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O B » r B » ^ Z i AOhBW fp;r. C o i T a i m s s i o a Ss;. ^(> v\vai!9L\)^§', • f |l H E subscriber respectfully ihfoirms JL his friends and the RubllclcJ th |p has commenced the above busip^s^ ip this village, where he hes a coitneodipus Stpne Ware fiousej ats^e margm o f the Canal Basin, and avill punctiially attend to any orders either for the' purchase or sale of Produce or Merphapdisej and Forwarding’ pdopertyi, of evifery description, to any port in the United States or Ganada. da'MavJcGtf is well hnoavif, and being agent for the Erie Canal Transportation Coin pa- ny^he tyillat alltinies have,itin liisppiVerto forward property tp its destination vvithoUt deiay.r^Liberal advances made on prop^ erty left for sple on Gominission, or to be Forwarded. ‘ JO UATUAN CHILD, Rochester, Jan,. 1 ,1324. ^ , 42 1 7 . 7 . A RE just receiving a very general and; 4 * extensive assortm^ Europejiti, India andl Domestick GOODS, iSardm^rBr JVails, tron, G r o c e p i c 3 , C u o c k e r y , ' G l a s s W a r e , & c . & c , yrhich they pifer at wholesale or retail, at reduced prices. Npy.9yl824. , ____ 3 M having entri'cd into co-partnership un­ der the firni o f R j C f f <§• JS0, arC now opening, at their new\huilding a few rpds' east of the bricli Meeting-House, and near- ly opposite the Pepfield Hotel, an expensive ajad 'general assortment pf Merchandize, consisting of B v 'J , % 0 CGY1C9 , JPaihf,$ and Dye-Woods, \ylilcb they ofter^ for sale as low ns the POCKET BOOKS.. fjn H E subscriber has received a con- X signmetit of. two cases, containing about loOORussef Calf Skin POeKET? BOi5lN;S,'which will he sold cheap by the gross or dozen, They are a newand very superior article, ^ ^ ■ THOS. KEMPSHALH., September is-, 1824. 24 .*.* A few barrels' and half barrels first • rate MESS PORE yet reiuaihingfor sale '^d^cr, Plated and coni- fnon S F E C T 4 P L E S . Also, an .gdditibftal supply ot!ittJD L 'S F 4 V E N T H i y &E T R U S S E S . For sale at the' Druggist Store of , ,G. H i t c h c o c k . January 7 .1823. jO U N W. STROING, TNTEISfDll^G new arrangements in Iris A businessj is desirous of selling his pres­ ent stock of Goods, which h e . ofiers .at a trifling coranaission over cost. Also for sa l e ,,. .. 8 0 Bbl$. Pine Old AVliiskey:, 3 0 0 do. Salt, ^ Mess and Piime Pbrk, 9.0 & lOO galr Potash Kettles, Window X t Iass, &c. &c. Cash, as Usual, for P o t k .^ W k e a t , ^ . ■ . ■ • iis k e s . ' . . August 10. 20 A VER Y BROWN having formed UeSn- J\. negtlon with OEO. ByiNGTDM,re- • cently from the city of New-York, the bu­ siness will herejifter be conducted.under the firm of s a o w n & BYXXffaVO^, . TAILORS, opposite the Eagle Tavern, on Buffalo si. where they respectfully solicit a share of public patronage. O ct 4. I 27 ^'orwavAmg GoimmssioiA S T O R E ^ A T RGCHESTER. B . M E E C K & C O . T T A V E taken the Stone Store on the A A Canal at Rochester, in addition to the Store .formerly occupied by J acksois , M eech &C o . where they will receive prop­ erty to be forwarded to New-York, or nny oth«H' pltcB.—.OneofDows, MEECII& Co’s Boats will leave their Store every after the opening of the navigation. 3m4l [lyXibeyal advances m il he made m Froduce. T o T o h w t T y r i l H E subscribers wish to inform all A those Country Merchants, ip the vi­ cinity o f this village,who mfty not be ac­ quainted with our inode df doing business, ri^ H E subscriber will receive A of all kinds, in large or sn ^..l tides, on commission, and: advance ip cash that we are in the constapt hgbit o f supply: ^ \ ^ ing Stores about the Country, with sinaU val^e It thfs^plaSeV when stocks of G D O D S , >S d xnso. strc» M V n C A E S as will freciiiently be necessary to replenish Stocks in the course of a season,' > Our , j; assortment, of GOODS Is very funeral Scime can be purchased at any village in and complete, and we are converting our New-York west'bf tJtica RICH & WARD, P.enfielB, O ct-4. ! V I L L A G E . L O T S . rirlH E subscribers offer for sale, on lib- 1 eral terms, VILLAGE LOTS, in a pleasant part of Rochester. Their title is perfect, E- PO.MEROY and RAPHA- EL BEACH are Hieir Agents, BRADFORD KING, MOSES KING. Greece, Dec. 0, 1824. - S6 1 .WDS TOW SaWR. r r i H E subscri bef as agent for Justin Ely, JL Esq. offers the following Lots of LAND for -sale, lying in the towns pf MOTT & CO. co-partners with stock into sucli goods as are principally adapted to the arid shalrfee continually supplied by” our Brother,residing in New-York, on the most advantageous terms,which enables us to sell as low as Country Merchants generally can purchasetJiere, allowing transportation. Our terras are CASH or P R O D U C E - receiving ' ' Jtslies, fork. Wheat the same as Cash. Those who ntiay find it more cduvenient, from their situation, to go to Canandaigua, will find an equally large and well selected stock of GOODS, on the same terms, at the store of A. U. Gates, and Greece,, viz : Nosi 1S% 13'5', 154,157, 148,127, 128, 110, 68, Tlf and 81, each containing 103 acres ; Lots 00, 29, 32 and 37?“'containing about 80 acres each. ‘ ■ . • Also, one Lot in Pittsford, containing about 4 0 0 acres •, the Canal runs through this lot, and it is first rate land. ELISH A ELY Rochester, Nov. 24, 1823. ' 82 FOR SALE OR REINT, A NEW and eligible stand for a Tavern, situated bn the rii^in road leading frorti Roch­ ester to Pittsford and Penfield, arear the Presbyteiian AjeetiUg House I r Rrighton- It .is equally convenient to the Canal and road, and forms the Only junc­ tion which the said road and canal iiiake between Pittsford and Rochester, The buildings are new and commodious—term> easy. For further particulars, inquire of the subscriber. ■ ' WM. C./BLOSS. Brighton, Nov. l6. S T O R E , rfftH E subscriber lias just received from A New-York an extensive arid -elegant assortment o f Goods, which he is enabled to offer tliO public, at wholesale or retail, at prices which shall be satisfactory to ev­ ery purchaser. The following ate a part; 0 Pipes BRANDS, (pure) . % « ti. GIN, 4 Illids. HUM, 1 6 “ E . U M O L A S S E S , 30 » r b b l s S U G A R , 20 Bags COFFEE, ' 25 Chests TEA, 20 Kegs TOBACCO, 10 « GINGER, &c. &c. Haviqg niade arrangements, tlmougli an agent in New-Yorkyhe will receive Groceries direct from the importers. Intending at all times to keep his assortment good, and of the choicest kinds, he therefore particu- lirly invites merchants and tavern-keepers t) call and examine, assuring them that his comlguity to the canal, and the arrange- ment-s he has made as above mentioned, will enable him to sell (as he is determinea to (In) at a very small advance from cost, aiding transportation. CE^Cash paid as usual for P ot and Pearl Ashes, Pork, &c. &tc. JOHN W. STRONG. Rochester, Sept. 27. 20 sou pyVNTlWG, cgecuffid ui iksO J lct, X e w S a d d l e , H a r n e s s a a d ^ vvLivk T a e t o r y . TJlDW IN STANLEY, late Agent of John Shetljar, (who has retired from tlie Saddling bussiriess,) has opened a shop of the above description, one door north of Ensworth's Tavern, in Carroll-st. Ro»ches- teiv where he will manufacture arid keep oh hand a general assortment of Saddles, Bridles, plated anci common''Harness,.hard leather and. common Trunks, Valieces, Carpet Bags,WFhips, Fire-Buckets, &c. &o. Also, * of every description raamifactured with neatness anrLin good style. - H e pledges himself, that for workman­ ship and quality of materials, hh articles shall he inferiour totioneof the kind inan- ufactured'in the country; and that no ex­ ertions shall be spared to please those who may favour him with their custom. From his general knowledge o f the business, and his acquaintance in this section of thecoun- try, he hopes for a share Of publick patron­ age. Nov. 30. 35 N E W G O O D S ■ UTBRIGHTOJ^. ri^ H E subscribers have taken a store on A the hill opposite S, Lamb’s Inn,where they are row receiving and openirig a gen­ eral Assortment of Goods, direct from the city o f New-York, consisting of D R Y G O O D S , - C r o c k e T y ^ G l a s s v i a t e . , and with confidence will assure their(riends and cintomers east o f Genesee river, that they can be accommodated with almost every article o f the above description,with- out crossing the river, and at as low prices as can be purchased in Rochester. We only a.sk them to call and examine for themselves. We want all kinds of Produce, home­ made Flannel and fulled Cloth. Cash will be paid for Wheat, Flaxseed and Pork. H .N .& A .B . CURTISS. November 9 . 32 c h e a F g o o d ^ value at this place, when delivered, and account for the nett proceeds as soon as sold. Having'been a long time extensive­ ly engaged in the Produce business, and thereby obtained a thorough acquaintance with the iparhetSj and as he has .arrange­ ments whereby he»«ah at all times have transportation done at the very lowest pri­ ces, he feels confident of being able to transact business.to the'•ad vantage o f those who’shall consign property to his care, ■tTust reqeiiied on commissi0i^ and f o r sale, 50 bbls. Mackina White Fish ,of an excellent quality. Also, a few hun deed barrels SALT, and ,a small lot of ■ ftm S K E Y . Also for sale as above, 1 7 0 0 0 lbs. Roll and Firkin BUTTER. Counting room over the store of Mr. •Thos. Kempshall. IRA WEST. .EVERNGHIMS & 0,0: Rocritestef^ Dec, 9^ 1823. 84: ROCHESTER J'TlHE subscribers inform A the citizens o f this yillitge and.the'publick, that that they have just received from New- York a correct pattern qf fbe elegapt, beautiful and much admired Oval or L a Fayette Hat. They have on hand a good assortment of Cortes, Oval, W ater Proof, Beaver,Castor Rorana,Iiti)itatiQn Beaver, Napt, Youths' .and childi'en’s fancy, and men’s and boys’ •wool HATS. all o f whlGh they will warrant to equal, in point o f beauty and durability, any manu­ factured in the state, and which will be sold as loxv a s a ta n y other establishment, at-wholesale or retail. - s i r r r A i i o r o b e S p ' by the bale or single. Also, a supply of G e n t W m f e n ' ’s F u r - G a p s , of the latest fashion. CEr’Gentlenien about to purchase are re­ quested to call and examine, for themselves. CA4^H paid for all kinds of Hatting and Shipping EIJRS. W. & J. HAYW OOD. Rochester, Nov. 23,1824. 34 “ s t o n e w A S i r d o z . j u e s , POTS, - • vr &c. o f Eastern Stone Ware, just received, arid for sale by the dozen, low­ er than they can be obtain­ ed from Albany or Troy, WM. PITK IN & Co. Rochester, Oct. 19. , 29 &SL A m e t i c a u , S f i t K l e B a t t e l R lP J L m & M U S K E T POWDER, for sale by Dec. 2 3 ,1823. WM. PITKIN. 80 A aud ¥uU Stock oi Dry Goods, Groceries, Crockery, Glass Ware, Hard 6 >* Hollow Ware; ALSO, SALT, and Con- neeticut GRINDSTONES. just received and for sale at reduced pri­ ces, by W. H. WARD. Oct. 11. ' 28 NOTICE. A L L nersons indebted to the estate of ^ ROSWELL H ART, deceased, late of Rochester, are requested to make pay­ ment, witliout (belayj to the subscriber, who has been duly appointed administrator up­ on the said estate. THOMAS HART. Rochester, Sept. 18,1824. 25 T o B e n t £oif T w o N o a t s , 'B IH E ROOIVf over Benj. Campbell’s a Stoire. It is con veru(*nt for a Mechan­ ic’s shop or a School, being 2 4 feet wide, and 5 0 deep. The rent will be moderate. Inquire at this oflice. Oct 4. Cash for Corn, Rije,Sf‘c. r iN llE subscriber will, pay CASH for A 10,000 bushels o f' R I T E & C O B N . Also, Cash and the Highest price paid for P o r i * , i n t h e H o g , Pot and Pearl JlsMs, Y t ' K i s k e y , k . c . .TOHN w . STRONG. Nov. 10, 182'1. 33 KTNV MLKaKBBMHJVT. riY H E subscribers have formed a con- A nexFon in the mercantile business, un­ der the fi-im of H A R T & S A X T O N , and are now receiving, at their store, at the corner o f Buffalo and Carroll streets, a very general assortment o f merchandise, of almost every description, which they of­ fer to the publick, as cheap as can be pur­ chased at any store in the western country. [E/^The highest price in Cash will at all times be paid for any quantity o f POT and PEARL ASHES, PORK, W HISKEY, &C.&C..&C. THOMAS HART, SETH SAKTON. ■Rochester, Nov. 22, 1824. 34 To Sruldlers. r|HH[E subscriber has recenrly received A a general assortment o f ' S a d d l e r s ’ H a r d w a r e , comprising almost every thing in the line of Stiddfery, which will be sold at very low prices. JOHN W ATTS, Opposite the Bank. Rochester, Nov. 30. 3.5 fxtolivcii C o i m n i s s i o n B h s u u - s s . Produce ()r sm?il quan- Rochester, Nov. 23, 1824. CASH and the highest price paid for Pot and Pearl JJshes, W H l S B E i r , R Y E A N j > O O R N , (Delivered after this week,) Oats, Dried Peaches and*Ftaxseed, by LE A V I T T & HILL. Dec. 1,1824. ________ 35 5S“B \ T A V U B a X G B m E K T , At an Old Stand. ■' T i m o t k y K e m p s k a W ^ F T AS leased, for a term of bt'pring date the 4|b day o f Wxy, 1S22, execii- (ed4>y’Lalkir jpyer andA'liliiiw* D. 8emiS, of « alf thgt ccirtain jt.ac( or .psilcCl of land iatlKi villqgo pf Roche'Wer a f the fa oft Eft Goneke river, known and <llsling|i,isl)e4 ill tlur plan of said village by lot mmiler (Ivri'ly-iiVc', being the ^ame premises conveyed liy 'snidfJe- mis to anid inorlgogors by deed bearing oven (late with said mortgage, wliicli was given <0 sft* cure the purCliase money”— .N^ tio ; ia given that the ?aid hjortgaged prcHiiaes, willi th’dir ap* purteftanceSv will be'Sold at pahliqlf Vftriduo. pa the said premises, at (I»e Sni(l TiUngP of Korhes- ter, pii tlie eighth dhypf.tii(io,1825j iiisp'rloftk in the afternoon, jawsuant (0 tlje siuti|te<in such case made and provided.—Dated Djeo..4lh. 1824, I AMBS B, BKMIS, Mortgngce. • MAriKll. S1BI.EY, Au’y. . 86 years, the old stand of or late of Mount igtetnens, in the county of Me- ■ • Comb, andterritoiy of .Mic|iig(ijF,(ih aiiseti.t,debt'' or,aadto all otliersW'.homJt raaycoi] pern,that oW application and due.proor roade :o him, Ihesu'u^ judge, pursnaut to the directions of the hot, cn-- t)tle(i <( nn act for relief ageiiist ibsentnn(l ab-- sconding deb.’brs,” passed 21sl iMaroh. IStU, he hath diveded all (he estate, real and iiet^aftnal, witbiii the county of Mon roe,'(|H,(l,sl#(e of New - YorLof the said Benedict B»rfoy4to hq..scfeed'^ and that unless the said Benedict Harford do re- JO H N H . THOMSON, .......................: A X A N U F A C T U - IV i. RER, Wholesale & Retail dealer, in Gilt arid Mahogany framed Looking-Glasses^ has on 'hand aft extensive as­ sortment of the above article, o f all sizes and descriptions. A large quantity o f a small size, suitable for the country trade. Merchants and others who deal in'the article, will find it an object to call, yvhen they are aSsqred fhe prices-will be qs low and terms as good as they can be obtained i|t any Manufactory, in Albany or New- York. PICTURES framed and all kinds of repairing done as Usual- AH orders atten­ ded to without driay. ' Rochester, Jan. 18, 1825- , < A CARD. , n p H E subscr-h ber infbmis his eustdmers, and the public in general, that r n e j ia s j u s t re­ ceived A new & complete assort merit o f Ladies’ and Gentlemen’s B O O T S & S H O E S , AMONG WHICH AK® Ladies’ French dress’d Morocco Straqi Shoes, do- do- do. Washing ton and Grecian Ties, do. do. do. Slippers, do. Satin, 'Velveteen, .Denmark Satin, single and double Prunella, of various figures and colors, -- . Children’s Morocco and Leather Shoes and Boots;— ----- - — ■ — Getltleraen’s Fashioflable Back-strap .and Wellington Boots, do. Wax Calf-skin, Seal-skin and Morocco Shoes and Pumps. N. B, Having employed several o f the first rate workmen, direct from New-York, he wlB hereafter manufacture BOOTS and SHOES, o f all descriptions, (at his Store, one door east of the fost-Officej) in a style that cannot be excelled. D. BANVARD, Jr. Rochester, April 2 7 , 1 824. A . S A A I I X S & G O . [Bvffalo-dteet,') T T A V E just received and offer for sale, - l A a large quantity of SAND PAPER, of d superiour quality, and ^ 0 B o z . P a t e n t U i q u o r T aw-- e e t s . Also—A new one horse Wagon. Rochester, Feb. 8,1825. 45 Village Lots. p H E subscriber offers for'^ale a num- I. ber of V IL L A G E LOTS, pleasantly situated, at very low prices,from 00 to 200 dollars. Terms, 10 per cent, dov n, and the remainder in three equ'* annual payments, with interest. WILLIAM ATKINSON. Nov. 15. 33 Looking-Glasses, k.c. TSAAC FONDLY, of the late Firm of A WinneSs Fondey, continues to nuanufac- ture G ilt. and Mahogany framed of every description, which he is enabled to sell at Wholesale and Retail, at tliebw- est New-York Price?. Merchants residiisg in the country, are respectfully mvited to call and examine his assortment, which will be found as general, and the price as low as in any establish­ ment in the State o f NewWork. ' Looking-Glass Plates, by the Box or Single one. a O D i D X E A F , at the Manufacturer’s price. C ITT TOBACCO^ T N quality equal to any in the stqte, man- A (ifactured by H. T , SM ITH, Alill-st. near the canal, at the following cash prices: Fine-Gjt Chewing per gross, $2 50. 2d qu allty do. do. ^2. . Smok-ing, in large papers, per do?.. 37ic. \lso on hand, Macaboy, Rappee,.^nd Scotch SN U F F ; L. twist,, plug anff roll TOBACCO; Spanish}'N. Orleans and AiripricariSEGXRS.’' \'*'Fersale,2 superiour SCREWS and PRESSES. , ^ January 4 . 40 B a i ’t k e w G l a s s - W a r e , which he will sell at the fair New-Y'ork prices* Albany, Jan 7, 1825. 3m42 300 FAMILY BIBLSS, From $3 to $ 10, For sale by • B. PECK. Rochester, Feb. 80 ^A. & 1. COLVIN, where he ’‘intends to conduct the H AT­ TING business, wholesale and retail, ripon fair and liberalJerms, His facilities for procuring stock and trimmings at all times from New-York,and elsewhere, of the best quality, together with his^ho- Tough knowledge of hjs business, he flatters himself will eniible him to give the most 34 perfet5a*tetljar«ndnD e m tIoiB shaU be wanting on his pprt.to merit a continu­ ance of the patronage o f the old customers of A. & I. Colvin, and the public generally. T a s k p a i d Xoi* l l a t t i t i g F u r s April 5 ,1824. ■ • ___________ ^1’ IO,OODrards€ot ton Shirtings. A j ’'OR sale, on conimiss|ton, a consign- A ment of the first qualilyribf American SHIRTINGS, manufactured at the best establishment in Otsego, and which goods we are authorised to sell at the lowest factory prices. Coun­ try mercjiants may be supplied, either by the package or pieces, to suit custom' ers. EVERNGHIM S & CO. . Rochester, 9th mo, 1823, , 72 M E R C a i l N r t TAXKOXIS, . , BUFF.tr, O-STKEET, X X AVE received their fall and winter, A X stock of GOODS, comprising a more eneral and extensive assortment in their ine than have ever been offered in this county. They have Cloth o f alrinost eve­ ry variety and pattern, fine and common, for Gentlemen’s Glothing, which they are prepared to make up in the most fashion* able style. They also keep (in hand every article of Gentlemen’s wearing apparel, which they are selling for cash at unusu­ ally low -prices. --T h e y have-also-^omhanc a few first rate . X . W Z E S * C L O A K S , of the m0st fashionable patterns, and made a(Sc6rdihg to the latest improvements in New-York. ' < . Work done as usual for such as find their own materials; and . cu s M E X z r a , done with the greatest care and exactness for country CHstoijiers. %* Wanted inamediately, a few first rate Journeymen. Rochester, Dec. 7 ,1 8 2 4 . 37 3,100 Acres of Land. 1 “ W ILL sell or exchange for improve! X Farms in Ontario, or the adjoining Counties, 3,100 Acres of LAND, lying in the town o f Phelps, Ashtabula county, Ohio. These Lands are about three miles from the Trumbull and Ashtabula turnpike roa.f —are of a good quality and well watered. Considerable settlements have'already been made in the Town. F . GRANGER. Canandaigua, Dec. 14,1824. 6m37 X>Y order, of Ashley Sftir^snn, Es()uke, first O Judge of Ike Cquii ti( Cunm'm Pleiis t f the «!()uiity,of jV'lotiroe', atill, dpiijisellof/Sjc,-^ . Notice b .herehy givftn, (0 pe?je(t«d#J(ir/(iMn<!,W ter tliis notice of such statute, al)Irisesla|e,will he sold for the payment and satisfaction of his debts.—Dnied Jaiiiiary 8, 1825. 8iu41 - Haigliti Mt'ytbr-attaeltrng creditors. Northern I)islrict.<if ' New-York ^ o c k e s t e T ^lYHE new stone Oil-Mill near the mes( A end of the Brid ge, in the centre of the village, is now in operation,.and JLm S M M D O lJ t r , superior in quality to anynianiifactured in this counfci'y,\vill be furnished in any quan­ tity. CASH, and the highest price that is given elsewhere,will at all times be paid for O I L - C A K E F O R S A L E . T A I S S T 3M IX L L S are connected yvith the Oil-Mill, Where Paints are prepared in the very best man­ ner, ready for use. Painters and others can have their paints ground at much less expense than in the usual method. A large stock of P A IR 'T S of all kinds for sale by , Wm. PITKIN & Go. September, 1824- ^ 26 SHERIFF’S SALE. T > Y virtue of one Esecufion issued out of the MX Court of Common Pleas, in and for the county of Monroe, to jne directed and deliver­ ed, against the goods and clialtels, lands and tenements, of Williain Parwell and John Far- well 2d, in my bailiwick, 1 have seized and ta­ ken the feliowilig described piece or parcel of land, belonging to the said John Farwell 2d> ly- He has likewise a general assortment of ing and being iij the town of Clarkson, to wit: Part of lot.number 3, secHoa 2, township 4, on the Triangular Tract) beginning at the N. E. cor­ ner of Jam.es Seymour's land, running t'lence east, 2'chains and 23 links; thence south 15 deg. 'west,21 (diains 68 links; thence west, 3 chaiiA 78 links ; thence nortli 19 deg. east, 22 chains 16 links, to the place of beginning, con­ taining 6 32-iOOacres, be the same more or less —Which I shall expose to sale at publick veil-; due on Saturday the 9th day of April next, at 9 o’clock A.M. onlhopFcmises.-*-‘D'ated March 1, 1825. YV, t , CHURCHILL, Sh ff. W. L bwis , Dep’y. ^ . 6w48 casii\»ava ^oY rags ; At- this O^cev ^ To w it! : IT BEME5IBZHEB, That Oft the seventh dayofJanuiiry in j the forly-nirith year of the' Ipde- IJpeudence ol theUniJed Slates of Amefica,A.i),38^,Evcrni'(JReck, of tliesaidDistrictjhas deposited Sii ,this<)(Kc,e (his title, o f a Book, thft right whereof- lifc,oi«ims ‘(;s Proprietor, in the words .followiftg^rtb wit ; A Standard Spelling Book J pV the ;SchtiIar.’s Guido to an accurate pronuiioiatioii of the English La'nguftge facijornpaivied >vith CBsy,ifiiinilinr and progrpsive Reading Lessons. liesigned f's au introduction to the use of walker's qitical pro­ nouncing Dictionary of tile Eh glisli tart gftage, .compiled for.the use of Schools.: By Jianft''S ft.. Sears. The revised edition. In conformity to the net of tlie Congrf'Ss of the United States, entitled ‘‘ An act: fOr the encopr- agement of learning, bv srctici'jig tbc ertpies of Maps, Ciiarls, and' BookS) fft the authors and proprietors of such copies, (luting tlife times therein mentioned; ’ and (ilso, tft |lie Rtf enti­ tled “ An act siipplementpry to au not en(i<le(4 <Atl act for the ehConragemenf of learning, by Seenring the copies.of Maps, Chsrtsaod Books, to the authors and prpprietors vf .such copies during, the limes therein mdntioned,' and eitten- dihg the benefits tliercof tp the arts o f Design­ ing, Engraving and Etching liistoricRl and utlr- er prints.” . R. R. L,V2V'SI;VG, Clerk ' 6w45] of the Northern District af.ffew-Yprjr. 'IpiY virtue of an execution issued hy the clerk JuP of Monroe county, egahist tlie lands anrj teiiemetrts of Wiphtn Croefitr^ I hav^ seized andtaken the folipwing,pie.ce o f land, situated in tlie town of Brighton, in • fill tiial cer(aii) piece of land being lb( No. hounded as follows: west by Matthew Drye.rls land, imrjh and east by the 3oliingliroketract> and sotitrrby Ibe'nnitli line of the town of Pitts- ford,oontaining one hundred acres, morepr less, which i shall expose for snleat (ho (iou.se o f P . Ho'pkins. in the town ,ftf Pittsford, pn Saturdny the 2fitli day of March ne|(l, at 9 o'clock A. M. Dated Feb. 15, 1825 J P. PATTERSON, sh'ff. , P. HOPKINS, deputy. ___ _ QTKCE is fiefeby givenAliat life suEs'eribers' i 0 . 1 and-their associates will iriake an-applica­ tion to the Legislatiirbofthisslalev at its present, sessi(jii, for an ihc&rporoluig a literary in­ stitution in thetowii'bfPartpSj Mojiroc county, by the name and description of “ Parma Acade­ my.\ W.McKiNIGHT, P.'F. THATCHER, Parma, Feb. 35,1825. ■ _____________ ^5w46 • Setleuritler a Surrogate’s Oriler. T ^ Q T IC E is hereby giveli, that hy virtue o f J - s of an order, made by jo flies Rosebrugh, Esquire,*?urfogntYbTTbeTo^nTy or LiviJigsTbuT^ bearing dale llte 27tli day of January, I8'25, the subscriber will sell at publick vendue, on the 12lh day of April nestj a t 2 o ’clock in the after­ noon, at the house now occu pied Ly .Russell Ensworlh, in the village of Rochester, in tlie county of Monroe, that certaiu piece or parcel of land, situate in Brighton, rilliigeof Roches­ ter,and county (if Monroe,known and distin­ guished as lots nnmher36,37, and 38, in sec­ tion N. bounded aS follows, reference bad to Johnson & Seymour's printed map of-a part o f Rochester, hounded west by Rivex street, north by lots number 33 and 34. cast fey 38 and 4C», and south by township lot number 9, owned by Jaiflos and William Wadswofth | Ihe width in front on River-street, one chain an dforfy eight and an half links, and in Icngtlh ,.on the west- bounds and at right angles Willi River street, three chains and seventy links; the width o n ' the east boiinds, twp chains fiVe and an lialf links: the length of the south bounds, wiiich is ■ east and west, is three cliainf and sovcnly-fivc links, containing a(jros, on which is a two story dwolling-bouse, finisiied, and now oc­ cupied by Mr. James ■Wallace.—Dated 5lh Feb­ ruary, 1825. GEORGE W. ATWELL, Administrator, BETSEY ARTHUR, Ailmimslratrix, 47 of the goodS;^-c,af Stephen drlltur,deceased. N. B. Any person wishing to examine Ihe premises, previous to the day o f sale, will please call on Mr Wallace, ontlie-(irr niises. S I , MONBOE COUNTY', i Surrogate’s Office, ' \IW^f^^FREAS Lydia Wood, Adminisfrafrlx: ? T -Ilf all and singular the goods,chatleb and credits Whiiih were of Hepi'y Wood, Ifitcol Pen- held in said county, deceased. Hath by her pelb tion, presented to Orrin E. Gibbs, Esquire, Sur­ rogate of the county aforesai((, set forth tliat the ■personal estate of the said deceased is insUfli- cient to pay bis debts, and requested the aid of Ihe said Surrogate in IbO premises—IS'ofjcr, is hereby given, to all persons interested in (hees- tnte o f the said deceased, to show enuse before the sai() Surrogate, at ids olHcc in Rochester, on VVedne'sday, the thirteenth day of AJifll next, nt ten o’clock in tlie forenoon of that day, why sa much of the real estate wheVeOf,Ihe said HOnry Wood died seized, should not b e sold, ns will he sufficient to pay his debts.—-Dated Rocheptop* 25lh Feb. 1825. [4vv48] ,0. E. GIBBS. OJVTAlilO COUNTY, Surrogate's Office, ■^[^HEREAS Daniel Hedges, admiafe(r.ator f T of all and singular the'goods, chatle/s and cre.dils>.whicli were of Daniel Hedges, talc of IhetOwh'of Henrietta, (now in tlie county of Monroe, fornlerly in the county of Onlnrio) de­ ceased, haib by his petition, presented to Jared Willson, Esq. Stirrogaje of the said cofliily of Ontario, set fortli that (he peisonaf estate of the said deceased is insufficient to pay his debts, and requested the aii^ of the.said Surrogate, in the premises. Anti; whereas atJniinistriition on the. estate of the said deceased, was dulvgranlrd by the Surrogate of tlie said eolinty oTOnf.ario— Notice is^tiierefon’hereby i:ivcn lo ftllfjorsonsin- loreslfed in, the estate of Ihe daid (h-eeaSed, to show cause before the said ,Surrogate, at his of­ fice, in the Village of Canandaignat in said coun­ ty, tin Friday the ISthday o f April m-st, why so mucl) of the real estate Whereof the said deceas­ ed died seized should not lie sold,as h ill he suffi­ cient to pay his-debts.—-D.ited Feb. 2 ,1825, dwdS) JARED WILLSON. PROPERTY OP .UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER ORIGINAL, STAINED

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