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T H E H O G H E S T l l T E L B G H A P H wm H a . 4 b . - ^ y i l 4 ' T tl'fiSiM y ,:- MAY M , 1825, ITIE TEEEOlUPH IS j>uBi,mrjR» 1 V p *: kly , iir im mitixiNG-pemcii/»p>QK~ito:^^ 4np ■ BIJN0BKS'>HO,C«E5TB«,51<iNlloe ' 85S!?5?S' - . TBiit m , To mairand yiUa^e .sti1)BcabcfSv|53 nutn,. payaWo jn vadf?ilii<5e.-^:Fo CW ., tenof moro, irIio talte tli<3i> papers at the I | l 50poe,aBh^rn,-j>ajaWe i^^^^ , i Ab\^eHtiSE>tKNTS 'ipsert^il;:et « s^iUare I <>* 1 the 4lcst thc.cD preeks, end ^icU.^ tbi* each 5 *ul»pqtteht insertionv ; p ’Adlsoodotiv^ih haihadctfitfapseirh^^ m tisehy tlioyeap. ^ ^ ' i ' . ’ ' ■ ' *^iass Hb. d, for 1$25^^ T 6 be dhawn on the next, and lirtished ii» a few miputes. 60 Huntbecs ~9 Ballots to be drawn. ■i Priae of |30,O 0 0 , I . . ',i '. 1 '■ ;-'20, ■ ' J o .30 l5,O0O tO,Qoa 500 200 . lOO . 50 22 51 ' $30,m o 15;P00 10,000 5,7W 20,000 15,000 6.000 5,1 OO 2,550 38,148 126,225 “ 1,734: AM75 18^895 Priaes, ) 34j220Tick. < 2(^825 B l a b k ^ ets. |S273,700 ’V*^3Pre«ent 4 >rlce ojf Tickets, $9> '■ !• tlCKCTS StSlVARKS .f e i s i l e i y B e e n . E E Y , « i k Lottery :& Bjxcbhnge Office, CarroU-st. and at the PbstoOffice, Bochester. 3 ^ c b 22,1825. ^ 55 [W w o iE Ho,. 380* Botyojferiflg lower than haa hfen khown in /oupwl^gV y** , 5 0 P Sides best Spap. rolPd 3ole feather, $00 do. SlaugWer . do. 500 “ t XJpper leather, iOO jDoz. first rate Cdlf Skiasj 50 do. do. Couraaor MbroeqQ, 50 Sidea PhiladeTphi^' :$kirting. WESTERN' - :■ COMPAMf, i .O(; ated ix t:AyA.viui,ii;A. , hcorjtorateit m I t ^ , Viith a cajtiiai o f ^ 2 $ < b 0 0 0 i by fire,«n terrtis as favpnyable as any sipii* lar instUution ifi the 3tate, N A T . W . H O W ELL, P m ’l. jER?n, P an RE??S?ELAEJl,:&Cy. (CFApplicatiOhs for insur'anoe of baild> logs or property in Rochester, and its vi.? cinity, will be flitteiided to, by . L E y f W A R D , J r . EBEN^ ELY , , Ageriis al JRochest^. R 0 chester,,i)ec. 27,1824. $9 .A. F O R T N thd village-of JVliddlebnry, J . fitenesee CO. IN. Y. the tbl- llotring valaable property, viz, __ l a house and one half, acre of land j a brick .hguse p artly finished; tt blacksmith’s shop and onqs acre and a iquatter of land; and afiotheir brick house well finished, and a Wood house and barn, with about six acres o f land ,; or if the pur- iehaser fishes for a fhrna CQfinected with , M k t of the above lots and houses, he can i have ninety-two dcres of lan d. The abovei -i property belongs to the Rev. J . Bradley, I and will b6'sold at reasonftWiB pric6Si' Half must be paid when possession is i j riven, and notes with suitable endorsers, I These places are nesr the academy,which in . a very flourishinr condition. The f lands a te excellent, the water good, and ^ibe'village is aa healthy as .nrjy in ihis ftate. Further infbrrniitlon may be obtain­ ed o f Dr. W m .B . Collar o f the above vil- i Jage. Ik A p riU 9 ,5825. . ■ 55 WANTED, ' ■ ■ i 9 i O o o B i r s a e L S a i r s . T p H e subscriber will pay th e highest A price in.cash for RYE^ delivered at his Distillery, near the Cotton Factory, or at AI. Brown’s Mill. AVARH a m : W HITNEY. Dec, r. 36 Muilding McLtermh. a T w H S l e W \ OFPEUS FOR SAIijE) ^ M. feet Pine PLANK and Boards, H o 140 M. first quality SHlNOLES, 50 M , Weather burnt BRlCKl, 4 Al. lights of WINDOW-SASHES, of dr/ferertt sizes. Aby quantity' of Lime and Sand. ALSO, few b arrels choiefe JMess Pork. April 26 ,1825. 56 N E W GOODS. fp i H E subscriber b rs this day opened a A very general assortinent o f fresh and fashionable C?OODS,.purchased previous ito the late rise, which he will be able to j sellat former prices. S. G. ANDREW S. April25, 1825. ' 56 ^Mn.VR0E ' T m s iN S V it A c rcE COAIPAINY. r i l H l S Company has been,uicorpornted A during tile present session n fthe Le­ gislature, . with a capital of 250,pl)QDol- Jars, to be located in the village of Roches­ ter, comity o f Monroe. ' r The following persoius are, b y the act of incorpor.atidn,. appointed Directors for the ensuing year, viz, Janies E* Living, ston, I ra West, VVilliatii Atliiilson, Eve- rard Peck, Elisha B. Strong, Harvey Ely, Frederick F. Biiclvus,A.Nl.Schernierhorn, “Jacob (ioiild, Ikoi'lmter;. ’.failles Everuing- hiui, George Clark) Phinelias P. Bates, Cmandn'gm ; Dilaiufo HaStlHgSjGeneKfOi Albert iL Tracy, JB./jff'nfo; John S. Tall- madge, ; T-ruuibull Gary, BaUivia s Rioses liayden, Yotk. The Books, for .subscription to the stock of this Incorporation, will he opened at the Bookstore of Everard Peck, in the vll- Ja«e of Rochester, on Monday tlie 2d day of May nextvand will continue open until Wedtiesday the 1st day of June next, on which day th(-y wdl be closed at En.s- Wnrth’s Tavern. A paymwiit of oite dol­ lar on each sliare siibscribecl) is required at the time o f snbscripfioii. By order of the Board o f M ritto fs W ILLI Aft! A T K IN SON, . T, CimmSj SftVy, 7w55 '-f. Militmy Blanks, just printed, m (Ox. sale by E . TEOK. Apfil 5, ‘ ' . ■ FU L T O N . F I R E IN S U R A N C E ■ City of r?ew-Yotk,—Capital, 9500 , 000 , Propose Insurii^. Hmuesy Bnild\ngt, Good', and Ji&chandixe jfrmv B o tf or Damage by B'if e. r i t H E ufiatrs of this company will becon- X ducted'vi.th such fairness, candor and Xberaiity as, they trust, tvili entitle it to poblic patronage. ‘ A nthony , L . tlNDERHiEi, JPrefB O liver H. H icks ,-Sec’ry. The subscriber having been appointed .sqlp Agent in this country for the Fulton Fire Insurance Company, all applications for Insurance mny be made a t the stores of Eveenghims & Co. Kochester, or A. tJ. Afott & Co. Canandaigua, where they will receive the most prompt attention. 23 G IL B E R T E V E R N G H lM .Jr. , Rochester, Sept. 6. Agent, J . E . & T .C O N G D O N , I , sea rs ’ „ ; T T AVE jnst re»iv«d o f t h e S P E I l U N O S O O K , A X ern tannage, and which they are ' together with a quantity' of Harness and .\if?” *’ tlic .English Also, a fresh supply of BOOVS f~^ which they of­ fer for sale at the New'-York prices, by fhe can 1)6 no doubt that the work njacts ptibiidt case jor dozen. Some of which are, as follows.: 1.000 pr, Ladies’ Shoes, of different de­ scriptions, 1.000 “ Mens’thick peg’d. Shoes & Boot's. 5 0 0 “ Gentlemen’s first rate fine Boots, with a general assortment of Children’s Shoes & Boots. ' -L I K E W I S E - ^ 2.000 Galls, of Curriers’ and Lamp Oil, with an assortment of Curriers’ Tools. ^ A L S O — 200 yds. of Linen Platillas, of a good 250 lleains’o f W rapping Paper, which they‘‘wish to dispose of immediately, and will sell the same at Very reduced prices, for Cash. . Rochester, 5 mo, 1825. 58 N, B. The subscribers continue to man­ ufacture to order j Boots & Shoes of every description, of the best materials andtnost approved workmanship. NX! w b o o k s . JUST HECEIXEI) n Jf E. VECMC, \ D O ^ H E L A N , a Romance ofEnglisl X A . Histories, by the author of Sir An Hpiffobatipu^^and lliat it will’sp supersede tlie imperfect ttpd iliiioi'iect Spelling books which have hitherto been in osc in Coiunioii Scliopts. Tile aMihor ihus been favoured. With the most respectable reconiinendations, from Wlildi es- (rhds are lidded. ■, From the ff«n. Jofiri Fan Mss Yaks, Secretary of Sktk,:4ii$;a0ng Sujjerinlendatii a/, Com- s, A lbany , January 10, 1825, Having eXhtnined willi attention a work en- A by J. R. SearsJ lain decidedly of opinion tliiil if is a iisefuhyerfc.-Mi'l Ihnt its iiitfoduction Inlo our Gomiiloh Schools would be alttiiidad With ad­ vantage. It'is, tlferefocCi Wiib plefisurel recoiu- mend it, ■ J. V. N. YATBS, ■ ' Aclitig$Up0tHgndent o f SehooU. ' Front the Rtp Dr. Fitch, late President of Wil- ' iiatns CoUege,ftiassacliuselU. i W est B looki ^ ikld , Oct 11, 1824. SiE^Agrevably to your request, 1 have ex­ amined your Standsrd Spelling Book, and as far as 1 canjttdge'froiri the attention I have been a- ble Ip pnylo jt, (hink it a work judiciously plan- ned apd Weilexecnted^ With very few excep- lions,I approve of it; arid I do not hesitate to say llial, in my opinion, it merits the pafronoge of nil enliglitened community; and if introduced into geiieril fse in our common schools, prom­ ises to be very useful r I aui acijiiuiii tedl with no elemeplary work of the kind wliicifl think more HKinrios h\r ihp iiiilirtr ni’ Sir Art ‘leservihg ofpubliek pati'p'nage, and more likely ^sto n e s , by the author ol Sir An- be useful in teifcliihg cbiidreii ilib rudiments drew Wileyj 2 vols. Conversations of Lord Byron. Dallas’s. Recollections of Lord By­ ron. ■ ' ■. ■ ' Jqjin Bull in America-; dr, the new Munchausen. .Stanhope’s View of Greece, in 1823 ^ and 1824. . ' Refugee, (2 vols.) a Tale of the Re­ volution, by Ca])t, Matthew Murgot- Toyd, Tales of a Traveller, 4 Nos. by Washingtonpirving- ■ Byron’s Poetical WorkSj conipietej ■ in 8 vol*. gilt, ■ ’ Hall’s View of Colombia, in 1824. FIRE INSURANCE. T p T N A IN S U R A N C E COM PANY •I j C J have, a capital o f ^200,000, with IHiorty to - increase the same to ^500,000. They haveyalso a surplus fund appropri­ ated exclusively to the payment o f losses. The. whole of their funds are sacredly pledged to meet their liabinties,andare so kept that they may, at any time, on short notice, be converted into cash. The pro­ posals of the company, and terms of in­ surance, are believed tp be as favorable as the nature o f the business will permit. In case of losses by fire, they intend to show the greatest promptness and liberalitVi As the business of the Company is detach­ ed, being confined principalty to risks in the country, their capital is not exposed to a great loss by -a sweeping fire. THOM AS K . B R A C E , Preset. ISAAC PE R K IN ? , Sec’i'y. Hartford, (Ct.) July 1, Ib24. 14 All applications for insurance of build­ ings or property, in Monroe county and its vimtiity, will be promptly attended to, by MOSES CH A P IN , their Agept a t Rochester. G a H l T C H C O C K p m w a a i s T , m m m m m m ' s VVHOLESAI.E .DEALER .IN Drugs & Medicines, U ijfc A Y 0 0 As a n d D y e - S t i i f f s ^ . Paints & Oilsy W i n e s , L i q u o r s , a n d G R O C E R I E S , Country dealers; Physicians, Clothiers, Painters, &c. can be supplied with any of] where one o f the partners wili residej arid the above articles at a small advance from the Kew-York wholesale prices. .March 12) 1822, lf93 DvaVts ov\ 3 S*evf-Yoik. X \ r a f t s at sight on the AJechdnklc's J j F Bunk of New-York, may be had at a small premium, on application to H ART & SANTON. Rochester, March 14,1825, 50 , g e j v e s m e r ^ i A ’i i s . r p l H E subscriber offers for sale, iti lots X to suit purchasers,, the remaining part of his estate on the Genesee river, about half a mile froffi Geneseo, in the may favour him^wiih tjieir custom, county of Livingston. There are several has just received from New-York, the Farms, containing altogether about UOO acres of first gate w h e a tLan A and a valu­ able body of river flats. T 6 close the sales, it will be’disposed o f allow prices, artd a liberal credit giveri for the greater part of the purchase money—payable in instalments. Ait agent will be at Gene­ see soineiime Jn Aj^ril, tUl wlveu, for pri­ ces and further particulars, apply to Mr* Campbell Harris, on the premises. ;J . II. BRIN T O N . April 5; 1825; fw54 , ________ ,. .... . ... . our, Blair’s Philosophy, Russell’s Modem Eu­ rope, Morse’s Pocket Gazetteer, Spaffqrd’s do, with a Profile oftthe.Canal) O ’Meara’s Napoleon, Masonick Chart, Worcester’s; Improvement o f Watts’B$alnis, Wincheil’s do. April 2 6 ,1825. ' ' 56 N E W a r r a n g e m e n t . cemtS ^ T A T H R O P & BROW N, having ink- X i en BD W IJy'STAJYLEY m o copart- nershipj the business will hereafter be car­ ried on Under the firm of L a tV iT O D , B toA V B k at the stand of Lathrop & Brown, on Mill- street, where they intend keeping on hand a more general assortment than hereto­ fore, which will enable them to supply country Merchants, who wish. to keep articles in their line, upon very liberal terms. All kinds of M I L I T A R Y work made to order. M ilitary Companies furnished with C A F S i A S t i r 0 1 I .D B E & V S , upon as good terms as they can be obtain­ ed in New-York or Philadelpliia, a speci­ men of which can be seen by a p p lyin| as above. ^ Saddlers'’ Hardware, Saddle-Trees, Hdmes, Sfc, They have also made arrangements to establish a shop at Detroit, Michigan, which Avill be constantly supplied with Saddles, Harness, Trunks, &c. from their Manufactory at^Rochester. May 2, 1825. 57 DAVID CABLE, V A I & O B . [Lcde of the firm of Calhoim ^ Galte,) V ^ I L L continue his business one door V V west of the shop he has heretojpfe occupied, nearly opposite the Eagle T a ­ vern, where he solicits n\ contmuaiice qf the patronage he has received. D. C asle pledges Jblmself that no exexr tion shall be wanting to please those who may favour him with their Custom. He SxcoND EniTiQ-Vi Justpublished ami for sale by E veraub P eck , A'. -4 S ta n d a t d B^e\\VDg B o o k , , O R THE M r d ^ O B p ■ r p H E subscriber Raving purchastffi the X entire Stock, in Trade, of Daniel B^nyard, Jr, informs his friends, and the publick that he will continue St the old stand, in Bulfalo-street, one door east of progcusaiyeB^diiig tesmnc designed as hii In- li-odiiclion to the use of Walker's Critical Pro- iiquiicihg piertofiary o f the Engffin Eangiiage,-- Compiled for the U8.e of Schools, by J ames H. S ears . ’ . fit ibe edition now plTcred, th? utmost care lias been taken to imilie the work perfect.-:— From tlie i-apUlsale, of the first edition, there Velveteen ' do. • do. MissesMoroccoand Cloth Shoes and S,lips, Children’s La Fayette Boots and Shoes, .of all descriptions. Ladies’ Morocco Boots and Shoes^ o f the first quality, . ' do. Seal Skin .and Leather do. do. No attention or trouble shall be wanting, on his part, to render satisfaction to those who may favour him with their custom. N. B. Boots and Shoes o f all descrip­ tions, made to measure, at the shortest hb-. dee. E . A. M IDDLEBROOK. Rochester, M ay 7,1825. ‘ • 58 of our language. lam. Sir, Your humbl« Servant, EBEN. FITCH. From the PevMt, -Ling/ey, Preceptor of the West Btoi^field Academital SchopL W kst B loomfield , Oct, 14,1824. S 1 R--I have perused your Standard Spelling Book, aqdfehl disposed to give it ipy approba­ tion ; 1 aiH pkaseu With the plan aiid execution of the work. .It is, in my opinion, juatly eiitillcd topubiick pafronagej arid .1 conld Wisb it might be introducediqtp general usein our common schools. ; • J0IN.4THA.N EONGLEY, FrotntheP0 Mr, Ptmijt, Minister o f iht PriP l^kritsn Church, Bochesler. M a.J-.H-S eaiis — . SiV--:ii;havf,atyQurreqae»t,carefulJyreviewed yoor “ Sjlinchrd Spelling Book,'’and have plea­ sure in etaliijgoiy opitiioh) tkat it has mueb trie- ril, as an elepieiitary School Book. In order to Also, a- new supply of Lionel Lincoln, iului«.i«Jri,:igenei>tBEJC(msid^^ to an approved dt^ridnrda The standard th Eng- llsh orthogpanhy ahtl pronunciation, at present, is, iinquesllonably, Walkeri and ypn have, to my satisfaction, proved that your book has the merit of close coiifprfnily fo that author, while others that profess- the same oro caleulatcil to promote strange and erroiieons spelling and pronunciation, VvJiich he fotally disavows.— Aiid.upon the wliole, f think yoiir book wor­ thy of a liheviil palronage, which 1 hope it may receive. yoUrSaSic. , , J. PENNEY. Rophesler, hlhAngasI, 1824. From the Pev. Mr. Cutning, Rector of St. Riihe's Church) Kochester, To M r . j . H.;S. ear ^— ( am pleased with •* The Scholar's Guide,” which you put info my hands. From the exa- niination I have given it, it docs appear to me that it is what it professes to be, strictly in- ac­ cordance with Mr, Walker’s system ot pronUn- ciutjon ; end heinsj such, it certainly deserves, aiid I hope wiU receive, the approbulion o f the publick. 1 have no hesitation in reconiinenditig it to the pnblick, as a work possessing, for one of its kiVid, very considmiile mt'rit, and as being \VeU caleiilated ns an introdnetiou to Walker's Critical Proiionficing Dictionary of the English Language, F. II, CUMING. Rochester, July 30,1824. From the Ret). Mr. Sav/ige, Pastor o f the Baptist Church in Rochester. Mr. J. H. Sears,. Siif—Your Spelling Bonk, put into my hands a feVvdays since, for eXatniliailun, proposing, a.sit does, the early initiation of piipilsintothe principles,and a speedy acquisitiou of theyjrac- icc of the standard pronunciafion, iii my opin­ ion, by tlie happiness of its plan, the very nat­ ural classification of its WoVds and lessons, the adaptation .of its reading exercises, as Well as by the superiorquality o f its mRterials,the neaiUe.s.s of its execution, and the weighty reasons you- liave assigned, as an apology for adding another to the alreadj^ too nuiuernus and various Spell­ ing Books ij C w exlarit) does highly recommend Itself to the most favouralile reception of ai) in­ terested and enlighleneci publick.rsYouis, E. SAVAGE. Rochester, Aug. 12; 1824. Having examined Mr. J. H. SK.^RS’ Spelling Gpok, eiit'itied The Scliolar’s Guide to the pronunciaUoh of the English Language,” and having had the pleasiireof testing its merits hy its general use in oiir schools, Nve t|o hereby , re- coKimeiid it as being a work fhr.superior toany publication of the. kind fidw extant. The ar­ rangement of his lessons being entjt-cly origiiial, and in strict accordance with M l Walker’s pro- noultcing key; and the whole system.beingpe- ■cunarly adapted Ip the Capacities oh chiidren, render the work worthy the patronage of all who are friendly to cpnipilations which . are calcula­ ted to facililBte t he acquirement of useful knowl­ edge, ALVAH AN n IS. BfCHABD MARTIN) ^ MATHEWSON B. yJCKlVO.OD. Rochester, Sept. 26f, 1824. ' of the workmen he has in liiseipploy, and quality of materials, he wifi be able to give satisfaction to those who shall favour hlra with their custom. He hast on hand a «eneral assorimerit of . Boots and Shoes all descrip­ tions,which will - be sold low for , Cash, viz* Gentlemen’s Fashionable Back Strap, and Military Boots, do. « do. Wellingtori do. Boots, f «s, with every other article ffi “ La.YayefieShoes, ; first quality Chlf Skin lace Boots and Shoes, flawing a practical knowledge brane h of their business from sev- and Sewed, Ladies’ 'Fancy Cloth BootsSf Shoes, Men’s Coarse Boots and Shoes—Pegged years experience, in some o f ffie best • ■ shops in Europe and America, they coh- fidenlly assert that they are able to give bntire satisfaction to those who will favour them with their.custoui.\ All work made by them, will be warranted to be equal to any made in the United States, for hea» » ness and durability* < \ All kinds of Job Work, Repairing, &c. ‘ done at short notice. V C a s h p'«id for old Copper, and Brass. Rochester, May 10, 1825. , bUf . .. . r O R S & 1 3 B , On Consignment, a general assortment o f J A M J E S £ ? C O n J \ ’E E E \ < i STOVES. f l l H E subscribers are furnished with X Cooking and other STO V E S , by the Patentee,(James,) front the Philadelphia Furnace, which castings ar€ wejl jenown to beofthe best k ind; and are authorised to dispose of the article, at a very low rate, for Cash or approved security, one year. J . E. & T . CGNGDON. Rochester, 5 mo. 1825. 58 hand, together With Pipe. CO K G iREBS \Y A T E R . •fp F. M ARSHALL JCJ* has just received a consignment of the .above valuable tonick, ’ which he offers by the doz. or gross, cheap. ’ Rochester, Gof 5 mo. 1825. L a t e s t F a i s t v i o w s , which can beseen at his shop; and, fioni his knowledge of W ard’s scienlifick and patented system of cutting, which Will F O B .SsafdPr ber,at the Farm lately owned by H. R. Bender, Esq. 20 COWS With Chives _ ________ _ ____ ____ ............... . ......... .. by their side ; orj enable Mm to out with more precisioir than would excjmnge them for fafrow Or dry j g Y the subscri- — situated on the east side of the River, near % ssrs. John- _ _ _ _ _ ioH & Seymour’s Canul Basm. . ................. .. . ............ ......... ............ . ...... . ■ . . .- For fitrther particulars, inquire of GEO. any other system now in nise, he thinks he Cows, as they are oA harid and must be. HARRAL, residing near the premises ' \ • ’ ■ difiposedof Itw illbefor the advantage '* - of those Who wish to buy or exchange to call and see for tbem^lves. JOSEPH P. NEEDHAM.. Gates, Blay 10, 1825V OT shall he able to please'any who^ may fa­ vour him with a call. *' ' ' • N. 8. Wanted a good Joufneynlan at the above business. April 13, 1825.-, 5-5J The True Masonick Chart, / “^'R flieroglyjtivkh' X f Monitor, eon-, taining all the Em­ blems explained in , the Several degrees from that o f entered Apprentice fo that of Royal Arch Ma­ sons, by J. t - C ross , G. L-. Third edition, with additions. ^ . _ _ _ _ A supply just vecciv$dyhy E» Rochester, May iTt 1825.« ______ S i © lE B o ' ELISHA TAYLOR, . [Merchant Tailor,) A T his old stand, north side Buffalo- x X street, hear the Bridge, has just re­ ceived from New-York a small and select assortment of C L O T H S , Ca, 5 svvv\cvcs ant\ VesUwga, W A R nENT* WALKER, 0onW )M M » iai, ; Tin &. Siiect-liott WoTkere, 1 3 ESPEC T F U L L Y inform the pub* lick that they have recently com­ menced bpsiness in their line,.m the ,Store lately occupied by Messi's. S; M .& J . S. where they will execute with despatch aU' orders for Yatcnt lion BoWfers &. c n j . \ a E R s , of aU.diiii*n»ij>M,'fot pislillei*, l U t t e v s S i , t / \ o t W e w i K c l t l c j , ' OU. CISTERNS, E. COOK, ' V , J S now opening am extensive astortmep# Fawej Hardwate, lO l X J T ^ T OOODS. Musical Instruments, WATCH MATEBIAUg, Jewel vy &. SllYcr'W are, which are Offered, J K f a f j o U s m e ^ M t t u i l f at low prices, for ready pay* Rochester, Alay 101,1825. 51 T O T B B ZiABXl&O. C. DENNING &. CO. T > EG leave fo inform their custoineili, -1 3 and the publick generally that thejf have received their Spring stock o f r A x t e n r x m T which they flatter themselves is -such ak cannot fail to please all thoae wishing tb purchase good, and feuhionpbh goods;-* ^heir assortment oL r ' ' SXLR GOODS is Very extensive, comprising all the most fashionuble patterns, in the New*York, market, together with a heavy stock of siiperiour , F r c t v c \ \ & . E f t g l i s l v C a M c u e f r , Swiss, British, and Scotch Muslins, T h read and Bqbbiuett Lace, Linen Cambrkksji. Silk) Cotton, and Linen'Hose,.and m any, scarce and choice articles, seldotn found out of the city, all of which will bo sold at a small advance from prime cost. . Way 10, 1825. ___________ 58 T H E V I L l i i i a E E S C B S B t • p ESPECTFULLY informs the pub X l . lick that he has fitted up and opened a l ? o v t e \ ' H o M S e & . F p m t e r y , three doors north o f the Mansion-Housd, Carroil-slreet, Rochester, wljere he intends to be constantly “ofand will be happy to entertaiir his friends with the best cheer that the season and country can furiiislt. ills Champaign, Claret, Port, and Madeira WINES are not “ a teAif the xcorse f o r being oldA He has a choice Stock of • London tV Phtladelpkia Porter^ together with very superiour Brown Stout aT\d CIDUK. He has also ,on hand, the usilal variety of various qualities and colours, suitable aiso pn nano, me usual variety inade'up pr?old.t^^ s S ‘ the O l t ^ a E S k t d B M O X S purchaser, at a small advance from cost. Having obtained, while in New-\ork,the liu t e s t F a a lu o ivs, for gentlemeftVUlothing.he will be able to have his worjcHonein the most fashion., able and durable manner, and on short notice. Likewhe, all kinds of Trimnuihgs. Also, a large assortment of fashionable Reddy Made Clothings just received from New-York, suitable for the season, very cheap. *** CUTTING done with the greatest care, and watrant«;d to fit if properly made up. Nr B. U. T aylor tenders his grateful acknowledgments to his customers for FOR SALE, J I I V E valuable Building Lots May 2,1:825. CASH pavi tov KAGS, jdt this Ojicei during the season. No exertions will be spared to render thb^‘R ecess ” a pleasant.resorf for gentle­ men who have leisure to settle the affairs of the nation over, a sober tankard Of ale, or td celebrUfo the rise upon cotton in « bottle of sparkling champaign. May 4 ,1825. ■ ________ ^ JM P O R T ^ J V T . r i l H E several Town Clerksin.tbecoun- X ty of Woarop, have received copies of Lists ( f Lands to he sold for Taxes, in, January nfcvf,” where they can be exami­ ned by the publick, at all reasonable hours, also, (d my offtce. ■ «#> As a large number o f Lots in this coun- . ............ ..... ^ _____ _ , ty are advertised, it is important to thosff BasTfiiveurs, and solicits a Continuance of interested to examine the List, the same. ^.MELANCTON SMITH, Rochester, Way 3, 1825. 57 Treasurer, Monroe County/ ------------- . Rochester,.May 3,1825. 6w5Y FOUND, A BUNDLE of Clothing, supposed to XM. be stolen. Enquire of ’ DANIEL THAYER, near Johnson & Seymour’s Basin. Blay 9, 1825. 58 Sc\vooV C c Y tifiie a t e f e , For sale at thi.spl5ce. PROPERTY OF UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER ORIGINAL STAINED

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