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t h e ROCHESTER TEEBGRil^H. \ . . . -. ■ ■ - .. ^-,,. ,, . .— ^ . a . ^ i '' i •'. . ■ ‘ • Mil^- . . . H|a||||H|^ ■Mm j W m m ,‘vNfE»*''3fcf.\ -■»» t ' h e 'E e h e g r a p e ; ' ^ 3 B ^ K 4 J U > V S : 0 S i A t tus RW*Jt*tKE^E>'rcEj rook ^- sto E b ^ n » If * ■ticv;pEj|y, B.oqR;t;aTfc|t,, ivioj^RbE-CO. k . y. I . ■' ' ^ t S & S : - , *' .. ■ To j»p:5l att4v’ffl;M5o^?fil»scHl>eirs, par ap^ AfcRRi ];wfa^le.k advaace,'^To cowipa/uas af vor. rtares, who takeihcix paBcrsMtli^ olHc p *i!}4»f«»aaga,]^4yab)[ejtta:(jvR^^^ : .;''^R’yERT^testERTs ja^rtejtl at a «a|«ar 9 ;t»i‘ three: weeks, aiiigsets,J>r each iabteat^chtinseriioRk - •tyAdiscauht WilVhe lEadc to th Y-eyti.-jehy'tl'>ie;year.'' . ~ ' ■ ,. , \' ^ - '. X ’Q R ^ M I f E , ■ : ■ ' ifN * tbE- Yj jiage c f Alijtildlebiliry,: E ael^^E e c o /N /Y . the foU ilowing valuable property, Viz, k*- hf»use irwl ope half aere of It hi j a brick, house partly finished 5 : a ■ hhiCksmitVa shop and hue aore and a 4 l if ter of land 5 ' «pd another brick house tvell hnisketJ, Syopd house and barn, wish RboutsiA acres of Nnd | p n l the ppr- c.;us.ep \vishes f o ra farm connected witli either ofthe'above lots and hou^Sj.he can 1 ^ Irwe ninety-twoacVespflaHd, The above I property belongs to tlte ftev.' I., Bradley, I jrvl ivill be aold at reasonable pwcesi Half must be p a h i when possession js pWeft, and hotes vyith suitable .eudorsers. These places are near.the academy ,wmcb MS ip a V«iry dQuri^hing. condition. The Im d s are excellent, (he water good, and the v illas Is as healthy as any in this , 4 tate. Fi*rth*r infcufmation may be obtain- I i#i td Or. W r o ^ ‘ Collar o f the above vfl* h*g*' - 4pnii t9 r l825. 55 ■ ■ ^ ' -*4;' . — -- -v—^ ----- — ----- - ------ B O O S E T jm m i^ee ^ , ANO t ^ U S S i m i L ' G i m M '.h s s .o p ^ M 'k J t f . slipp,. on (he. south aide of Buffalo streetij a few doers ftdm Ensworthy fionheatet, July 4 1 8 2 5 * 3|saB6 * t ' S m e P e n n y ) E L lirsonsi who are indebted to the “ pFiber,4jither by Note or Book t .^cfeosl^ nre requested to call and settle I the siS b e r u r e ahyedsts are made: It wiHl ^ S p l e a s a n t to j esort to %a^ ■ «icm- ■ttre# my^force. a cnllection from his cus- butii will bo necesmry unless »hoUld meet with attention. 4- ^ «a'ie it »t0oiaU\ ' ' t e m o t h y e e m p s h a l e . e Hat EaOtory, \ ■ m, July 4, ,1825.f ' ; 6 w 6 B ja BTE WOOBS & I PmtSy QiirSfp, , J T received a larger stock and better assortment of ‘Cl(Ui^{ets and JPai^Uiu't'* „Jes, ^an have eyer.before been offers [mtlustoahtryiViz: , jood; Campeaeby ahd-St. Domingo } rajrw*. Hatch. Coro. & Bonair; c,. best Cuba ;• Caikwooili ground ; », -^wedes and American; English? - ' hie imnof, English and American j Pilriot, do. . ' do. ; J^»d<lcr, Dutch,; ' migPi Flote, Bengal, and Guatimala; X ? F. m a r s h a l l C 4, lias just received a cohsignment of (he above valuable' (onlck,j which he offers by the doz, o r gross* chea|)i JRochester ,6 of 5 mo; 1825, 58 6 . a x T c a c o c K , R R p G & l i T , ' IBISKPElSlrilRs > WHOtESAtE ipEAnElt IN Drttgs &b 'Medici»es, ‘‘ i^ |e - Y V o o t \ s a n d paints % Oik, Wines^ Liquors, and , Q B O € i m i E a . Country dealers, Physicians, Clpthiers, Painters, fee. can be sujiplicd with any* of the above articles at a small ath’atice fron) the Kew-lTbtk wholesale prices. March 12, 18£2. ^ - ff03 Prussian Blue, EJmb^r, Terra De Sienna, > Glue, ‘ Spts. Turpentine, Litharge, Gum Copal, Frpstings, Vermillion, Verdigrisj Dutch PinkjRosedo. Vfake While, Sap Green, Drop Lake, Carmine, Gold Leaf, Bronze, Smalts, rurnice Stone, ^ . Brushes, of all kinds, Linseed Oil, &c. &c, Alsoj an extensive assortment of genuine m \ i a s k , «BIC1KE.S, . lnJ^S,£lQ V O R S , TEAS^PlC'ESA-e^ all of which will be sold a t very loW pri­ ces. By . WM. PITKIN & Co. ’ Rochester, Aug. 1824. * tfI 8 Nut Galls, Werdigris. , \ Sperm Oil, a i v e ’Oil, ■ Piess Papers, .Jacks, • Tenter Hooks, Brushes, &c. &c^ White Lead, ■ Red LoRd^ Paris White, Spanish White, Venetian Red, Spanish Brown, Trench Yellow, Spimse Yellove, Slobe Yellow, Chromd Yellow, Kings Yellow, Patent Yellow, WESTEBN I J V S U j R ^ J V O J E C O M P A N Y , 'LOGATEDIN CAlSANDArGUAv Iiicorporaied in 1824, loiih a capital of » 2 5 Q , € l Q < Q , r i l HIS company insures buildings, and E all kinds orproperty,ag 5 iinst damages bv ft rKon terms as favourabte as any simi­ lar institution in the Slate. NAT. W. HOW E L L , PresH. ■J e R^ h . V an RBNssEtABRjSec’y. ICFApplications for insurance of build­ ings or property in Rochestev, and its vi­ cinity, will be attended to by LE V I W ARD, Jr. EBEN. EEY, j -A^e>Ui at Rothestei', ^ H E subscribers havethisitey r«>4y4^, , E by the abkve hujnmdtlfom, a chok^^ -seleptipp-pf ;: - '■ - ' \ ' oONsisTmP oE .O t y .Gfodd^ W A R B E N T ^ f c . W A M E E R , ■; ( B o M s s n - s w i iY a is,-, V s : S t T j E S p C T F i J E E Y mfbrth the ptiE. Jick that they have' recently cjqint. menced business m their lirte,in tb^Store lately occupied by Messrs. S. M. & J/S, Smith, on Bqffalo-st. nearly opposite tbtv Post-Office, and near Beach’s Bed S S l r v h£ maVS where they will exeenfe with despatch 4 ! man evm before ottered m this market, orders for 4 P a t e t i t t r o A ^ o i l e v § k , C Y L . I J V 1 > E R S ^ , of MI dimensions, for Distillers,. v H a t t e f a S t m o t t i i e r s ' K e t t Y f e , 0;tt, CISTERNS,-' of alV sizes*, with every other attiple ip their line. , ‘ ^ Haying a practical ktipwledge o f every branch of their business, derived from s&\, eral years experience,.in soipe of the best shops in Europe and.America^: they com fidently assert that they arb able,to give enthessatisfaction to lhos9 who will favonr them with them customi All work madf. by them, will he warranted to h^ equal to any made jn. the United Staten, jbr neat nesR and durability. 0i0cwk$^''-MdA ^ Glassware Iwhith’k v d been purchase^^ caslu c Sthpl^^ importatiphs,‘an:d wUlbesM at a kJMertf ndvun# from the N> York prices, ft« ^aiWmlp Fnf fuRher partiimlars call a t i}i^ Stpr4foi*)fiefiyoccii})^^ Kjite door easEpf Messrs. ITart & Saxton'S, Eufiaro-strdet, where the above Goods will he shewn at all firhes with V V A -R A R R E R S fC D Hdch 4 ter» June Y, 1825 ft 2 AiR, (fe Co.have bn consignment,’ 26 doz. T. lE Lpngley^s Grasps SEYTHES, vyarfanted good, which Will be sold by the dozen or single, cheaper, of the quality. E E A Y E k t e ly w n w e d froro^N^^ ■EE and are nqw openinf,at their store, opppsite.Lambk Inn, in Brighton, an em tire stockpf ■ ,.. J U R Y H O O D S , p n p c M M i ^ S , : Hardyraire Ss Orock^ry f j ^ K s a f e , , pbRSiOei!,-, ■ On Cqtwgiivtentt d fcpgrnt msorimentaf coRMBhus S t f R A J i r B O A m 11 ® p - 20 ;dp.* '4?^ iies'it ^ Shad, 3Q bbjs- Saltnpi?,. . 2 ffO;lk,J'fotatifihdigp, 4B0 ‘^J^iihehtp, 80 Q: ‘I Pepper, , # * loff . ■ . - - - ■■ -JltSf,- -■'\ 6 pipei G^naekRrandy,. 8 , div old HoliAnd and Eoinf G in; .5 hhda, S(- Croix and W. L .Rum, 2 puncheons Did Jamaica gpiriti, 1st and 2d qualityyold MadeRa Wine, in Cqs^s amVJBoUka, '■ •■ - . PortiTeheriffe,Maki»iandT^^^^ . STOV13S. riY H E subscribers aR furnished With E Cooking and other .STOFIES, by the Patentee; (James,) from the Philadelphia Furnace, which Castings are well known •to he of the best kind; and are authorised ,.j. to dispose of the Rrticle, at a very low All-kinds of Job Work, Repairing, fee. jrate, for Cash or approved security, v m L . v A v a B J u v ; b o a i i t ^ , ▼ v following ports, going down, at 3 o’clock,. P* 51. . ■ LeWLstoh and Niagara, on Tlpnday, . Genesee River, on Tuesday, Sackets Harbour, on Wednesday. Returning to Niagara, will leave at 3 o’- . clock, P . M. Ogdensburgh^oR Thmsday, Sackets Harbour, On.Friday, , Genesee River, on Saturday. ' ■ \ ... ' THE. -■ ' O G R R J V ^ O A N X P Z . W E D , aaC A S T E R , W ILL leave, (wenther .fmrmtttlngj) the following :pnits, going down, at 3 crclock, P.M . ' ■ ■ - ' Lewiston and Niagara, on Thursday, Genesee River, on Friday, Sackets Harbour, oft Saturday. c.fec. The above goods have .been laid iii in New-York^ by anexpertehced pnt’tnferre^ siding in the city, since the decline of pri­ ces. Country .Merchants and Tavern keepers may depend on being supplied witli-ariy o f tlie above goods on as good terms as they could buy in Mbaiy or Jftvi- Rochester; 28 June, 1825. 65 done short notice.; %* Cash paidforjl'®?)'* old Copper, and Brass. Rochester, P lay tO, 18^5. mmm ,4 SAMSO.N A J. DICKSOX M v eri. zA* moved their ;Dflice to the new brick building directly ppppsitetheCouffc-House, in Bufl’aimstreet, where they will attend to all business entrusted to them, in the dif­ ferent Courts of L aw and Equity, as here­ tofore. ' ■ ' Rochester, June 6 ,1825.. . , |62 j . L i D , j u a w i m s ^ AND 5 . C . B O X B X E /IE L colUinu'e business at the old V T stand of 4 A. />. JFd/iics, in Mill street, t\yo dpors south of the Bank, tinder the firm of ■ M A l l ’e r E S & B O N D . S O ^ A W A T B R , Thathealiliful and delicious beverage, will be .foilml better prepared and more pleas­ ant and agreeable than elsewhe.i'e. , dDSS’Q B .E S S iV E H iE Z i, iVesli from the spring, • . ice Cream., Conjehtimaries., Cakes Fruits, of till kiuds\ l?i>es\\ Oysters &,.l.obsteTS, . preserved in cases, P i c k l e d O y s t e r s a rul C lam s , P e p ­ p e r S a u c e , T a b l e O il, O liv e s a n d C a p e r s , S w e e tm e a ts • - . a n d Pr.csorve.s, together with every luxury that can make the stcariger arid visitor comfortable, MATHJES & BOND, at the G LASS SHOP FROJTr, near the canal, in Mill street, RocFester, and also at thejr e-stablishment ill Lockport, where most of ilie above articles .are constantiy kept for S«)f, mid where one of tlie part­ ners .will reside. Rochester, July 4,1825. G6 - ' r , a MUSICAL i m m u M p y T s , of. various kini!«, kept cotistaiuly for sale at \he above estublisiiments. Rochester, De6.‘2J^ 1824. 66 .O N c o K s t o m i W r , A n Easks Whiskey, ' 7 Hamels Mackina WhitejFish, 50 Barrels Cut Tobacco, , 40 Kegs Powder. JONA. CHILD. Rochester, Jan.-10,1825. 41 FULTON B I R E I N S U R A N C E , . < c o m u . - m » , City of J^ew-1'oi'k,—ClapUal, S 5 0 0 . 0 0 0 , Propose Pmcring Houses, BmldingJ, Goods, . and Merchaiidise f'am Loss or . Patnage hy Fire. flp f l E aftairs of this company will befoon- X ducted with such fairness, candor and liberality as, they trust, will entitle it to public patronage, . A xt H o N v L. tlMJERiirr-r,, PresV. OiitvER II. Kick’s, S'etb'^. The subscriber Imying been appointed sole Agent in this country for the Fulton FireInsurance Company', ail applications for Insurance may be made a t the stores of EvernghiiTis & Co, RoCliester, or A. U. Afott & Co. Canandaigua, where they will receive the most prompt attention. ?S GILBERT EYEIiNGHIM ,Jr. Rochester, Sept. 6. - ' VILLAGE X .A N D O F n C I i . h the 3d story o/iSrick.JlIock,,over B , Can^ betPs Stdre,^ , ' , 15 Village Lots, 25 Pasture an4 Wood Lots, are offered at private sale, by J. BISSELL. Rqchesterj June 6,1825. 62 J . E . & T . C O N G D O N , T T A V E just received of the best eapt- X X errt tannage, and which they are now offering lower than has been knowa in this markfet, the following, viz. 500 Sides best Span, roll’d Sole Leather, 30.0 do. Slaughter do. 500 “ Upper Leather, 100 Doz.. first rate . Calf Skins, 50 do. do. Couras’orIViorocco, 50 Sides Philadelphia Skirting, together with a quantity of Harness and Bridle-Leather, and Saddle Seating. Also, a fresh supply of . B 0 D ! T S & S B O i ; S . which they of­ fer for sale at th e . New-York prices, by the case or 'dozen. Some of which are as follows ^ 1.000 pr. Ladies’ Shoes, of different 'de­ scriptions, 1.000 “ Mens’thickpeg’d. Shoes fe Boots, 500 Gentlemen’s first rate fine Boots, with a general assortment of Cliildrelii^s Shoes & Boots. —LIKEWISE— 2.000 Galls, of Curriers’ and Lamp Oil, with an assortment of Curriers’ Tools. —ALSO— 200 yds. of Linen Plalillas', of a goo< quality, 250 Reams of Wrapping Paper, whlcl they wish 'to dispose of immediately, afit Will sell the same at very reduced prices, for Cash. ' • Rochester, 5 mo. 1825; “ 58 N. B. The subscribers continue toman' approved workmanship. jigenti S c \ \ o o \ CevYiYic-Rtcs, For safe al ttris Office^ ^ W e o o D S . A F u l l S t o c k , j u s t o p e n e e l, a n d selljiia: a t kna p r i ­ ces, b y WH.H.WAR1>. ...May 17, 1825. 50 M a c h i n e C a r d s . A l a r g e and complete assortment Of x E SmitlPs celebrated - ^ A C A R B 3 , at all times on hand, on consignment from the MamtfactUrets, and for s ^ on the most liberal Rrms, by ^ A - , ■ ; WM. P ITKIN fe Co. R-odtester. May IG, 153:>.. , 5^ H e .vr 1 .MJL 1 GOODS. ,l . a . M R S V . A l . I A ' / W , (At his former stand, adjaceiit Messrs, lamb’aand Blossom’s Tavepis,) ' X T received a large and wellse- . t X lected stock bf G O O D S in the above line, aU(( fods confident oan supply those disposed to furnish them­ selves with Jiar and PatnUy J^ecessari.es,or\ as good terms as. can be met with ip this village. 65 East Rochester, June,20, 1825. s . \ i ; v v k . I ' O i B . a c c o . flidH E subscriber being agent forP> 4' X G. Lorillard, has constantly on hand a full-supply of Maccaboy, Rappee, and Scotch SMuFF, fine Cut and Smoking TOBACCO, at the Factory prices. S. SAW YER Jane 2S,.1825> 65 J. E. & T. CONGDON. Rochester, 5 mo. 1825. ' ' .. 58 , N. B. The necessajy apparatus for'the Cooking Stoves will always be kept on hand, together with Pipe. . E . C O O K , : T S now opening an extensive assortment E 'o f • ; T a x v c ij l l a t A w a v e , M l U T A X l i r G O O D S . M u sical inaimments\ W A T C H M A T E R I A L S , 3 e w e V v y & l S i V v e v W a r e , which are offered, at low prices, for ready pay. Rochester, May .10,1825. 5S clock, P. M. Ogdensburgh, oft Monday, Sackets Harbour, on Tuesday, Genesee River, oft Wednesday, Both bqats will touch 3t Morristown, going and xeturning. . MATES OF PASSAGE. Fare from Niagara to Genesee River, ^3 ‘f GeneseeRivertoS. Harbour, ‘f S. Harhoor to Ogdensburgh, ^3 Returning at the same Rates.—F or ward Cabin passage at |ths. the above rates.- Deck passage one half. The Ontario, having, undergone thor- ough anq complete repairs, is now fitted 590 , “ ytharge, up iq^superjour style, for theaccommoda.* ■ tion .and comfort of passengers. From the well known reputation of her Cap., tain, the proprietors feel confident that general satisfatctioft will be given.. The Martha Ogden is'a hew boat, wejl found— ^her-nccoiftmodatibns good— her Captain well qualified' for the cornmuhd.' The.proprietors aj-e determined to car- POTFELLSiTEIOMP^S G e v i e v a l jy i a i V C o a e l x - KO. 365 J(OBTH-MARKET-ST. ALB ANY, Jfear the Alansion-House and Post-Office, T ^ O a CHES’ leave this Office, for the W E S T , in the following order, to w it: TH E M AIL COACH, Travels by day light only—leaving Alba­ ny every.day at 3 o’clock, P. M. lodge at Atasterdam, and arrive at Utica next day ; ] a t Auburn-tlve second ; passing Geneva and Canandaigua, to Avon and Roches­ ter the tbird; Biimilo and Lewiston the fourth day from Albany. Returns in the same order. , > TH E PILOT MAIL COACH Leaves Albany every day, at l l o’clock, P.M. parsing Utica,Syracuse(SaltWorks5 Auburn; Geneva, Canandaigua, and Ba­ tavia.to Buffalo, through in three days.— Returning, leaves Buffalo, at 9 o’clock. P. M. and travels in the\ same order, Cherry J^alley, Cooperstown, and MochesUr M - w W o b a c H , • ■Leaves Albany every day for Cfierry Val­ ley, Gooperstown, Madison, Cazenovia, Manlius, Syracuse, Weed’s, Basin, Mon- j,s. M- ».!.= v-»i,iiii 4 « :iui 4 i<i».- tezuma,’Lyons, Palmyra, and Pittsford, ufaQture to order. Boots & Shoes'of every Rochester, through in three'days, crOs- description, of the best materials! and most f mg the canal tnirfoeii times, and returns h} the same order. NIAGARA FALLS. TiVo daily lines of Coaches will pass and repassf the Falls every day, one on Daeh side dftlie river, froin Lewiston and Buffalo. EXTRA COACHES, With relays of Horses, will be furnished at Albany, Utica, Auburn, Geneva, Can- Undaigua, Rochester, Buffalo, and Lewis­ ton. Baggageatthe owner’s risk. POWELL & T H 0 R P ) Albany, ISAAC PARKER & CO. Utica, I. M. SHERWOOD, Auburn, . I. SHERWOOD, Geneva, . B. D. COE, Canandaigua, ORRA ADAMS, Rochester, SAMUEL BARTON, Lewiston, C .H . GOE, Buffalo-, A. HOVEY, Montezuma, S. GOODWIN, Madison, ^ - WMv STORY, Cherry Valley, Albany, June 1, l825f •O .*t3 I 2. o Returnirig to ' Niagam, Will leave at 8 o’- 4 st, Domingo | o S Paints, Dye Woods, and B y e 8 U i % T a t , X i t c l i , Cordage, &c. &c. ; :S . M i & j S s . S M I T J E C , , (4t the.^tone Itoio. No. ,6^BuffaIo.«treet, near , the Bridge)) A RE now racejving a large and gene- -tX ral assortment of the above articles, among which are the following, Yiz, 8 ton. Lo|WPpi), ' f ?bm Te^ifle., 61-2 “ Nicaragua, j-20 gro, P i.»i Pflperf, 7 ‘^Fu«icK,, j, !i;p:Flolo, • X ; ’ 30bbis, Gro Camwood, ,i Gufttjmaia, f 20 half “ « (' BengaUnd / Obbli.St, Domingo COfleafis ) ■ Logwood, .i 5b lb«. Nnigallj,; 20 Campeaeby “ /•tc^^oAopaFortls, ■ 90 “ “ Nicaragua, <| 2 tons grd. White Lea'll, 2 tons Copperas, ;, 3 e dry “ , “ ' 2000.11)5. Hlne Vitriol, ]i 1 •« Venetian Red, 1000 “ MedHar, (.f '*' Spanish BrowW, -20 bags Alum, - <;2 White, 2hlids. do, 'll « Paris Wliite, eOarboys Oil Vitriol, i l « Vellsavuthta, 500 galls. winXerttr. Off, ) 1-2 •»' Trencb Yelldw, 200’. “ summer “ J 1 “ .itedLesff, . 1000 “ LmseadpU, <- Paints of all Colours, ground and dry, lO boxes Chrpm Yellow,, 100 ?al«nl Cradles, V 100 lbs. Rose Pink, J White Wflsli, Headi»lJ 590,“ Litharge, Shoe, Fancy and oil)- lOO “ -Tamprick, er Brushes, ' PaintBvuihesof all sizes, < 4 liampcrj Junk Bottled 1 cSsk S)Veet Off, . 4 Prts.Troy StoneWarc, ^50 boxes English Crown 1 2.? gross Velvet Coi-ks, Glass of diflerent ^ize.s, V 6000 vSpatiiah Segars, 100 “ American “ lOftO $haj(erBrooms, , * of alj sizes, 1 5O0 Baskets of dififetei^ 81 bales Oakum, J sizes-. 25 bhls. Pitch, ji’IOObbIs-Mess Pork, 20 “ Rosia, < 100 bush. White Beans, 20 “. Tar, J 60 bbk Whiskey, ry into complete effect the abdviafrange- 3 tonaCordage, || Maohfoe Cards'^ of D. ment. AGEJOS FOR THE BOATS. William Kings Niagara; T , Hawkins, Genesee River; T . Burr and C. A. Van Slyck\ Rochester; L. & S. Denison; Sack- pts Hurbour; John C. Bush, Ogdens^ burgh. ENOS STONE, ) p . • ELISHA ELY, > S. DENISON. ) Rochester,, May 25,1825. 4m63 ^ ayMO.^.'MiVJUKVi ^ ^ IflUUIIIilV VOUia VI A/* BI ocks of {Ultorent sizcs^ >, J^urco^vi&^onds'WoDd 3c jars of Riell’sandLor-r ■ & Cp’a manufapture, illatd*sSnuOf, and f Silsby & Go’s, warrant- fO bbls. Cut Tobacco, J cd'steel Spythes and ' 10 Packs of Gold Leaf, J Axe?. 5 O' Silver “ f They intend keeping a constant and fufi assortment of ail the above articles, which they , will sell on 'as good terms gs can be had elsewhere. Rochester, June 2 r , 1825. ffs state o p KEV\^YORK. fit Seiittle, February 10,1825.; Mesolved, Titnl the followibg amendments be 'proposed to the Constitulipn of this state, to wit: That do much o f the first section of the sec­ ond article of the Constitution as prescribes tlie qualifications of voters, other than persons of colour, be and the same is liefeby abolislied,and that the folloiving be subniitted in place there­ of: Every male citizen ofthe ageof twenty^ne years, who shall have been an Inlmbitant onl»is state one year next preceding any Election, and for thq last six months a residont o f the County where he may offer his vote, shall be entitled In vofe in the I'oWn Or Ward wlicrehe uctiially resides, and hot elsewhere, for all Officers that now are or hereafter inny be elective by the people. By order of the Senate. -7 A majority of tlie Mehilters elected to tlie Senate voting in favour thereof. JAMES jFALLMADGE, Pr«Wen/. JoBu F. B acon , Cfferi. STATE OF NEXV-VGRK. In Atsembly, April 16,1826. Resolved, Thatthis House dp concur witii llie Senate in iheir, preceding ,resolnljotqa majority oftlie Members elected to (bis Home voting in favour thereof. ' . ' CLARKSON CROLIrtS, Speaker. H. M ercuast , Clerk. J O B T U W n N G , executed wt tfiig OJ^cth In Senate, March 1 0 , 1825. Resolved, That the following ameudmenl be proposed to the Constitution o f this State, and that the same he referred to tlie Legislature nextto be chosen,and published in phrsuanep of the provisions oi the first section of the eighth arliele ofthe said Constitution. That the people' o f this State, in their several Towns, shall, at their .annual Election, and in such mannerasthe Legislature shalldiMpt,elect by ballot their justiise%of the Peace; and the Justices SO elected in any Town, shall imiuedi- ntejy thereafter meet together, and In presence of the Supervisor and ThWn Clerk o f the said Town, he divided, by lOti into four classes, of oHe in each class, and be numbared one, two, three and four ; add the office of'nuniber orie jhall expire at the eitd o f tiie iirsl y^ar; ofnum bertwo at tile ei'id o f the second year; ofnum bcrtliree at theend o f the ihirdtycar.and of tsuin- berfour at (he end o f the fourth year, m order that one Justice may thereafter be annually electedaiul that so inueh of the seventh sec­ tion of the fourth article of the Constitution of this Slate as is incoiiffstefit with this ametid- ittcnt, be ahrogatrtd: A majority oftlie ftlcmbers elected to the Senate voting in favour thereof. JAMES TALLMAD.GE> President. J ohn E. B xc O w , Cittk. . ire April 7,1825, Resolved, That this House do Uoncur With the Senate iii their preceding resolution. A majority of the Members elected to this itouse voting iii fkvour Ihercofr , CXAP.KS0N CROLlrtS, Bpiaker. H. MEahiiAeiTy ClCrk. n x o i r s o z c A x i D E n r . riN H E subscriber havinff conjpleted this A- summer Garden, (situated in Caf- loll street, ^ ree doors belbty j\lr. Cbristd- pher’s Mansion-House,) informs the citi­ zens ofRocRester, and thepublick, that It is now open for the reception of company j every day,(Sundays excepted) and will be lighted up in tlie pest style every? eveningj^ when the weather is fair, wifo frequently a Band of Musick. No, pains or expense having been spaV- ■ed to render this Garden an elogailt and pleasant retreatj (probably equal to apy of its size in New-York or Thiiladelphia,^) the subscriber hopes, by his attention to visitants and.the best order ia liis garden, to obtain the support and patronage of a generous publick. Visitants can, at all times, be furnished, with Fruits and delicacies of a variety of kinds,such as the following: O r a n g e s , L e m o n s , F i g s , HaisinB, A lm tm d s a n d N u ts , . TOGETHER wmi Ice Cream, Lmonade, Punch and Wines, Cakes and Pies. Alsrt, an extehsive assortment of O o n ie c t iO ttR V j - ZCE CftEAXM; will be furnished tq lamilies by the quajt, anff sent to their houses in coolers. The subscriber feels consjtrained, 0s Well from respect for .his friends and the pub- lick, as from principle, to ftbserve the fol­ lowing Rules, viz. . No person will be permitted to remain in the Garden, except they conduct with proper decorum. ' . No Lady will be permitted to visit the Garden, except accompanied by a Gen­ tleman, or where there is a family of children. , No persons will be allowed to pick ff off­ ers or fruit,, or any of the plants, or injufe any of the arbours. ^^Cash for Sirawlerries. ANDRE W SELLEG.^. Rochester, June 28, 1825. 65 m n n w m m E X L , F ^ H E subspriber haa on hniftl a. Itirgi? X assortment of Ffoe Luftiber, whi^ni he offei's fot sale cheap for Gash. JOHN BIDEN. Rwdiester^ May t. ‘ $2 PROPERTY OF UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER ORIGINAL STAINED

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