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Rochester telegraph. (Rochester) 1818-1830, January 03, 1826, Image 2

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1.^.1 ..... . c K y - r t f c c ^ 4 , , i J ® t U 4 t . m l © s t w m I■ ' 'jjWffiviMjit.\'» i ■ I t €/4.. ' mosphcsi^, thfe g^bMif6»i» U>|8dwe<Uw«itewt|i?f!rbifafF(«#4i!tfatQwM^^^ i V W f i t M . by»5k-y % drownipip it^; lagt iray in duntj! Crcej tfa 4 -prt,thp npWSpiP' tbp 'N«w nyM^ T^e^n ;»nmifter ftrySnrf |)P>f, ftn| >be wotfefie? S t ’”' . tfbeplacc,i3fyenitf V 'Tis strange thiit t ^ e Wth nevey^^ yat iin{ir<Mt f On JnoTtaVn»en,ihp4ibp|!lPitvuthw , aiiconntfessyears n»ve”rast?d ’■!Fijat as WiiPsielf ■arap; nev^r known' to rest, ' • Ory^et'to jfjijljnridhU t ‘ aoviilhpnyy/nyiftjdnppint ^ ^cbft% c 4 o ttot|n in*t^^^ , , . ‘jQnfc eceature JCind h^th foinied, n p t to derange; ®tft|>arni6ninewitnwhat,«^'crfe . . : 0^]^ant, n^gr4veJ^ing .an^lnga,o^Ji •. , |(est no1ti|iu^Uy,ei50iaoni^ O^Xjrne, n i o f e i ^ r ^ y pto, pr retrp^^^^^ :.,; A m U fthf ipMannhangeii^^^ 3 ^ | n g ; | t i a n i ^ t e n i ^ e i r lylie » - ,A»!4d*ap.'ae»tjciw0en|tbr^iienb^ kngty tidei •11)ennliii<nftip]|t%pa*(don*efn^^ ' And if a ir e h n n g e ^ b ipathjag jikp tins Spring I Or sweeping mdeijr gs in Winter’s p iast; Cir tnoningraititing bospM, as with wing P t gentle Zephyr i tfeduPed a t last 0:e sigbjin dtdd habit^P’brlhestriiig P I some poor hspip, pH pareless willoJws eost-^. ;]^airB n d Ocean ehangi, shall mortals not t Are they n o t’ttad* of elements prepared « ‘3fft change i Ot'Aortal passions whidU haye go ^IveresUessness of OcaanHpMsions shared i p o u ^ t|m t d istract^andranW mg j>aipusic ie v e that bafM n p tkg hearo«-«nd deadly hate, tChnt d y e s p B -j^it d ^ h itself er^^ dnd may sn^ mgrtrfs chgiigeJ^ 'Jliiey wHlanddcH- }Ve'4aunr.ofbsany ehsmgeisince the date v p f t o t Ifewdfeaf, ,fad we’ll indite a fewT!* We know ofone whp??,<inritsarc conforroed^ jii such a sort^that nothing entered there . > - ^fiut soured apd tuphed to bittejmos?—tThe fair ' 'Hadmfteityexed Wt?, h a t had never warmed-*-' He hated all higiriendSi aHd he Would swear .jheir kindest diScet werehiedht for harm—• And there was one cosnmaihclffleiit (Only Oiie, if one), which he rdigiousiy deemetl wise) ilhisfe^ obeyed, b ^ t « e the oh|y charm ’Snchhadlw a s ^ e lr sincerity aloiie,. ' And therefore aid he “ toye his them iet'’’^ !fhia was his first ai|«) 6 h ^ love, till Tune, Who always hates life’g d«l( monotomes,^ ContrivedtOsoften hSragperities, With ^charms Of one whwSO beauty was atpriracr-i Two moons have scarcely wastt^ sihde ho won Tim fair, tod aiLlnshatred is undone} we pass^d Old |im i an4 the india ^nUege, Jit d dwahceTromtlm road- f d epcofthe prixi- cipai: ofSoehs of the IntterithA Znllish geiitleinaiir whom We met at the jbakmof KUiarhey.politciy gate ds a lettef n f irttrpdactioni and it i's our in* tehtfon to visit the jnstitntlojn before }etoing.% ctmntry> though e a r nnnhgemcnts wquld ndtper- .mitthe inconyettmade auid delay it would cituse iat present., i t i s situated ia a retired part «f iierefordshire,withnomode of coftdeyaticc front thnnoheh. ' ■ _ ■ * Odr exit from Hondon, as well as our entraneojfi led through plecCg consecrated by thp d'ats of ' Cdwper^s; hero,,the immortal Gilpin, whose racQ gronh4 hns interested US more than any course, which has been, observed since landing, not es* ceptihg those* where gpldett cupsmay havobeen wdn r hy thp styi* n f noblemen, The village of t/ Ward” derives its prindpai interest from this ludicrous ballad* and ftojn an account,giy.cn by the'Ctochmah o f amammptb bed, a t a » inn, called the Sarftcen!s il«ad, ‘which is sufficiency capacious to hold twenty persons at a tinje, It is impossible, that John and his, loving wife,!| with eiglUfen olhars, slept in it, daring an esenr* sionsocplebratedin song, • ,?fpar th^ place, we rn^l hdy, Salisbury in her coach withi%p postillions, and mbrace \f cuth- ders,.nU in.mvery. ghc is said to be a second H ltoa ym.non m horsemanship, riding fall speed and leaping t%mostforinidablg harriers a t the stag*bwnts,, in which; she Is peculiarly fond of paiticipixtihg. The4it%lJshladies^pe.rallyride' on bpmeback, with holdnPss;d.cxterity,and gmee- fulneps. Their beaypPhats^exactly resembling those' of the other ses; their'high collars and black cravats, tied before in the sfjde of a|^ah^ iouable gentleman; with the appendage of along whip, give them somewhat o f a masculine ap- peafance. One of the causes/however,ofrosy cheeks andhealthy complexions*may be found in these ^ u c s tr ian oxm^pS, and ip the habit of walking much more than is common ia our coun?' ■Tty- . ■ . ' ’■ ' - V Atthe dutanceof twenty in'Ies from this pla^O} the aspect of the pountiy suddenly changes, from landscape, sfudded with copse o flatgctrsts, to imked swells of land, resembling thp lrisih scene* ry, exceptthatthe smlkce ipless verdant. Jthas h light soihbutis'productlveof.iy p, wheat, bm3®y, p ^ t o d beans. There .are ho fences-of ai»y kind for milyss, Thp necessity o f them, is siippr* > scdcddjy- a rpgulittion,, prbbih%g46bi<!?0c to; imals from running at IdVgp- ® n d r e d y .o d |^ . Women and children Were StoiMPstolpi bheaxi • W e know another change more cosnmo» still. And duHc as sudden—’Tis ctfeup whOscheart a'oo narrow ^ppmed to take jfjs p tpper fill. ' Qf cbarjty—It seemeii to h e h ispart; To u e t the Howard p f the day'^The trtitb <)f all this matter was, the mafi hdd dared To iix hishopcS o» pne wlmsechafiningyoRth Had made hiaa fiuaigv , lferiove-*Tim w^Pp!i^'sun»hihe And h e toojt jMjEthWtotoi H out in sni&s, ' Andloveliness, todatofiMp it---But-whca AtXpcent date, Ke tofthd that thefd jue wiles In Woman’s ways, his htoH became so sore. That now he hatSh the. world .he'loved before! !, ■ ■ ; •* j5uM i6re,M a ^ iW |e>#ifctoi^^ sahto ‘ brightfair* - * ' ,s^?_ • That frolicked with his heart,\had tatoh. care, In all her fluiterioft round ybe liame o f love, Thatnot astragghuglocit o f her fair hair Hhould beso muto as shorchjito*A3be was above The arts o f coquetry—but atill her fate * 'iVoitld have hermadetheldoi, which shqtdd more All hearts to wersbip, and y e t not citoate A single move.’nentiaher mind of aught, '.SaVe, kindness, pity, or some.merry thought-^ Aid thus she livediraudhad for many years (Sporting with h e a to as mousers'with their p rey; But envious Time, alittle while since, hfought Her high-born sotil so low, that she appears Quite changed—the girl Wis married Christmas day! Thercis toother change Of which wto’d speak; Wc hope the instance Will upt give olfcnce— , IrVc mark it as a case that’s like to break . A noble heart—wo don’t know why ft shoidd— We’'re Sure’twas not her fault; t o d We Would thenOo . \ Console her—we believe she hoped* a n d would H«ve married since, but failed'thro’ some pre- , fence— flo w yomigshfl was laStyear, we allVemember; Alas ! our tXiendwas ikiffsh^ November! But 4f changes which the year has Tljfcre^s orte we .Ototo^phss unheeded b y ^ , It is a. change that must forever lie Kohl every heart, whose virtue is,hot bought w ith lucre; and it is amongst ohrselvcs— ' iTha heat oTprivatSsmitpiGcs, once fraught V/fth eviis dire, And prompting to s(sch;decds As move tbe.energto.ofone.who delves ‘ In caves, for mifieral poisons, has been cooled; And those lyho chewed before the bitter weeds Of strifiS, and 'spit their juices ih the face', lEach of die other, their tempers now have » ' ’ sebooied* ' . ■ Aiid fallen iu each others kind embrace.^ We grieve froto out this ifumheh to except sjich few, as by deiiberatn maUcc p lan’d, Have peipctratnd miscluef, whieh the lives Of twenty sahito* as holy hS e'er w ept 0 E*i' cartijily ib]ll]<J 9 ^ could iiot cvc/ii A chance of caucclliiig ; and Which survives The passion that provoked.it-*-Whiie the hand That v,as imbued in murdered character, btih the dagger pointed fit the slaih, And net a tear hath fallen to confer A siiftitoss on it, or Wash-out the stain » Gad Of the passing hour—may Hd derange Their irop,stoutiicss, and produce a change, i fi«t \Vo toust fehd the verse, or tire the sense Of those w.lio read—One word at parting then— Our friendly graiulatlons We dispense To all—IVe wish our friends longlife and peace- We wish thein happiness and thrill, tod when ’ Th^y wit Ii6pe their virtues yrUl in­ crease. . ■ • H irh'E R S M o m z u r o p is —f i r - k k f . Camfifidgc.SOiA A%asi;, I82fi. At 0 OtolockthittnorniHgthe Idthiastaut, three of us, who intend making a tour to tim North in Company* bade Mien to the liitlf circle of our acquaintances in liOJidoii, and took opr seats in the coach toy this place, which k fifty miles from the nmlropolis. In a Northeastedy direction. Qur e.dt was by the Nenlon foltd, wldeli tor a ;J.png distance picsented p full VieVv of the dotne of iat* Paul's' and the lum'dred spires nnd turrets ,*^^pu4oft, whiekweltooed and gto?a^ as Trinity College Whs founded; by Edvvhrd'% Third, an.d i|s;'fdnas. greatly £t?crea?edhy Henry . .Vfik 'IlhelHkraf drotottons ; subsepaentfy togffitotedhy Qucciiifdty. l^iay prodptifd agX;Cat.iiu*hhetSf eminent numvfttoong Whom t o a i t A Coke, Dr. BartoWihp. Divine, d ^ A ilTahd.eow ley, poets, Dr. RmtleW afidPprtoni ptofdnWdraChola.rs and critics, wdiT tlirce or four hk«i4f«d undcr-graduates.', If fas in its giftxM y likgd>»'»t^gs*a«d to the masterhbip oTthree schools. M(ifenfc/;,-^tfne,mf the-effects'whiph haveirc-. lectual .stvancemeht are .executing tfieir commis- sultcd from dhp cstablishattot of South Amcrk hiems offight mKl toercy, on plans commensurate , ^ oatf )ndepen:dt’»oeisstlicsi«gdtirattedtiohWW out qvf» miglity dominion. The projects of W sidemtion of DtocutiVw.business, iMessrs, tensive fieldSjpickirig up an e a « t .a time And Ht' liqg their aprops, The loentt 'btodlht Jo k»Htd ■ a beaptifulpastogeln the*e»it(«ir4 n not but unite ia fhe huimiWckisli o f 1*4tined g the reaper might h a mcfctol « gklwSwi .*bd- harvesf, .leaving a Jihcral pqrtio'n to eonip«h*4td tW toils of these Industrious femules- Agtntl** ^ man in the coach informed me, that tocy some* with bread for tlm y t t o by the fruits of such pa­ tient toil. It isjtecOtonfeddisrepMtabie aud ndiouS' on the p a rt'of the wealthy pCOprietor o f thd field compels him tohcMtec his bounty. . town of Cambridge, and, psusirig Several of (He Colleges, whiclx compose the uuiversity, set us down at the, San Hotel. With all the. modera improvements, V^cjt have been very extensive withina few- years, there is nothihgprep'osscssing' in Its irregular, narrow streets, Or low, antique housesan d althongh the architecture o f some of the public buildings a t once commanded our admiration,'increased by being .associated with' toe of the most eelebrated seats of learning in „.... _ ____ ..., ,.. T.HZ'NfeW, Yil5fiH-w0!ie mow impPritot. tec-- 11‘w ^ ' B t t h e l ^ 'jhAtea;' andivBawrlilkRWb' wkle the mficet-te.n,'We' iM dsUydp rcBd to d : (ejii'riyer!ne, ' tifeeifflskhAn^iiritoB-Be.vief.'Wtoh serviiwtd: the Jmeki «p«n the tjl^e, , Oar hew iitofiiliging toqwkipftoce. p a t co«: 4 p e t^ pS ' t o ^ ^ t y CcdlegBt \dost «|fen*ihe tod:«4«hrBted p f t ^ sfiv,cntee« sUter » R .is « of hmWmgiB, staudmg. around nejsfand rplsiiig a battler ifCibc' iotelligenca pf the peiople,jgainBXa returiv to thafemci'pur dOfitrines^^ of War «,»d CCfi'Tb^Bt,, The glories of peace wnri %. prosperity* which phllo^phy sna religion,'united iiq^mvaintot, review the history of the year ghto am met #g»fied multitude ofbletEingsp'Hioh have (listhiguiihed.oet thif country .only, ijut the qiviilf ed wprld. In the stillesM'whkbehsk foiiokmdvhe ttejtt as a cklee$ of ,*hh#r*e.Dtedj, he m \ A iVltigbk Wto had tuaony, st|R per»teW »b bra inatoeace* ltw(» alsoqrged t H f the im»*«biwat of publick whip* pmg way htobaroBS, a a d whoever it v ^ of baiUgereqt Turope, eduftation 4hd mfiiion are wbij?^d ‘twe,o!ty4ve stripes in slltotlyhTesliiog fhf ttea t work of human hippk pim , on the^iokcd ^hefc, on theBrsf f wide, ip khv <ea<icb Sfwhich is a slope foun*, tem,spppliea with e^tcellehl'wate'r by an aque- ducti Arourid ’tbefie verdant courts, k # t id a State •qfperfcwt rucatneas, th^ ranges of spllegk buildings’est«tod, w;th arched piazzas ohihe baeb- meni ffirnaipg’ cotmixodioiis walks in ineletnenl, weatheri Tbt apaitraents of the tdHsqfh, feh hBUSted .hyflmir follies aifd theircrimes, ' a lew lows, schpIma,AadHjto resudents arp year* tff resst nr»d peace, and the sovereignty v.i . .. x -i.-j are.gerre,'.toreyci,’Tito4'tmpdph.merischarg^ inteiligmitofdrid «smr^ epheute^ of the eiepients t«B Senate, m Tndtody, in peladqn to the power oTDongress to niaCke Ronds a n d ' f ^ a l s , were- laidoa tho table, at his .suggcstmm, to b e acted upon at, some future day. A retolutton wan of- emitetoe feghtmughtoic^ Isyg harpsome hidden in* !q«ky,;. 0 | pres:^'tei.some giaht-error, The«lfug-: gle betw een'tj^ rights of human nature a>id the powersto^rkiiess, has been long, mud cruel, and' bloody; 'but'the pitroux ofliberai institutions may .now rejoicdlii'thotiHifideBt to that; the Hamb\. dens and tho^yilmeys Of Europe have ;not “rijed in Vain.’' - ' . • ' ‘ ; Dn our own' cotxtinent, “ hope is swallowed up i» victory.” The most sublimated enthusiasm never tended prosperitr. The agents of moral and inteh sSvar arid the .Weki^tos, In little 't o than a yeaD several lodge? have .bcjf,a' eiie'ctfliirt to® City of Mexico, b y late awfivals'wes have found sevffal aCcpuqts showing ,tbp progress of the “yraff.’? Jt to said rimt.tmdoi'thc first amojng them who had reached bjgbes.thonours,oftheMa'so;^k art w P the sattid person’wlio had formerly w - p ^ a the office ■prG'raud laquiSltor. 4 singalaraltersrtkjftt hits; Oecuned b y the ustahlish* meiitof free yriricipilet! have un- dersto>od thak ftpplica^nfs, have been made to Lodges in ibis cqrimtiy through the IM'Pistovsin theWexican dapSjai,,foruew.infcrmat'ion,& high- :crknowledge in 'tl^ “ sublime art” which will probably be foriVairded to fliose .who have be- cpmeaensible lhat they have liyedin darine*?.'^ Freedom abd Masonry are co-ordinate liglits’, vyhidi the ^ k o o s s comprebendetb not.—Snote- dpfi Geb%»«,'—0oVer»bur Tfoiip has been re^clec- tedgmtoiroaar qfthlrBteteby a small, majority, iud-h« deHsyert«rai»otl*er furious -iuessage tO Uepevoleuce, -are hardly commenced Before we are called to akpjfc aud- ookbrate th<?ir accomplish.' merit.. ,>< , , • _ Dur bosom awtlls with joy andpode, as, w« east our’eyes over thi mtpOf ourown great arid happy State, AllIhoparsuits pfhuman ihdusti^ .flourish­ ing withuPTivallRdp]|ospw>ty, a, great people under a free coustitotiom.admiiri'stered in wi.sdoiri and jus- ice, a Speciecle to inriemoi^ th# patriot for. all bis Sacrifices. - 1\; ; ' The Legislatuceof ibis .slate. cOnvenc this day. and^tbe Govehno.f's Mossak^ P‘®fi*bly arrtoe ip season for fiur riext week’s papier, 'The Editor being itow in Ajl>4iiy» th® readers of the Telegraph may also expect, from hirit, an interesting sketch pfthe-fewlirstdajs ofthesession. - J The two minus candidates tor the highest state first MomfiByof jFebuary to the secoud Monday > tn-dariUR^ pr wkph year, Mr, W. toto reported ‘ amuther bill tor addih|?b{ircc ksmeikte Jmtkcs= | to the Stiptoike Cfourt, The Annual report o f the Tirst Comptroller, of hklkuices due froiri pnh- lic olKcers And uther*r.,.wa* rOc’eiy «d ‘.and ordered to bpprinted. The AanVal Rfpoit of The Secre­ tary of the Tieksurv was r eceived, and an extra.. ptfices, at the 1 bs | gubernatoriail election, are hofib hitoajelf emperor, pf the-whole cafth,— Hkvipg^escapedfrom h h kBcpets,he ascended a high'emineuco, and putriri|rhhisself ia an atti mdcAfcpmnQandj.mrfed'aloUg,mdcAfcpmnQand,mrfed'aloui[, AfimrifOrtfietdfdto World! A I -hf U h ^ m s iio iU _ /■ •‘Ddnft sag. F r m ik& Bortom (palairi^. ty.arc hbddktopetiSon tSe'.lefiffiatto'e for b a o k c t o k r t e r i l ^ . a capital o f g5<)(J;Wr 'it ii^:aift'',dfi(lTfitodt; eiiB; The National- Journal, Pec. 23d, coritains the Appointments b y the President, “ by arid with the adVicO and consent of the Sen&tOt” (which was «- duajOTpurf-lnatigro thovvill of his ‘• highness” 1(ins ^M.M,H p 8HO o £- ' ‘ R0FDS KINdr, o f fiewTork, to baEnvoy Exird- ' ....... ....... .. ........ ....... *—c^hstf StSSTitit? View Ely, distsht.thirty Ittilesi-aodiof the Chppolbf Icing’s Cofiege^at.thiS^.piaco, as well ps tpo whole sltr- rorindirig country. It is unusil to command so wide a faorizohin England,wherd thci&iosphorU ieless iran®arettt^ imd the skies Ifcss hrilliaut, # a n in tIioHirited Stales* Rut the afterntoii Was uncmmmtos^-lMd^t, h e n ^ m. perfect gotoltltot to toe obscurity and gloom, of the morning, _ . . . - - ■ . A t4 o’clock tlio coach drove into thfe anfcient ift btoplfip&; Jot liiristick tbatkodfais of*, out b r e th r e n q i a ie t y ^ gtpfovr-'lTork can r 'JOHN A SING, ofNkw*T,bfk.tobeSccretary o,i i.akc.T)pthestofck o f abatnk:aifioiigtheto 5 Dlves, to6Lri|atmri of the United States near bis Eritatt- withajit 'hescorning' borrowers at th«ir own counteK tooy arc truly in aprospefoukcoadi- ijon, Brit ifi like the stockholders m some banking institiltiOinSithey wvswif a b a n k inercly to. discouat: their-.own fltites, let theip j?4««c fice, and wc hop© a ebriifqrtable income will stick fay him. T^he rage for speculating in stocks, unless it he jn JccH stocks, may bring him into embarrassments, and he* cnay find unexpec tedly tomt bis regirtor is oat, bis pomls bhwitd, his pdgmr a^bblcd, his head liniS. battered, his fypets myn^aod his tody 7-ocfccd up itt a tftdsc* Whence nojpuils at the devW>s tail can ikrom ^ withoalOTacHto and slut's. the world, little did we expect to leave the place J46t hito la ie oilt picks ySiih. ^ skiept's-foot or with those favorqlde impressions, and that heart- cO;*r*rci hfe/ojw - without a bodkin —^lethim felt regret, which B; stay of a day or cwb created. By a curious coincidemce, our arrival .was on the anniversary o f my visit 'last summer to Dart­ mouth ; and the recollection o f pleasures eiijpy- ed a t thatzent Of learning, in toe socic% of its scholars, arid the circle of my friends, heighten­ ed tliC gratification derived from ra:^ilrtgthro' the classic shades of a kindred instimtiourT-tlic torihtqin whence the former dfOW much of its Science,, literature, and taste, tlpon the banks of the Cam, I found many interesting memorials of those authors, whose; works ‘had aJforded ttrO •so much delight upon thelwildcr and -uiore roman­ tic banks o f the Cpimccticot.: Newtan, Bacon, iiiake bis 6 ^ iQ liis or winUr beneath his own steinWM)'—*-Tbrit let him beware of a pliiage in th e lye-im of sjmculaticQ. fJenleelHiirtmn^.—The Editor o f the Schoha- rto Hepublxcati advertises as follows—\ li. B. Wanted, a t this office any quantity of “ the Root of Evil,” iit fixcliaxige for ftotes and accounts”— and then adds, J ith most commendable regard to his own conveniemoc,” Don’t ali tome at once ” •OAto,—TVe learn from the message o f the gov- ernour ofOhip, tbat every thing looks prbspe- Miltoh, Dryden, Gray, and ahost of otheVx! \Vho rously to that state, frXcepting-edUcation, the be would hot venerate the. Alma fijatcr of suCh Sons —who would no; love the hahuts of (heir earjy jiiedUatlons', and the gropes which thdf fbotsleps have hallowed. .Blit my feoltogs are in advance of my sto i y , An obliging friend’in New-Forfc; apibng hia nia?. uy favors gave me an introduction to a Fellow' i nofits o f wliich Seem to be much wanted. On the subject of the canal to Lake Eric, the gov- .emour states, tha.t, “ thirty-four, miles on the. Caytiga sunntnit .bare beeq 'contracted for, arid also forty-two op ffa'e Miami line. The whole expense is estirnatei a t^300,000. T.hq passage Of a. law is recornended, empowering the canal fay tori Assemhly, not be'considered too Fovttg (qr Spbakor^ Probably ahout toe first businesk, after, the rirg4nizatite^fUMl,lBgiil»ture,wlll be the choice of a 'Di 'kfitnttari and it i s to W hoped the claim* of“ tori^tsk\ tqjll not fari unheeded. , nieMSjcsly. “ Thodiojkcar, andtheUindriceieeihdr sigktM The publick xtfentiori is called, and the news- ,pril)tingl)tetliten,gciidrally;arejrequesled to notice or give a grdtuitous insertion, to aii advertisement in. this day’s paper, o f the “ Rochester Eye and Ear diifirtnarT.” None , but those who hfiva experienc­ ed it, can Justly *i»d tolly esBmW4 to« W*ri»rig of teirig brouto ittinediately frSm blindnet's to asiate of clear aijd disDiict Jisioii, at from deafness to the enjoyihont? of Hjelodious sbundS and the « sweet converse,” o f friends,—andj.fhc widely extended information of tbis’institution, thtougb the mediuin of the publick press, may be thd meaDS of Opening o source Of relief to thpusandB.of the affilcted. In consideration of the shortness: of the time,: since the Infirnaary was »stablished, flic cutes pet- formed by Doctors Harrol & Smith have been, not only nuraefojfs, but almost tniraeuteus. Ori SatUrday last,, probably to clogetlie year in triumph, ebnside.ting \ life a bubble,” a fellow took Within toe oakenwalls of toe county gaph fitot (to» ei»4* owt C p p r(s>tto^titeg* kktoto ougM to dkriorintonantte ?t tilfaeitovto 4b^M fi«»^’^!riunJity todoso. ■■ r s i A ,^ ,. 4 w B e t o l e ’9f ■ori,- t S S f ' wbo'iltli. t4'* JIJUJ ouppiliv VUMTiy ww Iflfr flqurt to repognize in toe sum. Of ^1Q,0G0 with riirefies., Enoch Wetoeifhead fpr larcqpy wnS sentenced to .p a y a fine of $4toimprisoned.B: ^Mtontfas, makh'Xtotitoripn, toe. JhielBrowp, afi hccOfoplice .with •IVctheihead,' Wal ordeted fo tfcrioghize Tor appparanec iu the spin of ^lOO djA his own bo«d, hud dtstoarg^^ pPi^ikel^dtihnaldb^ . .Thri rritolutiona^eted b Mr. JE as BwBgitia ’“ !’S e r--'‘ ■' - ------------ - frirefi’by M r.H xnpricks , pfiodiana, M i | f forIf'ew 'p f tori hiriSeris'riler^^^^ add tbrM em -j *’*■' . .........to^tonciiof the ' h i Rripto4*ntofito4, A tori State tori aid oCfhri Goyetntaent in opepfog a canal communication hrit.%eri Lake E»iri arid tori M'ribrisTi, fay n. g rant’ftfpttfalirik lamfs cdiltli- guous. Aiid anotoet hy Mr. Sto^x,. for eloth- approprjattohs. made, a t the fast session for re foovijig obstructions ht the rt% y#tipp, o f the <3- hio river,* . About hstlfaphpur was spent in thte Mints, HavNX, SfiiTfi, M acon , .andHxiausos. were, appointed thexelect Committee on thfe pij- tition, o f the, surviving veterans Of thri xevoW-* fionaiy army. . ' : In the House o f Representotiye*, a, Bdtto ex­ tend the time allowed for (he redemption of,tohdx^^ sold for direct ta.xes; ,n Bill to alter toe Uteri* for holding the temis of the Stipfemri .Eourfc; a Bill, to amend the Judiciary system, tmd a bill for the relief of the Kentucky institufion for fire Deaf' and Dumb, An amendment was o(Trir®d to: the Resolution offered on WedtfefedSiy by Mr- D wight , relative to lossesinlhe collectiottof the customs'; and an amendhierit was ,also offered to Mr, C a H r r r r t’s resolution, rrilative to dri- setters imm the army ; Mr, Ohr if also modifi­ ed his resolution, relative to the treaty with tfae Creeks, at Fort Jacksop ; Mr. T atnali , of Georgia, offered a resolution calling for (he de- tails Of the system offortlBcation* toqulredfor tori national defence ; Mr. 'WRidH'f, o f Ohio, of­ fered a resolution on the subject of Military Land Warrante; resolution* were ako offered by. Mr. M itch m e , of Souto-Careliha, pa the subject of-toe best plauof completing tfie sur­ vey o f the AtJanUck sea coast; andM r. SxxW* AHTj of .Penniylvanik, rrilaUve.to, tori' Disniai Ewamp canal, to o m w a r t oBm!o»tof Sti militor ntatioa on tori attoject of fite treaty toiflr the Cherolcririr* in ISlfi, )ry wbich toq Chetalcef d* tics in North-Garplina were extojWsheA 0 » motion of Mr. STiH’aRT,riopie*jtilwl^4paaird plans o f the canals and roafi* ,ea;jc»ted under tori Act of 30th Aprih 1824, were* drdered ; on motion of Mr. Ac8TOx,'ofMorth.CaroIina; itWai resolved to inquire into the expediency of alter; ingtoe election laws afthp States, so that pacm* ,-r . hers of toxigress should h e re-elected before the ^ tvxpimthm bftheir'icfmsrimha’a itemmitice W :appdjnted. The rinnuid Treasury Report, and a Report from the Comptrpllcr, were received. The bills making appropriations for the pay­ ment o f the Revolutionary and other Pensioners, and the bill to authorize the Legislature rif Ohio to sell tori lands reseivcd for schools, were pass­ ed. The Housri .was takeii Up some-time with the discussirin o f a private hill granting land in Florida to two ,individuals. Frotn Ike Commercial Advertiser,. FROM ODR CORfeESPONDEMT. ' ’ y'VVASWiK(i'roN,Dric.20.182fi/ The weather is beeoming'so accessively cold, that toere is danger of one’s brain? freezing, as well a s his ink. Nothing of moment has been done, or Wilt be for some Wrricks. There haS been talk .of opposition—but none has been manifested. Mr. King’s nQmination to Londbn has been affirmed by the Settatri—and, I under­ stand, nothing smd against it. It has been, sup- ft* ritatelr' ,'Wet.fr reach lit from lutoiv wMiteWri tofider, I M tori fa}lcry ib » l f wto to® hat jUf^ • tofffidl o f Atooke to atomt PfRf.'S'j»PPtoto^ ’ ginatcilifotori rihhclto l c f t t o i |r i fiall^y :hj-A , •kiad. Atoorig* the mritoM* riailiest pu .the spot, andmrist tototo^toAddUW plaster. I tedrpr'toktoeto*.toriHribsri, Thistoaiiii^riRoc- . uraedt:; but fault wiR utotoubtedly b e fobnd'with someparts ofii, thoUfJt>im»fil probafaiybo sati*- facfoiy to toe ^eafm ajoHty. TheRevolutiona* ty Pen»tonhill, Was paiirid and sent to tori 9cn- ate for eoncuri’encri. Among th* mrim,mitjx prrisenVed in the House yetterdaVtorirnmg. Wtu* One front toe. merrihante'of Baltiuorri* praying for toqiinpotition of a duty on sale* a t AuctioUsy JtetnJiutept 4praicr-lif tjie ship Scute, Sbephskd, in day* fiom Bue-i T^averecehred paper* ofthat place to toe cm) of pfovember, coutalnlng the impoi> the BrMilimftrooprt - The consiquribeto o fA ji aetfim L ata been the entire evacMttion of tori eastern provinces, by tori Rraxdian forces, an.d tori oMciid reunion' o f toM riotm^lvith tbrirepubiick of B Ayres. Consul p d Agent, ip rionseq^nce of insults offered to. liii goVeraiiient during the B ^ n o i Ayrris, for tfie success ofthri Fatootsibad Remtodrid and recelted hi* ptos- couutiy. Many detaiU .are given movemenu britWeep tfie patri- ots a n d ^ « d | g » ; and a Jfcport o f toe cam- PkMuaWtolt l S | Judian* by the trocm* o f the- ftripnblick j bnt. ihey are not,of auffiyent mo- m enlto be given a t length. • “ Qn Thursday Itotj toriTollowi'ngparticnJattl appeared ia o u r periodical prims, and found ;a place in otir co I umbs , owing (o their Im p o r-’ tance, and the imprcssioiih they are c a lcu late to piqke on the fteiihgsdf every beartnUyo fo its country’s welfare. Tins g jom a s Briffs furniktieri a convincing proof of the oveioto^l- mtng power of decision and heroisto, wlifeto- brought infotoe field ia iupport rif the liberty of o u r beloved country, and when opposed i o the despotic lii^dates o f a cruel tyrant. In a word they furnish a wholesome lesson to every oppressor o f mankind, that ignominy and c e r­ tain downfall is the inevitable losl of all those who aspire (6 dominion over the rights offree^ men. ' , ■VncTORY O F SARANDI. K it no loDgerpos*|bib for the despot of Bm* zil to em u late upofi the aggrandizement o f posrid bysome that Mr. Lowry’s election was a J'*® empire, % the enslavement Of this pvov- Senate, ytm may! toe®. ' The Orientals haVe just given to tho party matter. No't.so. The _ _ , „ depend upon it, will n o t run a tilf with the ad-1 world aHiildubitabh? testimony o f Uie high val- ministration, with nothing but straws in their! Uri a t which they estimate liberty, Twothou- hands-w h eotoey should be armed with Roman | sand sOldfors. .selected from the Brazilian car- a Harlequin, .tarn, over th t railing of the bridge, in* foulq'^Vre^btoevrid—L ^ a y ^ ^ an equal forcef which I had the this* village, and plunged intotoe water amidst the ^ Was right, however wron^, and all of his politi.' ®°°“ ’*Mrio™teandiDg. That division, proi'd ice of the dark xolIingGrinesee.. He was takfeff out, I cal faith would cry, aye. That time has gone'®^ ™ ebref, were doubtless, unaware of the however, witHlifc reraamiagin hint, and immured i b y -m e tt nowa day? inquire the why and where- bravery o t the arm y whirih they braved. To fore. They no longer take truth upon trust,and \eet \ •oe ■ - .Substitute assertion for fact. Dxo. S23. Till wfi read the following inhuman proceeding m a n d to con q u er was t act o f a moment. The charge was the only manoevre that toolc place'on brith sides ; and it was one of die'most; ‘code p(Mue-Ltejis, Was still in ” full force,” in any state of our-fivilized Onion. frdtn, the 'Proindene'e. Journal, Dec. 23. Court i f 'C^bzah 'F/ear.-^Yesferday, James White, Jesse WVight and James D. Garfilner, the two formef of Whom .had pleadgUilty to, and oi o n eofthc coUriges, requesting him to make ^comraissiociers to contract foronc million of dol- 'the lattet bfcn convicted on trial.^fstfeaiing a me acquauited with uh« Frofeosor of.Ghr ■ ' ‘ — «n— x*..— .> .-v— * . . On aiTiving a t the oatel, the iettcr, with was onrilosCd to the first menttOried ger ______ , , . _ „ , . ■ , . ----- ----- _____ and immediately defpatcrtfcd by. a, servant, who season in the momOJ utattkct, a'ndt6 crintracl for; White, aga5n?tr whom there were three several fed, in the broad deep shadow cast by that im- ‘ dispfersing them, pursued Uicm two mense building, rine solitaiy engine working leagues, and obtained a complete and prompt ^ t h great fury, and supplied fay a lane o f men victory. with buckets, (the engines, having no station-SUch Was the result of the action, that four hose;) advancing under the‘portico,I found that' hundred nienlay deadupon the field of battle, *^?*^^*^ up to the great staircase, 47 0 'Were msde prisoners, together with 32 of- and following it, reaehed the door of the libra- ficeis, without including the wounded, wlrun **r*tl- \fe still collecting on the field, and the dis- ina.fcwmtouCesreturuedWithurepott,that\toc tlie Whole. He cxpreiSeS. the most undoabtiDgiildictments, one for stealing the money, afidther atthe ton ofthfcir Voices imd few dolna- a n v ! ------ - “>*“ - ' ' “ -v«..iiu u » ,c .u ci« ,au u iiie u i!.* man bad fej/ ojf tWortng, .and had been out of c6n)fidenCe in the finhl consummation of the ? for apocket bpek and a third for a gold watch, 1 toih!r elsri FenelratiriB tbroiitfb thkmkss I e-ot* ° town two mouths.” As wc had no other lettcrtp Work. H e reco.mendstoottlhripiiblic.k attention was sentenced on the firstindictment to pay as I at length to the scene of action and discovctod arms, 10 pieces o f artille- this anciept scat o f tog Muses, such inteiligcnce, be turned f o Ibe constfuctipn Of roadsj In connCk- f a fine td thestate five hundred dollar?, to be iM- • to my eVeat jov a u d surorise that the saloon Was ^ quantity Of munitions of War, and S S f f . • S L ? 2 L ’ % ! S % r L * 5 i « ) f e - # « « “ . ............. ........ . \ ' and for a tone it was feared, that our visit wpuld j is for toe iPtatri to bccojfie.a partner iii the Stock be losl.jt Tharnks to that generous hospitality a d d , to b « suhscriljrid.—.IVOflA'i ddfiocifiri, ' thatspirit of liberality ,ai,U kindness, wbichcanj Atbaiiy Fatoio{-~‘Mr-'Gatnagri,o'ftli<: Gayugi overlook the fortiis o f tlquettc, Otid enter wnmi.|Republtcasi, .takes leavfepT his rriadersin along ly into ilte feelings o f sti'angcrs, our dcspOndipg arti.de preparafofy toTfis assuming (be editorial anticipatioiis were fat; from being realized; aud departfoeint o f the Albany Patriot. H e iSWhat i r:ejoic,e-at.aa inciilent, which only served toin'- crease my respect a n d esteem for gentiemdii,' vvitb whom a e aftrirwaids became acquainted. As a last resort, and m violatton> of the rigid rules o f politeness, the letter Was criclosed to tlte gentlenran iiulirecfly: named in it. With an apolo* ;gy for such a procedure, , A friendly note, cori- teining an invitation to breakfast the ne.xi morn­ ing, Was soon received in reply. Although fovors of tin's; description Were neither Sought nor ex- peefod, the courtesy Was too frank and cordial to be declindd, Suclinn introtluction, b rief and in* direct a s it was, Jed to a series of attcutiows, tp manifestations offiberality of feeling, a.ttd toper, sonal acquaintances, ivhich will be loag remem* berpd. with gratlutde and pleasure, An instance so strongly marked and uiiri'qnivoCallnits charac* ter, in. an institution too whose officers might bp the English cull, “ a clpVcr maii j” he ha* read, considerably, and ean write’wito facllity,yan|‘ Wiltbe nse-ful, if not an anvusing editor ofthatpat Ajr. King, a man o f property ih.Hfittry couff- *y> tirginla. Was found dead in the woods, with his faithfixl dog be,side him. He hadi-fieett out hunting, ©nd was suppOSpd to have suffered ffoip anaqoMtntril *iitohai‘gc.of his-gten. T*>® ^ ‘’oipa factory of .Alcssrs. Hichard arid Niehol.as Titu*, atWap. piitger’s cateek, DntChfess riounty, about 4 mile? beleW i ’ougbkeepsie, was destroyed Jiyfire oh the t'veuftxg oftliVSth insd. w ithailits confonts, ThriloSSisc^niiatpa af|f4000 of whicfi' Wasinstired. ’ . >Main)ltonilft The Vermont papers men­ tion a sugvar maple tree, wear'Vi^sUijiudahd, in supposed to feel all the pride of opinion, satisfied that state.,teeaSuring thii?ty-fivc‘fect arid eleven L. me that the more lifaetal portion of the peopio u f ; iiiclies in civcninfctence, two feet froin tliri earth, rol Lugkuid ontertalniio oyher than the kindest feck. This Is laVgeV 'thap .tog Charter (iakW R artford,! FED” with tfeirty-fivc stripes- on his naked Bi,cK,” on Friday, the 27th day.of jrinuaty,.bri-. .tWrienthe lours o f 2 and© o’clock, P . M. the whipping to take place “ in some pubHc>c place’’ to be provideia by the Sherifl'in th e cbuiity of Froyidence i feo make a restitution to Capt. Staf- buck pf $70lB, two. fold the sum sfolen and not fetorhedt Ott the Second indictment, to pay a fine of i|lD; be inoprisoned 1 month, and restore to JosiafilFolger ^19, tWiCo the valne of foe con- tents o f the, pocket book. On toe 3d, fine ifhpn'sonfncifit three months arid tio restore two hundred dbilaxs for the Watch, to pay all costs and stand coxnttiiited until sentence performed in ail its parts- ’ Wright was' sentenced to a fine of four hun- drrid dpljars, nmprisoninent Ifimrinths, 30 stripes on the Sana? S ay White is to be’ punished, be- twririrt the hobrs o f 6 and V, and to make reStifd- tion, to the saqie amount as iutofe case o f White, T:ayxost8:pndfjtond.riOtofoitfod-u seiitenqe is Gardner was next called, and previous to his sentence being pronounced,, his cotfosel, Joseph Tillingbast, Esi), suggested to the Court seve- _ _ ________ ^ ________ ___ _ __ theirlrorses fell into our hands. O u r loss cop­ er corridor,which/u.ns along its sidesahoui half I* one officer killed, thirteen of the same Way faetwrieri thfe lofty .Ceiling and the flOrir-— Here upph a ladder, covered with dirt and enVe- loped in sfooke, t speedily recognized by his voice Col.Dwight of Massachiisetts,most actlvri ly and pfficiently engaged in dU-ecting the hose, find giving general orders as to the cXertionf'pf thefew person, who were woflung. Nrhiritehths of the books fe'mained tnidisturbed and .in ;np danger; those in the alcoVe inimediatety adjoin­ ing tbe flaincS, were most of iheirt removed, and together with all the fiae costly works which constituted' the last irnportation, lay in a confu­ sed mass among overturned tables and sofas, trampled under th<’ ioes of those‘ who were lodk- ing at the fire. J Succeeded after'sonoe time in rescuing these precio'us ruins, find ^fis rejoiced to find that though Ihri Covers rif many Were ru. ined by the wet, others Wriro Ufitriuched, anfi! none quite destroyed. , Rarts’ of the Superb stuc­ co rieilingnow began to fyf, and foort.of. sp^tators retreated to the alcoves—but the voice of Dwight waS still heard, remonstrating, •anima­ tingfind enquiring—iit was a t length after an in­ terval rff pairtful anxiety ascertained that'the M reasons why the punishment of whipping, fire had not found.its way beyond the celling, a l Which it w'DS Within their discretion to remit or though the copper op the outside of this part of Task Wounded, thirty soldiers df-cca.spd, and Seventy with severe wounds. The coinmnp- ders, ofijeers and troops arc mcritcdly cnfillei! to the fame of brave men. The vMkint and worthy TStigadwr General, after a most rcso lute and determined contest throughout the entire action,attached a flying squadron,which escaped the blades of o u r swords. VV hen the earliest opportunity prebehte itself, I shall give you a detailed account o f this memorable en- counf re, at Jiresent, time wil not allow me to enter into a circuiTlstantial account thereof. F o f all further information I refer you to the Sergeant Aiajor, b earer of foese despatches, wAriwiR jafisfy you as to all minute matters relaUng W this signal victory. ’ Gtxl preserve you many years, js the sto- cere wish of your E x cellency’s friend and ube« -dient-servant., - . - . . JG A N ANTONIO LA V A L L E JA . ■Head Quarters in Duragno, ) October 13tb, 1825. f To the Commissioner o f the Oriental Govern- ment of Buenos Ayres. ° riOuiitries I Hate to Lake Erie,. I to his ^llt, TliUiI he Wfis * not like tlifi olbofo, a| be In flames, Ateang the foretnogt advoofiteg of | fo 1820 , , the total rimofint 'vus 33,1 l,fi. ' PROPERTY OF UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER ORIGINAL STAINED

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