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■'■ T O *: inw,t*4! . 8ceuf* Glroiijl^v^f clti*pp« f»V!qi! a 6 #«r|oii of Itlte I 4 r»*il ?*cl ttqjsjpM at a dwttac© ^ve poilpe fliiUtal-y M?oc 0 ia wotluftaad repairing t»idiicirdi%r^^^^ Thecrpvya at the of fUe CapUOl began to apbainu' latie j>iop^¥ock:^ aftd, althopgu ladies >veirP ajlbiyed ibe privilogd of thoitsek io' 1)»- |n g to seats rosortfi^ for thciin. iil tfee I P ootife bf l^presentatiyes, they lapriloQvAJjid the getatlomeiJ wholodpndgitar dle#ti[»eiiij # c j ^ phligod iK a}^ ^(ist litOl-ally th %4tthiciy W ajto thp doora. ^Sohraidt I f d’cpjltvthcpiiilitary, ponsjstiBff <3'0!}ptpl.’a«<l w S^ffioors -add H Volunt t ^ r Oorpp^ios of the |s t IjegioHj re CanwlmmUety >Pmenh^»Wo mcoaone4 .taken ^lown «id doh¥e?ed to l a s * i « i ^ sffitno tiwe wnce* that Messw. Potcr id, aud hpried himi the aaifte weniotf. * ' ' • Mtahaodll* Sohonqk yqsolved to com^ ^ e thepft aikl theotfterdffipeiw plimeot G e k Jaeksott with e ®uite of clothes dedv coi»4hcted the e*ecutiott wdh the-Htojost from the elegant cloth niaoiiifactvted at their circmnSpeCtion} eirincing a great d e ^ of gy^jji^thyiorthedn^^^ JSauleF^ife of44 cannon, lididdi^wiiwilfi feet water, ^ w new cHnak wat leada tn Ai« 8 f<?rdajn wd .......................... . pien- tifiick IpstitutionV ^ho Ho». Hector Cridg was rcqn,e8tcd,todeliyerthe ptesonttothe ve^ teran general, which he did on the m ihst. when tbe'fdliowing ietter8pn«*edW$^t«tcs. HWAt%<on, ,l(farc/t % Hear Sirr-jVIesSr^. !f*.: Hv & Ahtaham H. Sehenck, proprietpirs in the GIenhafn.>5fahn- faotmiiig estahlishment in Dutchesf county, stale of No WfSrorkjhafe fotWardfid Jhad tgi ,attaih ,d»o cMyied station at no small to he presChM tp yAul with a idftd expression of their good wishes, h »»it 'Cf clothes hom a snpefiodr and highly finished ClOth,^^ turcd their establishriJent, Holdihgi.sir, in high cstimatioh' your c h a iister and pnblich somecs, and teeliflg towards y on gseat ai regard^ they haveAcaired me to be the o n M tm p i to w iiort,~O n Wednesday last, about 10 o^cloeg,;A»,M,the^f^^^ c ^ c d i h e f resident at I hs residence,'witli his gan o ? p r^ntihg thisevidenod improve- yiiTomlmsonYofthisci^^^^ qprede<ic'toj and seyeral oificers of the Hftv- toent oftho maoufacturesfifour countiy; ersrnedt. ® ie cavalry led the way^ and the of thesiricere regard whioh timyenteftarafor '■ ■ ...... ^ ycu. Tt affhrils me. Sir. iniich sftJ isfnetirin tn liavA tot, attended by iliousanda of citizens, ^ h e HjeSidentWas atteiHlcdo^ horseh^ok; by the . !A*ar^halir with hfe jSssistsTits Tor iheduy, dis- ^ tinguish^hy hli^ Onarriying A t tlw Capitol, the President with his escort, ita# leceiVcd by the Afarine corps, «n% r the eoidniandof Col, Henderson, statiofteditt line ufaoturers, this speeimeh of their shill, and tihguish^. by ^iie badges, Me ,, On arriying hnmblc token ofthbiresteem, andtonnite with . .. .. n .. ■ , . . them in tendering to you my sincere wifims for your future health and prosperity.' . , ‘1 Sir, with profound respect, yoUr most in fro&t of the iHapitoI, Whme: exsellcat band obedient and humble seryant, of in'UmAk'saluted the Hmsiden^^^ op their cn trancu iht[jriAdi^H^p|* , • Within the Hall, the sofas between., tlje col­ umns, the entire, ipace of tbp circular lobby ^HthOUftthc bar^the spacionaplpmenadei^ the' tear of the Speaker’s chair, and the three out- er.rpyfS Of the member’s seafii, Were a ll ocCU- you will tender to them my very.grateful ac. pied With A^ondedariAy of beauty and fash ion,. Hd the, left,, the I)ipl(miahok flbrps,m the costume pf tbeir respective, courts, pecu^ p^o4:tbLe p{^^e$ th^in^ i|jiiicirp!?ost own Anny and ?tayy were *Ccn dispersed maPhgst the groups of ladies, exhibiting that ' mpst gppropriate and interesting of assoda- lions, Valour guarding Beguty* “ GhairsWere piacCd io; Ompt p f the GlcrkA table, on the fcinieircre within the member’s scats, for the Au%es o f the Bdpreme Court,, ^he hour of frqWo arrived, and expectation was on tiptoe .-ipiHhe march of the troops^ aunpunced by the knowledgments for their politeness, and for the kind feelings which, in; their behajf, you are pleasedjto express* : i o me it iaa matter of proud pleasure to wit- b CS s the' march of our country id the perfec­ tions Of those, arts without w h i ^ she e a p nev­ e r attain cornpleteindependcnce. HUring the last war, the melancholy spectacle Was afford­ ed o fo u r u ttef inability, by virtue of our own resources, toelotlie either our wfidiers or our ships j our dependence was upon our enemies, for a supply Of articles essential to the main­ tenance of our nghts^and our liberty. I trust “^bhV P t^ tlmse times wiB tmyer.agmn reciir; andlook- j b s ^ of the manne corpse W3? heard ^ith o u | gnidantm o f paWiotick citizens, our domestict and many a waving plurhe and graceful head , isiEhia beat time to the martial » 0 Unds> ■ The ' gsllerf«,''thQiigh fiMed ,to oyerflpwing, were nmarkgblefor the stillncssand decOrumwbioh enterprise is p m g re^ng, i am surC that, in any future’conflicts,.the meanSof waging suc­ cessfully our defence, will be found to exist > i, amongst o u rselyes.'There is nptbing I more (with ^ e i y few cxcepti^f prerajJ^, cordially desire; hCthing that this country, M ^ minutes past twelve, HieMamhals next to the pcrpetUatioa ofher liberties, should Thteifia tfinar Trhhmrir-itrrr in KI iia *nav^ks« civ/«. _ ________ *i_A: • s w , * • A WNids tfcew ampeaiamce in blue fcaryes, suc- ..eilbMI by fhe o ^ e r # o f botbi Houses of Con- ’lAMt.rSflm introduced ttmfre.sid!ei]telCch H e in s iWlwed by the veuerabia £.x-Presidcnt .miff ^ the Judges of tlW Supreme j£^m , in their robes of olfice, and the mcm' *Jw|rs of the Senate, preceded by the Vice Pres . idetttpWithA numbeir of members of the House nf IkipreseBtatives, MriAd,ams,in a plain suit iff b w k ascended the steps, to the Speaker’s chair, and tpoik bis seat. The Chief Justice wM)jacedto front of the olcrk¥ tableihaving before him another table, on the .floor o f the Hall, on the Opposite side of which sat the y’e- .maiUing ‘Judges, with ihoir faces towards the chairi Silenge .having been proclaimed, and the doors of the Hall closed, Mri* Adhms roie deliberate artrcnla>, friefi% » iihes jo» h»ye espreoed ibr P),l'u- turehCadth and happiness, I tl» dellVety of thin^ddress, was about forty - minutes. .A8soon,aps the last sentence was oist the'Whole asserhbly, contiii for some *minutefi, , Ibe'Pfosident elect thendesceiried ■from th e chair, and placihg hiiruclfoD theright band o f tiie Judges'* table, received from the -Chief Justice, a yolmnepf theldwsof thetlni- I ted States, from which lie read, in a loud and clear voice, the path p f ofiice: a t the- close of which, the. plaudits- were repeated., mingled 'With cheers from the spectators who filled the gaiicrias, and immediately followed by tlm dis- ohaige of a salu te o f artillery- The congratulations which then poured in from every side, occupied tho hands; and could not hut reach the h eart of the President* The meeting between him and his Venerated prU- decesmr had in it some.thing pecufiarly atfect- “ 'ing. Geaural Jackson, we‘were pleased to observe, wa.s among the earliest of those who , look the hand of the president; and their looks jan d deportmeht towards each other were a re­ buke to that littleness of party Spirit, which eau sec no merit in a rival, and feel no joy in the jionourpf acomijetitor. Shortly after one [ o’clock, the jiroCcssion commmenped leaving , the H a ll; b u t it was nearly an hour before the clustering groups which had crowded every Seat attd avenue completely, retired- The Pre.s|dent wa§ then escorted back aS he came, and, on his arrival a t his resiclencfe, recrived the compliments and respects of a great number of gentlemen aiid ladies Who called upon him, who also generally paid their respects a t the Mansion bccupied b y the Ex- Prc-sident. Of the several Inaugurations Which wc tiaVe seen, thatof yesterday was most nearly ap­ proached by the second rnauguratiofi of Mr. Madison, as Presideht of the XI. States. Ths.Hill for the retiefof the Niagara stiffen ev'^, passed the Senate of the Xlnited States on ; the last day o f the. session* ; ! A nirtdlndtdmiin the TmnrpHrldkn of , ^ Jl/(inpy*.-*-lu tlm transportation of a few kegs ' of the <* pfcelons metals,’’ by the cashier Of a neighbbnrirtg bank, from Albany jOr Troy to HEGTOB c b a ih . The Hon. A ss 'O rjbw jAcksoW* Wctshinglm, March % ' SiK-r-'-I cannot accept the very fiattering present of Messrs. P i I f . M A, H-Schenck, presented through you; withoUk solieiting that ing to the aetivo zpal witb whfoh, under' the more sincerely wish for* Our resources fairly: brought into operation With the braveyeoman- ry our country every Where affords,' We need notfoar for the perpetuation of our liberties and ihdependcncc. stored there, Chprillas had beenjdeclared by Bolivar, On die 20th December, a»Jhe.port of entry for lim a, where there Were a, number of American vessels discharging, Th'elJ.S. frigate tiriited States, Com, pulljand shipPea- cock,Et. Colrt,, Kennon, were a t Callao, ail well. Tbe schri Dolphin, E h Com, Percival, was dadly ekpeeted there from Valparaiso. W ith great respect and- regard, lam , sir, your most obedient servant, , ANDHEW JACKSON. The Hon* H ector C r A jo . - OnAtonday afoernoon, the Powder Mill, 3 miles we.st of Middletown, Conn, belonging to K, k p . Rand A CO. was blown up, and Mri ___ Jlezekiah Clark and Mr* Wm. Clark, who by i ‘' g L cmciating pamiinlilabout 9 O’clock, onMon- day tight, when he ^md. The latter it is ho­ ped will recover. From the annual report o f John Brpwn, the inspector pf flour and meal, in the counties of NeW-Yorfi and Kings, it appears that, there, was inspected, from F eb. 16,1824, toFeb. 16 1825, as follows: 287,207 bbls. superfine flour, 27,249 halfbbls.' do, do. ' 39,396 bbls. of fine do* 9,872 do. bad do. ,.. 6,475 do. fine middlings 8,937. do. of middlings , 27,278 do. rye flour 1,187 half bbls* of do. •9,236 hhds. of Indian meal 26,603 bbls* of do. 1,050 bbls; of buckwheat meal 2,167 half bbls* do. A dnf^ilar fact.~0£ the five Presidents, viz.-fr-Wasliington, John Adams, Jefferson, Madison and Monroe, t>ue only ever had a son—^who is now the sixth President of the United Slates, and that during the life-liine of the fotlier. Frp)fi the Schenectady Cabinet F'cepuiion .—On Friday last, thesentendeof the law was c .cciitcd on John F, r^Tro P a t­ ten, for the murder of Mrs, Schermerhorn, in October last. Early in the morning of that day, the different avenues leading to this city, were literally lined with people, in waggons and on horseback, coming in to witfless the execution. The uumbeV assembled are vari­ ously estimated from teu to twenty thousand. The uUifonn military of this city and vicinity, were summoned to aid iii the melancholy trag­ edy—they promptly attended.. Between 11 and 12 o’clock they paraded in frotit of the jail, about oiic half in open order, to. admit the sheriff and his deputies, the constables, thep'ris^ oner and the clergy, who attended him during ins confinement, &c. tO pass down to the cen­ tre. The prisoner was brought (mtahaut 12 ■o’efock; a Waggon was provided for him, but he prefefTcd walking.- At his particular re- .flpest, the martial musick struck up a quick theWthWarililitetWceic. a s it isSaid, by thh foatch, when he irioVed forward with a-firm “ opposition line;” an accident OcctirrcJ, which forashort time excited oonsuTerable urteasi- rimh, infof mingled with a little rriirih. On the ariivalof thestago at Oaltlcton, latciU the eve- riii)g,And oh examining to see i f all Was safe, it was found that ofteof the kegs had spriftig a leitk, was rieiirly empty; and that the “ cold stiUP’ had.boen ^treWed in the highway, how far was not kuoivn* The inmates and folks who attended him, in prayer and praise. The of the house turned out en in search; arid i t was discovered with surprise, thal ihe road glistened With dollars all along for four or five raiics. Each eric gathered iq>’ what he eould find,: that-uight* A'tliie daWAbfday the search 'waxrehewfed, and it Was.sufely a npval sight to -sec rrialeaud feihale, old andyoUrlg, with them baskets and checkered aproris, scratching up the dollars, ,as they do chips. In shqrt, the mon­ ey W:^ supposed to be'riearly allfound;the n ext morning, and probably made its way to its dcs- *tiaeddeposit.--'-H«ffa«ril/er(tW. ■ ' ‘HAio rtgaimsi ih$ viorM.-'-Tho GiuoSnUati . Alhid; dazotte, says, that a young woman of 'dliatcounty, aboutAigtccriycars ofyige,-baspre- ssented her husband with/mm fine boys, at one hirth; they were pU perfect, in fiachcaiith and IWcoly to fid^weii. , . ' J -- - When he arrived at the fatal spot, he ascerided the scaffold With perfect composure. Here 4 frifling accident ocourred—when be first got on the drop it gave way and he fell to thd ground; it Was however,” soon replaced, and he again ascended with the same fiririness*—^ iVhilc on the scaffold he joined the clergy, the unfortunate Victim and those who had as- sem.bled to witness his sad fate. Yhe prisoner alsjOiaddressed his offended maker for pardon .andforgkeness; and earnestly exhorted those the justness of his.sentencQ and appeared anx­ ious for the moment to arrive, when he should be taken from this world to meet his Clod, there to enjoy those heavenly blessings, which are promised’to those who repent; confident that he had made his peace with his Maker, thro’ : the merits of a bleeding Saviour. At 2 o’clock, precisely, the drop fell and be was left hang^ irig for-about 20 minutes, when his body was dia, arid they pa^bd eaph ritber, vrithpUt the: lesetditBculty; Thisdanat ww.mhda toatoidi the dangeil of dm Zuyderzeoj ppd is 120 feet, wide in the narrosvest part. There k it four gates o f lufliriient breadth. tP receive’ sHpe d f thp bhe* Bteam b6.ats, will iri future be efopfoyed tb vessels of all rixes,-^Pnm ~ . ,T , , V lieo^H tPrtbies IS closed;, raay thei^^ .ly ill, IThpugh Ro individual was very sick, pies eontipUe to u»imate,gmde!anddirect their the singularity Of the, eireumstmice induced an suoeesw^^^ applie,ation fo Drs. Knight andHeew, the p e x t the tea-kettle of w ater in the morning, o f w the tea for breakfast Was made, arid of which; the family partook, A'paper, fpldcdy was found in the kettle, anfi the physicians were of npiur ion that enough arseiiiok had been inclosed to have kilfod three persons, i f effectually ad-' ministered. The family aye re<!orered| and thisAatementis made'to prevent exaggerated and fal^ reports.—JV’* i s (Honp.j ‘ Jorifi, IFrom ihe JTorfolk Feaepn, Fefi* ^81A.], Eofest/rmritAc of thelj. :s* frigateHnited States, arrived, here o» Friday, bearing despatches frorti (jimn, HnU for government, containirigthopi8ciH;abcpunt Of the total defeat of the Royalkk In F e ru.-^ ijfeiit, V* sailedTrom Callao oln the night of the 2;3d Ducemher, touching at Banama aud‘ Carthagena. The Castle of CMlsfo. Was to.be g«Vei) up on theSOth .December, according to the termi Of capitulation. TheBpanish forces, (last accOriuts to 17th Hecember*) werejft flie intermediate ports ; the Asia,, 64, in a leaky state, and repairing. Admiral Guise, of the Peruvian Navy, With aOpntidqrable force, was daily epepted at Callao from Guayaquil, where hehad beqn to repair, ■ P a rt Of the GhiUan squadron, which Were on their way to Join Admr. Guise, had abo been Seenoff the inter­ mediate ports.' A report had reached Callao, that .some of the Chilian fleet had gone into A ri- c e l e b r a t i o n o f t h e PaUltTH GF ^ * M A R C H , A T OSWEHfkl ' ‘'; Atthisnneieint yfiki|e, d>ritngnlihed for tlm amenjty o f its Atnation,, aad .M tha seeno of, .^poriarit- « d it^,o|kw itipw itt,throe;sspoes-’ |iyewar^.}.foft.|ayw»:tBfoeppdlo’hy ,ipg ofcaniipp, the display # fo«% and othdr marks of festjsyity arid .otkfiat»litjOri.; A t ^ r l y dawni a ^lutq of thirtlon^ g tes Triwn a French t w # f imfinaer, ntrilkk of thowar of; ’$6vgnd tho onj^pleoo; rfernMnirif at th k PrpHenj* ‘ At 2 dleIoek,T\ M, ■numbofof a mtiizena ft^,difiereritparfo^6^^ i n | assetnUed in ppmuattce of previous: ar- down town exceiientdlnnbr* provided for; the Oqpasion by M ri F. Clarke. 111 was removedi the folloWi%toaSts#eredtank with a degrbe of eotliusiasmseldofo surpassed, ls(. T/mHny-''“*The iuccqssion‘o 2d, 'iUeledlfinof the:l^mdokn Q, A ^am, Now'is the wintei; of our discontent. , « Made glorious summer.” 3d. ^'^:0oi’em n irof lheSt(a§eofM: Tork, « The.heacoil by kindHea-ven, ordain’d, Tri keep the lofty vtgik o f the night, ri A“ d wait the crisis of the comiog dawn, 1‘IIeaves Ipi broad beams again,” ; 4th. fhe F'-ice President ( f ike If. Slatefr^ ■While w ehave such men for rffoildaryotfices, 5tb. The iMut. CmmpuT of llie ^tate o f resided Mm-Fprk’~fsle has up-lloowEb a standing heard nothing f reproach to the State. ■ 6th. Jmdtnri—Hia fame k the ip. herifknee pf fiis cOuntrymen^as tlip General found an nble supporter In the cabinet; may the cabinet find an able supporter in the Gen. oral. 7tb. frehry CpAv---No qountry can boast of better. - ■ .. 8th, The celebrated Seventeen Sefiators- Alas, agalpst our better light ■ « And optieks sure of gecon,d sighh “ pa,r Btubbp'rn souls in crxoux strong, ‘‘ Hadfaith in MAnfflrx quite too long.' Pth.\ TAe fm v F^PretiAenu —May the eveningof their flays, be as tranquil and happy as their labours have becn ardaous and horii' onrahle, ' ' lOth* 77ifirnmoi^(f}Farhingion^ •^-r-'.*^‘Hxpreriivesilencemuise>ispraise.’’ 11 th. iik^irritring heroe* ^ Xhe RevolUr .. ,. , . ffw*''-Legitimate heire to the pe'rtsipns and ca and burntthe provisions which the Asia bad. gratitude bequeathed to them by the last will ( Q - C X i E R K w a n t e d . . ’' 1 ^ A N T E D , a CEHJUCwhoi is a n ac- V r Countant, a salesman, and wHlihg to devote his whole atterttidri to his, ein*i ploy era’ business. ComnAunicAtions a d ­ dressed to'B . JJ., EUtsford, p o s tpaid, will receive attention, \ March 22 , 1825 . 3 w 5 l hound to Washingtem City, with Commoddre Porter on board, anchored in Lynbaven Bay on Saturday morning, and the wind being ahead, eanie up into Hairipton Ebadr, yester­ day evening,, when an exohangeof salutes took place between h er and thq North; Caror hha, 74, lying |n the Roads, ' W e urifldrstarid the iohn AdapisTvill proceed ‘up the Bay tnd first favourable wind. She sailed 'firom Key iy^est 11 days since, leaving Captain W arring-i-j-vyuu an ivoams to presiae,an<r w coster lor ton therein good health*. ,The - John,-Adaiosj^^ f l | advocate, her cause caia never be lost in itgives us pleasure to IcarP, h.M nritldsfa'm'aii since she leftthellnitedBtetes. • The Legiriature of FrinnSylvMa, after b a l lotting nearly forty timds^ have dhosen W ill. whose term expired the 3d inst. Accountof the funds and property of tbeBank of Plattsburgh, the amount of its capital . . . _______________ _________ , stock .subscribed and paid, the amount o f and 'ivas taken prisoner in tbe assault on QuC- debts due to and from said bank, the amount of bills andno and the ampul nary 1,1825. Capital stock subscribed, ^390,600 00 do. paid in, 60,000 0,0 Debts due the bank, 250,405 43 Specie in bank, 59,488 76 • Bills of other banks and funds in New-Yo'rk and elsewhere, 14,820.15- Drafts on New-York and else^ where, 23,738 41 Bank notes in circulation, 215,073 42* Debts due by tbe bank including deposits, 56,961 46 Banking house, furniture, &c. (estimated,) 875 0$ Wreck .—^Tbe sloop F lag, Lines, a packet between New-York and Norfolk, was seen to upsetiii a squall on Sunday week, arid it is fear­ ed all on board perished—not aliving soul was found on board by the crew of the pilot boats Mary Ann and Ann when, they boarded her. Her mast gone by the deck* One corpse was found in the hold, and two shjrts rnavked J2. W^ify who it .was known was on board the Flag. The sloop Was taken in (oW, but the wind hauling round to N. W. were compelled to let her go in 7 fathoms water. She was ve*. drygoods. Twenty barrels of the gin belong­ ed to Mr. RjMcaking%,and25toaMr. Stagg ■ofNevE.Ywrk. - The following advertisement appeared irt a Boston paper about ten years ago ; it is worth preserving as a memorial Of the fashion eff the times. ^‘Found near the M all a forge piece qfwood j Supposed to have been dropped from'a lady’s and Undaunted step to the place bf execuffoa, bosoiri; as thereisnothing curious in the Work­ manship about it, its princjpsd value is in its Solid contents; the owner may jiave it by ap­ plying a t a wood wharf liear Wh.eeler’s Point, and if n o t called for in Oiree days^ it will be considered aS a generous donation: to the'Fuel Society. Anecdote of i/bcfcxon..^Wlieri the British fleet arrived off New-Orleans, |n Dec. 1814, Rev. Sir. Drayton delivered on excellent dis­ course, well suited to the occasion; and Mr. . , V-. , , * 4 v.' *; Smith and Mr. Whitiug, with fervency and previous to Packenham’sfondmg hmarm:^ zeal, addressed thethrone of grace in behalf ofof tbe fleet sent bis compliments .to General Jackson, arid inforiued him that he. (the Admiral) would do himsetf the honour pf eating his Chrislrnas dinner in New-Orleans, “Maybe so,” replied Olfi Hickory; b u t ! arofiridbo talte warning by Irim and shun the myself foe honour of sitting a t thefaead: temptations of foe deviU Ho acknowledged ®f tk® l^Me,” . Fxtratl of a letter to the Fditdr i f the ChdrUa- toh CUy Gasclte, dated fiam m , Feh, 19, 1825. - • ’ ri The Spanish fleet, having on board be­ tween 2000 and 2500 men, bas arrived from Spain. In one.oLtheirigates cam'e out thela- dy, and twp children of Gen* \Vives. Piracies are at an end for the presentt” and testaromitof a free people. ritoti Fl/fi^e--.lElstabIisbed as' a place pf trade b y foe legislature of New-York in 1 7 ^ , capfuriM by Mrintcalrix fo ’56; * may she forthmth' be irisepatably united to the pa­ rent state by the construction of tbe “ Oswego Canal.’:’ - - ' Ifoh* ,0«r F « > Goimlvywom'cp:^ jYifoout a smile from parfial beauty now, “ Oh ! What were m an! a world without a , Eunl” ■ \ • ' • Vor.UNTtER'5* ■ .Rg M. McJfair, Fsq .—John Quincy Ad- amsirPiebident of foe tJnitefl States, and De IVitt eijnton', Gqvernour of th e State of New- Yoj^-ysriWf lule we have such xnen at helm, we hay^pgfofog to fear fori the Bonour and glory ' Thelibertyof Greece jAniftv ah Adams to preside,'andTtVehsteri for Ainerlca. . ' ' c ' ' f By -Y. FmviAam~I><? W itt Clinton— 'Thq who Jigs the broadest and deep- The day was serene as stiramer. The comr pany were honoured with the presence of sev­ eral veterans of the revplution. The .presi- denf-of foe day commanded a Company of Ai^ tillery, and was wounded in flie battles of Ger­ mantown and Monmouth—tlie vice president marched forough the wildemess, with Arnold, bee 'under the; brave Montgomery. Eveiy bosom seemed animated with the most cordial congratulations a t the event which they assem­ bled to commemorate. A B l ' I M t . K R r N O M C i * rif cfowpfof u Liet^ l«hanf • fond to fill fot'ch bther vacaqeig* iiiiiuy tfieh exist* Alsfodfonirika irtrirw e n ^ iiiiforiio,^ Memforifs p f the Gompany^ and thpfs de*wo»s;of bricom* log ribSiAhrirfo Ate t^uristed fo Adend* - RYofderiof Rpchcl^er^ M a rch ^ F o u m 0«y rind tfie Qwriei' car have by caUing a t the store of „ ^ ' , ' J. .L> M E R C E B Rochestet, M atch 22^ 1 8 2 5 - Bwfil prighton,fo^^ last, intending to take a passage At Puh- L.. ----- ! j . j but his fnends have 0 : _ froin him since he left Brighton. A n y information concerning 'Cfrifo Nri. 4,, Apr I M irih rir,: U U , ' 60 NumbAfo^lll fo hedti|«rti» -^4r- » 1 IT to . fit / f i t ’ A m is i t 0 , m \ SrGQO 15,000 1>G0O 2 0 ' 1 0 ■ 0 12 . '6;' m m mm «r,ooo 8 , 200 . fijlOO $,060 lOifiOff fi8,8fiQ j'VV Ffosririt ptlcsB.Qf Tfokels, T : i e K . M r i & : s H A A v .8 by m is.JB M r, M M, r « l « y # OstrrillfAf. and at the PosKMice, Rochester* , Match 22,18^5* . 4 ^ W o m a t i t m W a n t e d . T iy r R . tFlL lL lA M L E .E T , aged about xvA twenty-fiye yeairi, tall, riliriiiand of S l& m Pdmds <m,e. Brighton,(nearRochester,) iri November HAIRY ■ \ ‘ E I f porting. Also,^M fery fo r ^ • afoottment of o r n a m e n t a l T r I e S, Shrubs and P lants, indudirif Evergreen Treca o f various kinds, and 80Q kinds o f Roses. ofMr, WeilsTowler, in York, EiVmgRpn the Sow* A ^o h f t i r B r id g e B n ilders. ■jV rO T lC E is hereby given, th a ta Com* 4 - V uiltteeWiU meet atthri dwellingfoouse county, on Monday the 4 th day of April next, to receive Proposals for buildirig a BRIDGE over the Genesee River, at the iritensectioii of foe road running, east from Erl Collins’, in York. . . * , WELLS FOWLER, ChPnpf Cm. York, March 14 , 1825 , . p. 3 w 51 N. Those intetiding-to make propo-' sals, will do well to view the site the day previous to the meeting of the Conimittee. l u e u a i o v s BOOKS. FdrsaJeby B.PF j CIC, at redmed yricee. A DDISON’? Evidences, x j L Adams’ Dictionary Of alt Iteligions, Bellamy’s Woiks, 3 voli.; Dradley’i Sermons, Bencdict’a HiMory of the Beptisis, Brown’s Dictionary of the Bible, 3 vols. BulterWorlh's doticordance,' Buck’s Theotogical Dictionary, Browii’s History of Missions, Berkeley’s Mioutc Pbilosoplier, Burder's.Vtftaje Sermons; Butler’s Analogy, Bellamy’s Hisloryof all Bellgioos, ■ Boston’s Fourfold S tate; Bunyan’sHolV W.ar, Bunyan’s Law And Grace; Bucbaiiati’s Works, Booth’s Beigii o f Grace; Barclay’s Trials, Brown’s Cafechism ; do. Concordance, Buck’s Young Christian’s Guide, Beauties-of Wesley; Baxter’s Gall, Baxter’s Sairifs Best; Bean’s Advice, BvUiyan’sPilgrini’s Progress, Brown’s Philosophy of the Human Mind, Biblical Dialogues Calvin’s institute!, 3 vols.; Cnnnlnghairi’s Sermons i Catvin's Catechism, Compariion for tha Altar; Cooper's Sermons, 2 vols. ConiniMnicant’s Companion, Letters from Bishop Hobart, as late from . . Romeas theIstof January,statethathishealth fof? Of Asbury^ Christidn Oj;ator, •was-iiiaterially improved, and that he had ^ 0 .1 j,... preached several times in that city. From the Cifttinnati, (pkioy) Enqporium, IMPORT.*iNT OPERATION. AMiss H.-i— , of Cinclnnafi,Ohio, design­ ing to take a largn dose of common salts, on Monday morning last, swallowed instead, in a state of solution, between two and three, oun­ ces o f salt petre, Jfitrae Patessae. She was itnmsdiatelj made sensible c f the mistake, by an excruciatfog pain and distress a t the pit of the stomach. ■^ler mother called on an apoth. ecaiy; living next door, to inquire her danger, and what was to be done. _ H e advised to send inriantly for a physician, and administered ten grains of tarter emciick. Dr* Smith, soon came, and considering her agony, and that the cmetiok was little disposed of Orlfoely to occasion an ejection; he prompt­ ly employed’his excellent apparatus consisting of gvuti elastick tube and exhausting syringe, the former of which hO passed-throUgh toe mouthinto foe storiiach, and with toe latter ry light, having on board onl v dS barrels of gin, moutauntp tne_ stomach, ana witn the latter 7 firkins butter, and ene or Wo small boxes of a salt petreand tarter emeticlc, he again extract­ ed ., This process was contiriilcd till foe fluid drawn from tbe stomach was ds tasteless as when thrown into it. The whole quantity of Wateremp!oyed,Wit|iiri a fewminutes, amount- rid to about 4 gallons. After the stomach was thoroughly cleansed and eitlptied, he introdu- ced 3 or 4 ounces of sweet oil and%ithdrew the tube. . - The operation was less painful than the ef­ fects of an active emetick,. and proved com- pletelyswccessful. WehaVC related foe above case with the dou blc object of inciting people generally to more caution, ahd also to recom­ mend the remedy employed- ■ Salt petre is an Arlicle'int such common use, arid so nearly resembies Glauber salte.in its ap­ pearance, thatinstances similar inklnd.thou^ happily not in. degree, often Occur* A stnall quantity is generally follo,Wed by along cOntitt- ued disorder of the stomach, and is frequently fatal, i t should never be laid by with out foe paper enclosing i t being, Worked, in legible chiTzcteta,SALPPETFM D IE D —In this village, bn the i6fo inst, Mr. Chaxintey Deany aged 39; on foe 17th, Mr. Eli Luddeii, aged 39. / ■ At Auburn, N. Y. Mr.'ffaheyF. BeMy of Utica. Mr. B. left Utica' for the purpose ofheitig married to a ypubg lady o f AubUrfi, and di^! a few days afterhfo arrival. ■ frt Chili, Oscar, ion oflMr'. MosesSpeiry, aged 16 months. A t Hartford, Gopn, dri: Monday evening last, the Kev* AbelFikt, t}. Di.aged 60, fote pastor of fori second ^humL in that efov ChftltUer’s Discourses; Christian Soldigr, Gonfession of Faith, Doddridge’s Sermons; Dealh of Abel, _ Edwards on Religious Alfeelions, Emraons* Sermons; Ely’s Synopsis, Extracts fromFenelpn» Essay to do Good, Erskhiets Essay on Faith; Foster’s Essays, Fuller’s Letters; Frey's Narrative, FInvel (On Keeping the Heart, Frank’s Guide to the Scriptures, Foster on Popular Ignoranfce, Gardiner’s Journal > Gisborne’s Inquiries, Golden Trensiiry; Gastoii's Collections, Horne on the Psnims; Halybiirlon's inquiry, Homilies of the Church of England, Hervey’s Medita|iqfis; Howe's I'lirtughts, Hannah More’s Christian Morals, 2 vols. Hawuis’ dompSnloq;'.Josephus’ Worl«, 6 vols. Jay’s Life of Winter; do. Family Sefhions, Jerome on Baptism i Klopslock’s Messiah, Life of Mrs. GruhaWi; do. Fletciier, Do. Caroline E Smelt; do. ElizaWalle, Do* \Vm. COwper; do. Gardiner, Dp. Whilefield; do. Mrs. Thayer, Do* Fanny Woodbury ; do. Harriet Newell, Do.Spalding; Law's Call, Latlirop's SermoHS; Mather’s Magnalla., 2 vols. Mosheim’a Ecclesiaitical History, 4 vols. Memoirs of the Rev* Dr. Scott, MasoU’s Plea on Gatholick Piinciples, Meinoirsof the Rev. E* VVhefelock, -M’rl n.erirChurch-Hisloryr6-vols.-— - — — Murray's Tower o f Relig’tph, Meikle's Works, 4 vols.; Martyn‘s Memoirs, Marsliall's Gospel Mysleiy, M'.Ewen On the Types; Meikle's Trayellcr, MaXort on Solf-Kliowledgc ; Masonfs Remain!, Newton's Works, 6 vols. ; Nonsuch,;.Frpfe,ssor, Neale's History of the Puritans, 4 Vpfo Newton on the Prophecies; NeWlon'i Letters, Nott's Sermons for Children, GAage Captive; Olney Hymns, Owen'sExposiliori of the Hebrews, Raley's Philosophy, 4 vols.; do. 'Theology, PsIey'Ji Evidences; Price's Sermons. Po.rteus’Evidences of the Christian Religion, Practical Piety ; Quarles' Emblems, Reids Philosophical Works, Romaine on Faith, Robbins’Divinity of Christ, RoWe*!, Exercises of the Heart. Sinith's Theory of Moihl Sentiments* Saurip's Sermou!!* 8vols.; Strong's do. 2 vols, Scott's Reptyip Tomline,. Sampson'* Beaitties of the Bible, Do. Bripl Remarkcr, . Solitude Sw’Setened; Seneca's Morals, SaTtpliff^s Introduction; Seraphlck Shepherd, Sister-''*Friend-; ShriibSoletsChristian MemoirSf Toi^/ffsend's abrldgemailt of Milner's Cb. Hist, Toplady on Predestination, fremlett's Reflections; Thornton Abbey, Token for MUurners: Venn's Sermons, Wood's Dictionary of the Bible, 2 vfals. Wright'S Life of Christ; Wilbur's Catechism, We8ley's:Seririons,3 vols.; Walts on tbe Mmd, Walts’ Logick ; Watts on Communion, Watfs’ Scripture History; Wilson's Memoirs, Ward's Farewell LetteiS, Ziniinerman on 9ojituftm \ . a . ' ’ 0 Qqtxam qf the and TRESTON SMITflv' B^Thf oId Chces« is very sapejrforify anfoequal to any ojd English Gherii*. lloch,ester,.March S 2 , i m . 5w51 - .;-**■■» r, ill 1,1.^ ■ be i^atefuHy received. '%* Printers of riewspripefa, in the norfo? ern bounties of this state, will crirtfer a fo-* ■ “ tSriI.rlAMP 8 I»CE Y T P t ^ r i e t o r o f the kfiiriaetiQ Garden St. Nur- .JNcv-Yoi*Jt|Ofr fees t 0 the p tibikk h iavery- eollectfon,' ol? J T T R E E S , which liaye se­ lected with great o sredntiijg htdf a centu­ ry^, a n d o f whfcli tflO^lOp a te fit for trans-^ may be obtained of Messrs. S. M. & J. S. sm ith , Rocbeitrif, and orders throogh them or perfolul wi}| meet prompt at< tenttoit,and be pseked so. as to bear trans* poftrition with perfect safety* March is , 4825- 2w 5 a — ........ *..r B r a f t b o n H a f t s at sight o n i1he Mpibanicidf M J of New-York,- may be had aF a small jpremiam|^ori^^lma^n to Rochester, March 14,1B25. , 5G TO P B t d r m n s . A • ' ' ' TOR b AM JB* >ECX, 200 a w * - \ March 15 ,1 8 2 5 . Sw 5 0 ' W O O D ’S Celihrated JtBprovfd Qns( Irok PLOUGHS, Better and cheaper than ever before offero edfor sale, manufactured and sold, whole* sale and retail, by , — S A l i n i & A L L C O T T . Rochester, March 15 , 1826 . 6 wfiD P R I V A T E S C H O O L . wy E V. €. \YILLIAMS informs hi> RA friends and the pubiick, that liis School in the village of Rochester closes' on the 8 th inst.; aiid that he will open 3 SCHOOL for young Gentlenten and L a ­ dies, on the first Monday of April next, at his own hduse, (ori tile east side of Gene­ see river, about 2 Q 0 Pods south of the Aqueduct,) where he will teach all the branches of learning usually taught ih our Academies and Colleges. 'Cojiforion#*—Common English studies, $‘ 4 . The higher branches of Lrglish ed­ ucation, ^ 5 . Board may he had in his fatnily for a few students, arid in thd neigltboorhood, il,5 0 per week. Rochester, March 8 , 1825 . 49 UT^The Rootn occupied by Mr. Will­ iams is to be rented. Inquire of Frasrir & Sheldeh, V o r Salle, o v i ' o R e ivt, I out louses, and other conveii- Liences,: situated in Haft-sjtreet, in this village, iti a very pleasant and heal­ thy spot. The abpve, property will be sold cheap, and a credit given for most of the purchase money. If not sold soon, it will bri rented on the first day of ApHI next.. For further particulars, inquire of the subscriber. ELI RIPLEY. Rochester, March 8 , 1825 * 3 w 4 J> jfO T r c E . r i l l l E subscriber informs all those ih- JL debted to him for Carding Wool and Dressing Cloiky that immediate paym ent must be made,'or else h e most, for Certain reasons, make cost for them* I hope this will be a sutficient hiiiL ^ W M , R A T H B U N . Rochester, 2 d mo. 15 th* l 82 fo. 4 S LO S T , A R E D MoroGCo Pocket-book, contain- £ % ing a small sum o f money, with sun­ dry receipts and other papers.--A per- spri rinding foe same will mucii oblfoe the owner by leaving at lYni. H . W a rd’s store. ■ lO t f N M’M A N N E R S . 'Rochester, M ambYr iS25* S c h o o V C c i U & c u t e S j For 381% at llris O te. PROPERTY OF UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER ORIGINAL STAINED

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