea. • • (--• ' These xeinarkf aje intended, to a p p lep . no­ thing beyond the natural scenery of StudHyand its imprpyelnen&r-^toita'Waters, ■woods and rocks ; for some of Sts adventitious .and nftincial orna­ ments, if orriaftent&Qiey may be catted^, art in the ■worst possible taste, efeating n o t a littlp surprise in the spec}atpr,..tliat a man so,sensible,to the . . , ^ cliayms of nature could betray auch a -want of dedeiised acquaintaace to the mansion of judgement id the eihbHiishm'ents of art. 'Besides ^qxtaninnt'sUfof^otina. gladiators, gods, arid <le- small edifice denoittinated the Temple of Pipty, the decorations of Which are a represpntat-ion of the dreciaa Haaghter nUysiiig ber father, awd Bfonse buiis oj Tiiv^ PUspiuian Und j^ot(r ! The- first of these is,Well-ebiagh; but What entitled .thefast to a seatii] thi?littlVsa,riCtftary;,J at a io.ss to cApjeetUrp., .these, however, aye. not the Worst oftfi.eornaiiaeQt?X a PriapuSguardstlieWalk leading to the niitnd<)a,asif tb frighten aWay :vi- sitantSj instead of birds. - W%at a pity it as, that these grotesque ftradrepulsive images 'vgereriotall drowned in the beautiful waters of, the pkell, arid and tkotockft’hedektti which it g»8heh..wMVep' growd expUrtiohs from BhW1ivo<ri.f «e8t to tbi* tuiueft+, teredi teitreaty mops -du?t .'at evening,,d^|tiug.th%,he|id: -'ivxtert.; of pf whtteiB th® grftlaAtfdftleep sideKofth^^^ ■ ____ _ _ - jfe,4dftd ■AturhqTdqt-Ittewu from St; ' Mmy% -tad ieiftiuM. iiaev|ril|ri^^ in sM ;k*i' Was |nieftded- Furiuuately the ma yqshedi eXsollyutt uceommoilations, .which w^ro to the ^irgih and the spng of the baehaftul have; ajike'•c'^ase'd;;.vrid'attis. 8 ilejice«iBn,§; dit^oliitidb ‘shve theri'Urlhuri ‘■■of the S,kell}. gliding beneath,, the - glclomy afeties of the 4 oi?te>^^ or the, tWit-. tering p f the .swalloW, whiba hangs her rieSt amidst the, ivy'of the : # e devoted an hoar, to an .aXapuhati.ptt.,of every p'art of the ruins, .which qoyer ah(?Ht tWp abres--loo)ciBg. throughwJia()wl Brokeh into the most fanthstick |h.%P?S'i gaziag.at shrubbery whieh has clim,bad to tbe v.ery. .aqihmit.qf thiS: thwer, reposing be- .aeath-.copsba of yeW.said 'tU he c'o-eval-with Iho rounaatibh of .the Ahhey, ■ txe'ading' Hpon: the fragments ef nftm.eless -urns, and' musipg upo.n the heaps of Ijones filling one o f the Cells.' Ru'fc a desUriptloa p f similaT ruina ha? bcoii- pi«l §0 large .a.part, of-rpy formeffetieri} that' J •will riot »> idlis insfaftce desc Oa our yfay back We^mhde a short pause a t’the banYueting-bttUse.i,Vthere Mfys, o.rjttiifs Lawrence,, (for sbefs ah elderlyriaid‘epih.dy) sometimes en­ tertains her friends'-with attianer or tea--party,—■ ft contains a Venus in.bkohjEe,* With Some antique qmamentr and fiirn||||yjqV e rtfiy Of notice,— At the lodge, Wheri'e^^Mbhg walk cohlihehcpd, we fbUud eight ',c,^|||p3 Slled With diitmpt parties of ladies-arid geritleman, o a the same er­ rand as,o,urselve?.\ Suchwps the throng, that there Was a paucity of gui4i|fahd- the, services of the oldrnan who aec<^^B|ied uswerq .put ift immediate requisition, tH ||^the sapie rOuhdsi tratospateirt .ahd ' PUrt 'M the ripuhtaih dlw’ cfp^hed the prefUfiano^ Hur|ng% amusem.eftl, saluted our eafs.-^fjeit. voiftl' were TOUsical,ahd:>so. far nttbped to Jiarmehy^^ to Forin aft ngteeahle concert, Several of their ,* leoalbali'ad? were Phuuflted iu ■wild, ^weet aolh plaiiitiYetoheft,' •■.'• .• ■■- ■. ,•• ., ■ .,Oh.’tbeytoorftipg of tile sovOpih, wc/resumel our jodfney tq: this place,. !ri |i; .ppst.cttaise ; bu| the road .Between .Sedhqrglv and Keudal, ,a,dii. tattoe of ten iftiles, is 80 liilly, afid: pregeata s®’; many vjew’ft of mpdftMn«oenery}nbkt wede?er- ted;:the Wehicle,a,ij4 walked tL® greater parf’ef the :way, iThe .higheh|iTkrfcyof fh^ToH^ ever which the .path.Ieads,' is between ^tWo and fiiiftii thousand feeti- cptomana|ngraft--eMCa8lYe pros. vpec,pifttti ,ehredale, on. obft side,-and the vale of . - X-, ■ • 'T— ' > ■ , , -kq. x w i i * . . . '. ^endnf, Vt 4 ^^Uf»i.e>‘,, 183 ^' On onr jeturft to. Ripon, vve visited. Ihel jgiii. star and looked at its monninehts, Whicb iirp UW' f rileroa?,bUt not remarkabiy interesting, With the exception of one to the nsemqrj^ of Mr.,AistahIa, the memorials ofwho,sq taste ha(i'lo-day adorded us S(} much ' pioasure.’ The Heqn of the church condrioted fts into tbo chatriel-house, in the ba'se- tnenf story. It?: subtc,rtafte«i yra1ksiaTe^^i^^^^ of hatnaix rfeiogfiip ahd di^diricr tlio tfr^cir^maUsion of thf^ - 4^a3 into separate partunents. The rbrnaiosare pfleflup vmthmuch fegulafcity, smd.haVfesettled into a Ootopftet mass. Such a scene, so forcibly aftdeloquefttty desorihed in .BUir’s littte pqem entitled “ The Grave,” is calcalated togpber tfaemigd and impress it with a lesson upon the vaUitiesoflifei Not far jrom the chftrch.in the suburbs of the town, is a very singular conical tUmiilus, cr mound, elevated fifty'qr sixty above'fhi kini feec aftd\fitqnlyi(>r Wild pasture jmna,,' piqj gtree*! any kiftd^ ftbr even a busb’is torid'seeft for niil%, The htt}s, wTell?, as the^ arg. here called, ii-j uniforpsly &yered Wfth Hii a purple blSssoin,'iind gXVes a pdjuliar cdrriple*. ion to the iceripsy. Tn deseeftaing fcori the heighttof Kendal, we,made a diversion; from the:,to*d,fi» 4he purpose of nsiting the ruins' of ;|he Ititll, perched upon me 'brow' of the Intt whihh over­ looks tfie town.' This irris s* grea#*ttrtngth,' surrouttdM hy .affioat, ftntteri ed qn |i.dFaw-bridge j It' hud - four 'towers, iyit round,, end two sqbhteV4 . ^ f t n t r c f Whi^^^ yet atendmg, | s iaalsQ the-greater part of tlft • lauds for the ornfttnents.of its palaces. • H . .Notwithstandiag these drawbacks, li'o toarist can fail to be delightriJ witlh- Sludley, Clouds afta sunshine, winds grtd W'atersi ariiftjalsknd trees, all conspired to. rriuder .trir 'visit agreeable. The i will not ■itt®'’bpt | to retrace our'rirnbles;— Charming as they ■were to us, thhy would bfe te­ dious to the readerj Bumettmes W,e climbed; etriitieaces covered with the ttiountain laurel, br dliffs shaded witlj yev.; and at others,, crossed rustick bridges oVer-iirched With evergreens, of reposed'upon ctaboWsred seats, to adlniro the charms of this rolhimtlck glen. The most has been made of tlie little river Skelj. fjotft drop of its scanty Waters Is 'per’mitted to eseape.' from the vale throvigh whicji if gh‘des,till ithas; per- formed, every oSiee which tatte or fancy ftonld •devise, The foiSntain named Quebec 'is exqui- eitely . cool and limpid. ' So luxuriant is the foltt age upoft its margin, as to dip into its .pelltteid ■waters, and affofd a slwde to the pijee arii trout with Which it is stocked, :Cur first peep at the ruins of the Abbey was mt the distanceof.a trillefrom hli tfiatiioW re­ mains of this'once doll and ceiebrated n)on^- tery- The view is peculiarly pictu'riesqtte and striking,inviting the fteirer approach of the visi­ tant. In passiiig wpcm.thf'V^ffley by;,tt{e-:^de of the ftoiiy Shell, We.-'s3acked \oUr thirst at a clear- arid cold spring a-Sftar the. path, Cnlled Robiil Hood’s Fountain. It is shaded with bmialilea. is'satat6heoomp6|e.d erihrely of humftft.,bqani, 0i WdiicQ foutidtio re&soh to as ntuae- roua fragments Were seen ill an excavation near its base, Whence Materiads. haye faeeri 'dug to re- pair the roads. Antiquaries conjee,turej thet thie great repoMtory ofthe dead, apparently formed by alternate layers ofhumaft bodies and earth} it of Dsiaish origin, and that here were iftlerred many thousands swept ofFby some gre'tit battle or pestilence. ■ .. The fatigues and pleasures of the day were ftoftclfidedby ai loug stroll after, diftner,'thtbUgh the streets of thi? ancient town, and' up the ■tiaoks of tlie Skeli, whence a rich sUns'et view of Stud- ley Park Was obtained. In a solitary part ofour rambles, leading through fields arid pastures stud­ ded with copses, we, met two ladies saunterifig arm in arm, with an open letlep in their haads, which doubtless related to some love afiilip, ttnd which; they, had retired to thiri’bmantickspot to con over together . One of them was readiiW from her album, an impassioned, extract, from the Pleasures of Hope, in a voice t,0o dudabte riot lo be heard,' as we pnssedhy and ;left Iheift to their evening meditations. '. . . On the morning of ttie 6th, ■we left Ripon at an early hour,.iq. a. post chaise, ibere being io stage coach aOross the country in this dircctiob, which occasioned us some tcouttle and an addi- . tional expense.,^ The uriiforiri price of an English pott chaise is. fifteen pence sterlihg per' mile, ex­ clusive of three pence per milato: the postillion, arid the tolls. Oh tbfsf(?uto,^ the landlords, stage after stage, made aft Unsticcos?ful attemht to sub­ ject us to the double expence t)t M r hbr’ses ' iiV- stead oflwri.'.' IfWas difficult itf some iristances to resist their importunities ; and ofte or two of them at first threatened not to fake us on at all,, undertbe plea that the roadishad, requiring four horses. Their entreaties Were, however, eluded, and experience Utlifoirily .proVed the falsity of thOir'repr'eseiitation?. There'is he'rt unfortu­ nately ,aq bo|ftpetttioft; the inn-keepers are a hungry swarm ij aUd Wo betide the traveller who, falls iniq their .hands. As there Were net inany iuterestiilg objects a- lphg .the w.ny to retard our progress, WO rode from Ripon to Sedbergh, iri \yestmorelaftd, a, distanee“of six'ty'imiles in one day. The' greater part of this routclayin the ffortli Riding of iforh- Shire, whidh, ks far as our '(ihtefvatidn ’dxlendea, is mtich itifftribur to the West R|dmg}iri point of soil, agriculture} h e a lth and pppulatipu, It os a Inouutainoqf r-iBgioft, with extensive pioorlkndsi, ou, which, sotnetimesj,for m,anv ipilds aflouseisnot to be seen. T h e tq.'wps and villages ar'e comphra- tively small’, pd6r, fthd mean in their appearance. Sobn'after :le’aviftg Ripon, We canid upon the banks of the Ure,. the w’inding Current ofwhioh, the bridge exte.ndihg across it on seventeen, a r­ ches, aftd'the town with its M inster'left behiitd thegray battf ementa: peepipgffjuoughthedbliagt tt picturesque elfect- .,r A h|r4j^pf cattle,, .graaiuj; th.6 gT06Q solo occupants.;/aridk’ sur^ buR, pelloyriw^ spUraing'the CftTth, ’itmineR^ftAdy?' to upon u‘s of his .iSvit}' 19^ spite df his.mehftriel,: Wfe ihACfllbt W the high Irilift.hy whihttitdjrcx] ji'tl the new gas wurks Whicij'sre'bf Jim^-stdrie, w# indeed- the whole thwiri shd vimtedn^*M«M Church', ^Thisq's aft antique, oddlyttlwppd^bii venerable Structure, the chief interest bf Wlfidii derived,fromhftving beeft once visiffta arid nutely described h y the iriet'tSfaV.'- RehbVreVit descended mttchrmora mtft. (dfttrit thftnWVOiilAlh : iWftteted.by this river to |ts Very. sfturGe, a dis- laftcepf forty, qr fifty mitts. .'VFherosSed it half a dbZen, times, in life course of the dayand in ohp iriSulitain IbRfeftt, being filled with rpeks, probably swept down from the high hfilg.on; either side. On thgleftbarik of the 'Ure, ftOt far from Mid- ^alaiids G.iistle* colebruted for lia- Ving been for a long time this residence of Mary Queen of Scolsi, during her iraptisQument, It is ftoblomen,-Whether buried.’here o f elsewhmf- The sexton cefadricted Us to aTotnh iftWftebbwt of the church, Amfstructfed; qf p)a«r)lime-itt«t wiyespf Henry VHI. were deRbJi£4d ;;’Tfiiitth lies were buried here.. Jft the pavement, wltEtt tlie altar, is the. foltoWiug aod curious epi­ taph oft Mr. Ralph-TyleV.Vtear «f HefadU;.Wri(- ten by himself:— ; '’ ■ . ' * . l ./,L, I “BDDqdtt.mca,'ifteei~Westein»i»r mdtee,' . ' k OanibrWgo:6pod ftiee--my sifltar wiiimoo, ■« stu(iv)tfughttt(ie-=-iiri«g*m’«ightineH ’ \ ' ■ Learoaehr()iightia«)--Keij|al,t|i'i*btm«e, 1 ,;' .Labour presstni mde---sickness dWr^uacS ihec, , iDsatb oppressed inbej—ihe grSvo pdssosSijtfineeV ’' ; Theiritfelicttf pfthycllur.ch'iksfagulaTiyfi't^4^ ed 'With double'ftislbs, arid rrioghs b f ar£;hes # niug Iraflsv'ersely. On'-the ■^alls,- y .the'CommiUih men ts, and the greater parf of. ttteiSqrmftrichP . i i troyffiedf lie had sp'aany visiters .that h e Could ftotrecoiy alldhett; names, On cilir'Way .{o the hotel, wbitlier qur Iug|age had been gent, We peramrbalattd ftibst'ofthettW' before restingi <_The uriifoi-itf complexion bf ^ buildih]|8 gives i t a.'remackah'ly fica't’iippearaftcSr It is aplade of eorl9iderShle..ttad&.and ifttporlaDMi heingttbe capital of thiTlarpiiy of Kendal, oueof the greftl divisions of 'iVes(ril6reknd> ttsp'lp'l* lation, amounlmg td six 'or' Olghf tHoUs'aiiii , » chiefiy Pmployod' in laarmfactrifeS of diffotett attract much attention, \Vhile we Wert at dinrieri, t. 6 ’'pUated roundsaf' applause were heard from tlie ywri-house,'«earl)f otoosi'tefhe hotel • and 6i iriquiringdlie'o^Uifr the wahfer informed us thatMr.'. Canning was dt- nirig with the Corporation, augmented'by ttt “ nbhilityriftd gentry” in the viemity, wholWelft holding their annual meeting, ps tltt custolnifitt consult oji things in general, relating to Ibedis,* trict. Shbiitt continued till late in the eVeilingt aiid.it was,coaeliided that the ieeietary ntust verypoptriaf-to; qteate so riirioh riaise. It wa? nf- IftfWards'mentioned by so&e of the family} th“‘ Mr> Carining Was undertbe sariie roof with us, amending a pall gi ven on the occasion, which kept Hie musmiaus .piping oriel the Ro,use jurrih?all o.i|fot. The' next iftornitig it Was agcerMifted thit the secretary'had n 6 l hcen lft bWn, fi'Uf 'was eX* peeted. He asf iv'ed yesterday, stopping tt change horses, at the King’s, Arms, and. affording Some m oUr party an opportunity to look at him and his son. They were on their return from* tlie lak«(- ffalfof th.einhabitants iii town cpllefited ri>Utd the carriiig‘^, to: tsfee a peep at a ftiatii fcnost proirinent in the government, and who haS raised himself by hi? own PiTorts t t an enviahtt dritinctioD. V -,— . PROPERTY OF UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER ORIGINAL STAINED

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